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So arguably the league’s best goalie to date, Ryan Miller, against one of the league’s most impotent offenses, with a new, minor-league flavor, and on a three-game losing streak to close November. Should be interesting.

For the Rangers, Chris Drury and Ales Kotalik return to Buffalo, where they were once linemates. Ilkka Heikkinen debuts on defense. Erik Christensen debuts at center. Chad Johnson debuts as backup goalie. Rookie Artem Anisimov centers the No. 1 line.

Henrik Lundqvist starts in goal. Enver Lisin goes back in after being prucha’d last game. Aaron Voros gets prucha’d tonight. Donald Brashear (hand/wrist), Wade Redden (shoulder) and Brandon Dubinsky (hand) continue to sit out injured.

Here are tonight’s pregame notes (do any of you guys use these, and do you download the full version, or am I wasting my time here?). And here’s NHL.com’s preview.

Enjoy the game. I’ll be right here with youse all night.

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  1. being last is an acquired taste on

    being 1st is just dumb luck.

    finishing last is a skill. i can go back to october posts and be last. it’s just wanting it.

  2. so any predictions tonight fellas? i say 4-3 us in ot or SO. then we beat the crap outta the wings tommorow. they will come out hard from the outset and never look back. i say gabby scores 4 and hank lets in 3 off 15 shots, johnson comes in and shuts them out the rest of teh way. ok ok thats a stretch but i still say we take this game in ot and drury scores the winner.

  3. yea i never saw that one shor, but i trust ya. the iverson one was just stupid funny. the guy had a point, but cmon how many times are u gonna repeat yourself? and he said it exactly the same way, same tone in his voice every time. somebody has to get him a 2nd grade english tutor or something. but nobody beats drury for most dull, un-inspiring interviews ever

  4. grabby

    Porn in the corn…LMFAO!!!

    I still think we need a first line of avery AA gabby and a second line with prospal cally and……to try and spread the scoring out a little!

  5. Iverson had a really crappy upbringing. Not saying he doesn’t do some dumb things but he’s had a much harder life than most people know of.

    In any event, hopefully they get some youthful energy tonight and if Kotalik isn’t fired up to play his old mates, nothing will get that guy inspired.

  6. Maybe Miller could get gomez’d tonight? That certainly would increase our chances of making the playoffs.

  7. i do lash leroux, or larue

    wick, theres a big porn store on I-80 thats next to my exit and its hidden behind a cornfield so we call it”porn in the corn”. yea i know not very original, but they shouldve named it that lol.

  8. evening boys! Jealous of Sassy Sally being at the game tonight!! Hopefully she gets to see a win!!

  9. Olga Folkyerself on

    No, GABBY gets 2. Drury gets booed. Voros gets Prucha’ed. Chad Johnson gets second thoughts about playing for this team.


    Just got back from the gym… First snowfall of the winter here in NYC. YAY!

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. anyone watching the kings/blues game?

    kariya gets the go ahead goal late in the 3rd. kings tie it up. they are in a shootout right now. really good game.

  12. Prediction: Rangers 5 Buffalo 0 Henrik steps up big after being called out by Torts (sort of?). Prospal scores 1, Gabby gets 2, Cally nets 1 and Lisin scores. Christensen assists 2 goals.

  13. I am at the Pebble because I had to take my cousins to this game for my uncle. 250 dollar tix, all you can eat for free at the ice bar. I can live with it. Let’s go Red Wings, for tonight at least :)

    Let’s Go Rangers!

    I’m going to get blind and have my wife drive home.

  14. Nasty

    Have a great time. its amazing what you can get for that kinda money outside of MSG eh?


  15. Mako,the man brought me a hdtv today!!!!!!!! i’m freakin out! we’re gonna set it up in a bit, right now I got the SEC Championship game on my 15 year old tv!

    Ready for a Rangers WIN!!!!!!!! LETS GO RANGERS! UGH, it’s the horrid Sabres announcers!!!!!!!!!

  16. i can’t wait! we just gotta call comcast and get the hd programming…i’m freakin out cuz he ALSO bought me a COUCH!!!! no more velvet elvis couch with no cushioning! Christmas came early for me this year!!!

  17. shor- lol yea dugay is stuck in the late 70’s early 80’s. that earings gotta go lol. the hair is another story, but i guess it works for him. lol idk but i see him and think of the boogie nights movie. dirk diggler dugay

  18. HAHAHAH That is fantastic! WOW watching in style and comfort! Good man he is =D Enjoy it, you deserve it!

  19. I know links are sometimes posted here to watch the game. Anyone know of any working? Thanks to the snow my satellite is out.

    Thanks in advance.

  20. WOW 23 games into the season. One of our own has almost 40 points :) Too bad they really dont have much to show for it :(

  21. kels, i’ll look around to see if i can find one, but I’m sure one of the guys will find one before me!

  22. Tim Connolly and Marian Gaborik are BOTH playing? Could’ve got decent odds against that happening at the start of the year.

  23. Kels,go to channelsurfing and pick the rangers game, they put a password up top that you have to enter. good luck

  24. thanks Mako! He’s really awesome, just wish he loved hockey! Teeheee!!! He also got me a new Christmas tree, no more 3 foot tall charlie brown tree! I must’ve looked kinda cute today for all this bounty!!!

  25. Olga Folkyerself on

    I wish I was at the game. I’d be the one with the giant “FIRE SATHER” sign…

  26. anisimov is flying. btw carp, i came up with an idea for nominating the comment of the week without you having to read all the posts. If someone makes a good post, maybe someone should enter their name as “comment of the week”. that way, everytime you see that, you can read it and make your choice.

  27. damnit Olga, I should have told Sally to bring a sign saying that!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRR I did tell her to wear her fake moustache and beard though!

  28. comment of the week might need a facebook page, this way we can copy and post our nominees there, and it’d be a quick way for Rick and/or Josh and or Laurel to access.

  29. OMG SCOOBY DOOBIE scored!!!!!!!!!!! its the end of the world as we know it!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!

  30. That pass from Gaborik was obscene. Anisimov has been excellent so far – maybe Torts will let him play 12 or even 13 minutes tonight…


    Rjam, they are horrid, I’m debating which duo is worst, the Sabres guys or the Pens guys

  32. Im so glad that Mr. Mouth chew gave up on the man he was supposed to cover to do to the other player who was covered by an actual defenseman. COME ON DRU!


    wow,its slow here tonight. has everyone given up on the team already???

  34. I know he’s not popular with most, but I don’t mind Rick Jeanneret. Steigerwald and Errey from the Pens broadcasts are horrendous.

  35. Philadelphia Flyers just fired their newly acquired head coach Peter Laviolette and replaced him with Christmas Bunny!


    holy crap, Rodney Dangerfield is a Sabres announcer!!!!!!!!


    another power play opportunity?! i guess we’re not in pittsburgh anymore ;-)

  38. this is the first time Hank has looked like Hank all season.

    this is also why I wanted chad johnson up… light a fire under hanks ass

  39. great job so far by all. everyones playin good. kinda expected more from the new guy, but cant complain except for some missed chances. could be up 4-0 by now. but it looks like the florida game. and good to see us dominate the forecheck for awhile


    this guy is a clown! lmao @ ‘if we play one good period we can win this game’ oy vey

  41. CCCP.. I think it is so slow because evertybody is holding their breath and waiting for the meltdown?? Had to remind my self to JUST BREATH during the pk. :-)

  42. LOL perhaps ;) Cant be complete with out Yukon Cornelius from Rudolph!!!

    Is it me or did Dubi look like he gained a little weight.



    i missed dubi? he better give up the britney diet and video games!

  44. Rodney Rangerfield on

    I asked my old man if I could go play hockey on the lake. He told me, “Wait til it gets warmer.”

  45. i wonder if Joe M before every game personally puts jockstrap on Drury… geezz… can he be anymore obvious with his Drury man-crush?

  46. Anyone else notice that LQ’s been staying on his skates more? Hasnt been on his knees too much too soon.

    Wings tied up the game 3 – 3

  47. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on


    Aside from that goal, a GREAT performance by Hank.

  48. Great game, although Callahan should be off the first power play. And let Gaborik try for the empty net goal. Otherwise, great bounce back game.


    me too mako! he was sooooo close, but he had to give em that softie!

  50. bad angle shot, just inside the post… mmmmmmmmmmm not like the other “softies” he’s given up.

  51. Finally some offense from Higgy and Cally..
    Good game by Henrik , Aves , Drury (on faceoffs)
    & Anisimov early .
    Heikennen looked good also.

    Obviously much Better team D

  52. Hank misplayed the shot, those kind of screw up are getting quite common. It was another soft one, but we still won, and played a fairly solid game. DZ is still looking for his jock strap. Why didn’t he just take the man, the guy sucked him in, but still. I hope he learned from that. All in all it was a fun game to watch. The Red Wings tommorrow.

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