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God, I miss Chicago Stadium. The noise, the small rink, the organ, the best anthem in sports, the goal horn that knocked you out of your seat, the vermin and roaches. The only meeting of the season between these two Original Sixes. Sad that the rivalry is a victim of the unbalanced schedule. But I never liked the balanced sked that gave you fewer games against New Jersey, Philly and the Islanders, and more games against the Predators, the Wild and the Flames.

Anyway, it’s a game night. To update: Redden and Brashear are back in. Dubinsky still not ready to return. Voros, Lisin and Heikkinen all get prucha’d, and Heikkinen will probably be going back to Hartford if Redden is OK tonight.


In case you missed it, Mark Messier was named GM for the Canadian team at the world championships next spring. Not to belittle, but I’ve always considered the world championships to a bit of a misnomer, since most of the best players in the world and the best teams in the world are playing for a championship far more important at the same time.


Here are tonight’s pregame notes. See youse during the game.

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  1. Carp, were you at the game in Chicago during the cup season when Larmer was playing his first game back, and he scored the penalty shot goal?

  2. Im psyched. get to watch this one the tele

    Higgins Avery and Callahan better start scoring, tonight would be a good night to start. Hawks are a Stanley Cup finals team this year on most nights.


    Zombieland? i thought that movie was cheesy…

    You want to see a real movie? Check out “Battle Royale” by Kinji Fukasaku
    It’s a bit gory but a great movie… raises a lot of moral questions :)

  4. Larmer was such a good, smart player. I was very excited when he became a ranger. He was also AWESOME in the EA NHL sega games, ha.

  5. Nasty, I sure was there. It was awesome. I believe it was Keenan’s first game back, too. Larmer always preferred the old slap shot penalty shot.

  6. Linda needs to know if they had to calm down drubacca yet on

    HIDEY HO boys!!!!!!!! ready for an outstanding Rangers victory!!!

  7. Carp, AMAZING! I remember you could hear the cheers for him from the fans. For some reason that game was a standout for me that year. You could really see by how the fans welcomed him back, how respected and how much he meant to that team.

  8. Last year’s win in Chicago was a HUGE one. Let’s hope this year is just as good. And let’s hope we can stay out of the box this year.

  9. Linda needs to know if they had to calm down drubacca yet on

    the power of positive thinking!!! LETS GO RANGERS!!! WOOO WOOO!!! Especially with brastrap back in the lineup! It’s a no lose situation!! (Thankfully, Reddens back, and I mean that!!)

  10. Yeah, Linda. We are ready. You better watch this one and don’t spend too much time on that “other stuff”. Is your TV set up and running yet?

  11. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Candy Kane season!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Whew !! new thread…last thread was getting a little thready!! Im reposting the my long winded Brashear comment :

    * Tort’s has Brashear dressed and Lisen out …I thought we wanted more scoring ? Boyle on the 3rd? Guess it pays to be a wimp and get get beat up on the 4th line cuz if you act like a scorer and try to score instead of fight you get promoted. (ala Brashear)Brash looks more like he wants to score then to mix things up. It’s funny…we have this huge 4th line but when they come out on the ice they try to finesse you and they forget about the physical game. Nick Kypreos said that Brashear is a top 5 of all time . I think he was talking about effective goons who played alot of years.Being able to skate and make plays is a must so thats why Colton Orr got the boot. I’d take Colton over Donald cuz I know Colton will go out and attack where Brashear kinda does it in a profesional way and eventually “goes” when it suits him. Kinda smart …As much as we hate Brashear , he does his job, and he does it well. Maybe if our secondary scoring was working then maybe we wouldn’t be nit-picking a goon who in my opinion is useless . If Donald came out and fought every game like Colton Orr tries , he wouln’t last the season or for as long as he has. You see a fighter who is good and well respected , doesn’t have to fight all the time . People know who the tough ones are and if you have been around as long as Donald has you kinda build up a rep. Every young kid who wants to be a goon…wants a piece of Donald. Brashear can’t accept every challenge can he? He ‘d be stuiped to do so and thats why he doesn’t. He kinda says , “Nawwww waist of time ” after a fight he’d dust off his hands like it was nothin. It seems like Brashear wants to score , I think hes passing up fights so he can be on the ice. At his age he probally wants the “big” fights so if he gets hurt , its worth it. I’m not defending him at all. I just want people to realize that what we have here is not the “caged Beast” Colton Orr was. He spoiled us bigtime. As fierce and crazy as Colton Orr is , he has never beaten Donald Brashear in a fight. So do we have the better fighter? did we make the right choice? Time will tell my friends time will tell.

  12. I wonder if Avery will be explaining the difference between Buffalo an NYC cab drivers to Kane. And what would happen to him if pulled this carp in NY. To him and his sister, if he has one.

  13. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Candy Kane season!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    On the last thread , CCCP you said something about player comming to NY never take the discount. Wayne Gretzky said it the day he retired that he was the only player to come to New York for less. Didn’t Shanny say he would take a paycut too?

  14. Brashear top five what?

    I mean, in any top five goons, thugs, tough guys, enforcers, he’s not close to Probert, Shultz, Brown, Crowder, Tiger (Williams, not Woods), and I could go on and on … McSorley, Semenko, Kocur, Tie. I’d put Langdon ahead of him. Orland Kurtenbach.

  15. Linda needs to know if they had to calm down drubacca yet on

    lmao! Yes ilb, i’ll be payin attention tonight, no furniture moving, and the new tv is friggin fabulous!! Comcast coming friday to upgrade our stuff, and then woooo!!
    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. i love zombie movies. day of the dead with “bub” is the funniest one ever. not the remake the original from ’85, and the dawn of the dead from the late 70’s. 2 classic but goofy movies. ok, so lisins out, why?? hes fast, and has more chance to score than half the other guys. we need goals. damnit, i wanted hineken to play a few more too.

  17. Linda needs to know if they had to calm down drubacca yet on

    mike, lisins out because the FANTABULOUS brashear is in!! The excitement level is beyond boundaries!

  18. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Carp- I liked the old balanced schedule I’m tired of seeing the same old division teams so many times, and Teams in the west 1-2 times a year.
    I’m also tired of seeing the same tired old matchups in the first/second round of the playoffs. Give me the old days, when you never knew who your first round opponent could be and the two best teams could conceivably meet for the Stanley Cup finals. If the best two teams are in the same conference, that cannot happen.

  19. Linda needs to know if they had to calm down drubacca yet on

    so awesome that hockeystreams is showing me the toronto milwaukee basketball game right now

  20. I agree with the wonderment. These lines don’t inspire a whole lot of confidence. The first line only.

    Boyle on the third? I’d rather see Lisin.

  21. Linda needs to know if they had to calm down drubacca yet on

    aaaaaah izzy, thanks for the walk down memory lane!

  22. I’m taking it back. The bold, without snow Windham mountain looks better than Rosen’s hairdo.

  23. Linda needs to know if they had to calm down drubacca yet on

    the Rangers need Winter Warlock on the blue line!!!

  24. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Candy Kane season!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Rangers Gametime is Now!!!

    Gaborik is gonna have a break out!!!

  25. Linda "put 1 foot in front of the other...." on

    welcome back Matt Redden!!!

    holy carp, mccreary an olympic ref?? that’s a bad job right there

  26. Linda "put 1 foot in front of the other...." on

    damnit, i’m gonna have to get a big bottle of something strong if we’re gonna do drinking games for every one of rozis gaffes!

  27. Linda "put 1 foot in front of the other...." on

    where the hell is Sally and her lucky PBR! it’s her fault they’re in this skid, she’s been MIA, concentrating on school, sheeeeeeeeeeesh!

  28. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    “I say we all do a shot when they say “Roszival gave the puck up” tonight”

    OK. I sent out for another bottle…

  29. Linda "put 1 foot in front of the other...." on

    honestly, how can you NOT like the Hawks? a good team to watch! And the Q-stache is in the building!

  30. Just got up, how are our boys looking ? Lets go rangers!!!
    Will I be able to stay awake tonight ??:)

  31. CCCP……I don’t think there was any intention of it being an actual horror flick if that’s why you thought it was cheesy.

    I thought it was pretty damn funny….Woody Harrelson’s character was hilarious!

    And Emma Stone is HOT!

  32. Linda "put 1 foot in front of the other...." on

    lmao, i got a third of a bottle of arbor mist, some diet sunkist, and diet cherry seven up! kinda lacking in the adult beverage department at the moment!

    Yan, props on rosafault, great name!

  33. Patrick,

    Love EMMA STONE, loved her more in Superbad, her hair had better color, but yeah Woody was hilarious, as was the main character, Zombie Land all in all great movie…

    Zombie movies for the most part minus the original Night of the Living Dead and Planet Terror are garbage… Every see “Zombi”? A shark fights a Zombie under water… So bad.

  34. This is starting to look like a game of “how long can the Rangers give the Hawks the puck before they score”?

  35. Linda "put 1 foot in front of the other...." on

    damn the hawks are fun to watch. nice crisp passing, they’re fast

  36. those kids are all little girls. I dont care how hurt my dad looked I would always want to play hockey.

  37. Linda "put 1 foot in front of the other...." on

    Mako,its freakin awesome! and will get better friday when comcast comes for the upgrade! i can’t wait!! I got to watch some football in hd on sunday and was freakin in love! Can’t wait to see some hockey in HD!!

  38. Superbad was hilarious and yes Emma=HOTTY!!!!!

    Thanks CCCP…Downloading Battle Royale now…..Can’t be any more gory than another movie I’m in the middle of watching…..Saw VI

    GO RANGERS!!!!

  39. ok… just saying since I put up the link to the shirtless pics of Higgy HE HAS SCORED TWICE!!!!

  40. Linda "put 1 foot in front of the other...." on

    lmao @ rozi with an assist! he’s thinkin “take that ya freakin boneheads!”

  41. Linda "put 1 foot in front of the other...." on

    Kris, ya need to get a few more of those…seems to have fired him up

  42. Linda "put 1 foot in front of the other...." on

    maybe you should find one of rozsival, maybe HIS play would improve! heehee

  43. I don’t understand that shot by Boyle. He lobbed it into Huet’s glove…like he was playing catch.

  44. Linda "put 1 foot in front of the other...." on

    Hank has had a great start to the game so far! hope he keeps it going!!

  45. Linda "put 1 foot in front of the other...." on

    Mako, this diet cherry 7-up is an arsekicker lemme tell ya

  46. Patrick,

    Love the Saw series as well… Not for the gore, but for the ongoing storyline. Great movie in my opinion.

  47. EvitageN,

    Exactly…Some people saw the gore and hate it but I love the series for the storyline and the contraptions…Interesting!!!!

  48. Linda "put 1 foot in front of the other...." on

    ilb, i’ll be visiting the liquor store this weekend for sure!!!

    Has it come out that Tiger Woods hooked up with Betty White yet??

  49. So, may I suggest: if not for Hank for the first 10 min, 2-0, or 3-0?

    I agree totally. We better start scoring or some clown will blame another loss on him.

  50. Linda "put 1 foot in front of the other...." on

    Olga, it’s been a while but…

    FIRE SATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Linda "put 1 foot in front of the other...." on

    Kris, you just GUARANTEED another goal by scooby! GOOD JOB!!

  52. Linda "put 1 foot in front of the other...." on

    freakin alabama! no freakin center ice… bastages! heathens!!! atheists!!!! oy vey!!

  53. in the usual spot of unable to
    hang out with everyone at computer while
    watching the game
    a couple thoughts:

    why, Why WHY would Drury even grab the blackhawk’s arm as he passed by? Drury wasn’t falling down. he wasn’t pushing him or taking a shot at him for some action earlier. just makes NO sense.
    speaking of which
    the Rangers make no sense in the own zone!!!! i know chicago is fast and skilled but we look like peewees just zipping around undisciplined around the zone.

    we may luck out by playing against a mediocre goalie
    or we’ll get the wind knocked out of us in the end
    when Henrik gets tuckered out and….

  54. CCCP-Battle Royale was indeed an interesting and crazy movie. Did you see the sequel?

    Larmer used to take penalty shots and breakaways by going full speed and winding up a slapper like three inches from the goalie. He was a great overall player.

  55. OY VEY

    Trade hank, hank saves us, trade hank, if not for hank the game would be 8 – 0

    WHERE IS ORR!?!?!?

  56. Mike Keenan and this Bill Pidto fellow in the studio are terrible. Why can’t we get Deb Kaufman/Placey instead?

  57. Olga Folkyerself on

    linda-I had a dream about Sather the other night. He was visiting an ALPO factory and accidentally fell in. He was made into dog food and was eaten by a kennel full of German Shepards. How ironic that he would spend all of eternity as the same dogcrap he was when he was President of the Rangers….

  58. Linda "put 1 foot in front of the other...." on

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! Satherpo! I think he actually has more nicknames here than any of the players!

  59. Linda "put 1 foot in front of the other...." on

    lmao, recharge for the 3:56 he gets! after tonight, we won’t see him again until the Islander game!

  60. Why does Kane even have a mouth piece in? He skates around & stick handles with it hanging out all of the time LOL

  61. HAHAHAHAHA Does Captain Chew have it hanging out when he errrr stick handles? Wait… does he even stick handle ?

  62. linda, trying to post a link to a Rozi pic but my post a dissapearing… Someone just don’t want Rozi to get better! :)

  63. Linda "put 1 foot in front of the other...." on

    lmao! is it a picture of rozsi with mr. potato head? or with a grenade?

  64. Linda "put 1 foot in front of the other...." on

    Kris, i think that Josh Thomson, 26, does NOT want a link to a pic of rozi on the thread.

  65. Linda "put 1 foot in front of the other...." on

    hank has been masterful so far!!! Keep it going yumqvist!

  66. Linda "put 1 foot in front of the other...." on

    i just had to rinse my eyeballs out with moonshine and set them on fire!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!! funniest pic EVAH!!!

  67. Linda "put 1 foot in front of the other...." on

    OMG HIGH GLOVE SIDE SAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its a sign of the apocalypse!!! GO HANK!!!!

  68. The 4th line has had the best shifts in the game. Kotalik is the new Naslund, I thought he was going to get called for another lazy hook.

  69. BringBackStraka on

    This game is a story of the have and the have-nots:

    Hawks have six defensemen that are all mobile and young forwards that are filthy.

    Hopefully our bend but don’t break defense holds up.

  70. That is ridiculous. You see calls like that made and then people get blindsided and hurt that get missed.

  71. Linda "put 1 foot in front of the other...." on

    2 periods and there is not one bad thing anyone can say about Hank except he hasnt scored a goal! WOW he’s on his game so far!

  72. Linda "put 1 foot in front of the other...." on

    jessica simpson and billy corgan??? OMG what in the blue hell???

  73. LOL Drury should have shot that. But didnt… he was too busying trying to find out how to stick handle LOL

  74. Olga Folkyerself on

    As the dust settles on the second period , Hank is standing tall and the Rangers hanging on to a 1-goal lead.

  75. Linda "put 1 foot in front of the other...." on

    holy carp a Rogue Warrior game???? I have no video game skills, but I just might have to buy a system and that game because i LOVE that dude!!

  76. CARP






  77. Linda "put 1 foot in front of the other...." on

    they must’ve found the last vat of old school nyquil!!

    but jpg, they do have a one goal lead, and hanks’ been lights out so far! we can’t expect EVERYTHING now can we???

  78. Just finished Saw VI…WOW

    What an ending!!!!

    And heard Saw VII production starts next month! WOOHOO!!!

    Now I can concentrate on the 3rd period!!!

  79. maaaaaaaa-doan!!

    these boys. they’re killing me. killing me!!

    we’re lucky he’s a mediocre goalie.
    do i expect to come out of this with a point.
    it’s a tossup and tonight surely won’t be Hank’s fault if
    something doesn’t get behind him. whatta mess!!

    i mean, does Torts realize how important Heikkinen is to the team on the ice? that’s probably why we’re playing so badly tonight.

  80. Patrick

    Really I thought they were done at VI? Hmmmm Interested.

    Ketel one, Red Bull & Ambien – Christmas is early at the Shark Tank…

  81. Drury is increasingly bad offensively, if that’s possible. When was the last time any line of his was able to possess the puck in the offensive zone? He seems more and more incapable of anything but dumping in the puck — can’t pass, can’t make a play, can’t score. Throws himself in front of the puck on occasion on the penalty kill, but Blair Betts did that for a lot less money and a lot more often. He’s bringing Callahan down with him.

  82. 22figure8 yeah not a bad idea, get him locked up for 13 years with a caphit of 5 million… Not have to worry about him, if he breaks out offensively sweet!

  83. Linda "put 1 foot in front of the other...." on

    lmao @the sharkie special!!

    Kris, the Aves pics are ALWAYS welcomed :-)

    HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE 20 minutes upcoming. I have a feeling Hank just might steal this game. They really DO need to get another goal or two though.

  84. # Patrick December 9th, 2009 at 10:12 pm

    Just finished Saw VI…WOW

    What an ending!!!!

    And heard Saw VII production starts next month! WOOHOO!!!

    Now I can concentrate on the 3rd period!!!

    I do hope they end with VII… Either way yeah the twist with William was AWESOME, the Jill/Hoffman one was very obvious though.

  85. Checked out battle royale and gave up on it already…I can’t stand READING movies, I have no patience for an entire movie of subtitles.

    Mako….Yeah they made it obvious since the cop got out of the head popper at the end of 6.

  86. Linda "put 1 foot in front of the other...." on

    pimp, it must’ve been by accident. puck must’ve bounced off him.. sheesh

  87. Linda "put 1 foot in front of the other...." on

    woooooooooo hooooooooooo Sassy’s back!!! She’s bringin sassy back…heeeeeeey!

    You’re boy may be on the way back in a week or two.

    The stench of McCreary, there’s a horror movie for ya!

  88. Guys in white have been very good for three games now … but they’re kind of holding on the last period and a half. Hate to say this has skills competition written all over it.

  89. Linda "put 1 foot in front of the other...." on

    be positive Rick! Hanks been HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE tonight! Methinks he WANTS this one!!!!

  90. I think it was in too. And is it just me, or did it look like Avery magically spit out the MSG logo. Ha.

  91. Ok, so there should have been Hawks down on the ice with the amount of jamming around that net.

  92. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Why is Hossa allowed to barge into the crease to move Hank out to the other side of the crease? I hate that when it isn’t whistled dead.

  93. Say what you will about the imbalance of penalties in this game but this is what happens when you don’t control the puck enough.

  94. You know, they’re getting killed and Hank is everything tonight. But this God dam McCreary has been killing the Rangers for years now. How that hook on Cally wasn’t called and give Chicago 2 in a row. F!!!

  95. yeah, all those red jerseys. There were two, and three white jerseys. And none of the white jerseys put a body on either of the red jerseys. All fishing for the puck with their sticks: Redden, Gilroy and Boyle.

  96. Linda "put 1 foot in front of the other...." on

    Hank needs to take his goal stick and effin decapitate someone!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY EFFIN HELL!! two Rangers on their knees and NOONE moved anyone out of the crease! Disgraceful. Hank played his freakin heart out tonight.

  97. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on


    Can you stop headlining the Game posts as

    “Gamer, Rangers-team”


    That one is not on Hank. He is doing everything he can this game, and that Piece of monkey’s **** Bill Mcreary (renowned Rangers hater) is screwing us.

    One Power play for us and 6 for them.

  98. Carp
    et al

    i don’t know why i waste my time
    i don’t know why i waste my energy

    Girardi can’t be bothered to take the body and instead yanks the man down to cause another power play.

    Hank’s eyes said it all when he finally got up after the goal went in………like i’m thinking, “How can you not help me out at all?!” (just throw in a bunch of curses in there)

    pathetic doesn’t even get close to describing it.
    i just hope that at some point Torts just loses it on the bench and just goes Woody Hayes on some of these players.

  99. Good evening, Carp!

    Linda, I’m soooooo excited about little man getting better. Can’t wait for his eyebrows to carry this team to the Cup! JK…

  100. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    ******** Scumbag McCreary. WHy cant one of our guys take their stick and swing it in the direction of the puck and just knock is head off.

    He is a criminal. Sports are no place for criminals like Bill McCreary.

    Bill McCreary is worse than Madoff, or Donaghy.

  101. Linda "put 1 foot in front of the other...." on

    jpg, he’s gotta go woody hayes, bobby knight, lou pinella and early mike tyson on these guys. what a disgrace! i

  102. Linda "put 1 foot in front of the other...." on

    How on God’s green earth did this incompetent freak get an olympic gig. worse ref in the league

  103. CR, what is wrong with those Gamer headers?

    And you cannot say things like you did about McCreary or anybody else, OK? (they were deleted).

  104. Linda "put 1 foot in front of the other...." on

    druboto shows now emotion, but he’s gotta be calmed down!

  105. ya know Linda
    altogether i work 3 jobs
    i’m exhausted a lot
    but i do what i’ve got to do

    at the very least i would like to see
    a team that plays as if they’re professionals
    that have practiced together
    that know how to pass a fellow teammate

    not this
    bunch of Skating Qualude Eating Zombies!

  106. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    Understood. I am just angry. Every game we get this criminal McCreary, he screws us. Like clockwork. Thanks for deleting them. He perpetrates his own agenda, and takes integrity away from the NHL. It’s criminal.

    I feel that the “Gamer, team-team” is bad luck, or at the least, not good luck.

    We need a change.

  107. I have this awful feeling that we are getting ready to take the next left in to Barf Bag City. I hope I am wrong. I almost feel like Hank deserves to win this one in the skills competition.

  108. At least they didn’t break our heart and give up a goal with less than 3 minutes left and not walk away with a point.. .

  109. God this team is filled with candy-asses. That goal against — how much flailing can we have to watch? Take the body! Wrap up! Pathetic!

    And the Rangers get penalties because they play stupid and make mistakes, not because the refs suck.

  110. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    Thanks Carp.

    Would it be alright if I called him a criminal?

    Because his refereeing is absolutely criminal.

    He is the type that gives referees and umpires a bad name.

  111. You give Chicago the edge in a 4 on 4…and the 5 on 5 and pretty much any situation given the shots and scoring chances.

  112. chris how about when the hawks make the same hooks but dont get called is it becasue the rangers suck too?

  113. Linda "put 1 foot in front of the other...." on

    jpg, i agree whole heartedly with your last post. the skating quaalude eating zombies was the perfect description!

    Outclassed on the ice again. And I am NOT including Hank in that statement. He was all aces tonight, huuuuge play by him, too bad his teammates do NOT return the favor (notice i did not say cannot, they DO NOT)

  114. Did Prospal actually hold up on trying to get the puck back because he thought someone else would?! Jesus!

  115. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    WHat a joke.

    Hank stood on his head tonight.

    And McCreary threw Hank on his side.

    McCreary won this game.

    Cant blame this one on Hank.

    He gave us everything he had, only to be denied by McCreary.

  116. lol at everyone who wanted to get rid of hank. without him this game was easily 5-1 or more.

    hank looked so pissed walking into the locker room.

  117. man Vinny should have shot that. I feel horrible for LQ. This is a game where there were no “softies” given up. He played great and man is he pissed.

  118. Chris says waive Drury on

    looks like gilroy was out of gas… he was out their for a long time but it was equally as weak by staal

  119. Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends! Hank hung out to dry by his “D” and players like Drury!

  120. Linda, Gilroy or Gaborik. Gaborik let him go the first time, he got by Gilroy, and Gaborik couldn’t catch him because he stopped skating at center ice.

  121. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    This is what happens even when our Goalie plays out of his mind.

    We do not score enough, or we get screwed by refs, or just a great play by a 3rd liner.

  122. how can Hank not be pissed… We couldn’t score last year, we can’t score this year… Can we just have a fire sale? Get rid of everyone, and start from scratch? I wouldn’t feel so bad but like you’d think Drury, Higgins, SOMEONE other than Gaborik would be able to set up a play or do something offensively… How many blocked shots tonight against us? We can’t get a freaking Shot on goal… SO BAD

  123. Linda "put 1 foot in front of the other...." on

    he deserves to be pissed! he really played his guts out tonight. too bad the rest of the team are gutless pukes. I’m so pissed right now.

  124. They get a point because of Lundqvist plain and simple. Otherwise not a whole lot to say went well. Outskated, out hustled, out muscled, out everything’ed.

    Seriously at this point play safe hockey in OT and then take your chances in the skills comp. What’s with the Rangers either missing open nets (Buff, Det) or not being able to raise the puck (Cally penalty shot, Prospal just now).

  125. hank is probably gonna request a trade soon. i dont blame him. nobody showed up tonight. i cant even root for a team that plays like this. too many soft, gutless players on this team. gabby doesnt even look interested anymore. get keenan in here he’ll straighten this mess out. torts is another all talk no action coach

  126. Lundqvist got F’ed tonight. Like he has as a Ranger. Thinking back to his rookie year and the 1st year of the cap, we would have been better off giving Hank 25 million a year and bringing up the WolfPack. You would get the same results. Yes MDZ and Staal are nice draft picks, but come on. Every team that sucked 4 years ago are way better, talent wise, than this team that will drag our hearts through the gutters again and again and us a-holes will come back for more.

  127. The Rangers cannot control the puck offensively for more than one shift, although the penalties didn’t help. Drury doesn’t control the puck, he just clears the zone every single time, so his line is a total waste. And Prospal and Gaborik need a skilled center with size. Sather didn’t think of that over the summer, which is when he rebuilds every single year? Of course the Hawks were built by a real g.m. — they are good.

  128. ct- they hadnt gotten a good shot off since the first period so prospal probably got surprised when he had a good chance. it happens when ur rusty DURING GAMES

  129. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    We had an opportunity to turn our season around, and unfortunately, we are not the Bruins and cannot get handed things by referes.

    Wow, just looked, the Devils are the best team in the NHL at 14 games above .500

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  130. Before the goal, can anyone tell me why Rozsival skated the puck past his blueline then skated back in with it? No matter! The only player that looked like he had a pulse tonight was Hank!

  131. Gabby was definitely floating a lot tonight. i know he is the entire offense, but when he floats around as much as he did tonight…the NYR are in trouble.

    geez, they looked like the Tom Renney NYR team tonight. it was a well played road game until all of the penalties in the 3rd. it was only a matter of time before CHI scored and tied it up.

    they also desperately need a crease clearing defensemen. or at least get on staal, giardi, gilroy to start cross checking people.

  132. Hank should have had that. Its not Kane stick handling it is some third line player. All Hank had to do wast poke check and close his legs. I dont care that he had 39 saves he still sucks. So does this team.

  133. If the Rangers weren’t based out of New York City, Lundqvist would have demanded a trade by now.

  134. I’m tired of this crap. I don’t see this franchise going anywhere anytime soon. people say the rangers are rebuilding. I like to know with what are they rebuilding with. The young talent they have is nothing special. The rest of the team except Gaborik are 3rd and fourth liners who couldn’t score to save there lives. The past three games if it wasn’t for Lundqvist these games would be blowouts. This team totally blows and with the bad contracts the rangers will blow for years to come. I really hate Dolan and Sather.

  135. BringBackStraka on

    That is a team with a future. Speed and youth what a concept. We need that GM.

    Welcome to the below .500 club. Has Toronto passed us yet?

  136. Yeah Gabby let him breeze by and he also had a bit of a lazy back check in that OT loss in Montreal, but 4 goals in 3 games by the offense?

    Keenan for a change is blasting the rest of the team instead of the goalie (at least his MO as coach was yanking his goalie very quickly).

  137. We aren’t nearly as talented as Chicago. I had this feeling about midway through the game that I was watching a Tom Renney coached team.

    Exactly the same kind of defense. Let Chicago pass it all around and we just stand there swinging our sticks. I have to admit, it had about the same effect.

    WE produced virtually no offense tonight. ON the bright side, Henrik had a great game.

    One point on the road against Chicago, Just like Chris, I’m not gonna let that ruin my Wednesday evening.

  138. “If the Rangers weren’t based out of New York City, Lundqvist would have demanded a trade by now.”

    Wouldn’t surprise me if he already has. Imagine him on a good team?

  139. is drury still hurt? has he been hurt his entire tenure as a NYR? he is afraid to handle the puck, he is afraid to get dirty by going to the goal, he plays the puck off the boards, makes safe passes, wins his faceoffs, does well on the PK…that is about it.

    i am so glad he is being paid what he is being paid to be a conservative, faceoff winning centermen. betts could have done drury’s job for a lot cheaper.

  140. Quote of teh WEEK:
    By Olga

    “That was like watching a documentary about clubbing baby seals…”

  141. Gaborik has to conserve his energy since Tortorella doesn’t play half his players because he’s busy benching them all as a discipline.
    And as great as Lundqvist was tonight, there have been plenty of games that he’s lost with weak 3rd period goals, so I’m not feeling too sorry for him.

  142. If that was a basketball game the score would have been 120-90, baseball…13-1, football…42-7. Because of Lundqvist tonight it was only a 2-1 loss. You could tell 5 minutes into the game it was going to be one of those that Lundqvist had to win himself.

  143. Linda "put 1 foot in front of the other...." on

    yan, you were kidding right???

    Duker, i’m with you on that! He’d be insane on a good team, or even on a team with guys who stood up for each other and who cleared the crease and played hard every night.

  144. Yep well such as life. The KING played great. Its the D that blundered tonight.

    The gf is waving me over =D

    Have a good night all.

  145. Lundqvist might want to be on a better team, but how about Gaborik? He probably wishes he was on a team that at least had a complete line for him to play on. He had better offensive teammates in Minnesota.

  146. Dan Girardi is going through the motions. He’s mediocre at best. Makes alot of bad mistakes…………….

  147. yea tomg, i think im givin hockey a break for awhile. these overpaid clowns dont care, so why should i? that had to be the biggest mismatch ive ever seen in a game. i still love the team and always will, but its so hard to even like anybody on this team. no guts, no hustle, no effort, another big L in the standings, and drinks at drus house later on. party time for our special olympic squad. hope hank doesnt demand a trade because hes the only guy worth anything to this franchise right now

  148. ADAM GRAVES #9 hangs from the rafters. Why? Mainly because he was a rare player who PAID THE PRICE and constantly stood in the slot and took TONS of abuse. If he played every game against the NYR of the last couple of years, he would still be playing and scoring 50 goals a year. IF YOU GO INTO THE SLOT, YOU PAY A PRICE. Basic hockey but…


  149. Linda "put 1 foot in front of the other...." on

    lmao, ya gotta laugh to keep from crying.

    Have fun Sharkie!!!

  150. shoruyeken

    no im not kidding. Hank did stand on his head tonight and made alot, alot, of great saves but once again when there is a shot that he usually does make a save on he lets it in. Once again it was not a hard shot the guy didnt skate downt he middle, he didnt deke, he didnt stickhandle like crazy. He came down the side and slid the puck past Hank. where is the poke where is the closed pads slide. So yes i dont care that he made 39 saves he still sucks.

  151. Tank the Season on

    This team is going nowhere. Either they get Vinny Lecavalier somehow and try to squeak into the playoffs or they fold now and tank hard for the ##1 overall firsty. Taylor Hall can help the Rangers for years to come.

  152. Wow, Henrik looks defeated.

    Not as bas as last in MTL when he got torched and basically called out the entire team as being a low scoring (not good) team.

  153. i dont want to wish an injury on him, but imagine if hank went out for a good bit of time. imagine how bad they would be. they would be in the neighborhood of winning maybe 1 game out of 10.

    sather would have no place to hide, the MSG faithful would be calling for his firing every game, through the entire game. i think for me, that might be the light at the end of this tunnel. as of right now, the NYR are in the dark, with a flashlight without batteries.

  154. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    KC, Yan,
    Hahaha… you’re both joking right?
    Hank was ridiculous. Gabby and Drury couldn’t step up. You talk about Hank blowing close games and this was a game that should have been a blow out but Hank kept it close.

    No more Hank bashing for one night, he’s still one of the best in the world.

  155. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    I’d like to know where do the ranger scouts scout?
    The Hawks played with purpose and intensity,the rangers couldn’t quite match up man for man.

  156. Seriously, Is there a softer team than the Rangers. I cannot think of 1 team that uses the body less and is weak on there skates. This game was an illusion of how good we are because of hank. If we had a average goalie, Chicago would’ve embarassed us on the scoreboard.

  157. Sather's WrapUp on

    Hey Ranger fans, Hi from Chicago!

    What a game! We got a point, too bad Lundqvist couldn’t stop that one in regulation. Maybe we’ll try Johnson next time. I’ll have Messier talk to Torts about it.

    That Torts is like a cross ol’ bear when he doesn’t win. I know that I learned to lose- gracefully.

    How about my great pickup Brash? Some quality minutes there tonight. Maybe we put him out in OT, just to stir things up.

    Where is Messier? Mess, here’s a couple bucks, go down front and get me some of those big steak sandwiches. Tell ’em no horseradish this time, It gave me the squirts.

    Captain Drury put in a great game tonight. No goals but thats not what a Captain does. He leads! He leads the team out onto the ice. He’s the first in the locker room at the end of the period. He leads the league in chewed up mouthpieces…

    Higgins got another goal. He’s a scoring machine! He’s got more goals than Gaborik in the last few games. I just might give him a raise. If Gabby’s not going to score, than Higgy might get his ice time, too.

    Well, can’t win ’em all. That’s what I say. I also say my prayers before beddy bye, and you should too.

    See you at the next sellout!

    Uncle Glen

  158. BringBackStraka on

    one cup-

    quite is an understatement. The Hawks are light years ahead of us. They sign young studs to 5 and 13 year contracts….what a concept.

  159. If Henrik had been playing this well the last 3 weeks, maybe the Rangers would have won more games. He’s just as responsible for this slump as anyone else on the team. He is supposed to be an elite goalie, so enough with the crying about losing 2-1 — how about him not giving up late goals to Tampa, Pitt, Detroit? The offense definitely is not strong — but the Rangers would have won more games this season if Lundqvist had played better earlier.

  160. I’m not sure if I like the Glen’s Wrapup or the Chris Drury poster better, lol.

    *peels out in clutch mobile*

  161. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    Wow, I just realized my line about the more things change, the more they stay the same.

    The Rangers will always be these Rangers as long as Sather is running this team.

    Jagr and Henry were wasted, and now Gabby and Henry are being wasted.

    It’s a shame.

    It probably would not matter anyway, as even if we had a well constructed team, and had a chance in the playoffs, the referees would take matters into their own hands and strip it away from us.

  162. this was a joke, if not for henrik, this would have been a blowout. IS THERE A SOFTER TEAM THAN THE RANGERS. Seriously, they fall over, stick check everything, never use the body. These guys are like figure skaters who can’t skate.

  163. 2 post during the game that stand out

    1-The rangers all chase the puck like a pee wee team. We’ve seen this with Renney, and we still see it with Mr. Accountability Tortorella.

    2-Drury is as effective as Blair Betts. Only at a cost of 6 mil plus MORE.

    Somebody said today that it can’t hurt to get Messier in as GM and let him make mistakes on the job. I never thought of Mess as a GM but it is about 5 years over due for Cigar Sather to get out. Hey Dolan, your father let you make mistakes on the job, all he had to do to correct them was raise cable rates every year, but how about a change?

  164. I don’t comment on here often, but I need to spout my anger somehow. I’m sure all you guys touched on it but this was the most pathetic game for me as a Rangers fan all year. To have a lead with minutes remaining in the third period and give it up is inexcusable. Lundqvist stood on his head time and time again and this team can only manage 1 SHOT on goal in the third period??? That’s it!?!? And then they take 3 penalties in the third period. This team is terrible, we should have Hank choose the team because he’s the one that leaves it on the ice every night. It’s painful to watch him get interviewed because you know how badly he feels. We need to shake this up because our team is dreadful. Lundqvist and Gaborik we can keep, trade anyone else!

  165. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    2-Drury is as effective as Blair Betts. Only at a cost of 6 mil plus MORE.
    7.3million more. I’ve used the same line many times over the past 2 years.

  166. Linda "put 1 foot in front of the other...." on

    Carp, i’m of the mind where i don’t expect Gabby to take the body or knock someone off the puck, that’s why I didn’t even think of mentioning him. That’s kinda sad too.

    At times like this, I’m glad I don’t get the post game show. I can’t even imagine the look on Hank’s face, in his eyes.

    Someone mentioned Graves, and how he took a beating by being that guy in front, something this team hasn’t had in a while. Exactly how old is his son??

  167. Poor Gaborik, he plays the first like nine years of his career on a team where every game is 2-1, and now he changes teams and every game is 2-1.

  168. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    kc and yan, clear you both dislike Lundqvist. I don’t know what you expect or which goalie you feel NEVER has a bad goal against or a bad stretch of games… let me know who that is, because I follow the NHL a lot and Kiprusoff, Luongo, Thomas, Brodeur all have had some awful stretches in the past year.

  169. What’s worse is that no writer (except for Brooks) has the ball$ to destroy Torts for some of his comical decision-making …

    Can someone else please grow a pair?

  170. Hey Torts, when do you start sitting players who earn money and still suck? Yeah, that’s what I thought. You’re all talk, too.

  171. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    …Brodeur’s being the last 2:50 of his season against Car in the playoffs last year (and the start of the season when he was awful the first 15 games).

  172. how bad did every one feel for hank when he let the goal against the wings in. Did hank stand up and say its my fault, did he stand up and say I should have made the save. No, he talked about the team playing infront of him. I dont feel bad for him one bit. He loses games for us and then we lose games for him. He can take it like a man.

  173. how bad did every one feel for hank when he let the goal against the wings in. Did hank stand up and say its my fault, did he stand up and say I should have made the save. No, he talked about the team playing infront of him. I dont feel bad for him one bit. He loses games for us and then we lose games for him. He can take it like a man.

  174. Dave Maloney continues to criticize Tortorella, and he is correct. Tortorella’s plan is to play Gaborik until he collapses, and let the 3rd and 4th lines warm the bench. You can’t compete that way, especially when Gaborik doesn’t even have a big center to take some of the pressure and line 2 is Drury. In August everyone said the Rangers didn’t have a center, and that is haunting them now. Another rebuild year is about to begin — why is it that the Rangers rebuild from the GM’s errors every year, and yet the same GM rebuilds them?

  175. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    This team needs a message, I don’t think you fire Torts,
    I do think Dolan should fire sather Now.
    That would be a positive sign, in my opinion. The team is sinking.
    I also think a high priced veteran should be traded, NOW, even if the rangers have to pay a good portion of their salary Take your pick.
    I’d move Drury first.
    I would show that no one is safe on this team.
    That is the message this team needs.

  176. true blue
    there are goalies that go through bad skids and let bad goals in but Hank has skids like that every year and they last most of the year. Hank has a good skid or a good game and then stinks it up the next. Like I said its great that he makes 39 great saves but its not great that he lets a POS goal in when it counts.

  177. And True, I like Lundqvist, but he hasn’t won anything yet, and he is still referred to as an elite goalie. An elite goalie needs to win games his team doesn’t deserve to win. Not to mention that Lundqvist has winter slumps every single year.

    And why is it that Tortorella always blames the players and never takes one iota of responsibility on himself and his ridiculous in-game punishments and bench management.

  178. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    there are goalies that go through bad skids and let bad goals in but Hank has skids like that every year and they last most of the year.I like Lundqvist, but he hasn’t won anything yet, and he is still referred to as an elite goalie. An elite goalie needs to win games his team doesn’t deserve to win.

    this is all simply not true. Did you watch Hank against Washington? 3 wins for Hank, 0 for Rangers, and Hank almost won the series but the Rags could muster a single goal. As far as Hank “slumping most of the year” that’s not true either. 5 years in the NHL, 3 Vezina nominations, Last year with a .916 and 2.4 GAA… you’re clearly angry and looking to blame someone, OR, you don’t understand how good Hank’s performance is in a year. Guys’ got a .916 SV% lifetime (Richter’s is about .899 ~ the guy you probably think is the “best Ranger goaltender all time”). Put Hank on a half way decent team with more than a single player and he’d rock the NHL.

  179. kc, hank has won the gold medal at the olympics. yes, i do consider him elite. if he was on a good team, he would put up brodeur like numbers. tons of shutouts, low goals against, high save percentage. look at his numbers from the past couple of years. they are pretty darn good.

    hank has won a ton of games for the NYR that they didnt deserve to win. just not as many this year.

    the scary part, he is going to be so tired in march. having virtually no backup to spell him, and playing the olympic schedule is going to drive him into the ground.

  180. Enough with bringing in Vinny. We’ve seen these same post game interviews before, remember Ron Low? Torts needs to make some changes. Heineken in for Rozi. Bring up Potter and get some bodies flying in front of the crease. Teach your players how to hit, hell, Jets bring in Girardi, bring in the only L.T. to teach how to hit. As tired as I am of this crap, I’ll be there Sat. against a fast, young Buffalo team, pissed off about losing to us 1 week ago.

  181. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on


    Do you know that from sources, or are they just your feeling?

    All I want for Christmas is Glen Sather fired!

    Glen Sather is the downfall of this franchise.

    He’s still living in the 80s.

  182. true blue
    there is a great deal of blame to go around and it does not just fall on Hank’s shoulders. those numbers are great but i always feel like im saying the same thing every year about him.

  183. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Yan. There is no goalie that is perfect. Every goalie makes mistakes, just like every player makes mistakes. Do you remember the game Roy tried to showboat by making a glove save and waving his glove around? He dropped the puck in the crease, IN THE PLAYOFFS, and the opposing team tapped the puck in the net. He finished with a .910 lifetime SV% after playing on some GREAT teams (Montreal, won a cup his rookie year i’m pretty sure and a nice run with the Av’s). He made stupid plays with the puck that ended up in his net. Brodeur does the same thing and he starts every season off cold now! Kiprussoff has gone through slumps. That said, when you’re goalie stops almost 92% of the shots that damn amazing. Hasek has like a .922% and I feel is one of the most under-rated goaltenders of all time because he played amazing for some mediocre (to awful) Buffalo teams… you expect Hank to never make a mistake and that’s not what his position is about, EVERY goalie goes through slumps. Every goalie plays through fatigue and injuries, fact of the matter is Hank still does it better than 20-25 other goalies every year and if the Rangers were a little better he’d have stats better than 28-29 other starting goalies every year too.

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