It could be worse


This e-mail has been going around. Supposedly this guy decorated his house like this.xmas decoration That’s a fake person, with the lights dangling from the roof and the ladder in the bushes. He claims he was told by police to take it down because it was causing accidents, and also said that an older woman injured herself trying to pick up the ladder … and that he had tire tracks on his lawn from people driving up to help the dummy. Not sure if I believe that, but it’s still pretty funny.


What this has to do with anything, I don’t know.

But there isn’t much happening today — or so we think — and we pretty much discussed the Gilroy thing and your disgust (which now follows every loss, whether in regulation, OT or in a skills competition) and there are no games until tomorrow.

So … you know.


This is nothing we haven’t discussed here, but it’s in print in a big New York tabloid. Larry Brooks gets to the heart of the Rangers’ problem.

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  1. Carped x 2….It never ends!!

    We have not had a good captain since the lockout!


    until we get a hammer or two on D, the rest is a moot point!!

    Have a hard hitting crease clearing physical d man day to all!!

  2. Hang in there, brother, the game is tomorrow….

    Let’s try to avoid any parallelism connecting this picture and the team’s state.. It wasn’t the purpose, now was it Carp? Cause I’m sure a few people will crawl out and jump on it in a heartbeat.

  3. from rumor mill

    Peter Mueller was almost traded to the New York Rangers, but the two sides couldn’t agree on who the Rangers would send back, the New York Post reports.

    The Rangers wanted to send minor league defenseman Bobby Sanquinetti to the Coyotes, but Phoenix wanted either Brandon Dubinsky or Ryan Callahan — and GM Glen Sather stalled. It could still happen, but it doesn’t appear Sather’s going to give in.

  4. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Ok Im gonna say it, even though the state were in and everything not going our way:


  5. Mueller is pretty good, despite having a really bad year. I just don’t know if trading Cally, or Dubi for him is the right move.

    Wouldn’t mind Mueller though.

    I just always thought if we traded Dublowski and Cally, we’d get a better return. Someone who can come in and instantly help………sort of like Lecavalier.

  6. Good article by Brooks, the only writer who has the ball$ to correctly rip into Sather and Torts …

    I mean, I don’t participate or listen to the post-game and off-day interviews, but does anyone ask “Why is Gilroy being sent down and not Roszival?”

    CARP: Is that simple question being asked?

  7. I just bought tickets to the Carolina game on the 21st. Seats are good, inside blue line across from Visitors bench. So, I am pretty sure that the cameras will pan across my section through most of the game. I will be wearing my Avery away jersey and am considering making a sign to hold up every time the puck passes close by or when Carolina scores. I thought of FIRE SATHER BONEHEADS as my message. Thinking of messages for game signs is fun. Maybe ROSIVAL is an ORANGE CONE! or DRURY = PANIC, DUMP & CHANGE!

  8. I’m sick of dealing with Phoenix and trading for each others garbage. Although Nigel Dawes is doing well in Calgary after PHX waived him.

    Gilles Villemure’s First Start Of 70-71 Season.
    Rangers vs. Leafs 10/17/70 :

    10 min Video Includes goals by Rod Gilbert and Brad Park and a Fight involving Vic Hadfield

  9. Miami, I have been off this week, and all over the state in the weeks previous, so I haven’t had the chance to ask any questions. Hopefully next week. But I did raise that question to a member of the organization yesterday, and he insisted it’s two separate issues. The first being that Gilroy’s development and confidence can he aided by him going to play at a lower level for a while; then the Rozsival issue, which is not being igored, so I will speculate that they are considering options with him.

    Tony, while I have made it clear that I think this team is sorely lacking, I look around and see a whole bunch of teams in the same boat in the Leastern Conference. I still think the Rangers will have a few up-turns during the season, and will have a playoff shot the last week of the season. I don’t disagree with you

  10. I believe that Nigel Dawes is doing well in Calgary because of the coach. Sutter coached him before and he knew Nigel’s potental. Coaches make a big differance in how a player develops. I still think Zherdev would have been a lot more productive if he had been handled right.

  11. Good afternoon all!

    CT and other Warren folks….I’ll be there for the game. TR arrives later. We have a table reservation for 10:30 or you can join me earlier at the bar (where’s there’s hopefully seats, but there were last time. ) Hope to see a bunch of you there. I don’t know what anybody looks like except TR, so give a shout out!
    I’ll be out all day tomorrow so this is probably the last you’ll hear from me til Sunday….TA!

  12. Olga Folkyerself on

    “The Post has learned Sather recently offered young Hartford defenseman Bobby Sanguinetti to the Coyotes in exchange for young, talented and underachieving center Peter Mueller.”

    Jeez, if he is underachieving in Phoenix, imaging how bad he would be on Garden ice. The only thing left would be for Sather to give him a big $5 Mil, 6 year no-movement contract.

    Another scratch and dent sale…

  13. Tony I would really like to agree with you, and I hope you are right. The way i see it, the problem is not just the lack of talent on the ice. We have all see teams with far less talent in the line up, play well over their heads by simply playing like a team. Playing a good system , and being able to change their system to fit the teams they play. It also takes hard work and dedication, and a good coach. I still think most of the guys in this line up would work hard, but they have to know what is expected of them and when to do it. Right now they seem to be lost.

  14. Even if we do “have a shot at the playoffs” … what are we going to do IN the playoffs … first-round exit? That will only allow Sather to mask the inadequacies of the team for another year … and in 2010-11, we can expect more of the same.

    The only positive argument that can be made for sneaking into the playoffs: Henrik turns into Beezer-96 and the Rangers ride him and some reborn bums (aka Drury) deep into the playoffs. But then again, this isn’t clutch-and-grab, stuff-the-neutral-zone era that the Panthers exploited in the mid-90s …

  15. Mama,

    See you tomorrow at Warren! What time you getting there? 7’ish?
    You can click on my link and see what I look like so if you see me wandering around the bar aimlessly lost, you can yell me over! haha

    What kind of place is Warren? Dressy? I am debating wearing my rangers jersey or not…..

  16. I don’t see how Mueller would help…
    But then again, I don’t really see how Vinny Lecavelier would help much either…plus we’d have to clean shop to get a Lecavelier…who by the way is also not really lighting the lamp. Yup so I guess it makes sense to get him. He can then turn into the next overpaid player to grace the Big City.

  17. Patrick, you’re an adorable little blond girl? :)

    Warren’s not dressy at all…totally, totally casual….last I was there plenty of jersey folks (and by that I mean shirt, not state) had come from the game, so wear yours if you like…It’s co-owned by a Ranger…I think you’ll be fine :)

  18. Oops, forgot the time…(geez, I am laurel’ing all over the place)…Game starts at 7 so I’ll probably be there a bit beforehand. I want to grab my favorite spot….

  19. Can we send Sather down to Hartford? Maybe down there, he can finally get his managerial game back, ’cause he surely does not have what it takes to be an NHL manager.

  20. You are right Staal. Meuller wouldn’t make any differance, nor would Vinny. Vinny might even be worse, he would cost a lot and the way he has been playing, we might get little back. I doubt Meuller would fare much better.

  21. Laurel,

    My friend and I are going to the game but I asked today if he wanted to check out the bar so we’ll head down after a Rangers _______ (triumphant victory/crushing defeat/nail biter/head scratcher). I’ll probably be wearing a white Gaborik jersey.

  22. CTB, Mama, Patrick- yeah, rub it in. I’ll be in Midtown at another black tie. So may be I’ll pop in wearing a tux and yelling “Mamaaaaa!!!” Would fit right in.

  23. Forgot to mention…I AM DOING that to my house next xmas!!!!! LMFAO!!!!!

    TR—No worries…I’ll be there! Have no plans for Sunday except to be up by 1 to watch the Saints!!!!

  24. ilb, that would be awesome!

    Patrick, if you get there before me, try and score the first seats at the bar when you walk in past the booths. That’s my fave spot :)

    CT, we’ll be waiting for you!

    TR, oh buddy, we’re gonna have a night! I hope J is coming too!

  25. Did they tell which table TR? I know there aren’t that many, but is it in the front near the door or near the bar?

    Are they asking for a table minimum?

  26. mrs. tr-808 will be joining us. my friend will not be there unfortunately but that doesnt mean there wount be other people.

    im still unsure about the minimum. if they are showing the fight there will be a table minimum for sure. i probably will get told i dont have to pay the minimum but ill still feel like crap knowing they could be making money.

    i usually ask for the back booth (cats corner by tiny bathroom) because its my favorite spot since certain people took the andy warhol gretzky pic to be “serviced” and havent gone to pick it back up (which is the booth by the register).

  27. Gross and Zipay reporting that Gillroy was sent down to get more physical, not as a punishment, that Gaborik’s lack of backchecking was to blame for the OT goal, and that Boyle and Redden were picking their butts on the tying goal – not Gilroy’s fault either. Torts also says the goalie situation is a mess – duh…

  28. TR, folks are cracking me up….hey CT, no worries. We’ll find you :)….TR is practically a half owner of warren :)

    Seriously, I gotta run….can’t wait to see/meet everyone tomorrow….and TR, I hope they don’t show the fight, too.

    FYI, all, and TR, correct me if I’m wrong, but at warren we use our real names, not screen names….right? :)

  29. Yay! Mrs. TR!!!!

    Hey, I think they’ll do just fine by our group tomorrow….and you’re version of back and front of the house is still screwy :)…..TA!

  30. It will be funny trying to figure out who is who. Most of us don’t really know what each other look like, do we?

  31. will there be black caviar and belly dancers at waren77? i aint coming if there is no black caviar or/and belly dancers!!

  32. Ah, and Nasty too! sheesh, I forgot….sorry pet buddy!

    It will be easy to find us all……Mrs. TR and I are the best looking of the bunch :)

  33. Brooks must read this blog, because posters here talked about that very thing. why there is no accountability among the big contract vets on the Rangers. it is the 3 blind mice, Sather, Dolan and Torts who refuse to acknowledge the obvious. that the big contract vets are ruining this team, and it will only get worse, not better, as they get older and slower and more over the hill by the day.

    it is the huge egos of the 3, Dolan refuses to eat the money, Sather refuses to admit the mistakes, and Torts refuses to bench Drury and co. to make a huge statement.

    no, they will continue to blame the kids, take the easy way out, refuse to answer to the fans, and muddle along with no longterm plan for the franchise. they will just go from day to day patching holes here only to spring a leak there, and to expect chicken crap to become chicken salad.

    there ain’t much hope.

  34. Seriously question? In the title of Brooksie’s article, shouldn’t it be “IMMOVABLE” not “UNMOVABLE”? I thought unmovable meant something different than what he actually means. Carp? You’re the writer. haha

  35. Hockeymom, You are right on about Dawes playing for Sutter, It also doesn’t hurt that Nigel is playing on a line with Jarome Iginla and Jokkinen.

    LGR !

  36. last time i checked Nigel was on a line w/ Langkow and Bourque

    and as for the fight apparently no one knows the tv schedule for tomorrow atm. still waiting on a phone call.

  37. I’m so tired of saying this but nothing will change in rangerland until A:)dolan sells the team and/0r B:)Sather is replaced with a GM with a clue on how to build a championship team. This isn’t rocket science fellow ranger fans. I’ve had it myself. I’ve been a ranger fan since the late 60’s and since Dolan bought the rangers/knicks these two franchises have been the joke of the nhl/nba. I haven’t watched a ranger game in a month. Watching the rangers play hockey is depressing and boring at the same time. The rangers stink in all facets of the game.

  38. yea how can mueller help after all he is over the hill at about 21 in his 3rd yr. he is big and skilled.

    why trade Sanguinetti after all they only have about 8 good young d prospects and all that forward firepower.

    that would be a good trade clowns…..sanguinetti has a chance of contributing in the NHL and the rangers have about 8 good youg d men….win win trade fools…………

  39. I know a lot of people are pissed with Torts, but honestly going into the season how the fugg did you think we were gonna do ? On paper we don’t even have a team worthy of making the playoffs.

    This team starts and ends with Gabby, and Hank. So far one of them is stepping up their game, and the other one is costing us games, minus the last one.

    Im a die hard Rangers fan. Im such a huge Rangers fan, that i piss blue. But you have to be realistic. This team just isn’t good enough, you cant expect Torts to turn THIS team into Cup winners. It just cant happen.

    It doesn’t help that some of our youth, who are supposed to be our future are turning out to be just like our over paid Vets. Greedy pricks.

    It would be dumb to fire Torts. This isn’t his fault. Totally different situation with Philthy. They have a damn good team, and a team that can win the Cup.

    I don’t blame anyone for trying to “believe”, but what are the odds of this team winning the Cup ?

    I hope im wrong though. If i am, ill get a Flowers, Debbies, Islandorks, or Pissburgh tatoo on my pecker.

  40. Stuart,
    The same crap was said about Lisin, Zherdev etc, and now Mueller.
    I don’t want guys who have potential but don’t play to their ability…I’m sick of that crap!

  41. Have I mentioned before that I love Rangers fans…

    ORR, this is the second time I’ve actually agreed with most of what you said, but then you go all p…er on me :)

    Nobody expects Cup this year, right? But it’s the effort that counts, at least in my book.

  42. MAMA

    Yeah, i guess effort is nice, but i want a Cup. It’s different for all you 94’er’s. At least you got that.

    What do i have ? Umm, Huge Jessiwoman getting drafted 12th overall over all the super stars in the draft.

    Damn it ! I want a Cup, and a team that has a chance. This team doesn’t have a shot.

    It just sucks watching all these teams that sucked for years starting to play better, and having all their draft picks play great, while we have to watch NYR’s prospects from all those suckage years play like retards, and become greedy, turn out to be busts, and blah blah blah.

    Makes me want to cry. Seriously, it’s that depressing, and unfair.

  43. Blogmama,
    I expect the Cup every year. As you can imagine, I am disappointed just about as often!

  44. i thought you guys will like this… i took this from facebook “New York Rangers Ultimate Fan” group..few comments right from the top of the list…


    “hell yeah rangers r the sh!t (literally! << i added that just now lol). even tho we lost the last few games"

    "rangers are an awesome team.GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


  45. Brooks article was decent but him and a lot of the fans really can’t bash torts for the state of our current roster. Just like Renney, he’s trying to work with what was given to him. Like ORR said, firing Torts is not like firing Stevens, two completely different situations.

  46. Orr, you are right on most of your points. Except the Flyers are not winning the Cup. Not with their goalie situation. Again. So you may wanna start with a little flower tatoo. Have you thought of using your blue urine as an ink?:)

    I think I’m getting a newspaper if Mama laurel’s

  47. llB

    Haha good idea, but i don’t think that’s healthy. Would be a good option though, just encase i couldn’t afford color for the tat.

    I know the Flowers wont win the Cup, but at the start of the year, you didn’t think they’d be in the situation they’re in. They have the leadership, the scoring, the D, and like i said, capable goaltending, with the right D in front of them. Nyr is different, they didn’t have a good team on paper, a team that’s not on the same level as the other teams in the East.

    Which is why Stevens had to get fired, and why Torts shouldn’t get fired.

  48. Torts is indeed stubborn in trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. But it’s Sather’s fault that we have an unkilled, wimpy, overpaid square peg to begin with.

  49. Did you guys read Gross’ blog today? Some decent insight into the “situation” (jersey shore, anyone?) with Gilroy & the backup G mess.

  50. THE REAL MikeyNJ on


    Becasue were the hell is Mueller gonn aplay?
    3rd line?

    Oh yeah I forgot, we dont have any 3rd liners on our team.
    Def need another one

    ITs a pointless trade with a MINMIal return IF he steps up his game. And if you cant handle the little bit pf pressure n Phoenix, the in NY he would crumble

  51. So now Tortorella is blaming Gaborik for not backchecking well enough? Apparently Gaborik needs to lead the league in scoring and also be a defensive forward. Gaborik probably doesn’t care, but when is Tortorella going to take some responsibility for his team. Mistakes will be made, but don’t play Gaborik the entire game and then expect him to cover up for the defense as well.
    Pavel Bure once said he could play defense, but not if you want him to score. Didn’t the Rangers used to have one of the top defenses in the league until Tortorella came in? This team is a mess.

  52. ORR, you’re right, again!! You didn’t have ’94 and I did, but oh how sweet that was when it happened….and I have every faith that it will happen again in both our lifetimes.
    But that’s the frustration of being a Rangers fan…so close, yet so far away….I still love my team…LGR!

    Matteau, Patrick…..come on, you think mama doesn’t have high hopes? But she is realistic….OY!

  53. clowns guys like mueller are what you get in trades…….

    who are you getting in a trade kovalchuk????good luck..

    mueller is 21 yrs old, going backwards performance wise not forward… guys like that sometimes pan out most times they do not, who are they trading???bobby orr….

    the problem is coaching and the system. ranger players are not getting better…..this has gone on for years, why is this occuring????

    you want Crosby like talented players finish last and get lucky that studs are draft elgible that year, ie get lucky……………

    dawes got 9 goals, why???maybe caching, maybe a 25 yr old developing, maybe system…ie patience….

    lisin they got for korpikoski who is doing nothing, prucha is doing nothing.. they got nothing and gave up nothing………………………..

    they have some young talented d men, gaborik, a very good goalie, and many ?????????????????????????????????

    that is the team, deal with it………..

  54. Gaborik made a god-awful play on Chicago’s winning goal, then he stopped skating and so he couldn’t arrive in time to help Gilroy once Byfuglien bygugliened him. But, geez, without Gaborik they lose 1-0 in regulation. Not just that night. Most nights.

  55. Yeah, i agree with Torts there. Gabby did stop skating for a second, and he was exactly one second behind Buff. If he never stopped skating, Buff never has a chance to put that puck on net, unless he pulls off a highlight reel move, which he’s not capable of.

    Gilroy definitely isn’t all to blame there.

  56. Gaborik, btw made an excellent defensive play on a shift before that probably preventing a goal. Not fully defending him, but if you’re playing every other shift in overtime 4 on 4 and expected to attack and score goals, you probably need to know how to pace yourself. He isn’t here to be a shutdown wing.

  57. Good afternoon, Carp!

    It’s almost the weekend and I’m almost done with the semester! And I’ve got plans to go watch the game with my friends tomorrow! They better win again, or I will be angry at them for embarrassing me in front of my friends.

  58. ilb, plus he’s been told Safe is Death. And the whole point of the 4-on-4 OT (and the skills competition that follows) is to encourage teams to go for it, once they have one point in the bank. so blaming Gaborik there is idiotic.

  59. Good afternoon, Sally! So will you have some more downtime to spend here after the semester?

    And, no, Orr.

    Nice job on the petition, Chris.

  60. I’ll add some more on Gaborik. He is much better defensively than most of the goal scorers we’ve seen on this team. I remember Bure cherry picking all the time and watching other people defend, just to name one.

  61. Yup! I’ve got one essay and a take-home final, then I’ll be here so often you’ll all be wishing for next semester to start.

  62. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Except for the trade,larry brooks isn’t telling us anything that we didn’t already know.
    And sather is a left handed stogie sucker.

  63. Laurel! Funny cat story that probably only you will appreciate! My new guy pal was over a few days ago, and Princess Dubinsky was sitting on the edge of the stairs, eyeing him, when all of a sudden she stuck her butt waay up in the air, purred, lost her balance, and almost fell down the stairs. She got herself back together but she was so embarrassed she hid in a box for an hour. Cats!

  64. Gaborik needs to score all the goals, or at least set them all up, while he goes through the 2 guys that are assigned to be on top of him every game, and then kill penalties and backcheck on breakaways at the end of a shift since the defense and Lundqvist can’t be trusted to make crucial saves. Has that been explained to him properly?
    Meanwhile, Sather hides from the media while desperately trying to get another struggling 3rd liner from a losing team.

  65. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    Love the carp!!!

    “guy pal” Hearts are breaking all over rangers report!!

    you’ve laureled like a 100 times today!

  66. Sally, that story happens often in humans. They stick their butts waaaaay up in the air, lose their balance and fall. The difference- they don’t see any reason to hide in the box….

  67. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    Sather will eventually find a diamond in the rough. Unfortunately, he has to waste precious time and money on all the other lost causes first. There is also the factor of waiting for their current team to place them on waivers.

  68. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    Until we get a hammer or two on D, no other trade is going to really help!

  69. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    I really do not understand why slats has not made a play for exelby yet in toronto. He certainly is not the first player I would be looking into or the 5th for that matter, but he should be “relatively” easy to get with the plethora of d men in T O. Atleast he plays a fairly physical game!

  70. Id trade Mueller for Callahan. **** that.

    Mueller’s 21, Callahan is 24. Callahan is a career 3rd liner, thats it. Enough of this potential talk. Mueller’s first two years are pretty impressive. Hes cheaper than Callahan. Mueller’s career ceiling blows Callahan’s outta the water.

    Im sorry but talent and effort beats no talent and effort. Enough about Callahan’s effort. Its not putting pucks in the net, especially while we have enough 3/4 liners. Someone like Higgins is a Callahan A type player, and he can actually score.

    With this trade we’d have 3 young centers in Mueller, Dubinsky and Anisimov. Thats where you start building from within if you wanna win. The middle.

    Lets face it, Dubinsky > Callahan. He plays the pivot, hes as much an energy guy as Callahan is, and can actually score, especially in the PLAYOFFS. Between the two, no question, send Callahan. We have enough guys in Avery and Higgins who do the same energy and effort play that can ACTUALLY SCORE.

    I can imagine what Sather said to Maloney: “you want our glorified third liner?! nice try!”

  71. Come on Sather, get it done. Enough of Callahan skating up the ice with the puck struggling to get around a defender ultimately getting shoved to the outside for a perimeter shot into the goalie’s chest.

    How many times a season do we have to see this?

    He doesnt have the skill.

  72. The Ranger D guys have the goods, they have to get a little bigger and stronger, and meaner. It would help if they had some guys to play with that they could learn from, but they will better in time, that is if they don’t get traded for some quick fix guy that scored a bunch one time.

  73. Come on Sather, get it done. Enough of Callahan skating up the ice with the puck struggling to get around a defender ultimately getting shoved to the outside for a perimeter shot into the goalie’s chest.

    How many times a season do we have to see this? He doesnt have the skill.

    Mueller’s first season he had 54 points, his second he had 36.

    Callahan’s topped at 40 in what it nearly 3 years now.

  74. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on


    Mrs Wicky and I talked about it, It’s just finding a sitter and the commute!!

    Problem ia, they will not get meaner or tougher without a guy like witt back there to teach them (or pronger, or coburn, or get the idea)!

  75. Patrick, wicky needs to slide down the Big Sky, shovel the snow and walk for a few. He is in Montana, remember..

  76. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    This team is more than a player or two away from being a serious contender,and simple trade isn’t going to get it done.
    What is needed is a blockbuster trade, but sather doesn’t have the moxie to pull it off.

    I’m glad I don’t season’s tix, I won’t contribute to the slow death.

  77. It doesn’t seem like anybody but Edmonton and Phoenix will deal with Sather. who would want a blockbuster with those two teams?

  78. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Dubi ,Dubi-doooo where R u?!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Well MAMA , My cat is wearing a beige short sleeve shirt and is prancing around the house…I got bored a few days ago and sew the sleeves and neck shorter on a small shirt. Beuty.

    ORR , don’t worry . We can win the cup. I know we can . Look ,last year Torts screwed up by not dressing Avery in the crucial series clinching game..he destroyed our #1 scoring center in Zherdev (ok ok sure Z was lazzzzyy at times)We had a chance…

  79. Drury will I bet. Not sure about Cally. Torts seems to really like Drury, thats why I think he will make it. Gomez will make it to I think.

  80. i also think Drury will make the roster…how can he not?? Captain America and not on USA Olympic team?? I bet he’ll be wearing the “C”

    Speaking totally from nationalistic point of view… i hope he makes it…it’d be one less team to worry aboot :)


  81. There was a piece on Crosby today on TV. When the asked him if he thought he would be the captain of the olympic team. He said there are 15 guys in the line up that are captains of there teams, so there will be lots of leadership there. The way he said it though I think he really wants to be captain.

  82. CCCP,
    it is getting a little tougher now for your guys to win the gold, now that the sides are even.

  83. it is a false comparison. we KNOW that this team is not a cup contender. but it is good enough to make the playoffs and finish in the 7th to 8th place range and maybe, if lucky, win one series. but Torts has to take responsibility for his own blunders. he continues to defend Drury, which is mind numbing and morale busting. how can other players take him seriously when their big money, supposed star center is a worse goal scorer than fringe 4th liner Brian Boyle?

    where is the accountability from Torts to healthy scratch Drury’s fanny to make a statement that his performance is unacceptable.

  84. This Ranger team could make the playoffs, but it could just as easy not. For them to make it they will have to make some changes. I don’t mean player changes, they could make it with what they have.

  85. This Ranger team could make playoffs, but it could just as easily not. What the Hell does that mean. Make changes ! Torts is making changes all the time. One thing about Torts he knowes what he’s doing. He won the cup once you know.

  86. Well I’m just saying that they could make or , or not make it. Depending on how they play, thats all.

  87. Well I think they are playing pretty dam good a lot of the time, and as soon as Torts gets things ironed out and the guys get to understanding his system they will be a great team. Torts won the cup you know.

  88. Players understanding the system? What system? Thats the problem I say . Torts should take a look at the way things are going and maybe make a few changes, you know tweek it a bit.

  89. Tweek it! I think your tweeked. you don’t know a great hockey mind when you see one. Thats not to mention the cup he won. I haven’t mentioned the wonderful Glen Sather yet. This man is a hockey god. If he can’t get a team to the playoffs, the whole world is wrong. He has won to many cups to menton.

  90. bull dog line
    it is getting a little tougher now for your guys to win the gold, now that the sides are even.


    HA! well… you can’t win them all… but we still won plenty! I LOVE International hockey and cannot wait for Olympics to begin! Ovechkin and Malkin and Kovalchuk on one line? OY!!

  91. Just watching the wolfpack. They are playing the pirates, no scoring yet, but Gilroy looks good down there, and Johnson has made some good saves.

  92. The heart of the ranger problem is that they are now not outplaying the opposition when the chips are down. The personnel has not dramatically changed from the 7-1 start.The mental part of the game plays a big role.Get the power play back in shape. Forget about the contracts on big name players. Brooks wanted to dump Jagr, sign Avery for 4 mil and get rid of Elias. Now how dumb is that!

  93. Sally, I must hear about the the new guy pal!!! Listen to the princess….dubi wobbles knows all (hysterical story, and great response from ilb) !

    wicky, the password is “ridiculous”…and shaddup :)

  94. Hartford lead 1-0 after one. Man Johnson seems to be cool customer. I think Rosy would fit right in to this line up. He could really help this team.

  95. Good night to Staal, and to Staal a good night :) mama’s got to rest up for tomorrow….she is not 26…warren folks, see ya! everyone else, LGR!!

  96. so i just got the phone call.
    they are showin the fight tomorrow. the main bout starts @ 9pm CT (11pm est). its going to be crowded and there will most likely be a table minimum.

    but i have been wrong in the past.

  97. Hartford has too many d-men. They need a veteran center who is clutch, and can give these young guys a lift in his clutch mobile, and pay for the extra extra clutch gasoline only sold at toys r us.

    Hartford needs Christopher Druuuuuury !

    Get it done Slats, get it done.

  98. CCCP,
    I used to be a big fan of russian hockey. The KLM line was a great line. I was at the first game of the challenge cup in 1979 played at the garden. that was the game the NHL won. The Rangers were the first team to draft a russian player. I think it was Helmut Baldaris.

  99. TR, it’s after game though, so hopefully we’ll be OK…don’t be scared newbies, come on down!!

    Patrick, I don’t actually want to be 26 again, but I wouldn’t mind the stamina of 26 :) OK, I made wicky happy…goodbye!

  100. Chad Johnson is a good goaltender. I know there is a big differance in the NHL, but this guy is good. It will be interesting to see how he fares in the Big league.

  101. Sending Johnson down was a good idea by Torts. He needs to play games, Zaba doesn’t. But i wanted to see him in an NHL game at least.

    Eh, who knows, maybe he’ll be called up for a Caps vs Rangers game.

    Semin vs Johnson

    Instant classic matchup. A messy one too…..(*rimshot*)

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  103. Johnson moves well and he’s pretty good, but he is a ways to go before he will have Hank worried about his job. Gilroy has been standing out, he’s such a good skater, but he has made some dumb blunders. He took a real stupid penality that caused a goal. then when they are a man short he takes off with the puck all the ice, makes a nice pass and they score a goal.

  104. Well that one is over. Johnson got burned for four. They lost 4-2. It looked to like at least two of the goals were deflected, he really didn’t have much chance on them, one was a five hole breakaway goal. All in all he didn’t play that bad. Although Hank would have had at least two of them. Gilroy made a lot of the same mistakes he has been making, but he got away with them mostly. He carried the puck with a lot more confidence, and skated well. I really think this will help him. I bet he’s a differant player when he comes back up.

  105. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on


    ilb is right, mrs wicky and I would love to be there, but the “commute” is a bit much right now!

    I love it when you laurel…do it again!

  106. The Hawks are doing the same thing to the Sabers they did to the Rangers. The Sabers are leading 2-1 in the third, but the hawks are out shooting them 9-1 in the period, and the puck has been in the sabers end mostly all the period so far.

  107. Funny the hawks did the same thing as the Rangers. Pulled their goalie for the extra man, then took a penality, and lost.

  108. Wicky, don’t feel bad. I’d be very happy to babysit for you tomorrow in exchange for a few runs down the Big Sky. As long as you have a Center Ice down there.

  109. If only Renney was still here. I know he could lead this team to the promised land of 8th place and a 1st round playoff exit. Those were the days. At least we can all still relive the memories of Marek Malik turnovers, Scott Gomez floaters into the goalie’s chest, and playing for shootouts.

  110. Yes Tom that was really hard stuff to watch. If it had not been the Rangers I wouldn’t have watched.

  111. Tom Foolery December 11th, 2009 at 10:39 pm

    If only Renney was still here. I know he could lead this team to the promised land of 8th place and a 1st round playoff exit. Those were the days. At least we can all still relive the memories of Marek Malik turnovers, Scott Gomez floaters into the goalie’s chest, and playing for shootouts.


    Quote of the year hahaha

  112. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on


    center ice is the only way we survive…except the damn versus direct tv lunacy!

  113. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on


    I’ve got a great idea for the boneheads on the non-game days of the rangers to perhaps occupy their time more constructively. You should choose one other nhl team that the boneheads have to pick who they would trade for from that team and what would they give up (of course you would have to make your suggestions as well). Just a thought!!

    Did anyone see boogard thump mcgratton?

    Night sally and you better show up tomorrow night!!

  114. Wicky…it’s easy.

    We give Rozsival up and in return we get a free Rozsival shirt on his new team, so when we host the Winter Classic at Yankee Stadium we can start a fire!

  115. Good morning! Where is everyone? Is there is some parade everyone is attending? Did we win the Cup?

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