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From the NYR:

December 5, 2009 – New York Rangers 2, Buffalo Sabres 1 (Game #28, Road #15)

• The Blueshirts defeated the Buffalo Sabres, 2-1, tonight at HSBC Arena, in the first game of a back-to-back set.
• The Rangers improved to 14-13-1 overall, including a 7-7-1 mark on the road.
• Henrik Lundqvist made a season-high 36 saves, including 18 in the third period, to record his 12th win of the season.
• Christopher Higgins opened the game’s scoring at 17:31 of the first period, and finished with a team-high four hits.
• Rangers Alternate Captain Ryan Callahan tallied the game-winning goal with 6:16 remaining in regulation, and registered three shots in 19:41 of icetime.
• Marian Gaborik recorded an assist on Higgins’ first period goal, and registered four shots in 20:27 of icetime; he currently ranks second in the NHL in scoring with 38 points (21 goals and 17 assists).
• Rangers defenseman Marc Staal collected one assist on Callahan’s game-winning goal to extend his career-best point streak to four games (one goal and three assists).
• Sean Avery registered one assist, three hits and five shots in 16:43 of icetime; he has now recorded five points (two goals and three assists) in the last six games.
• Rookie center Artem Anisimov collected one assist in the contest, and he now has five points (one goal and four assists) in the last six games.
• Forward Erik Christensen and defenseman Ilkka Heikkinen each made their Rangers debut in the contest; Christensen won five of six (83%) faceoffs in 11:00 of icetime after being claimed off waivers from Anaheim on Wednesday, and Heikkinen logged 9:27 of icetime in his NHL debut after being recalled from Hartford (AHL) on Thursday.
• The Rangers return to action tomorrow, December 6, when they will face-off against the Detroit Red Wings at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m.), in an Original Six matchup; the game will be televised live on MSG Network and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio; please note there is no morning skate scheduled prior to the game.

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  1. Olga Folkyerself on

    That’s typical. Rangers lose and they’re all over here crying in their beer, trading Lundqvist and sending the rest to Hartford. When the Rangers win, they’re outta here like sh*t through a goose.

  2. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Still… FIRE SATHER though, eh, Olga? That’s been your constant theme song ever since you started posting here.

  3. Olga Folkyerself on

    Oh, yes! FIRE SATHER! It has a lovely ring to it doesn’t it?

    Did you ever read the terms of service on this blog? I just skimmed thru it and now I’m afraid to even move!

  4. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    I started to read it once. If I read a paragraph a day I might get through it this year, if the Rangers go all four rounds in the playoffs. Carp knows all the rules, let him enforce ’em. Is there anything against impersonating a minor TV character from an old Sitcom?

    “It’s go Time” is wearing a little thin..

  5. Olga Folkyerself on

    I think you’re safe Izzy. I’m the one with the vulgar conversation-ending blog name.

  6. Pretty good game. Gabby got a little help, Softqvist was Lundqvist for 59 minutes, and we got two points.

    Should be interesting tomorrow. Maybe Voros plays tomorrow an has another two goal game against the Wings.

    By the way. I wasn’t that impressed with Ilka Beer. I thought he looked really nervous, which he should have since it’s his first game.

  7. I was at HSBC arena tonight with my family who are all Sabres fans wearing my Ryan Callahan jersey. While we were eating a woman came up to me and said “That Ryan Callahan guy is pretty good isn’t he?”. It turned out to be his aunt, she was a very nice lady.

  8. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! That was fun!!!

    Here are my post game notes:
    1. One of the only guys that gave me a hard time was the usher, who was hilarious and weird. I explained to him that I lived in the city for about 5 years and he started complaining about rotundas in Boston. Um… okay.
    2. It’s cool that they always sing the Canadian anthem here.
    3. Rangers fans are WAY better than Sabres fans, at the games at least.
    4. I sat next to a super awesome, super old man and his son who was a Rangers fan. They shared their popcorn and talked about bad contracts with me. I loved it.
    5. Sat in front of some annoying high school kids from Toronto. They kept talking about how they wanted Schenn/Del Zotto/Orr/Etc to umm… do things in their uh.. 5 holes. Ew.
    6. The new kids looked pretty good to me. It didn’t really hit me til tonight how much this team’s changed since the last time I saw them. But the kids looked good. And I didn’t notice the new guys messing up. Even though it would have been great for Yumqvist to get a shutout, things looked pretty great tonight. Only thing would’ve made it better was a few boneheads around to high five.
    7. Me and my bellyful of celebratory beef tacos are going to sleep.


    great postgame recap Sassy! I will let you know when I send the cookies!!!!


    Mako, we’re tryin to get this damned tv to work. We started with auto, and it lasted 20 minutes and the picture went off but the sound stayed. Kept it there for a while, and it kept turning off the video every 4 minutes, then every 2. My fiancees rifles off a nasty email to JVC. We then go to STD, it stayed on for 15 minutes, picture went out but, again, we still had audio. Turned it off, tried again, picture went out in 4 minutes. Now we just reprogrammed to HRC, it’s been on for just about 19 minutes, we’re waiting for the video to go out again. The dude is pissed off!!


    lmao @ cant help. Ok,it lasted 23 minutes this time. we just turned it off and back on, and the picture will probably go off in about 4 minutes. Guess this ones going back!

    Anyway, the boys won, another game tomorrow,which is nice, it forces then to be prepared!

  12. Linda

    Do you have a new digital cable box? Something similar happened to a buddy of mind and he was about to smash the flat screen, but he had an older cable box. Time Warner came over (NY cable company, Im sure you know) replaced it and now everything is fine. Also, do you have the HDMI cables?

    Orr Dont make fun of the STD!!!!

  13. Linda! I went down by the glass for the pregame skate… BOYLE IS HUGE. I was about two steps up and when he skated by he was STILL taller than me. I know I’m short, but still, Boyle is HUGE.


    LMAO!!! ya know, we dont have a cable box. We have the basic comcast package bundled with their high speed internet service. I’m guessing from your comment that once we upgrade to their ‘digital package’ this problem should go away. We’ll be calling comcast tomorrow to set that up. I did get the HDMI cable though.


    lmao Sally! Tbone Hugeness!!

    i just wanted to apologize to everyone for all this technical chat on the blog. This was the best place I could think of for help since JVC customer service is not operating on a saturday night!

  16. LOL Linda. Well I hope its as simple as that. I hope that helps.

    Eh its not problem. You should have been here a few days ago where there was lots of heated World Cup debate :)


    lmao!!!!!!! too much CCCP

    Thanks Mako, hopefully that will take care of it! And I did see the whole futbol/football debate. Rather interesting.

  18. i just saw “Jennifer’s Body” movie… i gotta tell you guys… i thought it’ll be much worse…the movie actually had a semi good story! Fox is nice but her acting still sux! Oh and “Law Abiding Citizen” was pretty good too.

    P.S. hopefully we can go 2-0 over the weekend. LGR!

  19. CCCP

    yeah she’ll never be an academy award winner but hey… she’s quite the looker.

    I was watching “Taken” great movie. Bizarre that it only received 2 stars.

  20. I won’t let all those boos ruin my bus ride home! All i hear when i’m playing is a cash register opening and my teeth grinding against my mouthpiece!
    I’m rich biiiiootttccchhh!

  21. My shoulder may need some more time to rest. That and for some odd reason, i keep getting nosebleeds…..

  22. Mako

    Myers may have an inch on Boyle, but Boyle has the poundage to pack up his loftiness…Myers is more like the Wicker Man.

    You seem to have flourished since leaving the old Post aND FINDING A NEW LODGE HERE..MOST OF THE OLD CROWD AT pOST ARE STILL THERE ( ALBEIT A BIT GRUMPY ABOUT THEIR “system”…which is downright puritanical. Ignore that slippage into caps, the key for caps lock is too close to my typing, and i must watch the screen when I type. sorry bout that. I always recalled your declaration of disgust and your final departure…pure text should hold a course of study in such transmissions.

  23. Great 60minutes last night! They actually played for 60…go figure.
    Anyone else notice that they took the body the entire night?
    What did you guys think of Heikkinen? Christensen?
    I thought Anisimov played fantastic on the top line and in my humble opinion…should stay there. As he gets used to his linemates he is going to get better.
    Avery was solid, as was his line.
    I want to see last night transfer to tonight.
    Keep it up boys…show me last night wasn’t a fluke!

  24. As for last night’s game…most notable feature for me was a distinct ikmprovement in their passing game – far from spectacular but at least not sophomoric,…the new guys did not disgrace and at least ?Voros was kept on the bench. Staal showed several moments of out right firing squad bravery,
    and it was reassuring to finally see Callahan’s efforts rewarded at long last. Drury is not nearly as bad as some folks are painting him..true he is not the player he once was, but few people are. But Roszival is. And I have to admit…I never thought that the time would come when everyone was breathlessly waiting for the return of Redden.

    Now if they can only get LQ to stop trying to make passes to his team mates, another big problem will be solved. He’s not DiPietro or Brodeur, and he has no hands for passing the puck. Usually it is intercepted by an attacker and gets him caught flat footed and somewhat out of position..he’s had several key goals scored upon him, for precisely this maneuver. Hey Goalie coach….lend me your ears.

  25. THE REAL Mikeynj on

    someone else other than Gaborik Scores – CHECK

    lundqvust plays a solid game – CHECK

    60 Minutes os folid Hockey – CHECK

    Everything I asked for and it aint even my birthday!!

  26. Not trying to rain on any parades or anything but that game could’ve been 4-1 at the end of the first. Buffalo played crappy, didn’t take advantage of our mistakes at all and I felt we were lucky to have the lead at all. Our D keeps backing in too much.

    They did play better though and I’m ok with Heikenen… like his solid play for his 1st game. Cristensen too, solid but not great.

    Hank was amazing.

  27. “…I never thought that the time would come when everyone was breathlessly waiting for the return of Redden.”

    that quote courtesy of ‘theflynn’

    I remember thinking the day he got hurt, OMG I hope he’s not out for too long! Last season I was ready to burn the guy at the stake!!

    Hopefully today continues some of the good things we witnessed last night (Sally luckily in person!!). Hank looked back on top of his game, that DEFINITELY needs to be a trend. The Olympics are only 2 months away, and the team needs to start stockpiling the points.

    Mako, the man called JVC this morning, they told him to take it back because there’s definitely something wrong! IT actually stayed on for 45 minutes, then the video went out, then stayed on for 4 minutes. Very odd!! I’m totally with you on the days of just plugging stuff in and it working correctly! He’s probably gonna pick up the 32″ Phillips now, although I was getting kinda used to the 37″, it’s a bit too big for the living room.

  28. one step at a time Riche! we can’t expect perfection from them after the horror show they’ve been perpetuating lately. I have a feeling they may be a bit better today.

  29. from brooks:

    According to coach John Tortorella, Drury has also been asserting himself in a variety of ways.

    “Dru has even been more vocal,” Tortorella said. “He knows where we are and he knows we need him to take the lead here to get us through. The points are not there all the time, but he brings intangibles, he’s working hard, and tonight he made key plays at key times.”

    After the morning skate, the coach said that if there is a flaw in Drury’s makeup, it’s that he sometimes places too much of a burden on himself.

    “The thing is with Dru that at times he goes so hard he puts himself into a fix,” the coach said. “He cares so much.

    “There are some guys you have to light a fuse under to get them going, but with Dru, you have to calm him down.”


    i need to pay more attention to drury while he’s on the ice. I must be missing a lot typing to you guys!

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