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I was having this discussion with a member of the Rangers’ organization. Which game is more difficult, at Buffalo, or home against Detroit the next night? He thought the first game was tougher, because it was on the road, because Buffalo was playing so well, especially Ryan Miller, and because Detroit had so many off-season losses followed by injuries.

I didn’t disagree, but I have had it hammered into my memory too many 8-0 and 6-2 losses to Detroit over the years … some of which resulted in the firing of just about everybody in the organization … to imagine a game against Buffalo could be more difficult than a game against Detroit under any circumstances.

Anyway, what do you think?


Some quick hits from last night:

1) Yeah, yeah, Drury played well in his return to Buff, but it should also be pointed out that when that guy went around three Rangers, and turned Del Zotto inside-out, it was Drury who made a weak stick check attempt first. Still, it was a good game for the Captain.

2) Lundqvist has to get the shutout there. That’s a horrible goal, and it resulted in white-knuckle pressure at the end of the game. Otherwise, he was terrific.

3) Sean Avery has been the best Ranger not named Gaborik for about three weeks.

4) If they defend that way, and get that kind of goaltending, they’re in every game and have a shot to have a winning record and making the playoffs. But they won’t defend that way every night. Or at least, that’s what they’ve led us to believe so far.

5) Glad the Heineken commercial returned (in honor of Heikkinen’s debut?).

6) Boyle stepped up, stood up for his goalie, played a strong game.

7) Higgins should have to buy Gaborik a present for getting a pass like that. Great shot, though.


Instead of giving the link to the official game summary and event summary, I’m going to start to link to’s recap page. On it you can find the game report summaries yourself, but also the AP game story and video highlights and all sorts of statistical stuff. OK? Here’s the one from last night.

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  1. Carp, gotta agree! It’s great having Aves back! He’s doing all the things we want him to do, and isn’t taking too many bad penalties.

    I know you guys probably discussed this a few topics ago, but it STILL cracks me up when the report Crysby’s groin is buggin him and he doesn’t play. Hope he takes his Midol.

  2. Apparently not. :( oh well. Big games today. The Giants need a win to keep their playoff hopes alive, and the Rangers must expand on their efforts yesterday. Hopefully we will see two NY wins.

  3. Last win against Detroit at MSG? October 2003. (Ah, the glorious Mike Dunham era. Sigh…)

    Last one before that? March 1997.

    So, if they only happen once every six years, I think we’re due.

    Last win in Detroit? October 1999.

  4. Good morning-ish, Carp!

    The Schmooze? Steve Sommers? Was he there last night? I had such a blast at the game last night. I still can’t believe they won!!!

  5. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    Anyone else DVR the game last night? The Cally goal never went in.

    Whew! We’re lucky they didn’t review it.

  6. Riche’ – Are you sure it didn’t go in? I saw it from a couple different angels, and yes I did tivo it, I’ll have to check it again.

    And carp, 4 in italian is quattro, with two t’s.

  7. Great post Carp I ditto on everything, maybe the guy playing the puck while sitting on the boards wasn’t worth mentioning, but I can’t remember ever seeing that happen in a game before Can you? I have to say it suprised me. I also think if it had been anyone but Avery about to play the puck the guy would have left it alone.

  8. I just checked it out again. From the angles they give you it looks like the puck is coming from out the back of the net. The one angle from the far end of the ice you can’t see the puck hitting the crossbar, but you can see it coming out of the net.

  9. Thanks Carp,

    Now I want Buffalo wings…

    Word to the wise…Never smoke anything if you do not know what is in it.

    There is this stuff that you can get at the local hookah bar called “Black Magic”, or Canabanoids. It is completely legal because it does not have any THC in it and is undetectable by people. Basically, this stuff is legal marijuana.

    Anyway point of the story, I’ve tried it before and I felt like I was going to die from it and went into a “Death Mode”.

    Last night I was at a party and some girl tried it and completely fainted mid-conversation and hit her head with a resounding thud. We had to bring her to the hospital and she is fine now.

    Point of the story, Dont Smoke Anything that You do not research first.

  10. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Four days off +, they have to beat the wings, but a two game streak isn’t going to make me wet my pants.
    If you’re all happy with last night and maybe winning or tying today ,Pulease, this team needs a huge streak.

  11. I think the big test will be Wednesday night, at Chicago. How they come out to play that game will tell alot about this team IMO, if their play hasn’t already

  12. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    Sather’s cigars are long filler contracts he should have given out but didn’t and wrapped in 1st draft contracts that he thought would be “lowballing” the player.

    Rumor has it he has a Redden contract for 2yrs @ 2M/per sitting in his humidor waiting for a “special” occasion.


    All I know is that last year when they played Detroit was a phenomenal game. Even though they lost. They played fantastic. Anyone remember that game?

  14. Linda

    If you are still around please repost what you last posted. You were Carped!!!

    I think we all would have a good laugh at it.

  15. Again great points Rick. I’l cut Dru a tiny bit of slack. He was strong defensively and good on faceoffs…wait… isnt that his role now?

    The goal on LQ wasnt like his other softies and that’s a direct result of him not cutting down the angle on the shooter. Why doesnt he get this?

    Avery’s Avery again and I still would love to see him on first line.

    Yep that was an absolutely DIRTY pass to Higgy. He should buy him dinner for a month… that’s probably the next time Higgy will score ( I hope not )

  16. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    Morning/Afternoon all

    Just finished watching the game, ilkka (sp?) looked good, definitely put the body on a few guys, not great, but good. Hank had a good 59 minutes (very good) gave up a softie, but had his best game of the season to me! Drury showed the most on ice emotion I have seen from him since the last game he played before he was named captain during the preseason in Europe! Christensen made solid plays. Avery needs to be on the 1st PP unit instead of cally! What was the verdict of the cally goal in or out?

    Glad you enjoyed the win, hope your bags are packed, you have to go to every game now until they lose!

    Does anyone here read spector’s hockey site? Interesting little rumor tidbits on the rangers “calling everyone” about deals!

    Speaking of movies, anyone seen joyeux noel? Being the xmas season right now and the movie is based on actual events, I highly recommend it!

    Love it that buffalo does the Canadian national anthem. If they did it in French, it would be perfect!

  17. 909

    They really should look into a D man. But Redden should be coming back soon and they really should be looking to rid the team of Rozi. But this is Sather and few things make sense in Rangerland. HOWEVER, I wouldnt mind Demitra for a rental. He could easily pop in 20 goals for them. But, I worry how his shoulder would hold up.

  18. Great post Carp, agree with every point, particularly (4). It looks like we’re starting to play “safe” hockey where we’re more responsible in all three zones and take advantage of created opportunities. Screw the go-go possession style where we’re far less disciplined. Henrik did keep us in game but lost his focus with that soft goal at the end. I’d go with the kid tonite: it may force us to play more defensive and he needs to play.

  19. onecupin69yearsand counting

    Four days off +, they have to beat the wings, but a two game streak isn’t going to make me wet my pants.


    i thought that at your age wetting pants is just something that happens anyway! :P


  20. Carp Thanks for the game summary. Fantastic idea. Cally’s goal may of come off the bar in back of the net and back out. Besides nobody disputed it.

  21. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    slatipuss just needs to go get witt from the isles.

    One other note, mrs wicky pointed out last night how much MDZ looks like sidney crosby in the face, I never noticed before…chicks!

    You are indeed the good luck charm!

  22. Wicky, tell you’re lady that she is very, very wrong. MDZ is ADORABLE, Crosby is a big-toothed monster. Poor adorable little MDZ.

  23. in their short times – noth sangs and heikenen (sp) looked like they belong. could be no worse than the arrrgg brothers (Redden has played well with Gilroy though). lots of potential trade fodder, but would rather keep the young guys and dump the vets for prospects at deadline. Heikenen (sp) shows the poise of a six year pro (out of position a few but good first game – and willing to lay the wood – gotta like it) – because he sort of is and for that I think he will step in and be a fine fill in this year and top 6 guy next year.

    would anyone complain with a lottery pick and potential #1 overall once in our lifetimes – we got close once – Pavel Brendl – but would like to get one more shot – why not this year.

    no complaints about the season – enjoying the kids

  24. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    don’t think she was saying they looked the same on the attractive scale, but the hair and the face minus the mouth/teeth is pretty similar!

  25. have you ever heard of Ribless-Pork-Wings? lol i just called Chinese food here in Brooklyn and ordered that and the lady was like “OK” LMAO!

  26. while i think they rodent is reaching a little bit and I disagree with Drury’s um “shrinkage” he has lost a noticeable amount of weight. I saw it during preseason… But I DOUBT he was juicing LOL

  27. Why am I looking forward to tonights game so much?
    Can they play that way 2 games in a row?

  28. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    thanks for the rodent link, good read on the drury situation and on the way to put the puck on net and not to try and put the puck on net!

  29. REPOST per MAKO:

    December 6th, 2009 at 11:35 am
    from brooks:

    According to coach John Tortorella, Drury has also been asserting himself in a variety of ways.

    “Dru has even been more vocal,” Tortorella said. “He knows where we are and he knows we need him to take the lead here to get us through. The points are not there all the time, but he brings intangibles, he’s working hard, and tonight he made key plays at key times.”

    After the morning skate, the coach said that if there is a flaw in Drury’s makeup, it’s that he sometimes places too much of a burden on himself.

    “The thing is with Dru that at times he goes so hard he puts himself into a fix,” the coach said. “He cares so much.

    “There are some guys you have to light a fuse under to get them going, but with Dru, you have to calm him down.”


    i need to pay more attention to drury while he’s on the ice. I must be missing a lot typing to you guys!

  30. LOL thank you Linda.

    Read the rodents write up… Im sure you’ll like it. Is the TV working yet?

  31. just finished the rodent link, interesting! Drubacca would not be a juicer, i think he just got himself in better condition over the summer and lowered his bodyfat. I’m wondering if there is something to the playing hurt thing. I wonder if the wrist is presenting problems.

    We brought the JVC back (bye bye 37″ and got the 32″ Philips and ITS AMAZING!!!!!! Comcast coming by Friday for our upgrade and to add phone service to our bundle. I was supposed to start baking Christmas cookies today, but can’t pry myself away from the awesomeness that is my new tv!!

  32. AHA! So it was the tv?

    MMMMMMMMM Christmas cookies! Do you make low-fat muscled out gingerbread men for the man? LOL

  33. hells no!!!!! all sugar and goodies, no low fat, skim milk, protein kinda cookies from this girl!!

    my eyes are going nuts with this tv! i’m gonna have to rearrange the living room!

    what’s brastraps upper body injury? lack of heart?

  34. Wicky, I suppose that’s acceptable.

    MAKO, “Do you make low-fat muscled out gingerbread men for the man?” This made me LOL sooo hard! Linda, if I ever find a body builder cookie cutter I’m gonna buy it for you!!!

  35. oh man, a bodybuilder cookie cutter would be awesome! and i’d make double chocolate chunk cookies to be cut with it!

  36. mako, 4 games for a TKO??? are you kidding???

    woo hooo, steelers lose, patriots lose, giants on tv. Maybe a Rangers victory is also in store

  37. Yeah isnt that crazy? Thank you Mr. Bettman!


    Rangers win 4 – 2
    Gabby with 2 goals. MDZ 1 goal, Christensen 1 goal.

  38. Linda, if I can’t find one I’ll make one! Those cookies sound deelicious!

    I’m gonna miss the game tonight cause I’ve got to meet with my research methods group… am I lucky or what??

  39. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Carcillo has a rap sheet, that history isn’t the same as Chris Simon’s but it’s enough to double any suspension he would have gotten.

    The only weird part about the TKO is that Bradley isn’t even touching Carcillo and Carcillo has clear leverage holding Bradley by the front of his jersey. Bradley barely has his gloves off when he hits the ground. Dirty play by Carcillo. 4 games? No. 1 or 2, probably.

  40. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on


    congrats on the TV upgrade!!!


    Ouch, methods….bleh!!


    How bout those raiders. With just an average QB!!!!

  41. Thanks wicky! Last night when the man was removing the old tv i yelled out “BE CAREFUL WITH THAT TV, ITS SPECIAL!” He says, ‘whats so special about a 15 year old tv?” I replied ” I SAW THE RANGERS WITH THE STANLEY CUP ON THAT TV!!!” he said I needed help!

    the 30 seconds of the Raiders game was the best 30 seconds of football i saw so far today!!

    Sally, I’ll send you a bunch of each cookie I make. Do you like raisins?

    I’ll find a chewbaca cookie cutter and put 23 in icing on it!

  42. LMAO!! @

    ” I’ll find a chewbaca cookie cutter and put 23 in icing on it! ”

    we’ll have to mold a cookie cutting into a mouth piece with Under Armour logo on it LOL

  43. Linda but with Dru, you have to calm him down.” on

    i still can’t get over that Torts quote! I wonder if he had his fingers crossed behind his back when he said it!

  44. LOL LLWS!! I really think what should accompany that is the clutch mobile cookie!!!

    LMAO!!! ” i still can’t get over that Torts quote! I wonder if he had his fingers crossed behind his back when he said it! “

  45. Sather’s cigars are a mixture dried prunes, garlic cloves and fresh buzzard droppings soaked in rum for added flavor.

  46. The way it goes for Vali, he could be backing up Zamboni driver in Hartford by Christmas, if not by tomorrow…

  47. I have to admit, the Wolfpack aren’t looking too good. Valiquette should’ve had some of those shots though. This is a pretty brutal game.

    Grachev looks kind of slow out there. The first goal he dogged it on the backcheck for that shorthanded breakaway goal.
    down 6-1 and the games not half way over.

  48. Zaba didn’t look like Roy in preseason either. I think the Rangers should lend Roszival to them. That will cement their defense.

  49. I know this might be a stretch but would anyone with tickets to the Monday night game (12/14) against Atlanta be willing to sell me 2 tickets? Just wondering in case anyone as them and can’t make it. Please let me know asap! Email with the details, what section and how much, etc.

  50. btw, whoever said earlier that the puck hit the post on Cally’s shot is wrong… the puck clearly hit the back of the net…

  51. OMG is anyone watching the pregame?

    Did you see Holstrom raise his elbow to block Marty’s (yes that one) line of sight? I think he remember there was the Avery Rule in effect.

    Jimmy Howard in net for the Wings.

  52. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Detrioy rock city!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    ok ok , We won a game and now we usually lose the next…but this is different. Maybe our crappy ice will slow down the wings and we win big?

    Go Rangerssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!


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