Ocho Cinco joins Gilroy in Hartford


Obviously this is a move to get Chad Johnson some playing time with Henrik Lundqvist expected to play again Saturday. Matt Zaba is called up, temporarily I’m sure. And not Steve (0-2, 8.32 GAA, 0.787 save pct.) Valiquette. Here are the official announcements of the Gilroy/Johnson/Zaba moves from the Rangers:

New York, December 10, 2009 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that defenseman Matt Gilroy has been assigned to the Hartford Wolf Pack of the American Hockey League (AHL).  In addition, goaltender Matt Zaba has been recalled from Hartford, while goaltender Chad Johnson has been assigned to Hartford.
Gilroy, 25, has skated in 30 games with the Rangers this season, registering four goals and six points, along with 19 penalty minutes.  He currently ranks second in the NHL among rookie defensemen in goals and is tied for seventh in points.  He made his NHL debut on October 2 at Pittsburgh, and tallied his first career point with the game-winning goal on October 5 at New Jersey.
The North Bellmore, New York native was originally signed by the Rangers as a free agent on April 17, 2009.
Zaba, 26, has appeared in eight games with Hartford this season, posting a 1-2-1 record with a 4.16 goals against average and .867 save percentage.  Last season, he ranked seventh in the AHL in goals against average (2.33), tied for eighth in save percentage (.920) and 12th in wins (25).  He also led the league in shootout save percentage with a .930% success rate.  Zaba was named AHL Goaltender of the Month for February, and he finished the regular season with a 14-2-0 mark and a 1.84 goals against average, a .937 save percentage and one shutout in his final 16 contests.  He made his AHL debut on October 18, 2008, at Toronto.
Prior to joining Hartford, Zaba appeared in 28 games with the Charlotte Checkers and Idaho Steelheads of the ECHL in 2007-08, posting a 15-8-2 record with a 2.64 goals against average, .915 save percentage and three shutouts.  He tied for third in the league in shutouts and 11th in goals against average and save percentage.  Before turning professional, Zaba backstopped Colorado College of the Western Collegiate Hockey Association (WCHA) for four seasons, registering a 55-42-10 record in four seasons.  He was selected to the WCHA All-Academic Team for three consecutive seasons, and was the first goaltender in school history to be named to the WCHA All-Rookie Team as a freshman in 2003-04.
The Yorkton, Saskatchewan native was originally the Los Angeles Kings eighth round selection, 231st overall, in the 2003 NHL Entry Draft.  He was signed by the Rangers as a free agent on August 20, 2007.
Johnson, 23, dressed as Henrik Lundqvist’s backup in three games following his recall on December 3.  He returns to Hartford where he has registered a 10-6-1 record with a 2.10 goals against average, .926 save percentage and three shutouts in 18 games this season.  Johnson was tied for second in the AHL in shutouts, fifth in wins, eighth in save percentage, and ninth in goals against average at the time of his recall.  The AHL rookie made his debut with Hartford on October 9 at Providence, and recorded his first AHL win the following game on October 10 against Springfield.
The Calgary, Alberta native was originally the Pittsburgh Penguins’ fifth round selection, 125th overall, in the 2006 NHL Entry Draft.  He was acquired by the Rangers on June 27, 2009, in exchange for a fifth round selection (Andy Bathgate) in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft.

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  1. Rosival should be sent to sibneria!! The worst player on the team by far. They will not win as long as this guy is on the team!!

  2. the 3 stooges, Dreary-Rosival-Huggy, should join the other 3 stooges, Torts-Sather-Dolan in Hartford

  3. Carped! Rudely.
    The only person who may be enjoying today’s stuff more than me is probably blogfather.
    Carp, enough hits for December?

  4. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    I’d like to know is the cigar lit or unlit, smoked into a stogie? And what side of his his puss does sather have his cigar, I don’t see him like clint eastwood clenching it with his front false teeth. Does his cigar have a superstitious leaning, alternate sides every period? Does he have a lead side or a comeback side? I’ll bet his cell reeks of stogie. He can’t smoke too much for me.
    Light up glen!

  5. even the lowly Leafs are only 3 pts behind the Rangers now. and they are on the rise. I would not be surprised at all to see the Leafs finish ahead of the Rangers this season.

  6. CRIMENY! some bizarre moves.

    Ilb / blueblood

    egad! I have a ton of stuff on my plate & having my team lose is giving me angina!

  7. I said this about Renney last year and I’ll say it again, I think you have to give Tortorella the whole season before you start judging his success/failure. It’s only a third of the way through the season, anything can happen.

    I can buy into the fact that it will take a season for this team to play his style but I do somewhat question the logic of the high pressure offensive system. If you look at NJ, they’ve had a top goalie for years and have been very successful playing a defense first style. Most would argue that we have a similar asset in Lundqvist. Why not have a system in place that limits the number of shots Lundqvist faces and let him be the cornerstone?

    It seems to me like if the Rangers are paying the highest goalie salary in the league, they should have a system in place to maximize that advantage of having a top goaltender. I don’t know for sure but I would bet the save percentage on odd man rushes isn’t drastically different between starting goaltenders (odd men = a high % chance of a goal) and that’s what this offense first style leads to – plenty of odd man rushes. A top goalie and a system that limits shots should give you a fighting chance to win every night. I would argue that Gaborik makes playing a more defensive system even more appealing. He could score tons in Jacque Lemaire’s defensive style and no surprise, he’s scoring in Tortorella’s offense first style.

    The one thing that has really disappointed me about Tortorella’s stewardship of the team so was all the lip service last Spring and Summer around conditioning. Has this team won a single game based on overwhelming conditioning in the 3rd period? I haven’t seen it yet and I don’t expect to.

  8. I saw Zherdev’s name appear in the previous post. Guys he was the Tin Man. He had no heart.

    If he had potted one goal in the playoffs last year, we might have won that series. Did he even have a point?

    We talk here now about how gutless and heartless this team is, no one hits, no one has balls, and no one finishes. Aside from a few dipsy doodle goals last season (which we could surely use, don’t get me wrong) he would be loafing on D, in Torts’ doghouse, and not checking anything. It would be more of the same.

    The guy had skills but no heart. And he was not another Kovalev. Kovy’s name is on the Cup. Z’s name will never be.

  9. As much as he sucks, Rozsival isn’t going anywhere. If we got rid of him we’d have 5 defenseman under the age of 25 with a combined experience of less than 5 NHL seasons. that’s crazy.

  10. Tortorella likes to talk tough but his tough talk is nothing but a talk… so from now on (until we see at least some talk turned into action) his name should be… Talk-orella!

    thats right… i came up with it all by myself!

  11. Newman – I couldn’t disagree more about Zherdev. He is probably one of the most misunderstood players in the NHLs history. He got a bad rep because Hitchcock singled him out all the time (kind of like he’s doing to Filatov except Filatov is much more vocal about his opinions while Z kept it to himself). Zherdev did care, if anything a little too much, but how he showed his caring wasn’t by banging his stick or being outspoken, but rather by trying to do everything himself (which he needs to mature and learn not to do).

    Russian hockey is completely different tahn how they play over here. When things aren’t going well, they take it upon themselves to try to carry the team. Ovechkin does it, Kovalchuk does it, and Malkin does it.

    Problem with Z in the playoffs last year was A) he had no idea what Torts was expecting of him (and neither did most other guys on the team and thats proving to be the same this year), B) he grew sick and tired of doing work to set people up only for them to fumble his pass and give the puck away, and C) he had never been there before.

    He was given a diminished role with Antropov and instead of Torts sitting him down and saying, “hey, we want you to do this and this”, he just benched him and put him on the 3rd and 4th line without giving him reasons why. How is he supposed to be effective when he’s not used on the PP or getting chances to play with our more talented players?

    Plus Zherdev was the least of our problems in that playoff series. Gomez stepped up for 1 game and went missing in the other 6, same goes for everyone except maybe Callahan and Staal.

  12. Speaking of my point about Torts benching Zherdev, he seems to do that to all his foreign players because he doesn’t feel like dealing with the language barrier. He had a huge issue with that in Tampa. Instead of sitting a guy down and making sure he’s on the same page and actually talking to him, he just benches guys and says “he knows whats expected, I shouldn’t have to tell him”.

    The person he did it to the most was Afenosenkov, who was actually a very skilled player for Tampa in their cup run. He sat him out for most of one of the games and he came back and scored a goal. His play didn’t change much, just Torts was pissed at him because he kept losing the puck and in the next game he didn’t.

    Sad because he’s doing the same to Lisin without giving him an actual explanation of how he wants to see Enver play. Maybe sit the kid down, speak to him about exactly what he needs to do, then if he screws up bench him. Don’t leave him on the bench for a whole game without putting him on the ice and bench him the next 2 games just because he isn’t getting your strategy.

  13. MAKO
    Where are you located? I’ll give a name of a good cardiologist. The issue is that if you keep reading all this stuff after each loss, you’ll need a triple bypass surgery regardless.

  14. Everything is going wrong. I feel like Gaborik is going to get hurt soon and the season will really fall apart. Just a premonition. I hope I’m wrong. Keep the faith guys…

  15. Sending Gilroy down is weak. Listened to the game on the radio last night, and Maloney ripped Torts for that shift early in the 2nd that there was no center on the ice. Called have a center on the ice coaching 101, and said it was poor fundamental coaching. I beleive it was Avery, Higgins, and Callahan, for the 2nd shift after a penalty.

  16. Bulldog – technically all three came into the league as centers. Cally and Higgy have played center this year, but Avery hasn’t played center since midway through last season though.

  17. yeah… lets hope that the “Talkorella” won’t get stuck for too long and turn from a quote of the week to a quote of the season…if you know what i mean.

  18. You guys realize that sending Rozy to the minors would A) mean he’d have to clear waivers, B) mean he’d have to be paid his money anyway despite the removal of his cap hit, and C) would force us to spend even more money on a d-man to fill the huge hole contract left. Plus it would even further kill his trade value if we were trying to get rid of him at any point.

  19. Around 4-5 GMs of the elite NHL teams watched this game last and thought:”If we had a goalie like Hank, it’s a Stanley Cup. Slam dunk!” But they don’t. Including the Hawks. Bullin isn’t it anymore. That’s why with all their talent, Hawks will unlikely to win it this year.

  20. Rozsival gets traded at the deadline or next summer. He would never make it through rentry waivers if he got sent down and recalled.

    His salary goes to $4mn next year and $3.0mn in 2011. Some team can manage the $5mn cap hit and will take the chance that he plays like a $3.5mn d-men (Top 50) for two years.

  21. steveknj – the worst i would have to guess would be Hugh Jessiman, and the best im guessing is Lundqvist

  22. Wouldn’t it really be the best thing for this team if Hank went down? (Not that I want to see him get injured, Love the Guy but hypothetically speaking if he did.) Then we couldn’t rely on him all the time, see if other players can finally STEP IT UP, like New Jersey did last year when Brodeur went down. And if not, then well whatever at least we’ll have Taylor Hall.

  23. CCCP
    you must’ve been annoying the carp out of him!

    Tell your gf to remind you: every time they lose, say to yourself- da huy s nim!

  24. Lmao CCCP

    bull dog
    lol you can say the same for a man missing on 5 on 5 play for over 40 seconds last year. Remember that?!?! And all of the too many men penalties.

    But whoever suggested that there be an evaluation every 20 games was a brilliant idea.

  25. johnny D,
    none of them are natural centers, and that was Maloney’s point. It was chaos for a minute in the Rangers zone, and there was no center on the ice to take charge. I am beginning to have questions about Torts. he may be to stubborn for his own good.
    those 4 or 5 teams are the teams that Sather should be talking to about a trade. because the way this team is built right now they won’t sniff the cup in the near future.

  26. the Blackhawks top 5 dmen are 26, 24, 23, 22, and Campbell is 30. Sopel is irrelevant and will soon be gone for cap space.

    yeah, can’t have 5 young dmen now can you?

    posters who think that any player should be kept solely because of his age, or experience, or contract, we can call you Sather junior.

  27. blowsival December 10th, 2009 at 5:56 pm

    the Blackhawks top 5 dmen are 26, 24, 23, 22, and Campbell is 30. Sopel is irrelevant and will soon be gone for cap space.

    yeah, can’t have 5 young dmen now can you?

    posters who think that any player should be kept solely because of his age, or experience, or contract, we can call you Sather junior.

    Great point son!

  28. Rookie defenseman Ilkka Heikkinen, who subbed for Redden against Buffalo and Detroit, was scratched and “if we stay healthy he’ll probably go down to Hartford,” said Tortorella. Heikkinen, signed as a free agent last summer, needs work on positioning. “I like his jam, and it’s something that we need. He did fine. (But) I don’t think there’s anyone head and shoulders above, down there, that needs to be up here all the time in case of these injuries.” Getting a taste of the NHL’s faster pace, which he said was similar to the Finland National Team, will help him in the AHL, Heikkinen said. “I’ll react differently and that should be good.”


    this was a quote on newsday

  29. JonnyD- yup, Huet I meant. You could barely see him last night lol.

    bul dog- those 4-5 Gms will take Hank in a heartbeat. And that move could totally retool our team. And turn it into what Hawks look now. Maybe. But without the elite goalie. Because next time we get lucky with our draft and get an elite goaltender I’ll probably be changing diapers for my grandkids and playing effing doubles only in tennis.

  30. speaking of Byfuglien

    There was a moment in a second period i think when Joe M was trying to be funny saying ” Sam, Byfuglien is HUGE… 200 blah blah pounds” and i could hear like he was actually saying that on purpose with a smile on his face… sounds like someone’s been reading our festivus blog!

  31. debbie does Rangers on

    the debbies can plug any dman into their system because it is defensively responsible from the forwards on back. look at Greene and Mottau

    under Torts system, all young dmen will be exposed because he plays too wide open. that is, until the last couple games where he stopped the dmen pinching and went to a more conservative approach.

    if the Rangers would emulate the devils system, they could play young players because it is interchangeable parts, as Colie Campbell once said as grudging praise, but it was portrayed as negative, but Colie says he did not mean it as negative.

  32. Btw, did you see Puck Daddy’s NHL’s 5 best and 5 worst draft picks of the last decade?
    The worst- you guessed it- Hugh Jessiman. The best- Henrik Lundquvist.

    Sorry, I can’t get the effing link work.
    I’ll try again…

  33. CCCP-So have you seen Battle Royale 2? I’m kind of curious after the first one was crazy and very good.

    I liked Zherdev and would rather have him than Kotalik because he’d at least be a real second threat after Gaborik.

    If the Rangers are going to tank this year so be it just let the kids get the experience and don’t do anything dumb and if not Taylor Hall, than Kurill Kabanov please.

  34. At the end of last year we could all say that Torts came in late, wasn’t able to change much, etc. It was a nice way of having an easy scapegoat at the end of another unfulfilling season. I know he needs more time but he doesn’t have a lot of excuses left. He had all summer to evaluate his team, his strategies, and everything else that a coach needs to assess in the offseason.

    Now, amidst an offensive that’s anemic and a defense that makes far too many mistakes I’m a little eager to blame the coach. Why? Because we’re only in December and his system is failing. All through training camp he had his defensemen thinking PINCH, ATTACK, GO FOR IT. Now, it’s like they have to start anew because that system that was put in place did not work with this team. So, it’s kind of like getting a new coach all over again. Back to the drawing board, Torts, that is if you even have a Plan B.

  35. Darn, the link isn’t working for me…Anyway, 7th round, 205th pick! And for all these Hank bashers who think he sux and lets a softie once a game during the third period, I’ll do the math: If I’m a GM of an elite team, I assume that he still lets one softie every game and maintains his level of play otherwise. My team can put between 3 to 4 goals per game on regular basis and play some defense in front of him. The math is pretty simple- Stanley Cup!

  36. I think a main difference is that a team like the Hawks has top shelf young talent. As do teams like Buffalo and Detroit. As well as Anaheim, LA, San Jose, as well as Washington (Aside from OV).

    The Rangers top drafted offensive talents are Callahan, Dubinsky, AA, Grachev, MDZ and Gilroy.

    Do they match up with the other teams’ top young talent? I guess we have to be the judge of that.

    Or is it that GM has surrounded them with terrible UFA signings?

  37. vogs, it’s tough to say that about the top Rangers offensive talent as Anisimov is in his first year and doing what I expected of him (32-35 point range) which is fine, Grachev and MDZ are 19, and Stepen, Kreider, Bourqe, Werek, McDonaugh and the barely talked about Carl Hagelin (the Rangers version of John Madden maybe?) are all in college or juniors.

    Cally’s peak is to be a 20 somethingG-20 somethingA heart and soul guy but he’s playing with an awful playmaker in Drury and a player too similar to him in Higgins. He played his best when he was with sppedy guys like Gomez/Cullen or with Drury and Dawes because Dawes was the playmaker on that line!

    If Dubi can be most of the player that Walt Tzachuk was, then it’s a success. He’s done a good job at playing with some great players when called to.

  38. MikeA

    i have but and it was a total disaster! Maybe if you see it you’ll have a deferent opinion but for me the second part failed miserably! The original “’Battle Royale” is still one of my favorite movies! Back in THE day I wrote a 15 page paper for my “Literature and film” class in college on this movie! Been in love with that film ever since…

  39. Best thing that could happen to this team is happening – no playoffs. THEN, we will see a shakeup at the top. And by the way, championship teams go through the growing pains with their young, talented players, for the future enormous payoff of doing so. Dolan-Sather just want to make the playoffs. No championship timetable or aspirations. Can we just bring in Forsberg and 10 other beaten-up, old guys named Joe – for all our organizational young talent? Sangs and about five others under 25 will be gone by the next full moon.

  40. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Least we got a fricken point!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Damien cox’s ,Studs and Duds…..Chris Drury with 2 goals made his duds list. With $7 million this year and another 13 for the next 2 ….Embarassing.

  41. CCCP-Thanks. If I get a chance to see the first one again, I will, been a number of years but it was a very interesting take/social commentary on pressure and success of children and expectations in Japan.

    As I’ve posted to Carp, if the Rangers are going to tank, fine but tell the fans that the direction is to get these young kids experience and stay with Torts and the young guys. For as crazy as he is, remember, it took him a few years to get Tampa to respectability.

    Wouldn’t it be cool if they get a top 5 pick, the young kids now grow, and some of the US college guys like Stepan and Kreider come in and prove to be very good players? That kinda happened to the Rangers in the late 80s/early 90s.

  42. Updated: Who of you would do a straight-up Roszival – $1 McD’s Sweet Tea trade right now?

  43. MikeA:

    It seems we’ve had these conversations before.

    Jessiman, Lundmark, Brendl, Murray, Blackburn, Kloucek, Johnnson, Montoya, Ortmeyer, they were all going to be the “future” of the team.

    And now we’re back at square one.

    I wouldn’t have any issue with winning 25 games and getting another top five pick or more if we had a young team and lost with youth, heart and grit. But instead this team is soft and slow.

    But we watch Rozival, Drury, Prospal, Kotalik, Brashears, Voros, etc skate around night in and night out.

    The guys we do get? Lisin and Boyle and now Christiansen, Zherdev, on and on and on.

    Where is the core talent that we were supposed to have ready by now when Sather made the big purge with Leetch and Kovalev?

    It is so disheartened to watch teams rebuild right before our eyes, teams like Atlanta, Boston, Washington and Tampa Bay rebuild and get younger, while the Rangers never seem to have any game plan whatsoever.

  44. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Dubi ,Dubi-doooo where R u?!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    “I have to tell you … and I don’t want to belabor the point … but we used to argue about Zubov and the trade. I thought he was too high-risk at times, and a turnover machine, and that he could be intimidated early in his career. I thought at the time of the trade that the Rangers needed to get bigger and tougher, especially in the Legion of Doom era.
    Well, I was wrong. I admit it.
    But ”

    Carp ,I’m glad you admitted you were wrong . You at times are too harsh on our boys. Your not a “fan” of the Rangers and your views about them shows it. Your good buddy Wally “is a fan” and it truely shows. That is why he is enjoyable to read and his passion for our team makes him refreshing. You guys both argued the fact that the Rangers need to ditch Zubov and to get tougher by adding Ulf Sammelsson. Zubov maybe weaker and not nearly as big but he has more speed and offensive skill. You admitted that yes , we did need the skilled Zubov . You should never start your next sentence with the word “but” right after you admit something Carp ,haha .

  45. I may be in the minority here but I wouldn’t rid the team of Redden right now. He was awful last year, but that was last year. On a team with so many young defensemen there needs to be some veteran presence. Clearly that is not coming from Rosi. Redden at least used to be a good defnseman and perhaps he can pass some of his good qualities to the younger kids.

    3 of the Rangers 4 highest goals against were without Redden in the lineup.

  46. I love the ranger’s,I do.I always have and I always will.Since 1960 or there abouts.This season is over,By that I mean maybe 85 points,no play-offs.
    Those are the facts,am I gonna keep watching them? Every game I can.It’s just not gonna happen for us this year.
    The 3 big contracts have us f—-ed for the next 3 years.
    I feel sorry for Hanrik.hes gonna lose 10 games more a year the next 3-4 years counting this one.

  47. vogs-Yeah, we’ve def had these conversations and I’m not defending Sather but some weird things happened along the way.

    Out of those guys you listed, Kloucek had a career altering injury thanks to bad coaching by Ron Low, and Blackburn was rushed and then hurt.

    Johnnson and Marek Zidlicky should have never been traded, and Ortmeyer was heart and soul and is better than most of the 4th liners this year.

    The other guys, meh didn’t work out.

    Remember though that after John MClean scored that goal in Chicago in 1988 to knock the Rangers out of a potential post season berth, dumbo Esposito actually brought some young guys like Leetch, Turcotte, Kevin Miller, Jansens, Granato, etc. up and once Neil Smith who knew waht he was doing took over, guys like Weight, Amonte, Kovalev, Zubov, Karpotsev, Norstrom and even trade chips like Zamaneur and Marchant joined them.

    There’s actually a very nice young core here now, but Sather has to be patient and let it be and let the other kids join in.

  48. How do you play in this mans league now, poking at the puck like pee wee. You just gotta get physical along the boards and behind the net. With guys in front of the net they are scared to take penaltys. I don’t like that they won’t let you land a guy on his rearend any more , when they plant themselves in front of the net.

  49. vogs- the only way gomez stayed is if Drury didnt have a no trade clause written into his contract that is stowed inside the glove compartment of the clutch mobile.

    Gomez feeding Gaborik would probably be erotic.

  50. “How do you play in this mans league now …”

    Well, if you’re a dripping v _ _ _ _ _ like Roszival …

  51. Carp, you are my hero….mama has been off and been bad about keeping up here at the Report. But not the blogfather, oh no…he’s on top of it all even though….well, Carp knows what I’m saying….
    Appreciate the blogfather heads….he rules.

    As for the past few days, um, je ne sais pas.

  52. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    # of games until Talkerella holds Drury, Girardi, Rozsival responsible for their awful play?

    Anyone care to set an over/under?

  53. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Haha, that’s cool… figured out how to quote again (and you can too).

    Anyway, “number” of games until people are held responsible?

    # test #

  54. “clutch mobile” that is great!


    Let’s not forget Malhotra either.

    and ok, I agree, Neil Smith is a better GM than Sather.

    Better eye for talent in drafting the players you mentioned.

  55. Yeah vogs, it’s funny, Smith drafted all those guys and….Okposo in his only draft for the Islanders! LOL.

    Malholtra is a decent player and doing well in San Jose. He was drafted waaaay too high, never a scorer but a good checking line center. He found his niche.

    It’s a shame that Sather lowballed Zidlicky who wanted low six figures and Sather shipped him out. This was in the days when the Rangers were throwing high six figures at guys like Holik who had as many PP points in his Rangers tenure as Zidlicky did in his prime with Nashville.

    I still feel bad for Kloucek, he was becoming a good player, sprained his knee, and the coaching staff kept him in the next game vs. the Devils (the game that Guy Hebert won and ended the Devils unbeaten streak vs. the Rangers in 2001 I think). He fell in warmups and they still made him play, so he tears his MCL that game, never quite recovers, gets shipped back and forth between Hartford and New York, and his development was all messed up. He then proceeds to get concussions and develops chronic knee problems. Poor guy. :(

  56. Getting rid of Hank would be a huge risk. You would get amazing talent in return. But if you trade CJ you can still get some valuable assets to fill holes and keep your elite goaltending. Your playoffs are not gone. Last year both rangers and canes were way back and down the stretch both teams made it. Canes even went to the EC finals. All done on the backs of 2 elite goalies. The problem isn’t torts, the problem is that he’s having trouble getting through to the players. You need a new captain. A real leader who instills confidence to the kids. Letting shanny go was a big mistake. He has that quality. If sather goes for a trade, he should be looking for someone to fill a leadership role like messier was. Not some superman one man show. Once the kids start believing, they will produce. See ya in the playoffs!!! GO DEVILS!!

  57. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    Ok, so I’ve missed a day or so of posts and there is no way I am going to read them all (sorry folks), so if I repeat anything that has already been said I apologize in advance!

    Politely demanding sather be fired in French (very nice) probably won’t eork!

    I think johnson will be back up soon. I’m not sure about the gilroy demotion. On one hand I like it because we are not physical on D at all and Ilkka seems to be a physical player. Saying that, why it wasn’t rozy I have no frakking idea.

    It would be nice if a trade was in the works….maybe they are just clearing cap space for dubi’s return.

    Guess I will have to say this again..the big glaring needs of this team are a number one centre and physical d men. We DO NOT have anything resembling those type players in our system, so instead of arguing about which 4th liner we should have or should not have traded away or let walk. How about discussing how to acquire and who to acquire (again we DO NOT have the types of players we need in our system) to fill our two HUGE GLARING needs on this team.

    SHHEEEEESSHHH, bunch of negative nancys arguing about 4th liners, doesn’t really matter who is on the 4th line, under torts it really does not matter!!

    Last thing, I love the way some of you just gripe to gripe. Half of the comments I did manage to skim over were griping about a player who hasn’t even played the past few games (voros).

    Have a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man night to all!!

  58. I never got to mention this earlier, but while the Hawks defense is young, they all grew up in the system and have played a couple years in the NHL. Earlier in their careers, they had Adrian Aucoin, Jim Vandermeer, and Jassen Cullimore, all NHL vets, to show them the ropes and let them grow.

    We’d literally be throwing 4 rookies into the fire with the only 2 having any NHL experience. That is a terrible idea. You need at least one or two vets on the backline to be successful. All of the last few cup winnings teams had them and they were usually surrounded by young guys (see last years Pittsburgh team and Gonchar and, as much as he sucks, Hal Gill).

    Also the problem isn’t just the defense, its the forwards. On the breakout, none of them give the d-men any passing lanes, so thats why they have to flip the puck out of the zone. Instead of criss-crossing like they did at the start of the year, they just shoot straight up the boards.

    There are a lot of problems with the team right now, so you can’t just say the defense is terrible, especially after only allowing 5 goals in 9 period and most of an OT.

    “Dan Girardi is lousy at staking claim to the paint – though he tries. Michal Roszival serves cocktails and hors d’œuvres to his guests to ensure they never wander. And Wade Redden plays physicist. As two different things cannot occupy the same space at the same time, Wade concedes to the squatter and finds another patch of ice for himself.”

    This last entry was phenomenal: http://hockeyrodent.com/

  60. I think accountability is hindered by the cap and the CBA.
    Roszival should have been back in Hartford after 6 or 7 games this year, he was not getting it together at all. Redden to be fair has been steady, MDZ great, Staal and Girardi a bit inconsistent and up until recently Hobey Gilroy’s been quite good but he’s suffered because we don’t have a top guy to pair him with to learn the skills and cover his a$$ when he makes a rookie mistake. In reality the $5m cap space that Roszival takes up should have been used for Orpik, but he prefers to win rather than just get paid.

  61. Mouth, it’s only for Johnson to get playing time while we have a bunch of off games and we can’t recall Vali

  62. The mouth
    Zaba will not start, he may even not be a back up. Ocho Cinco needs playing time, he’ll be back as soon as they have their first back to back. Gilroy’s move is perplexing. Yes, he’s been caught out of position a few times laltely. But his NHL experience is about 2.5 months. I’m not convinced he’ll benefit from playing in AHL…He needs more experience and confidence. Sending him down isn’t really a confidence builder.
    Good morning, everyone.

  63. I don’t think a good trade is possible. Sather can only make these nothing for less trades, or pick up guys off waivers, which usually are not great. To be fair to these guys they are not going to be big differance makers or they wouldn’t be on waivers in most cases. When Sather is shopping around for a scorer, he’s likely offering guys in hartford, but the people he’s talking want Duby or Callahan, or D.Z. the guys Sather just won’t part with right now. The other guys he would like to deal Voros, Rosie,Redden, Dury, ect. who would want them they are either totally useless as players, or their cap hit is to high, or both. So now they are making big moves like sending rookies and back up goaltenders down to Hartford. Maybe this is not a bad thing, I think Gilroy will come back in Four or five weeks a better D man. Johnson needs to play, and Vally well I am afraid Vally may end his playing days down there. Basically what I’m saying is Sather got himself into a situation here that there is no easy way out, Oh yes I think Rosy should be in Hartfort also. Regardless I think we will be watching a horrid hockey team play for a while.

  64. The only way Slats is going to attract any decent players is by offering our 1st round draft pick in return (lets face it i think that might be a high pick this year, maybe as high as 5th). No GM in their right mind is going to give anything up for a Roszival, Redden or Voros – Drury might be worth a little something in return if they can be sold on his past play-off performance and clutch goal-scoring (although they might wonder why most of the highlights on the tape are in Sabres and Avs jerseys!)

  65. I think Drury has a no trade deal contract, but even without that I doubt anyone would jump at getting now, with concussion problems, and the fact that he has not played well as of late.

  66. So Messier is running Team Canada for the world championship this spring. Is that so he can avoid any blame for the horror that is Rangers management? Nice move.

  67. per espn: “Peter Mueller almost went to the Rangers. It could still happen.”

    what would it take to land mueller?

  68. Him for Higgins. They both had problems scoring to start the season. Sather can only trade with 2 teams it seems like.

  69. i know right? if it isn’t edmonton or phoenix… don’t bother calling slats, he won’t listen.

    mueller has more upside than higgins. thats for damn sure, i think we’d have to throw in more.

  70. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Did anyone read LArry BRooks article today in the post?

    BY FAR the only reporter who has written an article entirely blmaing Sather for this mess and a scathing article at that.

    Says Sather wont send Rosi to HArtofrd so as not to admit he was wrong, and that if he did, could keep him there the whole year, and use the cap space to actually go get guys we need. instead of trying to recall him and exposing him to the wire. He also says if not now, then when.

    What an arrogant old bastard Sather is.

    And honestly, what the hell is Mueller goign to do for us? Be another 3rd liner?

    At this point, barring any trades, I’d love to see Torts take away the C from Drury, give it to someone else, and see 1.) how Drury takes the demotion and 2.) the team responds to an ACTUAL CAPTAIN THAT LEADS ON THE ICE

  71. I agree The real mikeynj
    Great writeup by LB.
    I still have yet to hear the fire Sather chants.
    I don’t mind the youth and youth mistakes.
    But these contracts to sack of crap players is pathetic.
    Not much else to say.

  72. Tank The Season on

    I’d rather have Cogliano than Mueller.

    The deal with Edmonton for Cogliano and Souray could happen.

  73. Cogliano, Mueller, Neither of these guys are going to make any difference the this team. I think the Rangers might have to give away more than they get back. These guys are just third liners, we got enough third liners.

  74. You know what i honestly think would do this team alot of good? Have them watch video of that 7 game winning streak and have them see the good things they did and perhaps bring back a bit of confidence. The way they played those games was far beyond the skill level they have been playing with, which only can mean that they have the skill but are too down and out to use it. couldnt hurt atleast

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