The weekend plans


According to Andrew Gross’s blog, from practice:

Lundqvist will play both games. Chad Johnson will back him up.

Heinken, er, Heikkinen, will (at first) partner with Matt Gilroy.

Brashear apparently out with a right wrist/hand injury. Redden out for both games with a shoulder injury. Dubinsky skated for the first time since his broken hand, with Redden, but not in practice.

Here are the lines/pairs from practice, according to Andrew (and thanks to the cut-and-paste app):

Vinny Prospal-Artem Anisimov-Marian Gaborik
Sean Avery-Chris Drury-Ryan Callahan
Christopher Higgins-Erik Christensen-Ales Kotalik
Enver Lisin-Brian Boyle-P.A. Parenteau/Aaron Voros
Marc Staal-Michal Rozsival
Michael Del Zotto-Dan Girardi
Ilkka Heikkinen-Matt Gilroy

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  1. Anyone like my idea of a Facebook page supporting the return of Carp to full-time Rangers beat guy?

  2. “Sorry, but you come off as ignorant. Seriously. It’s the same as if I were to come here and say “How can anyone watch hockey, you can’t even see the puck, all they do is hit each other, there’s not flow, it’s so chaotic, all they do is dump the puck in.”

    Im not judging anyone for watching Soccer/Feet-ball. Im just saying, you have to be a die hard all-around sports fan to watch both hockey and soccer.

    Hockey is speed, Soccer/Feet-Ball is slow as snail sex. That’s what im saying.

    And i never watched a single MLS game, i watched the ones with the countries going at it. The last one i saw is when that guy headbutted that other guys chest. That was the only exciting thing that happened.

    It’s my opinion, but i find the sport to be super boring. Id have to be insanely drunk to enjoy it, kind of like being insanely drunk to enjoy Dancing With The Stars.

  3. I like the lines as well, minus Dreary skating on the 2nd line.

    It’s aboot time Artie got the chance to center the top line. Ive been saying he should for a while. It will be a good experience for him, to play with a guy like Gabby. Hopefully he does well.

  4. What are the plans after the weekend when they get killed by the Wings and Sabres?

    Tank and hope for the #1 pick?

  5. safe is playoffs on

    Torts needs to admit that he does not have the right horses to play that safe-is-death style. he needs to play a more defensive style, which at the very least means not having dmen pinching, keeping one forward high, and always having 3 men back when the puck is turned over

    then Henrik can get some low scoring games under his belt, regain some of his confidence, and the team can grow from that base of confidence

    but, if Torts continues his stubborness, and thinks that these square pegs can be forced into the round hole of safe is death, then it will be his job that is pink slip death

    he does not have to go neutral zone statue hockey like Renney, but he has to reign in some of the all-hands-pinching, damn the defensive consequences, odd man rushes allowed, carefree reckless overforecheck style.

    hell, even the fishstick Isles are ahead of the Rangers now. if that is not a wakeup call to Torts, then nothing will be.

  6. Is it just me or does that 3rd line just suck? Two guys who couldn’t hit water if they fell out of a boat and a center picked off of waivers.

    God we’re in trouble.

  7. Is Lisen’s foot fully healed? I thought that was the reason for the “benching”…not his play.

  8. We really are in trouble. I really don’t look forward to NYR games as much as i did earlier in the year. Ive lost my confidence in this team.

    I still cant believe, out of all the games in the month of november, the one i go to, they manage not only to win, but have their best offensive game of the season.

    It’s been hell ever since.

    I don’t understand why all these big contract players somehow manage to put together a great season, but Dreary still is useless as ever. It pisses me off. This guy does nothing for this team, except provide us with quotes that make us hate him even more, but give us something to joke aboot.

  9. AA on the first line. Could be interesting….

    I like our group in WC. US-England. Yum.

    And Orr is entitled to an opinion. I, for one can’t watch American football. And I tried. I can’t watch Nascar. I didn’t try. Do I sound arrogant?

  10. England are going to play like that have something to prove. This is probably the last hurrah for what should have been a golden generation of players (Gerrard, Rooney, Lampard, Terry). Instead they’ve been good enough to make a little noise in a couple of world cups and euro championships but it’s either upstart teams like Greece (04) or the other international powerhouses Brazil (02), Italy (06) that have gone on to lift the hardware. Maybe they can draw some inspiration from Spain for a team with all world talent that finally put it all together long enough to win a tournament.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to England send a big message in their opening game and trounce the US.

  11. All this power forward talk and not one mention of me and my offensive prowess!! Ha fools.

    eh anyway – I won’t let it ruin my Buffalo wing Friday!

    /peels of in clutchmobile

    Note: not the real Chris Drury or the one that usually writes these clutchmobile posts

  12. “safe is playoffs”

    I guess you have not been paying attention because Tortorella has adjusted the system already. Like two weeks ago both he and Sullivan said they’ve gone into a more conservative system. I think the whole “safe is death” M.O. was to just try and get the team as a whole to think offense, and not be afraid of it. They will still go for it when they are in the offensive zone, and tighten up in the neutral zone. Good old fashioned two way hockey.

  13. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    I want to see four things happen tomorrow night

    1. Hank being on top of his game (he BETTER have been practicing High Glove side and not backing into the damn net so much)

    2. Secondary scoring: i really hope for one game Gabby doenst get a goal, and we win a game with others contributing (Cally, Drury, Avery, AA, Kotalik, ANYONE!!)
    It’s getting kind of embarrasing when half of your D men have more goals than 85% of your forwards

    3. Solid play in the defensive zone. Pinching when it’swarranted and always trying to keep the third man high

    4. Traffic, traffic, Traffic in front of Miller: he’s too good to hope you get a fluke goal or rebound off of. Get in his face and the crease and goals will go in. Gabby is the only one who can pinpoint a shot if there’s a sliver of an opening, so banging in dirty goals is the only way to play

    LETS GO RANGERS!! And get a freaking win!!!

  14. CTB – I respectfully hope for England to trounce the US, but we never show up at the World Cup and trounce anyone, so I wouldn’t expect it.

    ilb2001 – As one of the defenders of “the most boring sport on earth”, I wouldn’t suggest Orr shouldn’t have a negative opinion on it. It’s just amusing when (some) Americans say that it’s unwatchable or there aren’t enough goals, as if people in pretty much every other country in the world have got it wrong by liking it.

    Apologies for straying off-topic again, but talking about the most popular sport in the world can only help with the number of site visitors, right…

  15. The Islanders did a number on the thrashers last night and I tell you folks this kid Moursoun is a great find. He scores (hat trick last night) regularly and for two very good reasons…….
    1. He places himself in a position to score (alayws in and aorund the front of the goal mouth, and when he occasionally diverts to the boards to pick up a puck he doesn’t hang out there, he goes back to the net. When he shoots HE SHOOTS! Rarely a wrister, and then only when he absolutely has no time or room.Hi slap shot is beautiful to watch. They’ve got a tightly controlled balanced offense/defense lineup and they play fierce hockey.Rangers entire team and coaching staff should take a few pointers from them. And their goal tending is adequate if not inspired.

  16. Ralph I am from Rio Rancho, used to go to Scorpion Games all the time til the folded…

  17. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    I want to see four things happen tomorrow night

    1. Someone besides Gaborik scores a goal.
    2. LQ gets a shutout
    3. Rangers play for a full 60 minutes
    4. Fire Sather

  18. Flynn

    Yes he is indeed a great find for them. He & Tavaras are great to watch together. I said the same thing a week or so ago… I wish that when they watch video…. That’s it’s of other teams going the RIGHT THING.

  19. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    every time I see Drury’s name in the line -up I chuckle, now its happening when I see Avery’s name. ha ha !

  20. The Rangers are going to turn this season around and all of you who have een doing nothing but BAD MOUTHING players, coaches, and the team, will be saying how this is the BEST TEAM EVER, and you knew it from September. Either be a fan, or stay home and play on your little computers.

    Hockey season isnt 25 or 30 games. Give it time, and if you are a fan, just beleive.

    I hate to say this, but that idiot who comes on here from the devils blogs has a point. All we Ranger fans do is belittle our own team, we have to understand we cannot win every game and every championship. Enjoy the good times and give strength to your team during the bad times.

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. safe is playoffs on

    hey, McJ. the last 2 weeks the Rangers have been absolutely horrible, especially defensively. so apparently you have not been paying attention.

    they are still pinching and giving up 2-on-1’s and lots of odd man rush goals. so where is the supposed change?? huh

    and if, as you claim, they have gone to a more conservative style, then it sure as hell ain’t showing on the ice, now is it??

  22. Olga Folkyerself on

    Messiah- what flavor is the cool aid this year? For the last ten it has been Sather’s Lemons.

  23. Current Stats:
    Division 5th
    Conference 11th
    Projected for 82 points
    PP% 21.6% ranked 13th
    PK% 83.9% ranked 6th
    SOG 29 ranked 23rd
    SOGA 29.6 ranked 14th
    SV% .895 26th
    Goals Per shot ranked 11th

    The last two games the Goal differential has gone negative for the first time this season. It is -.22 and had been as high as 2.

  24. People in United States dont like soccer? WHAT A SHOCKER!! Big deal… so you dont like soccer…fine with me… i dont like FOOTBALL! why do they call it “football” anyway? You can’t even play the ball (if you can even call that thing a “ball”) with you foot!! Anyway… soccer or as normal people around the world call it – football (because you actually play the BALL with your FOOT) is the most intelligent game on the planet. The best sport in the world…after hockey of course.

  25. Olga Folkyerself on

    Huggy Bear “I hurt my wrist picking up my Paycheck” Punch?

    With marshmallows?

    How much time? Ten years of Sather isn’t enough? “This one will last a lifetime” wasn’t meant to be a prophesy…

  26. CCCP

    I would have to Agree. I HATE FOOTBALL (why do they even call it that)!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Talk about a boring SSSSSSSLOW sport. Any more stopages and you might as well have a game last a full 24 hours.

  27. LOL Olga- CLASSIC

    Unfortunately, The Rangers arent destined to win the as often as we would like. But i have hope every year, and I get let down every year. But i keep on coming back for more!!!!!!!!!!

    “This one will last a lifetime”…………I hope it doesnt for our sake!

  28. KW from West, arnj132004@ drop me a line , maybe we can find a sports bar that shows Ranger hockey = and get tegether

  29. Looking carefully at these stats and the SV% seems to draw the most attention. Also, not enough shots on goal.

    But look at the SOGA – 14th leading to the fifth lowest SV%.

    HL .910
    SV .852

    So the decline since the early streak has been becuase offense, defense, and goaltending have ALL suffered. I wonder why?

  30. Olga Folkyerself on

    “I get let down every year. But i keep on coming back for more”

    Me too, Messiah. Me too.

  31. Why does there have to be fifty goals in a game for people to appreciate it? I don’t get it. People (including myself) still watch NFL even though there are a bunch of 14-3 or so games. And saying “how do they not score, the net is huge” cracks me up. You know they use feet, right? And that the goalie is not encumbered by pounds of equipment, that he can run and dive to cover this huge net?

    But I digress, I just like both sports. Looking forward to AA between Prospal and Gaborik. Hopefully a fun line to watch and I think it will be good for Anisimov.

  32. Exactly. Watching Soccer is worse than watching Devils hockey.

    Oh, I never thought of it that way, but you may have nailed this comparison.

  33. And i hate Football too. As well as Basketball.

    Hockey, & Woman’s Tennis are the only sports i can watch. Woman’s Curling isn’t that bad. Ive mentioned before, Team Russia has some babes on their team.

    And that Lingerie Football League. That’s the only Football i watch.

    And i just want to throw this in. Golf, and Nascar are NOT sports ! I hate it when people call them sports. Don’t even get me started on Poker !

  34. CCCP- uhm, I think chess may rate a bit higher than soccer on the intelligence scale, but the point is well taken. Great game, it has never really fully adapted in the US. Not yet, I hope.

  35. Talking about fast paced, I really thought this Ranger team was going to be one of the faster teams in the league, But they are far from it. They are not very fast at all.

  36. Another few days without any games and we will start discussing rhythmic gymnastics LOL. Hey, ORR, have you seen any of those? I have a feeling you might like it.

  37. Speaking of LMAO. Someone mentioned golf today and someone mentioned prophecy. What kind of message would be sent to the universe if( and God fobid, I do not wish that at all) Tiger Woods would be killed by his wife with the golf club?

  38. well when it’s “e5” according to eklund, that means he’s already ripped off tsn’s report, so it’s pretty much always true when it’s an “e5”

  39. Strip poker with Fox would definitely be a sport for the person watching.

    And yes, I’ve seen Gymnastics, it’s alright but a lot of the chicks look creepy. Minus that American/Russian chick Nastia Luken I think get name is. She’s hot and over 18.

    With Stevens getting fired you gotta wonder if Torts will share the same fate if he doesn’t pull the team out Of this slump.

  40. Maybe this is too much armchair coaching, but check out the ATOI of all NHL players (I looked on Most teams have at least two D in the first 60 (some have 3, some have 1). The first NYR player listed is Staal at #58, the next TWO NYR players listed are FORWARDS (Gaborik #67 and Prospal #87 — no surprise)!!!

    The next NYR D listed are Girardi at #122, then DelZ at #207 (after Cally at #166).

    By contrast, CHI, ANH and CGY have three D listed in the first 50. PHI has four (!!) D in the first 50.

    Is it me, or do the NYR numbers seem way out of wack compared to what the rest of the league is doing. Not sure all this matters, but interesting.

  41. whoa… Stevens got fired for losing three in a row and 6 of 7?? Hhmmm… where would our coach be right now if we had Philtys GM? Back on VS doing analysis?

  42. well like i said, i think stevens getting fired is ridiculous

    lol @ people if they thought carter is EVER going to be able to match last year’s numbers again

    and lol @ people if they thought emery was going to be solid enough in net

  43. Carter is awesome player, one of the best wrist shots in the game, he will have numbers like that again eventually, maybe not this year but its not gona b a one-year wonder type of thing…

    I kinda like the lines we have set up, especially if that 4th line wing is Parenteau and not Voros, then I wont be freakin when our 4th line is out, Lisin-Boyle-Parenteau is not too bad, I just get really scared when I see Voros & Brashear out there together, even having the combo of Boyle with Voros/or/Brashear gets a little scary.. If Boyle is in between Lisin and Parenteau it makes me feel a little more comfortable, even though Lisin really has to work on his play in his own zone

  44. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "just win ,baby!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Yo ORR , Watching Ranger games is great!! There’s lots to look forward too!! Ummm Marian Gaborik , The NHL’s scoring leader. Points and goals….who needs anyone else. When Jagr was here , we watched Jagr. Gretzky,Messier and Pavel Bure. We loved to come to games and watch these guys. Gaborik is no different. I could watch Gaborik score all day long..seeing him score make me feel how you feel Orr when you see a Megan fox vid…..gets a rise outta ya huh?

    Soccer should be called “head-ball” “penaty kicking” “Jogball” or “field-ball” not Foot ball!!!?? In Football NFL or CFL you can kick the ball anytime you have possesion…anyone can..thus being called “foot ball” Euro’s always argue the point but its a Mute point.

    Four things I wanna see tomorow

    #1 Gaborik scoring goals 2 -3

    #2 Heinken playing well.

    #3 AA jelling with Gabby

    #4 Ranger win baby ,Rangers win.

  45. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "just win ,baby!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    …what do we want, playoffs or Draft pick hmmmmmmmm.

  46. Olga Folkyerself on

    “What kind of message would be sent to the universe if( and God fobid, I do not wish that at all) Tiger Woods would be killed by his wife with the golf club?”

    One stroke over Par?

  47. Soccer > Hockey
    World Cup > Stanley Cup
    No doubt

    And that doesn’t diminish my fanaticism for the NYRangers.

  48. philthy flyers on

    totally disagree. the flyers look dead and uninterested. Stevens seems to have no answers, and he is a cold fish personality with the inability to inspire.

    Peter L. has won a cup in carolina, and he is a good choice.

  49. Greg

    Have you ever seen a soccer match? i bet where you from in Suck-suck-chew-on you haven’t seen anything besides ice fishing! lol

  50. paulieplatypus on

    What’s the point of having Lisin and Parenteau on the fourth line??? Not that Voros is any better, but could we at least get a couple of goons to make other teams think twice about running Lundqvist? I find it sadly funny how tough Torts talks and bullys the media, but yet his team is filled with a bunch of pu$$y’s! Is there a weeker team in the NHL than the Rangers?

  51. soccer=playes faking injuries, like rasslin on

    soccer=off the radar of normal American sports fans. nobody cares

    world cup=yawn. put it back into the world jock

  52. most of American sports fans are bandwagon fans…

    But the world has spoken a long time ago… Futbol is world’s most popular game. ‘nough said.

  53. “soccer=off the radar of normal American sports fans. nobody cares
    world cup=yawn. put it back into the world jock”

    More people watched the World Cup DRAW today than will watch the next decade of Stanley Cup games.


  54. 1) Football. 3.3-3.5 Billion Fans. (Europe, Africa, Asia, Americas,etc)
    2) Cricket 2-3. Billion Fans. (India,U.K,Pakistan,Asia,Australia,etc)
    3) Field Hockey. 2-2.2 Bilion Fans. (Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia)
    4) Tennis. Around 1 Billion Fans. (Europe, Americas, Asia)
    5) Volleyball Around 900 Million Fans. (Asia, Erope, Americas, Australia)
    6) Table Tennis Around 900 Million Fans. (Asia, Europe, Africa, Americas)
    7) Baseball Around 500 Million Fans. (U.S, Japan, Cuba, Dom rep)
    8) Golf Around 400 Million Fans. (U.S, Canada, Europe)
    9) Gridiron (american football) 390-410 Million Fans. (U.S mainly)
    10) Basketball Not more than 400M Fans. (U.S, Canada mainly)

  55. paulieplatypus on

    Hey TR-808… Did you pull these #’s out of your a$$. List your sources punk! I sure as hell don’t believe you and no one on this site should as well!

  56. another ignorant American fan… why is it so hard to understand that outside of USA (and USA is hardly the entire world) everybody and i mean EVEROBODY loves football! That’s where the numbers come from…

  57. The biggest reason football is so popular globally is because it is accessible to the masses. All you need is a ball and some open space and you can play. People can’t exactly have a pick up game of hockey at the drop of a hat.

  58. paulieplatypus on

    Excuse me TR-808… Please list your sources for the information you just posted. Thank you:)

  59. Chuck Woolery

    agree… but so could be said aboot basketball or American football and even baseball… all you need is a ball… :)

    but… neither one of those sports come close to the soccer anyway…

  60. OMG LOL horrible

    “Whenever you ask someone for a lift home, they say “I’m not heading in that direction, but maybe you can get a ride with Dany.” “

  61. Guys

    I was born and raised in NYC – my father is Italian born here and raised in Italy – he used to play soccer (football) all of his young / young adult life until he blew out his knees. I love the World Cup and English Premier league, we watch the games together and as “American” as I am – Football (Soccer) is the most watched, most popular WORLD SPORT. Sorry guys…. it is. Im not a HUGE fan – but its insanely fun watching it with friends at a great pup during World Cup time.

  62. go to google and type in “what is the most popular sport in the world”. the top article should link to wiki answers.

    most people just believe what i say.

  63. Chuck

    LOL I was in Downtown Toronto where the CN tower is when I went to the HOF… just in that area alone there were 16 rinks. A buddy and me counted them LOL

    *sigh* to be around all that ice. Ice time sucks here in the city.

  64. nobody gives a flyin byfuglien what the world thinks

    you mean those punk hooligans rioting in the streets?

    or those punk hooligans trampling other fans to death?

    or those punk hooligans burning down the stadium

    oh, those “fans”

  65. Anyone watching the Devils / Lightning game? Wright (TB) smashed Salvadore into the boards and one of the other Devils went over to him and beat the hell out of him.

  66. soccer sux,

    You mean those hockey players kneeing each other, punching each other, going over the glass to punch fans?

    those hockey players?

    Oh yeah, hockey is the epitome of class …

  67. your “Name” proves it.

    Just don’t jump on the bandwagon if the U.S. starts advancing next summer, we don’t need bush-league fans

  68. your name suggests you like to abuse women. and you are like a 3 year old who repeats like a parrot the phrase “bush league”

    not exactly mensa material


    6. P.I.M.P. – P.I.M.P. actualy stands for Person into makng Popcorn. P.I.M.P.’s are not bad people they help u every time u buy popcorn at the movies and make the best popcorn. You can tell them apart from normal people because they know how to use just the right amount of butter and salt. They will never mess up.

    miami – i would have never known.

  70. to all you people saying football (soccer) sucks:
    grow up. most people who say another sport sucks are the type of people who never played an organized sport in their lives. They are the ones shooting their mouthes off. The type of person who plays a lot of video games would make such a statement. The same type of person who is making all these wacked out trades for the Rangers on this blog, like it’s a video game. I understand this is a NHL (Rangers Blog) but stop making yourself look so ignorant and arrogant. I’m not a big fan of a few sports here in the US, i think it’s crazy that 80,000 people go to watch the Jets and the Giants play , but I would hardly come out and say American Football sucks and is boring. I don’t get basketball either but i dont go telling my relatives who like the knicks that basketball sucks. you suck. Tiger woods sucked when he make his comment about the NHL a few years ago….and now that’s YOU

  71. GO SAINTS!!!

    Carp….Come on man…That would be awesome if you came to Warren after the game on the 12th!!!!

    Come on DOWN!!!!!

  72. I think CARP needs to step in and give a shout out to World Cup soccer on his next blog entry …

  73. To keep it relevant, someone should at least get Anze Kopitar’s opinion on the World Cup draw.

    If I may be slightly facetious, it wouldn’t surprise me if the people who seem to think the entire world has got it wrong by liking football/soccer also agree with the statement “there are too many Euros in the NHL”.

  74. LW

    LOL Just ask that question to Don Cherry. Let me know what his answer is LOL ;)

    I keep hearing its G.

  75. I was just watching a bit of the hartford, Manchester game. Hartford got beat 7-1 Vally was in goal. I don’t know he let in all seven, but he was in some of the second and all the third. Poor guy he has not had a great week, his confidence level must be zero.

  76. Yeah, Group G is tougher than Group E, although North Korea don’t stand a chance (barring an appearance from Kim Jonk-Il).

    Don Cherry has already done at least one “Ovechkin celebrates goals like a sissy Euro soccer pansy” rant – with video montage – in his time already. And I remember him complaining during the 2000 Olympics that (paraphrasing slightly) Canadians shouldn’t ever lose to athletes from poor African countries.

  77. MAKO
    I think Don Cherry’s picture should be the placed on Wiki as the sole definition of a redneck.

  78. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    I’m gonna be so pissed if France doesn’t get out of their group!

  79. ilb

    She gave me “Derevenshina” even though that is female gender. So I explained Don Cherry = xenophobe who doesnt like Euro hockey players so she said “”MUDAK” would fit for him”.

    Im waiting on another text LOL

  80. MAKO
    The best word that fits his intellectual level is dolboyeb.
    I’d like him to explain the meaning of “Canadian way”, especially when he appears in the outfit that looks like a Xmas napkin lol

  81. ilb

    LMAO Christmas napkin. I asked what is “dolboyeb” she said “there is no such equivalent in the mother tongue – but d*ckhead comes close” I nearly spit out my protein shake LMAO

  82. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "just win ,baby!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Only reason feetball or sucker … I mean sock-her is popular cuz it’s the only sport ya dont need to buy equiptment for. Toss a kid a ball and run around kicking it…easy and affordable , thats why so many 3rd word countries are so good. It’s the only thing thier parents can afford to buy for them..a ball, thats it, share it with 20 kids…amazing.

  83. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    I cannot believe that Philadelphia is tied with us in points, has 2 games in hand, and they fired their coach because of a disappointing start.

    But this worthless parasite Slats sticks around and around and never gets fired.

  84. First, I’ll start off by saying, CCCP, I agree with you mate. This coming from an American fan, soccer is a tremendous sport. You ask for speed? Soccer features some of the most unique and mind boggling plays, yet also top end speed from some of the worlds most dynamic athletes.

    Hockey is my passion. american football my obsession. football my on growing interest. golf my hobby.

    football is a lovely sport to watch. A lot of USA fans wanted to play England. I hope we don’t get what was coming to us. Our team has played better, they just need to keep the momentum going. They have played some good matches, and have shown skill. They just need to play good discplined 90 minute football, and win an effin match.

    On another note, going to get our christmas tree tomorrow. should be cool to watch the game by the tree tomorrow night. Maybe it’ll bring a win? Maybe the Rangers could bring themselves a win.

    I do like those lines too tho. AA on the first line has me gitty. Can’t wait!

  85. Greg

    And perhaps sucker isn’t popular with a lot Americans precisely because they (and the media) don’t feel comfortable with a sport where countries like Algeria have a realistic prospect of beating Uncle Sam.

    Good job there are no American kids living in poverty with no access to expensive sports facilities, eh?

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