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Hey, sorry for the delay. Had a bit of an emergency …

Hope to be back at blog HQ to see some of the game. Might have to settle for Rangers in 60 though.

The Knicks played at MSG this afternoon, which means slushy ice (or slushier than usual) tonight. Which also means safe might not necessarily mean death in some situations tonight.


That Vinny Lecavalier speculation going around is just that. Speculation. Of course it makes sense that the Rangers would be among the interested if Lecavalier is going to be moved. But that assumes two things: That he is going to be available … and that there are no salary-cap restrictions. But there are.

Enjoy the game.

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  1. 27 votes for gabby as most disappointing player so far??? hey mako, or whoever mentioned that”voodoo magic cannabis ” it must be pretty popular here. i know people are joking though. we should have a poll just like that carp, instead though, pick a few comments that were really good and put them there and just let people vote that way. much easier than facebook i would think

  2. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Detrioy rock city!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Go Rangers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Detriot rock city!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    ooops typoed me name. Back 2 Back wins , let’s go!!!

  4. I’ve watched three Wings games this year (two in person in Sweden, one on HNIC) – they lost the lot. Here’s to 0-4…

    Why do I get the non-MSG feed 90% of the time?

  5. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Detriot rock city!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    OH NO CARP , bad ice again!!!?? Slushy ..chippy and crappy.

    BOOOOOOO KNICKERBOCKERS!!! STAY OUTTA THE GARDEN!!!! OK , I guess we’ll never drive out the knicks but can’t we address this ice situation?

    GO boyssss!!!


    ok, i’m finally done moving all my electronics around and ONLY missed the first 10 minutes


    i got the wings announcers… how crappy is that. they should have the home team announcers for the games.

  8. Linda needs to know if they had to calm down drubacca yet on

    woo hoo @ the Giants winning

    HOLY CARP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TBONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Linda needs to know if they had to calm down drubacca yet on

    that goal brought to you by cool ranch doritos!

  10. Boyle needs his butt kicked a few more times. We’ll get another 20 goal scorer. Whatever it takes.

  11. new game

    hit your head against the wall for every time Joe M says “big” “strong” or “huge” and see if you’ll survive through first period

  12. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Miami Pimp “My grandmother is outscoring Drury”

    Are you still pimping your grandmother?!?

  13. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    December 6th, 2009 at 7:39 pm
    give boyle a raise!


  14. Olga Folkyerself on

    “Are you still pimping your grandmother?!?”

    There is no good answer to that question…

  15. morg December 6th, 2009 at 7:40 pm

    Joe is crushing on Gentle Ben.”hes so BIG!”LMAO


    That was hilarious, I figured you’d all have a new nickname for him, Joe’s dream guy maybe?

    and Gentle Ben? LOL funniest thing i’ve heard in a while despite his first name being Brian.

  16. Im so happy for my boy Chris Pontius for setting up that goal by Brian Bowl. My boy has been really good lately, and im so happy for him, ehehehehaahhahehe

    (*inhales some dust cleaner*)

  17. onecupin69yearsand counting December 6th, 2009 at 7:46 pm

    Vinny for drury one zero for another zero.


    One captain for another?

  18. Wooo Boyle!

    Sorry, I’m in the middle of this stupid meeting… a little slow here.

    Linda, I really like chocolate chips ;)

  19. “I just wanted to be able to see my….PERSONAL doctor once a year.”

    What comercial is that?


  20. The Rangers are going to loose if they continue to play like that. Henrik looked real good, hope he stayes sharp.

  21. wow we sucked that period. cant believe were not losing badly lol. but ok, thanks boyle!!! i’ll take anything right now. what was the first line doing in that period??/ they looked slow and really crappy. the 2 pps for detroit were stressfull, but we got through it. thank hank. (btw, i know they only had 1 pp, but they had that 2 min. stretch there where they had it in our zone)
    linda- how u been? havent seen u in awhile here.

  22. The fancy cars,
    the women and the caviar,
    you know who we are,
    cuz we’re pimpin all over the world.

  23. Since they are talking about Girardi – that is a PERFECT play he made on Holstrom. Stood him up. That’s what they are supposed to do. Errr Paging Mr. Roszival.

  24. hoceystreams is the detroit feed. boring guys lemme tell ya.

    cccp- that guy was in the terminator movie too. sam worthington i think. he does look like a bigger version of aves though definitely. i could def. see aves in hollywood and lovin it.

  25. The guys on the Wings broadcast didn’t really notice how huge Boyle is. They’ve just talked about the bad ice for 95% of the game so far.

  26. When Higgy scores they should play the Will Smith song “Getting Jiggy With It” and they can replace Jiggy with Higgy. Corny as all hell, I know, but it’s all I got right now.

  27. yuck, caviar. people actually eat that still? mmm slimy fish embryos!! cant wait to dig into that and then maybe some lindberger cheese later

  28. lw3h- hell yea that one guy mustve said “bad ice’ followed by, that what happens when you play on bad ice about 15 times that period. stfu!!! we get it!!

  29. ilb, it’s a huge group research project on trauma and HIV/AIDS. We’re working with the Red Cross here. Unfortunately, I really like everyone in my group and we have too much fun and don’t get much done :)

    How’s the game going so far?

  30. Linda needs to know if they had to calm down drubacca yet on

    the wings guys are boring as hell, and try to make bertuzzi seem like a decent human

  31. Linda needs to know if they had to calm down drubacca yet on

    these guys absolutely suck. its like 2 suicidal jackasses in a bar talkin

  32. Linda needs to know if they had to calm down drubacca yet on

    i wonder if the hd feed is msg. damn i wish we were able to choose which audio we wanted!

  33. Linda needs to know if they had to calm down drubacca yet on

    the crowds chantin HENRIK HENRIK and the wings announcers are like “which one, zetterberg or lundqvist.” these guys are true peniledwarfs

  34. This is where we need to stand ground and not crap the bed. We always give up pairs of goals real fast.

  35. I dont get it either with Lisin – the kid isnt producing – so what better to get him to produce than 58 QUALITY seconds on the 1st period.

  36. we look too slow and the wings played last night too so its no excuse. theyve had almost no shots or good chances. havent even heard gabbys name until just now

  37. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Drury has to be the most calm, fired up player i’ve ever seen. I would never EVER guess that he needed to be calmed down based on him STANDING AROUND during the game… hmm. It’s amazing.

  38. Linda needs to know if they had to calm down drubacca yet on

    is voros playing? i’ve been kinda working on other things while the game is on and havent heard his name called

  39. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Gaborik’s “line” has basically been quiet since Avery was taken off that line… instead, what’s happened? Drury and Callahan have had a ton of chances. Eff this Anisimov science experiment and put Avery back, damnit!

  40. God, these Red Wings annoncers are putting me to sleep. Back to back games are hard when they are in the middle of the night:)zzzzzzzzzzzz

  41. Prospal scratched…

    We just have no real finishers other then Gabs, if he had all the chances that Higgins had, he’d have double the amount of goals…

  42. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    i’m watching on adthe but it looked like the very next shift (after my post) was Prospal, Avery, Gabby. Lets see… and if Torts changes the line again, he’s no better than Tom Renney!

  43. Linda needs to know if they had to calm down drubacca yet on

    damnit these asshats just referred to the LLWS!!!!!! THERE IS NO ESCAPE, THATS FOR SURE!!!

  44. gotta say the rangers arent really bad tonight, but they gotta either bury some of those chances or do something and draw some pp’s. 1-2 goals a game is not gonna cut it. wings can very easily bang 2 or 3 in a row against us in no time. gotta get a lead in the early stage of the 3rd.

  45. izzy- your right. it is one of those dull games. its not one of those crazy tight games with lots of up n down, its just kinda like… pugh

  46. Linda needs to know if they had to calm down drubacca yet on

    is this game this guys first game doing the intermission show? he. stops. after. every. word.

  47. Linda needs to know if they had to calm down drubacca yet on

    no mike, the other dude! he’s. just. dreadful.

  48. That was a pretty good period. I noticed the Rangers are paying a lot more attention to defence. They have been setting up a high trap at times.

  49. I half-predicted a 3rd period meltdown last night, so…

    I’m expecting a 3rd period meltdown right here.

    Let’s hope for the same results.

  50. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Detriot rock city!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Just win baby!!! Sure I wanted a Hank shut out, Gaborik goals ,AA jelling with the top line…but hey , against detroit..were doing perty good.

    Valley btw is horible , we will be seeing a big johnsson some time soon!!!

  51. Linda needs to know if they had to calm down drubacca yet on

    did the dude leave his feet to toss that elbow to the chin/throat?

  52. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    The detroit announcers were pretty damn funny on the Anisimov head snapper! haha, i’ll take them over Joe Dbag any day.

  53. I have no problem with that hit; it was just a one-on-one hard hit. I have issues with those hits where a player is already engaged with an opponent and another one comes out of nowhere to lay a crushing hit [like Scott Stevens used to do].

  54. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Anisimov felt like he was on 7th and hit by the NHL bus.

    Pretty clearly kneeing on Zett, don’t know why Sean even has to sell that one or why people (detroit and its announcers) don’t think it’s a penalty.

  55. what is up with these guys? how can u play worse on the pp than u do on even strength or even the pk??? gabby on for almost the whole thing and doesnt get a shot. he looks slow tonight too

  56. Linda needs to know if they had to calm down drubacca yet on

    tiger woods has some pretty bad taste. there’s a link on MSN that says “mired in scandal, will Tiger do Oprah” I said to my fiancee, why not, he’s done almost everyone else.

  57. Linda needs to know if they had to calm down drubacca yet on

    drury towards the net! woooo gooo dru! sooooo fired up

  58. Avery just lost us the game. You can’t miss those types of opportunities and expect to win.

  59. Linda needs to know if they had to calm down drubacca yet on

    drury needs a tranquilizer…he’s out of control~

  60. Linda needs to know if they had to calm down drubacca yet on

    how is moe howard stopping all these shots?? must be the power of the hair

  61. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    YES! It was Drury’s blown coverage (on Datsyuk) that allowed him enough time to chip the puck on net.

  62. Linda needs to know if they had to calm down drubacca yet on

    kc, why’d they help out when they dont when hank gets run? Why’d they help their meal tickets?

  63. Ok, now Tortorella is trying to teach Gaborik a lesson. Can he stop with the discipline and try coaching? The Rangers need a coach, not an assistant principal.

  64. He is telling them right now, “Guys, if you take a penalty right now, I am going to kill your first born, and make you watch. Do you understand me?”

    Ha. I agree. If we take a penatly we are toast.

  65. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    He is telling them right now, “Guys, if you take a penalty right now, I am going to kill your first born, and make you watch. Do you understand me?”

    Ladies and gentlemen! The quote of the week.


  66. Why does this always happen to the rangers, i called this with about 3 minutes to go, This has happened so many times over the years its amazing…i just dont get it we are such a hard luck team, out work a team for a long amount of time and then that team puts in a lucky one in the last few minutes it amazes me!

  67. i already turned it off after the rozy penalty. if sather doesnt get some damn scoring(no avery,higgins and cally arent goal scorers, and dru is just a lump of crap), and get rid of rozy im gonna kill something!!!

  68. Maybe the Rangers would have a better power play if Tortorella didn’t pull Gaborik off after 45 seconds in favor of Higgins, Avery and/or Drury.

  69. Since they won’t waive the overpaid losers, then we might as well just accept that this team will always suck…

  70. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    Oh well, Hank’s last 3 goals given up were all cheapies.

    It just seems like his head is not in the game sometimes.

  71. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    December 6th, 2009 at 9:30 pm
    It’s not even Christmas yet…ugh

    It shouldn’t ruin your Christmas anyway! Chris’ Christmas will be just fine.

  72. cally with a pen. shot, higgins with a breakaway,kots and avery with open nets, and hank with the obligatory weak goal. and gabby looked like crap. how bad can it get????

  73. This team is so stupid … who gives a flying f about the salary … get these morons outta here

  74. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    Obviously, Hank has better things to do than goaltend. And by better things, I mean carping women.

  75. Linda needs to know if they had to calm down drubacca yet on

    I swear I hope Sweden loses all their games at the Olympics!

  76. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    kc. Gabby looked bad all night and his PP unit was worse than the Drury, Avery, Higgins line. Smart move, go with the line showing promise.

    Rangers could’ve lost this game in the first 10 minutes if not for Hank, you guys are ridiculous. He’s gotta stop that goal, but no other goalie in the NHL has this game locked up at 1-1 with 4 minutes left anyway.

  77. “Your “best”?! Losers (the NYRangers) always whine about their best. Winners (the Red Wings) go home and f the prom queen.”

  78. kc- gabby wasnt doin jack the whole game. thats why he wasnt on the pp. aves,dru and higgins were all playing way better than he was or prospal. the whole top line was useless tonight. did they even have 1 shot on net?? does gabby think hes filled his quota for the season?? im not sayin he cant have an off game, but clearly he wasnt in this one at all

  79. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    If Avery could hit a wide open net, Cally a penalty shot, Higgins a breakaway… then Hank wouldn’t have to make EVERY save. Goalie’s not going to win you every game you score 1 goal… someone else has to step up too, same goes for Gabby. Was mostly invisible when they needed him.

  80. What happened with Avery’s goal? Or I should say it looked like a goal to me. My stream froze just as that happened, and by the time I got it back they were taking the faceoff in Red wings zone.

  81. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Crap-Qvist strikes again!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    We had ’em ….we really did.

    Gaborik is tired , looks sleepy out there.

    Great game by the Rangers defense.

    Great game if we want the #1 draft pick this year.

  82. True Fans, Gaborik was not allowed to do anything tonight, both by Detroit defense and Rangers coaching. He was constantly pulled off the ice. Whether Drury, Avery, Higgins, etc. managed to pass the puck around the zone in their shift or not, they still couldn’t score. Gaborik would have scored on those empty nets. The Rangers can’t score, and not giving your only offensive threat extra ice time is just bad coaching. Why wouldn’t you let Gaborik have extra power play time? Or maybe double shift him on occasion? But no, Tortorella is trying to make excuses for Drury and prove something by constantly having him out there.

  83. Hank put that one in his own net. He misplayed the whole deal. He does it all the time. He makes a bunch of great saves the he falls asleep and lets in an easy one. He can’t stay in it for a full three periods.

  84. Linda needs to know if they had to calm down drubacca yet on

    Gabby is allowed a bad game every now and then. He can’t be superman every game. I’m so back and forth with Hank. The guy keeps us in so many games, but the soft/bad goals are becoming more commonplace. I know its probably a byproduct of Torts ‘system’, but as everyone’s been sayin for weeks, it’s time for the system to fit the team because its obvious the team cannot consistently adhere to the system.

  85. true- i agree that he played well. hank made some great saves, but jimmy howard beat our top 5 goalie. but youre right, if anybody wouldve scored a damn goal it wouldve at least went to ot. the lack of scoring is unreal given the oppurtunities they had. if gabby wouldve had even one of those chances that aves cally,dru or higgins had, its game over. we really need some goal scorers. and christensen isnt gonna help that either glen. another 4th liner

  86. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    kc. call it whatever you want to call it, but Gabby wasn’t producing offense and those other guys were. Sorry bro, Torts made a good decision there.

  87. If Ovechkin has a bad game, do you sit him in the 3rd period? No, you play your best players. Especially when you are not winning.

  88. lisn playing 3 minutes is absurd… if they do not trust him sit him in thestands…

    henrik blew the 2nd goal, that was a horrible gift.

    they are not stealing any points….

    another bad bad loss……..should have gotten at least 1 point.. higgins cally, dubi, and on.. they are all brick layers with no shooting skills….

  89. This loss = Microcosm of this team on

    This game was pretty much everything wrong with the Rangers on display.

    1. Gaborik marked by 2 guys all night, so…
    2. We need secondary scoring, but all we get is Hands of Stone from Higgins, Avery, Callahan, and well, EVERYONE, so…
    3. We’d need goaltending, but 2 soft goals given up by Hank, and then…
    4. We have a chance to tie it up at the end, BUT NO, Rozsival takes a dumb penalty.

    Long story short, if a major deal is not made (for Lecavalier or someone who can make that kind of impact) we’re not making the playoffs, and in that event, it doesn’t hurt to tank hard for the #1 overall pick.

  90. I agree that Henrik let up another crucial goal but 2 gimmees by Avery and Kotalik and Cally’s penalty shot along with a couple of consecutive PPs in the 3rd and it’s disgraceful that the game wasn’t in garbage time with 2 mins left.

    Still, take it to OT and then maybe a shootout, just get points in the standings for chrissakes. Henrik has been the anti-Captain Clutch at way too many points this season so far.

  91. disagree kc. gabby wasnt even close to in this game. dru,aves and cally were all playin to win. yes, they didnt score, but they had chances. gabby had none. if he wants pp time, then start playing before the games almost over

  92. Both good points by True Fans Bleed RW&B and kc…but you dont know whats going on with Gaborik obviously Torts has a better read on that. There all NHL players and the chances they had late and the 3 power plays someone has to come threw.

  93. Sather's WrapUp on

    Hi Ranger Fans,

    Another exciting game here at the World’s Most Sold out Arena. Those fans just love us!

    How about our Goalie! LQ scores a goal to win the game. Not many goalies can do that! What? What’s that? Into OUR net? Oh. Never mind…

    Anyone see our enforcer? Could have used you tonight there Brash. We got too many power plays in a row tonight. Tort’s would just tap your shoulder, and say “Brash, go get us a penalty”. All for just over a million bucks. What an acquisition!

    Anisimov is MY player of the game. Where is he?. Ahhhh, Artie! There was some talk about caviar earlier and I want you to go down to Brighton Beach and get me a couple pounds. Dolan will spring for it, he had a double shutout today with the Knicks playing earlier.

    Gabby is in a bit of a slump, ain’t he. I better see Torts about cutting his ice time a bit until he picks it up.

    Well, it wasn’t a win but it’s just as good. It really built some character out there.

    Well, gotta go. Until next time fans, and remember- don’t step on the logo.

    Mrs. Sather says, “Nighty-Nite”

  94. Yeah, it was definitely a soft goal by Lundqvist but who cares, where was the rest of the team? Perhaps they were waiting for Gaborik to put on his cape to carry them. The team sucks and just relies on Gaborik, you can’t blame point the finger at Lundqvist.

  95. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    kc. Gabby was getting getting his normal EV shifts, he was even the first guy out there after the Det go ahead goal and then the first guy out there on the PK. Torts chose to start the second PP unit on Detroit’s last penalty because they had nearly put the puck in the net already. Sorry, but you’re just wrong about this one. Gabby didnt get sat, it’s just that another group of guys looked better and Torts gave them a chance (a single chance) and Gabby played the rest of the game. Sorry.

  96. Tortorella is spending too much time deciding which players to punish. Anisimov makes a mistake in the first period, and he’s off the top line. Gaborik doesn’t score in the first 2 periods and he’s yanked off the power play. Higgins scores a goal last night (with the work done by Gaborik), and now he’s supposed to be a top player? If Gaborik is being covered, put different players with him who can help, but don’t sit him on the bench. Especially with this team of stone hands.

  97. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    December 6th, 2009 at 9:52 pm
    Tanking doesn’t guarantee you the #1 pick, just more balls in the lottery.

    If it’s one thing the Rangers need, it’s more balls…

    …in the lottery.

  98. I havent posted here in awhile but I always read and I think its funny how some people are defending Lundqvist to no end (someone who has been giving up softies almost every game he plays in) but jumps down gaboriks throat for not contributing tonight while being double teamed most of the game. Gaborik is the absolute last person to blame this loss on and its funny how henrik doesnt get blame from some people when that last goal (and maybe even the first goal) was completely his fault. It doesnt matter how many times henrik bailed us out in the past….in order to be one of the best goalies you need to always be there and not let in stinkers every game!

  99. Olga Folkyerself on

    Well, as Bobby Kennedy said, in his last words-

    “It’s on to Chicago, and let’s win there.”

  100. True, at least Dave Maloney agrees with me! If you didn’t hear it, he just said “If you’re going to lose, you’d rather lose with number 10 on the ice.” Thanks Dave.

  101. well, richtersgirl, its not that hank has been bad. hes been good. yes, hes let in way too many softies lately, but when youre team cannot score more than 1 a game, how many games do u think hes gonna win? it was as flukey as they come. yes it was bad, but still, we shouldve buried them multiple times with 3 straight pp’s. sry but its not just on hank.

  102. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Obviously that was an awful goal that he HAS to stop… but how many games does he have to play where he can’t let up a single goal to win the game? The Rangers scored A goal? (as in ONE). Everybody’s at fault for this game.

  103. I’m not saying its ONLY henriks fault…Of course it’s not, they need to score more BUT those goals he HAS to stop if they want to be a successful team. That’s all i’m saying.

  104. Quick question for Torts (maybe Carp will get a chance to ask at some point): what in the blue hell is Roszival doing out there in late game offensive situations, i.e., sixth attacker on? he has proven again and again that he sucks at it. he can’t keep pucks in, and when he does he handles it like a hand grenade.

    Makes me miss Malik.

  105. Lundqvist making crazy saves can spark this team and get them going…Lundqvist letting in softies every game…well…that just can’t help

  106. True, I’m not saying Gaborik didn’t play at all. The problem is he was not given enough time in the 3rd period, which is when the top player and scorer should be on the ice as much as humanly possible, especially if there is a power play. Higgins, Drury, Callahan, Avery — none of them have shown any touch for scoring this season at all, and should not have dominated ice time. Not to mention that Gaborik should have someone big on his line, like Anisimov, to help with the possession and forecheck and give him space.

  107. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    KC. I agree with your post entirely, but based on Lidstrom (and whoever his partner was), they shut him down. If nobody can step up to give him space (i’ll discuss in a second), then you might as well try another line against different defensive pairs. As far as helping Gaborik, Anisimov doesn’t do that. Actually, Gabby has sucked since Anisimov has been put on his line and I think it’s because he’s too slow and Avery’s actually a better setup guy and better behind the net. Avery ran hot 5-6 games with Gabby and I don’t know why they changed that. We’ll see if he goes back to that.

  108. shoryuken
    Thats a good point, the way Rozy has been playing What was he doing out there? Torts makes a lot of basic screw ups. He keeps saying I am going to go with the guys that earn it. Rozy’s play has been a complete mess for the last month or more. Some might say the last year.

  109. Artie is a rookie, he doesn’t know what the smart play would be a lot of the time. He does work very hard and skates both ways. He is no help to the first line though and why Torts put him there is a good question.

  110. Avery is a player who can’t be creative consistently. He can spark a line, but he needs to play with someone like Callahan and just grind it out. He isn’t skilled enough or creative enough to play for long with Gaborik or Prospal. Anisimov has potential with them because he plays the same way. Dubinsky was mentored a lot by Jagr, who taught him how to play with him. But Anisimov can’t be taught, if he gets pulled off the line in the middle of a game. To be fair, the lack of scoring on this team probably also is a result of the lack of consistency in the lines which prohibits any chemistry whatsoever, and that is on the coach.

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