Ocho’s back


As expected, goalie Chad Johnson was recalled to back up Henrik Lundqvist tonight and probably play at least one game this week, and Matt Zaba was sent back to Hartford.

Zaba was just here for practice, while Ocho went down to get some game work (he allowed four goals in a 5-2 loss to Portland Friday).

Meanwhile, Andrew Gross is reporting that Lisin and Voros will continue to be prucha’d tonight, and that Dubinsky is getting close to returning, perhaps as early as Monday.

(and, by the way, since he had his x-rays and all, and given the secrecy around NHL injuries, I would not fall out of my chair if Dubinsky wound up in the lineup tonight).

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  1. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    I can’t wait for a game when Lunqvist is getting hammered , who’s Tort going to put into the net?
    There’s a lot of pressure on Hank, I wouldn’t be surprised if this affects his Olympic play.

  2. So the Rangers have no secondary scoring, a decrepit, sackless defensive corps, no NHL caliber backup goalie, a coach who is all talk about discipline and accountability and a GM that seems to have zero ability to change anything without making it worse?

    Well played, JImmy D. You’re almost as good an owner as you are a guitar player.

  3. Onecup – I don’t think it will affect his olympic play…the swedish team is decent, compared to the NY Rangers.

    Ugh, could the Rangers come out and score some effin goals tonight? Jeeeeze.

  4. ok for anyone who’s been to warren before, what’s the best way of getting in there from jersey?
    Drive in and park near the place?
    Path from jersey?

  5. if you plan on drinking id take the path and then take the 1 to chambers st. but from exit 98 on the pkwy (assumption cause you said you were from the shore) it may take you a wHile

    if you drive i would suggest driving to staten island and then parking at the Tomkinsville train station


    and then catching a ferry (or the train 1 stop to the ferry) and then enjoy the staten island ferry for a half hr (the enjoyment is sarcasm, lol) and then hop on the 1 train to chambers st.

    or you could drive and hope there is parking in the front of the bar. if not there is a parking lot on the corner of warren/broadway and right across from the bar as well.

  6. Tony – I agree, we just need to win a few and get it turned around, but lately there hasn’t been many signs of the slump getting turned around.

    If we can win tonight we may be able to string some wins together, with Atlanta coming to town and then a home and home with the Isles.

  7. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    In a way that is the drawback to living out here, so much to do and…then work taking up the majority of my time. SUCKS!!! I can see all the snowcaps though!

  8. I hear you wicky… We are finally getting some decent temperature here for the snow to stay. We do have to work too..

  9. Thanks TR….Never did the SI ferry.
    I’m either doing Pavonia path to 1 or ferry to 1.
    How much is the ferry anyway? I see parking rates but no ferry rates!

  10. ilb…Thanks….Now just trying to figure out this parking situation…several lots listed and $5.50 a day IN QUARTERS! WTF? They ever hear of credit cards? LOL

  11. Sorry, I’ve never used the ferry. I’m sure there is a way to pay differently. Funny, only few things are still free in US: thunderstorms, lightning, and SI ferry.

  12. Thanks ILB….Eff it…Think I’m doing pavonia….not sure about this ferry thing in the middle of the night…..even though its closer.

    See ya at warren!

  13. One more Staten island question….Is the ferry safe late at night and the parking?

    It’s so much closer than pavonia it would be stupid to not take it!

  14. Patrick, it’s not the best area on SI, but from what I hear it’s very safe. A lot of people commute that way on daily basis.

  15. i also tell people to park by that yoga center by the tompkinsville train station cause its free to park there. the walk to ferry is 5 minutes.

  16. Patrick, I’m not. Black tie. Two to go after that for the season.

    TR- you know SI better than I do.

  17. patrick

    did you see the map i sent before? if you park there the train station is right there. you have to turn down hannah st and then go down to the bottom and park and then walk back up hannah st to get to the train platform OR you can park and walk towards the water and take Bay St Landing to the ferry.

  18. TR–Yeah got it thanks…..May just pay the $6 to park by the baseball stadium and be right there….My luck I’ll get lost on the way BACK to the car afterwards….yes it’s 1 street but….I’ll leave it at that! haha

  19. saw a couple of posts knocking the idea of trading for lecavalier. couldn’t disagree more. he is with out question the player they should go after, at all costs.29 year old center, a star, and has taken his team to the cup. I don’t care about the contract, or that he is having a bad year. the Rangers conference is loaded with star centers, and they have nothing to match up with them. I don’t see where they are going to get that without a trade, and the rumor is vinnie is available. do it yesterday.

  20. I agree with bulldog. His contract is not great, but neither are some others. You would be crazy to think that tampa wouldn’t take back a contract that is also bad but for only 2 or 3 more seasons more to get rid of his. Yes, you will have to get rid of a dubi or a sangs, a draft pick or two, or something else as well, but come on. The guy has won a cup (with our current coach btw), yes he has a NTC, but don’t you think he would waive that to come here?? He is a big center is a point producer, will fight, can hit…seems like a no brainer to me especially when he is the kind of guy we are lacking in the middle!

  21. I agree. Trade for Vinny NOW !!

    We’re not gonna turn into Cup contenders by getting him, but it’s a step in the right direction.

    We need that one two punch. Vinny can be that 2nd punch.

    Gotta have the support. Who knows, maybe next year Grach is ready, and Artie can take that next step.

    Get Vinny !

    I don’t care aboot trading a couple of 3rd liners / borderline 2nd liners. If we can throw Dubi, Cally, Sanguinetti, and a 1st. I wouldn’t mind that at all.

  22. Wicky, buldog- before that Chicago game I was saying that he’d make them an instant contender. After that game, I’m worried that even with him we’re a bit further behind the elite teams than we hoped. If it takes just what wicky mentioned, by all means. But I doubt that Tampa will give him up without emptying our vault of young talent. Btw, this young talent will have to get some real NHL contracts. His cap hit isn’t small.

  23. Orr…I think we can get away with trading Rozi, Dubi, Higgins, Sanguinetti and a pick…we would have no choice but to deal Rozi cuz we need to give up a big contract in return.

  24. Joshua Feldman on

    Anyone looking for 2 for night? Section 221. Just give me your email and I will contact you. Sorry for using blog for this, but it’s last minute. Face value!

  25. ok guys, im out to the city. with my gaborik jersey of course. heres hoping for a a hat-trick. LETS GO RANGERS.

  26. lecavalier is on the decline. watch the Tampa games on center ice and you will see that he is a shell of his former ability

    team canada wants no part of him in feb because he is on the downhill slide

    yeah that’s the ticket. let’s not develop a homegrown ranger team. let’s continue to trade away all our homegrown players for over the hill vets on big contracts and let’s also sign even more of them as ufa.

    and then you wonder why this franchise is in a constant neverending spiral of mediocrity with no longterm plan. just patch and spend and throw the draft out the window. fans who cannot understand how the other top teams were developed. by being bad, drafting well, and then having patience with your OWN young players that are homegrown.

  27. On the train, standing room only for 45 mins :(

    I’ll be in sect 325 tonight and at Warren after. Thanks for setting it up TR, see youse guys later.

  28. Good evening, Carp! I would fall out of my chair if Dubinsky showed up tonight!

    I’m suuuuper bummed I’ll be missing out on all the fun at Warren tonight! Me and my Sabres-jersey-clad friends are gonna go fight it out over burgers & beer. LETS GO RANGERS!

    Have fun tonight, boneheads!!! I expect some good stories tonight!

  29. I’ve never completely sold on Vinny Lecav being a complete franchise changer. It took Tampa finding the lucky lotto ticket in getting Marty StL off the scrap heap and having Brad Richards develop into a very good 1A center to get Tampa to elite status, not to mention on of the best
    offensive D nobody outside of hardcore hockey fans no about (Boyle) and a lights out performance from the Bulin wall.

    Yes he’d automatically become the #1 center but that’s not saying much these days. The only way you’d get Lecav without too much collateral damage done to the future is literally a straight up swap for Drury. Otherwise trading away even the “overrated” guys would make them an extremely top heavy team.

  30. We should not underestimate tampa’s desire to move him and his contract. As far as the canadian olympic team goes…i think there are numerous players from Canada that will not make the olympic team that we would be happy as hell to have as an improvement over our current roster!

    OMFGs, you are not AT the game??? Didn’t you read my first post this morning on the previous thread??

    You cannot develop what you do not have. We do not have top centre talent or physical banging d men talent in our system at all. We can not develop what we do not have. We can develop the hell out of third liners and “positionally sound” puck moving d men though!

  31. Would one of you W77 wankers do mrs wicky and I a favor and have a molson67 or a kokanee for us with a wisres chaser?!


  32. I will NEVER EVER EVER take the ferry again!!!!

    Traffic sucked. Missed the 6pm ferry by 5 effin minutes and now gonna be late!!

    I knew there was a reason I hated staten island. No offense stanten islanders!!!

    I need an effin drink!!!!!

  33. Orr…I just lost in game 6 of the eastern finals to the Flyers in the 7th ot…I had 100 SOG lol

  34. Dubinsky will not play today. Would be very very and very surprised to see him in the lineup.

  35. The Name's "League", "Bush League" on

    Is everyone ready to get lit up tonight?

    (Yes, and I include the Rangers in that question)

  36. Looking at Las Vegas and the offshore books line on tonight’s game, the Rangers are actually favored, at -115 (lay $115 to win $100). Is somebody nuts or is this yet another classic case of a line seemingly out of whack steeped in “inside information?” I’m jumping on Buffalo at +105 and hope I’m wrong, but if the Rangers are going to lose, why not get paid for suffering it? And if they win, well, to some of us, that is a priceless (and rare) experience.

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