Rangers claim Christensen, waive Valiquette.


According to Bob McKenzie, backup goalie Steve Valiquette has been placed on waivers.

Also, this from NYR:

New York, December 2, 2009 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has acquired forward Erik Christensen off waivers from the Anaheim Ducks.
Christensen, 25, has appeared in nine games with Anaheim this season.  Last season, he skated in 64 games with Anaheim and the Atlanta Thrashers, registering seven goals and 21 assists for 28 points, along with 20 penalty minutes.  His 21 assists marked a new career-high.  He recorded five multi-point efforts on the season, including four two-assist performances.  Christensen ranked second on Atlanta in faceoff percentage, posting a 54.6% (233-427) success rate, at the time of his trade to Anaheim on March 4.  He also tallied two assists in eight playoff contests, collecting his first career post-season point in Game Two of the Western Conference Quarterfinal matchup at San Jose on April 19.
A veteran of five NHL seasons, Christensen skated in his 200th NHL game on March 3, 2009 against Florida.  He established career-highs in goals (18) and points (33) while skating with the Pittsburgh Penguins during the 2006-07 season.  Christensen tied for the NHL lead with eight shootout goals that season, converting at a 57.1% (8-14) success rate in the shootout.  He also set a new career-high for points in a game with two, three-point efforts – January 16 against NY Islanders (two goals and one assist) and March 29 at Boston (two goals and one assist) – and posted a career-high, three-game goal-scoring streak from December 1 to December 5 (three goals).
The 6-1, 203-pounder has appeared in 226 career NHL games with the Pittsburgh Penguins, Atlanta Thrashers and Anaheim Ducks, registering 42 goals and 56 assists for 98 points, along with 112 penalty minutes.  Christensen made his NHL debut on November 1, 2005 at New Jersey, and he notched his first NHL goal in his second game on November 3 against the NY Islanders.  In addition, Christensen has recorded two assists and six penalty minutes in 12 career playoff contests with Pittsburgh and Anaheim.
Prior to turning professional, Christensen spent four seasons with the Kamloops Blazers and Brandon Wheat Kings of the Western Hockey League (WHL), registering 133 goals and 153 assists for 286 points, along with 265 penalty minutes in 338 games.  In 2002-03, he captured the Bob Clarke Trophy as the WHL’s leading scorer with 108 points (54 goals and 54 assists) in 67 games with Kamloops.  He also appeared in 29 WHL post-season contests with Kamloops and Brandon, tallying 10 goals and 12 assists for 22 points, along with 28 penalty minutes.
The native of Edmonton, Alberta was originally selected as the Pittsburgh Penguins third round draft choice, 69th overall, in the 2002 NHL Entry Draft.


There’s this, too. Prospects Ryan Bourque, Chris Kreider and Derek Stepan have been selected for the preliminary 2010 U.S. National Junior team. The will participate in a pre-tournanemt camp Dec. 17-19 in Grand Forks, N.D.

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  1. bulldog, wicky, jjp, and others … I never said I wouldn’t trade Lundqvist, Dubinsky or Staal if there’s something out there that would make the Rangers much better, or would fill a gaping hole. But I wouldn’t dump them “or trade them while they still have value” as some suggested. None is untouchable. You’d have to get a lot in return for any of them.

  2. What I was saying yesterday is not so much trade Hank, but why is it that the last year and a half he has been terrible?

    I defended him to the death against you guys bitching when he would give up a goal in the 2nd or 3rd and we lose 3-2 2-1. Now hes giving up 3-4 a night and we are losing by 3-4 a night.

  3. Olga Folkyerself on

    Chris, I think it has something to do with the change in strategy from “Five in the Picture” to “Safe is Death”. LQ went from a defensive crowd around his net, to a parade of 2 on 1’s and breakaways. Teams have also discovered his weak high glove hand side.

  4. I like how Tortorella’s quotes from the other blogs say that he hopes Valiquette can go down to Hartford and find his game. Yeah right! It’s clear that they are getting rid of him. According to HockeyLeaks.com, it will be the Maple Leafs, Senators, or Kings as the claiming team.

    Also, Torts has said that Valiquette is solid but may lose skills because of not playing too much. While he is speaking about past years, he could have done something to change that this year, so it sounds like he is criticizing himself, and maybe he is looking back and actually doing that. Valiquette should have played in more early games and at least retained through this year as Johnson goes through his first pro season. I guess this means Wiikman is off of the radar now. Makes sense since he appears to be playing for Charlotte right now.

  5. I don’t call Hank elite, he has to many weak spots. I still would not trade him, if I was Sather I would make sure the flaws were fixed. The guy has the talent he could be an elite goaltender, but he has to work on his game.

  6. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Vally- I dont mind this at all
    Alwyas liked him as a player and person but he was always TOO comfortable being the backup.
    Let him get claimed by someone else (Toronto)
    And Per Zipay, who says Chad Johnson isnt ready, I TOTALLY DISAGREE. He’ll be a better back up than Vally was, and will push Hank WAY more to play better than Vally ever did

    Not that Im a golaie expert, but Johnson just looks so poised when he plays (i’ve seen him a few times plus training camp) He’s pretty solid for a right out of college player. Maybe another diamond in the rough – Good move

    Christensen- Eh, who knows, we’ll have to see.

    Where’s he actually gonna play?
    1st Line Center – Prospal
    2nd – Drury
    3rd- Anisimov
    4th Boyle

    Whose not gonna play? Boyle? Voros with Boyle moving to wing?

    I guess if old man Brash is out again it makes it a little easier. But which center gets bumped to wing?

  7. Olga – thats exactly what I said in the previous post. He’s getting shots from the slot on odd man rushes, not from the outsides with 5 guys back.

    Chris – Locke isn’t an NHL player. People look at the stats and think he is when in reality he’s another Jason Krog. A player his size wouldn’t be effective in the NHL. If he could, they would’ve brought him up already. Plus this is his 6th or 7th season in the AHL I think.

  8. Also this doesn’t mean Vally is going to the AHL btw. I mean it looks like it does, but he clears tomorrow I think, and if he does and nobody takes him, he could be back on the bench on Saturday.

  9. maybe they’re gettin ready to strike something for Biron now that ole AARP hips DiPietros coming back

  10. Christensen…sweet….another Rissmiller, Fritsche, Voros, Sjostrom player…..but wait, he kills in the SOs. But Sather forgets you actually have to tie a game to get to the SO if you don’t blow it in the 4 on 4 period.

    Where are those guys defending Sather?

    And by the way, Johnny D….you seem to have a ton of hockey knowledge. Seriously. But you claimed some horsepoop like, “Rangers have the #3 Future Stars strength according to Hockey USA,” or something. Since that stuff REALLY matters, should I be making plans for the Canyon of Heroes? Come on man, those stats and $2 gets you a hot dog on the streets of NYC. Plus, you know Sather will F that up eventually too, if given the chance.

  11. Kevin
    Finally someone mentioned it. He had a couple a few years ago against us while in Pittsburg. Great shot. But still just a depth player. Are we not deep enough on depth players?

  12. Someone will pick Vally up real fast, Toronto is looking for a goaltender. I would think the rangers will bring up Johnson, but I wonder if he is ready. I guess we are going to find out.

  13. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "just win ,baby!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Valley should have been put on waivers a long time ago, finally we may have an actual”back-up” wanting to be a starter. If we ever , ever,ever,ever…think about trading Hank, we better have a replacement making that choice a choice…got it? We have a guy like Johnsoon in here and stands on his head. Now we have this kid who is “poised” to be a starter…Hank is either Traded or the kid is major trade bait. Chances are ,if Hank gives us a great return,we trade Hank. Hank for Chara and their #1 draft pick (toronto’s) would be great if Johnsson was good and ready ,but hes not.

    So the best trade to do if yer gonna do a trade …would have be Gaborik ,Gilroy and McDoungh for Chara and Bostons #1 pick( torontos old one) and Kessel. I’d hate it but it sure would Help Hank.

  14. I think Glen is a frequent RR blog reader. Once he felt we got too hard on his butt, he made a couple of moves, so we can talk about something else. Don’t get distracted, folks. Keep going. Nobody mentioned we need to fire our massuese too. Not yet.

  15. Olga Folkyerself on

    Christensen grew up in Edmonton. Probably worked a summer job as a cigar cutter at one of Sather’s Mansions when he was young. That’s how Sather scouted him.

  16. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "just win ,baby!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Now that last trade I said was stuiped because Kessel is in Toronto and trading Gaborik would be idiotic. If we wanna land help for Hank , we have to trade a major asset. Do we want help for Hank or Gaborik? One may have to go or both may suffer.

  17. Christensen can play center or wing, and has done both in all his NHL stops.

    he is a lanky forward who does not have great speed. but does have decent hands and a good shot.

    he is not a relentless forechecking demon, which does not bode well for fitting in to Torts system.

  18. Christensen has had remarkable success in overtime shootouts

    …uumm…ok!! is this Renney’s era? we need a guy who can score DURING regulation… we already have one REMARKABLE shootout expert…Kotalik! I guess two is better than one… right Glen?

    So…who’s in for Vally?

  19. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Vally served his purpose, but was no longer capable of being a decent back-up and no longer, or ever did, give Hank any kind of threat that he may outplay him and stay as the starter for a few games.

    Johnson is a very good goalie even though he’s a rookie, and given a game or two, will prove it. I hope he stays as the backup all year and shows he cna play and gets the starts Vally was supposed to be getting

    Christensen, I guess I understand for Center depth and becasue as it’s looking like Brashear may be out for a while and Boyle is Torts’ new whipping boy.

    With Dubi returning hopefully by end of Dec., Im thinking there will be a few more parts moved or traded by then.

    Oh Uncle Glen, you silly son of a bitch. What do you have in store for us next?

  20. TR
    I was asking about Cloutier.

    Btw, conditioning? For Vally? He’s been sitting on the bench for a couple of years. So now he needs conditioning? Do you guys really buy that?

  21. oh my bad. i dont buy it for a second. somethings comin. we send down sanguinetti but redden isnt ready to come back yet and we have WAY to many fwds.

    once the JSG/Hiller and Rolo/Biron/DiPi situations are resolved and edmonton and toronto (maybe florida) fill their goalie needs (toronto and oilers will never make a trade i know) i think youll see a couple more trades take place.

  22. The Vally move is dumb for a few reasons. Yes, he’s been slumping. And so has EVERYONE but Gaborik. But overall, Vally provides stability in the backup spot, a nearly unmatched practice/work ethic and he was a GREAT locker room guy. With the rumblings of the management losing the players’ support, a move that rids you of a guy like Vally can only upset them more. Vally is almost guaranteed to get signed by someone else and now we’re left with an unproven backup who’s yet to start an NHL game. And all this during an Olympic year where the backup’s experience level is a huge value. Chad Johnson is not prepared. I’ve seen him in Hartford, he needs more time. Johnson cannot provide the all-around benefits that Vally has since he arrived. Just can’t do it. Vally is the team’s NHLPA rep for a reason. He has a great relationship with everyone on the team(except Avery). We’ll see where this goes but it looks dumb on the surface. Especially when you could have waived Roszival, Brashear, Voros, or Boyle and still kept Vally.

  23. puck, I appreciate your fondness for Vali,
    but he really is just a borderline NHL goalie. if johnson can’t replace that, than the Rangers are in real trouble behind Hank.

  24. THE REAL MikeyNJ – Name one backup goalie in this league that could ACTUALLY threaten to take time away from Hank? Seriously, Lundqvist is a top 5 or 6 goalie in the league. Slumping, yes. But those top goalies don’t get threatened by anyone but other elite guys. And NY has ZERO ability to sign any of them and wouldnt anyway. That’s a lame example. Bottom line, Vally was about as steady a backup in this league since he arrived. Just look at the numbers and wins. Johnson can only match that.

  25. screw the affirmative action for guys who are “good in the room”. how about goalies who are good on the ice. vally was a porous loser who often demoralized the team on the ice during games by causing blowouts. thus, he was not good for morale.

    Chad Johnson may or may not be ready. he certainly looked ready in the preseason games. but he cannot do any worse than vally.

  26. bull dog line – Well I humbly disagree that he’s borderline. I think he’s as capable a backup as any team can ask for with a top flight starter like Hank.

    I guess we’ll just have to see what happens.

  27. We couldn’t send valley to hartford on a conditioning stint so we have to waive him, and hope we can reclaim him on re-entry waivers? Why not just waive Voros or Brashear or both? Bring up Dale Weise (Who’s been hott for Hartford) or Byers who’s cheaper than Voros and Brashear. Then Valley can play in Hartford on a conditioning stint.

    Man I really think I could do a better job running the Rangers than Sather does… I know I have no experience but yeah!

    Also Carp, regarding your “Trade Everyone” thread previously. The change in system is a work in progress I think. Players have to adapt to it better which they haven’t yet. I thought most people would have better years this year with a new coach and system, I figure next year they’ll be better adjusted and adapted and what not. That is if Sather doesn’t completely overhaul this roster again.

  28. Putting Vally on waivers, they know someone is going to pick him up. They are saying see ya, all the best and all that, to poor ole Steve.

  29. heres a list of most of the goalies and backups in the nhl (i may be missing someone)

    ducks – hiller/JSG
    thrashers – hedberg/pavelec/lehtonen
    bruins – thomas/rask
    sabres – miller/lalime
    flames – kipper/mcelhinney
    hurricane – ward/leighton/legace
    blackhawks – huet/niemi
    avalanche – anderson/budaj
    CBJ – mason/garon
    stars – turco/auld
    red wings – osgood/howard
    oilers – khabibulin/deslauriers/dubnyuk
    panthers – vokoun/Clemmensen/salak
    kings – quick/Ersberg
    wild – backstrom/Harding
    canadiens – price/Halak
    predators – ellis/Rinne
    devils – brodeur/danis
    islanders – biron/rolo
    rangers- lundqvist/johnson
    senators – leclaire/elliot
    flyers – emery/Boucher
    coyotes – Bryzgalov/LaBarbera
    penguins – fleury/Johnson
    sharks – Nabokov/Greiss
    blues – Mason/conklin
    lightning – smith/Niittymaki
    leafs toskla/gustavsson/macdonald
    canucks – luongo/raycroft
    capitals – theodore/varlamov

  30. I guess they must have felt they couldn’t rely on Vally, after the bad one in Pittsburg. He really doesn’t play enough to say he was in a slump, not long ago he had a shut out in Toronto I think.

  31. yep a borderline backup who can’t stop a beachball who the coach put in against 2 of the top teams in the NHL. The fickle coach needs to own up to his mistakes instead of burying them. But so far it’s someone’s fault including the cap except his.

  32. Lol Charmin didn’t practice? What a surprise. Do us all a favor & retire for God sake! He obviously can’t handle playing anymore… He must be crampy from getting his “.”

    No offense ladies….

    Jeeze the women on this blog are tougher than him!!!

  33. Newman – First off, it’s hockeysfuture.com, the #1 site for watching and getting info on NHL prospects. They are usually pretty spot on with their analysis. It doesn’t mean any of those guys will pan out, but considering we were something like 21st last year or 2 years ago, its a huge improvement to be in the top 10 on that list. Plus they were pretty accurate so far on their assessments of Sangs and MDZ.

    I do agree that Sather will probably find a way to screw it up though and trade some of forward prospects (especially the centers) for some veteran that we don’t need.

    To be honest, I’d love to just build around guys like Stepan, Kreider, DZ, McDonagh, Staal, and a few others and when they are ready for the big time, trading our 2nd rate guys like Dubi and Callahan for more veteran guys. I’d like to think this would be 2-3 years from now (maybe 4 although I doubt it would take that long), so we have a young core with veteran leaders that can put up solid numbers. It would almost be like starting from scratch in a way…and of course we’d still have Gaborik.

  34. well this was suprising news on the drive home from work. in hindsight, i guess Valley was being “showcased” and that stinker = waive because, well, you know lol.

    welcome to NY Chad! The Chadster! Good luck kid!

    i thought he should have stayed off the great training camp he had but they had committed to Valley with the one way deal already.

  35. Carp, that last post was a great and very accurate post about “Get Rid of Everybody!”
    That is one of the very reasons why I cant read the comments part of these posts all the time anymore because they make me sick, I read just about every post from you or Laurel or whoever it may be posting, but the comments, 80%-90% of them are ridiculous, extravagant posts about things that are very unlikely to happen or really going overboard, such as the topics you mentioned in the post. How anyone could want to give up Lundqvist is a joke. But this is what peopel do, they PANIC when you go into a losing streak, look at the past 3 years, the rangers have had a bad stretch every year, whether it be december or january, whichever month it was, we’ve had these before. I’m not saying we are definitely going to come out of this season as a real good team or possibly even a playoff team bc guys need to step up, but the people on this blog are ridiculous the way they want to just give people away after bad games and waht not, the other thing is they dont realize that these things they are saying wont happen! its too hard to make trades and things of that nature now with the salary cap, and you need to have somethin to give up in order to get something, and how many teams do you really think are interested in guys like higgins or kotalik or whoever u want to throw out there, its just ridiculous what peopel say on this blog, there are only so few that hav a clue as to what they are talking about

  36. Olga Folkyerself on

    Christensen played 226 career NHL games with the Pittsburgh Penguins, Atlanta Thrashers and Anaheim Ducks, registering 42 goals and 56 assists

    Sather is shoping around the scratch and dent sales again. A rubber hammer and some paint touch-up and we will all have a “brand new” forward for Christmas.

  37. I honestly don’t understand the point in waiving Vali. Seriously, he was thrown to the dogs in that Pittsburgh game. Defense was virtually non-existent against one of the most skilled teams in the world. Johnson would have done no better. Hank would have kept the score respectable, but it would have been a loss nonetheless. Vali makes 750K a year, do we need to clear 200K of cap space that badly?

    What are we going to do with this Christensen kid? Does anybody know what his cap hit will be? Unless Slats is looking to dump some pieces as a package, the kid doesn’t fit in as it is. Anisimov has been one of the few Rangers that hasn’t been a huge disappointment, so he’s not going to sit. So I guess it’s Boyle? WTF? Higgins gonna get traded?

  38. Of the 30 players that played at least 1 game for the Rangers last season, 16 are gone and another 3 are in the system with virtually no hope of being recalled. Only 11 carry-overs.

  39. Valiquette played real solid as a backup for the first half of 2008-09 season, since the second half of last season he has really dropped off, the poor performance against Toronto last year where we blew the lead in the 3rd was the beginning of his downfall, and he also stumbled terribly in the game against Atlanta last year, and this year he had the shutout, and the good game against the Oilers, an Oilers team who was not playing well at all and a Ducks team who started off real slow, now in his defense as a backup to an elite goalie he shoudlnt even be playing against teams liek the sharks and penguins but you know what he has let up WAY too many soft goals, regardless of the lack of defense on some of them, that crosby goal the other night was a perfect example, the first one that should have been offsides, it was a well placed shot but crosby got nothing on it, it was probably an 80mph shot that has to be stopped, as well as alot of the other goals in that game, go with the kid Johnson who had a good preseason and see what he can do, why not.. Valiquette was a career AHL/backup journeyman for a reason…. people shoudlnt be flipping out over him

  40. Olga Folkyerself on

    I can see the headline:

    Sather pull his Johnson out from Hartford and plans to show it in Buffalo on Saturday.

  41. BUAHAHAHA !!

    Does anyone see the irony in this ? After the Pens game, i said “I bet my Penis that Vally will get waived”, and he’s been waived, and Johnson is our backup !! Get it ??? Johnson !!

    Johnson = Penis !!

    Penis, Pens, Vally, Waived, Johnson

    Anyway, now that i got that out of the way, im looking forward to hearing Sam say “Johnson stops Semin”

    I wont look forward to hearing what Joe Mich has to say afterwards.

    Christensen was ehh. No big deal, just a 3rd/4th liner at best.

  42. Think of waivers as a free preview (since you don’t have to trade anyone). They’re not going to give you a superstar, but they can shake things up on the team… look at Atlanta.. I think Peverly was a waiver pickup, and he is leading their team in points.

  43. Rangers bringing up Chad Johnson…Child Please!

    (The first person that responds and knows what Child Please means gets a free game worn Chris Drury mouthgard. Do not say what it actually means because Carp will have a problem with that).

  44. out0fyourelement, I am not sure about that, you may be right. Rob M, you are correct…lol. When I first heard they were calling him up I thought of that.

  45. CARP

    Regarding your post at the beginning of this thread, I agree with you 100%, and I think that is all most of us were trying to say!

    As far as the waiving and claiming goes, with christensen on the books at 750k and johnson(guessing) on and valli off (johnson makes about 100k more I think if I understand all this cap stuff properly), we have about 1 mil in cap space. Now, if we move a skater to make space for christensen in the line up (depending on who it is) we will obviously have more. What is interesting to me is the D man situation. If redden isn’t ready to play yet and sangs is back in hfd, is slatipuss maybe signing a D man that is not currently on a team? Is there a differ trade coming? Atleast slatipuss is doing something I guess! Isn’t christensen one of the players that the pens sent to atl in the hossa deal?

  46. YES, Rob M hahaha. I forgot about that one…Hardknocks on HBO is a great show that is only made better with a character like Chad 85. I thought it was great when the ref told him Child Please before the preseason game. Did you see that?

  47. I actually just saw that ref thing on youtube after reading your comment, figured i would go watch some chad johnson stuff after seein your comment… but i first found out about the 2 sayings on sportsnation when he was in the limo with the co-host michelle beadle, he is a character, i always wana see what he does/says next

  48. Yeah lets blame Valley for the problems. He can’t stop a beach ball etc…what about the other 19 players on the bench? With the exception of Gabby the rest of the team has been playing like garbage. Lets just waive everyone else and bring up the wolf pack! Valley has been solid until this year but then again we can say that for alot of the guys who have been around for a while so far this season. I guess the “rest” for Henrik plan is out the window as now there will be a backup with “zero….point…..zero…” NHL expereience. I wonder what the opinion of Johnson will be when he has an 8 goal game?
    And I cant wait to see how this new third or fourth liner experiment works out. Maybe he will have a locker in hartford next to patrick rismiller by January when the newness with torts wares off.

  49. Torts the other day, when Lisin didn’t play he said he wouldn’t have even dressed him if he had other options. Voros sucks too. If Torts won’t play Lisin, Christensen is probably the option for 4th line forward with Boyle and Brashear. If “NEVER LISTEN” won’t do what the coaches want… and who knows Voros does ever… isn’t Christensen then a good pick up?

  50. Wasn’t Vally in the net last year when Dallas killed us something like 10-2? That sure didn’t help.

  51. repost:

    hey CARP
    if you’re still paying attention here or skipped out to the new post.
    haven’t had time to look over all the posts but i would
    hope (and like to think) that those who are so down on select players (Henrik, Staal, Dubi) and the coach
    are the type who think we’re winning the Cup after a couple good games and think that we’re up for the lottery pick when we’re struggling.
    i’m horribly unsatisfied with Henrik’s play this year
    but what makes me angrier about the situation is that he’s played too far in the paint for a long time and that has not been addressed and adjusted by his goalie coach!!!
    i would like to think that he’ll find his eye of the tiger again……and hopefully sooner rather than later.
    as for Staal, he looked good in the offensive zone but i think he did lose focus and with Torts giving him a shorter leash now he seems to be returning to better days….same with Girardi.
    as far as Dubi, i just don’t know. am i ready to give up on him. let’s just say if the right offer….
    it’s bad enough that he stays out of camp because he had a higher view of himself. and it’s a good sign that he worked hard during the off-season to justify that amount but other than a few early games, he’s, once again, slid back into
    i mean, really, what’s it going to take for these players to play to some of their potential. they are in the freekin’ NHL!!!! why is it that that potential regularly bears fruit when the player moves on to another team?
    seriously, Carp
    is there something you’re not telling us about the atmosphere in the room. are these guys just as mercenary as the year we had Kamensky? where is the pride?

  52. repost 2:

    nabbed this from Andrew Gross’s Rangers Rants:
    ““First, near the end of the practice, there was Aaron Voros and Brian Boyle learning fighting techniques from assistant Jim Schoenfeld. No, they weren’t throwing punches. But Schoenfeld seemed to be working with them on tying up the arms and then trying to break free by snapping their arms down quickly. Not an everyday sight at Rangers practice.””
    now, isn’t that jaw-dropping that these two players have been around the league for some time yet need to be schooled on how to fight. you would think they’d have something better figured out by now. again, isn’t this stuff that should have been picked up years ago in the AHL or early days of NHL? are so many of our players low on the IQ pole that our coaches have to knock out the basics? remember the good ol’ shooting practice from last year because no one could hit the net?
    at the very least Voros looked pretty good his last couple of times out.
    why not bring in Nick Fotiu in there and really show ‘em what to do. used to love watching him get in the boxing stance!

  53. i guess Sather read my comment. Thank heavens Vali is gone. Whos replacing him? Please say Ocho Cinco!! and Erik Christen is EXACTLY what we need in replace of dubi/boyle. This guy should be on a line with callahan and higgins.

  54. jpg, I don’t think it’s pride, honestly. There simply isn’t enough skill. There is one forward that could play on the top line of any team in the league, and not many who could play on the second line of the good teams.
    Add to that the system, which requires skill … and then throw in that some guys are having bad years, obviously. It looks worse than it is. The team as a whole is not this bad. But they need Drury and Dubinsky and Higgins and Callahan and Girardi and Staal and especially Lundqvist to pick it up.
    Again, I don’t blame Dubinsky one bit for holding out for that contract. I would have done the same thing, and so would you. That’s the business side. That is the system in place in the current CBA … an RFA has only one recourse — to withhold services. I don’t blame him one bit. But now he has to prove he was worth it.

  55. Carp,

    i understand the idea behind Dubi holding out. like you i agree that he needs to “prove he was worth it.” same as Cally and his new contract. same with Higgins, Kotalik….

    let’s address several points that have been bugging for some time:

    the talent factor — we all believed that the talent level and speed went up a notch this year compared to the previous year. the idea being that lesser talent needed to play a Renney collapse system and win 2-1 or 1-0.
    so, while few of these players would be on a top line other than Gabby, there STILL should be SOME secondary scoring, SOME grit, SOME hard work, SOME attention to detail in their zone, SOME changes that do NOT repeat past d-zone mistakes or o-zone brain farts of over-passing.

    i’ve been watching the Rangers since ’79 and it only seems to be in the Sather era where the players display the least amount of passion on the ice. there were a lot of bad teams and less talented teams over the years but they worked hard and while there many times where it seemed as if they only played 40 minutes, they played a very hard 40 minutes.

    THAT’S what’s most frustrating is to see the team play with less passion than teams that are currently below them in the standings. i thought that besides the Safe Is Death forechecking approach we’d see a team with Heart and Passion give it their all.

  56. Carp and jpg,

    I think the game is so “well” coached now that players are held back…it’s hard to play with passion and throw a nice check along the boards when your going to take yourself out of position…

    I also think this team has players who once they have success stop working hard…which in turn makes them start playing like crap…they think they have more skill than they actually do…it really makes you appreciate Jagr, Straka, Nylander, Shanny, etc..

    The team is still young and finding their way…don’t give up on the youth…unless your getting some one named Malkin, Crosby, or Getzlaf…

  57. hartford Whalerpack on


    I mostly agree.

    Anybody here watch Formula One racing? Tons of pure talent out there but engineers and team managers pretty much tell them how to drive…it’s like that with NHL coaching… authority telling talent what to do…some are good at it some aren’t.

  58. hey Harvey20

    not saying to give up on youth. more disappointed in the vets. at this point Dubi is considered more of a vet, and i can’t help but be disappointed with his play. second year in a row he starts off hot and does the right things in the offensive zone and then completely cools off and seems to go in there with no focus as to what to do, whether it’s heading to the net, making a play, not shooting, etc.

    and i don’t players to be throwing a check just for the sake of throwing a check, especially if it gets them out of position. i care about our players making checks in the offensive zone on their d-men similar to what’s done to us in order to soften ’em up. i care about bodychecks when they come into our zone and it slows them up and frees the puck up for one of OUR plays to get it and move it up ice.

    these are among the things that the current roster is not doing.

  59. I just got back from the Gaborik signing at Roosevelt Field, a couple people were talking and said there is a developing rift between Torts and Henrik. Has anyone else heard?

  60. Angrygoalie

    Vally cant stop a beach ball is right. And right now Hank isnt doing much to prove he can either.

    How else can we know if Chad Johnson is NHL capable unless he gets a shot(remember who thought Hank was until he got a shot)

  61. bah. i was looking into adding something to the league… but Im not going you futz around with anything.

  62. As usual, Sather is desperately flailing about trying to get out of his latest self-created disaster. Nothing new.

  63. Paul, i wouldn’t exactly be surprised if there was. But its normal in my opinion. Its not really a rift if its true though.I think it would be more like a bump in the road. kinda like what happened with prospal and torts in Tampa. Hopefully all for the better.

  64. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on


    MAYBE THE ORGANIZATION ACTUALLY Wants to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. A Panther just put his shoulder into the Avs goalie Anderson. Adam Foote went right up to him and pounded him. Beautiful.

    Note to Rangers, that’s how you play hockey and defend your goalie.

  66. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    But to be honest, for such a good guy and class act like Valiquette, I fully expected him to go to Sather and ask to be released or sent to the minors, knowing that he was posing as an NHLer.

  67. any movement is good movement at this point. need something more substantial. but lets not get crazy and trade away the core talent we developed in the past three years. while they may not be gaborik, they are nhlers and solid players. rangers need to continue concentrating on developing its youth. i like the fact that we are the youngest team on defense and have rookies all over the lineup.

    by the way, i understand that sather tied up 1.4mil of cap space to the brashear signing – over 35 two year deal – but my question is does it still count against the cap if he is placed on the long term IR list? could be a way to rid ourselves of that money against the cap – he seems to be hurt.

    of course waiving rozi would solve most cap issues this year and the next.

  68. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    Why is my last comment awaiting moderation?

  69. Why is Lisin being benched?

    I know he has not been impressive, but any specific reason?

    We need some truculence and testosterone as Brian Burke would put it. I didn’t see players coming to the aid of our star when the Penguins were knocking his ass around. That got me pissed.

  70. but its good that Mr Goalborik take a few shots and be fine. of course, he plays with his head up, and creeps around the net like a ninja

  71. tomb

    foote is a helluva player, the kind of attitude we need on the blueline. He was available a couple seasons ago and I said he would be a good fit on the rangers and everyone said I was on crack or something. Funny how many years we have went without real grit and toughness on the blueline, but no one ever wants the guys who provide it on the rangers

  72. met sam rosen today at the Bernard Hopkins and Enrique Ornales fight at temple u where i go to school. Really couldn’t be a nicer guy out there. And for the Rangers this is what we wanted, youth our defense is extremely young and they will come around. I think when dubi gets back he will provide the proper forcheck and pressure needed to have a successful offense in this league. He might be the best Ranger when it comes to protecting the puck against the boards.

  73. hartford Whalerpack on


    Jack-of-all-trades, master of none. He’s a bit careless and mush-mouthed these days. I don’t mind when he has a sub during Rangers games…though I miss him when’s he’s not calling the game…tough call.

  74. I just don’t see Roszival being waived – he needs to be for playing reasons and for cap purposes – but Slats won’t like the egg on his face.

    Maybe we could prise Exelby from Toronto or some other physical d-man and leave ourselves some cap room for another scoring winger.

  75. I am confident Glen will navigate the NYR through this ‘moment’.
    It is all about lack of scoring!!! and dumping Rosivel!

  76. Sorry CCCP, I didnt see where they waived Drury. Only Vali.
    My major issue with Vali was that he let goals by in Bunches. He seemed to be unable to refocus after a goal was scored. He was fine after the period was over and he had the intermission to regroup, but until then he was barely able to stop the popcorn vender from scoring. He may have been a positive presence in the room and on the ice for a time, but I agree that he will be easily replaced. Yummy needs to feel more pressure to perform. He likes it. Marmaduke just wasnt/isnt providing that. There are only a couple players that i dont care if they are there or not, he was one. Most of the team are expendable role players, but their prospective upside makes me want to hold on to them and see where it goes. Lisin for instance, I feel he could really be a scoring force for us. Definitely not elite status, but surely a constant 20+ if he develops and finds his place. He will be gone before that happens though.

  77. THE REAL MikeyNJ on


    thats funny

    Maybe Larry is writing int he wishful thinking sense of reporting

    Imagine that actually happened

  78. hmm.. I was just trying to think of the last time Sather sent a message to the team. ignoring the obvious messages about how deep his pockets are.. He doesnt think in terms of messages to the team. the only thing that can be derived from the vali demotion/Christensen signing is that there is more change to come.

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