Gilroy gonzo


He played terribly last night, and truthfully he’s played poorly for a while, but to make Matt Gilroy a scapegoat kind of seems ridiculous.

He was sent to Hartford today. OK, maybe he needs more time to learn the pro game, and even he admitted that it was difficult since he only began playing defense in college four years ago. It was quite a jump. So he goes down, and Ilkka Heikkinen stays (not to mention Michal Rozsival).

This is accountability?

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  1. alright i was prepared to defend tortorella when crap hit the fan today, but now i join the other team.


  2. He hasn’t been playing well and he’s not cheap so it is one of the few moves available to the club.

  3. I completely don’t agree…what happened to the best players will play?? Yeah he struggled but you CANNOT tell me he has played better than Rozi.

  4. Gilroy got torched last night on the gam winner no worse than Mara got burned several times last year. He got caught flat footed, and Byfugien blew by him like he was a road cone.

    Rozsival had a strong game. Give credit where it’s due. But those are the exception and not the rule. He should be the one sent down.

  5. Ah, the drama! I honestly haven’t been all that impressed with Gilroy’s game, but sending the young man to Hartford after he got byfuglien’d last night is not the way to go about building his confidence. And in the meantime, we’re still stuck with Rozsival who has yet to realise his passes need to go to a team-mate and not the opponent. GREAT!

  6. wow, gilroy going down?

    i agree with riche, something is in the works. can sather actually do something? or is he going to sit on his bum, smoke cigars, and work on his putting in the MSG office space.

  7. At least we can check out Heikkenen now…but I cannot believe Gilroy can be made the scapegoat when you have Drury and Rozi producing like they are $750,000 players

  8. Gilroy was here……
    Come to think of it I’ll have a Heikkinen.

    I hope this shakes things up a little.

  9. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    And Chad Johnson was sent back down and MAtt Zaba called up

    I think and HOPE this is just to get Johnson playing a few games, before he’s called back up to play one of the back to backs against the Fishsticks.

    Zaba can not start over Johnson as Hank’s backup

  10. seriously though, gilroy is the least of this team’s worries

    gilroy is a +2
    del zotto is a -8
    rozsival is a -1
    staal is a -2
    redden is even
    girardi is a -6

    the only + defender on this team is sent to hartford.

  11. Worse part is… whatever the trade is, it isn’t one of the regrettables… otherwise a salary dump wouldn’t be necessary.

  12. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Carp: I guess the Old Moron of a GM of ours inst content with living with hiccups

    OH wait, unless there mistakes and horrible play made by our over piced, over paid vets

    Shoudl have frekaing sent Drury and Rosi down together

    Then MAYBE someone would have TRIED to claim themn off waivers

    Stupid move unless there trying to make a trade of some kind

    Which I think is whats goign to happen.

  13. The deal we will probably see: on

    From what I’ve heard, I think this means we are getting Cogliano and Souray from Edmonton. I’d have to imagine Rozsival (who would play with Visnovsky or Smid, and whom they wouldn’t be paying full price for his cap hit) and either Dubinsky or Anisimov and/or a pick will be going to Edmonton.

  14. The Rangers are always overpaying overrated/washed up players and not allowing themselves the money and roster space to fill the gaps with talent. Guys like Roszival, Redden, Drury, etc have always been a part of the Rangers legacy. They get a Gaborik and don’t have the money or the talent to compliment him with anyone worth a pile of horse maneure. So what do they do? They get guys like Prospal and spend precious money on a Brashear. The key to a winning team is that every player plays their role. Scorers score. Checkers check. Defensemen defend. Instead, because we only have one true scoring threat, we have guys trying to play beyond their means which means the roles they they are SUPPOSED to be playing are suffering.

    You need TWO solid lines. You need a Crosby AND a Malkin. A Kane AND a Toewes. The Rangers thought they were getting something special in Drury and Gomez and they overestimated their scoring touch. Now we’re stuck with Gaborik and a bunch of guys who are trying to overcompensate for the lack of true scoring talent. Sather needs to unload salary and build. That’s what Chicago did. Look at how good they are.

    What made the 1994 Rangers so good? They all played their roles. The scorers scored. The chippy guys played chippy. The defensemen took the body. These 2010 Rangers look like chickens with their heads cut off. None of them knows what to do out there because the guy to the left and right of them doesn’t know either.

    It’s a poorly built team. Imagine if Lundqvist WASN’T their goalie. They’d be routed nightly.

  15. Torts said the plan is to let Johnson play for Hartford if the Rangers aren’t playing that day. I haven’t checked but if Hartford is playing tonight, it fits in with Torts plans.

  16. I wouldn’t assume a trade is coming. Maybe it’s just that Gilroy has done next to nothing from day 1 and isn’t getting better.

  17. P.S.- this team can not do what Tortarella was brought in to do. It was exciting to have Tortarella come in and hopefully change the face of the organization. Up tempo, high intensity, energized, offensive hockey. The thing is, if you don’t have the parts, the machine doesn’t work. It’s not like Devils have a very talented team but their coach is able to play his style with the players that he has. That’s the difference. If Torts can’t play his style then that makes him a lot less valuable than we thought he was. I’m not saying to axe the guy but he surely needs to make a lot more LESS subtle changes to his game plan. Heck, we might as well have Renney back with this bunch.

  18. Same old Rangers. The accountability promised is no where to be found again. Once again the young guys get screwed
    while the lazy vets continue to play. Gilroy today sent to
    Hartford while Reddon and Rosi play.
    Mark my words when Dubi comes back Anisimov will be going
    down also.

  19. This team is just sad. It just keeps getting worse.

    Hank has a great game, but they cant help him out. It’s same old BS every year.

    I really wouldn’t mind tanking, and getting a good draft pick this year. But we’ll probably get to 8th or 7th. And then we’ll be out in the 1st. So is it really worth it ?

    Too bad for Gilly, but he needs to learn to play better D. He wasn’t the only one to blame on that GW goal though, but it wont hurt to give him some time in Hartford.

    It’s tough to watch this team. It really is.

  20. If this team lost every game but put the puck on the net, took the body, and worked their asses off, it would be palatable. But no talent (outside Gabby and ever other night Hank) AND no balls? Inexcusable. Especially from Tough Talk Torts — what a crock. Talky, talky, too much talky.

    How is it the Rangers get worse consistently, no matter what changes they make? Jagr’s first team would have handed this one their ass. God, I wish we had a Swedish Wayne Gretzky to play with Gabby.

  21. A few things:

    *The Gilroy move….the guy has good skills. He got torched last night and it was costly. He has gotten torched a few times…what game was it where he didn’t take the guy down and the guy roofed it on Hank for the winner? Can’t remember but it was about 3 weeks ago. Anyway, he’ll be back soon. He’ll be fine. The guy is a rookie.

    *While on D-men….Rosy looked like a mite in the first 2 mins last night. Fell down a bunch of times (tripped the ref), had 3 giveaways in the first 3 mins, but then actually played well. As much as I hate the guy, the fact that we need him speaks of our crap D.

    *Carp, previous post, you summed it all up. Nice job.

    *This team does just enough to lose, by a goal, every night. They find a reason to lose.

    *How come they poke check all the f-ing time and don’t hit people? Countless times, not to mention Girardi when he took the penalty. Carp said this, 100% right.

    *The play in front of the net for the goal….Boyle (all 6’7″ of him), Gilroy, and Dredden all watching the puck and not flattening people. Boy could we use Seabrook (or Keith or Campbell…could have had either of them, btw) on our backline.

    *BTW, who caught the story that Marcel Hossa leads the KHL in scoring? WTF?

    *How scary is it when Drury actually played well last night and still didn’t do sh*t. Blocked shots, killed penalties, won faceoffs….yet for 7mm we expect at least a shot on f-ing goal.

    *Hockey to Ryan Callahan….do you still play the game? Has he had a shot on goal other than his penalty shot in the last 5 games? Hits everything but the goal…

    *Anyone think Christensen might get a shot at playing with Gabby and Prospal?

    *We really miss Dubi I think.

    *Most importantly guys, don’t give up. We actually picked up points on Tampa and Atlanta and there are like 6 points separating 9 teams or something. It’s going to be a grind the whole way. So we’ll have ups and downs and disappointments the whole way.

    *Last thing: We are not going to beat the Hawks (Red Wings, Pens, Caps, etc) by skating and skill. We have to beat them by positioning, grit & heart, and not beating ourselves. You can’t give up 5 PPs and expect to beat a team like the Hawks.

  22. Your kidding right. How about sending Rozival to Antartica. The guy is a clown on skates. The very first shift of the game he has 2 or 3 turnovers and falls flat on his ass twice while trying to skate. Nobody even touched him. It’s time for Sather to cut bait on him. Trade him for a McDonalds happy meal or something. But get him out of a Ranger uniform. Give the kids a chance to learn and play at this level. The Rangers are going no place this year. Look toward the future.

  23. I’d like to think that Slats is finally making a move to correct the glaring holes and errors on this team…but I don’t give him too much credit for anything.

    Gilroy hasn’t looked anything like he looked in pre-season…but that only makes him maybe the 3rd or 4th best D-man on this team.

    As for Tortorella…the bloom is off the rose at this point. Accountability (which he preached long and loud) is a joke with this man. He favors the vets, dumps on the kids and refuses to acknowledge his failures as a coach this season.

    I still like him better than Renney, though. Renney’s demeanor (that of Mr. Bean sleeping) certainly rubbed off on his team. I like fiery, I like combative, hell there’s a reason the only Cup in 69 years won here was from a madman coach.

    But Tortorella engages in so much double-talk, double-standards and double-B.S. that it’s high time people start challenging him on it.

    Drury…Nothing left to say. The man is the biggest myth ever signed by the Rangers. Clueless…hopeless…overpaid mercenary whose hockey skills are on par with most 3rd liners in this league.

    There’s no secret to why he’s been so horrible as a Ranger: Big payday. Got his millions…now he’s relaxing. Polishing his Little League trophy while gazing at his collection of mouth pieces.

    Rozsival and Redden…Only Glen Sather thinks they were worth that money. Reason enough to put Glen out to pasture.

    It’s bad….REALLY bad in Rangerland.

    And sadly…there won’t be any hope for a long while…

  24. Rob, you know +/- is very deceiving stat. I have not been impressed by Gilroy. Maybe he needs some time to work on his game in Hartford ( I mean a few weeks, not the rest of the year.) That’s all I’m saying. And those of you who want Redden and Blowszival sent down, keep dreaming. It will never happen as much as we want it to.

  25. What is the point of signing Christensen and giving him 5:20 of icetime, equal to Brashears icetime. I agree with Maloney & Micheletti with what they said after the game with the coaching staff. Give the guy a shot to do something, no player can do anything with 5 minutes of icetime. Its not like Christensen is a big guy who cant skate with a team like Chicago. Also same goes for Anisimov, he got 9 mins of icetime last night. He gets a brief shot with the top line, plays well the night at Buffalo, but then they lose vs Detroit so he has to change the lines again? Did he make a huge mistake on Sunday night? I was working & didnt see full replay of game. It just doesnt make sense. Gilroy got completely burnt last night, he went for an idiotic pokecheck at the redline and that is when Byfuglien turned on the jets and blew by him. Why pokecheck there? Eyes on Byfugliens chest and backskate and worry about containing him to the outside, that was pitiful.. Idont know if it warrants being sent down but it was a brutal play in overtime where they should be playin safe

  26. TONY

    You’re right. This is the Lightning all over again, minus the superstars. He got a couple of sh*tty Bolts teams to the playoffs, but they weren’t good enough to get the job done.

    Same exact deal. We all thought Hank could bail the team out, but he rarely does. This team just isn’t good enough.

    I don’t like some of the decisions Torts is making, but for some reason i think Slats has something if not more to do with it than Torts.

    He’s a good coach, you cant deny that. But he’s making a lot of questionable moves.

    I know Lisin isn’t hot sh*t, but when you continue to play this useless piece of carp Dreary over him in every game, along with Brash*t, it’s just frustrating.

    I really do miss the days of Jags, Shanny, etc. Minus Renney of course.

  27. New Newman good post…

    Anyone see Boyle actually try to take the body on somebody in front of the net right before the goal? Only problem is it was GILROY he was taking the body on, as the puck was coming to him and hit off his skates back into the scrum of Gilroy Hossa Redden and Toews… If Boyle takes the body on the nearest blackhawk(toews) and not the nearest ranger(gilroy), then maybe the rangers get that puck out of the zone and escape a powerplay goal against. The fact that Gilroy and Redden are even out there together is bad enough on the pk, i felt bad for callahan on that shift bc he was the only one doing anything, making plays

  28. Pavel, he just said what’s the hold up on Rozsival? As in, why is he not the one sent down, what are they waiting for?

  29. Hopefully something is stuck up Blowzy’s poop loop, and they cant get it out, forcing him to retire.

    That would make my year. Just the thought of him trying to contact Jagr, cause he’s too embarrassed to try and ask some of his teammates to yank what ever it is out of him.

    I wouldn’t want to know why something is up there though. Probably and Avery prank gone way wrong.

  30. Hockey is a game of mistakes. The more you make, the worse you are. If one person makes a mistake someone else has to make up for it. Well, the Rangers are making TONS of mistakes and there simply aren’t enough people on the ice to make up for them. This is really the main difference between the Rangers winning and losing. Unfortunately, Lundqvist is the one making up for most of the mistakes and even he can’t save them all (as we have witnessed, especially this season).

    Typically the young guys are going to be making their share of errors out there on the ice and most teams will deal with that and hope they get better with time. The problem is when guys like Redden, Roszival and Drury are losing the puck you know our team is in a lot of trouble. Sure, Gilroy hasn’t played very well but if some of the “verterans” stepped it up a bit and didn’t watch guys going past them then Gilroy would NOT be going down to Hartford. You can blame Gilroy but if you do you also have to blame everyone else around him. It’s a team game and this team is playing terribly.

  31. The next two weeks of games we play alot of teams we can beat, whether you believe it or not, we can beat teams like the islanders, panthers, thrashers, etc.
    So Im not giving up, if we play the way we played last night we’re not going to beat anybody, but after Torts has a practice with them I dont think they’ll dare play like this again, Im sure hes going to punish them.

  32. P.P.S:

    In regards to Lisin… at LEAST he can skate with the puck which is a LOT more than I can say for a lot of the Rangers. For those of you who saw the game last night, you saw Chicago skating CIRCLES around the Rangers. So much for all that pre-season conditioning that was going to make such a big difference late in games, eh?

    Give me a few guys with some speed and stick handling skills and I’ll give you more than one goal a game. Anisimov, Lisin, even Christiansen- at least these guys show some promise of bringing the puck INTO the zone, getting around a guy and putting the puck on net. They really miss Dubi in this regard too. A LOT. I know he doesn’t have Gaborik’s scoring touch but he can enter the zone with speed and get around one or two guys.

  33. the coach can’t get his team to listen . WHY?????????????….he thinks he’s a genius, but he can’t prove it. …SHUT UP & COACH !!!!!!!!!!!

  34. gilroy will be back, he will not be traded, and he does not need to clear waivers so relax.

    i do not like this move since other d men are worse but what can you do..

    the hawks just have way more talent then the rangers………

  35. Seems to be a pattern – Torts has to throw somebody under the bus after each loss. So much for living with mistakes the rookies are bound to make….so much for accountability. I think he is destroying the confidence of some of these players – he can’t make us his mind whether safe is death or everything starts with defense. He can’t stick with a line throughout a game. Guys from top line to fourth line in one move…I think I’ve seen enough of Tort’s system and heard enough double talk.

  36. The problem was that the Rangers tried to skate with these guys. They can’t. It’s that simple. And when you KNOW that what do you do? You play a chippy, gritty, TOUGH, road game that frustrates the other team. For this I blame Torts. Sorry. He mismanaged the game.

  37. He’s also wearing this top guys out and then moaning about their play, while giving other guys 2 minutes a game. There is plenty wrong with some of the players on this team – I just think he’s screwing up the ones that are ok and cannot come up with a plan to fit the players he has. They aren’t a great team but was anyone expecting them to be this bad?

  38. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    It’s ranger accountability.
    You step on the rookies and those under 2mill a year, the rest get a free pass.
    I guess they wanted Gilroy to catch what’s his name and go the other way and score.
    I bet Lou lamariello would take Gilroy in a flash.And during the game Rosen and Michelletti were singing high praise about Gilroy’s game, talk about a jinx.

  39. This is not only post of the week, but POST OF THE MONTH!!!


    ORR-Hopefully something is stuck up Blowzy’s poop loop, and they cant get it out, forcing him to retire.

  40. Remember the days when the Rangers used to sign or scout BIG defensemen who could hit? Barry Beck. Willie Huber. Jeff Beukeboom. They went for these big guys who woud actually intimidate the other teams. You didn’t want to get hit by these guys. Do you think this affected the other team’s decision to camp out in front of the net? You bet your ass it did. Whether it was in the corners or in the slot, these guys went about their business.

    Obviously you don’t sign 6 defensemen who are of this build but you do need one or possibly two. when did the Rangers get away from this philosophy? They have a bunch of twigs who are “supposed” to be offensive threats with good shots and passing ability. Well, I’d take a Jeff Beukeboom over a Marc Stall any day of the week. It’s time to get tough. Should the Rangers even MAKE the playoffs this will come into play even more.

  41. Tortorella’s main coaching skill seems to be doling out punishments. Perhaps he should become a high school assistant principal? Because it’s hard to see what he’s actually doing to improve the team.
    As for Sather, this is the team he built. And this team has been on a downward spiral since the arrival of Chris Drury. And Sather will not or does not understand how to build a team, as evidenced by his entire tenure here.

  42. thats a joke. How is he being sent down but Rosafault is still here. I used to like Torts because I though he was a no nonsense kind of coach but it doesnt look like it.

    Hey Joe in DE, what game were you watching?? Rosi had a strong game??? He started off the game giving the puck away 3 times. He had one good play ALL game.

  43. Wait a sec, so now everyone is using the +/- stat to defend “Girl-roy” (my nickname for him when he was at BU), but when Marek Malik was leading the league in +/- it wasn’t a good stat…um make up your mind there.

    Fact is while Gilroy is probably the only BU player I like and does have raw skills, he’s not up to speed at the NHL level for the long haul of the season yet. He’s not there permanently, but he looks lost. He went straight from college hockey to the pros and its not easy to be successful. Only a handful of guys are (See J. Toews as an example). He’ll be back up, probably later this year, but he needs to play in the AHL, develop some confidence, and be ready to make the jump back up.

    As for this team, they are right there. Last night they didn’t play bad, just took too many dumb penalties. The fact is they just don’t have the confidence that they can score like they did to start the season. I mean we saw them score goals, but they can’t get any to go in. That shot Prospal had in OT that led to the turnover the other way was one where his head was down and he shot it right into the foot of the defender. In October that would’ve at least been on goal if not in.

    And Rozy played pretty well last night. Redden has played well most of the season. Neither are getting sent down because like it or not they are our veteran d-man. They will be held accountable if they get lazy and make some huge mistakes (like when Rozy was benched earlier this year). They may be overpaid, and I’ll agree that they are way overpaid, but they are calm back there. Glen gave them the contracts so blame him, but you can’t say that Rozy and Redden aren’t at least trying to help the team out. They should be held accountable when they aren’t trying and make huge mistakes, not just because everyone holds a grudge from how terrible their effort was last year.

  44. I guess there are just some things we’ll never know. What I’d like to know is what are the PLAYER’S assessments of what Tortarella has been doing. From what I’ve heard in the past, his former players aren’t exactly his biggest fans. I remember Tortarella himself even saying something about his and Prospal’s relationship and how it was kind of up and down. I’m surprised he signed with the Rangers. Then again, money talks.

  45. BlueBlood – I agree he is destroying their confidence. When he let them play to start the year, everyone except Higgins was scoring (he was getting chances and they were bound to go in). Then he starts to tinker with some things and start benching certain guys who probably didn’t deserve that bad of a benching, and they’ve been lost ever since. I think he needs to actually tone it down a bit if he wants to get the team back.

  46. Where's Pavelich? on

    As a starter, they shld look at Shane o Brien .. vancouver cant wait to get rid of him.. I dont care that he cant skate, he hits people in front of the net and is tough..

    Lisin is not good…

    .. with Redden playing “better”, Brad Richards in Dallas putting up a good season and LaCav just a better player…Drury’s is definitely the worst contract in the league – well ahead of Brian Campbell’s

  47. Jonny D – I heard it here first — I think you are right – he is losing this team – from Hank on down

  48. Where's Pavelich? on

    just a thght, any chance that they try Gilroy as a “swing” player and get him some tine at forward in hartford, given the lack of depth upfront and (perceived) depth of young Dmen??

  49. Let me know what you think of this…

    I understand a coach’s intention to establish balance on a line but what I’m seeing is that Gaborik is up the ice WAY before his linemates. Prospal is not exactly a world class skater. Maybe the problem is that we need THREE speed guys on the top line instead of one. I saw this last year with Gomez. He is a great puck carrier, there’s no doubt about that; but when he entered the zone he was all alone. In Jersey he had Elias with him. In NY- no one.

    So… how about REMOVING Prospal from the top line and putting someone with some more speed. Perhaps when Dubi comes bck we can have Dubi centering Gaborik and Avery.


  50. Lisin has raw skills, just his knowledge of the NHL game is lacking. He’s a lot like Marcel Hossa. The raw talent is clearly there, just he lacks confidence playing on the smaller ice with the more physical game. Lisin tries hard though and does get his chances. I actually thought he did a fine job up with Prospal and Gabby until the injury knocked him out. His speed lets him keep up with Gaborik and he gets a ton of open ice on that line because of the other two.

  51. Tony – its the same way Zherdev would’ve been so much more effective if we had a guy that thought similar to him. A ton of people hate him for “not trying” which wasn’t actually the case. He tried, he just got frustrated because every time he set someone up, they’d screw it up. If Zherdev played with a Gaborik or Jagr, they all think way ahead of the play and his passes would’ve been goals.

    Then towards the end of the year he thought he had to do everything because of all the times he’d set guys up and they’d do nothing. Torts hated that, ripped him, and that was the last we saw of him. Just think what our top line would be like with Zherdev and Gaborik on the wings…you could put Drury there and they’d be successful.

    Which is another thing that pisses me off. Glen gives a ton of money to barely above average players based on their reputation, but one of the top 3 naturally skilled players we’ve had in a long time asks for about 3.8 million then agrees to take 3.25 million and Glen says no.

    Zherdev at 3.25 is an f’in steal compared to Drury, Redden, Rozsival, and even Callahan at his contract. That is where Glen’s arrogance really pisses me off.

  52. Carp – i guess, what I’m also asking is, what happened to “we’ll live with the hiccups?”


    well Carp… i guess the hiccup turned into a fart!

  53. I have had it with Tortorella. I once supported him, but his irrational decision-making has soured me on him completely. he defends to the death that pos Drury and Brash!t,and Redden and rosival, 4 guys who really are hurting the team both playing wise and cap wise. but they are gods who are just trying too hard according to Torts

    but kids who have played well in total, and are the future of the team, well if they make a mistake they are sent packing. meanwhile garbage like Rosival get sat down for a couple periods, and then Torts says they have a clean slate for the next game

    and that tying goal by the Hawks was mostly Redden’s fault, it was on his side,and he was not moving anyone, but was standing around watching them poke at it

    and then you have Torts trying to make Avery a choir boy, and ruining his effectiveness too

    so, Dreary is on a pace for about 5 or 6 goals for $8 mill, is outscored by a weak 4th liner, but he is an untouchable hero. Redden and rosival are slow garbage on D, but their $11 mill is not hurting the team at all, cough cough. and Brash!t is useless but his $1.4 mill crap space is also defended by Torts.

    no, I already have bashed Sather repeatedly over the years for his irrational moves, and he and Torts are 2 peas in a pod for me. 2 guys whose ego is more important than the team. 2 guys who make decisions based on personality conflict instead of sober reflection on the longterm building of a franchise, rather than kneejerk, hasty overreaction to kids mistakes, but all the while defending the garbage play of vets who are making all the money and are the real causes of the team’s failures

  54. Calm down fellow ranger fans. Gilroy has played very poor defensively and hasn’t really done anything offensively either. The reason he gets sent down and not rosival or drury is because they can send gilroy down and bring him back without going through waivers. The other two losers (Drury and Rosival) they cannot send down and bring back up without someone claiming them which than would cap the rangers for many years.

  55. Agree Jonny. Sather seems to sign players based on how they played against the Rangers the last time he saw them, or if he recognizes their name. He does not provide an atmosphere for teaching — he got rid of Jagr and Shanahan, both of whom were constantly taking players under their wings and teaching them. Has anyone ever heard anything about Drury doing that? Have you ever seen Drury argue with an official like Shanahan or stick up for his teammates or carry the team on his back like Jagr?
    This management team allows players to flail around on their own, and then blames them.

  56. line juggling,D-is death,vets getting free passes,Torts is gonna be working at TSN by the playoffs.

    I see Slats making 2 more moves to try and give the coach some guys that can play his no D style,after that Torts swings.

    For now tho,id like to see them set up 4 lines that can be rolled(i know,Torts dont play that).
    The forth line dosent need to be tough,they dont hit anyway

    Brashlite has a bad wrist(HELLO YOUR FIGHTER HAS A BAD WRIST,aka,is USELESS) So how about calling up a center and RW that can skate from HFTD,and letting Lisin play with Arty(chemistry anyone?)?

  57. Jonny D-

    You’re absolutely right. I had my frustrations with Zherdev but overall I thought his talent was too much to give up on. He’s a lot like a Kovalev. Put him with the right guys and the man could be a big time scorer. Demote him to a 3rd or 4th line and he just looks uninterested and a waste. I would have LOVED to have seen Zherdev playing with Gaborik. It’s all about chemistry.

    You don’t have to be the most talented player in the world to compliment your linemates- and THAT is something that I think has been lost with the Rangers teams in the last several years (sans Jagr- Straka- Nylander). You ever hear someone say “Well, I just know where he’ll be. I don’t even have to look”. Well, Torts won’t even let guys get to that point. He feels the need to shuffle line combinations ad nauseum. It’s a little tough to come by chemistry using that strategy, isn’t it?

  58. I know I’m late to this & have so much to catch up on.

    BUT WTF?!?! What happened to we’ll live with rookie mistakes????
    What about the $7.5mm & $5mm VET MISTAKES?!?

    Why is Roszival still on this GD team?!

  59. In regards to my last post… there have been a lot of lines throughout history that have had one talented player make the other two look a lot better than they really are. See Phil Esposito centering Kenny Hodge and Wayne Cashman. It’s all about the chemistry.

  60. MAKO – doesn’t matter if you’re late – we are all repeating everything you just said over and over, lol

  61. Lisin has some of the tools but not the total package and not just his focus and concentration either. Simply put his hands don’t match his feet. He tends to lose the puck too easily when there’s no physical presence causing him to do so.

    Zherdev had all the tools physically, just that he was a headcase and got mopey when he got benched. His disappearing act the last 15 or so games and the playoffs told me that he was as good as gone.

    Jonny, I normally concur with your analysis but last night they did not play well. The penalties they took, especially the 3rd were because they either weren’t skating hard enough to keep up with the play or they weren’t being physical enough to disrupt the Hawks flow. The Hawks didn’t even really need that many PP’s because for long stretches at EV it looked like they were on a PP. They always had someone set up it front of the net, they just didn’t read the scouting report on Henrik to go high gloveside.

    The effort has been better, especially compared to the 3 game humiliation against Tampa and the home and home vs the Pens, but I think a lot of the problem is not only do they have to work harder they also have to work smarter. Instead of trying to fling the puck up the boards on the break out, get some different patterns and open up lanes, even if it’s up the middle. If the defending wingers and D are pinching along the boards it leaves lanes in the middle open. They need to try flip passes and dump ins more often so it allows them time to skate up ice – I don’t necessarily think they’re out of shape more that they just don’t have great team speed – and maybe catch a D or goalie fumbling with the puck down low.

    I’ve probably said this before, but I firmly believe that at the end of the day the best a coach can do is put his players in situations where they have the best chance to succeed, so far I can’t really say Torts has done that enough.

  62. Its not just Sather though, its the whole league. Notice the younger GMs in small markets are doing better this year….why? Because they are making smarter financial decisions.

    Instead of saying “oh this guy is worth this much because look at his stats over the last decade”, they are taking into account age, the trend line of a players career, and going with younger guys over the older vets that want more money. They sign veteran role players for cheap, maybe one veteran for a bigger contract so he can take the load off the young guys for scoring, and their teams are doing pretty well.

    Sather’s problem is that like a bunch of the older GMs in the league, he’s one of the “in” crew. He played during the 70s and 80s and all his old buddies think it means they know how to build a team. Well its the cap era during a recession. As the economy and stock market have shown, you can’t make financial decisions based on past performance. That same rule applies for the NHL.

    I have a whole list of statistics that ranks these players (I did it for school) and would be glad to share here one I get home. It shows who is on the upward/downward slope and who is overpaid/underpaid as well as young guys to look out for. I can tell you that Drury and Gomez were nowhere near the top of the list when I did it last year.

  63. Gilroy is plus 2. he is the only plus player they have on defense. he has 4 goals, that is double the entire total of Redden and Rosival who have one each.

    Gilroy has had some troubles lately, yes, but that is more because he had to play with sanguinetti, and move to the left side, that threw him off his comfort zone. although now that Redden is back, there is no comfort in his slow plodding “steadiness”, hah.

  64. Typical Ranger fan knee-jerk reaction to a player (who’s been under-performing mind you) being sent down.

    It’s a long season guys. Lots of peaks & valleys…

    I highly doubt Slither has anything up his sleeve though. You’ve been watching this team all year long, is there ANYBODY with any value on this team (except Gabby, MDZ Hank & Staal?)

    Didnt think so.

  65. CTBlueshirt – I agree with that. And you are right about last night. I just meant they played worse before. The penalties were so dumb though and so obvious. Especially Staal and Rozsival’s. Staal didn’t fool anyone with that hook and Rozsival always gets called for those because his stick just goes everywhere.

  66. CTBlueshirt- what you say about the defense trying to fling the puck up the boards is EXACTLY what I have had a problem with all year. I can’t even count the number of times they have lost the puck in doing this and having to hear Sam Rosen say “Roszival clears the puck out of the zone.. no wait… it’s kept in at the point”. And wouldn’t you know it but that turnover results in a goal; which is why I went on about hockey being a game of mistakes. The team that makes the fewest usually wins.

    They need other options. and this I blame the coaching staff on. They are obviously coached to flick the puck up the boards in the defensive zone. In pratice I’m sure the coaching staff instructs the d-men to do this and then says “See how easy that is? Just do that in the game”. Well, when you have big, aggressive bodies in front of you and pressure of a game situation, it’s NOT that easy and mistakes are easily made. They need to change the d-men’s thinking. They need to have more than one option. There needs to be am off-man above AND next to the d-man. He needs more than one option.

    Again, I know this is easy to say but it’s just something I see EVERY game. SO many giveaways this way. It’s a real problem that results in Rangers losses.

  67. Dolan will never fire sather. he loves him. he defended him 5 years ago when Sather was so hated he dared not even show his face at ranger charity events.

    no, the only way sather goes is on his own schedule, kicking himself upstairs and letting his disciple, probably Messier, take over, but with sather still pulling the strings from above. so we are stuck with him for a long time to come.

  68. ThisYearsModel on

    Accountability? HA! Tortorella is nothing but a windbag. Gilroy looks good to start the year, they put the clamps on him and now send him down. Meanwhile, Rozy and Girardi, who have been mostly brutal are still in NY. These clowns are clueless. Slats must go!

  69. The biggest question I have is who actually started that myth of Torts being a great coach? To me he looks like a clueless self-proclaimed genius who has no idea what he’s doing. He has no game plans in which he should prepare the team for the particular opponent(I’m not even sure he knows what team he plays next), no in-game adjustments except for constant line juggling, awful personnel decisions and players mismanagement. I understand he has a bunch of crappy players, but the definition of a good coach is getting the most out of the players at hand(example:Lemaire) and make them play for 60 minutes every night. But no, all he does is being a tough guy at post game press conferences.
    We all hated last years team and Renney in particular who bored us to death, but please tell me how’s this year’s model look better. The same total void on offense plus 10 times worse defensively and as boring as it can be. I don’t even mention being soft, not sticking up for each other and simply don’t show up at all the most games then not.

  70. Ike, I think the “myth” started when he won The Cup against a far superior team. A team that no one thought they would beat.

  71. my question is – if gilroy is such a liability, why did tortorella choose to put new AHL callups (heikkenen and sanguinetti) on his line, and opting to put gilroy on his offwing

  72. Broad Street BLUESHIRT on

    only question now is who are we getting in a trade? if dubi is involved…well nothing to say, wouldn’t be surprised…10 years of sather does this to a guy

  73. Czechthemout!!!! on

    I am back! I am almost off the torts train with this move.
    Anyone who thinks blowzy played well last night or any other night
    Does not know anything about hockey.

    This team really misses Dubinsky. Not because of his scoring,but more so because he can carry the puck up the ice and can cotrol and hold it in the offesive end .

  74. The only probelm with making a trade with this new found cap space is that it keeps Gilroy at Hartford for the season. If the Rangers need to recall him for Heikkinen they can’t because they have used up the cap space.

    If the Rangers want cap space just jettison Brashear and Voros already. They do nothing in terms of deterrent because they don’t play enough to stop other teams from taking liberties – just ask Hank. Getting rid of this dead weight frees up $2.4 million – twice as much as Gilroy for Heikkenen.

  75. anyone who thinks rozsival played well last night is just used to rangers-defensive-caliber hockey

    kind of like when a ranger makes a mite-level outlet pass to a winger on a breakout…sam and joe make it out to be play of the century (i like same and joe, just sayin)

    look at keith, seabrook, campbell and even that guy with the funny name on chicago d last night

    that’s how defensemen play.

  76. Gilroy going to Hartford, is not a big surprise. He has been having a hard time for a while now. I really thought he would be in Hartford before this. The thing that bothers me about whole deal is Torts and his Bull sh-t. Accountability! Has Gilroy been worse than poke at the puck Rozy? Has Torts taken any responsibility for poor play of this team. Torts is pointing the finger at the rookies, and sending Gilroy down is smoke and mirrors to take the blame off his shoulders. Its time he stood up and be accountable.

  77. The Avs over the Devils? How could that not be considered at worst an even match up, if not tilted in favor of the Avs. Even without Forsberg (the original spleen victim) they still had one hell of a team in Denver.

  78. Carp…

    In your last post for #8 you said the Hawks got more penalties because they were better (skated harder, caught the Rangers out of position more, etc) but it’s not really a good excuse when in the last game, we saw the Rangers draw 3 penalties in the 3rd period, unable to score on any of them.

  79. Good day all…been away for a while (thankfully i guess because if the last couple of games were like last i really rather be at work than waste my time watching that crap) i mean i know chicago is talented but SHOW SOME F__ EFFORT STAND UP FOR UR TEAMMATES!unfortunately im such a die hard and honestly i really feel like i care more than most of the team….we all know hanks cares a ton as he is such a competitor-btw someone better tell him to try to calm down -all we need is him to hurt his hand while he lets out his frustration on the glass at the end of the game….anyway ill try to keep this short but roszival/drury must be benched…drury’s C must be stripped-forget that he is not that talented but the guy doesnt ever want the puck!

  80. Nigel Dawes 9-8-17 so far for the Flames. He’d probably stink here though – no reason to keep him and put him on with Gabby, especially since he has about as many goals as Drury, Cally, and Higgins combined.

    Did someone point that out already?

  81. Nigel Dawes 9-8-17 so far for the Flames. He’d probably stink here though – no reason to keep him and put him on with Gabby, especially since he has about as many goals as Drury, Cally, and Higgins combined.

    Did someone point that out already?

  82. I Was DuGuay's Top Button on

    One of the many frustrating aspects of last night’s game was the inability of the Rangers to move the puck out of their own end. The entire game, the ‘Hawks were in hard on the forechecks and did a solid job sealing up the boards. So were was the adjustment? Were were the forwards moving out toward the middle to provide an outlet off the board and at the very least chip the puck out to center ice, which was open all the time because Chicago had everyone in the zone.

    Torts may be all fire and brimstone but, in terms of systems and coaching, he’s not half the coach Tom Renney was.

    yeah i said it

  83. The biggest chemistry is between the coach and his team. It can work or it can be a failure. If a coach comes in with a philosophy that does not mesh with the players he has- it can be a disaster. Torts has been insistent about HIS philosophy and what it can do for the Rangers. It’s not like they were hiring a coach but more like they were buying a new identity. From what I’ve seen this identity does not match the talent (or lack thereof) of the Rangers personnel. Sadly enough it IS possible that this Rangers team could have won more games by now with a Tom Renney- and I despised Tom Renney. Having one Gaborik does not mean that you can play an aggressive style. And especially when you have a bunch of young guys on defense who are not exactly thinking defense first. This is a recipe for disaster in the foprm of 2 on 1s and breakaways.

    Torts needs to coach THIS team. Right now he’s trying to coach another team that he doesn’t have. That’s the problem.

  84. Renney respected his players and their talents, whereas Tortorella thinks he needs to beat them into submission to prove that he is in charge. Obviously there is a happy medium — the Penguins were a disaster last season until they brought in Bylsma. Coaches are important.

  85. Okay… so we need a Frankestein monster that’s half Torts and half Renney. Damn, i think Chicago has that in Quenneville. Too bad! We should have hired him a LOOOONG time ago.

  86. let’s look at the mishmash that was put together with little thought. Torts wanted to play safe-is-death allout pinching forechecking hockey. but the personnel besides Gaborik is not high scoring enough to pull that off. so, because it gave up too many odd man rushes and goals, he recently pulled back to a hybrid that stopped the dmen pinching. so now you have low scoring games, but the rangers now are boring, passive, and stationary, giving up loads of shots and just trying to get an early lead and hang on for dear life.

  87. They need a plan before anything else. They look as clueless as Corky from “Life Goes On” fame, at a geography bee. They are like a one legged man in a butt kicking contest, they will never win. HA

  88. boy oh boy remember when every Ranger fan screamed bloddy murder at the thought of Prucha being sent to Chicago for Kieth

    this is a plain stupid move, Gilroy was on the ice for a bout 2min and had to stay on because Staal rushed and he cant leave the other side of the ice open

    Gilroy has been fine and Rosival continues to be a cancer on the ice.

    God help us I hardly remember 94 other than wearing my messier jersey to school, maybe if I am lucky I can see another cup in my frigging life

  89. They are going to be hard games just because they always are, but maybe a home at home with the Islanders is just what this team needs.

  90. Czechthemout!!!! on

    Reney did not respect his vets, he kissed their ass. GILROY HAS had
    A few bad games but so does every rookie. He has been good for the most part.

    On the other hand Kotalik, Dury , Blowzy, Brahear and Voros have all sucked! And if you include Redden, who has not sucked as much this year, that is 25 milion or almost half the cap on crappy players.

    This current debacle is all on Sather. He needs to be fired and fast!

  91. nasty1 – not sure I follow you about the Isles home-and-home; from the way things have been going with these two teams lately, these are going to be two more Ranger losses. What do you see as being positives from this series, other than maybe being physical?

  92. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Just tank the year already so we can actually become a good team some time in the future. Please, Glen?

  93. I don’t think Rozy played a terrible game last night. He was VERY shaky at the outset with a few turnover and stumbles, but I think he settled himself down and as the game went on, he was able to break up some Chicago scoring chances, make some good moves in the defensive zone and outlet the puck.

    Certainly not Norris trophy caliber, but a solid game while vastly outmatched. I have no issue with his overall game last night.

    His game over the course of this season however is a different story.

    Redden was not spectacular, but I think he was missed on the blue line, which just goes to show what kind of situation we’re in. Not good

  94. Also I want to know why non ranger fans I talk to think you cant trade or waive a captain.

    Whats more of a bad example? Trading or Waiving Drury or having him limp around to 6 goals on the year for $7.5mill?

  95. Noboby ever listens to me, but the reason the Rangers are like this is because they’ve been mediocre too long. They need 2 years of being terrible and getting a top 3 draft pick each of those years. Look at all the up and coming teams and you will see that. Toews and Kane on Chicago, Malkin/Crosby/Fleury on Pittsburgh, Ovechkin/Semin/Backstrom on Wash. Why are these teams so great? Because they were SO bad for a few years and built their teams. You can’t keep throwing money at mid level players and hope you can build a cup winner. There is exactly ONE exception to this and that is Detroit who built despite being a good team. I’m willing to sacrifice 2-3 bad years if we could build a contender for 10 years after that. And don’t give me that Sather will screw it up. Even he couldn’t screw up drafting those players I mentioned.

  96. We see Messier, Graves and Leetch around MSG a lot these days. Maybe THEY’D be willing to lace ’em up for a few games. Haha.

  97. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Screw Renney.

    He did fine for a few years but do I miss him and his lame, ass kissing excuses, hell no. (“We gave them something to think about” might have been one of the dumbest comments an NHL head coach has ever made after a loss)

    Torts is 30 games into a season with basically a brand new team so no one should be calling for him to get fired as thats retarded (like Corky)

    As far as I see it a few things have to and will happen by the end of the month:

    -Dubi will return

    -Voros will be sent down to Hartford Permanently and or waived (free’s up $900K right?)

    -Decisions will have to be made on PA, Lisin & Christensen (who stays up and who goes down or possibly gets traded)again adding $ to the cap

    -Brashear – To me this is a no Brainer, he gets a few more games, if he does nothing, see you in Hartford or moved or demoted one way or another. 1.9 pr whatever he’s making is absolutely not worth 3-5 minutes of icetime with no points and not doign your job (Protecting & fighting)

    -Rosival – Traded as part of some sort of package

    -Gilroy will return

    -Heikinen will be sent back down or take Rosivals spot permanently if he proves he can do it

    -Chad Johnson called back up, Zaba sent back down. Johnson getting his first NHl start against the Fishsticks

    -Valliquette continuing to get shelled in the Minors and walking at the end of the year

  98. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Carp, (and to all my brethren that bleed true blue)

    This is quite a confusing move. DZ-8, Girardi-6, Staal-2, Rozival-1, Redden 0, and Gilroy, the only plus gets sent down?

    Well, In Torts I Trust, so I hope there are things happening day in and day out in practice, that we all do not know.

    Lets hope Heikenen plays Great, that Redden and Rozy play their best hockey in than in the last 2 or 3 years, and that Girardi regains the eye of the tiger he has lost.

  99. The only person who may be enjoying this post more than me is blogfather.
    Carp, enough hits for December?

  100. I said this about Renney last year and I’ll say it again, I think you have to give Tortorella the whole season before you start judging his success/failure. It’s only a third of the way through the season, anything can happen.

    I can buy into the fact that it will take a season for this team to play his style but I do somewhat question the logic of the high pressure offensive system. If you look at NJ, they’ve had a top goalie for years and have been very successful playing a defense first style. Most would argue that we have a similar asset in Lundqvist. Why not have a system in place that limits the number of shots Lundqvist faces and let him be the cornerstone?

    It seems to me like if the Rangers are paying the highest goalie salary in the league, they should have a system in place to maximize that advantage of having a top goaltender. I don’t know for sure but I would bet the save percentage on odd man rushes isn’t drastically different between starting goaltenders (odd men = a high % chance of a goal) and that’s what this offense first style leads to – plenty of odd man rushes. A top goalie and a system that limits shots should give you a fighting chance to win every night. I would argue that Gaborik makes playing a more defensive system even more appealing. He could score tons in Jacque Lemaire’s defensive style and no surprise, he’s scoring in Tortorella’s offense first style.

    The one thing that has really disappointed me about Tortorella’s stewardship of the team so was all the lip service last Spring and Summer around conditioning. Has this team won a single game based on overwhelming conditioning in the 3rd period? I haven’t seen it yet and I don’t expect to.

  101. sooo NOT a big deal. Hartford has a 3-game weekend, NYR only 1 – let him play top 4 minutes all weekend, while Rangers evaluate the Finn Saturday\monday

  102. new newman

    You’ve lurched into one of the most cogent observations
    in the play of this team, and NO ONE seems to do anything about it. ( are there really coaches on this team?)

    you referred to the poke checking of this team. In fact they are all beginning to look like smaller clones of Malik. I called them “swordsmen”…all trying to play Zorro in the goal mouth while pucks go thru, around, over and under their sticks, without ever being touched while the attackers stand unmolested in the crease.

    This is and has been standard modus operandi for this team for years now…the players change but the performance remains the same. ( are there REALLY coaches on this team?)

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