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I want to thank Walt MacPeek for his guest blog yesterday, and I think he enjoyed getting back behind the keyboard, and that he will visit us again. Hope so.

I have to tell you … and I don’t want to belabor the point … but we used to argue about Zubov and the trade. I thought he was too high-risk at times, and a turnover machine, and that he could be intimidated early in his career. I thought at the time of the trade that the Rangers needed to get bigger and tougher, especially in the Legion of Doom era.

Well, I was wrong. I admit it.

But two things about the trade. First, Neil Smith was on the verge of trading Petr Nedved and Zubov to Anaheim for Teemu Selanne. That summer, a false rumor went around that Selanne had crashed a car in Finland and was hurt. They worried about him, they backed out, and they made the trade instead for Samuelsson and Robitaille. We know that didn’t work, even though Samuelsson was the second-best partner Leetch ever had. If Robitaille had done what he had always done previously — score 40-50 goals — that trade might have worked fine. And when Robitaille left — after helping the Rangers to the Eastern finals in 1997 — he went back to being that scoring machine with 39, 36 and 37 in his first three seasons back in L.A.


Did you see any of Islanders-Flyers? Did you see how the Isles reacted when Hartnell ran their goalie? Are you a little bit jealous?


If you’re a Rangers fan … or a hockey fan … or a human being … you should read this story by ESPN’s Scott Burnside.

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  1. From the previous thread … I read a lot of comments about Zubov and the trade … but I must correct Rob M — Messier loved Zubov. Messier did not want Zubov traded. He wanted a bigger team, and he pushed for the McSorley-Kurri trade. But he did not want to lose Zubov.

  2. I loved Messier when he was with the Oilers. I must admit that I wasn’t a Rangers fan till Gretzky got here.

    I always liked Zubov. I always liked Gretzky. I didn’t always like Messier, especially with the Rangers.

  3. so Carp it is you who we need to blame for Zubovs trade! You fargin bastage! :P

    yeah.. i saw the isles vs flyers game… i wasnt jealous as much as i was pissed… It was tavares…a rookie who stood up for the goalie… kid is showing some leadership and guts! all the maybes aboot the Rangers needing time to jell together… lots of new faces and blah blah blah…bullcarp! Tavares is new.. Biron is new… and it doesnt stop them from sticking together… but can we expect more from this Rangers team? a team w/o any identity for the at least last 3 years? sigh… or as Laurel would say…OY!

  4. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    I can’t remember who brought it up about the churla grimson fight, but this is the one we were talking about. Churla had just come back from an eye injury I think and messier is screaming from the bench for guys on the ice to jump in and help churla because he was in trouble.

    Say what you will about colin campbell as the rangers coach, the teams made the playoffs most of the time and always ALWAYS played with an edge!


  5. Shane Churla wasn’t necessary when the team already had goons like Darren “I get more respect than Zubov because I get to go to retirement ceremonies” Langdon and Ryan Vandenbusche in the organization.

    Losing Laperriere in that LA trade hurt too. He was like a tougher more skilled version of Betts.

    I wish for nothing but the best for the Pleau family. Larry will always hold a spot in the hearts of NYers for his role in 94.

  6. OK I found it.

    Very touching account.I recall Larry while he was with the Whalers. A really big favorite in Hartford, and was instrumental in getting that franchise off the ground.

    Simple minded management is what killed it. They were great in the old WHA, but were never able to rise to the proper level in the NHL with the leadership ( ha!) that was there.Best coach they ever had was Paul Holmgren.

    Management did some embarrassing things with that club.
    They won the division championship, and these idiots had a PARADE in Hartford.

    They raised Gordy Howe’s shirt to the rafters…then sullied it by also raising Rick Ley’s. ( Barf bags ready?)

    Rick Ley..who didn’t even belong in the league. The fan support was avid there( just not quite enough of them), and just ask someone sometime about the old I-91 club.

  7. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Robitaille’s slump in NY may mean that some players have a hard time adjusting to NYC, Drury , Gomez and others never seem to become the players they were when they come to the Rangers.

  8. A couple of things:

    It’s great to have people like Walt drop in and why this blog strikes a certain chord with the die hard fans. Stories like his are the substance of what being a lifelong fan is all about. Strolls, pleasant and not so pleasant down memory lane. Debating trades years and decades after they took place. People on the inside (writers like Walt and Carp) doling out nuggets of information about the famous and infamous figures that add color and depth to the history of the team. Fans recalling their own personal accounts of “where were you when…” type moments.

    The story about Larry Pleau’s wife demonstrates the contrast of the violence and controlled chaos of the game on the ice compared to the humility off the ice. I have no illusions that there are nasty SOBs in every sport but the NHL seems to go that extra step in helping those in need. They have a longtime official award for community service and an award for dedication and preserverance, that in and of itself is something that no matter how hard he may try not even Bettman can dilute that from the game.

  9. If I am not mistaken, west coast teams played a more open ice (offensive) type of hockey at that time. In which case, I would think that helped Luc’s career.

  10. Oh and Onecup, I think in Gomez’s case he enjoyed NY a little too much. It was either here or maybe Zipay’s blog that I read back in the 70’s&80’s the Ranfers management preferred that the players lived outside of the city.

  11. Say what you want about Churla, but do you even think there is one member on our current team who has the understanding of what it is to stick up for your star players as Churla did. He knew his role and executed it and gave all he had. Give me a Shane Churla for this team and maybe then we could get our marbles back

  12. Beautiful story. And also very well written. Thanks, Carp.
    Certainly puts hockey in perspective.. But it also places the hockey right where it really belongs- in the middle of our lives.

  13. I was in the pool!! on

    I hated the star ledger, but I would buy it just to read Walt MacPeek. Good to hear from him.

  14. Didn’t see the Ice-Flyer game but I’m guessing the Icelanders did what every team, except the Rangers, does. Stand up and protect your goalie and let the other team know that if you hit my goalie, I hit you harder. Basic hockey, oh that’s right, HOCKEY IS DIFFERENT HERE.

  15. pretty bad blizzard here in iowa. everythings closed. boss called me and told me stay home and sleep in today, cuz nobodys goin to work!!! yeeeeehawwww!!! if theres one thing i love about iowa, its that they are some lazy sobs and love having days off. sorry to ramble(ilb), but i wonder if chicago got any of the blizzard. did the rangers get there already? hope so cuz the storm is bad and airports closed

  16. hey pat, yes but we have a secret weapon baby!! mr 7.7 himself. and i think he got the gamewinner in ot vs them at HOME last year,so dont underestimate us!! buhahahah

  17. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    THANK GOD a game is on

    These 3 or 4 day off stretches sucks

    Tough game tonight, I think we bring our A game and stun Chicago and walk away with a win.

    Gabby’s gonna be motivated to score tonight after no shots in the detroit game.

    This will be the first time we see him playing after a bad game, hopefully he puts in an unreal performance.

    And Avery and Kotlaik hopefully ar elooking for a little redemption after missing there chances the last game.

    HOPE Huet is the starter!! hehe

    And who do you guys and gals think will be sitting tonight?

    Lots of canidates: Voros, Heikinen, Brashear, etc etc.

  18. Thanks M in IA.

    Ah, last year’s game in Chicago. The game where the Rangers had to kill about half a dozen 5 on 3’s. They also beat them for the home opener last year as well. I don’t see them getting so lucky this time.

    I’m taking the same approach to this game as I have for every game the past month or so, expect them not to win but hope this is the game where they turn things around.

    Funny thing about the weather today, CBS (channel 2) had a weatherman reporting from my hometown (Westchester County, NY) and there was already a number of inches of snow on the ground. I looked out on my window where I live now in CT (one of the towns along LI Sound) and it was only rain. Still made walking to the train a big pain in the arse, but amazing how much of a difference 30 or so miles can make.

  19. I read a report in one of the Chicago blogs that Crystal-ball Huet (terrible joke in Xbox NHL09) is the starter.

  20. I guess Messier is going to be G.M. of the Canadian National team going to the world championship, after the olympics. It will be interesting to see how many guys will want to play on the world championship team after allready playing for their country in the olympics. It will likely be some of the same guys that will be asked. I wonder if they would be more likely to play for Messier than anyone else, even more likely if the Great One is coaching.

  21. My buddy flew to Chicago for tonights game, he wanted me to go. Dam marriage, can’t do anything! At least I’m going Sat.

    One problem with the Rangers being pussies is their captain. Don’t teams kinda reflect their captain? When was the last time anybody saw Drury REALLY pissed off on the ice? I mean, so pissed that his mouth piece flew out of his mouth with heat and spit instead of twirling around at a 90 degree angle? Every interview is the same monotone” we’ll we had a good effort tonight but just got a few bad bounces.” I want “we need to show some brotherhhod in the lockeroom and on the ice. Nobody runs our goalie without paying a painful price!” Maybe? Oh well, I’m a sucker and will watch tonight and live and die with every shot.

  22. This might also boast Messier advancement in becoming the Rangers G.M. All eyes will be on him. If he does well it will be good for his next career. I think he would be a great G.M.

  23. I hope this isn’t the only auditioning that Messier has to do if he is indeed Sather’s heir apparent. Success on the ice doesn’t alway equate to success behind the bench or in the front office. Case in point, Trottier (although he did at least have a couple of successful asst coaching stints under his belt).

    I don’t think he’s not capable of being a good exec, but to let him take the express elevator to the top entails some risk.

  24. CT – agree completely. I think many Ranger fans would mistakenly view this as the end-all solution to everything that is wrong with the team just because of Messier’s presence. His role as a player is totally different than is would be as GM.

  25. Henrik
    Thats a good question, He’s a good leader that would bring out the qualitys that make a team a team. He would definitly be hands on, but that might not be a good thing. One thing for sure Messiers teams would stand around and do nothing after their goaltender just got run. If they did they would hear about it. As far as the wheeling and dealing in the front office, I have no idea, I do know he is a smart guy, but that stuff has to be learned over time. He is well respected in the game, so I don’t think he would have a problem getting the best of people around him for advise. I just think he would be a good G.M.

  26. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Whats worse?

    Having no confidence in an over the hill, can never get fired, makes all the wrong moves GM who were are currently stuck with?


    A brand new GM, ex player, with little no experience?

    Even though he’s a greenhorn, I’d live with Mess being GM and making mistakes. At least he would LEARN FROM making mistakes unlike our current Boss.

    And remember this, SAther is 66 years old. REalistically how many more years does he have it in him to be the GM?

    4-6 years tops? So he aint going anywhere at least for the duartion of Drury’s contract

  27. Didn’t the Rangers go through this Espo?

    Just kidding. I would think the quality that would make Messier a decent GM would be that he hopefully holds people accountable. I wonder how much of the scouting staff and guys that are supposed to be salary cap gurus still have jobs in Sather’s regime? You don’t really hear much news about NHL front office personnel other than the GM or some token former star like Mess or Steve Yzerman so I wonder if a lot of the problem with the Rangers management extends beyond Sather (I bet it does).

  28. so i just found out there is a ufc fight this saturday?
    if this is true the bar is going to be packed…
    does anyone know if this is true? is there a ufc fight this weekend?>

  29. If we could get a UFC fighter as the enforcer and dump Brashear Hank would never been run again. Can you imagine Kimbo Slice on skates?

  30. Wick, I do believe that there is a UFC event this Saturday. I am not sure if it will impact Warren though. Do you think this presents a problem?

  31. Tr, On a scale of Ed Hardy to Affliction, what was the level of douchebaggery when you were there for the fight?

  32. I was going to preface my UFC comment with the fact that I only know of Kimbo and that dude who was Entourage a few seasons back. Otherwise I could be sitting next to a fighter and not know who he was.

    Does the table minimum mean minimum number of $ that have to spent?

  33. CT – your statement “so I wonder if a lot of the problem with the Rangers management extends beyond Sather (I bet it does).” is dead on. Jim Dolan is a BIG part of the problem with MSG as a whole (look at the Knicks as well). I worked for Cablevision about 10 years ago; it was a nightmare…

  34. nasty

    its a very rare occasion that a “douche” is in there for more than 5 minutes. if someone were to step on my sneakers id probably lose it. it got really crowded in there for that last boxing fight.

    and ed hardy? i love how people wear that crap but dont know anything about don hardy or norman collins (sailor jerry). if they did it might be a different story.


    yeah the minimum will most likely be 500 im going to try and pass by to find out whats up for saturday now.

  35. “Gabby’s gonna be motivated to score tonight after no shots in the detroit game.”

    What makes you think that Chicago wont do the same thing Detroit did and put two guys on Gaborik? Heck..they can put all 5 guys on him and Rangers would still miss the net…hit the post or wont get a shot at all the way the team is playing. Its time they realize that Gaborik cant score in every game especially now when teams are starting to figure Rangers out…neutralize Gaborik and you win the game! Its time for other players to step up…

  36. Carp – Wasn’t Selanne still on Winnepeg when that trade would’ve happened? I thought he got trade to Anaheim after Zubov went to Pittsburgh. I could be wrong as it was a long time ago, but I’m pretty sure Selanne was dumped to Anaheim later on.

  37. I would like to bring something to the table about Gretzky. The NY Post reported that he was house-hunting in New York this past weekend. New GM for the Rangers??? Why else would Gretz be making the move from CA to NY?

  38. I hope Messier isn’t our GM. It would ruin his rep with the fans here when he doesn’t do a good job. It’s almost a lock.

    Gretzky is apparently moving to NY and although he sucked as coach, he learned a lot at the GM position and actually did a decent job of drafting right before his GM duties were taken away. Plus Gretzky knows much more about the business side than Messier ever will. He learned it as a player with all his endorsements and stuff in LA and continued to learn the business side of hockey during his time in Phoenix.

    That doesn’t mean I want Gretz as GM, I’m just saying if I had to pick between the two, I’d go with Wayne. I personally wouldn’t want either and would rather go with a non-big name guy who worked his way through the system on the management side. Don Maloney would’ve been perfect for the job. Look at what he’s done with the Coyotes even with the big mess that the NHL, Moyes, and ownership have created.

  39. BlueGal – He was at the Garden the other night too. I think he’s getting a job working for the NHL. Maybe something with the Rangers is in the works considering I haven’t seen him at MSG probably since he retired, but I’m pretty sure the NHL is offering him a job. Plus on 30 for 30, he mentioned how he wanted to get back into it since he understands now the business side of things better than he did before.

  40. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    I have resigned myself to that fact that this year is all about watching the young guns develop and hoping that Torts system starts becoming second nature.

    I figure in a yr or 2 when one or two of the regrettables’ contracts are gone we may have a shot.

  41. Yeah well look at the goal scoring of players not named Gaborik and you’ll see a lot of 1 goals in the last 10, 12, 15, 20 games. Not that uncommon for the Rangers the past couple of years, didn’t both Drury and Dubi both have extensive, near 20 game goal droughts last year?

    Gretzky at least had experience with the Olympics as a GM, although that’s a completely different story with picking from the best crop of talent in the world for one tournament. I wouldn’t be surprised though if Sather starts surrounding himself with his old Edmonton crew as his time winds down as an exec.

    Wasn’t Maloney the real brains behind drafting guys like Jessiman and Montoya? No thanks.

  42. THE REAL MikeyNJ on


    Because Chicago does not have Detroit’s D depth, and maybe it was just an off game for Gabby? HE had the penguins all over him the last time they played and still scored.

    And do you really think they havent realized that other people needs to score goals?

    Torts has been saying it since game 3, and everyone here since game 1.

    The last two games though, that is what happened. Higgins, Boyle, Cally. jsut need more of it

    So lets TRY to be positive for tonight shall we?

  43. I saw the game last night. Tavares went after Hartnell. And Matt Moulson. Two really tough guys. Moulson was ready to fight. Hartnell would KO him, but the point is none of them thought twice.
    I wonder if it’s a function of Torts way of coaching. Are the players afraid he’ll sit them down if they take the penalty after protecting the teammate? It’s perplexing to me that opposing teams get away with running the goalie, hitting the teammate.
    Or is it a function of a locker room? Since when do the players think: “Was it a clean hit? Did he leave his feet? Oh, nobody really saw it, we were changing” What difference does it make? You protect your teammate first, ask questions later. Don’t see that mentality.
    I’ll tell you one thing. If Ian Laperriere was on our team, he would’ve gone after Stuart even with his face mask on, after losing 7 teeth.

  44. TRY? i dont have to TRY… positive is my middle name! :P

    “Torts has been saying it since game 3, and everyone here since game 1.”

    Saying and doing thing are two completely different things though…

  45. Need a big suprise win by the Rangers tonight !

    We talked to Emile Francis and GIlles Villemure for two hours last night. Emile practically ran the show, which was great !

    Tonight a special pre-game edition of Blueshirt Banter Radio as we air 6:30-8:30. My guest tonight is Mitch Beck who blogs for “Howlings” the premier Hartford Wolfpack blog.

    To check out both shows :

  46. TR

    Penn vs Diego “Nightmares of Ricci” Sanchez this Saturday.

    Go Rangers tonight ! Although I’m not confident. Remember last seasons game against the Hawks ? Ugh I still can’t believe we won that game. Dreary in OT.

  47. one big difference is that Schony is not behind the bench this year. he was tougher and more confrontational to the opposition players from behind the bench than most of the ranger players were last year.

    remember how he challenged guys and stirred things up when rangers were run last year. he almost got into fights from the bench

    he was willing to tell player or ref alike to have another donut. I miss that

  48. I still remember Girardi laying Vesteeg OUT during one of those CHI powerplays, just to prove a point. I think they had 9 PP’s and only scored on 1. Drury had 2 goals, including that game-winner. Let’s get back in the win column tonight fellas!

  49. Well I guess that guy was surplus to Ottawa’s requirements considering they have Chris Neil…who blindsided Drury from his days in Buffalo and Sather still wanted to bring him in. Does that man have short term memory loss?

  50. Orr – further proof that we need a few more defensive prospects haha.


    Maybe they need a couple of NHL D down there to show them how it’s done, Rozsival? Or Drury could show them what it takes to be a clutch defensive specialist.

  51. CT – Maloney was around for Montoya and Jessiman, but he also was around for Dubi, Dawes, Lundqvist, Marc Savard, Callahan, Staal, and a bunch of others. He did us a favor by helping ruining the Islanders though back in the early 90s haha. Also Montoya was everyones top 5 goaltending choice, so its not like the Rangers were the only one that wanted him.

    For the Yotes though he’s done a solid job. He drafted Turris, and picked up Boedkker, Turris, and little Staal all in the same draft (mind you Jared looks like another Marc). He’s been around for awhile and gets what it is to be a GM. Plus last time I checked, the Coyotes are 8 points better than the Rangers.

    ilb – Torts is like Laviolette when he was on Carolina. We don’t have any tough guys, so its not worth making people act like tough guys when they’ll probably get hurt. I agree they should at least stand up for the goalie or other players, but if they go down with an injury, then we’re screwed even more than we already are.

  52. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on


    Gret post, agree about torts with benchings taking some of the bite out of the team. I wanted us to sign Lappy all along.

    Interesting tidbit, according to spectors the islanders are looking for a “mobile experienced d man”…..slats, rozy and soething for witt.c’mon slats (please folks, allow my pipe dream for a few moments)!

  53. TR-

    Never been to Warren. What’s the big deal with UFC fights and this bar?
    If after game fails at least whoever is there to watch the game with mama should have some fun!

  54. Nylander is on wavers again according to NHL Live

    should we?

    RE: Brendan Witt

    While he is a physical D… he is slower and a lot worse defensively than Rosi … so no thnx.

  55. more veterans on the downhill slide

    Was Nylander above a second line center even in his prime?
    He was past prime years when he was here. I am sure Gabby would make him look better, but there is a reason why he is on waivers.

    I can see Witt making a third pair NYR for the rest of the year and possibly gone at the trade deadline. His presence would surely be felt. The price to get him shouldn’t be all that high either.

  56. off topic a little and kind of old news but…

    Modern Warfare 2 Banned In Russia! Those fargin commie bastages! Kind of funny the way censorship still works in Russia… first they ban Bruno and now this!! lol

    “There is a very controversial level in Modern Warfare 2 that caused a bit of a storm when it was leaked before the game was even released. Most of you have already played ‘No Russian’ by now but it’s set in a Russian airport where you’re part of a team of terrorists mowing down innocent civilians.

    It turns out that the Russian authorities have not taken kindly to this part of Modern Warfare 2 and decided to recall all copies of the record breaking shooter, effectively banning it.

    Infinity Ward has opted to patch the level out entirely for Russian consumers, and an edited version of the game is expected to be re-released in less than a month, pending government approval. Even that may not pass, however, considering the entire game is based around a war between the US and Russian forces.

    Russian gamers are apparently very unhappy with the game’s content. One Web site, GotPS3, railed against Infinity Ward for catering to an American audience and ignoring the sensitivities of other cultures. The site believes that Infinity Ward portrays the Russians as terrorists. “

  57. CCCP – yeah the Islanders fans don’t even want Witt because of how terrible he’s been. The only two things he’s done this year is scored twice against the Oilers and get run over by a car in Philly.

    Also Nylander was still somewhat in his prime when he got here. However its tough to judge with him because A) the game was completely different when he played with the Rangers and B) he played with arguably the best European Born player of all time. Even though Jagr was in the later stages of his prime, he still had the hockey sense and the puck control to make Nylander a better player.

    While Gaborik should get attention and is similar to Jagr in the sense that he sometimes “hides” at moments in the game to get himself open, he can’t/doesn’t hold the puck like Jagr did, or at least not nearly enough. When Jagr “ran” the offense, he held the puck a lot to draw guys to him, then would dish to Nylander, who would do circles so that people forgot Jagr gave him the puck, and then he’d fire a pass to an open Jagr for a goal. They did a bunch of East-West stuff while Gabby and crew are all go-go-go North-South style. Plus Nylander is too old now anyway after his shoulder surgery, so yeah, lets stay away please.

  58. Wicky, I’m sure you’ve had a couple of runs down the mountain on your board today. Man, do I miss the snow! I checked out the Windham last weekend. Nothing. The mountain looks like Sam Rosen’s hairdo..

  59. ilb2001

    btw, my future father-in-law is from Bogota… he is a stepdad of my fiancé… i dont know why i remembered it right now but im kind of bored here…

    mezhdu nami govorya…takogo gandona ya eshe ne vstrechal v svoei zhizni! :)

  60. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    “Checked out WIndham last week, Nothing.The mountain looks like Sam Rosen’s Hairdo…”


    Carp, I vote for this as comment of the week!!

  61. btw… where is the other Russian friend of ours 4everanger? i remember last time he posted was aboot being very disappointed in RR during the blog crisis when we had unwelcomed guest…


    comeback to the family, man!

  62. Can someone explain why Rozy is playing and Heikinnen(sp) is benched? that kid is willing to hit anything with a heartbeat. Rosy runs away scared if he hears the crunching of a leaf.

  63. “Can someone explain why Rozy is playing and Heikinnen(sp) is benched? that kid is willing to hit anything with a heartbeat. Rosy runs away scared if he hears the crunching of a leaf.”

    Because Rozy knows the perfect store to by Torts all of his awful shirts and ties from.

  64. did anyone see that hit by pronger on Tavares? Put his face right into the boards and knocked a tooth out.

  65. Should have read:

    Because Rozy knows the perfect store to buy Torts all of his awful shirts and ties from.

  66. lol nasty. that explains why Rozy can’t see the guy with the puck as he blows right past him. Guys got no fashion sense. lol

  67. Seriously though, Rozy must have a picture of Torts, Renney, Dolan, and Sather all burying a dead hooker or something. It is the only rational explanation.

  68. Sorry, its been awhile since I’ve posted ….

    How does anyone feel about picking up some unsigned players as a “quick fix” to our problems. That way there is no long term commitments and no need for trading people away (just demotions to players that deserve it anyway)

    Im thinking …

    Satan is still unsigned and not playing anywhere
    M. Fernandez could come cheap and be a decent, veteran backup.

    Neither player should cost much and neither player is currently playing in any leagues right now

  69. somerset – if we got them, they wouldn’t be ready for a few weeks so we’d have to do it soon. Satan could actually play with Gabby and Prospal, just depends on if he shows up to play or not. However he is also more of a score first kinda guy so I don’t know how he’d fit in with Gaborik.

    Fernandez is pretty much done. He was terrible in Boston, mostly due to the fact that he was constantly injured. Good idea if it was 2 or 3 years ago, but now I’d stay away unless its a lock that he’s definitely healthy and we pay him league minimum.

  70. from Gross—Redden and Brash!t in, Heikkenen and Voros and Lisin out

    Sean Avery-Vinny Prospal-Marian Gaborik
    Christopher Higgins-Chris Drury-Ryan Callahan
    Brian Boyle-Artem Anisimov-Ales Kotalik
    Donald Brashear-Erik Christensen-P.A. Parenteau

    It’s Henrik Lundqvist vs. Cristobal Huet in the nets”

    pretty weak. why dress big dumb useless huggy vs a fast skating team with no real goon


    has no one seen a video of this guys shot from the point on the power play? god for real.

    yo i had a really awesome chat w/ that kid. hes super cool. i hope they dont send him back down.

  72. Oh, by the way, who’s going to the game on Saturday? I just got tickets up in the 300’s.

  73. Torts is a prick… Lisin is sitting another one out? Great… is the kid injured or wtf is going on here?? can we get an answer?

  74. It would be a waste to pick up Nyls. He’s nothing without Jagr. But i did appreciate him in those three years with us. He was really good, especially in his final year, specifically the playoffs.

    Last thing we need is another aging over the hill vet.

    I don’t know why this son of a mashed potatoes vagina is in the lineup. Brash*t is useless ! I don’t get why Torts, and Slats just cant see that. USELESS !!!

    Bring up Grach already. Just give him a taste of NHL hockey.

    Speaking of Grach, PS3 just updated the rosters, so he’s not in the game. Pretty cool.

    Anyway, should we all make a bet on how much softies Softqvist will give up tonight ? Or is that wrong ?

  75. ghosts of the past on

    the Rangers now are looking more and more like the recent past of fringe players like marcel hossa, jason krog, and brad isbister and tomas Pock

  76. TR: How many people can Warren hold? By the pics on the website it looks pretty small. The place must be wall to wall, especially on a weekend game night.

  77. Walt, Carp…Carp, Walt…oy, my mind is spinning on who to believe!…Carp, that was a great story link, thanks.

    LGR, later heads…..

  78. Laurel, I’ll try to get Avery’s attention during warm ups on Saturday and pass it along that you’ll be at Warren.

  79. Mama, I am going to try, I think there are tickets still available for the game (LOL). I still have some holiday shopping to do. Hopefully I can make it. If not, there is plenty of season left.

  80. CT, every little bit helps, thanks :)

    BANJ, no worries…and yes, there’s lots of warren time to be had.

    Mama signing off….it’s almost go time!

  81. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on


    sorry bro, I feel for you!


    yep, witt is exactly the kind of player we could use back there. No one here should expect him to be what he isn’t he is an average at best skater taht doesn’t score many points, but is old school tough as nails.

  82. the legal capacity i believe is 73 or 74 people @ w77

    the last boxing match it got kinda crowded. im hopeful they are not getting the fight.

  83. TR, I think it’ll be fine…it’s a home game!

    hey, anybody watching the old Staal profile….did ya see Sam!! Carp, we’ve got to get you back in the MSG lineup :)

  84. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Candy Kane season!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    I say 3 softies for Hank. He gets pulled and johnsson wins us the game in overtime with Prospal scoring the game winner!!

  85. Good Hockey Evening All!!!!!

    Lisin scratched again??? WTF TORTS!?!??! Dont want it to effect his confidence…. yeah Im sure 3 min out of 60 really does wonders for the kid. Why waste his time. Trade the kid so he can play somewhere else.

    LOL Charmin aka PUDDIN’ aka Huggy Bear ribs were sore….

  86. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Candy Kane season!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Tort’s has Brashear dressed and Lisen out …I thought we wanted more scoring ? Boyle on the 3rd? Guess it pays to be a wimp and get get beat up on the 4th line cuz if you act like a scorer and try to score instead of fight you get promoted. (ala Brashear)Brash looks more like he wants to score then to mix things up. It’s funny…we have this huge 4th line but when they come out on the ice they try to finesse you and they forget about the physical game. Nick Kypreos said that Brashear is a top 5 of all time . I think he was talking about effective goons who played alot of years.Being able to skate and make plays is a must so thats why Colton Orr got the boot. I’d take Colton over Donald cuz I know Colton will go out and attack where Brashear kinda does it in a profesional way and eventually “goes” when it suits him. Kinda smart …As much as we hate Brashear , he does his job, and he does it well. Maybe if our secondary scoring was working then maybe we wouldn’t be nit-picking a goon who in my opinion is useless . If Donald came out and fought every game like Colton Orr tries , he wouln’t last the season or for as long as he has. You see a fighter who is good and well respected , doesn’t have to fight all the time . People know who the tough ones are and if you have been around as long as Donald has you kinda build up a rep. Every young kid who wants to be a goon…wants a piece of Donald. Brashear can’t accept every challenge can he? He ‘d be stuiped to do so and thats why he doesn’t. He kinda says , “Nawwww waist of time ” after a fight he’d dust off his hands like it was nothin. It seems like Brashear wants to score , I think hes passing up fights so he can be on the ice. At his age he probally wants the “big” fights so if he gets hurt , its worth it. I’m not defending him at all. I just want people to realize that what we have here is not the “caged Beast” Colton Orr was. He spoiled us bigtime. As fierce and crazy as Colton Orr is , he has never beaten Donald Brashear in a fight. So do we have the better fighter? did we make the right choice? Time will tell my friends time will tell.

  87. Zombieland? i thought that movie was cheesy…

    You want to see a real movie? Check out “Battle Royale” by Kinji Fukasaku
    It’s a bit gory but a great movie… raises a lot of moral questions :)

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