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Whether Steve Valiquette is claimed on waivers or clears waivers at noon, Chad Johnson will be summoned from Hartford to be the new backup goalie. I don’t think Valiquette will be claimed. Johnson has already been assigned No. 29, according to Andrew Gross, who added the goalie will not be changing his name to Dos Nueve. Johnson will not be able to practice with the team at 11 today, because he can’t be recalled until noon.

Donald Brashear is hurt again, and Erik Christiansen should be at practice. Not sure what to make of all of this. But it’s another long, slow, empty week. How do they schedule so many days off so early in an Olympic year? I think the Rangers will pay later for these needless days off.


A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned the idea of having a Comment of the Week. Of course that was when everybody was in a much better mood and cracking me up with their comments. The one problem I’ve had is I don’t know how to actually go about having the contest? I can’t go through thousands of comments. And if you guys nominate comments, then I have to go through thousands of comments to find the nominations. Any ideas?


In the meantime, and this downtime, Brendan Shanahan will be a guest on NHL Live today, noon-2 p.m.

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  1. I really think that if we don’t see some wins in the next 4-5 games, that there are going to be some changes made.

  2. I dunno how many changes can be made. Sather’s backed himself into a real corner.

    Start with ripping the C off of Drury’s chest?

  3. I liked the comment by Olga

    On the signing of sister Christensen:

    “Great job Glen… collect the whole set!”

  4. You could be right Nasty. If that happens though I don’t know if trying to salvage this season is the best way to go. The better move may be to just sell, sell, sell and commit to the full rebuild

  5. wow that wasn’t even close.

    Sather for manager of the year…..if signing borderline 3rd liners and solid 4th liners is what it takes.

  6. Hey Carp, why don’t you just put up a post for nominations and we can do the scouring and then post our nominations in the comments section of that post? Then you can just go through the 50 or so comments up for nomination and choose from them.

    Just a thought. Let’s Go Gaboriks!

  7. I just don’t know how committed this team will ever be for a full rebuild. As long as they have a star goalie in Hank in the net, and a star player like Gabby, they are not going to go in to fire sale mode. I just don’t see it happening.

  8. I wonder if sending Sangs down was similar to what Chicago was doing with Jack Skille, sending him off the roster to keep his salary off the books, even if it’s just for a couple of days and then recalling him if need be on Saturday.

    I’m kind of surprised that no one else got waived. I wonder if anyone might be the next when Dubi returns.

  9. And I know Hank is not playing like a STAR goalie right now, but folks, he is a star goalie in this league.

  10. Carp

    pick a group of 5 or so regulars taht get the task of picking a comment of the week out then they submit their selection to you and TA DA!

    Now, off to work and curious if any thing goes down in chicago! They might be looking for an inexpensive center!!

    LAter all and have an anti-rozy d man day!

  11. I’m sure the Sanguinetti move was simple: Let him go play some games in Hartford, and be ready to come back if Redden can’t play Saturday.

  12. I have a GREAT idea. even better than the trading Henke idea:

    Create a categorical message board. Similar to the old Hockeybird or current Hockeyrodent message boards.

    The best Ranger blog would be even BETTER.

    Do it Carp

  13. THE REAL MikeyNJ on


    I agree. If they go 2 or 3 losses more in a row, more is gogn to happen.

    Maybe this is a precursor to more demotion/trades if they can’t start finding a way to win?

    Who knows what that crazy old man is thinking anyway

  14. If you’re going to move someone, just to shake things up. It’s probably easiest to move someone in their final year of their deal. Here are the players that have seen time with the team (regular season) that are in the last year of their deals/1 year deals:


  15. If we are going to remain in the hunt and try to make the playoffs, then Prospal stays. I would not be surprised that if we are out of the picture by trade deadline, we could get a decent return for Prospal.

  16. Yeah but I’d be wary of re-signing Prospal. He’s been great this year no doubt, far better than expectations. However he has a reputation of being good every other year and even though it was only 2 games, Prospal without Gaborik isn’t really anything to write home about.

    The upcoming UFA class of forwards is pretty weak after the big names of Kovalchuk and Marleau. A lot of really over the hill players: Kariya, Demitra, Slava Kozlov, Whitney, Modano, Modin, Saku Koivu, Owen Nolan, Madden, Selanne, Tkachuk or younger guys that have never fulfilled their potential: Frolov, Plekanec, Pisani, Armstrong, Torres.

    Basically unless Sather is able to clear up the space to make a run at the top guys, don’t even bother with almost anyone else. I wouldn’t mind seeing the 4th line made up of guys like Byers or other young, affordable players. Much like a lot of bullpens in baseball are filled with pitchers that are being broken into the league or limited ceiling bargain players.

  17. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    What is going to happen, is what typically happens in Ranger land. The Ranger’s win 2 – 3 in a row and all is well for awhile.

    They lose 4 – 5 in a row, rumors and ranting run wild within the Organization, Media and fans. Threats of firing, trading and waiving happens. Right before it gets to the boiling point, we win 2 – 3 in a row and all is well again.

    This team needs to be gutted now, why wait for more loses!!

  18. TSN’s reporting that Shanny’s been hired by the League. Guess that’s why he’s going to be on NHL Live.

  19. Good morning all. I think ditching Higgins – although I really do like the guy & he has some still… Would send a message to the players. To the league … Idk.

  20. Raider, I like your idea…..as long as people keep the comments to just nominations and not other chatter, or it will get just a crazy having to sort through tons of comments. But it’s up the blogfather.

    Good morning all!

  21. I still think we should hire a really ugly player to come in and scare the team straight. Like that old 90’s show “Scared Straight”. They would take bad kids, and make prisoners scare them so they get their life together.

    This would work great for Blowzy, Dredden, Dreary, Piggins, Dublowski, Softqvist, Bathroom Staal, etc.

    Mike Ricci can be one of them.

  22. hey Carp!…you cant going the gazillion posts we all have so i would say read as you go….Boneheads unite!! if someone has posted a great comment in front of you that you like people should nominate it and then maybe you could have a comments of the week board or thread??

  23. Olga Folkyerself on

    Substitute Drury for Campbell, and DiPietro for Penner and you keep the top 5 worst in New York. Sather and Milbury’s legacy to NY hockey history.

  24. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    And now tors has Anisimov on the top line with Prospal back at wing

    Why cant he jsut keep ONE freaking line together

    I love Artie, but let ony line stay the same for the love of god, and keep Avery there. They looked good together

  25. if the comments were “AJAXified” with a style similar to digg.com it might be a little easier seeing who has the best comment.

  26. Olga Folkyerself on

    BTW- CR9
    “Sather and Milbury’s legacy to NY hockey history.”
    Both Sather and Milbury played for the Boston Bruins. Let the conspiracy theories begin…

    Have a Boston Bruin, Beantown Bashing, Beautiful day!

  27. I don’t know. This could work with Anisimov. I have hope. Anisimov has been playing strong lately. He is a big guy who, with a little more playing time, can learn to use his body to perfection. Dubinsky does a good job at it too, but AA is a different kind of animal. His size is useful and he has a deceptive shot. He can set up situations for Prospal on wing to set up Gaborik. In theory it should give those two more space. We shall see.

    Avery needs to play with Christensen, Dubinsky when he gets back, and Higgins or Cally on the opposite wing. Drury has some chemistry with cally though. They have had some exchanges where they have looked good in the offensive zone cycling the puck. gotta get shots though.

  28. It is glaringly obvious why they call Malkin, “Gino”. They are both butt ugly twins. It would be like if Sloth from the Goonies had a twin brother. Malkin and Odjik look like Sloth twins.

  29. A little off topic but…

    is anyone else happy that Tiger Woods image finally broken? I cannot stand that guy!

    “He is not a Tiger anymore…he is a Cheetah!” lol

  30. I don’t really care what Tiger or anyone else really does outside of what they are. Athletes, entertainers……just entertain me. As long as you are not killing anyone, I pretty much don’t care what anyone else does in their outside, real life. Like bands that constantly spit off about politics. I tune it out, and then get ready to listen to the next song.

  31. Eh, don’t really care what Tiger does off the golf course. He insulted hockey, he was dead to me a long time ago. If anything I’ll laugh over the fact that he might have to pay up on a $300MM pre-nup.

    Nasty will appreciate this, go find a clip of Eddie Murphy RAW and him talking about Johnny Carson.

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