Wings-Rangers in review


Wow! Maybe I’m nuts, but I thought that was, overall, as well as the Rangers played all year.

They had tons of chances against a banged-up Detroit team that still — still, with all the injuries — had far more talent on the ice than did the Rangers.

1) I am not blaming this loss on Lundqvist. But … that was another lousy goal from a lousy angle that cost the Rangers the game. It’s bad enough Lundqvist has had trouble with glove-side high. Lately he’s also had trouble with shots from awful angles and from behind the goal line. Having one hole is bad enough. That all said, he was pretty sensational most of the night.

2) Did John Tortorella really not have Marian Gaborik on the ice for the first 1:15 of a third-period power play in a 1-1 game? Was that really Drury and Higgins and Callahan out there? Is that possible?

3) Brian Boyle continues to stick up for his teammates, even if he can’t fight. And now he has three goals — or as many as Higgins and one more than Drury. OK, he can’t fight. I think he will get better.

4) Those two weekend games should have a lot of people stepping back off ledges, right? Two very solid efforts — and effort is the right word — and two turnaround defensive performances after those dreadful post-tryptophan games in Tampa, at Pittsburgh and then the third period at home against the champs. I’ll say it again. Skill-wise the Rangers don’t match up against a lot of the teams in the NHL, even some of the teams beneath them in the standings. But there are an awful lot of teams not much better overall.

5) Abdelkader. I just wanted to say that, especially since I forgot to type it yesterday.

6) Head up, Anisimov. Head up. Use it or lose it.

Here is the recap from, where you can get the official summaries and video highlights, etc.

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  1. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    First, to call the NYR 2009-2010 Stanley Cup champs!!!

    Remember, I called it first!!!

  2. For those blaming Rozsival for taking that penalty at the end there, you really need to learn hockey because you have no idea what you are talking about. He did what you are taught. He doesn’t take that penalty, its game over.

    He gave them a chance to stay in the game by keeping it 2-1. They had a few chances then the last chance went over DZ’s stick and out of the zone. Rozsival does plenty wrong for people to blame him, but when he does something right, you don’t have to blame him for that too because of your lack of hockey knowledge.

  3. Jonny D

    i agree with on Rosi…that was a good play giving the circumstances… but one good play vs chain of really bad plays…i dont know man… he still blows

  4. I blame this loss on Hanky Panky Softqvist. Bathroom Staal and Cally get some blame as well.

    Also I blame Rex Ryan for taking four seats for himself and not giving it to a kid or two. But I’m sure that this loss won’t ruin his dinner.

  5. Olga Folkyerself on

    Another loss and the “Trade Lundqvist” lunatic fringe comes out of the woodwork. Are you going to pin your hopes on a goalie that has yet to play a game in the NHL?

  6. yeah Carp… can you also ask why is Lisin being treated so bad? and can you ask why Kotalik doesnt get any heat? he’s been invisible even after being benched… and ask him why Avery doesnt get more PP time? oh and why dont you ask him aboot his ass. coach… does he get any blame for the teams play at all? and while you at it Carp… ask Torts aboot his plans for Christmas… i want to know if being a coach of New York Rangers doesnt ruin his plans for the holidays… i am sure he’ll answer every one of those questions in details… thnx

  7. Broad Street BLUESHIRT on

    overall good effort…team worked hard…cant blame lundy for the loss, it was a soft goal but it shoulda been 4-1 by that point anyway…avery and kots NEED to finish those plays absolutely pathetic…too bad the half of the rangers’ forwards belong on a third line or the ahl…and not that i want to criticize gabby but if there was a night for him to take the game by the horns it was tonight…and no excuse for not having him out there on the pp…just like no excuse for having rozy out there at the end of the game…sometimes torts makes renney look smart…and why does torts continually punish lisin i feel like i work up more of a sweat sitting at home watching the game…tortorella has been making some questionable moves to say the least…and good job boyle always gotta love a guy who stands up for his teammates like that…and when dubi comes back i say lisin/voros sit/whatever and dru moves to wing, i think AA, Dubi, Christensen, and Boyle should stay down the middle…also hope when redden comes back rozi rides the pine for a lil…beers’ (heikkenen) been more physical in 18 minutes of ice time than rozi’s been in his ranger career…still think if this team continues to work hard and lundy steps up a lil this team can squeeze in…

    p.s. sorry for the long rant obviously very late

    p.p.s. anyoen else hear about demitra rumors? gotta be kidding me slats…

  8. I’ve been as critical of LQ’s g-tending for years now, but that one last night was a lucky steamer than sneaked in to a hole just bigger than the puck.

    Jonny D

    Roszival’s biggest problem is that he for one thing let’s attackers get too close to him before he attempts a pass, and he frequently passes to team mates who are already closely being checked. The complaint about his taking critical penalties late in games, is simply a notation that he does this probably more frequently than anyone except possibly Girardi.

    You know, you’re on dangerous ground when you accuse someone of “not knowing hockey” Most of these contributors may be a bit off the wall with their silliness at times, but they do know the game, and are as qualified to comment on it as anyone. It is after all just their opinion. You take it or leave it…but when you set yourself up as the
    judge of who is qualified to offer an opinion you set yourself up to embarrassment when you come down on someone’s qualifications, becasue there is always someone out there who just might challenge your own quals, and quite possibly make you look foolish.

    And let’s face it, he does appear on the ice suspiciously many times when such an action is taken.

  9. gregm_section403 on

    Another softie. Yes, he played great for 58 minutes, but another softie killed the rangers. If this team has any shot at doing anything this season, Hank has to play out of his mind for a full 60. This team can’t handle 1 bad goal a game.

  10. Broad Street BLUESHIRT on

    random but i thought interesting…it seems like our captain might be starting to, you know, act like a captain…on gross’ blog he talked about how dru looked ANGRY after the game…maybe his $7 mil check came late this year and his christmas’ll be ruined or he actually might care about his team

  11. My loathing of Drury has subsided most likely because I’m at whateever stage acceptance is, shortly after denial I suppose. He’s angry, good for him score a goal or do something about it.

    Gaborik can’t do all the heavy lifting and when you have the man that has owned the Norris for the last decade and the center that has been a perrenial Selke nominee breathing down your neck every shift, well it usually doesn’t result in many goals. Wings were smart in that even though they were outplayed as a whole they chose to neutralize the biggest threat of the opposition. Would a better coach have spotted this and chose a line combo to exploit a de facto double team? It appeared Torts was trying to do so, hence Gabby’s relegation to the 2nd PP unit but the Rangerrs players either didn’t recognize the new scheme or aren’t talented enough to execute it. I suspect it’s a bit of the latter moreso than the former. Case in point, Avery and Kotalik looking gift horses in the mouth and refusing a couple of the goalie’s bow tied-you’ll thank me later presents in the 3rd.

    Better effort but there were some poorly placed passes and a lot of off target shots to add to the lack of a finishing touch. Good teams capitalize on other teams mistakes and their own created opportunities, since the Rangers haven’t been able to do much of either in the past 6-7 weeks I think it’s prettty easy to have strong suspicions that they are not a good team.

    Effort was better

  12. Can’t say I expected the Rangers to win…but they played a very good game, especially defensively. I agree that Rozi had no choice but to interfere or else it was an easy empty netter and game over. Hopefully we can go to Chicago and play as well as we did last year and pull out a win despite getting screwed by the refs(that was an unforgettable one)

  13. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Uncle Paul
    December 7th, 2009 at 8:13 am
    Thanks for nothing Hank.

    Uncle Paul
    December 7th, 2009 at 8:15 am
    Jonny D knows hockey

    At least one of you does.

  14. First time during the whole season they had two near-60 min games. A year ago the team had more points, but this team is on the upswing, I believe.

    Don’t blame Gaborik. Nick Lidstrom made a lot of stars look average over the years. Torts knows who is going at any given night. I still feel he sometimes tends to overthink.

    There will be no set lines with Torts, at least not this year. But the team is starting to gel. Boyle scores on Higgins’ feed, mix and match seems to be more natural.

    It was anybody’s game. In fact, the Rangers had more chances, but their goalie kept them in. This young team needs to learn how to win those games. It’s no coincidence that we only had a couple of overtime games this year.

    Henrik let one in, yes. But he gave them enough time to win the game. And he shouldn’t have been in the position to face this puck. It’s less than 3 min to go, 1:1 game. The referees tend to swallow their whistles. What in a holy hell was Dan Cleary doing standing up on his feet and touching the puck? That’s what they need to learn too.

  15. I hate Bertuzzi. But sometimes I wish we had someone mean like him on our team.

    We miss Redden. The most experienced D-man at the moment is Roszival. But his skating is getting worse. I thought Staal and Girardi have been improving steadily. The Finnish-beer fellow looks steady, but no better than a third pair. He needs more time.

    Do they practice hitting an empty net? May not be a bad idea for a few people. Geez…

  16. True Fans Bleed RW&B December 7th, 2009 at 8:38 am

    Uncle Paul
    December 7th, 2009 at 8:13 am
    Thanks for nothing Hank.

    Uncle Paul
    December 7th, 2009 at 8:15 am
    Jonny D knows hockey

    At least one of you does.

    OOOhhh good one.

  17. Typical Ranger loss. You knew this would happen after the second power play of the period came up empty forget about the third. Team is so predictable.
    Btw, there were at least 5,000 Red Wings fans at the game. It was embarrassing and disgraceful.

  18. Rozi’s problems are between his ears. He has no confidence. Not good.

    Henke was damn good this weekend. That late goal killed us. I advocated trading Henke, but as I tried to say all along, he is a VERY GOOD goalie. But as time goes by, it becomes more evident that this team is going nowhere as constructed. This half rebuild-half compete strategy is not gonna work. There is only one asset the NYR can trade to get any return. . . . .

    In two years, with the way the Rangers scouting has improved, I could see a big dividend ahead.

    Takes areally bold move though.

  19. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Two well played games
    One win, one loss
    One fluke goal that Hank kicks in and we lsoe the game.

    Honestly, how can any of you be upset, it was a well played game, we had TONS fo chances, even if Gabby and Prospal were getting shut down the entire night.
    Higgins looks like he’s coming to life finally. consecutive points in consecutive games.And OTHER PEOPLE not named Gabby or Prospal are starting to score.

    There coming around.

    And also to hear/see Drury being pissed off and Angry is a good thing. BRekain ghis stick ove rhte boards, FINALLY. GET PISSED, you are the CAPTAIN!
    Avery and Hank in there interviews looked pissed off too.
    They NEED a fire under there asses to be motivated.

    All in all, I dont blame this loss on anyone. HArd fought game, that could have gone either way.

    1-1 for the month

    Hoping for a 9-4 or 10-3 record by Jan 1st

    If that happens, we’ll be fine

    Onto the Blackhawks, which shoudl be a great game.

  20. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    And can someone, ANYONE, please Kill Joe Mitchelleti

    First off: No one is buying your dye job so get over yourself, what are you 60 with no gray hair? (That goes for Sam Rosen, Al Trautface, and Ron “one more button” Dugay)
    Give Maloney credit, I think he’s the onyl one who DOESNT have a Stylist trying to make him look like he’s still in his late 30’s

    If I have to hear one more time about how great someone on the other team is coming from that hole in his face im gonna throw up.

    Be objective, but remember whose signing your paychecks you ass!!

    How did we get stuck with this douche bag anyway?
    Every game, every year gets worse, and makes me long for John Giannone to jsut do play by play with Sam.

    Sorry, had to vent cause I just cant stand him anymore.


  21. Good morning, Carp!


    Wicky, so sorry about the loss last night, I take full responsibility. If anyone wants to fly me to Chicago & buy me a ticket to the game I wouldn’t have a problem with it.

  22. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    THE REAL MikeyNJ
    December 7th, 2009 at 9:47 am
    And can someone, ANYONE, please Kill Joe Mitchelleti

    First off: No one is buying your dye job so get over yourself, what are you 60 with no gray hair? (That goes for Sam Rosen, Al Trautface, and Ron “one more button” Dugay)
    Give Maloney credit, I think he’s the onyl one who DOESNT have a Stylist trying to make him look like he’s still in his late 30’s

    If I have to hear one more time about how great someone on the other team is coming from that hole in his face im gonna throw up.

    Be objective, but remember whose signing your paychecks you ass!!

    How did we get stuck with this douche bag anyway?
    Every game, every year gets worse, and makes me long for John Giannone to jsut do play by play with Sam.

    Sorry, had to vent cause I just cant stand him anymore.




    Sadly, I used to despise John Davidson because that is all he would do, along with excusing the referees for missing calls in our favor.

    At least JD was a Ranger at heart. I long for the days of JD back.

  23. MikeyNJ:

    “Every game, every year gets worse, and makes me long for John Giannone to jsut do play by play with Sam.”

    John Giannone??? John Giannone??? Are you kidding me? He’s the worst of the entire MSG crew! A blathering idiot… “So Henrik, what are you feeling after that horrible loss?” Well John, he’s really happy with the result… the man is an imbecile and you want him to take over in the booth???

    And Nosen is 10 years past his retirement date. He’s another apologist for the refs and the opposing team. It’s time to clean house and bring in some younger blood to do the games.

    Maloney is the only MSG guy who pulls his weight and isn’t a blowhard. The rest of them should do Isles broadcasts.

  24. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    You gotta hand it to the guys… they have a whole bag of tricks when it comes to finding ways to lose.

    I’m happy with the effort but the problem is that they haven’t had that effort all year and now that it’s showing up… it couldn’t matter less.

    Keep playing this hard for the next month and I’ll change my tune. Until that happens, it’s just another bad loss to a team that’s making losing… a mantra.

  25. flynn – I wasn’t talking about other games, I was just talking about specifically last night. Rozsival sucks, I’ve said that for awhile. But people at the game and on here were booing/bashing him for taking a “stupid” penalty while the team was on the PP.

    It wasn’t a stupid penalty. It was smart. If he doesn’t take it, its an empty netter and the night is over. Instead of saved the goal and the Rangers had 2 more scoring chances before Detroit scored. All my point is that he screws up enough for people to bash him so they don’t need to go out of their way to try to blame him for something.

    Also Drury has played well since he’s come back from the concussion. He’ll always make that one stupid pass where you are like “how did he not see that guy”, but he’s playing hard, being physical when he needs to be, and more than anything actually able to hold onto the puck and stickhandle, something he couldn’t do pre-concussion for some reason. I’d actually argue he’s been one of the better players on the team the last few weeks, just he needs to shoot more.

    Does it mean he’s worth 7 million? Not at all, but at least he’s not playing like he’s barely worth league minimum anymore.

  26. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I’d actually argue he’s (Drury) been one of the better players on the team the last few weeks
    Haha! that was a good laugh. Thanks man.

  27. That was typical last few seasons Rangers. Can’t score even with PP chances(hit the f’ing net!), rely too heavily on Hank, he has a mental fart (or two), and they lose.

    Good effort, good shmeffort. Win that game.

    And, yeah, the MSG announcing has become a farce. They don’t need to actually watch the game if all they’re going to do is spin crap.

  28. Why do people hate Joe so much? He gives an accurate and pretty fair assessment of the game. I’d much rather have him be the way he is than a total homer. I can’t stand homer announcers. Sometimes he’ll go out of his way to say Drury or Rozsival made a solid play (mostly because everyone boos them to begin with), but when someone screws up, he usually points that out too.

    Like last night Arty should’ve clearly dumped the puck in the zone and instead passed to Gilroy who lost it. The line had been on for almost 2 minutes and Avery couldn’t get off and had to take a penalty. At the game I was like “wow Arty, just dump it” and he didn’t. I watched Rangers in 60, and Joe pretty much pointed out the same thing, which surprised me because sometimes commentators don’t mention little things like that.

  29. You gotta hand it to the guys… they have a whole bag of tricks when it comes to finding ways to lose.


    same as it ever was.

    Only saw a few minutes of the game, but they DID look good.

    What happened with Drury?

  30. Other than the fact that he didn’t score, not too much. He made a few decent defensive plays and setup some scoring chances. But because he was terrible to start the year, people of course are going to find ways to say that he sucked. I’m in no way a Drury fan, but he’s been more effective in some cases than guys like Kotalik, Parenteau, and even Callahan outside of a few shifts in the Buffalo game and last night.

    And I don’t mean to knock people here, but it seems like everyone always comes into each game knowing who they are going to criticize and who they are going to let slide. So Drury could play a great game, but because everyone is always so critical of him, they will say he sucked for some reason. I still think he’s been better since he came back. Doesn’t mean he’s been great, but like I said, at least he’s looking somewhat like a professional hockey player.

  31. Doesn’t mean he’s been great, but like I said, at least he’s looking somewhat like a professional hockey player.


    You realize why this doesn’t cut it, don’t you?

    “Better than Parenteau or even Callahan”? Is this supposed to be impressive, even if its true?

    I almost can’t talk about this anymore. _Almost._

  32. Salty, we’ve had this discussion before and I don’t feel like getting into it again. He’s not worth his contract, he’s overpaid, and he’s a terrible captain. Both you and I have said that since last year. If we could trade him sooner than later, I would do it in a second.

    But I’m not gonna complain about it anymore because its not even worth it. He is what he is, Glen paid him like the superstar that he isn’t, and we’re stuck with him for another 3 years. He isn’t going to turn into Gretzky overnight so sitting here bitching about it isn’t going to make the situation any better.

  33. Also the only reason why I’m even defending him is because everyone is looking at him and talking about how crappy he plays when the reality is he isn’t even the worst player on the team. Callahan is more of a borderline AHL player than Drury is, which as you said doesn’t say much for either of them, but with how some people are acting, you’d think Drury should be the 1st one sent to the ECHL when that’s just not true.

  34. Only 2.6 years more Jonny D for Drury, let’s not stretch out the Rangers salary cap prison sentence any longer than it needs to be.

    I’m not thrilled with Callahan’s production either, but he still plays hard every shift, has a couple of more goals on the year and does not have a cap killer contract despite being probably a $1MM overpaid. I said last week that he’s got very few weapons to be a successful goal scorer, but maybe it’s the every other year phenomenon with Cally. 2 years ago he struggled scoring, last year he did ok, this year he’s struggling again.

  35. Wait, so the “trade / fire everyone” act has now made its way off the ice and into the announcer’s booth as well?

    Think Jersey would accept Rosen and an announcing prosepct for Emrick?

  36. All the other team has to do is focus on Gabby and shut him down, and they can win x-1. Until other guys prove that they can be a consistent scoring threat, we are a one trick pony for the opposition to shut down. At least in Jagr’s monster year after the lockout, we had Prucha putting in 30, plus contributions from Straka, Nylander, and Sykora (who wasn’t bad in his half-season here). Hell, even Betts had 8 goals that year. No one else is even on pace for 20 goals this year.

  37. I still want to know what happened, why did he break his stick?


    He wanted to prove how he can smash $200 sticks like they’re nothing. He also lights his “I won’t let this loss ruin my _____” cigars with unused LLWS tickets.

  38. Who said he broke his stick?

    Also I should note that Avery and Kotalik had WIDE open nets that they both missed. Avery tried to shoot it when it was in his feet when he had enough time to kick it to his stick and put it in. Kotalik just did what he does best and missed the net. Such a skilled player with a great shot, but he never gets it on goal.

    Score could’ve been 3-1 or 3-2 Rangers last night. They just aren’t making their own lucky bounces happen because I think most of them are just pressing too hard. I’m not as pissed at Henke mistake last night now that I’ve had time to think about it. Terrible goal and he shouldn’t give that up, but he played well for 58 minutes before that and the Rangers had 2 or 3 shots they should’ve scored on but didn’t because they missed the net.

  39. Last year in Chicago was a hell of a game and we were on the PK almost the entire game. Clutch scored game winner in OT.

    This year, might end up being barf bag city!

  40. We have to get on a winning streak here. Yeah, we lost last night and it sucks, but the effort was there. I am trying to stay positive here.

  41. Where's Pavelich? on

    Giannone would be bad for a small market team or even an AHL squad.. the fact he gets near a NY studio is disgraceful.. Joe Mick has gotten on my last nerve.. how did the Isles get Howie Rose?

    ..were they really praising Drury for going 13 for 21 (61.9%)on faceoffs??? I think he won ONE draw in the defensive zone…

  42. Nasty…I think we have too, things can’t get much worse. The D is shoring up and we can’t go the whole year without any secondary scoring. It’s not like teams are blowing by us either…it’s a lonnnnng year

  43. Where's Pavelich? on

    btw, I know he wouldnt fit great in the “Torts system”, but Strudwick would have been that cheap, experienced dman with some toughness that we need…

  44. Chelios would still be as a 7th D-Man…I still don’t get why he isn’t with us…with all the rookies we have, can you get a better mentor?

  45. We played two superior teams, folks. Won one, were close to winning a second one. Even better team next game. Let’s see if they can sustain the effort. That’s all I ask for. Redden might be back. Duby is getting closer. They are going to get better

  46. “Every game, every year gets worse, and makes me long for John Giannone to jsut do play by play with Sam.”

    ???? Giannone ?? This guy sucks ! Not only that, he doesn’t do Joe’s job, he does Sam’s. Replace him with Maloney, and that’s not a bad deal.

    I don’t have anything personal against Joe Mich, but he really annoys me sometimes.

    There’s only one thing NYR needs that will make them a playoff team. They need to get Carter !

  47. Maybe Drury wanted to show he actually gives a sh$t since he was horrendous last night and that’s why he swung and broke his stick on the bench before game was over.

  48. I think if we’re willing to give up a couple top prospects and a firsty, and Tampa is willing to take back Rozi or Drury as well, then it’s gonna happen.

    I have a feeling Torts wouldn’t still be here if Vinny L. wasn’t in the plans.

  49. Let me ask a question…

    Every other GM seems to use this loophole with lowering the cap hit in a contract by giving almost no money in the last few years…see Savard’s deal (from LeBrun)….

    010-11: $7 million
    2011-12: $7 million
    2012-13: $6.5 million
    2013-14: $5 million
    2014-15: $1.5 million
    2015-16: $525,000
    2016-17: $525,000

    “Everyone and his grandmother knows Savard won’t play the last two years of that deal, perhaps not even the last three. But the Bruins get a great cap hit out of it, just over $4 million a year instead of the $6.3 million Savard will make on average in the first four years”

    Now, why has Sather NOT been doing this with people like Rozi and Redden who are clearly older and most likely won’t play after this contract??

  50. Btw, I looked at Morris’ hit again. His elbow came up. Not sure about his feet. Regardless, do you think someone should’ve come up and at least have a little “conversation” with him after. Maybe, god forbid, give him a little push?

  51. Where's Pavelich? on

    NYRGuy: Why not? because Sather is a dinosaur..

    that a great point esp since the Rangers had leverage (although “Slats” didnt realize it) b/c no one else was going to sign those guys to that much money (Drury, Redden, Gomez – Rosie at that time was almost a “market” deal)

  52. If you look at the contracts, Sather did actually stagger the $ amounts for the cap killers.

    I would be shocked if Rozi got another NHL contract after this one, not even for a token $1.5-$2.0MM range. Might as well open up the roster spot for a younger, higher ceiling player or use those $ to give increases to RFAs.

    Redden will be nearly 40 by the time his ends, if he can’t retire on nearly $40MM, then I don’t know what he does with his money.

  53. Drury and Gomez went at about the same price as Briere.

    Rozi was going for around the price of Jeff Finger and Ron Hainsey. Although Streit would have been a much better use of money.

    Redden went for less in years and $ than Brian Campbell.

    The long-term, low tail end $ years didn’t become as big of a fad until last year when GMs realized the cap wasn’t going to keep going up by nearly double digit % anymore.

  54. I say dump Dublowski, Blowzy, and a 1st for Vinny. They’ll probably want more, id consider throwing in Cally. Maybe a prospect.

    Team needs help. Vinny comes here, and plays for Torts, who he had his best years with, maybe it will help.

    Put him with Gabby, he can put up 35-40 goals this season.

    We need a REAL 1st line center. We haven’t had one in a long time. Blowmez is a 2nd/3rd liner, and same with Dreary. Nylander was the same, but had success playing with Jags.

    If we have a shot at getting Vinny, we have to take it.


    If you’re talking aboot Stuart’s hit on Artie, i think Boyle went up to him and had a convo.

    Anybody know if Torts is using Johnson for the next game.

  55. If they could unload one of the remaining cap killers to another team, particularly one that has to really count it’s dollars and cents just to keep the lights on and the ice cold (not like the Rangers) I wonder how quickly you’d see one of them bought out or waived.

  56. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    I doubt Johnson gets the next game.

    I think Hank will play:

    Best guess would be one of the Isles back to back next week.

    Can he play 7 or 8 in a row?

    I’d def give Johnson the Thursday Isles game to rest Hank for Philly. Unless somehow the backup luck with games against Philly holds true and Johnson can shut them out?

    And Anyone else Like Heikineen’s play?
    Thought he was pretty soild with the limited amount of Ice Time he had.

    And Del Z got 25 minutes last night, most of all D men, pretty impressive for a first year rookie Dman in My opinion that Torts relys so heavily on him.

  57. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    Does anybody think that another team might want Drury for a playoff stretch run?

    I mean, other teams do not value players as us on the board do.

    They might view Drury as being clutch or a leader, etc.

  58. ORR, he did, I know. But I’m talking about this team’s mentality in general. Clean hit, or not, tried to avoid the goalie, or not. You defend your teammate first and ask questions later. They don’t have it as a team, at least not yet.

  59. Does anybody think that another team might want Drury for a playoff stretch run?
    I mean, other teams do not value players as us on the board do.
    They might view Drury as being clutch or a leader, etc.


    That would work if he was in his last year of his deal or maybe had one year left. But 2 hefty years left I don’t think anyone would take the bait.

  60. NYRGuy – Savard took a discount (why I don’t know, but he must love Boston) and is somehow getting paid less than Milan Lucic, who in my opinion is just an overrated goon. I don’t think many guys would do that.

    Plus all those contracts are being investigated anyway. I agree he should’ve done something like that with all the big contract, but as he’s stated numerous times, he thinks those contracts should be illegal, especially when players are almost guaranteed to retire before the deal is up.

    Orr – No way they are taking that trade. Also Boyle went after him when he figured out who hit him (didn’t see it so it took him a bit), and of course the linesman got in the way.

    CT – what sucked was the Campbell, who was coming off a terrible playoffs, set the price and length for d-men contracts. The steal was Streit. But that set the price for Redden and team were actually offering him close to or a little more than 6 million (believe it or not). So Glen decided he’d go after Wade and hope he just had one bad season instead of biting the bullet and not signing him. Although after we signed him, I was like “ok, contract sucks but I can deal with it if it means Rozy is gone.”

    Sure enough Rozy was signed 5 minutes later. Taking one, fine. Taking both, so stupid.

  61. Where's Pavelich? on

    no one will take Redden or Drury at those numbers…

    Vinny is a not having a good year and is a huge cap hit for Tampa, who is all about Stamkos, now… if the Rangers can work something it out it shld be considered (I just want some skill players with size here)…one “chip” they have for a trade like that is Higgins who is only signed for one year (right?)…

  62. ilb – the players were going on/off for a line change so nobody saw it. Boyle looked around and kind of put the pieces together when he saw who was where on the ice, but he looked around for awhile then as soon as he figured out it was Stuart, he went over there and said something to him (trying to see if he wanted to fight) and then the linesman stepped in. Boyle doesn’t cheap shot guys anymore after LA ditched him because of it, so he was probably going to try to drop the gloves with Stuart.

    CT – Some teams might. When he’s a secondary/role player on a team, he does really well. But when he’s the focal point, his stats take a hit (see Calgary). He succeeded in Buffalo and Colorado because he had stars around him so he didn’t have to do much of the work, just put the puck in the net when it came to him.

  63. Agree on Drury. No one is taking him with 2 years left on his contract. Maybe next year. Looks like we’ll just have to wait out the next few years until Drury and Blowsival are off the books and accept that the team is basically doomed. Hopefully the younger players develop during that time and we then have cap space to get legit talent in here.

  64. Drury has been so unsuccessful here in NY, that he actually gets credit for the rare times he shows emotion or has a game where he is actually visible. Jagr was constantly criticized, even though he was the leading scorer every season, and had opposing teams hanging all over him on every shift. Yet Captain Drury, if one even notices him in a game as he glides around and drops his man and waves his stick in the general direction of an opponent, gets credit for “caring”. Whoopee!

  65. Jonny, many teams don’t even have someone making Drury’s cap hit and if they do it’s at front line/pair/goalies if not franchise players that are getting that much. Probably the only players that are with Drury in the category of most overpaid are Gomez, Briere and Campbell.

    Redden is most likely in that category too but I’d go so far as to say that Redden is better equipped to play 1st pair D minutes than Drury is to play 1st line center minutes.

    Listening to Joe M preach at the altar of Drury is just as bad as when JD gushed over guys like Jari Kurri.

  66. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    It’s only 2 more years. How many stupid GMs are there in sports that take on bad contracts all the time.

  67. Drury would fit right in with Ryan Symth as another player who’s reputation far exceeds his actual value and production.

  68. Hi kids! Mama’s about to head home from a very cloudy weekend down South, but at least I missed the snow and last night’s game….All I want at this point is a win Saturday…later heads!

  69. Where's Pavelich? on

    in the rotating door that has center between Gaborik and Prospal, has Drury even been given a shot there?

  70. It’s only 2 more years. How many stupid GMs are there in sports that take on bad contracts all the time.


    Um, 4?
    Glen Sather in 2006
    Glen Sather in 2007
    Glen Sather in 2008
    Glen Sather in 2009

    Just kidding, I know what you’re saying, that we’ve probably discounted Drury’s value so low that we can’t possibly think he’s worth it to anyone. But he’s due to make $8MM next year and then $5MM the year after. Even if a team was willing to test the waters and see what a change of scenery could do, his buyout cap hit alone still makes him an expensive proposition.

  71. Provided Drury shows some signs of life this year, maybe he can be traded in the off-season. But I think that is really wishful thinking. Next year’s trade deadline seems like a best case scenario. But don’t forget about the no trade clause.

  72. Sangs or Heikkinen = I don’t no what Tort’s is looking for . but to me Sang’s looks to be more confident & brings more

  73. Sally

    If anyone wants to fly me to Chicago & buy me a ticket to the game I wouldn’t have a problem with it.


    Sally i will buy you a ticket to Chicago only if you buy one for me to Ukraine!

  74. Another group of troubling stats: while we all know NYR has not enjoyed success this season & are currently in a 1-5-0 slump at home, the following statistics illustrate just how uncompetitive NYR is=
    1- with last night’s loss to the Wings, NYR has 1 win vs Detroit in their last 12 games
    2- currently in the midst of no wins in either 17 or 19 games in Pittsburgh
    3- with 2 victories in last year’s playoffs & 1 win earlier this season, NYR has won 3 of their last 17 in Washington
    4- 2 wins in the alst 10 games in Carolina
    5- even though they don’t play there regularly, the boys in blues haven’t won in Calgary since either 1997 or 1999, have 1 win in Edmonton during the same time period & have not won in Vancouver this decade.
    What’s more frustrating is that there are no comparable winning streaks/statistics to match. Seems the only constant is our General Manager.

  75. How many games have they played in Vancouver this decade? 3 or 4? Same goe for Calgary and Edmonton.

  76. THE REAL MikeyNJ on


    Valli lets in 5 more goals on 11 shots last night.

    Good thing we senth im down when we did

    I doubt he’s going to get recalled ever again.

    And now the PAck are sucking becasue Johnson is up here and not winning games for them in Hartford.

    Lets hope when he gets his start here he shines.

  77. I agree it was some of the best hockey they played all year but you gotta play a full 60 minutes, Carp.

    I’m blaming this loss on Lundqvist. I don’t expect him to steal every game but as an elite goaltender who had problems with bad angle shots in the past, you have to stop that “shot”.

  78. question…

    What’s the deal with this blueshirts united thing? do they really want us to PAY for something other teams do for FREE? so then…we are not “true” fans if we dont join the BS united? sweet!

  79. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Is the losing getting to Hank?
    I think he’s thinking about the olympics.
    I think they should dump Drury.
    if his salary wasn’t high he’d be a goner by now, so its the money keeping him here where does zero.
    So when you over pay you lose 3 ways:
    The hit with cap
    and you can’t sell high price junk
    and it rots a roster place.

  80. Doodie Machetto on

    They have not been good this year and anybody who was expecting differently before the start of the season was fooling themselves.

    If Hank were playing lights-out right now, would they be a few places higher up in the standings? Sure. But there are just so many problems in front of him that the occasional softie he gives up shouldn’t be everyone’s focus.

    How many goals should the Rangers have scored last night? Callahan’s penalty shot, Avery’s 2 open nets on the same shift on the PP, etc. They put in even one of those and LQ’s little softie leaves us with at worst, 1 point.

    Simply put, every forward on the team that isn’t Slovakian has been average at best (Anisimov, Prospal) over the last month and a half, and some have just been plain awful (too many to list).

    On the bright side, Illka Heikkinen has been good in the two games that we’ve seen. He looks like he can definitely cut it at this level. Too bad he will be the odd man out when Redden returns because I think he has definitely outplayed Rozsival (who has admittedly been better since being paired with Staal) and Gilroy, who despite all of the preseason hype, has looked absolutely dreadful to me. Maybe I’m missing something, but it seems to me he is ALWAYS out of position because he is too reckless in his attack. I think he really would have benefitted from a year in the minors, which we all know isn’t happening due to contractual reasons (same for Rozsi!). Maybe they should move him to the wing because lord knows we could use some more offensive punch.

    But you know what? This team is clearly in a rebuilding year (Gilroy, despite being a rookie, is the fourth oldest defensemen on the team, Avery the fifth oldest forward). They just aren’t that good. But at least they are fun to watch, so long as you don’t mind the frequent painful losses (either a soft goal or a blowout).

    I hope they give Johnson some work soon. I’m excited to see what the kid can bring to the table. I’m also glad they dumped Valliquette, who I’ve been saying for years is not a legit NHL goaltender. How many good veterans that could have helped develop LQ have they passed up?

    Also, if his recent glove side flaw continues, at what point do you consider a change of goaltending coach?

  81. Seems like Hank’s annual mid season slump has come early this year. I guess he wants to make sure he is back on his game in time for the Olympics.

  82. iceycup,

    I don’t blame Hank for last night, I blame the inability on the PP to score. They had 3 PP’s in the last 16 minutes of the game and didn’t score.

  83. kc

    Comparing offencive numbers between drury and jagr is just ridiculous. Jagr is way more offencively gifted than drury!

    Trading drury is tough because of his NTC and the cap. The best case scenario is trading dru to LA (I have been saying this forever and orr touched on it earlier) where he lives in the off season. I doubt if they would take the salary without giving salary, so my HOPE would be smyth who is a hell of a player and plays tough and scores (and we need a lot more of both on this team). he might go back to COL, but I doubt it. LA is probably the only shot. I also doubt he would do TB.

    If it is a deal for lecavalier or richards, my guess is dubi and rozy along with prospect/picks go from the rangers!

    And please, for the last time the leading scorer on the team should not and does not get the “C” in hockey by default. This is not the NBA, so quit trying to make the leading scorer the best overall player. Hockey takes emotion, physical play (fighting at times), defencive play, playing 3 zones, basically a combination of things to be a good captain, not just being the leading scorer! So stop the silly it’s all about goals and assists arguement for being a good or bad captain! No captain for the rangers has made it past the second round since messier, and that is all we need to know about the captains since. None of them have delivered anything, NONE of them!

  84. dont know if any1 posted this. from gross’s blog
    ” Back to Drury for a second, the captain cares, greatly. You catch him slamming his stick over the boards in frustration as soon as the game ended. He also sat at his stall when the media entered the post-game dressing room. But unlike his usual calm demeanor, Drury was puffing like an angry bull, still red-faced, sitting with his legs spread wide like he wanted to spring up and check somebody. That was as angry as I’ve seen him.”

  85. doodie
    yes, that would point to a goaltending coach change to me!

    I really do not understand why everyone insists on talking about a rebuilding year and building from in the system. That is just beyond comprehension to me. This team has 3.5 glaring holes…
    1 no rugged hitting crease clearing d man (2 needed)
    2 no first line center
    3 secondary scoring
    .5 a capable back up goalie

    Numbers 1 and 2 are not in the system, no one close in the system, so unless we start building with the 2010 draft for those….forget it (unless you want to be mediocre for the forseeable future) Those two needs have to be addressed from players outside of this organization in trades, it is that obvious! We have to acquire players to fill those holes, VET players.

    3 and .5 might be able to be addressed from within. Grachev for the secondary scoring, but he is clearly not ready for the NHL this year from what I have read and heard. And johnson might, MIGHT be a capable back up for hank (I would still rather go with a vet back up like hedberg), but we do not know yet!

  86. jason, ya no doubt. i still put the turd in hanks pocket with the PP failure a close second. i also thought at the time when avery missed a wide open net that it would come back to haunt us. i told my wife on the spot, thats why he makes what he makes and not more. also, hanks high glove side weakness is nothing new. its just known by everybody now (and has been for a while).

  87. safe is playoffs on

    from Gross’ blog—

    “The Rangers also played much better in the neutral zone and Tortorella said that might have been the result of one adjustment made during three days of practice. Tortorella didn’t give an Xs and Os lesson but the gist is the team eased up on the pressure slightly to make sure the attention to detail was there.”

    yeah, just as I posted several days ago, Torts woke up and decided to stop the reckless pinching. maybe he reads this blog. any one who watched the last 2 games knows that the difference was the lack of mindless pinching by the dmen that is different from the earlier games

    too bad Henrik gave up a bad goal to spoil things, but he seems to be getting his confidence back with his dmen now staying home more often instead of running around

  88. You are not nuts Carp. I thought the same thing….in fact as I watched the Rangers get chance after chance and not bury the puck, I thought, they are really playing a good game, BUT, this kid on the Wings is going to end up out Lundqvisting , Lundqvist…and unfortunately that is what happened.
    The loss sucked, but overall I though they played a tough, smart game. Somone other than Gaborik needs to learn how to bury a puck.

  89. some one please tell me there has been a headline somewhere taht reads “More Women Come Out of the Woods Work”!!!

  90. Wicky, I agree with you on back up-I’d prefer a vet too. And on a couple of mean dmen. Secondary scoring is a hit or miss. We have a few guys now who were supposed to provide just that. The last two games it was all secondary scorers. If they could only hit the open ocean more often.
    How is the snow in Montana?

  91. grabby/zzzz

    Hey you guys out there??? porn in the corn? samskwatch?

    and for all of you who were wondering -4 this morning when I headed to work!

  92. “How can you not blame Hank for that loss”

    That goal was absolutely brutal he let up to make it 2-1, no question about it.. but I’ll tell you why you cant just use the old “BLAME THE GOALIE” idea on this.. because we DONT SCORE… lundqvist HAS TO make that save but you know what, the guy plays great the whole game and his offense gives him nothing, not just last night, during this entire slump the offense has done nothing.. You can give hank partial blame but you have to blame the team for not SCORING GOALS, you cannot win without scoring, and you cannot win 1-0 and 2-1 night in and night out, or else the hank’s GAA woudl have to be between about 1 and 2.. not happening. People need to step up, cally has to bury that penalty shot, he always makes that great move but never thinks to lift the puck.. its easy to say this from watching it from the couch and watching replays, but when he does get stuffed on breakaways it is just about always bc of that, and u cant expect to squeeze it between the narrow gap between the goalies pad/skate and post everytime. but not just on the penalty shot, its just in general, cally higgins drury avery kotalik all need to start puttin in some goals consistently, it doesnt have to be the same guy every nite but somebody has to help take the load off gaboriks shoulders, and hanks shoulders for that matter

  93. ilb

    Big sky has 3ft base and 1 degree right now (pretty good conditions)! Lost trail has 2ft of base and -2 degrees!

  94. Wicky, I was not comparing Jagr and Drury by their offensive statistics. I was comparing the fact that both were captains, and the highest paid players with high expectations. Throughout the league, normally the most skilled player has the captaincy and also takes the brunt of the responsibility. Jagr would take all the criticism upon himself, yet Drury never takes personal responsibility nor is he capable of creating team success. And whether he deserved it or not, he was brought to NY to be an offensive player; now he’s being sold as a defensive player, but he’s not that good at that either. So the Rangers PR is trying to promote him as “caring a lot”, which is meaningless. They might as well have made Blair Betts the captain. But the Rangers are stuck with Drury. Although it’s still unclear why we’re stuck with Sather.

  95. and about the announcers, you people r so god damn critical of these people, its amazing. What is Joe supposed to do talk about how bad the players are on the other teams? they are not getting paid to be rangers cheerleaders and not getting paid to bash the other team, when they play different teams each night there are stars on each team and tehy talk about them and waht they hav been doing in the season, and alot of the times they are right, like when they were talkin about the Myers kid on Buffalo the other night, that kid is huge and hes an awesome rookie. They talk about the bright spots of the other teams so that you fans get an idea about waht the rangers have to deal with that night. some people on here just complain about the stupidest things its mad funny. JD was the best ever by far, no questioning that, but hes gone and has moved on to better things.. Sam will be here for as long as he wants until he wants to give it up, hes fine, he doenst have the knowledge of the game that JD, maloney, those guys hav but he calls the game well, and when he defends the refs too much JD woudl call him out, and so does Joe… Maloney is the best guy they hav now between the radio and tv, but man Micheletti gets talked about way too much on here its so dumb give the guy a break

  96. kc

    I agree, he has never been an offencive machine in his career, so the individual who brought him in for his offencive firepower needs to have his head examined!!

    Kelly Buchberger and Tim Taylor are captains that were just all around players that I can think of!

  97. CT – thats funny because I’ve always said that Chris Drury is the American Ryan Smyth. They get credit for being “so tough”, “great leaders”, and “being clutch”, when in reality they are slightly above average hockey players that do well when talent is placed around them. Smyth I’d argue is a bit better of a hockey player because of his size and ability to use it to protect the puck. Also I wasn’t saying that people would take Drury this year, but maybe next year for a playoff run because he’s off the books at the end of the year and they only owe him like 3 million (I think a bit less) by the the deadline.

    LA is not taking on Drury’s contract. Frolov’s productions usually kills that of Drury and Lombardi isn’t a fan of huge high priced deals (see Camalleri). And wicky, why would a team take on both Drury and Rozsival’s contract? Even if they were superstars, no team is going to trade for 12 million dollars worth of contracts.

  98. I hate homer announcers, taht’s why I actually don’t mind joe. He does say some “odd” things, but I would rather listen to sam and joe thatn most other “team” announcers. I like the HNIC guys alot because they are not tied to one team!! I really liked the ESPN tandem of thorne and clement, I thought they were great. I miss hockey on ESPN!

  99. I meant to mention it before, about announcers. I watch Center Ice all the time. Trust me, comparing to some of the dingbats that the other teams have, ours are real pros!

  100. Jonny

    I don’t believe I ever said a team would take drury and rozy both? I said dubi and rozy in a couple scenarios, but not dru and rozy (unless I typoed), that is just ridiculous!!

  101. Drury only has 2 more years? So waive him and bite the 3mill for this season and next. Atleast it opens up some avenues for this team to not suck as bad

  102. Sam does a decent job, but they need to tell him either give up football or get lost. it is ridiculous to have a part time announcer from Oct to Jan. Sam needs to make a choice. either he is the fulltime Rangers announcer or bye bye.

    NO other NHL team allows their announcer to take off many weekend games to do another sport. that is ridiculous.

  103. Waiving him gets his salary cap off the NHL roster but you’re still paying him, and for the rest of his contract that works out to about $17MM.

  104. How can you not blame Softqvist for last nights loss.

    It’s the story of his career, make a bunch of highlight reel saves, and let in the soft shots, from terrible angles.

    Hank BLEW THE GAME last night. Yeah, others had something to do with it, but the fact is, all this guy has to do is stop a simple shot from a bad angle, and we get at least ONE POINT out of that game, which we needed. Instead, he lets in yet another soft goal, blowing the game for us.

    He blew it. Everyone’s entitled to their opinions but i don’t understand why some see it differently. It wasn’t a fluke goal, it wasn’t a great shot from a superstar that snuck by him, and he accidentally kicked it in. That shot was from a bad angle and it should have never gone through, but it did and then he kicked it in. All his fault.

  105. It only gets 1/3rd or so off the cap unless someone picks him up, then at that point I think we only have to pay 1/2 his salary for the remainder of the contract(sort of like Avery) …. But Sather and Dolan have plenty of $ to give around with our ticket $ so why not do something with it that we want

  106. 4th line center Brian Boyle has more goals than cap’n clutch. in way less playing time, and with lesser wingmates most of the time.

    Drury must go. it is a farce that Torts keeps defending him, saying he is trying too hard. that is laughable. all he does is block shots, and that is mostly because he cannot get out there to cover players with his lack of foot speed, so he has to drop back and block shots to compensate.

    Drury is the biggest waste of cap space in the league. bar none. and rosival is right behind.

    stick them in hartford and let Dolan eat the money wasted on those 2 frauds. he will just raise cable rates to get it all back anyway.

  107. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Doodie, when a team rebuilds, especially the Rangers where they sell out everything(ahem) and money isn’t a freakin’ issue they should clean house.

    I do not want to hear, “well at least they played well and lost” or “at least they played well Saturday”are you learning to win or lose?

    The young bloods have to step up, Callahan penalty shot against a rookie? Cally should have have won that.
    I’m tired of all the Staal pedigree accolades.
    Step up or shut up, he is big , time to be nasty, loose a few teeth, break your beak and be feared.

    A castrated Avery is 75%useless.
    He’s being held back.

    Winning is an attitude not an expectation.
    You play to win not to lose.

  108. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Drury isnt getting moved, traded, waived, etc etc
    Sather will not do it, so everyone can forget about it

    It should be done, he should be gone, but its not happening.

    Again I m nto a Drury hater, jsut a hater of his salary.

    Maybe take the “C” from him and see how he plays without it?

    So when everyone gets healthy which looks like pretty soon for Dubi, who is going to the minors and or waived?

    Especially when Dubi gets back, it will make 5 centers (Dubi, Drury, Artie, Boyle, Christensen) and 15 total players (including Voros and Brashit)

    Lets everyone name the 3-4 players who will either be waived, traded or demoted before x-mas?

  109. It only gets 1/3rd or so off the cap unless someone picks him up, then at that point I think we only have to pay 1/2 his salary for the remainder of the contract(sort of like Avery) …. But Sather and Dolan have plenty of $ to give around with our ticket $ so why not do something with it that we want


    You waive someone and if they go unclaimed and go to the AHL their pro-rated salary for the remainder of the year is off the NHL cap hit. You recall them on re-entry waivers and they get claimed, his original team pays half.

  110. Hank, Gaborik, DZ, Prospal, PAP.

    They’ll all demand to be traded so they don’t have to deal with the team anymore. Even PAP, he’ll say, “I busted my butt to make an NHL team, I see no NHL team here”. Just kidding…maybe.

  111. let him eat cake on

    Sather’s ego supersedes the good of the Rangers team. because that is what is the result of him blowing it on the outlandish contracts of Drury, Redden, and Rosival, and him being unwilling to admit his blunders and dump them for the overall good of the team.

    fans sit and steam while Stogiepuss stokes his ego and the 3 mediocre multimullionaires float around the ice without a care or a decent performance.

  112. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    If I was the rangers GM……………………..
    I would demote lisin and PAP for sure, then it gets a bit more tricky. I would try to trade higgy even though he has been one of the better forwards lately (maybe package him and girardi for a rugged vet d man). Maybe slats gets a blockbuster deal done for a #1 center and sends dubi the other way (HAHHHAHAHAHAAHA that was funny!!!). I would not waive or trade or demote voros or boyle unless there was some toughness/stick up for your teammate type coming back!

  113. wicky, I normally agree with you but who is giving up a physical veteran dman for those two clowns? Higgins and Girardi are a dime a dozen.

  114. Wicky…if this Comcast/NBC deal goes through, I heard Versus may end up being another ESPN Network..that would be interesting…

  115. Chris – Drury has a full NMC. He can’t be waived and sent to the minors. If we waive him, we’d have to buy him out or have him clear a move to the AHL, which he’s never doing. So we’re pretty much stuck with him unless someone wants him in his last year of his contract.

  116. I wish Captain Clutch would hand over the keys and let Heatley borrow the clutch mobile. Then have him take Giannone and Trautwig for a joyride.

  117. No way TB takes one of our bad contracts in return for Lecavalier. The whole point of trading him would be to clear ridiculous cap room. You’re dreaming if you think they’ll do that. We’d have to give up a prospect like MDZ, Gilroy, Anisimov and probably a pick. So no thanks.

    On Lundqvist, he had a great game until that moment. It’s easy to jump on him, and there’s no excuse for that goal, but remember how many games he’s stolen for us. Those guys missing open nets, how many have they pulled out for us recently? Remember Richter had to shake off terrible goals (though his were in the playoffs) early on too before he blossomed.

  118. why is everyone so upset with our announcers? How they announce the game does not affect the outcome of it! I didn’t think that Gia-gnome was that bad at all…So just focus what’s on the ice and remember these two names “Chico” Resch and Mike Emrick!

  119. hey guys im on this site all the time but dont post because I dont think you care as to what I have to say (dont really know why you would now though). Hank stinks. He has no glove, he goes down faster than a two dime whore. This was not the first goal from behind the goal line he gave up. There was one last year again the ducks in a very similar game. We lost that game 3-2. There was one against the pens last year too, although I cant remember if we lost 3-2 or 4-2. I know he makes a lot of great save. But I would rather lose 5-1 and watch the red wings or another team score 5 great goals instead of losing 3-2 and watching the other team score a POS goal. Hank is like a broken clock right twice a game.
    Unforetunately, I am like the current presidential administration, I can point out problems but have no idea on how to solve them, without creating new ones. But Hank still sucks.

  120. Tom
    I know, that’s the problem!

    Interesting indeed!

    maybe slats could convince TB that you have to take a bad contract back in the salary cap world, just the reality. But yes, it would take more than just those two, picks and sangs.. Richards might require less to get, if we went that route!

  121. “Waiving him gets his salary cap off the NHL roster but you’re still paying him, and for the rest of his contract that works out to about $17MM.”

    Who cares? This team is so rich you could waive $100 million for NHLers to become AHLers and it would be pocket change to Dolan.

  122. Yan, not sure if you remember, but we made playoffs 4 years in a row. Mostly because of that two dime whore. And it’s actually $6.75 mil now, not two dimes. Damn inflation…

  123. hi guys!! everybody ready to trade hank again?? hank would be praised up n down for keepin us in the game if we had converted on 1 or 2 of those numerous chances we had in the 3rd and even a couple nice ones in the 2 periods before

  124. The leafs are playing better hockey than the Rangers right now. I guess thats not saying much almost every team is better that the Rangers.

  125. look at bergfors in jersey. kid is scorin left n right. hes got more skill than 80% of our fwds and hes a rookie. our kids arent as good as we thought, i mean dz is great, gillys solid, but lisin,papsmear,cally,duby so far, even AA isnt as good as i thought. he was crap on the 1st line last night. if u get 1st line minutes as a rookie, u take advantage of it. thats what bergfors and other rookies are doin. im not a devil fan ok. i just mention bergfors because im watchin the devils game and i see this kid bustin his butt to score and make plays and takin advantage of top line minutes. yea,gabby and prospal sucked last night, but thats no excuse to play half assed. hes a big kid with skill, but he doesnt use his size. not many our team do. its funny how guys like cally and avery play bigger than they are.what they could be with anisimovs size. it pisses me off. im also not happy with drury, but him,higgins,aves acally and rozy(j/k) busted their butts last night and just couldne get it done. i was still happy to see them tryin hard though. but cally was better when he made peanuts. it seems like after they get a big boy check to cash, they think they made it and dont have to work as hard or produce as much. looks like drury’s been influencing our young guys alot this year!! go capn!! seriously, how many goals will he have by seasons end?
    6? 7? think he’ll break the big double digit plateau??

  126. sry, cally still plays hard. lots of the players do, but theyre just not producing. and i know even when we won 7-4 against the jackets, he still gave up a few softies. hank hasnt been nearly as bad as he was before the last 2 games. he let in 3 goals in 2 games!! how can anyone really be giving him crap???

  127. I critize Hank as much as most of these guys, but I would not advocate trading him. I just wish he would stay with it for a whole game. His mind wonders and he makes simple fundamental mistakes. The guy stands on his head making these great saves, then he falls asleep and lets one roll by him. I remember Mike Richter let the odd soft one in. One from center ice, but they were rare because his goaltending skills were sound. He played the angles well, and moved side to side well. Richter was very hard to score on. Hank could be that good but hes not there yet.

  128. yeh i remember the past 4 years in the playoffs. I also remember how someone was really tired at the end of the season and partly due to his poor play at the end of the season caused the team to lose first place on the last game of the season. I also remember how that same person blamed his poor performance the next season on personal problems although I too would probably play bad if my father gets sick and passed away. Ohh I also remember how that same person had another bad 2-3 months because he used to grind his teeth which game him a headache. And now that same person instead of taking blame wants to talk about the team playing in front of him instead of being a man and saying he cost the team the game. Unfortunately there is no accountabily on this team. But he still stinks.

    Thanks CCCP
    Wicky no need for name calling

  129. hell yea nasty, lets get a big hen-rik chant goin on over here!!! cmon guys!! heres our only freakin hope of a cup in the next decade!! unless johnson grows into a bigtime net filler!!

  130. yan- i think you have some valid points. he has been very inconsistent this year and from his frst 2 seasons, hes been figured out by teams. hes also getting alot more work and much better scoring chances on him now than ever before. i know that goal last night killed us. but hes been way better the past 2 games than anyone on the team. if ur gonna call him out, then call out everybody who didnt score last night. you are not goin to win scoring 1 goal a game. this is a much higher paced style and we should be getting 2-3 more goals a game, but were worse than last year in that dept. and were giving up tons more chances. the d has been better. that is one of the reasons we even 1 one of those 2 games. our offense isnt getting the job done. for a team with 3 rookie d men and 1 soft fluffy vet weve held teams to 3 goals against in 2 games. ok 4 but 1 was empty net wasnt it? so basically 3 in 2 games. cmon blame every fwd if u want, but hank wasnt the reason we lost last night.

  131. IMHO The only thing wrong with Lundqvist is a good case of shellshock. I wonder what his save percentage would be on a team like Detroit or the (God forbid) Pens! I’m willing to bet he faces far more shots from the slot, and odd man breaks than almost any other goalie in the league. The main culprit remains our soft, inexperienced “D”. The other fact that we can’t score is another huge problem. Rozsival should not be getting first line minutes (and salary) with the way he handles the puck. Any forward that pressures him, and he turns the puck over about 70% of the time. As much as I hated Redden last year, he was playing somewhat respectable (still not worth close to his salary though) this year before he got hurt. Throw in the waste that Drury has become and this team could have 6 decent players for the money they are pissing away on 3. Since waiving these players would be admitting to the world that he was wrong, Sather would rather see this team play themselves into oblivion which is whats happening now! Want to bet that Torts gets thrown under the bus if he can’t make a silk purse out of this sows ear? The 2 people responsible for this mess are Sather and Dolan, and I can’t see and end to this buffoonery in sight!!!

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