Valiquette clears waivers


He cleared at noon, as expected, and will be assigned to Hartford, with Chad Johnson being called up.

Whether this is a permanent thing depends on how Johnson plays as the backup, and how Valiquette plays for the Pack. I don’t know if they’ve necessarily given up on him as a backup, but they may have … and the fact that nobody claimed him kind of says a lot about how he’s played for the last calendar year.

But I imagine Johnson will play some, because it does him no good in terms of development to sit and sit and sit … and Lundqvist obviously is going to need some rest once the schedule gets heavy.

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  1. Very surprising that Toronto didn’t grab him given their goalie situation.

    If he plays his way back into ‘form’, there’s at least an even-odds chance that someone will grab him on recall waivers, if the Rangers try to bring him back up.

  2. Nice, let the kid play! He’s been fantastic in Hartford. Looks like a good pickup this summer, although cost the second coming of Andy Bathgate…

  3. Finally. Sather has done it. This will right the ship. Now, I’m telling you we need to get rid of Jim Ramsey if we ever want the Cup. Helen in reception is killing our cap space too.

  4. Is it also possible the rangers want to see if he is a good goaltender and shows he could be a number 1 goalie? If so, this would give the rangers down the road a possibility in looking to trade Henrik. The way I see it is the only way for the rangers to clear a big contract would be Lundqvist’s contract because Henrik has value. I’m not saying that I would trade lundqvist but you wonder what the thinking is in Sather’s mind.

  5. I think you’re reading way too ahead tomg. This is just a move to get a more reliable backup than Valli, nothing more, nothing less. With the cap constraints and max number of players on the roster there was no other move they could do to get him up to the NHL.

  6. I agree with CT. Valley has been so shaky. He lets in one goal and falls apart. They are looking to get home some practice and to see if we have a more reliable back up that can play some games. Valley clearly is not that guy right now.

  7. And we definitely need to be harder team to play against at home. We have not been very great at home at all. We are about the same at home as we are on the road, and that just shouldn’t be.

  8. i know the thinking in sather’s mind

    “wow i have pretty much no options at all. well i better do something so the fans at least think i’m sorta doing my job…who can i send to the AHL…i got it! valliquette! he sucks enough to clear waivers! god i’m brilliant!” *puffs cigar* *slaps secretary on butt* “hey, toots, scotch on the rocks.”

  9. Hockeyman Rangers on

    I agre with what people were saying earlier, Vally was to content being the back up.
    I am surprised someone didn’t pick him up. But now how does this affect the CAP?? Did they do this to make room for Christensen???

  10. wasn’t valliquette making like 775k? i dont think this has much effect on cap space.

    also – i don’t want to call him vally because i feel like nicknames imply that i like the person/player

    i’ll call gaborik gabby but i won’t call valliquette vally

    am i psychotic?

  11. Carp, you added the new post before I could comment on your last post. I think it’s fortunate that the schedule is light right now. Maybe the Rangers can pick up there game in the meantime until the schedule gets heavier. Chad Johnson being brought up now will give an indication if he’s ready for the NHL and may light a fire under Henrick if he sits out a few. I think most of all they need to stop stick checking and throw some real checks. When you stick check the opposition may lose the puck but he can still make a play for the puck. I still agree w/Torts they need to get tougher mentally as well as physically. Torts also needs to have another option other than the fire wagon style because the bigger and faster teams neutralize that quickly like the Penguins, Canucks and Sharks. Finally most of all the need a heavyweight to cover for Brash he has been absent too much when they being taken advantage of.


    The Rangers need another defenseman for Saturday’s game at Buffalo but it’s unclear whether they will have the salary cap room to bring back Bobby Sanguinetti or anybody else from Hartford (AHL). Wade Redden (right shoulder/arm) skated with the team today for the first time since getting hurt at Florida on Nov. 25 but coach John Tortorella said he did not look comfortable in contact drills.

  13. Sather doesn’t look that far ahead – this goalie move happened because Valiquette as an AHL lifer and the coach, knowing it, won’t play him but the number 1 guy needs to be spelled very 3 or 4 games. It’s difficult to believe that Johnson, who has never been heralded as a potential NHL goalie (he wasn’t acquired for a 5th round pick because he’s got NHL number 1 written all over him after all), is at this point in his professional career (2 months) ready to tend goal for a floundering NHL team, even if it is as back-up. I hope he proves me wrong, but I ain’t holding my breath. Sather sucks…pure and simple.

  14. It’s a shame that this is the most exciting thing to happen in Rangers hockey this week.

    We flip back-up goalies and people are talking about trading Hank? haha… wow.

    I understand being frustrated and all… but we’d be nowhere without Hank. We’d be competing for lottery picks in the draft.

  15. 2 games for what Ovechkin did is complete BUSH …

    I just watched the video again … I think he’s the best player in the league, but what he did (and has done in the past) deserves more than two games …

    Also, I hope he gets decked in the playoffs for his bush-league celebrations.

  16. “I understand being frustrated and all… but we’d be nowhere without Hank. We’d be competing for lottery picks in the draft.”

    Why is this a bad thing?

  17. I should know this, but don’t, and I don’t have time to read the CBA at the moment … so maybe somebody knows:

    Don’t you get some cap freedom when you put players on IR? So isn’t Dubinsky’s contract not counting against the cap right now? And would Redden’s come off temporarily if he went on IR?

  18. bob –

    uh…because that means we’re in last place?

    because that means it’s up to sather to draft a good player? even given first pick, i don’t trust him

  19. I think it was explained when drury and Dubinski were both out. there is a difference between long term IR and IR. in order to get any kind of cap relief a player needs to be placed on LTIR >10 games. I may not be remembering this correctly but that is how i understand it.

  20. The only thing that will help this team is to get rid of the dead weight contracts by any means possible! Rozsival, Drury and Redden would be riding a bus in the minors on any other team. We should also be looking for a crease clearing defenseman so we no longer have to endure Rozsival backing in and screening our goalie. This team definitely needs to toughen up…

  21. Don’t have time to check now, but I think Andrew is a bit off with his cap numbers. They had a bit more than $960K at the beginning of the season, which grew by almost a third by now since it was unused. Similarly, Christensen’s cap hit is almost third less than at the beginning of the season.

    Carp- you get cap relieve only if the player is placed on LTIR. Neither Dubinski or Redden were placed on LTIR.

  22. Btw, if either of them is not back by either 10 games or 24 days, they can be placed on LTIR retroactively and still get a full cap relieve.

  23. We definitely do need a crease-clearing defenseman … it would be infectious to the rest of the team … perhaps even turn them from weaksauce, pu$$y-footing llamas to somewhat respectable players …

    Rozsival should be riding a donkey to the minors

  24. Olga Folkyerself on

    “I understand being frustrated and all… but we’d be nowhere without Hank. We’d be competing for lottery picks in the draft.”

    Why is this a bad thing?

    Because Jessiman’s little brother is eligible for the Draft this year, and Sather has that little twinkle in his eye again…

  25. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Sather finally listened to Avery!
    Last year, Avery said “Valliquette is a minor leaguer” and guess what… AVERY WAS RIGHT! Make him the GM!

  26. Wow, Sather is really earning his paycheck. He forgot that he can’t bring up another defenseman because he’s at the cap ceiling? What a crafty old genius. That’s ok, the Rangers can manage with 5 defensemen — no worries.

  27. Carp will Vally have to clear re-entry if brought back? I’ve read yes AND no in a few different places. Something about not playing enough NHL games this yr to have to clear?

  28. Olga Folkyerself on

    Rozsival should be riding a donkey to the minors

    “Ma, look at the two asses on that donkey!”

  29. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    A player expected to miss at least 10 games and 24 days due to injury can be listed as a long-term injury (LTI).

    An LTI can be covered by replacement players, as long as the replacement salaries do not exceed the salary of the injured player.

    If the replacement salaries would push a team over the salary cap, the team is allowed cap relief, but only for the portion of the salary that exceeds the cap.

    When the injured player returns, the team must immediately comply with the normal terms of the salary cap.

  30. laurel

    i think i do but i havent done enough research to type out a comment and post it yet. i dont want to be thrown uinder the bus when im wrong, lol.

    and there will be a call up. i feel my boy Heikkinen is comin up.

  31. Boyle was a defenceman in college, they could move him back there for a game if needed. not that, that would be good alt, but it is an alt.

  32. im really dyin to see heikkinen play. i need me some heikkinen!

    that and everyone else thinks sanguinetti is comin back up so i got to root for heikkinen.

  33. Redden skated with the team, “but coach John Tortorella said he did not look comfortable in contact drills.”


  34. Carp, if you feel like you migraine needs to be exacerbated, you can find the answer to that at hockeyrodent. I think…

  35. Redden looks as comfortable doing contact drills as a Jamaican looks comfortable driving a bobsled …

    Wait, never mind.

  36. Defence isn’t about just 1 player. Its a concept that has to work for the players to buy in. Look at the Sabres, they don’t have a crease clearer,neither does NJ for that sense, but there team defense in strong, both teams are poised and work together. Rangers D reminds me of being in a High School class with a bunch of aquantances who don’t care much for each other.

  37. Haha, Stan Fishler once said that Vally can be a starter in this league.

    The things this guy says are so fuggin stupid. Clearly he’s too old to do his job. That’s why he’s barely on MSG anymore.

    Hopefully Penis can do a lot better than Vally. We need someone to help out, especially if Softqvist continues to play the way he has.

  38. mazio nailed it. there is no team effort. if there was, someone would have taken on crosby, malkin, or guerin for smacking around gaborik. how many times have we seen hank get run, or even bumped, and zero repercussion? that is just BS.

    and truth be told, i’ve touched on this before, it comes from torts and captain clutch. when messier and keenan were around, if you got out of line or pussed out, they made you feel it. and mess had the ability to get everyone to follow him. he was snarly and gritty and f-ed people up if they messed with his boys. people feared messier.

    no one fears drury. it rolls down hill after that. and on defense, we have rosy, redden, girardi, staal, gilroy, and del zotto…..shaking in my boots when I say their names.

  39. Newman

    Couldn’t agree more! Mess had the attitude, swagger, nastiness & skill to back everything up. Captain mouth guard is way too soft & I don’t see the players rallying around him at all. They just play like a bunch of individuals who were thrown together. Well lol they are. Thanks Glenn.

  40. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Beleive me guys, I saw Johnson play in college, and in one Hartford game this year, he may not be a #1 NHL Goalie right now, but he will be a competent backup for Hank.

    He doesnt get rattled after goals, and has some of the best rebound control I’ve seen in a goalie. He’s big and fast with his pads as well, so good riddance Valliquette, have fun back in Hartford.
    I remember at the draft when Sather made this move, I thought it was a steal then and still do. Diamond in the rough, and he aint that rough. And One of the ONLY moves I give credit to Sather on, other than Gabby

    Someome else is going down or being put on waivers to make room for whoever there goign to bring up. And I have to root with TR 808 on this one, I hope it’s Heikinen and not Bobby Sangs. (no offense to Bobby)

    We have enough Offensive D men, and Hekinen, while he has offensive attributes, is more D minded and kind of nasty.
    Especially against the boards and around the net. go on you tube and look him up and see some of his plays in the SWedish league. The clips I saw, he’s always putting someone on there ass.

    My guess would be it’s either bye bye Voros or Boyle, OR BRashear going on LTIR with a broken something in his hand/wrist. He’s been useless anyway this season so far

  41. Can we send Torts down for a conditioning assignment or put him on waivers? I know it’s early to be critical but after all this is a blog.

  42. the fact that no one wanted him shoots down those who claimed Vally was a good NHL backup goalie.

    no, he is a nice guy who was mediocre on the ice too often to be a backup who pushes the starter Henrik to be better. THAT is the biggest problem. they need a kid to shine and give Henrik a kick in the arse competition wise.

  43. It’s really pathetic how some of you change your opinion of players based on a few bad games and what management does. So quick to forget how well Vally has played for us over the years. Sad. Everyone except Gaborik has play horribly for us the past few weeks. Yet suddenly Vally is an AHL lifer again after having very productive seasons in the NHL.

    Form your own opinions people.

  44. I think I was 4-0 in first 4 home games i attended this season. Now I’m below .500 at home. Absolutely dreadful! Meanwhile, I’m watching the artistry of Marion the Magician, game in game out, painting an almost unprecedented
    offensive tapestry, it’s almost surreal. How long ago was it that the addition of Gaborik alone to our lineup would have catapulted us into the Stanley Cup finals? Now he appears to be skating on a team (with few exceptions) of mediocrities and players who have lost their game rather precipitously. Please turn this around now!

  45. Zip reports

    Voros or Boyle maybe gone.
    Kotalik is back at the point on the PP. Torts said he hopes that he got the message & hopes he can jam it through.
    Charmin didn’t skate again.

  46. Didn’t read all of the posts, but I believe Valli will be
    recalled and picked up at half his salary or included in a
    trade where a goalie comes back.

  47. Missing Carol Alt on

    Johnson will play some, will play pretty well, Rangers will play decent behind him and then he will be included in the first deal that Stogie Boy completes.

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