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December 9, 2009 – New York Rangers 1, Chicago Blackhawks 2 OT (Game #30, Road #16)

• The Blueshirts were defeated by the Chicago Blackhawks, 2-1, in overtime tonight at United Center, in an Original Six matchup.
• The Rangers are now 14-14-2 overall, including a 7-7-2 mark on the road.
• Henrik Lundqvist made a season-high 39 saves, including 30 through the first two periods.
• Christopher Higgins opened the game’s scoring at 12:10 of the first period to extend his point streak to three games (two goals and one assist), and logged a team-high 26:00 of icetime; he has tallied a goal in each of the last two road games.
• Marian Gaborik recorded an assist on Higgins’ first period goal; he currently ranks second in the NHL in scoring with 39 points (21 goals and 18 assists).
• Defenseman Michal Rozsival collected an assist and blocked three shots in 25:48 of icetime; he has now recorded two points (one goal and one assist) in the last three games away from MSG.
• The Rangers blocked 17 shots as a team, led by Chris Drury and Ryan Callahan, who both registered a game-high four blocked shots.
• Ales Kotalik recorded a game-high six hits.
• Defenseman Wade Redden logged 16:37 of icetime in his return to the lineup after missing the previous five contests due to injury.
• The Rangers return to action on Saturday, December 12, when they will face-off against the Buffalo Sabres at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m.), in their second meeting in eight days; the game will be televised live on MSG Network and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio.

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  1. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Yan. There is no goalie that is perfect. Every goalie makes mistakes, just like every player makes mistakes. Do you remember the game Roy tried to showboat by making a glove save and waving his glove around? He dropped the puck in the crease, IN THE PLAYOFFS, and the opposing team tapped the puck in the net. He finished with a .910 lifetime SV% after playing on some GREAT teams (Montreal, won a cup his rookie year i’m pretty sure and a nice run with the Av’s). He made stupid plays with the puck that ended up in his net. Brodeur does the same thing and he starts every season off cold now! Kiprussoff has gone through slumps. That said, when you’re goalie stops almost 92% of the shots that damn amazing. Hasek has like a .922% and I feel is one of the most under-rated goaltenders of all time because he played amazing for some mediocre (to awful) Buffalo teams… you expect Hank to never make a mistake and that’s not what his position is about, EVERY goalie goes through slumps. Every goalie plays through fatigue and injuries, fact of the matter is Hank still does it better than 20-25 other goalies every year and if the Rangers were a little better he’d have stats better than 28-29 other starting goalies every year too.

  2. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    How does one go about firing the Captain of a professional athletic team? …just wondering.

  3. Leetchhalloffame on

    Make that 2 votes for Sather to be fired. This team is putrid, devoid of any major talent or heart and so far away from being a Stanley Cup contender we’ll be lucky if it’s only 54 years to the next Cup. Poor drafting, poorer FA signings – a disaster of major proportions.

  4. I hate these stupid Post-Game Notes that put a positive spin on everything … makes me sick

    I posted this the other day, I’ll post it again:


  5. I’m not defending him but the reason Torts played Gaborik so much is A) freshness from all the days off B) two more days in between games C) Hawks are a superior team and the teams next week aren’t as talented.

    I’m trying to stay positive; the Sabres are struggling despite the shutout tonight and Dubinsky will be back soon.

    Lisin should sit until his foot is totally healed.

  6. Sather's WrapUp on

    Now, now. easy on the ire-Fay atherSay. I just need a little time to turn this around. Don’t forget the Jagr trade. That was a good one!

    Hey Ranger fans, Hi from Chicago!

    What a game! We got a point, too bad Lundqvist couldn’t stop that one in regulation. Maybe we’ll try Johnson next time. I’ll have Messier talk to Torts about it.

    That Torts is like a cross ol’ bear when he doesn’t win. I know that I learned to lose- gracefully.

    How about my great pickup Brash? Some quality minutes there tonight. Maybe we put him out in OT, just to stir things up.

    Where is Messier? Mess, here’s a couple bucks, go down front and get me some of those big steak sandwiches. Tell ‘em no horseradish this time, It gave me the squirts.

    Captain Drury put in a great game tonight. No goals but thats not what a Captain does. He leads! He leads the team out onto the ice. He’s the first in the locker room at the end of the period. He leads the league in chewed up mouthpieces…

    Higgins got another goal. He’s a scoring machine! He’s got more goals than Gaborik in the last few games. I just might give him a raise. If Gabby’s not going to score, than Higgy might get his ice time, too.

    Well, can’t win ‘em all. That’s what I say. I also say my prayers before beddy bye, and you should too.

    See you at the next sellout!

    Uncle Glen

  7. Official game notes:
    Defenseman Michal Rozsival collected an assist and blocked three shots in 25:48 of icetime; he has now recorded two points (one goal and one assist) in the last three games away from MSG.
    • The Rangers blocked 17 shots as a team, led by Chris Drury and


    good night

  8. And Torts too, but knowing Dolan, they’re going to be replaced by Messier and Gretzky, respectively.

  9. Sorry to put a downer on the night, but most of you guys on here will be dead by the next time this team wins a Stanley … I might have a shot, but likely not

  10. Linda "put 1 foot in front of the other, Sather and Dolan, and soon you'll be fallin in your graaaaaaaaves...." on

    lmao! thanks a lot pimp

  11. The shame of it all is that hockey’s one of the easier sports to build a winning team in, how is it that Sather does not know but fans do that:

    -You need 3 physical defensemen to be paired with 3 puck movers
    -You don’t tie up $2.4 million dollars to guys who play five minutes a night and give a guy who is nothing more than a PP specialist $9 million and a no trade clause
    -You don’t cap yourself out in a long season with injuries

    I could go on and on.

  12. Linda "put 1 foot in front of the other, Sather and Dolan, and soon you'll be fallin in your graaaaaaaaves...." on

    nominate MikeA for the new GM!! if we can all see that, how can Genius Asshat YetiSatherpuss NOT???? It’s all part of his evil plan to ruin the NY Rangers, and we have a turd as an owner and HE doesn’t see it. Maybe if they DONT make the playoffs and Dolan doesn’t get his 2 extra gates,maybe then………. oh to dream

  13. CARP

    Could you please write something scathing for tomorrow’s read?

    You know how Brooks sometimes doesn’t even write about the game (because there is no point). Well, this is one of those times you should follow suit …

    Ignore the game (or mention it in passing) and instead, write about how the Rangers whine about their best.

  14. Is this the uptempo brand of hockey everyone was looking for while they were crucifying Renney as the worst coach of all time last season?

  15. It’s December and we now have 3 more points than the Toronto MakeBelieves! As sad as this may be, i find it even sadder when i here ecstatic announcers talk about the “amazing resurgence” of the Blackhawks (this year’s Capitals, Penguins, you name it). You see the Chicago franchise has fielded a competitive NHL team about as often as a 17-year cycle cicada reappears! The fans in these cities live thru true famine years where they finish worst (or close to it) in the league for many years, only to finally gather enough no-brainer draft picks to crawl out of their hole. We who support the Rangers must watch countless, successive
    patchwork, mediocre teams edge into the playoffs, only to be stepped on by the eventual Cup winner. This year maybe we’ll be lucky enough to fall totally out of the race and qualify for one of those exceptional picks. The coach tonite finally said what we’ve all known for awhile. The team has too often “stunk” for large portions of their games this year. Let’s not finish ahead of Carolina or Toronto in the race for the future, cause the present looks none too good.

  16. Where are they now? on

    Our own Nigel Dawes today scored 9 goal of the season. Drury + Avery + Higgins = 10. Drury on the pace of 5 goals which is like $1.5 mil per. That’s as clutch as it can be!

  17. just finished watching the game… what a heart-breaker this must be for Hank and of course for most of us too…so painful and so sad to watch this team play…tonight we saw a real hockey team – Chicago, who’s full of top notch talent… thanks to Hank we came out with at least a point…i agree with Keenan… you have to find a way to play better for your goalie when the goalie is giving you such a legit chance to win the game! Saying that the effort was there or that the team is playing better means nothing if you don’t win games.

    btw, does anyone have a link to Torts post game? I stopped my DVR prematurely because i couldnt wait to watch the game lol

  18. actually i just saw the Talk-arella postgame interview…so he is upset with the team… i wonder why! The great news is…Chrissy still cares…A LOT! and we as fans still in denial…

    i’m keeping my fingers crossed for first overall… who’s with me?

  19. eh, we got one point. I won’t let it spoil my check cashing party. love them millions. suckers.

  20. Olga Folkyerself on

    It took a stupid greedy decrepit owner (Wirtz)to die for the Chicago franchise to improve. That’s what it will take here, a new owner who cares, and obviously a new President/GM.

    The Dolans and Sather both have to drop dead. A tall order…

  21. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    After watching last night’s game, I think Dubinski, Staal, Gerardi,Callahan ,Asiminov, would have trouble making the hawks roster, They would 4th liners and 6 th d men .

  22. great coaching job last night, and the parade is soon. ….If they ever show up as a TEAM. The coach needs to work harder too.

  23. I thought that Staal had a terrible game, and I’m really getting fed up with Girardi’s brain dead approach to this game.

    Why do they keep dumping the puck and thinking that they’re going to collect it in the opponents zone, when the other team is patently much faster than them? This is like hitting yourself on the head with a hammer repeatedly because it feels so good when you stop.

    This entire team last night looked more like a bunch of deranged gerbils than a hockey team.

  24. Hockeyman Rangers on

    My opinion is they played a pretty good game last night, but it all comes down to scoring. We can’t win these one goal games. And the young fellows have to learn instead of swating at the puck in front of the net and just knock players on the _sses. Gilroy and Boyle should have knocked or tied up Towes and who ever else that was up front. But as we have been saying we need goals goals goals. I think Torts is doing a good job except for maybe leave the lines together for a few games so they can start to find some chemistry he is changing them faster than Renny did. AND NO WE DO NOT WANT RENNY BACK PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEEE.

  25. Henrik played a great game, he deserved the point. The team was as bad as I have ever seen them. They would be a good Sunday night beer league team though.

  26. Can somebody please knock somebody down during the goalmouth scramble??? Gilroy, Redden and Boyle were completely useless on the goal. And how about Gaborik not busting it back in OT??? Team had no drive or desire last night. Looks like no playoffs this year.

  27. I’m so tired of listening to Tortorella’s post-game comments; it’s the same thing game after game: “We didn’t have the effort tonight…”, “Need more offense…”, “Need better defense…”; blah, blah, blah…

    Where is the “responsibility and accountability” he so adamently advocated in pre-season??? This team is not suited to this “safe is death” plan (as the win / loss results show).

    Flynn’s comment that the “team last night looked more like a bunch of deranged gerbils” is so accurate. There doesn’t appear to be ANY “system” other than blindly skating around the ice after the puck.

  28. Olga Folkyerself
    December 10th, 2009 at 2:04 am

    “The Dolans and Sather both have to drop dead. A tall order…”

    Maybe Jimmy D can put the guitar down and take up hang gliding?

  29. hey at least that new christensen guy is good!!! lmfao!! what purpose has he served at all? hes new right? try to make a good first impression after u almost lose your job and career. it doesnt matter what player or coach is here, it is always something thats wrong, and usually it is all repeatable mistakes and made by money hungry losers. sather said he could win a cup every year with ny salary or budget?? ok, well, hes mostly been the problem for these 10 years, but why is it that no matter what players they get, they always become shadows of their former selves, or there young rookies who get mistreated or traded before they blossom. i dont know if torts saw something wrong with the lifetyle some of these players lead, or if theres just no leadership at all and he is being tuned out. or maybe theyre just tanking. ya never know. i mean, if i had money on that game last night, id say they threw it. 1 shot in the 3rd??? how is that possible?? andit wasnt even a real shot, it was a drury pass to the goalie. somethings probably brewing and the team is being told to tank it, or they just really hate torts and want him fired. the last time i saw this kinda effort was last season when renny was on the hotseat. and they lost on howell and graves night giving similar efforts. hank should demand a trade. i dont want him to go ever. the guy is one helluva player, and i hate to see him wasted here, but another year or 2 of this and he wont resign here leaving us with a big johnson to fill the net. then we’ll all cry about how good we had it. i cant understand how some people can bash hank over this game. either u must really just hate the guy cuz he didnt have time to sign an autograph or he looks like your stepdad. but cmon, if anybody deserved the blame on either of the 2 goals its the whole team. boyle didnt clear the crease and gilly pulled a rozy while gabby glided back to wack buff which was weak backchecking. gilly is not too good is he? all these kids are regressing already. idk what the problem(s) are but somebody do something fast before we all become jaded onecups or 4gen4cup fans. btw, thats not disrespect to u guys, its just after years and years of this, i would be the same way. its a good thing im still young

  30. It’s not surprising that as soon as two of the original 6 teams go out of the stranglehold of ruinous ownership or GMs they began to flourish. In Boston they finally got rid of Harry Sinden and in Chicago Writz had to croak.

    I’m not advocating death to the owners or GM, just stepping aside would be nice. I know the Rangers are already the 2nd most valuable franchise in the league, but I’d really like to know how much value added there would be for having a consistent winning franchise? At the very least you could charge more for tickets since despite the Devils almost single handedly disproving the theory that people will pay to see winners. Right now we’re obviously paying to see losers, but the Dolans could rip us off even more as long as they intoxicate us with championship bliss.

  31. Regarding the accountability issue, what do you want Torts to do? He has no one to replace these stiffs with. We have no offensive talent in the system other than Grachev. We have no depth because of the cap. We can’t make a trade because of the cap. In other words, we’re screwed for the next 2-3 years. There really is no hope. The best thing would be to miss the playoffs and hope you get lucky in the draft. And luck is the only thing that will save us with Sather calling the shots.

  32. linda- we didnt make the playoffs for 7 years. how is 1 year gonna make dolan get rid of sather? not happenin like carp said. we should stop wishing for sather to be fired or to slip n fall in the shower(possibly drown in his own snot n drool). lets just boycott the team until he is. dont go to games. dont buy tickets. but be careful what we all wish for. we wanted renny gone so bad, and we got a coach who i think is a better fit and is a better coach, just not good enough and his system is so flawed or the personnel is which i find hard to believe, but we got torts. we all thought hed save us. were worse than last year with a better “skilled” team. so lets not all start uhhh how can i put this, shucking each others corncobs just yet, r if/when the slatipuss is relieved of his dooty!

  33. And for anyone that saw how PO’ed Henrik was last night and smashed his stick on the glass how mixed would your emotions be if he pulled the reverse-Ballard on Rozi or Drury?

  34. Re: “Accountability…”

    If the “effort is not there”, then bring up players who will give the effort. Otherwise, what’s the point in even talking about accountability?

    If the team is losing by playing their butts off each and every night, I wouldn’t mind paying the money game in and game out. It’s the half-hearted or no-hearted play that is getting everyone so pissed off.

  35. All I can say is Thanks Henrik for putting on a great show. Unfortunately no one else could find the hutzpah to step it up.
    I am tired of excuses, tired of watching the NYR play “soft” hockey. They dont stand up for their Goalie, for each other. Redden and Rozival especially need to go.
    Clear the Cap space and get someone who CARES!!!!
    I wanted to throw up last night at 11PM when the game ended.
    If I didnt pay $160 for the NHL Center Ice package to watch what has been my beloved team for 46 years, I would no longer tune in…..
    This is more of the same garbage we had last year and even worse.

  36. But bring up who? There is nothing there to fix any of the problems. Maybe Byers helps with toughness a bit?

  37. Last nights game was such an ass kicking it isn’t funny.If it wasn’t for Hank it would have been a blow out. Saddly we as Ranger fans are doomed. This team is bad really bad and it isn’t getting any better.As long as ahole sather is in charge this team will suck.A first line and 3 4th lines.No one hits no one has any guts and last night no one except hank even tried!!!!!Where else in the NHL could a team play this bad and every bodies jobs are safe. That goes from ahole sather on down to voros.There are at least a half a dozen players that shouldn’t even be in the NHL. But they continue to play and play bad and no one is accountable. Oh wait yea lisin is. So much for torts and his if you don’t produce you sit no matter who you are!!! Yea right bullcrap.He is all talk with that accountability shit!!!!!As a Ranger Fan since the early 60’s you would think I would get use to the incompetence ownership,gm,coach and players but I don’t and I keep praying that dolan and sather will fall off the face of the earth and maybe we get people who are committed to winning and no what they are doing. Now I know for a fact that this will happen because Santa Claus and Larry Brooks told me so. Happy Holidays to all!

  38. Boomer Esiason had a funny comment this morning on Boomer & Carton…said Hank actually played well because he didn’t go out the night before…interesting.

    But yeah, we got destroyed last night. And Buffalo is NOT going to be easy Saturday after we came into their house and won last weekend

  39. I don’t understand how anyone could say the Rangers played a pretty good game last night. Hank played a great game, but for the rest of the lineup, there was little you can say was positive. Basically all I saw last night was Rangers getting the puck out to center, and the Hawks bringing it back in to apply pressure for a couple of minutes while the Rangers ran around. The Rangers actually played better short handed. They were outplayed outshot out just about everything. The only positive thing was Hanks play. The Black Hawks had the puck most all night. I will admit that every so often the Rangers came up with a good play. For the most part the game was all Black Hawks.

  40. Again, for accountability, who are you replacing and with whom? We don’t even have a Prucha (who actually accomplished something)waiting in the wings this year.

  41. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Hank was AMAZING last night, and the ONLY Reason we came away with one point

    IF I were him, on the plane ride back, I’m laying it into the entire team and letting them know that THEY lost the game last night.

    Say what you want about Hank, but 41 shot on goal and 1 goal allowed, after the blitzing the Hawks layed on us was a hell of a performance.

    So now for the month of Jan we are 1-1-1 with 10 games to go. And our record is what 14-14-2? Perfect .500 hockey which is pathetic.

    I said it before, if we end the month of Januray with a 500 or below record were not making the playoffs at all.

    And Honestly, the 4th line did look better and had more chances than almsot any other line last night.

    Higgins is finally scoring, but now even Gabby and Prospal are cold. but its not them I blame. ITs everyone else who supposedly called a “forward”

    Drury, Cally, Artie, Kotalik, Avery – Whow long are we all supposed to wait for them to start scoring goals.

    And can Drury be more useless? I just dont understand how he can be this terrible. I mean in two years he’s gone from the top line, to second line, now to thrid line checking role. Didnt he USED TO score goals?

    And you like how MSG played the “CLUTCH” OT winner from last year by Drury? YEah that was the last time he scored anywhere

  42. This is what happens when you take penalty after stupid penalty and then play not to lose when you have the lead at even strength. Lundqvist can’t stand on his head all game.

  43. It doesn’t matter who is brought up. I’m sure there are a few players in Hartford who can put in enough effort to get at least 1 shot on goal without draining millions off the cap.

    The defense needs some bruisers. Heineken made some mistakes but threw his body around. I’ve had enough of Rozsival. Redden? Please. And what the hell happened to Girardi? From being a decent #4-5 unsigned free agent, he’s playing like an unsigned free agent.

  44. EXACTLY!!!!! We didn’t deserve a point last night without taking penalties. But taking penalties like that in the third, forget about it. Hank deserved any point we got last night, not any of our other players though.

    Even one of the Hawks blogs say it seemed unfair for Hank to not get the win with the way he played.

    Well, fair is not a word in the NHL. You get what you earn as a team. They didn’t play as a team.

  45. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Remember this is a team in transition vets and rookies.
    I don’t expect this team to win the big trophy, but, if you watch hockey or sports in general you can tell a team that is just waiting to explode and go to the finals.
    Chicago is such a team,they may have looked even better because they played the rangers , but it was the “Domination factor” They dominated the rangers, I can’t recall a time when the rangers dominated a team, not beat up a crappy team 7-1, but they never seem to dominate anyone.
    When they win its a struggle.

  46. If there are no consequences as a result, then why bother bringing up the subject of accountability? Tortorella should never even make the statement if there is nothing with which to back it up as is being suggested on the board.

  47. Instead of this plus/minus stat that the NHL uses, a more useful one would be to track the number of chances for/against a team when a player is on the ice — my guess would be that Chris Drury would lead the league in the negatory. I am tired of seeing him use his stick like it’s a magic wand, and I don’t mean that in a good way. He just waves it at people like they’re going to suddenly stop their forward progression. And remember, as captain of the team, he represents who the Rangers are and what they want to be — his teamates should be feeding off of his “leadership”. Unfortunately, that cupboard is bare. Enough said!

  48. The Blackhawks show what is the best formula for a winning team. They don’t have that big star like the Rangers but comparing every team in the league, they got the best worse players on their rosters.

    Having a team where nobody is worse than a B rating will lead to more success than a team like the Rangers who have a couple of A’s, a couple of B’s and the rest C’s, D’s and F’s, mostly F’s. When your GM is an F, what do you expect??

    No matter who the Blackhawks throw out there, they have a scoring threat and most of their players are pretty big. Having size and nobody worse than a B, makes them a bonafide Stanley Cup contender (barring injuries).

    Barring those injuries, at this time I see a final of Chicago vs San Jose. Both teams big and San Jose just behind Chicago as far as having the best worse players.

  49. Thankfully we won’t play these guys again until the cup finals.





    HA ha



    ok enough

  50. Lenny, they don’t have that big star? Ummmmm. Not meaning to sound like a jerk, but what do you call Hossa, Kane, Toews?

  51. That’s right Nasty, they are just lulling them into a false sense of security (and the rest of the league for that matter) until the Rangers come out and sweep their way through the playoffs.

  52. HAHA, you know what I mean. It is hard to not respond sometimes and not sound like a jerk. I clearly wasn’t meaning to, but I wasn’t sure what Lenny meant. In terms of Gabby and Hank, or what? Kane, Toews, and Hossa are all stars in my book.

  53. Others have already said it – the Rangers were totally out-worked and out-hustled. If it weren’t for Henrik’s oustanding play, the score could have easily been 6-1, or 7-1.

    They seemed to have exhausted themselves chasing the Hawks around (unsuccessfully)in their own end. The result of which was they had nothing left in the third period – thus all of the stick fouls (otherwise known as lazy man’s penalties).

    Bottom line: you can make up for a lack of talent by out-hustling your opponents. When you don’t hustle, the lack of talent shows loud and clear.

    At least Dolan saved some money last night – they can wear the same uniforms again next Saturday without washing them, since they didn’t become sweaty in Chicago!

    P.S. go a little easy on Gilroy. If we didn’t have MDZ, you would think “not too bad for a rookie”. But MDZ makes EVERYONE look bad by comparison.

  54. Nasty, I meant elite like Crosby, Malkin, Ovechkin, Kovlachuk. They are not far from it, A- players IMO.

    Key is they have the best worse players in the league. To me, that is the formula for success.

  55. I am always stunned by how poor Drury plays. What does he account for 15% of our payroll? He is a nonentity on the ice who doesn’t know how to block shots without getting hurt every time. And our defense is so soft in the crease it’s really looking pathetic. It looked like a basketball game out there with Chicago posting up at will, while Redden just yields and Rosy just stick checks. Pathetic and more disappointing with each game. Not to mention the total lack of team chemistry and flow (aside from Gaborik and Prospal) everyone else doesn’t seem to know what the other guy is doing out there. I mean, did you see all the cross ice and no look back passes Chicago was executing! That’s a team that has chemistry.

  56. The thing that stood out to me last night was the lack of open ice. The Hawks were all over our top 3 lines. There was a stick on the puck of every pass and there was a stick on the puck of every pass received. The fourth line had more room and therefore had the best shifts. Our forecheck was nonexistent. Drury could have caused 3 turnovers on the forecheck. He was arms reach of the puck and to copy a line.. waved his magic wand.. skated past the guy without so much as a challenge. The defender literally stood still as Drury made his loop past. If he or anyone else ran the guy, its a turnover or at least a delay in their rush up the ice. instead looping into the boards takes you out of the defensive picture and allows even more open ice to pass/skate/clear the puck. Cally sets the example and sadly is the only Ranger that i can think of that attacks and takes the body on the forecheck. If i looked up and saw Drury or Kotalik or Gabby coming i would deke like i was about to pass the puck and watch them skate on by leaving me all that open ice. If i see Cally coming.. that puck is GONE and i brace for the hit. We really do not have a checking line. we dont have that line that gets dirty. we have the players to fill out 2-3 solid lines, they just look timid. there seems to be some trust issues. They arent sure that someone will have their back if they try to make that play and end up taking themselves out of the play. Call it soft, call it heartless, call it lazy, whatever you call it I bet it isnt good. The team effort is low. Individuals skating around make them all look peeweeish. When they are skating together, the team looks like they are on the verge of a breakthrough. the frustrating part for me is that i believe in their potential. My bad

  57. Chicago is probably the deepest team in the league. They have scoring all throughout their lineup. I like that team. They went through some years of really bad teams, but they built that team the right way, and are finally getting some respect back to that great franchise. Good for them. If I am not rooting for the Rangers, I will root for them.

  58. All I have to say about last nights game is that Donald Brashear was tied for the most SOG last night with 3 for us while playing less than 5 and a half minutes for us is sad…

  59. dawes has 9 goals cause he is playing on a good team and isn’t being counted on to be a scorer like he was with nyr

  60. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Screw Nigel Dawes, if he were still here he’d have 1 goal on this team so were not missing anything. (No offense jason, jsut still in a terrible mood)

  61. Sather must have pix of Ranger brass playing with Tiger’s club. NO advance till Sather GOES. What drugs was he on when he okayed Redden’s salary? and Gomez?

    Get Messier in there so he can rattle the cage.

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