And now, back-to-backs


Tough weekend. I know, stating the obvious. I’m hearing some snow in Buffalo (gee, that’s odd). Maybe Sally can confirm.

The Rangers might want to put a little extra emphasis on this one, because Detroit looms tomorrow. Again, stating the obvious.


I was curious about Marian Gaborik leading the NHL in goals. (I know, I know, we’re not used to talking about the positive this week). He came into today still leading with 21. So I did some back-checking.

Does anybody want to venture a guess when was the last time a Ranger finished the season leading the NHL in goals? Or whom? No cheating.


Poor Steve Valiquette. He goes to Hartford and last night he allowed five goals in a 7-1 loss to Manchester (no, not United).

Speaking of soccer, we got a tad off track yesterday, didn’t we. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. For the record, I like soccer … when my nephews are playing. I don’t mind it at all. But, truthfully, I hardly ever watch it on TV.


I’ve got a daytime assignment today, and I ought to be on the recliner by gametime. I’ll stop back in early evening/late afternoon.

Just a little advance warning. I’m supposed to be off the coming week. I don’t know if I will post every day, although I probably will. I have one special guest blogger coming (I hope). I might have another. We’ll see. I’m not looking for volunteers since I will be around and posting. But I will have a week coming up in the first quarter of the new year, when I will not be posting at all. So I’m thinking of lining up some of the Boneheads to step in and help Laurel. Again, don’t volunteer now. I’ll ask again when we know the dates for sure.

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  1. Finally a day when we can watch a hockey game the we really care about. It’s funny the memorys of the last one have faded enough that I am looking forward to tonight. The next one could be different.

  2. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    Gday. Also excited to watch the game tonight. Its always very interesting when They add a new piece to the team. Could be a spark or could be just more of the same.

  3. Snowing in Bufallo?! What is this world coming to?

    Valiquette is probably thinking with his height he maybe better off trying for a basketball team. Well, looking at his latest scores, he’s been already playing it for a few.

  4. Higgins-Christensen-Kotalik

    That line ought to be good for 4 or 5 goals tonight, don’t you think?

    You know when your team is in trouble when they pick up a guy with ZERO points to help give them an offensive spark. Thanks Glen for putting the team in cap hell.

  5. Carp,

    I’m guessing the last time the Rangers had a league leader in goals was back in the Original Six era – though who it was and what year, I much too young to know that.

    All I know is that the last two Rangers with great goals seasons were Jagr (who was second to Cheechoo in goals) and Graves (but Bure had 60 that year, I think).


  6. Linda is turning the brown paper METS bag inside out and putting Rangers on it on

    Morning salutations from Huntsville AL, where there is snow on the cars, grass, and trees. Freakin odd to see it, but it looks nice.

    Isnt tomorrow an afternoon game? That’d be a double whammy. Cross Check, I liked your post!

  7. Did you mean Manchester City, Carp?

    You guys ought to be thankful I stayed away from all the soccer discussion yesterday. I probably would have offended every American reading this page.

  8. Carp,

    I’ve been to a few games this year and haven’t seen the Media Guide for sale. I did notice it is for sale digitally online thru the teams website. Is this the only way to get it now? If so I’ll blame the damn tree huggers…I have every one since 95

  9. My coffee hasn’t kicked in yet. Can someone enlighten me on the compressed schedule related to an Olympic break? We are sitting on 4-5 day breaks between the games two weeks in a row. It sounds like the greatest minds of Mike Millbury and Don Cherry were involved.

  10. I guess irony can be pretty ironic sometimes.

    We have the league leader in goals but we can’t play defense and Hank cant stop a puck.

    It’s bizzaro Rangers.

  11. Good Hockey Morning to you ALLLLLL!!!

    Not every American dislikes soccer (football) ;) But Im sticking with Italy. It will be nice for the US to win – But Italy all the way for me. If they get knocked out – I dont know who I’ll be behind. Come on guys – just say “FIFA” doesnt it make you smile LOL

  12. gregm-section_403 on

    Yes, media guide is only available for download. Not so much a tree hugger thing, it’s more likely a cost cutting move by MSG. Costs a lot to print the guides and only a small fraction of fans actually buy it.

  13. Good morning, Carp!

    It’s not too bad in Buffalo actually! There’s only a little snow on the ground and we’re not supposed to get much more today.

    I’m sooooo excited for the game tonight! I haven’t seen the Rangers since they played the Sabres in NYC last March. Here’s to hoping the Rangers don’t embarrass themselves (and me)!

  14. I hope this doesn’t turn into a Buffal oh no game.
    The lack of toughness on this team is bothering me. Chris Brown hits harder than our defense!!

    Read an interesting post from Jan Levine over at…. real good insight and opinion… she said it’s possible the players are starting to tune out Torts… thoughts??

  15. they cant be tuning him out already. theres so many kids on the team and hardly any leadership out there. its gonna be like this probably all season. the thing im more concerned with is slats making stupid trades to get us to the playofs and giving up on some of the good kids we have that are struggling right now. its hard to see alot of the guys not scoring in a system that relies solely on scoring. i think torts just needs to realize that his team is mostly 3rd liners and he isnt gonna get the scoring he wants. hes gotta change his strategy with this team.

  16. Since we are all fans of hockey. I watched the little clips on TSN from last nights Habs game. Got a little choked up seeing all of those fantastic players come out on the ice for the warm up… MTL knows how to do it right Honoring their own.

    Great to see Roy out there. He is by far my favorite goalie of my generation.

  17. Buffalo’s Ryan Miller been arguably the ebst goalie in the league thus far, so it’s gonnabe tough to crack that nut. But we will somehow. Detroits offense has been in the toilet all season, so hopefully we can steal that one. Here;s to an undefeated back to back werkend.

    I “Visit” John Tavares autograph signing in NYC video

  18. Wow, Vally has fallen pretty badly.

    It’s one thing to give up 8 goals against the Pens, but to give up a little over half over that to an AHL team.

    It just goes to show you that this needed to be done.

    I got nothing against the guy, but he’s not helping the team. Hopefully Johnson can turn into another one of these surprising capable backup goalies in the league. There are a few this season that came out of nowhere.

    He should really get that game tomorrow.

    I wouldn’t rule out that possibility. For all we know, Hank gives up 6 goals tonight.

    Hopefully they get out of this slump.

  19. I can only imagine the big s-eating grin on Avery’s face when he heard that 1) Valiquette got put on waiver, 2) gets to ride the bus in the AHL and 3) got shelled last night.

  20. MAKO
    Btw, “nachalnitza” got it right last. Not the perfect translation of that Russian word, but the best description of mr. Cherry, don’t you think?

  21. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "just win ,baby!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Valley needed to go. Playing him against tough teams did him in …but he was always weak like kevin weeks.

  22. Greg

    Yeah Weeks was pretty horrible. And we all thought LQ has a bad glove hand, WOW his was 10x worse.

    I know I sound like a broken record about this. But Im hoping when DeePee comes back that they can pick up Biron if they waive or send someone else down *cough cough* Brashear. So they can make some room for him. Biron when he gets hot… can keep LQ on his toes for the #1 spot. And honestly, GOD FORBID he gets hurt, Marty (no not that one) would fill in nicely.

  23. Valliquette could hold his ground until he let one questionable in. After that the opposing team would have a field day.

  24. The only way you can get a media guide is if you have season tickets, they sent me one. Otherwise, like stated above it is down loadable.

  25. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    Our backup is really low on the list of priorities IMO…

    We’ve got gaping holes at center and the blueline.

    As bad as some say Hank has been, he’d be a ton better with a bit more help in front of him and who’s backing him up doesn’t matter all that much.

  26. Taking the kids up to Hartford on the 19th for a game…PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DON’T let Vali be in net….It would be nice to see a win!!!

  27. morning/afternoon all!!

    I still think hedberg is the perfect back up for hank!!

    I think lack of leadership on the back end is really REALLY hurting this team. When is slatipuss gonna pull his head out and get witt from the fishsticks??

    I haven’t seen the rangers play a game since 05/06 so quit complaining!! Everytime I try to get to calgary to see a game something goes awry and BAZINGA, missed another one!

    yes, I gotta root for France, but the US/England game should be a good one!

  28. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Vic Hadfield? Rod Gilbert ?

    By the way, I like the new lineup. Based on our current roster it is as good as anyone could possibly come up with to give it a try.

  29. It was 4 degrees yesterday a.m., that’s pretty balmy compared to my old house here that was up in the mountains. 2 years ago there was a pretty big blizzard i the mtns and I didn’t have power for three days and I watched back to back ranger games with the satellite and tv powered by a generator…How man of my fellow boneheads can say that??? Just boring info from me, sorry!

  30. all my buddies say they have this image of me in an igloo with a dish on top and me wrapped in this eskimo fur robe watching hockey on a 48 inch big screen inside and the genny running outside!! Hilarious!

  31. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    How many wins in December do the Rangers get (including OT wins and shootouts)?

    My guess is 4… maybe 5.

  32. Harvey, I have them all since 78-79. They did make them for the media, but not for sale … some sports/teams are going all digital. The Giants did a flash-drive media guide only.

    Gift of Gab, (I can’t keep track of your nicknames, assuming you’re not someone new) consider who wrote that “tuning out Torts” story. I never heard of her. I’d venture a guess that I spend a lot more time around the team than she does, and that ain’t much.

    Kevin C. you are correct. He had 32 goals in 47 games, I believe.

    And This One, that’s an awfully optimistic view. Really, though, they added minor-leaguers to a lineup of third- and fourth-line players.

    As for Biron, I’d hope and pray that Johnson can play once every five or six games and not get destroyed. Then you don’t have to waste cap space on a new backup.

    Riche, I find it more ironic that the Rangers have the leading goal scorer on a team that can’t score.

    TR, Gross probably meant to say he was being prucha’d.

  33. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on


    Chelsea loses on the PK missed by Lampard!!!

    No lighting the lamps!

  34. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    REPOST since I feel it is worth noting

    CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back)
    December 5th, 2009 at 12:28 am
    I cannot believe that Philadelphia is tied with us in points, has 2 games in hand, and they fired their coach because of a disappointing start.

    But this worthless parasite Slats sticks around and around and never gets fired.

  35. wicky, geez! Where do you live? I wasn’t complaining, just sayin.

    I’m sure no one will believe me, but it hasn’t been that bad in Buffalo. Uh… yet.

    Game in 4.5 hours! WOOO!!!!!!

  36. Crosby is out with pulled groin. I suppose Mario is kicking himself in the butt for finally allowing Syd’s girlfriend to stay over…

  37. ive just watched the video where Gaborik scored 5 goals against us in 1 game like 10 times. it doesnt get old. u have to admire pure skill.

  38. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on


    I know you weren’t, but it has been that long for me!! And in Montana!

  39. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    What time are we all meeting at W77? I figured I would get there around..oh wait……DAMN!!!

  40. As per TSN, he is out. On iPhone so I don’t want to do the whole href carp.
    Lev, every time I watch it, it still hurts.

  41. wicky
    one day. warren will be there for a bit.

    no worries. would love to see a live chat from the bar. that would be pretty sweet.

    warren meet up people –
    im going to have a table for you guys (whoever is comin) as early as i can. if they cant give it to me before 8pm ill have one for after the game for sure. laurel will know the names that the table will be under.

  42. Wicky, I heard Montana is super beautiful. Come to NY in May!

    Ah I’m trying to get one of my last papers done but Princess Dubinsky is being super cute and roly polying all over my homework. I bet she can smell the Rangers.

  43. Sally, I’m sure princess is more excited about that homework than you are.
    It’s absolutely amazing to see NY in May. I have a vacation house upstate, maybe we will have a little bonehead get together then. Hopefully they’ll be playing still, so we can catch the game too. I’ll take care of alcohol, boneheads will provide the food.

  44. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    They’re well rested, they had time to work on their game, the aches and pains should be gone.
    There is no excuse to lose two games back to back.Any excuse is BS, poor coaching, poor motivation, poor drafting ad nauseum.

    Anything less than 4 points .. Sather and Dolan should look into the mirror and admit they are lost.
    The last excuse is that they are rusty from the schedule.

  45. ilb, that sounds like an awesome plan! Me and Linda are gonna be in the city in May (around the 24th I think) and there’s gotta be a HUGE bonehead meetup at W77. I can’t wait!

    Hope I run into Sam Rosen again tonight… Maybe I’ll invite him to my Hanukkah party! He’s gonna run out of excuses sooner or later.

  46. chris bourque came and went on waivers,surprised slats didnt pick him up as our 10th 3rd liner.i like him more than EC.

  47. Sally, if you do run into Sam, drop my name on him. Tell him we’re old friends or something … Sam and I go way, way, way back.

  48. ilb

    probably about 9 years ago when I was doing grad work in was. d.c.

    yes it is, I wish it would stay winter year around (i’m a never summer guy). It gets really hot for about 2 months in the summer and I hate it! I’ll give may a shot, probably doubtful! Feel free to come visit though (any of you boneheads actually), if you like to snowboard, fly fish, or any other outdoor activity. You will have free lodging atleast!

    It better fricking be!

  49. I was skiing in March in Big Sky. Most likely will do that again this year. I like Montana a lot.

  50. “Optional skate this morning but only Chris Drury, Christopher Higgins and Michal Rozsival were not on among the healthy players.”


    got this from Gross, does Captain Clown EVER participate in an optional skate? does his 2 goals in 22 games and -7 rating make him exempt? or is he tired from the 4 days off since the last game?

    you can try and downplay it, but if you’ve ever played sports, it really says something when your captain/”leader” (and 2nd highest paid player) can’t be bothered to ever get in some extra work with the rest of the “common players”, especially when the team is slumping…I don’t think Captain Zombie has skated in an optional practice in almost 3 years here

  51. being last is an acquired taste on


    you do realize the brashear counts against the cap even if he retires or is waived. reason. he was more than 35 when signed to a multi year deal. only get out from under if he is traded or otherwise picked up by another nhl team.

  52. Rich

    We talkin’ ’bout practice, man? We ain’t even talkin’ ’bout a game, man! We talkin’ ’bout practice!

    Seriously, though, you’d think the captain would show up. Maybe the clutchmobile doesn’t work in the mornings.

  53. Wicky, thanks for the invite! I’d love to make it out there someday. Me and a friend were dreaming about roadtripping to meet my distant relatives in Medicine Hat over the summer. Maybe we’ll make a pit stop in Montana!

  54. Guys, if you think Drury is fully back to normal from that concussion, think again. I want to know what’s Rozy’s excuse is. He may need a good brain shake up to bring him back to normal.

  55. lol shor. wasnt that the funniest press conf. ever??

    wick, my boss is wanting to fly me out to ny on business pretty soon. it might be after the holidays. probably feb. if u guys are having a ‘head” gathering in may, i’ll try to postpone it. but wick, im pickin u up and were goin to ny ok

  56. I have said before I do not share the hate of dru that many of you do (i do truly hate his inflated contract though), but I agree with rich, he should be at every optional skate.

  57. sally
    atta girl!
    you’re (and the rest of you) always welcome to stop in!!!

    I’ll bring the funyuns!

  58. Ah I gotta DVR tonights game…I really hope I’m not disappointed…we know what happened the last time one of us DVR’d the game (wicky lol)

  59. While no Brasear and Voros means less toughness, I like this team’s skill level. If they compete, they’ll be fine.

    If Kaleta tries anything, that’s where Callahan gotta show why he’s got the A and not necessarily fight him, but stick up to him.

  60. “The lack of toughness on this team is bothering me. Chris Brown hits harder than our defense!!”

    I guess you can say our goalie gets beat worse than Rihanna.

    Hopefully after last nights win, that changed. Hank was good, but he didn’t have that much work, and saw most of those shots. He only had to make aboot 2 or 3 good saves, but he got the job done.

    He needs to keep it going, cause we need some fuggin points.

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