“Get rid of everybody!”


I know it’s to be expected at a place like this, where people really do bleed when the team loses, really suffer with any losing streak.

I have come to expect the ultra-negative when the team loses, and I’m probably as negative as anybody, even though I try to keep my negativity analytical, especially since I really don’t care if the Rangers win, lose or go to a skills competition.

But I have to say, some of the stuff the last few days is hard to believe:

* People giving up on Lundqvist.

* People giving up on Staal.

* People giving up on Dubinsky.

What in Holy Hell?

First, if you’re giving up Lundqvist, you better get an elite goalie in return. Yes, he’s had some struggles this season. Yes, he’s been on his knees too much, and opponents have figured out to go high, especially glove side. But it’s nuts to think about dealing him. How many times has this guy bailed out his team? Think back to the three playoff games he stole last spring. Part of his struggles this year are the team in front of him and the system it plays. He’s still easily one of the best in the league, and one of the few legit all-star types on the roster.

Second, Marc Staal has certainly had a tough year at times. His partner went through a terrible stretch, and they probably were better in a defense-first system. And our expectations of this kid being a two-way threat, an offensive defenseman, and a Norris Trophy winner, were a couple of miles too high. But he’s 22. Most of the league’s top defensemen are 28-32 in any given year. He’s 22!!! He’s going to be a very good defenseman for a long, long time. He will be. You don’t trade guys like that.

Third, you also don’t trade big forwards who are tough and can skate and score a bit. Dubinsky needs to play a lot better than he did after his holdout. And he will. He’s not a No. 1 center, but he’s as much of a No. 1 center as Prospal is, or Drury. He can play the wing. And believe it or not, the Rangers have surely missed him since he broke his hand. Never mind the contract stuff. That’s business. He had to do that. You would have done the same thing. I would have done the same thing. Maybe you trade him, but you better get something really good back. Otherwise, you wait for him to get back to where he was last year and the year before. He will. He’s too good not to.

And then there’s this “Fire Tortorella” stuff. Are you serious?


Question: What do you think would have happened to Avery if he’d done what Ovechkin did? Or what Matt Cooke did? Or what Glencross did?

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  1. Avery would be done for the year if he did what Ovechkin and all did. Heck Avery would be suspended for looking at Ovechkin the wrong way

  2. amen. Ranger fans can be ridiculous. They made me stop going on the blueshirts board and stop reading the comments here.

    I am just as frustrated, but the amount of times I stood up screaming at game saving saves lundqvist has made is insane.

  3. First, if you’re giving up Lundqvist, you better get an elite goalie in return. Yes, he’s had some struggles this season. Yes, he’s been on his knees too much….LOL

  4. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    I just realized someone that looks EXACTLY like Brashear.

    I was rewatching the TV show 24, watching it for the first time with the Yankees as WS champions, and in Season 4, Tomas Sherek, a terrorist, looks just like Don.


    Please tell me if you agree!!



    LOL @ the Rosi pic, Miami Pimp

  5. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    On his knees too much. Has Henrik switched sides?

  6. Hank isn’t elite. I used to think he was. It pisses me off when he makes amazing saves but can’t stop the small shots.

    Staal, I’m on the fence.

    Dublowski. He’s a waste. I wish he can turn his game around an be the potential superstar some all thought he’d be but I’m no hopeful. Should have traded the greedy geek while he was worth way more than he’ll ever be.

    I’m not giving up on the season, but it doesn’t look good.

    And for the fans who are bitching aboot feeling this way 25 games into the year, all I can say to that is…..what aboot the fuggin Olympics !!! These games are more important than some realize. After the Olympic break who knows what will happen. Gabby can be injured, Hank’s confidence shattered after blowing it for Team Sweden, Prospal, and Kotalgeek both injured, Blowzy HEALTHY !!!!!! Dredden……TOO HIGH TO COME BACK DOWN !!!

    I’M GOING TO SLEEEEEP !! Too much sugar. Goodnight ladies.

  7. Carp I agree with you totally and my previous 10 posts more or less say the same thing about trading henrik and staals development etc…

    ovechkin got off easy like cindy and malkin do. malikin is even cheaper then ovechkin. malkin is mystified when someone tries to check him.

    the nhl is a joke. ovechkin should have been suspended 10 games or until gleason comes back. avery would have gotten 10 games minimum…

    i mean really whe was the last time the rangers had any young players with upsode??? Anisimov impresses me, he is not scoring much yet but has some good moves, plays hard, and you cannot teach size. he just needs to add 15 lbs….

  8. If Avery did whay any of those guys did, he’d be put in the middle of the city with a scarlet letter and have ESPN tar and feather him.

    Don’t give up on Staal ever. Zubov and Nortsrom got much better after they were traded and they were a few years older than Staal.

  9. Man, am I glad to see this post. Seems like a big segment of the fans always needs a scapegoat to latch on to and throw all the teams woes on, and it’s getting tiresome.

    Some have been reasonable (Redden, Malik), some way overblown (Renney being made out to be the devil last year), and some full out ridiculous (Jagr, Lundqvist).

    These fans are willing to rationalize away a player’s entire history of success (“hurrr, Lundqvist was never elite, he was just benefiting from good D”) the moment he strings together a series of bad games.

    Is is really that hard to understand that when you have an overall lousy team, a lot of individuals are going to look worse. When the team’s playing well, there’s less potential for the softies to go for a multitude of reasons. And when they do go in, they seem far less significant in wins than they do in losses. If the team improves, Hank’s game will too. In the meantime, he gets no D and no offensive support. There’s a hell of a lot more to fix before our net-minding.

  10. Hank is very much an elite goaltender. Every hockey player goes through rough stretches. Every goaltender I can think of has had periods where things were not going well, with the exception being Brodeur, which is more attributable to the Devil’s system than his overall play. Luongo has historically poor starts to seasons, only to go 200+ minutes with no goals against later in the season. Khabibulin was totally written off before helping Chicago to the conference finals last year. Hell, even Chris Osgood has shown greatness in carrying his team when needbe. In no way am I suggesting that Ozzie is elite, but i’m just making a point.

    Do you guys even watch these games? Look at the QUALITY of chances that opposing teams are getting compared to during the Renney Regime. Instead of sharp angle perimeter shots, teams are getting odd man rushes, breakaways, 1 timers, 2nd, 3rd and 4th opportunities… because there is NO PUCK SUPPORT. In years past, the majority of opportunities against were perimeter shots with the occasional odd man rush or breakaway, and Hank performed superbly. Now, it seems EVERY chance against is a high quality scoring opportunity, so naturally save % and GAA will drop.

    If this team had the horses to play a puck possession game and spend most of the game in the attacking zone, 100 feet or more from Hank, or if we were playing a defensive system like renney had, the GAA will drop and everybody will sit around the campfire singing kumbaya. Unfortunately, we have neither

  11. Thank you Carp…it refreshing to see a source of respect have the maracas to point out some of the nonsense. Part of the reason why I stopped reading that other “board” is because of the knee jerk negativity of some of the drama queen members and ridiculously bipolar highs and lows depending on whether the team wins or not. It almost seems that most of the so called “expert” posters don’t know jack about hockey, let alone the Rangers. I’m just happy that at least Sather is running the show as opposed to any of the online Ranger fans and that I can get hard nosed honesty out of a informed source like yourself.

  12. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on


    love the passion!! I can not speak for anyone else but myself here. I do not think we should trade hank, if an unbelievable deal came along, then maybe it should be considered (again an UNBELIEVABLE DEAL that would help this team more than hurt it). On a side note, i still think we should dump valli and try to get hedberg from atl. I also think we should retain staal, D is the hardest position to learn and he may not ever be a superstar, but good for many years, he just needs to pay with more “bite”. Dubi on the other hand…well if it was the dubi of last year that plays rough, with an edge and nasty as well as puts a few in the net, keep him, if it is the dubi from this season after a hold out and playing with little or no passion…trade him before he loses any value he might have!

    No matter who it is, everyone is probably tradeable in some deal some where in someones mind for something, but then a lot of people believe everything they read.

    Either way (I actually think I posted what I thought about the whole roster whether they should be traded a few post threads ago, but whatever), I am not giving up on the team at all and I do think they can make the playoffs and depending on some needs being addressed, could go fairly deep in the playoffs.

  13. This month is going to be tough but it gets much easier as the season progresses. With Dubinsky back and maybe a minor trade to get a guy like Stillman, Tanguay, someone of that level this team can be ok.

    What do people think of Huselius here? Not a huge fan, but would he help?

  14. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    Carp and everyone else in on this discussion topic

    OK, so I went back and found my post from like 4 days ago when the whole, trade the team firesale for youth and draft picks please don’t be stupid and screw us by unloading all the vets again like 2004 slatipuss, conversation heated up!

    Here is my consolidated view repost:

    ok so let me shift gears before I get some work done at the house. As far as “tradeable” players since we are talking about it..

    DO NOT trade no matter what..Gilroy, MDZ, avery, gabby, prospal, AA

    It would have to be one hell of a sweet return before I would trade them …cally, grachev, hank, staal

    If you get the chance…GONE…Drury, redden

    DUH…rozy, valli

    Tradeable (to some degree atleast) and should go….higgy, dubi, girardi, lisin, PAP, sangs (got to give to get on sangs, I wouldn’t mind if he was still here though)

    I could care less either way if they stay or go…..kots, brash, boyle

    No way I get rid of this guy unless we get a guy back with as much heart….voros

    OK, night all!

  15. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    i’ve laureled here


    I would rather address the need of a couple of hitting physical d men before any forwards!

  16. Olga Folkyerself on

    The only one that needs to go is SATHER. He bought his way into the current team and I certainly can’t trust him to buy or trade his way out.

    Bring on the next guy…

  17. I think Torts needs to tone down the system. Yes we get some great scoring chances, but we give up too much on the opposite end of that. Tone it down, get a few well fought wins under the belt, then try opening it up a bit more.

  18. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    Rangers fans are literally going insane at this point because this season is becoming lost and the REAL problems will never be removed or fixed:

    Sather and the Drury/Rozsival/Redden contracts

    a teflon GM For Life who has won 2 playoff rounds in 10 years here, and 3 players who are dead weight taking up nearly $20 million of a $56 million cap

    we’re stuck in a depressing cycle of going nowhere, with no end in sight…no rebuilding, no contending, just mediocrity (at best) for the foreseeable future (at least 2 more years after this one when the Drury/Rozsival contracts expire)…that’s why there’s been a rash of extreme posts/irrational venting lately

    Gaborik has been amazing, and even if the youth develops and Henrik gets back to his elite level, because of the cap-killing contracts, there will always be an extremely flawed roster surrounding them…nothing but “battle for the 8th spot” teams

    bottom line: there’s NOTHING that can be done to “fix” this team until Sather is gone and/or at least 2 of those 3 contracts are traded or waived

  19. “And then there’s this “Fire Tortorella” stuff. Are you serious?”

    Absolutely. He is a hypocrite and a fool. He has been here, what, 54 games? And what has he done/proven? All we heard after he gave away the Washington series was that he needed a training camp, a full camp and everyone would be on the same page. Well, they aren’t. The defense strays, most of the passes are off the mark and/or put their teammates in bad positions to make plays and no one stands up for each other. It was bad enough watching Hank get ran time after time since the season started and watching Marian Gaborik getting knocked around throughout the third period Monday with ZERO retribution broke the camel’s back. The coach wants to throw points in the standings away – starting Valley vs top flight teams twice this season – and preaches his accountability by benching Enver Lisin while dressing Rozy/Drury/Anisimov/Higgins night after night. The guy is a fool who’s bark is worse than his bite and clearly can’t command this bunch of underachieving mercenaries to success.

    Fire Tortorella.

    I would say fire Sather, but apparently Garden execs – not matter how incompetent/incapable – have to have inappropriate sexual congress before getting canned so there is little hope for that.

  20. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    I think the frustrated Ranger fan feels is that :if you can’t win with Dubinki,,Staal, Lundqvist and etc. you may as well trade them , you can’t do any worse and you may get better players in return.

    But just how long do you give these players to turn into legit NHL stars?
    Hank is in the league since ’05
    Staal, Dubi, callahan 2 plus years.
    How much better will they get?
    How long do we wait?
    So far this teams a bust in the playoffs where it really counts.

  21. I suggested trading Hank, not because he isn’t very good, but because he could return a serious bounty. Think about it: The Rangers are handcuffed for the next two seasons with Drury & Rozi. Trading Hank this year could load the NYR up for 2012. A trade like this would be similar to the Lindros deal that catapulted the Avs/Nordiques to Stanley Cup contenders. That is the main reason I would suggest trading him. He is till very good, and hell I like him, but the NYR are going nowhere for the next two years. Who’s to say we can’t find the next Khabibulin by 2012?

    Think of it as a stock market move. Sell your assets when they have the most value and you can get the greatest return. Don’t be sentimental.

  22. No one can deny that this team needs a major character overhaul. What better way to do it then that?

  23. RE: Torts

    You got your anti-Renney. Problem is, the players don’t have the guts to play his system. Isn’t it funny that the only guy (other than Gaborik) that is thriving in Torts system is Prospal? In two years, you give Torts the chance to weed out the gutless pukes you are gonna have a damn good team. He didn’t go to Tampa and win that cup by accident. Marty St. Louis and Vinny L. became great players under Torts. Both will credit Torts for their development too.

  24. I voted for Lundqvist in this poll, i’d have gone for drury but being a disappointment would have required expectations for him, which i had none. I have expected Hank to pick this team up and put them on his back to steal a game here and there, but he has done that once or twice all season (vs Boston and @Ottawa). I am not demanding trades and saying he’s a garbage goalie, however. That just ludicrous, and anyone suggesting that needs to remember the 4 years before they continue with their knee jerk reaction

  25. No one said Hank was not a very good goalie. He is not God, but he is very good. He could certainly use help from his teammates.

  26. “No one can deny that this team needs a major character overhaul. What better way to do it then that?”

    What I mean by that is replacing a lot of the current players. Not referring to Hank’s character specifically. If anything, he has the heart of a lion, and should probably be the damned captain. I meant getting quality character guys in return.

  27. The quickest way to overhaul, and improve the Rangers would be to trade Hank, or Staal.
    They could bring in a substantial package. I would not trade them for the sake of trading them.
    6 more years is a long time to wait for Staal to be an elite Dman. There would be at least one big contract before that, and that logic is hard to swallow when the best Dman on the team is 19.

  28. greg_section403 on

    I’m not giving up on Hank. He’s still a very good goalie, but he’s not an ‘elite’ goalie. Yes, we all thought he was an elite goalie two seasons ago. But last year and definitely this year he has come down to earth. He lets in too many softies. Every goalie (even elite goalies) lets in a bad one every now and then, but this year and last year it has been a regular occurrence with Hank.

    You can’t trade him. We’re stuck with him. But everyone has to realize (from Sather, to Torts on down, including us), that we have a really good goalie who will probably get some hot streaks that makes him look ‘elite,’

    But don’t bet the team’s future on Hank showing up every night (cuz he obviously doesn’t).

  29. I say fire fans lke Scotty Hockey, who don’t really know a thing about the sport. You can’t force guys to retaliate. They can try but either you are a tough guy or you are not. We saw Gilroy try and he got his butt handed to him. Voros seems to lose every fight. Brashear can fight but the league is afraid to fight him (like guys aganist LaRoque) which is why most fights it’s him and the guy hugging real close.

    onecupin69yearsand counting said something even worse:
    “But just how long do you give these players to turn into legit NHL stars?
    Hank is in the league since ‘05”

    Um Hank, is a top 5 or every top 3 goalie. How much better do you want him to get?

  30. I love people who say fire Sather…You kidding right? Ok so the Redden, Rozy, and Dru situations haven’t panned out as well as expected but how bout some credit for a GM that recognized who the real gem of 2009 free agency was and signed Gaborik to a 5-year deal for under $8M per season. Give credit where it is due.

    BTW,I haven’t seen the shadow employed on a player like that since the days of Jan Ericson on Super-Mario.

  31. True fans bleed RW&B on

    Carp great post. Much needed post.

    As to Orr vs. Brashear you didn’t say you like the signing of 87 (you said exactly opposite actually), but after scoring in preseason and doing little boards work I’m pretty sure you said he brings more to the team in terms of hockey skills compared to what Orr brought.

    I actually wish they still had Colton Orr.

    Savard is 9 months younger than drury and had a 78 point season last year (his worst in 4 or 5 years)… 7 year extension at 4.2mil cap hit! Crappola!

  32. The Rangers have one simple problem. They are playing with 2 rookie D-Men (and three for the last 2 games), and 2 others in their early 20s. Most of the the mistakes they make are either rookie errors (not taking the right man, making a dumb pass or something like that) or bad transition. As good as Del-Z and Gilroy have been, they are still rookies and you can see it in their play. The one thing they didn’t address in the offseason which they STILL need to have is a stay at home big D-man who can clear the crease. Who is that guy now? Who is that guy in the future? Add that to the injuries that have screwed up center ice and you knew that they’d go for a rough stretch. Hank always has a rough patch, but it’s usually later in the season, luckily it’s now. Some positives are that guys like Cally and Duby have always been second half guys, and if they can pick up their scoring like they usually do, they’ll be ok. The problem is, this is STILL a middle of the pack team, not a cup contender and not bad enough to get an impact draft player. All that does is mean that this team is going to stay this way for a long time.

  33. Carp – This blog is a bastion of negativity. It’s really a wonder anything interesting is said between the posters who don’t understand what they’re watching and the typical knee jerk reactions (player X sucks, trade player Y).

    In regards to Staal and Lundqvist, you made a point above about Dubinsky – hockey is a business. The Rangers have to approach their roster with that in mind. Everyone would agree that Lundqvist is an upper echelon goalie but the fact is that he is the highest paid goalie in the league. His contract is based on potential, which he has yet to achieve. His value in a trade might be greater than it is to stay with the Rangers, not that I think it would ever happen.

    Staal is similar, does he have great upside potential…sure. Is he going to cost an arm and a leg to keep on the team based on his last name and that potential…. most likely. I really think that Staal is going to command a contract that is well north of $4mn once he gets to free agency. It might not be worth it from a business aspect to 1) wait for him to be an elite player, if ever and 2) pay early for the ‘potential’.

  34. Avery would have been suspened for quite longer and I believe Crosby would have gotten a slap in the wrist. Hell, the NHL would have justified it if it were Crosby.

    Carp, I agree with you 100%, especially with this trade Henrik garbage.

    I hate to say this, but I rather have Sather at the wheel over some of the people here :)

  35. Again, why give credit to Sather for signing Gaborik, when he wanted to come to New York in the first place?
    There have been a lot of great players on this team who have not had success here because of the current management. This team has been regressing since Jagr left, and Sather is 100% responsible. But he hides from the media. And since Drury and Gomez were in such a hurry to overthrow Jagr and Renney, Drury can take the blame. He only bothers to show any effort 30% of the time anyway.

  36. Good morning, Carp! I’m having a hard time thinking positive about Sat’s game here. My Buffalo friends can’t wait to give me a hard time about the Rangers being a hot mess against the Sabres. I’m also super bummed Big Dubinsky won’t be playing. Can’t they send him along anyways?

  37. Chris,

    How about not letting in those stupid glove side goals. I think Scotty knows a lot about hockey, and i agree with him 100% in that Torts is a hypocrite. I love the guy, and really want him to get us to success, but all he has done this season is point fingures and talk, but doesnt follow up on his words. I am tired of everyone here giving the Rangers excuses that the guys are young and they need time to develope and yada yada yada.

    They have been in the league for multiple years. You get what you see. Face it. This is our team, this is what we get, but I will keep on routing for them, because thats what fans do. And heck, you never know, all they need to do is get hot and start rolling with a little luck.


  38. Now you know why I named my site Ranger Crisis ! There’s always a crisis. God bless us all for rooting for this team :)

    Lets Go rangers !

    Last night I talked to EJ Hradek on Blueshirt Banter Radio about what is wrong with the Rangers and I have to say he gave a great outsiders view. You should all check it out.

    Plus this Video :

    Rangers Take On Devils in OT in 1984 : Chico Rushes Off Ice To Rescue Marty


  39. Thanks Carp, I think everyone needed a post like that lol.

    Avery would’ve been banned from the NHL knowing Bettman.

  40. as much as ive gotten on hank and some players, they have been deserving of the criticism. im sure if it came down to it, most people here would not want staal traded or hank, or even duby. right now it doesnt look good, but its what we all wanted. i remember many people saying that with the new system, there will be more goals scored on us. yea thats happened. if u really wanna trade hank, we will jut watch him win a cup on some other team. ive been down on him lately too, but cmon, the glorious chances he has to stop every game is getting ridiculous. only few things wrong and its no scoring from anybody else but 2 or 3 players(not talented enough or not tryig hard enough), the givig up goals right after we score, or late in periods/games which kills all momentum, the penalties are actually the worst, but that can be easily fixed. then u have the lazy forwards who dont backcheck. sometimes i see rozy try to get it deep for the forwards, it gets halfway there and theres 3 fwds all deep in the zone, so its an odd mamn rush or worse. the d wouldnt look so bad if they played more reserved. not renny like, but somewhere in between. look at the florida game. they idnt score but 1 goal, but they played a great defensive and smart game. they also won. i think torts needs to keep some damn lines together for more than half a period. and the biggest problem i saw the other night was BRASHEAR on the 2nd line!!! ok, hes slow, he obviously played a little physical, and played ok, but he is not gonna get u goals or set up any. on a line with 2 offensively inept or stagnant players, he should not be on it. hank just looks burnt out from lettin in so many. give him a good game in front of him, get his confidence back, and slowly get the team to play more up-tempo but he cant put this kinda pressure on such a young d and weak physically. like rozy and redden. yea reddens been solid. i said hed have a better year. unfortunately, he looks so good just because the rest look like carp(not you carp, the other carp).

  41. Rick

    Im glad you addressed all the over emotional rants on here. Out of the 3 I only can see Dubi being traded. But there is NO WAY they trade LQ – they have to be crazy. We all wear our love for this team on our sleeves. Hell I was guilty of calling Torts a tool the other night because he benched Kotalik then played him the last 30 seconds of the game. When you are struggling for offense then you dont bench your offensive players. Especially when the PP is suffering. And his -12 is a direct result of being on the 4th line which he has no business being and playing with Drury.

    Honestly does Lisin play worse than Voros or Brashear to be benched? I like Voros and he’s shown tremendous heart this season and reading that personal story about him, Im glad he’s alive and still has a career playing. But he just doesnt fit on this team.

    And to answer your questions. Avery would probably get a 10 game suspension for that. I really dont thing it was that bad a knee on knee – Ive seen worse. But the paddy cake NHL handing our 2 games for shots to the head. What do you expect.

  42. The team is just plain soft…Nobody came to help gaborik in mondays game when two penquins where pushing him around by the net.Gurin punched him 3 times in the face and not onr ranger to knock him on his a##

  43. Carp,
    spot on! I totally agree with everything…I think some of the doubters just don’t understand the development of players.
    If the doubters are only going to keep and wait for potential superstars, they are going to be waiting a very very long time.
    I am definitely negative at times, I think more for the fact of just ripping something or someone. I am fully behind the youth movement but that doesn’t mean I don’t get frustrated with the effort on some nights.
    And I would bet the people who are throwing in the towel on Torts are mostly the same who threw in the towel on Renney, and then acted like the Torts hiring was the second coming of Keenan, or Messier or whatever.
    I laugh when I read trade Staal, Hank, or Dubi or fire Torts…Its just a bunch of ill informed Carp!

  44. Carp, thanks for trying to calm some of the heads down. I’m pretty sure that unfortunately the firesale calls will continue on this blog and elsewhere. After every loss. Two in row- Hank has to go. It took this team around 8 years to find a franchise goale. Under the bus! We’ve been talking about bringing along young talent. One bad game- get rid of him. Dubinski isn’t a first line center, true. But he is the best we have. And very young. Boy, did they miss him now.
    Torts is the best coach we’ve had in years. It took Sather some guts to bring him in, btw. Fire Torts! Let’s get Mackler back, I’m sure he is still available. (Carp, that would get your boxers in a bunch, I bet..)
    And yeah, lastly. Everyone who is saying fire Sather. That change I wouldn’t mind. Just think of this- who is exactly coming instead? Be careful what you ask for, it could be worse.

  45. Cwgatti is right that trading Lundqvist would bring us future prosperity – probably some great picks and young players. Unfortunately, you will need to find a trading partner with the cap room for such a move – not an easy thing for a guy who makes as much as Hank does. If a deal could be brokered, I’d be all for it.

    Dubinsky is not needed on this team – we were doing really poorly before he got hurt – so where is the change? Hopefully someone somewhere will see his value and accept him in a trade before everyone knows just how little he brings in terms of passion and courage.

    Whoever it was who suggested trading for Tanguay – please don’t! He was UFA for months and no one touched him with a ten-foot pole. Now we would have to trade something for him. That’s crazy talk.

  46. what this team needs is a scoring center and tough defender. Gabby and prospal seem to have a little chemistry but no one else on the roster plays well together. Maybe it is because we lost Dubi. He adds a power forward presence when he skates with and just needs to remember to keep skating when he hits the blueline. The only other line that has shown any chemistry is Aves Artem and PA. They look good together and forecheck rather well. I think the major problem with this team is that Drury is struggling offensivley. He is not a playmaker at all and is dragging down Cally. Cally needs a passer with him who can skate. Higgins is like Mike Ricci. He has no luck and Consistently gets robbed by either the goalie or the posts. if he keeps up his hard work he may be able to be dealt as a rental for the playoffs and get us someone that can pass so we can make another late season push for the playoffs.

  47. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I read the additional “trade lundqvists” with dismay and horror. You guys are either: 1) spoiled 2) in need of memory enhancement (because you forget the years of Hebert, Mclean, Weekes, etc… 3) simply lacking hockey sense because Hank is a great goalie. Is he playing like the best in the NHL? no! Do you see Valliquette or anyone else coming in and doing a better job? NO!

    You trade Lundqvist for whatever Stamkos or Tavares you think is out there and this team is worse than where they started this season.

    It kills me that some of you either are too emotional or simply don’t appreciate Hank for how good he is. Even if you are over-paying him $1-2 million a year, the alternative is far worse.

  48. Thank God boards like this weren’t around during the 92-93 season.

    People would be calling for Richter to stay in Binghampton and give Corey Hirsch a real chance.

    Get rid of Leetch, he’s a bum and a drunk. Always injured and irresponsible he got drunk and slipped on ice getting out of a cab… breaking his ankle which ended the season.

    Get rid of Zubov, he can get a good return.

    The Messier experiment had failed, he let a team get divided, coaches fired, players traded.

    Darren Turcotte was the best centerman we had and we should try to lock him up for years.

    Trading Kris King and Tie Domi is the worst trade ever made by Neil Smith.

    Trade Adam Graves, he’s okay and get something for him while we still can.

    Again, thank God there wasn’t a forum around back then.

  49. Jason

    Lundqvist does not equal Richter .

    Dubinsky does not equal Leetch.

    2009 Rangers do not equal 1993 Rangers.

    On what planet does your comparison make any sense?

  50. TrueFans:

    I think the reason the trade of Lundqvist is being advocated is not because anyone thinks that there will be immediate improvement because of it, but because we see that no matter how good he is now, his presence is not helping us win anything of consequence. Since he is good and not required, in other words, use him for how he could really help us, by getting us on track and contending in the future.

    Not that we can trade him due to his cap hit, anyway. That’s really the only factor. You need a trading partner and with a reason and an ability to trade.

  51. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Great Post Carp (you know I only say that maybe 3 times a year.)
    Happy #26 Josh
    We need King Henrik to play better, but more importantly, he remains vital to any playoff chances we have.
    Staal is good. I cannot stand all this talk about our young D being the problem. I would keep them all, play them all and get rid of Rozy first. Gilroy and DZ are earning their positions. Redden was playing well (of course not to level of his salary, but playing well). That leaves Girardi as a bit of a question mark. I have no idea if he is good enough.
    Dubinsky is a keeper too. We are missing him in a big way. We miss him tons more than we missed Drury when he was hurt.
    You want to make changes? Carp is right, leave these 3 guys alone. Move Rozy not Staal , Move Drury/Lisin/Boyle/Voros/ not Dubinsky, move Valiquette not Henrik.
    Keep Torts for at least a few years (3-5)

  52. For those apologists who don’t like the “negativity” on this site, go browse somewhere else … say, the Betty Crocker website …

    This NYR team is currently made up of some soft sausages who likely couldn’t defend the U.S.. If the Andorran army came knocking …

    With the exception of a few, they probably all receive flowers from their wives before each game.

  53. When was the last time Lundquist stole a game for us? Think.

    That’s right. Last year, during the Washington series. The same series he blew for us with his meltdown. Send him packing.

  54. Some posts on this blog are annoying, enough to not want to check back many times a day. Anybody remember Beer Me!?

    1-Lundqvist is here for a while. I must have missed some of the brain surgeons commenting that he should be traded. The Rangers win ZERO games vs Wash last year without him. With that said, he still gives up the over the glove goals. He hasn’t stolen any playoff series and that probably has more to do with the team in front of him. I don’t think Fleury is a great goaltender, but is looked at as a top goalie mainly cause of the team in front of him. Hank’s play this year isn’t up to Lundqvist standards.

    2-Staal. Please don’t tell me the know it alls are calling for him to be traded. the guy has amazing defensive skills. Some of the moves with his stick are not seen everyday. How about his backhand goal the other day. Amazing. Great things coming from him. He could use his size alittle more violently and get meaner in front of the net.

    3-Dubi-probably not going to score 40 in a year but tough and is able to get into the offensive zone and hold the puck to set up a play. Trade him too?

    4-Fire Torts already? Jeez.

    And Avery would get life if he did the knee on knee hit. If Bettman was aiming to ruin Avery, it looks like he’s doing it. In the past, Avery would disappear for a game or two but would come back and be the best player on the ice. Game 7 last year, he was the best player on both sides of the ice. It hasn’t happened yet this year. Sean….come back Please!

  55. Dubinsky doesn’t equal Leetch? Wow! Now I’ve seen it all!
    You people are histerical! Trade Hank, Staal, etc…WTF happened to your minds?
    I’m sorry, but some of these comments are unreadable…for stupidity’s sake!

  56. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Great Post Carp!

    Rangers fans wouldnt be Rangers fans if we we didnt panic all the time.

    I’;m not panicing YET, jsut frustrated, but still think it’s too early to throw in the towel.

    What would everyone think if the secondary guys start scoring this month, and they go 8-4-1 over 13 games?

    Hank has shown through every year he’s been a ranger, that he goes through stretches of amazing play then mediocre play. Right now, he’s playing mediocre, but he’ll come around.

    Staal: Im sorry, you don’t give up on him, he should be the stay at home D man that he is. When not trying to force offense he is a very good dman. And he’s 22. He will be resingned and only get better.

    Only thing I hate that Torts is doing too much of is line juggling. Keep lines the same (maybe move a few players around on the 3rd & 4th line) for more than one game and let some chemistry develop. But the top two lines should stay pat. Def keep Avery on the top line for Buffalo, and create a 2nd line that you won’t change during the game.

    And does anyone know what Dubi’s timetable for returning is?

    Does he come back in December at some point?


  57. Ilb

    I’m glad you mentioned Dunham again. I did last night… My lord was he awful. Remember gents, it could always be worse. Just think last week you were all saying “if it wasn’t for Lundqvist they would be shaking hands with Toronto in the basement” come on guys – you all know he stole a bunch of games for the team the last few years, especially last year when their offense was non existent. It’s time to find him a new back up.

    Come on Cigarpuss!!!! Pick up Biron when the Isles drop him!!!!

  58. i hate to say this…since Sasha Ovechkin is my countryman BUT… what goes around comes around… the guy plays dirty and always does those knee on knee hits…only before he never got hurt… i bet if he didnt get hurt he would get away with that knee hit like he always does.

    P.S. have traded Henrik Lundqvist yet? No? Maybe we should offer the net to go with Hank as well. This way we could get the FULL value! Goalie and the NET! pizdets…

  59. The Real MikeyNJ
    I totally agree on Torts shuffling the lines. Its just too much. I guess to spin it “positively”, since they are all playing together, they should end up having chemistry with anyone they skate with…right?
    Oh and I can’t stand the amount of ice time some players get vs. others. There is absolutely no reason why Gabby’s line and Anisimov’s line have to go every other shift. Its just plain stupid coaching.

  60. Trade everyone – lets have a competition – the best trade scenario possible and the winner can win the “Eklund Trophy” (which bears a remarkable resemblance to Brashear’s jockstrap).

    This team should be built around Hank, Staal, DelZ, Dubi, Gabby & Cally. You cannot give up on guys after a few bad games (unless you have options to send them down to AHL).
    The biggest problems are we are hand-cuffed by the cap and based on recent play everyone but Gabby is in a funk.

    Carp – in answer to your question, Campbell would have had him tied him to the front of Phaneuf or Brodeur’s SUV

  61. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    I love the way that some posters here instantly ridicule the “Hockey” knowledge of other posters when they don’t like an idea they submit, brilliant! Boy that is just great, what a band of brothers, what a great group of “rangers” fans. PATHETIC!!! Just because I do not think an idea of (just an example) grabby’s is a good one, doesn’t mean I should insult his hockey smarts, some deals work, some don’t and you usually do not know until after they are done, then it is too late obviously. Fellow ranger fans, please, a little respect for each other!

  62. CCCP- that would be a pizdets. Polny. It’s a good thing nobody listens to every single laptop GM.

    I was thinking about AO. He is an emotional player and a physical one. But he is still learning how not to cross the line and avoid becoming a dirty player. I don’t think he wants to be dirty, but it sure looks it. And if that continues, there will be a team whose coach will send a goon to hurt him. And he will get hurt.

  63. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    I feel that I’m one of the more negative people about this team sometimes… however I never said trade Hank or Staal or fire Torts…

    But come on! How many of these “SLUMPS” that last half a season do we have to bend over and take?!!

    Year after pathetic year this team breaks my (and our)
    heart(s) and we should just sit here and in the immortal words of Kevin Bacon in Animal House say with a painful smile: “Thank you sir! May I have another?”

    I can’t do that. Sorry.

  64. there are holes all over this team, number 1 and 2 center, Physical Dman, and power forward. How would you go about filling these holes without trading one of your big chips.

  65. wicky- agree. There is no need to call each other names. It’s just an opinion. Right or wrong, agree or disagree. I deliberately didn’t post last night after work. Some of the guys sounded like that drunk Hawaiian guy next to me at the game. Except he was talking to Crosby.

  66. I for one can wait for Dubinsky to come back. What is everyone’s obsession with this kid? He is not a #1 center yes you all agree with, but he sure as hell doesn’t even show me second line potential. He can skate, that’s for damn sure but he can’t finish and if he doesn’t contribute offensively he better contribute on the other side and he doesn’t. He is way too streaky and was on pace for about 40 points which seems to be is forte. I understand he is only 23, I just don’t see the potential that everyone else see’s.

    As for lundy, he is frustrated with the team and it shows by the way he is playing. As far as trading him, for what? You need goaltending to win *unless you are the Red Wings* and we are lucky enough to be one of the teams with an Elite Goalie.

    Staal is going to be fine and to trade him would be crazy! He is our one true young defensive defensman out of DZ, Sags, Gilroy and McDonaugh.

  67. Richie, I hear you about these slumps but before the season started did you really expect this team to compete? They are at about where I thought they would be. The problem is they pulled us in with the great start to the season.

  68. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    Now that my rant is over I really feel CW has presented the situation the best. No one (in my opinion) is saying players like hank, staal, dubi just flat out suck. Product of torts’ system or not, hank has let in some softies. Ok, fine, we all understand he is not going to win every game with a shutout, but you should also expect your elite goaltender to steal you a few more games this year than he has so far. Staal and dubi seem to have regressed, but yes they are still very young.

    Point is, you have to give to get! We lack 4 things, a number one center (not in our system). A couple of hard hitting physical d men (not in our system), secondary acoring (grachev and???), and grittier players that are playable on any line besides the 4th (weise, soryal, byers, maybe??) DO you think we are going to get a first line center for valli in a trade??? can we sprinkle some ju ju dust on a guy in hartford and magically make him into a 1st line center?? Point is in order to address the needs of this organization you may have to give up assets to get assets. For what and who with what and who, not sure. Again CW is right, use your best assets to get the best return. I really think that is why people speculate trades with the players they do!

  69. And if you really want some positives, go check out Trooper on sisterblog. That will put certain things in perspective for you…

  70. Players on teams feed off of others energy, I’m sure of it. And when you have complete inconsistency and a captain who shows no emotion whatsoever ( that’s where the coach should come in & shake things up ) then it’s hard to get out of that funk. Just like when someone is depressed it’s hard to break out of it… Sometimes rock
    bottom is where someone has to hit before they realize that all there is to do it go up. And discipline, hard work & consistency is the only way to ge out of it. There is no miracle solution for this. They have to work their way out of it.

  71. wicky,
    you and jjp get it. in order to fill the gaping holes on the roster, you may have to trade on the players mentioned. the farm system does not have the answers to the problems. if the rangers keep the status quo with the roster, there are going to be many more year of mediocrity.

  72. Wish list for 2010-11 season:


    Gaborik, Prospal, Lundqvist,Dubinsky, Callahan, Avery, Anisimov, PAP, Kotalik, Del Zotto, Gilroy, Staal, Girardi.


    Roszival, Redden, Drury, Higgins, Lisin, Brashear, Valiquette

  73. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    It’s not about expecatations prior to the season… it’s about a franchise that’s been around forever and has very little to show for it. One Cup in my lifetime and really not even close other than that.

    I want respectability and a level of competitiveness.

    Night after night this team is flat out EMBARRASSED!

    It’s become laughable. A franchise goalie but no defense, one star forward and 11 3rd liners making millions. A captain that’s at the heart of the problem.

    Unfortunately that’s the only heart I can even discuss when it comes to these guys.

    Dubi, while missed, isn’t going to help… and I’m a big Dubi fan.

    If this is a rebuilding season then so be it! Get rid of the damn deadweight for picks or puckbags and rebuild, but don’t expect me to sit back and watch Rozi screw up over and over again teaching what youth we do have… how to suck at an elite level on a consitant basis.

  74. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    bull dog

    well said!!

    I mean it’s not like we are going to get a top 3 draft pick (course, with how the season is going currently you never know ha ha) so the draft really isn’t an option. Besides how many years would it take to address the needs adequately?? Four or five probably?? You think hank wants to stay on a “rebuilding” team that dumps all of its vets in a firesale and rebuilds with youth for a few years?? How about gabby, would he want to?? I can guarantee that if another stupid dump all the vets 2004 sale happens (only thing that made that sale a psuedo success for the rangers was the lockout and rule changes) hank and gabby are not going to be happy playing on a team with zippo chance of making the playoffs with all young players (I think shane doan is the ony guy that would).

    If you do not like contemplating trading players with the most value…then by all means offer up constructive solutions to keep a competitive playoff roster intact while addressing the lacking areas!

  75. I have been critical of Hank right along, but I would be against trading him. Why would they trade the best goaltender they have had in a long time. I do say though that his goal tending has big flaws, that never seem to be addressed. He makes the same mistakes over and over. The coaches have to see this. Can the flaws not be corrected?

  76. Smalls – do you know what a buy-out would cost us?
    No-one will want Redden or Roszy, Drury is borderline tradeable now that he has 2 and a half years left. The question is will management bite the bullet and admit a mistake by passing someone thru waivers or buying them out – highly doubtful.

    Redden and Drury i don’t think will go anywhere as no-one will offer anything decent in return and buy-outs are too expensive, Roszival may get traded as a cap-clearing exercise and we will be lucky to get a prospect or pick in return and Lisin, Higggins, Valleycat can be left to becomes UFA’s if they don;t come up to scratch this year.

    Looking at that list: Avery, Ansimov, Kotalik, Girardi, Callahan, Dubinsky, Lundqvist, Gilroy and Pappy are all yet to show any real form yet – if they can all collectively pull it together we might be able to take the team off Gabby’s shoulders once every few games..!!

  77. I didn’t mean to insult anyone. I just find trade talk of our core players to be ridiculous.
    bull dog…what “chips” can we trade? If we trade any of the core, we end up with more holes…we don’t have enough chips to fill holes. this is all Sather’s doing.
    Perfect example…Boston just locked up Savard for 7 years at just over 4 mil a season…Sather would have locked Savard up for 7 years at 6 million.

  78. If we keep talking aboot trading Softqvist, Hacklund from Hockeybust is gonna start that rumors of a HUGE E5 DEAL READY TO HAPPEN IN 24 HOURS !! Then the next day it will be the same post. And the same for the next day, and the day after.

  79. Remember 06-07 when we had that huge losing streak in December? We got in and were pretty damn close to knocking off BUF if not for a certain unnamed captain. Everyone (including myself) was burying the team, fire Renney, this and that. That turned out to be my favorite season since 96-97. Things turn in a heartbeat in this league.

  80. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    With the Hawks looking to move $$ off the payroll, does anyone think Sather could work any sort of magic and get PAtrick Sharp?

    they wouldn’t be looking for $$ back and he makes 4 mil this year and the next two years after.

    We have about 800,000 in cap space.

    How could Cigar face make that work without losing someone of importance AND making room for Sharp AND keeping space to resign Staal, and whoever else we need for next season?

    Just a thought, as I would love to see him in Blue.

  81. In thinking about the longer term construction of this team – I would bet there is a high probability that Rozsival isn’t on this team next year (not just because of his recent play), so there is one contract you won’t have to worry about anymore.

    No one is going to take him this year due to his $6mn salary but that falls to $4mn in 2010 and $3mn in 2011. I could envision a scenario where a team takes his $3.5mn average salary for two years and $5mn cap hit in exchange for a draft pick.

    While no one is happy with how the Rozsival re-signing is currently turning out, the way Sather constructed the contract is commendable – enabling him to be traded the last two years.

  82. MIKEY

    That’s what i was saying. He can pop in 30-40 goals, why not try and get him this summer. Obviously the Hawks wont trade him at the deadline. They want to keep him for the playoffs.

    Great option for Slats. If we can somehow get Barker, and Sharp from them, that would be sweet.


    That was a great year, but that was the closest team to a Cup winning team we had in ages. This team is nothing compared to that team. We had, Jagr, Nylander, Straka, Shanahan, Cullen, etc to help out. All this team has is Gabby, Prospal, and that’s it.

    Scary carp. If that team couldn’t win it, how can this team win it ? The deadline is gonna be really interesting. Whether NYR changes the way the play before then or not, it’s still gonna be interesting to see who they target, cause clearly they will still need help. Like i said, it’s all Gabby, and Prospal.

  83. JJP- Sather was fishing. It was Cam Hope.

    But we do have a few good blue chips (mainly on D-position) in the system. Along with draft picks(considering this team is young) that could be enough to get a reasonable return without destroying our core.

  84. Good post Carp.

    First on Staal: You said it all Carp. The kid is 22. Look at his stickwork and positioning. He’ll be great. Maybe no one in the league plays Ovechkin better. That should be enough.

    Second on Dubi: Plays with heart. Has good hands. Skates to both ends of the ice. Hits people. People looking for 40g and 50a from him? Come on, be real. He’s 23yrs old.

    Third on LQ: His weakness is high glove side and going down too soon. BTW, he has been spending time on his knees and blowing games. (Sorry, had to get that in there. It’s a joke. He does go down too soon, but I wouldn’t say he is losing us games. Not winning them, yes. But he is not losing them.)

    4th, on Torts: He has to stop benching people. Avery last year in game 5. Lisin then Kotalik. Enough already. He has to get these guys to go hard all the time. He needs to motivate them. I am thinking more carrot than stick though. Whatever he is doing is not working though. Clearly not enough time yet to call for his head. No way. He’s barely 45 games into his tenure. But he does need to get more out of his guys. Figure it out Torts.

    Lastly….NYR pays the high end of the market on every player. Then they come here and go out, party, and watch their bank account grow. With Captain Clutch silently leading this team, no one is made to be responsible or accountable. When #11 was around, if you slacked or you wimped out, he made you know it and made you pay for it one way or the other. At the end of the day, Drury and Torts need to find ways to make guys take ownership of their sh*tty play. That is the big problem as far as I can tell.

    Take last game for example: The guys were embarrassed by their previous showing. They came out and played hard because they were all embarrassed and had something to proove. That lasted 40 mins. Then they thought that was enough.

    It tells me two things: 1) They can play hard-nosed and aggressive, sharp hockey when they put their minds to it. 2) They have no interest in doing that for long periods of time. (1) keeps me hopeful while (2) makes me want to blame Torts and Drury.

    Also, Sather is a f-ing clueless moron living in the 80s. How long has he been here and what’s he brought us? Are we any closer to a Cup than we were when he arrived? Fire that f-ing loser already.


    Jesus, this is why no matter how many fans we have at away games, how proud and rich the rangers original six legacy is, no matter how much money we have or where we play so often the rangers, and we the fans are often the laughing stock of the National Hockey League. look how quickly we are ready to give up on all these players after a bad, but altogether (big picture wise) brief skid.

    what is wrong with all of you? Were on a skid, and on top of that, guess what we are not a particularly great team anyway, but all the big wins we have had in the last few years have come by the glove and grace of guess who…Henrik Lundqvist! and you want a trade? your out of your freaking mind if you want to trade a goal tender that has been a miracle and one of the only late round draft picks to become a legit superstar under the ranger umbrella in recent memory. TRADING HANK WOULD END THIS TEAM FOR A LONG LONG TIME.

    OK, our GM sucks no hockey fan could argue that and the Redden/Rozsival/Drury contracts blow, and in fact, 2/3 of those are without question the worst in the league but thats where the ranting should end.

    Give Cally time, give Dubi time for the love of god give Staal time (he will be one of the top D men in the league in the next 5 years btw), these are who we are going to build around in the future.

    Under no circumstances touch Gilroy, MDZ, Grachev, AA, or Avery, yes he may just be that important.

    in short hank will get back to form and Gaborik will steal us some games and we will find a way to build back into a playoff team, but trading of any of our core young guys, or really anyone other than Rosival/Redden will be detrimental to the future.

    Please stop the panic, it’s embarrassing. Have some faith and and give it some time, playing in NYC doesn’t entitle us or guarantee us anything, look at the thrashers and how much time they put in and against all odds with gritty young character hard workers they may be building a Stanley Cup team.

    lets go rangers.

  86. We are deep in prospects. Look, we have Hank and our D will be fine in the near future, Between Del Zotto, Staal, Gilroy, Sags, McDonagh, Girardi, what else would you want? McDonagh hasn’t even played and he probably is highest touted Defenseman we have. We have plenty of chips to get us back something great, the only problem is getting under that Rozsival contract to make it happen.

  87. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    I miss pat verbeek, chris simon, ulfie, brad brown, eric reitz, the mess-barnaby-simon line, graves, pilon, kaspar, lappy, theo, mess, bueke, healy….

  88. Nice post Carp. And Avery would be suspended for like 20 games.

    Bret – he’s 2nd behind DZ. He wasn’t because of how DZ slipped on draft day, but he’s the 2nd best one we have in the system. I hope Williams turns out too because that would be a great trade. He’s only like 21 or 22 still as well.

  89. As per Steve Zipay:

    Avery practiced again on first line.
    Redden not skating yet.
    Brashear did not practice.
    Lisin on 4th line.

  90. “Also, Sather is a f-ing clueless moron living in the 80s. How long has he been here and what’s he brought us? Are we any closer to a Cup than we were when he arrived? Fire that f-ing loser already.”

    Sure he has made terrible signings Gomez, Drury and Rozsival, but look at our prospects compared to before he got here. We are easily in the top 10 when it comes to teams prospects. That Gomez trade was genious! He basically traded Gomez for Gaborik, Higgins and McDonagh. How he got Ryan McDonagh is beyond me! He is going to be a Ranger for a long time and a top 3 defensman. He drafted us Staal, Callahan, Dubinsky, Del Zotto, Anisimov, Sagnuietti *who seems to have turned the corner* Gravchev. Sure he has made dumb decisions sure but give him some credit with how he has built the system which was beyond depleted when he got here. This season is about letting our young defensman learn and develop and don’t worry he will find someway to get under that Rozsival contract. If he could do it with Gomer’s he can do it with Rozy’s.

  91. “Second on Dubi: Plays with heart. Has good hands. Skates to both ends of the ice. Hits people. People looking for 40g and 50a from him? Come on, be real. He’s 23yrs old.”

    I agree he is young and I could be way off with this but Anisimov shows me a lot more than Dubi on the offensive side. Sure he is not as fast but he makes moves and seems to have better awareness then Dubi. He makes Dubinsky expendable and Dubi would fetch a lot more in return than Artem as well. I just don’t see Dubi anything more than a 40-50 point man his whole career. Do you think he even has Scott Gomez potential?

  92. I would love the chance at Sharp or Kane whichever but OMG where do you supposed the money comes from? Sather MUST get rid of, waive, kill off Rozi, Voros, Higgins in the off-season for that to happen. He has to resign Staal & I’m not sure who else.

  93. niemenen…sorry, don’t know what came over me there. People started waxing poetic about past rangers and ranger teams, I got side tracked!


    Talking about chicago and some of their players, between their more rugged physical forwards like ladd or eager on up to young talent, that is some plucking sather needs to be doing.

  94. MAKO – Technically we’re only on the hook for the remaining cap hit, so really just 1/3 or 1/4 of whoever’s contract is coming in. We can take Sharp then.

    Bret – agree on Dubi. He’s a solid player, but he’s at best a 2nd or 3rd line center. I disagree with Carp. I think Prospal is a top 6 player while Dubi is 2nd or 3rd line. Maybe I’ll agree with the Center part because Prospal is more effective on the wing (not the best faceoff guy), but Prospal is a much better player even at this stage in his career.

  95. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Staalwart and I have been calling the ‘trade Staal’ talks ludicrous for weeks now, but it takes a Carp post to solidify our ideal.

    Thanks, Carp!

  96. Also Neil Smith left the Rangers completely screwed. Sure he won a cup, but when he tried to redo what he did (trading for older players and giving away prospects), Sather had nothing going for him coming in. The first few years he was terrible as he fell into the trap of just buying whatever he wanted, but since the lockout he’s drafted extremely well. Maloney helped out, but he’s kept it up since then (DZ, Grachev, Cherepanov, etc.)

  97. BRET

    What makes you think Slats was alone in those decisions ? I think one of the only guys he drafted himself was Staal, and he only did it cause he’s Eric’s brother. Im not willing to give him any credit for drafting.

    He has made some really good moves though. I wont deny that.

    And you’re wrong. I think Artie would fetch more than Dubi, cause he’s a rookie, and he’s still young, and he showed he has a ton of talent. But Dubi proved that all he cares aboot is money, and he’s just a 3rd line center, and not a potential “Lecavalier” style player some GM’s might have thought he’d be.


    This isn’t a brief skid. Hank does this every year, except never this early, and the worst thing aboot it is the fuggin Olympics is right around the corner, and remember what happened then ? He played playoff like hockey for team Sweden when he was supposed to do that for us, and it pretty much screwed us out of the playoffs cause he got hurt, and eventually Jags did.

    Im not saying trade Hank, but im not jumping on his bandwagon. His rookie year didn’t matter, and in his sophomore year it didn’t matter, but now he needs to get the same treatment as the other big money players that aren’t getting the job done. Enough’s enough. And the pathetic part is, he’s gonna be playing less games, and clearly Vally cant step up for us, and Hank is playing terrible. This season could be horrific.

    We need at a backup who will actually challenge Hank. That’s why i was all for Montoya being our backup, instead of a guy who knew his role. You need someone to push the starter, and im not saying Monty is hot shit, but he was a guy who thought he’d be the starter since he was drafted 1st round, so he would battle for that spot.

    Hank’s a good goaltender, but he’s far from elite.

  98. Jlone/Bubblehead on

    I dont want to trade anyone. I dont think we are as bad off as we have been playing. The NYR are one secondary contributer away from going on a rampage. I dont consider the defense pitching in a goal here and there as secondary contributions. I am talking about the other FWD lines that dont include Gabby.
    Lets say the powerplay gets out of the sewer. Kots, PAP Lisin +1 pergame..
    Higgins misses the post or crossbar and actually hits the back of the net and yes im talking about back of the net where you need to cross the goal line first.. +.5
    Anisimov is only a few games away from contributing regularly. +.5
    Avery is good for drawing one penalty a game and an occasional goal. +.5
    Dubi/Cally/Drury/Prospal/ their work in front can not possibly be in vain the entire season, thats just not a scenario that i have personally ever witnessed. Look for those guys to start producing before the Olympic break. +1 /
    Gaborik & whomever else is on his line, unstoppable +2.
    Boyle, wish he would use his size better. eventually i guess but probably not this year. -.5
    Voros and Brashear, -1
    Lundqvist as great as he is, is good for one weak goal per game most nights, his fault or not. -1
    In my opinion, weak goals or not, Henrik should need to let 6 goals by for the NYR to lose. I believe we have the talent to cover the weak areas if they finish their scoring chances. I foresee this team averaging 4-5 goals a game for the entire second half of the season. barring major injuries of course. call me an optomist or a drunk I am both. There will be a wave of confidence that overtakes this club in December/January. same as usual, it’s like the tide, its coming and there isnt a dam thing you can do to rush it or prevent it.

  99. Bret98….Is 98 the year of your birth so you are 11 or the year you graduated grade school so you are maybe 20? Either way, please, tell me how much recruiting and scouting Sather does? Tell me how many of those guys you mentioned as draft picks were Glen saying, “This is my pick.”

    He traded Gomez for Gaborik? Umm…Gabby was a free agent. Yes he ditched Gomer’s contract (arguably the top 5 worst contracts in history of the NHL with Redden’s and Drury’s in there too) which opened up cap space, and got Higgins? So far that’s been great. And McDonagh…we’ll see how that works out. He’s probably not even #12 on the depth charts right now.

    Rissmiller. Voros. Fritsche. How about that awesome draft pick Hugh Jessiman who was more of a local kid and Sather probably saw more than any of those others? Remember, LQ was found by some European scout. Also, you were probably 6 yrs old or something, but remember when he sold Leetch and Kovalev down the river for 2 used puck bags, Josef Balet and Maxim Kondratiev? How’s that worked out? He has had about 46 chances to rebuild this team. And all he has to show for it are a few years of getting to the playoffs? Come on.

    How many legit top 6 forwards do we have right now? 2 maybe 3? And the fact that Drury and Avery are the #3 in that grouping behind Gaborik and Prospal (who came here cuz of Torts not Sather) leaves me asking WTF are you talking about?

    He’s been with the Rangers for 9 years and you can name 8 or 9 players who might be decent in a few years. I can name you 19 who have come and gone who sucked. Not to mention a bunch that were traded away and are now way better than they ever were as Rangers.

    Lastly, how many GMs actually will talk to Sather when it comes to doing deals? I am not a league insider but it seems that JD and Don Maloney are about the only two who really take his calls. What’s that tell you?

    Defending Sather….LOLOLOLOL

  100. Fixing the Rangers is as easy as 1…2…3…


    2. Buy out Roszival’s contract, the man is DONE as an NHL player. Helen Keller could see it.

    3. Buy out DRURY’S contract. Who cares what supposed “leadership” he has in the locker room or that he blocks shots. The man is a barely serviceable 3rd liner with leadership skills that are so non-existent as to be detrimental to the team. He doesn’t show any emotion because he flat out DOESN’T CARE. He’s a mercenary with the biggest myth going in the NHL. Sooner we’re rid of him, the better.

    Buy doing (1) you can do (2) and (3) and chalk it up to Sather’s boneheaded moves.

    Of course, this doesn’t solve REDDEN…but he’s certainly the least of the above 3 problems.

    Get a GM in here with half a brain (who doesn’t make the rumored 5 million dollars a year that Slats makes) and then sit Tortorella down and explain to him that:

    a) You don’t try to win a race with a Pinto.

    b) It might help to change strategy when the rest of the NHL has figured you out.

    c) Benching only kids (or Avery) while letting the overpaid vets skate freely is one thing. Preaching high and wide that you DON’T do it reeks of hypocrisy and I’m sure the players know it.

    KEEP HENRIK…Best goalie we’ve had since Richter, and Richter had some BAD stretches. But Hank better fix his problem and stop dressing for his photo shoots.

    KEEP STAAL…While I don’t think he’ll ever be the great defenseman he’s made out to be, he’s too young to give up on. Just get him to realize it’s okay to hit people in this league.

    KEEP DUBI…He’s not a 1st line center. We all know that. But here’s the sad, awful truth…WE HAVEN’T HAD A NUMBER ONE CENTER SINCE MESSIER!!!!

    Just my own opinion. :-)

  101. You know what? Give me a break! By your own admission you don’t care if the Rangers win or lose and you’re coming down on the people that do!! We have had to deal with this garbage year in and year out. Start off great, get our hopes up and then die and expect everyone to say “Well at least our boys are trying , and they do great things for charity.” Well you know what we have a right to complain. We have a right to say enough is enough. It’s getting to the point when you say Hey if Avery gets a penalty for absolutely nothing and an elbow goes uncalled on the other team. DO SOMETHING!!! Throw sticks on the ice, take your team off the ice, something, anything!!!!!Show some damn emotion,like you care. Lunqvuist makes incredible save after incredible save and then lets in a shot from the blue line,, yeah! hooray! at least he made the tough stops.
    Walk a mile in our shoes Carpinella where you really care about our team and then you can pass judgment on the rest of us.

  102. Oh Uncle Paul…Since you’d asked, the last game Hank stole for us was against Florida, 3 games ago. He got one whopping goal’s worth of support, made some great stops in regulation, and then stopped all 3 in shootout. Thanks for proving that point about over-emotional, under-experienced Rangers fans.


    hm, this is a curious development, and one a practice week, I think Fat Slats is up to something….

    what’s the betting odds that we are a worse and some how more expensive team this time next week?

  104. Newman – Josef Balej was actually looking like he would be a solid NHL player until he got seriously injured. And I agree he sucked before because he was doing almost the same thing as Neil Smith did in the fact that he spent a ton of money and traded for old washed up vets.

    Since the lockout he’s drafted really well and traded for some solid prospects. Not sure how they will pan out, but we have 4 guys who are considered top prospects that we have in our system now:

    Ryan McDonagh (probably the #1 in our system), Chris Kreider, Derek Stepan, and Evgeny Grachev.

    Others who could see time with the big club are Nigel Williams, Ilkka Heikkinen, Michael Sauer, Thomas Kundratek, and Ryan Bourque. We’re 3rd right now at Hockey Future’s top organizational prospects list.

  105. from Gross…

    NYRangers coach Tortorella said Donald Brashear is hurt (unspecified), also leading to team claiming Christensen from #Ducks. 7 minutes ago from web

    NYRangers coach Tortorella confirms Valiquette on waivers with hope of getting him to Hartford to regain form. Chad Johnson coming up. 14 minutes ago from web

    NYRangers coach Tortorella confirms Christensen claimed from Ducks, calls it opportunity for him, motivation for Brian Boyle. 15 minutes ago from web

  106. CJP – I hope you are kidding. You know we would lose like 4-5 million in cap space for about 5 years with those 2 buyouts, right?

    I’d rather pay them to play than pay them to eat away our cap space. At least if we can attempt to trade them in their last or 2nd to last contract year, we’ll get more in return and free up the space.

  107. centers in our division,
    crosby, malkin, staal,richards, carter, taveras, and zajac.
    in our conference,
    savard, staal, lecav, stamkos, backstrom.
    the rangers do not have one center better than any of those, how should they go about getting one.

  108. Orr – I was at that game and didn’t think it was that soft of a goal, but I don’t know how it looked on TV. Softie or not, any way you slice it, they don’t win that game without Hank.

  109. At least Christensen will provide some more offense than Boyle…3 years in a row he’s changed teams in the middle of the year

  110. Lundqvist IS elite, but I’m willing to bet his inconsistency is due to the upcoming defense of the gold medal… I blame the olympics.

  111. The other plus (besides shootouts) for Christenson is that he is pretty good on faceoffs. His faceoff percentage is only 41.2% this year, but he has been between 53.0% and 58.4% in his NHL career.

  112. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Hey all, been away for awhile since I have checked in, but did catch the some of the game Monday night. And I wonder how long Avery is going to put up wit the non calls against him and the quick calls on him. If I were him I would be at Bettman’s door saying what the heck is up with NHL officiating. Yes we know he is the pest of all pest’s but there was just to many obvious non calls. I would be surprised if he just hung is skates up and moved on to his bar scene or modeling career.

  113. To Boyle’s credit, Pavel, he never was a crease clearer. That’s why I don’t understand why we traded a 3rd round pick for a 1st line AHL Center

  114. I assumed anyone over 6’3″ was a crease clearer… I should’ve learned from my disappointment in Malik and RozsiLOL

  115. Thanks Jonny

    does anyone know how much of a hit Biron is? Maybe the Isles can swap Voros for him.

  116. the question of the day

    when was the last time the rangers and islanders made a trade?

    i see the leafs either claim vally or trade w/ the islanders for a goalie.

  117. Renney might vouch for Vally since Khabby is out.

    Also Boyle is tougher than he’s shown, just he got in trouble in LA because he did it too much and took stupid penalties. Plus he knows Torts will be ripping him apart if he gets called for roughing even if its in front of the net. He’s a solid 4th line center who is responsible defensively. Plus while Betts was better defensively, Boyle better offensively which is what Torts wants.

  118. Pavel – Henke is elite, but he needs help in front of him. We’re hanging him out to dry a ton, same with when Vally was in. The issue is that Henke needs to cut down on the weak goals he’s been giving up lately.

    I don’t think its the Olympics, just the fact that before he had all 5 guys back, now he’s getting caught against a lot of 1-on-1s or odd man rushes, which he never dealt with much in Renney’s system.

  119. I wonder if we got rid of everybody fired Torts and Sather, and all the other coaches and scouts. Well maybe keep Gordie Clark and the medical guy and maybe the guy that cleans up the dressing room and stuff. Ah hell fire them to. How long would it take to put the thing all together again, and what would we do with out it?

  120. More genius Sather moves. Valiquette on waivers because Slats just realized he’s not good enough (unlike every other team’s backup that the Rangers lose to), and why not pick up another 4th line center — that will make all the difference. Brilliant!

  121. Jonny D

    Hank usually lets up softies but for some reason this season he seems way uncomfortable and letting up a ton more. I really do think a lot has to do with the Olympics. Preserving energy, perhaps? Or just waiting to play with a team that can actually play?

    side note: I think Hank should loosen up a bit. He is the stiffest and dumbest looking goalie. He reminds me of Julie “The Cat” Gaffney

  122. Torts is just as much a part of this failure lately. and i was a big Torts fan. but another disgrace by him is his playing that useless piece of garbage brashear in the last 8 minutes of that game. the rangers were down by just one goal, late in a big game, and he has huggycrap out there on a regular shift several times in the last few minutes. that is pathetic coaching. Torts needs to be sent down for conditioning too. conditioning his dumb moves that have gone from hard to figure to downright stupid.

  123. Carla – its the system. Under Renney the other team A) wasn’t coming full speed at him and B) shot everything from the outside. He had an easier time saving those shots from bad angles because he had all 5 guys playing in the defensive zone.

    Torts system has all the forwards forechecking hard to try to create a turnover so they don’t have to play much defence. Since the forwards have been lazy for most of the year, the puck exits the zone quickly and easily and they have a 2-on-1 or 3-on-2 going the other way. And those shots they get off of those odd man rushes are right in the slot, not on the outside where he has a better chance of saving it.

    Its the lack of help that has thrown him off, so now he’s thinking too much and trying to do too much instead of just concentrating on playing his game. It’s tough because he’s never been in a situation like this. It’ll be interesting to see how he responds.

  124. Hockeymon – if that is the team’s intent, then “yes” Vally needs to clear waivers to be sent to Hartford. If he gets picked up on the way down, that team must pay his entire salary (I think). On the opposite side, he would also need to clear waivers to be brought back up, but at that point a team picking him up would only be responsible for half the salaray, the Rangers the other half…

  125. Christensen could not make it in Pitts, or Atlanta, or Anaheim, so Sather grasps at straws

    Christensen has some skill, but he is short on desire and grit and determination

    but I am glad that Vally is gone. you don’t push Henrik to be better unless you have a decent backup challenging him. not an AHL stiff happy to sit on the bench and keep the dressing room chatter cheerful.

  126. Vally and a 3-4th line center are the LEAST of our problems right now. Leave it to Slats to stock up on more 3-4th liners…

  127. Christensen has some skill, but he is short on desire and grit and determination

    That sounds like the rest of the rangers players!
    He’ll fit right in!

  128. Olga Folkyerself on

    Christensen has some skill, but he is short on desire and grit and determination————————————-

    That’s it Sather, collect the whole set!

  129. No newman, 98 is my hockey number nice try. McDonagh #12 on our depth chart??? What are you talking about? As far as Higgins goes, he made the trade to clear cap space moron and somehow got the Habs best prospective and someone regarded league wide as a shoe-in top 4 defenseman. He basically traded Gomez for Gaborik is what I was saying. He doesn’t trade Gomez we don’t have Gaborik.

  130. Carp, it is not about henrik being on his knees so much, it is about him playing too deep in his crease. THAT is what gives shooters the openings to shoot at from bad angles like the Rupp goal. and it also gives the opposition forwards even more room in front of the ranger goal

    if he is resistant to change that, then things will not get better.

  131. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "just win ,baby!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    “even though I try to keep my negativity analytical, especially since I really don’t care if the Rangers win, lose or go to a skills competition.”

    Carp ,how can you really say/feel this way when you know it hurts yer fellow boneheads? We hurt , get angry and say alot of dumb thing out of spite. Like in Trading Hank,Staal and Dubinsky.When the Rangers lose we all are miserable and extreamly upset. If you really do care about us then maybe you WOULD care if the Rangers do good.

  132. Olga Folkyerself on

    “He basically traded Gomez for Gaborik is what I was saying”

    That’s a very gross oversimplification. Sather overpaid for Gomez, found a GM stupider than he is, traded him for Higgins, and got Gaborik as a UFA by throwing all the cap money he could at him. Gomez and Gaborik are connected only by the cap space it took to get Gabby. There was no trade there, Sather was just correcting yet another one of his greatest mistakes. He’s not going to do the same with Drury, Redden, Rozival. There aren’t enough stupid GM’s left. And Montreal’s is a lot smarter now.

  133. Jim is dead on:

    When Henke goes bad, it’s because he backs into the net when his confidence is down. He has fixed this before with Benoit the goalie coach. He gets the rare day off, and works on his game, and comes back strong. The high glove side is a weakness, but it’s more than just that.

    Henke is a very good goalie. . . . with incredible trade value.

  134. hey CARP
    if you’re still paying attention here or skipped out to the new post.

    haven’t had time to look over all the posts but i would
    hope (and like to think) that those who are so down on select players (Henrik, Staal, Dubi) and the coach
    are the type who think we’re winning the Cup after a couple good games and think that we’re up for the lottery pick when we’re struggling.

    i’m horribly unsatisfied with Henrik’s play this year
    but what makes me angrier about the situation is that he’s played too far in the paint for a long time and that has not been addressed and adjusted by his goalie coach!!!
    i would like to think that he’ll find his eye of the tiger again……and hopefully sooner rather than later.

    as for Staal, he looked good in the offensive zone but i think he did lose focus and with Torts giving him a shorter leash now he seems to be returning to better days….same with Girardi.

    as far as Dubi, i just don’t know. am i ready to give up on him. let’s just say if the right offer….
    it’s bad enough that he stays out of camp because he had a higher view of himself. and it’s a good sign that he worked hard during the off-season to justify that amount but other than a few early games, he’s, once again, slid back into

    i mean, really, what’s it going to take for these players to play to some of their potential. they are in the freekin’ NHL!!!! why is it that that potential regularly bears fruit when the player moves on to another team?

    seriously, Carp
    is there something you’re not telling us about the atmosphere in the room. are these guys just as mercenary as the year we had Kamensky? where is the pride?

  135. napped this from Andrew Gross’s Rangers Rants:

    ““First, near the end of the practice, there was Aaron Voros and Brian Boyle learning fighting techniques from assistant Jim Schoenfeld. No, they weren’t throwing punches. But Schoenfeld seemed to be working with them on tying up the arms and then trying to break free by snapping their arms down quickly. Not an everyday sight at Rangers practice.””

    now, isn’t that jaw-dropping that these two players have been around the league for some time yet need to be schooled on how to fight. you would think they’d have something better figured out by now. again, isn’t this stuff that should have been picked up years ago in the AHL or early days of NHL? are so many of our players low on the IQ pole that our coaches have to knock out the basics? remember the good ol’ shooting practice from last year because no one could hit the net?

    at the very least Voros looked pretty good his last couple of times out.
    why not bring in Nick Fotiu in there and really show ’em what to do. used to love watching him get in the boxing stance!

  136. Carp

    Was this you…”Get Rid of Everybody?”

    If so I have a thought or two for you. Since the first time I ever saw Lundqvist I was doubtful that he would last long as a major league goaltender…I said so and took my lumps for it.

    The reason was quite simple…he was sorely lacking in the full panoply of tools required to succed for long in the NHL environment….and he’s done VERY LITTLE to improve his short comings, of which there are several- and now he’s being finally exploited for them.

    He stays too far back in the net as a general practice. he’s never learned to utilize (or learn) the double stackcd all purpose slide…AND IS IT NOT HARD TO LEARN!

    He’s a pushover on rebounds – gives up too many and multiple ones leave him high and dry. He hasn’t adequately learned to seal off the pipes, and he is too wedded to that blasted BURTTERFLY. he practically plays on his knees.

    I admired his athleticism, but I have continually pointed out that the moment that he can no longer rely upon gymnastics to save him, he will be pretty close to total ineffectiveness. He has a long way to go, but of course I put as much blame on a moribund goal coach as I do him.
    And please don’t regale me with the resume of Allaire. It hasn’t been notable with this team. It’s not a case of giving up on him …these are problems that he’s never corrected and has always had.

    I rest my case.

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