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Hi, my name is Walt MacPeek and Carp asked me to limber up these over-65 year-old fingers and do a guest blog and so here goes …

I covered the Rangers for the Newark Star-Ledger from 1969-70 through 1994-95 and then yielded to some inner ear problems and tumbled off into the sunset to coach a little college softball and teach some English classes at the college level. I haven’t been on airplane since 1995 and I’ve seen only three games in person since then, even though the NHL gave me a lifetime pass when I retired. I guess seeing about 100 games a year in person for that long is enough for one lifetime but I still watch about six or seven games a week on TV and I still enjoy the game.


If you want to stump your friends, even the most dedicated Ranger fans then ask them who led the Rangers in scoring in their championship season of 1993-94.

Mark Messier?

Brian Leetch?

Adam Graves?

Alex Kovalev?


The player who led the Rangers in regular season scoring that year may well be the most under-rated and under-appreciated player in the history of the franchise.

And on Aug. 31, 1995, in one of the most damaging transactions in Ranger history, GM Neil Smith traded this player, Sergei Zubov, to the Pittsburgh Penguins for two players almost at the end of their careers, winger Luc Robitaille and defenseman Ulf Samuelsson.

At the time, Ranger officials claimed that Zubov had some vague, off-ice problems, didn’t play through injuries and had some other minor complaints but the deal never made sense on any level. Samuelsson played four undistinguished seasons for the Rangers before being dealt to Detroit for a pair of draft choices (neither of whom ever played an NHL game). Robitaille played two seasons for the Rangers, never reaching 25 goals in either season, and was dealt to the LA Kings in August of 1997 for Kevin Stevens, who scored only 40 goals over 199 games with the Rangers and struggle with personal problems of his own.

Meanwhile, Zubov went on to put up All-Star numbers (he played in three All-Star games) as a valuable first pairing defenseman and special teams star. In a season with Pittsburgh and eleven with Dallas, he collected 118 goals and 462 assists while the Rangers manned the blue line with questionable talents such as Sylvain Lefebvre, Richard Pilon, Stephane Quintal, Aleksander Karpovtsev, Jeff Finley, Eric Cairns, Boris Mironov, Chris Tamer, Dale Purinton, Dave Karpa, Peter Popovic and, well, you get the idea.

Just for the record, Zubov collected 12 goals and 77 assists for 89 points to lead the Rangers in regular season scoring for the 1993-94 regular season. Messier was second with 84 points and then came Graves and Leetch with 79 apiece. Something I’ve always wondered about and never had the tenacity to look up. I wonder, if in the history of the NHL, any other Stanley Cup championship team ever had one defenseman lead the team in regular season scoring (Zubov) and another defenseman (Leetch) lead the team in playoff scoring. I’m guessing it has never happened before or since.

For some reason, Ranger fans and officials refuse to rank the Zubov blunder up there with Rick Middleton for Ken Hodge or drafting Hugh Jessiman instead of Zach Parise but, in my opinion, it had a similarly disastrous and long-term impact on the team over a long period of time. Until recently, the Rangers compounded this error by making repeated draft day mistakes on defensemen and finally hit rock bottom in 2003-2004 when they drafted only one defenseman (Purinton, and he was awful!) who played as many as 40 games … and he was a low minutes, No. 3 pairing kind of player.

I’ll close with two memories of Zubov’s short stay as a Ranger.

The first occurred in September of 1992 when head coach Roger Neilson (my favorite of all the head coaches I covered) paused thoughtfully before answering a question following his first glimpse of the rookie from Russia. “The kid takes chances but he has a lot of talent,” Neilson observed. “He probably has enough talent — and enough nerve —  to keep BOTH teams in the game.”

And then there was Mike Keenan (my least favorite head coach over my 25 years), who was being interviewed by Sal “Red Light” Messina in the next booth over from the newspaper pressbox area during the pre-season of 1993-94. I’ve never seen this written but it happened. He told Messina that Zubov was “erratic” and that he couldn’t play for him and that he would be sent to the minors very soon and “probably wouldn’t be back.”

What happened next was strange and extremely significant if you consider how important Zubov was to the Stanley Cup run. Keenan became even more upset with veteran defenseman James Patrick  than he was with Zubov and so No. 21’s planned demotion was postponed (Patrick was traded to Hartford in early November in a deal forced by Keenan). Suddenly, there was an injury or two, the team was thin on defense and so the kid from Russia stayed … and went on to lead the team in scoring.

I consider Brian Leetch the greatest Ranger I ever covered and Messier was a tremendous addition and deserves all the praise he receives for being a leader and a catalyst but it always bothers me than Zubov’s role is minimized by many. The Rangers could send Leetch out on one shift and Zubov out on the next shift and no other team in the NHL could match that kind of a consistent threat from the defense.

Zubov was a terrific passer and a deft puck handler with a rare blend of confidence and nerve. I think he belongs in the NHL Hall of Fame but I wouldn’t be shocked if he doesn’t get there. Under-rating Sergei Zubov is a very common error.

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  1. So what do we conclude from this AWESOME blog entry (no, seriously, thanks Walt) …

    Merely, that Zubov >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Rozsival

  2. Wicky no need to apologize. You called me Mr. Obama and I said no need to call me names. Chalk it up to a bad joke on my part.

  3. Folks, I’ll tell you next time read it first. Well worth not being first!!!
    Walt, what a treat! Thank you so much. We all would like your fingers to have more excercise in the future. Please.
    Btw, I feel like a schmuck- I’m Russian and I had no clue about Zubov’s stats. I do know that he was and probably still is very underrated.

    Thanks again.

  4. thanks walt. walt what do you see in the new crop of young d men; staal, del zotto, gilroy, girardi, etc.??????????????????


  5. Zubov = HHOF for sure on

    Him and Slava Fetisov were the two best Russian defensemen of all time (Zubov for offense, Fetisov for defense). He’s won (I think) 3 Stanley Cups. He definately belongs in the HHOF.

  6. excellent post indeed… there is nothing else to add to it besides thank you, Walt.

    You absolutely right aboot Zubov being the most underrated and under-appreciated Ranger in history of the franchise… only few days ago we were discussing best and worst trades and i dont think any of us brought up Zubov’s trade…

    its a shame that Sergei has to finish his great career in that Looney-tune KHL…

  7. Great post about one of my all time favorite Rangers. Zubov was doomed by a moment in the 1995 playoffs…when Eric Lindros literally picked him up with one arm and tossed him aside in the Rangers zone….that’s when the team decided to go for size in Ulfie…only to get creamed by the much faster Penguins in 1996.
    As for all time awful trades of Ranger defensemen…what about Mark Tinordi to Minnesota for Rick Bennett, Brian Lawton and the immortal Igor Liba? Tinordi (though often injured) played eleven seasons as a physical #1 defenseman for Minn. and Washington. The players they got for Tinordi scored ten goals for the Blueshirts…COMBINED. It was one of Espo’s last deals….and it hurt for years. Probably worse than the trade for Paul Boutilier & Jari Gronstrand that only cost us Dave Gagner who went on to score 307 goals in 12 seasons in the NHL. Boutilier and Gronstrand scored a total of 3 goals for the Rangers. Another Esposito doozie. I’ll stop now before I get physically ill.

  8. Thanks for the great trivia question. Don’t you think that the lack of respect give to Zubov has everything to do with him being Russian? There seem to be so many xenophobic, Don Cherry-esque hockey fans out there.

  9. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    Oh, ok, I got it…It was actually funny. I’m just a little slow!

    Welcome and thanks for that great post. I liked zubov a lot, but I liked ulfie better, so I was happy with the trade. I do agree that zubov was way underrated and still is!

  10. Ooh..remembered another HORRIBLE deal that affected our D for years. Remember this one from 1996? We got Jari Kurri (1 goal in 14 games), Shane Churla (0 goals in 55 games) and Marty McSorley (0 goals in 9 games though played a few more seasons in the NHL). We GAVE UP Ian Laperriere who is STILL playing in NHL and the one that hurt…Mattias Norstrom who has played 12 outstanding seasons for L.A. and Dallas. He has only scored 18 goals, but has been a team leader and physical defenseman for years. Don’t forget Ray Ferraro who scored 110 goals in 7 more seasons who also went to L.A.
    The Rangers missed the playoffs for the first of seven straight seasons in 1998. Would we have with a defense of Leetch/Zubov/Beukeboom/Norstrom/Tinordi/Karpotsev instead of Leetch/Beukeboom/Samuelsson/Driver/Finley/Berg. Maybe….

  11. great post

    just finished a great night @ w77

    to laurel and all
    i was only able to get a 10:30 reservation so i hope to see a lot of people there this saturday.

  12. Great post! Im in mid my 20s and actually missed the 94 cup run but I read alot and you can’t be a rangers fan and not see the nonstop 1994 stuff on MSG (the actually had an article “The New York Rangers Win the Cup 15 years ago”) but I never understood what happened with Zubov…who trades the defensemen that leads your team in scored in a championship season? Weird.

  13. Olga Folkyerself on

    Despite my name, Walt, thanks for the Zubov info and reference. My heart sunk when I heard that trade. Imagine Leetch-Zubov on the power play for NY for all the post-Cup years! Beginning of the end for Neil Smith as GM.

    A lifetime pass, eh? So that’s your empty seat I keep seeing in MSG when the Rangers sell out a game.

    Keenan? I always though we won the Cup in spite of him, rather than with him, or for him. Speaking of horrible, can you suggest how we get rid of Glen Sather?

  14. Very enjoyable read Walt, many thanks.

    And I think Zubi will make the Hall, especially when he seals his legacy with Olympic and World gold this spring …

  15. Something that very few people noticed two years ago when Dallas acquired Norstrom from LA at the trade deadline; they had both of the defenseman (Zubov and Norstrom) who should have been the Captains/Leaders of the Rangers and taken over for Leetch.

    This organization really should do a night for Zubov, not a retirement ceremony or anything, just something to honor what he did and bring him back to the organization (you know, the whole “once a Rangers, always a Ranger” thing.)

    Good trivia question: the Rangers drafted Zubov with a pick that came to them as compensation for letting Guy LaFleur go to Quebec! That was back in the days before the Rangers could bring in top tier talent with money.

  16. Walt,
    you left out who in the organization didn’t like him and wanted him traded. I think he might still be involved with the league office in some respect, maybe bettman second in command.

  17. Hello, Mr. Macpeek – I thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog article!

    I’ve always thought Zubov was one of the most under-appreciated Rangers from that championship team of 1993-94, and one of the preeminent blue liners throughout his NHL career with Pittsburgh and Dallas.

    As far as HHOF, I think he’s on the outside looking in. You certainly can make the case for him though, as I believe only Lidstrom and Salming are ahead of him in scoring among European-born defensemen.

    Also, Ranger fans should never overlook his contributions on defense, particularly against Pavel Bure in the 1994 Stanley Cup Final. Nor should they Kevin Lowe for helping weave him into the tremendous seventeen-year career he would go on to have, having played in three Cup Finals and winning two of them in that span. Lowe was to Zubov in 1994 as Jeff Beukeboom was to Brian Leetch.

    One of the highlights of my hockey-playing ‘career’ was when I played against him in a fairly competitive summer inline league in Larchmont, NY, back in 1997. Kovalev and Robitaille also played in the same league around that time. Oddly enough, Zubov had already been traded, but since he kept his Mamaroneck home from his Ranger days, he trained there in the summertime.

    Our team beat his team both times we played him, although that was no slight on Zubov, as the team he played on was absolutely terrible. I’m sure he could have won the game single-handed (literally) if he really wanted to – Instead his first THREE options were to pass, pass, and pass! *lol*

    I should also point out that Zubov was one of the first four Russian players to get their names on the Stanley Cup, although he was the last alphabetically. The others, as I’m sure you know, were Karpovtsev, Kovalev, Nemchinov, and Zubie.

    Oh by the way, was there any player less heralded from that team than “Sarge” Nemchinov ? Many Ranger die-hards like to say it was Larmer, but how can you really, given Larms resume with Chicago ?

    Speaking of which, didn’t Larmer give up hockey to go fishing eight days a week ?? That was Larmer’s personality in a nutshell – One of my favorite captures of Game 7 was that of Stevie Larmer pinning a Canuck player (I believe it was Jyrki Lumme)up against the boards as the final whistle had sounded and the celebratory mayhem had begun! I don’t think there’s ever been a more textbook example for finishing your checks!

    Anyhow, back to Zubov and the primary reason I am replying. As you mentioned, and I will quote for clarity:

    “Something I’ve always wondered about and never had the tenacity to look up. I wonder, if in the history of the NHL, any other Stanley Cup championship team ever had one defenseman lead the team in regular season scoring (Zubov) and another defenseman (Leetch) lead the team in playoff scoring. I’m guessing it has never happened before or since.”

    Your guess is a correct one!

    I can confidently assure you that it has never happened before 1994 and has never happened since, going all the way back to the inception of the NHL in 1917. What’s even more impressive to me is that Zubov missed six games that season, while guys like Leetchie and Gravey played in all 84. Messier missed two more than Zubov, but I think it’s fair to say that he would not have compensated for a five point spread in just two games.

    In fact, throughout nearly the last 100 years of Stanley Cup competition by NHL teams, both active and defunct, this anomaly has not come close to rearing its head as it did in the spring of 1994.

    There have been a handful of times where one half of the criteria was met, but never has a true “D double” been presented.

    For example – Pierre Pilote (aka “Bobby Orr lite”… or at least aka by yours truly :-j)led the Hawks in playoff scoring in 1961, but finished 8th behind Bill Hay in reg season scoring that same year.

    One year later, Toronto’s legendary Timmy Horton helped the Leafs hoist the Cup by going 12-3-13-16, topping all point-getters by the Buds that spring. His reg season numbers ? 7th… behind Frank Mahovlich and five others!

    In 1966, Habs d-man J.C. Tremblay went 2-9-11 (leading all scorers) in a measly 10 playoff games to help “le rouge blanc et bleu” clinch yet another chalice….His regular season points ? 8th….behind points leader Bobby Rousseau (70-30-48-78).

    In the post-expansion era, half of this equation has been even less frequently fulfilled – And keep in mind I understand that this about TWO DIFFERENT d-men leading their teams in TWO DIFFERENT categories – regular season and playoff scoring, respectively — *NOT* one d-man achieving both feats.

    Heck, not even the greatest hockey player to ever lace up a pair of skates (# 4, black & gold)was able to do it! Espo and “His Excellence” flip-flopped in ’70 & ’72 – And # 4 ended up tied with # 7 in the spring of ’72.

    Larry Robinson also finished tied for the lead in playoff scoring in ’78 (with The Flower), but he never came close during the regular season.

    Al Macinnis led all Flaming C’s during the Stanley Cup Playoffs of 1989, but Hells Kitchen’s favorite son, Joey Mullen, netted 51 goals and tallied 110 points during the reg season.

    More recently, Scott Niedermayer, then of NJD, ended up tied with Devs current captain, Jamie Langenbrunner, with a whopping 18 points in 24 games.

    You get the idea. Not only has reg season AND playoff season scoring champion not been attained by TWO different defensemen from the SAME Stanley Cup-winning team, it has NEVER been accomplished by ONE!!

    I’d be willing to wager all of my meager possessions that both you and Carp, Leetch and Zubov, along with myself and every reader to this thread, will all leave this realm of consciousness before this feat is ever to be duplicated.

    At least we can DIE IN PEACE!!!!

    Happy Holidays to all.

  18. SidelineObserver on

    MikeA, Zubie was one of my favorite Ranger players from ’94 but there is no justifiable reason to bring him back here.

    His best years were spent as a Dallas Star, not as a Ranger.

    I’d like the team to take a break from beating us over the head with ’94.It was magical, I’ll never forget it.It was also 15 years ago.

    They want to honor someone? Hang another jersey from the rafters?

    If No.4 isn’t deserving of that honor I don’t know which Ranger is.

  19. Man, I went nuts when they traded Zubov. Too many times coaches and GMs make decisions about players based on personal feelings.

  20. Back in 95 the hockey league I played for switched jersey suppliers and we all had to pick new numbers and I picked 21. Zubie had a calmness about him with the puck and he was good at slowing the play down to allow the forwards to set up on the PP that made them so lethal in 94.I’ve also didn’t have a problem putting a well placed slapper on net for a rebound or deflection. I always thought that Graves never coming close to 50 goals after his record setting year had a lot to do with Zubov’s absence. Remember Graves goal in game 7, it was Zubov that carried the puck up ice, took a hit just inside the zone and poked it to Kovalev who slid it across to #9.

    He probably won’t get the HOF nod. Lidstrom, Chelios when he retires are the safe bets. I’d say Niedermayer too because he was part of 4 winning teams, a captain of one of them and a Conn Smythe winner. Only way I see him getting in, and this has been a recent trend that I hope continues, is they recognize non-traditional pioneers in the game and as a member of the first group of Russian players to have his name engraved on the Cup, he should get major points for that but it will probably be superceded by the accomplishments of the aforementioned blueliners.

  21. Hi Walt, I always loved your Ranger coverage in the Star Ledger. Funny, I always thought you left because the Star Ledger decided not to cover the Rangers as a local team anymore and they turned all their hockey coverage over to that Devils schill, Rich Chere (who I STILL think is on the Devils payroll).

    As far as Zubov, I agree with you 100%. He was my second favorite Ranger after Leetch, and when you had Zubov and Leetch on the point of the PP, the puck almost NEVER left the zone when it was anywhere near either of them!! I think Zubov was even better than Leetch at keeping the puck in, if that’s even possible. I could never understand when they traded him, but you have to remember, this was back in the time when every New York team needed a superstar at every position and I guess they felt that Luc would be that guy. If I recall, they traded someone else with Zubie to Pittsburgh, was it Nedved? Anyway, I hope you come to the blog and post and guest blog often.


  22. Zubov is not underrated by any Ranger fan who knows anything about the game and valued his many on ice contributions to the club. Unfortunately, our beloved franchise has a continuing history of poor evaluation and utilization of its existing personnel, not to mention horrendous drafting. Occasionally–very occasionally–even a blind squirrel (Sather)finds a worthy acorn (Marion Gaborik). Let us pray he can quickly find 2 or 3 more acorns of that type so we can forget his frequent errors in judgement.

  23. Great post, and agree that much of the lack of credit to Zubov can be traced to the prevalent anti-Russian, anti-European prejudices at that time, that still exist to a lesser extent, especially in Canada. How often do we hear about “grit” and “heart” as only applying to North American players? Drury is constantly promoted for his “intangibles”, yet his statistics and skill sets are minimal. Europeans have to fit a certain mold to be appreciated. Ovechkin is starting to change some of these prejudices as he refuses to keep his mouth shut and keep his personality under wraps.

  24. So Mr MacPeek graciously shares his memories with us and all you have to add is “give it a rest”? Nice job Uncle Paul, very respectfully.

  25. KC
    As long as we have Don Cherry- likes around the hockey, the image will not change. But the truth is, NHL has been changing for years now, because of Europeans, including Russians. And it’s been changing in a very positive way.

    I can talk and talk about it, I’m Russian. But maybe I’ll save it for guest-blogging at some point when Carp is vacationing. Again..

  26. Paulie B (Born in same town as Billy Burch, the “Babe Ruth of Hockey”)
    December 8th, 2009 at 7:25 am
    Mike, is that you?

  27. Agree that it’s the older Don Cherry types who criticize the European players the most. Yet there still exist Mike Milbury types who always has an extra snide and derogatory remark toward European players. And only 3 years ago Brendan Shanahan said he was shocked at the way Jagr was allowed to be fouled on the ice by the officials and that he hadn’t seen anything like that since Slava Fetisov. This xenophobia should be addressed more aggressively in the media, and more of these past incidents should be brought to light. Great post.

  28. Cherry is still mad about Ulfie effectively ending Cam Neely’s career.

    Wonder what he’d say about the Bruins best and hardest hitting D being a Slovak.

  29. Welcome Mr. MacPeek! You were one of my all time favorite reads on my commute. I think I stopped buying the ledger soon after your retirement.

    Great post about a great player.

  30. Mr. MacPeek – terrific post, very interesting. LOL on rookie Zubov keeping BOTH teams in the game. Was Keenan your least favorite coach as a person, or due to his coaching philosphy/style? Hope Carp can twist your arm to have you share some more memories and insight occasionally.

    Thanks for having such a terrific guest Carp. We all come here on a daily (or hourly) basis for you of course, but great choice for a guest blogger!

  31. ovie is a beast and is one tough russian too. i dont think its a problem in questioning the heart or battle level of european players anymore except in don cherry;’s world. look at holmstrom,ulfie,kronwall,ovie,holik, tikkanen,kovalchuk,norstrom,ville neimenen and whole bunch of others i cant recall this early in the am. i dont meanfighting, cuz thats not their game. they rather affect the game on the scoresheet. but ive seen plenty of euro’s fight just because they had to stand their ground. its not how they were brought up to play. but you see it more and more now adays. anyway, i loved zubie when he was here. i was 14 when he got traded so it wasnt such a big deal for me. back then all i knew was, ohh, a trade!!! awesome, i wonder what awesome player they got back!! naivety caused me to not understand the importance of these types of things. i agree and enjoyed your post alot walt. its always great to go back in time to 94 even if its 15 years ago. i’ll never get tired of it, that is until we get the next one.

  32. Great post Mr Macpeek. I think when us boneheads get in any discussion about Ranger trades the Zubov one is always high among the list of GM f**k-ups. The trade itself was so short-sighted and i think Neil Smith was convinced he had to get a famous name in return, unfortunately the players contributed little and in the end the GM pi$$ed away even the draft picks left while Zubov was racking up assists and All-star picks.

    Unfortunately our current GM still believes in trying to sign big names for big bucks and forgets about operating under the cap.

  33. Hey Walt, great blog on Zubi. Me and my little circle of Central Jersey Ranger fans were big fans of your coverage of the Rangers in the Ledger. I’m glad to see you surface here and hope to see some future posts.

    If you didn’t have the opportunity to read Walt back in the day, he was always fair and objective and had great insight into what was going on around the team.

    Thanks also to Carp for tracking Walt down for us!

  34. Sources tell TSN that Hockey Canada will name Mark Messier as its general manager for the 2010 World Hockey Championship. The 2010 event runs from May 7 to May 23 in Germany

  35. Mike, speaking of Chara. I remember he did a job on Vincent a few years back. And he held back the last punch too. If he didn’t, we wouldn’t be talking possible Vinny trade today. Don Cherry must’ve swallowed his hernia when he saw the fight.

  36. Steveknj, I totally agree with that first paragraph of yours.

    Miss ya Walt! Star Ledger hockey coverage hasn’t been the same without you. I cancelled my subscription when they began to soley cover the D****S for the 5000 fans they have.

  37. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    Great post Walt and thanks for dropping by!!!

    I’m not as old as some (36 yrs now) but to my memory the Zubov trade has always been the one that made me realize that teams do things at times for reasons other than the ones on the ice.

    There was no way you trade that guy away because of how he played. It really shed my naivety.

  38. Nick Gutfreund on

    hi Walt…we met in Vancouver at the airport after game 6 (remember how that felt…mutiny, injuries, worries). I always loved your work. Thank you. btw, this is a great piece. allbest for the holidays.

  39. Walt MacPeek? Talk about a blast from the past. Walt and the Star-Ledger were my only source for Rangers news “back in the day”.

    I actually don’t think that Samuellsson was a bad defenseman when he was here.

    Per Djoos: “Remember this one from 1996? We got Jari Kurri (1 goal in 14 games), Shane Churla (0 goals in 55 games) and Marty McSorley (0 goals in 9 games though played a few more seasons in the NHL).”

    Shane Churla was one hell of a fighter, though. I think he’s the NHL’s all-time leader in penalty minutes. I saw him win many fights, but my most vivid memory of Churla is when he got his ass handed to him by Stu Grimson one night in Hartford. This was when Churla was wearing a mask to protect his nose that he broke a few nights earlier.

    When the Rangers last played the Sabres I couldn’t believe that I was hearing the name “Brad May” during the game. It was hard to believe that it was the same Brad May who was on the Sabres during the ’93-’94 season and who had one hell of a fight with Jay Wells at “the Aud” in Buffalo. Thankfully, I was able to find this fight online; long live the Internets!

    I was a sophomore in high school when I first saw this fight; now I’m a 32-year-old husband, father, and working stiff.

  40. May Day, May Day, May Day!!! One of the patented Rick Jennerette (sp?) calls.

    Isn’t Dave “Tiger” Williams still the leader in PIMs?

  41. Thanks for the read Walt, I always like the inside information that the average fan never hears about. (except maybe in a rumor)

    Come back and visit soon!

  42. RickD.

    Keenan wanted to get rid of EVERYBODY. In his eyes, Leetch would never been as good as Chelios and Richter would never be in the same class as Belfour.

  43. NJRangersfan60 on

    What a treat to read the great Walt MacPeek again!! I grew up reading Walt’s coverage of the Rangers in the Star Ledger, and never knew (until now) why he had stopped covering the team. I still have a scrapbook with almost every article Walt wrote from one of the John Ferguson years in the late 70’s in it.

    What a shame – it was certainly a loss for the fans to lose your perspective. Glad you guest posted here – hope to see more of your insight soon.

  44. Thanks for the post Walt. Your name always went with NY Rangers hockey. Somebody asked for the worst trades of the last few decades and the Zubov trade was my nomination for the worst of the 90’s. You must cringe when you see Keenan on MSG network. Of course, Keenan and Neil Smith get a lifetime pass for all mistakes by bringing us the cup. As much joy that 94 brought to us lifers, it’s been 15 long years.

    Chicago is probably the top up and coming young team. Let’s see what kind of game Tortorella’s boys come up with tonight.

  45. Hi folks… Great post Walt, I have been a fan of Zubovs since his Ranger days. I knew he had a lot to do with winning the cup but I guess I has forgotten how much. He was young and loaded with talent. I do remember that he was in Keenans dog house a lot. I never liked Keenan’s coaching tactics. He coached the Rangers to the Stanley cup but I did not like him before he came to NY, while he was in NY or even now, I don’t think he’s coaching now. It didn’t take him long to wear out his welcome in Calgary. If I remember correctly he wanted to be GM, and Smith was not about to give up the job. I could be wrong about that.

  46. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    This is when I know Im SUPER bored.

    I actualyl go over to Eklunds site and see if there are any rangers rumors
    This si what he just posted:

    Rangers & Oilers Talks heating Up!

    More to come, as I am in meetings. The key name for the rangers continues to be Cogliano. The Oilers love Dubinsky. The Sens are also continuing to inquire about dubinsky as well.

    Much more to come.

    MAybe if he inserted DRURYS name I would half beleive it.
    Maybe Renney would want his CLUTCH Captain back?

  47. Leighton would be a good backup for Henrik and hes on the waiver wire, Chad Johnson should be getting games in hartford

  48. wow!
    GREAT post Walt.
    i agree that Sergei has been unjustly ignored
    all these years and possibly Euro bias
    will keep him out of the HOF.

    thanks to you and Carp for inviting your here.
    hope to hear from you again!

  49. Carp, thanks for having Walter guest blog. Thank you Walter for accepting! I used to get the Star Ledger for Walter and the comics, now just for the comics. If I want Ranger news now I check here first. I was slightly interested in the Rangers when the Hodge trade went down
    and was upset then but not as much as when Zubov was traded. I never liked Keenan and I hate him even more now that I know his imput on that trade. He’s one of those superior morans who are never wrong. I’m glad his stint as Ranger commentator was painfully short. Mr MacPeek please come back again your perspective will always be appreciated.

  50. Like him or not, witt is one hell of a tough dude and is EXACTLY what we need on D!!

    I wanna
    I remember that fight with churla also, messier was screaming form the bench for someone to jump in and help shane because of his already injured face! Churla had balls!

    So for all the curious, today was -14 on my way to work. My frakking english muffin froze together while I was driving in the wicky wagon. No, the wicky wagon is not like the clutch mobile and it does not have a visor on the front of it either ZZZZZZ!!!!

    Vlad konstantinov was a hell of a physical player as well. Speaking of great nicknames, ulfie “the big nasty”, vlad with “vlad the impailer”, and pat verbeek “the little ball of hate” are my three favorites and not oddly enough, three of my all time fave players!

    Have a crease clearing hard hitting physicla d man day to all!!

  51. Walt MacPeek! Welcome back to writing about the Rangers! You’re bringing back some old memories now!

  52. Keenan wasn’t involved in the Zubov trade. I believe it was our favorite toothless league disciplinarian Colin Campbell that was the one giving him the boot.

  53. “I’m okay,” Witt told the crowd as he dusted himself off, according to Newsday. “I’ve got to go play some hockey. I’m a hockey player. I’m okay. No big deal.”

    Hahahahaha, i hate him as an Islandork, but i really do like him as a player. I wish NYR could have him. He has balls of steel, unlike anyone on NYR.


    Lol, Hacklund’s been running that rumor for like 3 years straight. It’s always the Oilers.

  54. Is there any truth to the rumer that the Rangers are talking trade with Edmonton? Duby for Andrew Cogliano, why would they do that? cap space?

  55. That would be a waste. Could have had Heatley with a little extra thrown in. Instead we’re considering trading him straight up for Cogliano.

    Im not that impressed with the kid, he was involved in the Heatley deal, and it was public, so you’d think he’d take it personal, and want to prove the team that he’s worth it. But i think he only has aboot 2 goals-5 or 6 points.

    Id rather keep Dublowski. Pack him up in the Lecavalier deal !!

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Slats considers Richards again. He’s having a pretty good year in Dallas. He does make Blowmez money, with less years left on his contract.

  56. Isn’t Cogliano like the Canadian Enver Lisin or Rico Fata part deux?

    Ok, so you trade and get Heatley but then you probably don’t get Gaborik, unless Rozi was part of that deal. I suppose they still could have traded Gomez and you know, not signed Kotalik and perhaps that would have freed up enough space for Gaborik and Heatley. Still no number 1 centers and still up against the cap.

  57. I just don’t get it, I don’t see the Rangers getting benefit from a trade like that . Duby is a better all round player than Cogliano. Lecavalier has not been to date, is still out of the Rangers price range. Wouldn’t Richards be in the same boat? They would have to give up way to much to get those guys.

  58. Wow, a Zubie post! I did not see that coming…excellent Walt! Thanks, welcome to the Report, and hope to have you back.

    Uncle Paul, a newspaper on the nose for you!

    TR, as usual, I’ll be there for the game, but I’ll be on the lookout for your arrival. Patrick and all, if you go there to watch the game, I’ll hopefully be on the first bar stool in front of the TV.
    If you can’t find me just shout out “mama?!” :)

  59. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Thats why I dont go to Eklunds site unless im super super bored

    Dubi’s been hur tfor over 10 games and STILL has the same or equal point totals

    I think Dubi stays here the entire year unless an Unbeleivable trade comes along that he has to be part of

  60. Thinking a bit more about that Zubov trade, it’s hard to fathom how that Pittsburgh team didn’t win the Cup. You had three Hall of Famers in Lemieux, Jagr and Francis. Good role players in Nedved, Smolinski, Sandstrom and a young Naslund. The defense wasn’t much after Zubov and maybe Mironov but Barrasso was an experienced Cup winning goalie. I would take that team any day of the week.

  61. blogmama

    got some funny stories about last night with Mrs. TR and i.

    i got a good feelin about saturday. they already have reservations taken for certain booths and such.

  62. I will be eternally grateful to Mike Keenan for his role in getting us that damn Stanley cup. But as a talent evaluator, he was awful. The Zubov critique is unbelievable. He also said in the past that he would rather have Chelios than Leetch. Both of them are superb, but if not for Brian Leetch we don’t win a cup.

    Tonight on Blueshirt Banter radio we talk w/ Emile Francis and Gilles Villemure !

    Also, Rangers Halt Isles 23 Game Home Undefeated Streak 1/27/79 Video

  63. Awesome post. That is actually one of two facts I always discuss with my friends that are Rangers fans. The other is that Brian Noonan ACTUALLY scored the game winning goal in game 7 in 94, not Messier. But I always said Zubov was so underappreciated for what he did for the team and in his career.

    Honestly, if there was no Lidstrom, he probably would have at least 5 Norris trophies by now.

  64. Keenan was like the fan that wanted to trade everyone after a bad stretch, except when he was given coach/GM duties he often ended up doing just that. I wonder what he’d do with this current Ranger team?

  65. Thanks, Walt. Superb analysis.

    Expedient, short-term patching trades are too often the bane of every GM and organization which engages in them. They are just a high risk – low potential reward crap shoot. Yes, the Rangers got lucky that Pavel Brendle tanked and didn’t come back to sting them, but that does not make the Lindros acquisition an intelligent, long-term investment. As for the Zubov-Nedved blue chip contribution to Pittsburgh for a couple smelly old fish, what can one say? Surely pressure from ownership upon GM’s “To win it all now,” has always been with us and will forever undermine the chances for a team of winning it all, in exchange for upgrading that team’s chances of making the playoffs. Trading what will be a loaf tomorrow, for what is a crumb today, is a mentality which can be traced throughout the history of sports and business.

    Patience has rewarded as many winning organizations as much as impatience has punished those with no confidence in the young lifeblood in their own system. It never changes and never will. The answer is simple – to always be on the long-term planning side of these controversial – to some, transactions, and let the tide flow in to the fullest, as nature takes its course.

  66. Great to see you writing again, Mr. MacPeek. you were a staple in our house in the 80s and 90s – all the boys used to fight over who got the Sunday Star Ledger page first.

    Did the Rangers ever get Dale Hawerchuk??

    that seemed to be a common theme of your column, as I recall…

  67. Very sweet post, and a good read.

    It is hard for me to even think of Zubov. It just pisses me off to think we could of had this guy locked up for the life of his career as a RANGER, and of course though…our teams screws everything good up.

  68. The funniest part about all this is that we ended up letting Zubov go because we thought Alexander Karpovtsev was going to take over his role and become that secondary powerplay threat next to Leetch…

    It was mostly because he was bigger than Zubov, but wow, what a terrible thought both now and at the time.

  69. Nice to hear you name again, Walt. I remember you interviewed many times on the radio by Red Light Messina betwen periods. I did not get cable in my area until the late 80’s so listened to alot of games on radio.

  70. “Ok, so you trade and get Heatley but then you probably don’t get Gaborik, unless Rozi was part of that deal. I suppose they still could have traded Gomez and you know, not signed Kotalik and perhaps that would have freed up enough space for Gaborik and Heatley. Still no number 1 centers and still up against the cap”


    I honestly think both Heatley, an Gabby were in Slats’ plans. This is Slats, he’ll do anything to get players he thinks will help the team, and he doesn’t care how much it costs.

    Blowzy would have been part of the deal. Murray was rushing for a trade, and im sure Slats would have told him, if you want Dubi, McDonagh, and either Staal, or Cally with those two, then you’re gonna have to take a bad contract in return.

    Yeah, we wouldn’t have a number one center, but Vinny surprised us all this season, and he would fit right in between those two.

    Im not gonna jump on the bandwagon and say “ohh i knew we should have traded so and so”. No, i had no idea Dubi would be worthless this season, and Staal would be terrible defensively, and not improve his offensive game one bit, and Cally would struggle all season.

    Really sucks. It would be awesome to have the two guys leading the league in goals.

  71. Did they not include Nedved along with Zubov in that dumb trade? Nedved went on to have his most productive years at Pittsburg.

    Btw, Zubov was 5th rounder… They used to know how to draft.

  72. Tell me many of you thought that the hit by Stewart was a “clean” hit? I don’t usually become outraged, but I did then…most ESPECIALLY at those two yo-yos in the broadcast booth trying to outdo each other insisting that it was indeed a clean hit. Just a casual look at the replay shows Stewart deliberately smashing Anisimov in the face with his elbow.

    It’s one thing to have blind referees, but stupid sports announcers is really pushing the envelope.

  73. You guys are silly, Dubi is all of a sudden worthless? The guys been hurt, give it a rest. When he comes back he will help, and then, if he doesn’t start to produce, I will call him worthless…but some of you guys are calling our young players who are having rough seasons so far worthless. Whats wrong with you guys? From what I remember we have been dying for Slats to call up the kids and play them instead of these heartless goons we’ve had.

  74. theflynn- You mean Stuart? Yeah I saw the hit…it was a tough one. I wanted to get angry, but they showed it from numerous angles and I couldn’t find a single shot of it that showed him, A. coming thru with his elbow, B. leaving his feet, or C. taking a cheap shot. It was a clean hit, lets face it, AA needs to keep his head up.

  75. clueless sather on

    cogliano is nowhere near as good as Dubi. I have watched many Edm games, and he is more of a barely 3rd line type guy, a small hacker with average skills

    Sather is a joke. an over the hill jerk who has basically had the rangers stuck in neutral as a bottom half of the conference borderline playoff bubble team for 5 years after 5 pathetic years as a laughingstock loser franchise under him.

  76. ilb – same happened with Kovalev when he went over there, but it actually ruined his career. Kovi was never the hardest worker, but he became straight up lazy when he was playing with the likes of Lemieux, Jagr, and Francis.

    Didn’t effect Nedved after he left, but he obviously put up numbers playing with some of the best stars in the league.

    One Ranger Love – It’s not that they are worthless, its the fact that they are being put in positions and being “hyped up” just because we haven’t had prospects before. Dubinsky is not a 1st line center and at best is a 2nd line center. He’s a career 40-50 point a year guy. Callahan is a career 3rd line winger.

    Many fans thought both of these guys would be/are top 6 forwards when its not really the case. Some of us said it from day 1, others are starting to notice that now.

  77. You could be right Orr, I think they did the Gomez deal to clear up space in general. Perhaps after Murray balked at taking Rozi along with one of the Dubi/Cally/Staal players, Sather knew he had to clear up space in general. When it appeared that Sather could have Gaborik for just money instead of giving up talent, I think he figured might as well hold onto what looked liked a couple of promising players and get the game changer as well.

    Sather knew he was dealing from a position of strength as far as how much he had to give up, which was less than fair market value for a player of Heatley’s talents, but he still needed to clear up space and even if Ottawa is going to get hosed on a deal in terms of talent, you still don’t compound that mistake fiscally as well.

  78. ilb – it was a clean hit. It was all shoulder. The elbow came up after impact which was just a reaction from the hit.

    clueless – I think skill wise, Cogliano is better than Dubinsky, but the fact is he’s too small to succeed with his game at the NHL level. I think he’ll become a better player once he develops, but unlike some other smaller guys like P-Kane, his game hasn’t and probably won’t adapt to the NHL level. He is a fantastic skater and has a ton of skill though.

  79. Jonny D- Okay, that I can agree with you on. I never assumed these guys would be top liners. I’ve been watching them since they first stepped on the ice. I’ve had expectations for them, but not to be big threats in the NHL. All these perceptions we have of these guys were put in our heads by the organization and MSG. They always talk up these guys as if they are going to be the second coming of the Messiah. I’d love Dubi to step up and be that kind of player, but do I ever see it panning out? Not at this point.

  80. While i am not averse to a bit of Sather bashing, i read an interesting article on blueshirt banter about some fictional Sather-bashing by none other than Larry Brooks (see link below)..and it was well researched by the guy involved.

    Kind of dents your credibility Uncle Larry doesn’t it?
    So Slats did go out and try and trump the Pens offer to Orpik, but the guy decided on a slightly longer deal and a hometown discount – can’t say i blame the guy as it looks like the Pens will be contenders for at least the next few seasons and we’re still missing a few essential parts.

  81. Walt, I grew up reading you and loked forward everyday to the “slap shots” part of your articles. In my opinion, you were the best sports writer at the once proud Star Ledger. NJ Ranger fans miss you terribly.

  82. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Great post Walt!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Wicky , -15 …umm you wussey!! Haha I’t -30 over here right now and it is c-cold out side!!!

    Great to see Zubov still remembered. He lead us in points that one year!!!! That is crazy , I loved it back then and I really noticed the mass talent of Russians comming into the league. Back then around ’94 -95 I played NHL94/nhl95 for Ea and we could create characters now!!! Well I needed a russian superstar so I made up Sergei Suprstarov . He was fast and super good. I gave him the number 62 and a star was born. I now use him in NHL10 on the xbox online , people see it and say , wow perty cool name. I usually say thanks and think to my self , wow this dude is old. The name Sergei was because of guys like Zubo, Federov and Sergei Makarov.

  83. clueless sather on

    you are dead wrong. he is NOT a more skilled center than Dubi.

    how often have you seen him play? he can’t even beat out Horcoff for a center spot for cryin out loud. he could NOT play with jagr or Gaborik like Dubi can. it is vastly underrated the ability of Dubi in the corners to come up with and control pucks while his wingers get open in front. cogliano cannot do anything in the corners because he is a smurf.

  84. Jonny, i always thought these guys were 2nd/3rd liners. We don’t have many forwards in the system that have that top line potential – Grachev is a possibility, but we’re yet to see him play the pro game for any length of time.
    I think AA and Dubi will fill the 2nd/3rd line center roles for some time and we will have to find a 1st line center through trade or free agency or use Vinny P at Center and find a top line left winger. Unfortunately those Redden, Roszy and Drury salaries are top line and top pair D salaries being paid to guys who are not filling the roles.

    On a positive note we look to have really dropped on some really good players in Gilroy and MDZ.

    I also saw a rumour linking us to Pavol Demitra earlier today (Toronto Sun i think it was). Any thoughts?

  85. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    The stuart hit was clean, I wish we had guys that would hit like him!!

    For whatwver its worth, slatipuss has tried to get bangers in here at various times. Two, orpik and neil, took hometown discounts to stay with their current clubs. Two others, chara and gauthier, did not want to come to the rangers for “rumored” reasons of players on the rangers they did not want to play with (jagr and avery respectively). That of course does not mean he should not keep trying and he really needs to get witt in my opinion!

  86. what do you people think of this deal

    callahan and rozsival to carolina

    for their number 1 pick

    carolina is in bad shape and needs some help. we could also use their number 1 pick

  87. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    good to hear from you my samskwatch bro! Figured you had it far worse there!

  88. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Great post Walt!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    We couldn’t retire Zubov’s number..MDZ is wearing it fine.

    Let’s see if this kid can stay with the club and make #4 an offensive force again. MDZ hits and hits hard!! He is agile and can avoid lots of bone-crunching hits. He can shoot and will get even better. MDZ is fast …speedy guy . MDZ can pass and yes he does make those long strech passes….he did play on the same team as Tavares and Stamkos. MDZ is truely our new superstar defenseman along with Staal as well. MDZ is nothing like Staal. Two different syles that will complement each other in time. Watching him on the team is what makes this year special. One day , who knows…this kids could hear his name as his Number raises up to the rafters along side Brian Leetch.

  89. ThisYearsModel on


    You are right on. We have one of our favorite whipping boys, Colie Campbell to thank for that idiotic trade of Zubov. He would be up there right behind Leetch as one of the greats had we not thrown him away to Pittsburgh. I had no problem with Ulf but he was not worth Zubov. Robitaille was a bust in NY and Nedved got the last laugh when the Pens eliminated the Rangers.

  90. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Great post Walt!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Yeah I keep getting the Number 4 (delzotto) mixed up with Zubov’s #21.Sorry as I read it , I said dam I did it again!!! If Zubov stayed longer we could have won it again? Then his # 21 would be honored , poor Higgins.

  91. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    one ranger
    yep, this team would actually be considerably better as well!

    if rutherford is on crack, yes I do the deal. I think they are wanting to unload players and contracts rather than take them in.

  92. How come players that come to NY never take hometown discounts? How come all of them rob the hometown? Even the young guys who come through the system don’t take the hometown discount (Dubi)

    What up with that? :)


    My problem with Dubi, isn’t just the fact that he’s having a rough year, but it’s because he decided to be a greedy prick. Now that comb over geek is worthless to me. The fact that he could have been packaged for Heatley makes it even worse, especially since i was one of the fans here that said i didn’t want him in any deals.

    I didn’t boo Prucha, or call him worthless when he couldn’t score a goal to save his little sisters virginity. But that’s only because he wasn’t greedy like Dublowski. I guess that’s what happens when you get rid of classy guys like Jags, and Shanny, and bring in greedy worthless over paid, over rated douchebags like Dreary, Blowmez, and Dredden, and Blowzival too. They start to rub off on the young ones. Im sure Bathroom Staal is gonna try it with us this summer.

    Should have traded Dublowski while his stock was higher than it will EVER be. I have zero confidence in this kid, and don’t care that he’s not playing.

    And i like Cally .The kid has a lot of heart, but like ive been saying, we should use him as trade bait for a goal scorer. Cally at best, will always be a 20 goal scoring grinder. So, why not package him and bring in someone who can help this team, mainly Gabby, so the guy doesn’t have to do all the work himself.

    I love the youth, don’t get me wrong. It’s exactly what i wanted, but the team needs help.

    Unless we all want Nyr to get a top 5 pick. Then that’s another story.

  94. Greg L. – Zubov wore #21, not #4.

    clueless – yes I’ve watched him play. The kid tore it up at the youth level, had a very successful career at Michigan, and had a Dubi like season his 1st year. Fact is he found out he was supposed to be traded for Heatley (which made the media pretty much attack him) and that combined with the lack of depth Edmonton has with all the injuries as caused his scoring to suffer. If you put him in Dubi’s situation, despite different playing styles, he’d put up similar numbers just because of his speed and ability to create space with it.

    UKRanger – It’s the same thing with the Zherdev hearing. Brooks reported numbers that was so false it was beyond belief. I know the person that put together the case, and while he wouldn’t/couldn’t talk about it, he said the 4+ million figure that Brooks said Zherdev was looking for was way off from what he actually asked for and wasn’t discussed until the final days before the hearing. Hence why I don’t listen to Brooks anymore.

  95. Orr – Dubi was greedy because his buddy Ryan Callahan got a bigger contract after doing much less than Dubi did in the 2 years they played. Fact is Callahan like we’ve said is a 3rd liner, but people forget he’s making 2.3 million a year on average. Dubi’s contract is much less and he’s been asked to play with stars like Jagr and Gaborik.

    I don’t agree with how Dubi handled his situation, but when he sees Callahan get a bigger payday than he really deserved, I don’t blame him. That Cally one was another dumb contract given out by Sather.

  96. Yep, overhyped Staal is going to try to take us to the cleaners this summer. Let’s hope moron Sather doesn’t fold like a cheap suit this time.

  97. Why is Staal going to try to take us to the cleaners, how do any of you know? His agents is one of the classiest guys ever, Bobby Orr… Also Staal has no offensive stats to be able to take us to the cleaners.. Staal will be a Ranger, and it will not be for a ridiculous price. Everyone is such a debbie downer up in here

  98. Rob, I’m just tired of the glorification of certain players because they came through the Ranger system. Dubinski and Callahan are proving to be nothing more than third liners and Staal is regressing. I don’t care how old they are. They are not as good as we are being led to believe by the MSG hype machine. The only skilled player I see is MDZ. When was the last time we drafted or produced anything resembling an elite player besides Henrik?

  99. “How come players that come to NY never take hometown discounts? How come all of them rob the hometown? Even the young guys who come through the system don’t take the hometown discount (Dubi)

    What up with that? :)”

    WHOOOOOWEEEE what’s up with that? What’s up with that?
    Whoooooweeee what’s up with that? What’s up with that?

    What’s up? Said what’s up? What’s uuuuuuup with that?


  100. I’m not saying Staal will try to take us to the cleaners, but he does have the ball in his court. He faces the other teams top forwards every night and for the most part shuts them down (as best he can at least).

    If his agent is smart, he’d take out the splits about when the star players and Staal are on the ice, what his +/- compared to what their stats show. He’s only -5 or -6 overall in his career so he doesn’t have much to stand on just based on that, so if his agent gets the stats and proves Ovechkin and some other stars only scored such and such amount of goals and Staal is +4 or something when they are on the ice, then he’s got an argument. Either way I wouldn’t pay him anymore than he should be getting for a slighty above average defensive d-man with only some offensive growth potential.

  101. Tom – Marc Savard. Oh yeah we traded him after a 47 point rookie year because he wasn’t solid enough defensively. Yeah, that worked out. He’s a top 20 point guy in the league taking a huge pay cut/hometown discount and will make 4 million next year. On the open market, guys like him would make near league maximum.

    CCCP – compared to what all the other overrated “offensive” d-man made that year, he took one haha. Although Mark Streit took less…and yeah, he’s ridiculous.

  102. Nasty 1 i knew you would pick it up! That sketch is hilarious! As I said on the previous post, I cannot get that song outta my head! WOOOO WHEEEE!! WHATS UP WITH THAT?! lmao!

  103. dubinksy has been hurt, he could hav played better at the start but he was playing with new linemates, given one of his linemates is a freak yes but still, everyone is giving up on this guy and he hasnt even played a hockey game in the last month… you cant say he will never be nothing more than a 3rd liner, nobody knows that

  104. Callahan /Roszival to Carolina for thei #1: In a heartbeat!
    Wait, the Canes can’t be that dumb! $7 million in cap space off our books!

  105. Great article Walt! I remember reading your coverage when I was growing up (back when the Star Ledger still covered the Rangers). Good to read something from you again!

    Thanks, Carp!

  106. Nasty 1

    yeah i saw both of the sketches! funny carp! My fiancé also thought it was the dumbest carp she ever seen and now she suffers because i use “whoooweee what up with that” on her for aboot 20 times a day! Poor girl!

    Btw… have you guys seen this SNL Tiger Woods sketch? Funny stuff…check it out

  107. I did see it. Good stuff. SNL has been decent the last little while, after being god awful for a long time.

  108. that callahan and rozsival for canes first pick is so stupid, it will never happen, why woudl they want to take rozsivals cap hit, if anything theyll be lookin to get rid of players themselves with undesirable contracts… and who says the first round draft pick we got would be worth it, and its not like they are defintiely going to have the 1st pick… this is just liek listening to the FAN listening to some idiotic NY fan, whether it be of the mets or yanks, proposing a trade on the air that is completely out of the blue, most of the time being completley onesided in favor of the NY team.. I love how everyone during the offseason was all on Callahans highhorse and how he should be an alternate captain and how great he is and now people r willing to just trade him away, just another example of fairweather sports fans, its pathetic..
    Dont trade Cally, Dont trade Dubi
    and Henrik is going NOWHERE for all the idiots that were trying to figure out where we coudl trade him the past week or so, IDIOCY


    Thanks, Walt. I really enjoyed reading your guest post. Hope you come back and when you do I would love to see your take on the Rangers goalies over the years. Giacomin, Villemure, Beezer, JD, Richter and LQ. I think the Rangers need a new goalie coach but I am in the minority.

  110. Olga Folkyerself on

    Lenny- Callahan /Roszival to Carolina for their #1 pick?

    Thanks to Sather we would have to bribe someone with Callahan just to take Rozival. No GM would be dumb enough to trade that for a likely #1 overall pick. In any case it would do us no good. Slats would just draft Jessiman’s little brother with the pick.


    BTW, Carp, if you get a lifetime NHL pass, don’t forget the Boneheads here at the Festivus blog!

  112. good to know you’re well,walt….i loved your “breaking the ice” column on sundays…the daily news should consider that,as they have a column on everything but hockey on sundays…the only time you disappointed me was back in ’75 or so,you said the rangers were going to get frank spring in a deal and it never happened(just kidding)….hope you come back soon!

  113. someone posted that the Rangers traded Zubov because they felt Karpovtsev would replace him offensivley. not true. the Rangers traded Zubov for 2 reasons, 1 was that they felt like they needed to get tougher (ulf sameuelson), and 2, Campbell hated him.

  114. i believe the nordiques were the start to zubovs problems. they dont come out and ask zubov to play for them and the “character” problems never come to be.

    but this is just my opinion.

  115. messier didnt get along with zubov either, but nobody wants to mention that.. it was because of messier as well as colin campbell that Zubov was traded

  116. Rob M,
    Not true. Messier was the guy who on the trade deadline in 95 stood up for Zubov, and confronted Smith about trade rumors involving Zubov.

  117. Great post.
    I’ve been gone awhile (don’t get that flu!) but what a great post to read upon returning.

    Thanks for the Gift of Walt, Carp!

  118. so what is the rumor on espn about the vinny from tampa coming to ny. i dont have espn insider so i cant read it myself so i was hoping someone knew

  119. To Sideline and anyone else-I never said retire Zubov’s number, but give him a night of tribute. If Glen Anderson gets a standing ovation and gets to come back to the Garden as a hero time after time, and Darren Landgdon gets to come to retirement ceremonies, there’s no reason Zubov shouldn’t be honored with a highlight reel and a standing ovation that he rightfully deserves.

    It’s so funny how similar the Mets and Rangers have been historically with bad trades. Trading Sergei Zubov was the equivalent of trading Kevin Mitchell and the Nolan Ryan trade was the same as the Middleton deal.

  120. I have been a Ranger fan for a long time, longer than I care to mention. I just can’t believe the stuff you guys can remember. I have a hard time remembering what happened yesterday, but the info you guys come up that happened all those years ago. I am truely impressed. My hat comes off to you.

  121. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Let’s bring this back to a TRUE Ranger, one who will never be forgotten… Captain Clutch.

    How bad is it when you’re not only being scored by Boyle, no, not Dan Boyle, but Brian Boyle! That and you have the same number of goals as Brendan Witt! haha… 8.0million this year… ouch.

  122. This might be considered a baseball city but I still say that Rangers fans are the most knowledgeable, hardcore, opinionated, passionate, and crazy out of the bunch and while the Yankees and Mets are getting the back pages and all the drama, the couple hundred thousand REAL Rangers fans (not counting the casuals or fair weathers) know where it’s at.

  123. Are any of the NJ ranger fans as pissed off as I am that there is no beat-writer covering the Rangers after Walt left? How can this be?

    Please don’t tell me this is a NJ paper so only the Devils get coverage by that dolt Rich Chere. If that’s the case then I guess the sports page would only cover Devils and Nets. It’s a joke and i’m considering cancelling the paper for this reason only.

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