Special guest tomorrow


Walt MacPeek, the opinionated, always-interesting former Rangers/NHL beat writer for the Newark Star-Ledger, will drop by tomorrow with a guest blog. Maybe the first of several.

We can only hope. This guy goes way back, farther than me. He covered the team in the 1960s and right through the Stanley Cup.

It’ll be a treat to have him.

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  1. CCCP, consider it taken.

    Doodie, welcome back. Where you been, bro?

    safe is playoffs, I think Torts does read this blog. Hey Torts, if you’re reading, drop us a comment, will ya?

  2. don’t start that “what up with that?” carp again. I couldn’t get that abdelkading song out of my head last time.

    You know which song got stuck in my bonehead today (and I don’t like it) “Evacuate the dance floor …”

  3. anyway, yan that post in the last thread was for u, im too lazy to go back n repost. but basically, i said ur right on some things, that goal killed us, but we have to win that game no matter what. he kept the sabres and wings(2 great teams) to 3 goals in 2 games. sometimes hank has stolen us games. like in buffalo. sometimes he wont. last night we got a bad break, but we cannot use him as an excuse for losing with that many open nets and breakaways that we failed on

  4. Yup, fine. But too small a sample to declare him ready or not ready to be a full-time NHLer. I can think of at least one current full-timer I’d like to see him replace, though.

  5. Mike in ia,
    i agree with you 100%. The season, and even that game was not all Hanks fault. I feel like when you look back on some of the games this season and at the end you scartch your head going how did they lose that? Now I agree with Carp that this team is not as talented as most of the teams they play, but this team has also had more than a handfull of games where they hit the post more than 3/4 times. The islanders game earlier this season they hit 5 posts. so they have some talent with a whole lot of bad luck. But I am tired of watching Hank stand on his head and then let the soft one in, in the third.

  6. Linda needs to know if they had to calm down drubacca yet on

    I’m looking forward to reading Walts take on things! Thanks for expanding info for me down here in da dirrrrrty souf Rick!!!

  7. CCCP – “why is everyone so upset with our announcers? How they announce the game does not affect the outcome of it! I didn’t think that Gia-gnome was that bad at all…So just focus what’s on the ice and remember these two
    names “Chico” Resch and Mike Emrick!”

    Good Post, still think Giannone isnt too good but yea exactly focus on wahts going on on the ice, but most people on here will find anything to complain about

  8. ThisYearsModel on

    MacPeek was a great beat writer. Didn’t hiw wife win the lottery or something, resulting in his early retirement?

  9. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    But I am tired of watching Hank stand on his head and then let the soft one in, in the third.

    That can happen when the goalie’s tired, made 75 saves in starting back to back games, only let up 2 goals in those games (total) and is doing so knowing his team may only score one goal for the night. Hank has let in softies, perhaps fatigue isn’t a good excuse, but it may be the reason last night.

  10. Linda needs to know if they had to calm down drubacca yet on

    i gotta admit, i do complain about announcers A LOT!! you guys are right, i just need something to complain about, i will not lie. i guess its analogous (sp) to player contracts, if they’re getting paid they should be doing a decent job. I’m just a beyotch!

    I actually thought, for the 15 minutes I had the msg feed, that Giannone was decent!

  11. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Franchise Goalie with rookie defense ..crazy!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    With a name like “Mac” Walt Macpeek must have been around for ages…they just don’t make names like “Mac” anymore…Mactavich,Mac and Me,the bigMac and on Mike Tysons punchout…little Mac!! Be nice to have a blogger who actually likes the Rangers..haha Carp ..just teasing.

  12. truefan,
    i would understand when it happens once in a while. Not when it happens every game. He was doing that 10 games into the season. He could not be tired then.

  13. It will be great to read what Walt has to say. I grew up reading his work in the Star Ledger.

  14. All this talk of how our announcers are terrible (I disagree, I think they are fine). Why don’t you put an end to it Carp…whats YOUR view on our announcer situation?

  15. Announcers again?
    I mentioned that earlier. I watch a lot of games on Center Ice. I’m telling you, there are some real clowns calling the games for different teams. Comparing to them our guys are real pros. Does anyone else watch center ice?

  16. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Franchise Goalie with rookie defense ..crazy!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Our announcers are very repetitive. When I hear “he such a good player ect …it kinda ruins it when I hear it all the time. I hear “Oh Yeahh ” by milchetti alot . We have to face it here, outr announcers could take note and develop more of a personality like Buffalo and pittsburgh have.

  17. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Franchise Goalie with rookie defense ..crazy!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    I watch Center ice . I pay for it and only watch Ranger games…well worth the $200.

  18. I’m not paying $200 to watch garbage like Roszival litter the ice with obscene passes and giveaways only other weaksauces, like Malik, would commit …

  19. Oh boy! I can’t wait to see how Walt takes on the heads! Tomorrow could be priceless!!

    Mama is back in the house, but very tired from her travels so just saying hi til tomorrow.

    Gravey, of course I want a win Wednesday, and every day, but Saturday is warren night, right Patrick!!! And I want Aves stopping by in a good mood :)

    I obviously missed some stuff and only did a very quick scroll through the comments….who is this yan we are speaking with? Welcome….Blogmama must keep track of her heads….a demain mes amis!

  20. Carp

    i been singing that song since the day Nasty 1 first brought it up! I CANNOT GET RID OF IT!! ITS IN MY HEAD! catchy freaking tune! and i’ve been using that song to piss everyone around me off!! thanks Nasty 1… it really works!

    RE: Announcers

    i complain aboot announcer too… sometimes they are unbearable but most of the time i dont really pay attention to what they got to say or take what they say with a smile…but i definitely love making fun of Sam whenever he mispronounce or misread a play (which happens a lot) or when Joe M goes on and on aboot HUGENESS of certain body parts! lol

  21. Hi, Mama. Welcome back. And spokoinoy nochi. Time for some cute animals pics on sisterblog, btw.

  22. Walt was great! the good old days when he wrote Rangers for Star-Ledger and Hugh Delano wrote Rangers for the Post.
    For quite a while, the Ledger had maybe the best stable of beat writers in greater NY – Walt, Moss Klein on Yanks, Dave Klein Giants, Dan Castellano Jets, and the guy with a goatee on basketball. And every sunday they all had 1/2 page features or columns.
    Re the announcers, just listen to Giannone for 5 minutes and the rest are as welcome like Curt Gowdy or Vin Scully. He is useless as a game announcer.

  23. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    I don’tremember calling you a name, but if I did I’m sure it was in jest, so sorry!

    You are missing the snow bro!

    I think he looked ok, but I would like to see him getting about 16 min a night.

    what full timer would you be talking about? hmmm?!?!

    I think the announcer debate is all sally’s fault!

  24. Thanks ilb, and I know, but I’m on a fargin break! :) Good job by you and Izzy on that Mary chick in last post though…yeesh!

    OK, spokoinoy nochi back at you :)

  25. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Sam isn’t as good as he once was, but he still does his job well.
    Michelletti is the biggest moron bone-head. He and Chico Resch are the worst. They say the dumbest things, call obvious plays, and discuss ridiculous tangents at naseum (including Kotalik’s “big arms”, Drury’s LLWS, etc…).

    Joe is one of the worst, i’d rather have a clown in there who just has fun.

  26. It’s true that Gilroy hasn’t shown the splash and dash that was expected of him, but on the other hand he has handled his post adequately if not spectacularly, and it may be that he is concentrating on his defensive posture as he gains experience in the league. He’s far from being one of their problems.

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