Toys for Tots


This, in my opinion, is the best thing the Rangers do every year, with Adam Graves at the steering wheel.

If you are in the city tomorrow, try to get there:

Rangers Players Ryan Callahan, Michael Del Zotto, Christopher Higgins, Michal Rozsival, Dan Girardi and Matt Gilroy Host Toy Drive and Skating Party at Bryant Park
New York, December 1, 2009 – The New York Rangers will continue a 16-year tradition this season when they host their annual holiday toy drive to benefit the U.S. Marine Corps efforts on behalf of Toys for Tots.  On Wednesday, December 2, current members of the New York Rangers will head to the Pond at Bryant Park to collect unwrapped toys and offer fans signed autographs in exchange for their generous donations. In addition to the toy collection, fans will have an opportunity to take pictures with Adam Graves and skate with fellow Rangers alumni Ron Duguay and Brian Mullen. Children of all ages are invited to take part in an afternoon of special activities including face painting, caricaturists, magic performances, Santa and more. Admission for the event is free and rental skates are available on site.
(The Pond at Bryant Park is located at 40th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues, closer to 5th).

The event runs from 4-7 p.m.


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  1. This Ranger team will not be good or having a chance to be good until the three big dead weight contracts are gone and the rangers have cap space to bring in better talent. There isn’t Much Sather can do because of cap restraints.

  2. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Second, and calling out Lundqvist to make a save high glove or high blocker side.

  3. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    P.S. Tortorella shouldnt invite the players to do nice things if they dont do nice things on the ice. Higgins deserves a lump of coal. Let Vally go, at least the guy tries.

  4. from now on I will call him Hank. Boy you are an angry young man. Relax and just have a hockey conversation, OK Dude.

  5. dead weight contracts all teams have them.. how about hossa for like 8 yrs. savard for 7 yrs… give me a break. also after this year roszival only have 1 more i think, it is deadwight but there are worse contracts then his..

    staal 22, dz 19, gilroy 24, girardi 25, anisimov 20, dubi 22, cally 23 or 24. give them a breach……they are moving in the right direction. thank g-d they trading gomez and naslund retired…..

  6. tomg, sorry about the carping. you’re right. at least two of those contracts have to go. It won’t happen. … which is also why I was so surprised they just handed $1.4 per to Brashear.

  7. Marc Staal is still so young. He’s not Brian Leetch, he’s not Ron Greschner. At worst he’s Jay McKee in his peak (04-06), and at best he’s Rod Langway.

    I’ve loved Henrik since he was playing for Frolunda and while people are being hard on him, the truth is he needs to adjust because the entire league knows about his glove side. The best players in sports adjust like Albert Puljos. Richter adjusted after having that bad playoffs series in 92 and the horrible 93 season. He adjusted in the late 90s too when he carried those crap teams.

    I wanna see Henrik break all of Richter’s records, but he has to prove he’s more Richter than Beezer.

  8. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    bull dog line, don’t even try to go near condescending me because you know the number of years that are on my birth certificate. You’re seemingly the kind of person that thinks they have some sort of an advantage from being older, are you wiser? In my opinion, that answer would be no, considering you cant spell and you judge a player that’s 22 like he’s 29.

    It’s real funny how the old guys try to pick fights though, seeing as how they know eeeeverything.

  9. I was reading through the comments in the last post… and I saw very little criticism of Chris Drury.

    Drury is the captain of the team and he does absolutely nothing when he is on the ice. His line gets pinned in their own end on a regular basis as well.

    He is the captain of the team and brings nothing at all to the ice game in and game out.

    I thought the team would get a bit of a jolt when he got back in the lineup, but instead they got nothing. I don’t know what going on with Drury, but to me he’s embarrassing himself making what he makes and not contributing.

    What really bothered me about last night was that not one player on the team challenged anyone on Pittsburgh. After watching their rookie get drilled in the head last game not one player dropped the gloves, not one player sent a message when the game started, nothing.

    This team lacks so many pieces it is scary. They will win 35 games this season if things don’t start to turn around soon.

    How can you possibly accept what occurred the other night with Cooke running Anisimov? Not one player wanted any piece of Goddard, Orpik, Rupp, etc.

    I thought Tortorella wasn’t going to let that stuff go on. I thought that’s why we have Brashears? I thought the “toughness” was what Torts was talking about when he was busy criticizing Renney last season.

    I would have challenged every player on my team to stand up for the sweater last night in front of the home crowd, but instead they put their tail between their legs and kept their gloves on.

    Being a fan of this team right now is embarrassing.

  10. See, you are still angry.
    I just have a different opinion of Staal than you, and I hope you are right.
    OK Dude.

  11. “It’s real funny how the old guys try to pick fights though, seeing as how they know eeeeverything.”


    i am a young guy… but i do know eeeeeeverything! do i get something special for that? :)

  12. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    I didnt say my opinion mattered, nor that it counted. this one is making it seem like no matter what, staal gotta go. gj sticking up for your boy, very clever whatcha said about me.

  13. Marc Staal stays for now, as far as I am concerned. We’re not in any rush to be trading away young players.

    We should be building the team. Luckily Gabby is 27 and we can hang onto him to a while, but he can not possibly continue to carry the load for the team, he’s not that big a player and I don;t want to see him run out of gas early in his career the way Pavel Bure did.

    I think we need to find a top center. And after watching Lacavlier the other night, he seems out of gas, so I’m not inclined to go get him, unless it’s cheap.

    Vinny has 5 goals this season thus far.

    Do you guys know Antropov has 21 assists.

  14. Sather sends his players out to charities, yet he hides in his office and is too scared to even face the media. Of course he is happy to hand over a million dollars to bail out former owner Peter Pocklington — does that count as charity? As one can tell by looking at the Rangers roster, Sather doesn’t understand the value of a dollar.

  15. Players demand more $$$ to play in NY than anywhere else because of how expensive living here/taxes are. Eli Maninng makes the most in the NFL after his new contract but is he better than Tom Brady, his brother Peyton, Drew Brees, etc?

    It doesn’t help the Rangers have the stigma from the late 90s-2004 of throwing money around recklessly. Antro wanted $5 million here but took 4 in ATL, Korpikoski wanted 1.5 but took like 750K from Phoenix as an RFA, etc.

  16. The guy who wrote that Fire Sale of The Rangers article is dreaming with some of the returns he thinks we can get for certain players.

  17. VOGS

    Do YOU know he has 2 goals. We got him for his goal scoring, and were gonna keep him for his goal scoring.

    Id probably get massive assists playing a couple of shifts with KovalchOOk. Id probably get his sloppy seconds as well.

    Which i wouldn’t really look forward to, because he’s into the blonde blowfish lips looking kind of chicks, with screwed up implants. Not my kind of lady.

    As for that poll. It’s three way tie between Dubi, Staal, and Hank.

    Dubi = Greedy geek, with a comb over who should be crying in Ottawa wishing he never got traded

    Hank = Mr. I go down more than a porn star, and now im officially overrated

    Staal = Pinhead who lost all hope after watching his second brother win the Cup, and now is suffering from major jealousy after watching Del Z steal his spot light as the young d-man of the future.

    Those three are horrific. Maybe they can turn it around, but im not as hopeful as i was last month. Especially since the Olympics are coming, so Hank wont get any better, whether he wins or loses over there.


    oobs. That’s all i gotta say !

  18. antropov got way to many years and money and do not judge a 5 yr contract after 25 games unless you are stupid…

    i will bet you whatever you want the hossa, campbell 7 yrs, and almost all long term deals for any player over 28 is insane.. the teams no it and therefore are strectching them out over many yrs so if the collective bargaining agreement changes and they can dump these deals 3 or 4 yrs. down the road they will have less megative affect on things..

    gomez at 3 or 4 more yrs for montreal how does that look???is kotalik at $3 mill for 3 yrs worse??? don’t think so… many many teams have terrible contracts…..

  19. NYRGuy

    Great link. He’s spot on about every single player. Although, I would re-sign VP for Gabby for next year and as another possible VET leader for the kids on the team.

  20. just read the bleacher report article. very funny.a first or second round pick for PA, good one.

  21. Hank is not just weak high glove, he’s weak on anything shoulder height. The major problem with that is he most always on his knees.

  22. Orr –

    I wasn’t giving out Antropov’s stats because I think we should have signed him. I was just adding a bit of trivia to the discussion.

    And there is no reason to be trading away young talent at this point unless it brings back a young center.

    Especially since watching Sanguitti skate around like he wished he was back in Hartford.

    This team is so soft it is pathetic.

    And you’re already judging Dubinsky for one sub par 25 games? And willing to deal him to Ottawa for Heatley? Why? so we can finish in the middle of the pack again and lose in the second round and get another middle of the road draft pick?

    This is how we got into trouble in the first place.

  23. Dubi is nothing. We should send his ass to Chicago for Sharp, this summer. If possible.

    He’s just like the rest of the overpaid losers on the team. It’s all aboot the money.

    There’s no hope for him, he is, and always will be a 3rd line center, or a second or first line center on a bad Rangers team. He’s no Savard.

    I like Cally, but if we could have packaged the two of them and McDonagh and got Heatley, who in one season of playing with Gabby could probably get more goals than the two of those would score in a single season, it would have been worth it. Then we’d have to wait patiently for Dreary, and Blowzy’s contracts to run out, and then we’d have some free cap space. Although most likely Blowzy would be in that Heatley deal.

    And i know what you’re all gonna say, blah blah blah, if we got Heatley, we wouldn’t have Gaborik. C’mon, this is fuggin Sather we’re talking aboot. Did any of you go into three summers ago thinking we were gonna get one of Blowmez, Dreary, or Briere ? Did any of you go into two summers ago thinking Slats wasn’t gonna get one of Campbell, or Dredden ? It’s Slats !!!! Every year, it’s always the same.

    Im sure he’ll go head over heels doing everything he can to trade half the team in one month just to make room for Kovalchuk.

  24. Olga Folkyerself on

    Go Blackhawks! Chi vs. CBJ on versus. My second team is fast becoming my first for this year. It only took old man Wirtz dying for them to become good.

    Dolan! Drop dead for your team(s).



    Fire Sather first….

  25. jpg

    That was a great read too. Thanks for posting that. And its absolutely true. There is no chip on the shoulder, not attitude. At least when Gomez was here he was brash enough and was cocky on the ice. He never threw the body around & was afraid to get hit but he did the facewash, poke in the belly stuff. These are things that Brasher was BROUGHT here to do. And he’s done DIDDLY SQUAT.

  26. Carp, I know you guys said you don’t care to ask questions that you know Torts won’t answer, but from your experience with him, what do you think his response would be to the question :
    “Are you concerned at all with the lack of production from your Captain and is it affecting the rest of the team?”

  27. trade proposal:
    chris higgins for peter mueller
    mueller is struggling worst than higgins and looks as if he needs a change
    mueller 1g 3a
    higgins 2g 7a

  28. First. Get rid of Vali. Do what u must, I guess waive him? Bring up ocho cinco! Is that possible? we need to give Hank some compition and rest. The best way to do that is bring in somebody good like Chad Johnson is. Trade dubi, rozi and mcdonugh for a thirld line center and second line right handed “D” man to play with dz. And bring up grachev. Play him on a line anisimov and lisin. Keep Avery on the first line. Callahan higgins and drury better get their acts straight.

  29. 1-2-3-4
    playing like a woman
    hitting like a pu$$y
    she’s a $5M scam.
    Always was a quitter
    Soft like a banana
    she’s got the look.

    AHL-bound cause bush-league’s got a number
    when she’s spinning herself around
    backchecking is a colour.
    Her defense leaves a foul taste
    she’s got the look.

    She’s got the look.
    She’s got the look.
    She’s got the look.
    She’s got the look …..

  30. Lev, Torts could use a toy too.

    JamesG, sorry, the time was not in the text they sent, but it was in a media advisory that I cut out. It’s 4-7 p.m. I put it in the post up top. Bring a toy (not for Torts).

    NYRGuy, I’m sure he’d say a whole bunch of positive things about “Dru” doing a lot of other great things to contribute, and about what a great leader he is. And then he’d probably say something like, “Sure, we’d like to get a little more offense out of Dru, and he would too, but that will come and I’m not worried.”

  31. RJam…Grachev isn’t ready yet…he isn’t tearing up the AHL and he could use a full year down there, he’s not gonna make or break our team this year so I think it’s better not to rush him.

    The last thing we need is him getting in Torts’ doghouse and losing all confidence

  32. So the usual BS Carp lol…then he will walk away and mutter under his breath “screw you sather”

  33. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    The pole is somewhat misleading, there must be expectations in order to dissapoint. Many on that list don’t come with any expectations (Drury in particular). Hank is expected to be a Vezina candidate so he may be the most disappointing according to that wording.

  34. Did anyone find the Dave Maloney clip of him mistakenly chopping JD? I’d love to hear what Gordon & Chadwick said about that one! Hopefully MSG will have the clip for the Sabres game.

    Colton Orr’s goal tonight was a nice one. He was in perfect position, going to the net for a rebound. I’m betting we see that goal during Coach’s Corner on Saturday night. Don Cherry loves him.

  35. lol Carp. Thanks for the info. I’ll be on the East side in the AM I’m trying to make it over there.

  36. Would Cherry love him if he was Colton Sundstrom? LOL probably not.

    My biggest disappointment so far is CCCP. When was the last time he was first? All that money for this bum? Please. Ship him to Novosibirsk!

    Seriously though, I vote Staal. I was looking forward to him really becoming a shut-down guy this year. Hopefully he can turn it around.

  37. Re-post from last night
    December 1st, 2009 at 3:11 am
    Spot on Carp Agree with your post 100%
    “Aggressive is great to watch, but you’d better have some horses, or what’s the point? This was my main defense of Renney last year. I don’t think he was Scotty Bowman or even Roger Neilson, and I think his shelf-life was up … but I defended the idea that he played a style he had to play with the hand he was dealt. Those Rangers didn’t have enough offense, so they played defense. These Rangers don’t have enough offense, but play Safe is Death. Well, sometimes safe is good. Sometimes, when you have Crosbys and Malkins on the other side, safe is necessary”. Carp Larry Brooks said the following before last night’s game ” The Rangers aren’t good enough to withstand common play from their uncommonly excellent goaltender. If this is a slump, so be it, but if there are technical corrections to be made in his game, they need to be made immediately. Brooks further states ” Tortorella joined the Rangers preaching ” It’s not about defense, it’s not about the defensive zone,” before amending his mantra. The problem is his team has apparently taken him at his original word, for the blueshirts enter tonight’s match ranked 24th in the NHL in goal-against average. Brooks continues in saying ” The Rangers have no presense in front of their own net-how exactly do we know that Lundqvist isn’t feeling the effect of being smashed down repeatedly by marauding forwards?-and no clue in their own end, where they habitually chase both the puck and opponents. Tom Renney had his flaws as a coach, but beginning with 2005-06, the Blueshirts ranked fourth, ninth, fifth and sixth, respectively, in team team defense.” Sorry for these long quotes but they are important. I don’t think its a matter of the the team not buying into Torts system but their inability to play it. We just don’t have the team that Tortorells had when he won the Stanley Cup. Along with his other picadillos he may not be the long term coach the Rangers need; Simply the coach needs to employ a system suitable to the talent he has as opposed to forcing a system thay can’t play.

  38. AHA

    Jagr’s best season with Rangers the first 25 games; 21 goals = 39 points

    Gaborik start to first season with Rangers 1st 25 games. 21 goals = 37 points

    At the exact time in 25 games.

  39. I hate to say it but now would be the best time to get value from Lundqvist. He’s just not getting it done and we could get alot for him. However, Tort’s may just have to go first. What’s wrong with re-tooling when you know things are not really going to get better. We still have over 2/3 of a season left. Right now this is worst than watching grass grow. You know chapter and verse what ‘s going to happen every night. Pearns & Pelino are starting to look good. Maybe Schoenfeld, Messier & Graves could provide some coaching trifecta. Just can’t take Tort’s anymore. He’s just too inflexible. Why was Tort’s fired in Tampa Bay?????

  40. I don’t know how people can say trade Lundqvist…it’s been 20 or so games!! These games overlook what he’s done his whole career? Give him a break. I guarantee if we didn’t have Hank for 2 weeks, all the talk on here would be how much we need him back

  41. hey MAKO

    in regards to Brashear vs. Orr
    i wasn’t happy about the change but there were times Brash looked decent enough on the ice to do something more than last year’s 4th line, which basically wasted time on the clock.
    in fact, maybe someone with better access to stats than me could check this out but i’m pretty Brash scored on us last year.

    i don’t know if there’s more injury than is being revealed or what but it looks as if Orr has taken it up another notch this year with the Leafs.

    last year Orr’s skating was much better but the line had no offensive abilities minus a few shifts.

    of course, this would be a minor problem if the rest of the team didn’t play so SHOCKINGLY soft. they do realize they’re in the NHL?

    and the lack of secondary scoring on this team is so atrocious that it makes me want to fish out of the shower drain all the hair i lost from the top of my head, put it all back in as plugs and then tear it all out as an act of complete frustration!!

  42. I haven’t seen Orr play, but before tonight he had 1 assist and was -5…Seems about right to me. Orr is a tough SOB and would stick up for his teammates in a heartbeat w/o thinking, unlike Brashear, but I think Brashear has more skills as a hockey player

  43. trade proposal:
    chris higgins for peter mueller
    mueller is struggling worst than higgins and looks as if he needs a change
    mueller 1g 3a(21 yrs)
    higgins 2g 7a(26yrs)

  44. Trade proposal:
    Roszival for a 4-piece McNuggets … throw in Redden if you want the bbq sauce

  45. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Carp was one of the people who said Brashear was an upgrade from Orr, Carp wasn’t the only one… back in the summer and now, I still fail to see that upgrade. haha… oh well… another one of the season’s woes. Night all.

  46. Ya know who I miss? JD.

    And that’s JD, B.D. (before dolan). When he called it honestly and still thought a shared dinner was the solution to every problem.

  47. True Fans, I absolutely ripped the Brashear signing. I believe what I said was that the Rangers think he’s an upgrade from Orr. That they thought he could be an effective forechecker in their system. I hated that move, especially at that price, and I thought it was a slap in the face of Rangers fans.

  48. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    I just realized someone that looks EXACTLY like Brashear.

    I was rewatching the TV show 24, watching it for the first time with the Yankees as WS champions, and in Season 4, Tomas Sherek, a terrorist, looks just like Don.

    Please tell me if you agree!!

  49. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    Miami Pimp –

    Hate to disagree with you…

    but he could not play with the best of them in a pee wee league!

  50. Mako

    Did you by chance see the Leafs Habs game last night? If not you missed seeing a mustachioed Colton Orr score a very neat goal early in the game, and play very creditably on a regular line. Finally a coach who knows how to use him intelligently.

    I still don’t know why he had to be let go while Voros was kept.

    I still cringe every time I hear the name Dupuis. Dominique Moore was no game breaker when here, but he’s become a very accomplished penalty killer with a scoring talent.

    I wonder if the fans realize that theRangers having scored
    79 goals, have 17 of them by defensemen, and another 21 by Gaborik. That leaves the balance of goals for the entire forward complement of thsi team. Kinda weird don,t you think?

    You have a forward with a broken foot who has only 3 goals but much potential, being sat punitively apparently by the coach. Smart eh?

    Another punitive by a forward who has 6 goals sat out also.
    Smart eh? Who’s eating whose lunch here?
    I still don’t think that Betts should have beenlet go, as he was playing very dynamically for the Philly bunch prior to his injury, and again, was on a regular line shift.But they kept Voros the magnificent, and never sit out Roszival the untouchable. Doesn’t anyone really wonder about this management any longer?

  51. theflynn….Orr wanted a 4 year deal and I don’t think Sather was going to give that too him.

  52. I went to the link you give to get the free gift card for toys from Kmart but it says I am not in USA and do not qualify, do you know if Kmart is doing this in canada too?

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