The start of a busy stretch


Enough. ENOUGH!

Or as a famous Rangers GM (Phil Esposito) once said (about his franchise’s failures): Enough waiting!

Well, we won’t even get into big picture stuff today, because, well, we did that all week, and there’s going to be a lot more in the coming weeks, months (who knows, years … decades?).

But enough waiting between games. This has been an awful stop-and-start month or six weeks. Now we get to some action. The Rangers start a three-game homestand tonight against Buffalo. They play four times in the next six days, six times in the next 10 days.

Hockey games. Now you guys have something, on the ice, about which to complain. Here is’s preview.


So now it’s almost official. The Coyotes are staying in the Phoenix suburbs. Yeah, that’ll work.


You guys and girls heading to Warren with TR tonight, behave yourselves. OK, don’t behave yourselves. But please, PLEASE let somebody else drive.


Happy Hanukkah.

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  1. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on


    Now that I got that out of the way!!!

    DVR set, check…normal morning greeting…Have a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day to all of you, check…….superstition taken care of…Sally you are on your way to the game…right??….check, first on the blog post….check, off to work…check (damn)!!

  2. And, yeah, happy Hanukkah! I’m lucky, I get to celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas. Mrs. Ilb is Catholic. Dogs, I think are half-n-half. Oh, yeah, I’m also a Christmas baby…

    LGR. Let’s do it tonight, boys. Enough is enough is right.

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    I am glad about Gilroy, he has been dreadful. And as I said a few days ago, Heikkinen can play. Too bad they won’t sit Rozsi for a few games. Corey Potter can’t be doing that badly to not earn a call up in his place.

    The biggest disappointment this season on the ice has to be Ryan Callahan. He got a raise and the “A,” which in his case apparently stands for “Awful.”

    But really, Tortorella has just gotten nothing accomplished as coach. Where is the conditioning? Where is the accountability? And I have yet to see anything even resembling a system. He’s just not getting through to the players and doesn’t have the players to play the way he wants to play.

    Speaking of that, it just goes to show how poorly Sather has been building this team. Drafting two offensive defensemen in the first round in 3 years (one of whom is turning more and more into the next Jessiman), doing absolutely nothing to get any physical size anywhere in the roster (except drafting Jessiman, great job!), letting Colton Orr leave to give Donald Brashear more money, etc.

    I don’t mind losing to rebuild, that’s fine. But c’mon. This team has so many holes in it that we are not just rebuilding. We’re bad. Just straight up bad. Fun to watch at least.

  4. Doodie nice to see you back again.
    After watching the Chicago game I realized that trading for a big name first line center( Vinny and such) would be a mistake. First, it’ll take an arm and a leg. Second, even though it’d get us maybe through two playoff rounds, with teams like Hawks in the league, we are not going any further. And we are stuck with another cap busting contract. Preserve and develop your youth.

    Carp, I hope you don’t have another football assignment in Kingston or so. It’s freezing!

  5. Ilb, I don’t even think having Vinny would get us through 2 rounds. 1 tops…and thats a maybe…because outside of Gabby there is little scoring and we have a Defense corp, chock full of youth and 2 older “vets” who should never be allowed anywhere near them

  6. Torts is going to lead this team to disaster. He is now grasping at old straws…
    That move would compound the already “strapped for cap” Rangers and further damage us down the road…if that is possible.

  7. I’m also afraid that Sather is buying into it. That will assure(in his mind) the playoffs and the revenue for his boss. And fishing next year. The cap issue- he hopes for the best. Hope, my fellow boneheads, is his strategy in general.

  8. completely off the topic but,

    i just completed an onlne poll from MSG. a bunch of crap about how much msgnetwork programing i watch and how i decide to buy or not to buy msg product (ie-knicks and rangers tickets). most questions had multiuple choice responses but, every chance to write an opinion i wrote FIRE SATHER in huge bold text.

    probably won’t help or get results. but, it felt good to get that off my chest.

    doodie you are 100% correct about cally. it muct be that weight of the “A” and the “C” they use that results in no offensive production. please don’t give gabby the “A” or “C”!

  9. doodie,
    I agree with your post except your comment about how the rangers are “fun to watch”, are you kidding me!! This team is unwatchable and boring. They chase the puck in there own zone all night long and when in the offensive zone they can’t get a shot off or make a signal pass and spend most of the time along the boards, jeez.

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    Tomg, I’m saying the games are fun to watch. Watching the Blackhawks in just pure domination mode was a thing of beauty.

  11. Bettman is such an idiot. If I wrote a paper for one of my business classes about keeping the Coyotes in Phoenix instead of moving them to Canada I’d be lucky to get a D. Junior teams in Ontario draw better than the Coyotes.

    And so the NHL has become a niche sport here in America. Shame.

  12. I believe – the Rangers will turn this around
    I believe – Dubi will come back strong
    I believe – Drury will start scoring
    I believe – Hank will once again be the King
    I believe – Avery will be Avery again
    I believe – we’ll make the playoffs
    I believe – I’ll have another drink

  13. THE REAL Mikeynj on

    So Lisin is sitting again, as well as Voros

    Johnson is Back up, Zaba back down. And Johnson will be Hnaks back up tonight per A Gross

    Why the hell does Torts insist on sitting Lisin?
    Not that he’s gonna turn into a superstar, but com eon. Brashear Over Lisin when we need goal scoring?

    Higgins back to the top line?

    I hate the constant line juggling.

    And not for nothing, try Christensen on the 3rd line. we wont know what we have until you let him get more than 3-5 min a game

  14. Tony, I hope you’re right and I kinda agree…but not tonight lol, after we went into Buffalo and won last week, I’d be shocked if they didn’t come out flying tonight

  15. So Dubi might be back Monday huh? I hope he’s back by Thursday…I’m going to the dump that night

  16. Hey guys,

    Where can I get the best Rangers tickets?

    Im coming back home from college soon and my old roommate is coming from Chicago.

    I was just hoping theres a website where I can buy the tickets off of fans for cheap so I dont have to feed sather any more money.

  17. Orr, of course Johnson is back. All Zaba can catch is a virus. Between him and Valli the Hartford’s goalie situation is lovely at the moment.

  18. Unfortunately all that ebay has is way overpriced. The best deal I’ve found so far is from Sather. How can this be?

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