Sanguinetti back to Hartford


The kid wasn’t awful, but he wasn’t great, either. If Redden’s coming back and Rozsival is going to remain in the lineup (don’t ask me why) then it makes sense for Sanguinetti to go back and play pro minutes and continue to grow.

Here’s the release from the NYR:

New York, December 1, 2009 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that defenseman Bobby Sanguinetti has been assigned to the Hartford Wolf Pack of the American HockeyLeague (AHL).

Sanguinetti, 21, skated in three games with the Rangers following his recall on Thursday.  He made his NHL debut on Friday at Tampa Bay.  He returns to Hartford where he has registered six goals and 16 assists for 22 points, along with 10 penalty minutes in 21 games this season.  Sanguinetti led all AHL defensemen in scoring and ranked fourth in the league overall with 22 points at the time of his recall.  He has registered six multi-point efforts on the season, including an AHL career-high four-point performance on October 31 against Providence (two goals and two assists).  Last season, Sanguinetti led Wolf Pack defensemen in points (42) and assists (36), and set a Hartford single-season rookie record for assists by a blueliner.  He also led all Wolf Pack skaters with five points (one goal and four assists) in six AHL playoff contests. The Trenton, New Jersey native was originally the Rangers first round selection, 21st overall, in the 2006 NHL Entry Draft.

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  1. OOOH, First!

    WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWEEEEEEEEEEEE What’s up with that? What’s up with that? WHOOOOOOOOOOOWEEEEEEEEEEEEEE What’s up with that? What’s up with that?

    HAHA, C’mon, nobody knows what that is from?

  2. CTBlue, you should know by now that anytime I hear Aves is at warren and I’m not, I cry and cry and cry. My instinct tells me that since I’ll be here on the 12th, he won’t….wah!

  3. Yeah, and Rupp seems to be a better fourth liner than The Donald, and yes, that is SNL Blogmama :)

  4. Rupps a center so yeah ill take him over BigBabyBoyle,and ill take Eric Godard over Brash,thanks,but ill take the wolfpack forth line over ours right now,no joke.

  5. Carped! Repost: tony from AZ….I thought it was Carol Vadnais that hit JD’s leg or achilles. I can’t find anything on the web aboot it. Sounds like a job for THE MOUTH.

  6. I was not aware you haven’t met him in person. He got the place buzzing when he walked in. Especially from the ladies.

  7. Tony and BANJ, it was Dave Maloney. He tried to smash his stick over the crossbar and missed and hit JD right on the back of the legs.

  8. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    THe only thing to come out of last nights game was that Avery shoudl definitely stay on the top line

    Two games and you can see he fits with Gabby and Prospal
    So Torts better get his head out of his ass and keep ONE line otgether for a while

    Other than that, I read on Hockey bullcrap before that Edmonton and the Senators are both talking with Sather about trades.

    Dubi , Higgins and Mcdonough(spelling) the interested players

    As always doubt any of it is really true, but I bet Sather’s cok like cigar that he is on the phones trying to move people.

  9. Nope, still waiting…..I’m sure the place buzzed like a hive in honey overdrive :)

    btw, that accident with Vokoun was freaky not just cause of the first hit, but because his teammate didn’t even seem to notice and whacked him again!

  10. People that want to trade Henrik are in trouble.
    This whole team isnt as bad as this coach has them playing.
    Henriks play is a direct result of Torts system and the teams carefree approach to protecting him from net crashers.
    Fire Torts(for now till we)Fire Sather.

  11. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    People who say trade Hank are retarded

    Gabby, Hank, Prospal, Avery, Gilroy, & Del Z are the only ones worth a damn right now

    Blowzival casued one of those goals last night
    then he other was becasue Higgins got in Hanks way

    I’d still like to see Heikkinen come up and play a game.

    I still dont understand Torts fasinaction with only carrying 6 d-men

  12. yea real mikey staal and girardi are not worth anything.

    newsflash staal was by far the best d man on the ice last night for both teams by far…

    staal is 22 and a very very good defensive player today…………..

  13. torts stubborness comes into play with how he is handling lisin and kotalik.. lisin stinks defensively and that is why the coach needs to coach him to improve. if lisin cannot improve or refuses to do what the coach wants then send him down.

    sitting lisin and kotalik basiaclly for 2 games on a offensively challenged team is moronic.

    send down boyle, voros, and sit brashear except against certain teams and have a 4th line of byers, lisin, and someone else……….

    roszival was a major contributor in 2 goals last night the first crosby goal, watch the replay and the 3rd pens goal of the game……….

    higgins has had about 40 good chances at least to score and has 2 goals, anyone tell him he cannot shoot!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  14. Yeah it was a pretty decent time. I had to leave to catch my train not too long after the players arrived. They were allowing people to take pictures for a little bit and then they kind of settled down at their own table.

  15. RE: Trading Hank

    I am only suggesting trading Hank sooner rather than later, is that his value will only decline from here on out. I could live with Hank as the goalie. He is very good. But trading Rozi, Drury, or Redden is impossible. No return whatsoever. Rozi and Drury have expiring deals in two years. BUT, there are still a lot of mediocre players here. If Torts wants to rebuild this team in his image, it’s gonna take some time. Can the NYR draft those guys in two years? Who knows?

    Anyway, just trying to say that Henke isn’t untouchable anymore.

  16. Honestly…. I’m not sure how much more of this I can possibly take. Sathers awful signings – compounded with lifeless, passion-free, leader-less hockey is really starting to wear thin.

    For all of you pining to rid ourselves of Rozy, Redden, Captain Crutches & Brashear….it aint happening.

  17. Does anybody disagree that we should have traded Dubi last October? A point that I made time and time again LAST OCTOBER?!?!
    I was out of my mind according to most people. Not so crazy, huh?

  18. Not last October, but this offseason definitely. He was the key to getting us Heatley and ridding our team of Rozsival and Glen didn’t want to pull the trigger. Although at the time I don’t think we had Prospal yet and even if we did, we weren’t sure if he’d end up playing center or not.

    Also for people trying to blame Rozy on the 1st goal, he did what Torts wants him to do on the step up. Fact is he just isn’t fast enough to get back, which is something Torts needs to realize.

    Rozsival at least tried to do the right thing. I’m not saying he doesn’t suck, but he did what the system asked. If it was Gilroy or DZ, Crosby would’ve been better covered…and either way, Lundqvist has to stop that.

  19. 2 years ago Hank would stop 3 of last night 5 goals.
    He’s just not as good as we need him to be.
    When was last time he stole a game for us?
    Last night we had chances to score, but the other goalie did make a few good saves and outplayed Hank.
    That Crosby goal can’t go in. He just need to stand up.
    We need him to step up and make a great save or two to win.

  20. Jonny, you’re right. My point is that stepping up on Crosby on a center-ice faceoff is nuts. You’re just begging for a breakaway, which he got, of course. If you step up, you better be sure, because there’s no way you’re going to have much support from the back end. And full marks for Bylsma, who knew the Rangers would attack at that point (why?) and put in the set play that sprung Crosby. Maybe it’s not Rozsival’s mistake entirely, but obviously he doesn’t have the skating ability to cover up if he doesn’t make the play at the red line.

  21. As soon as I saw that, I jumped off the couch and said……..WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOWEEEEEEEEEEE what’s up with that? What’s up with that? WHOOOOOOWEEEEEEEEEE what’s up with that? What’s up with that????

  22. ctb

    yeah tell me about it. one time i was leaving to catch my train and there was glenn anderson. i knew his friend who he was with and he told glen what i did for work and then it was 2 hrs later. best night ever.
    if drury is there when you go dont even worry about catchin a train. hell drive you home. that clutch mobile has these “sparco” seats. so comfy.

  23. Oh, so we trading Hank? Matt Zabba backing up #85? Or other way around, wouldn’t matter. Good back ups are tough to find, let alone a franchise goaltender. High glove side is an Achilles’ Heel of most of the goalies. I’ll tell you, from that position, being THAT wide open, Lemieux woul put it in 10 out of 10, Crosby, Jagr, Gaborik-9/10. I don’t care who the goaltender is. Rupp-2/10, Brashear-don’t get me started. So relax with Hank, please. We know what he can do, he’ll come through.

    The issue now is that highly skilled teams are feasting on our young defense. And at the moment, the most experienced one should be sent to AHL.

  24. The best defencemen on the ice last night job for the last 2 games was to check Crosby. 9pts later, i think he failed.

  25. I remember not so long ago when everybody was saying that Valley is the best back-up in the league, Hank is the King, Dubi is God, play the kids etc, etc.
    NOW everybody is saying Valley sucks, the King is not anymore, trade Dubi, send the kids down,kill Rozi put Redden up for adoption, etc, etc
    My, oh my, how things change !

  26. now the brain surgeons want to trade an elite 27 yr old goalie….

    that great moves the bloggers have on this site are classic.. yep, henrik is done, he is no longer elite.. he is no better then theodore, or hedberg, or vokoun, etc..

    laughable… say fans change there minds game to game is wrong it is period to period..

    henrik, staal, dz, gilroy,and girardi, gaborik, cally, dubinsky, anisimov, and grachev. terrible nucleus this looks no better then the shane churla days………….laughable….10 guys who can play or should be able to contribute a bunch in the next year or 2…look at the ages on the roster, look at what is in the system… get a grip…..

  27. philly would trade 3 or 4 good players for henrik today. call them up, see if it is true……………

    how about the blackhawks they would trade 3 or 4 players if not more for henrik today…ie henrik is a guy you win the cup with……………………..

  28. bulldog line, maybe watch the games.. staal is a very very good defensemen…

    when you watch the game you need to keep your eyes open………..

  29. stuart,
    Thats the point, if you can get 3 or 4 good players from the Hawks wouldn’t it make the Rangers better. I think Hank is one of the top 5 goalies in the NHL, but this team needs more top end talent, and to get the talent maybe you trade Hank.

  30. I know this is off topic but is anyone going to the Rangers toy drive tomorrow in Bryant Park? 4-7pm I think. I could not find out who is going to be there to sign autographs other than Adam Graves who is always there and does a great job.

  31. I am not saying trade Hank.
    All i am saying he’s not playing as elite goalie now.
    He is a absolutely starting goalie for us and there is no way i’d trade him unless it’s Crosby Malkin or Ovie.
    He just needs to step up and play better.

  32. stuart,
    what is it exactly you think Staal is, or is going to be. I see a soft finess defensemen, who strikes fear into no one. He is not an offensive Dman, and not a physical Dman, he is just soft.

  33. They miss Redden, they miss Dubi. The center ice position has gone south. Torts has to start adjusting to team’s weak spots and play accordingly. Let the lines gel. Sanguinetti didn’t do anything wrong, but he needs more playing time in the minors.
    If you ask me, I can live with missing the playoffs, but keeping our youth, letting them grow and retool. I’m not sure we have the right GM for that(or his boss).

  34. Larry Brooks had a great point a few weeks back – this team isn’t horrible but it’s not great either. If we have to watch the wheels fall why not do it while the kids earn their stripes? Not for nothing but what does Sather have to show for his tenure here? For every good move made he makes three questionable moves. I think that this team needs to leader from the GM on down. Sports teams need change – even the Devils change coaches!!

  35. All this team needs is some physical d. There is plenty of offensive talent, but they cannot do their thing when the other team has the puck all game. What happened to the 7-1 Rangers? Is their conditioning THAT bad?

  36. Some quick comments:

    1. It’s easy to blame Rozsival but I think Lundqvist has to stop Crosby’s goal. Yes, backhands are tough and Crosby made a perfect shot. That said, Lundqvist wasn’t screened and that shot came from almost the faceoff dot.

    2. Ultimately, Lundqvist’s cap hit is just as much of an impediment to the team as Drury, Rozsival and Redden’s.

  37. Morg, really? I thought it was hilarious! I guess because now, whenever my wife says anything to me, I sing song the last part of what she says, jump up, and start singing the song. She gets soooooo mad, and I laugh hysterically, and she often forgets why she was mad at me or what she is saying, because I am so ridiculous.

  38. JJP (and others),theres no other goalie out there available that can hold Henriks gym trade gabby before henrik,for the massive return alone.Henrik to me is the only guy i would not trade.

  39. Staal is only 4 points away from tying his career high…that’s a good sign at least right? lol

  40. Ha, yeah man, I am ridiculous sometimes.

    Here is the thing about the Rangers. I really think that this team is built to play a style more like the one we played last year. Reason being is that we don’t have the talent to just play this explosive offensive game. But we do have the talent to play smart defensive hockey, and then capitalize on other team’s mistakes. I know it isn’t as exciting to watch, but I would rather watch that than lose. I think we would end up scoring more goals this way, and take the pressure off of Hank. Last year we didn’t have anyone that would put the puck in the net when the enemy would make a mistake. This year we have more capable players.

  41. Nasty

    Agreed. I think Torts is trying to see who is going to fit and who isn’t. I don’t think he wants to change the system necessarily, just get the right players for it. It’s like rebuilding without actually saying it lol

  42. Has anyone said anything positive today? Anyone? Sheesh…

    I’ll try. So we are at .500. Clean slate, baby! The new season begins now. Bring on Detroit!!

    Not buying it?.OK, then visit Laurel’s sisterblog. That always cheers me up.

  43. Kind of a agree Nasty. Last year they didn’t have the game breaker, the guy that could supply just enough offense on a consistent basis. This year they have Gaborik, who is doing all the heavy lifting anyway. If no one else is scoring besides him, why not at least have them clamp down on D to make sure his customary goal (or sometimes 2 goals) a game aren’t wasted in losing efforts.

  44. Nasty
    I agree with you, although I hate watching defensive type hockey, that stuff really ruins the game for me. You are right this team could play that style really well. Torts will not go thought. At least that what he has said.

  45. Im not saying that Hank needs to get traded, all I am saying is he cant stop a beach ball the past year and a half. He needs to get his head in the game plain and simple.However trading him for Kovalchuck wouldnt be so bad.

    I dont get how there are teams who get by (and end up successful) with backup goalies starting every night. Oh yeah its because they dont have b-tches for forwards and dmen.

    Corey Locke is apparently the top scorer in the AHL with 12G and 21A. Chad Johnson is the 10th over all AHL goalie(only because the packs next game is december 13th or so and they havent played in a few days so he fell from 6th)10-6-1 2.10GAA. Can we give these guys a shot? I mean at this point we arent making the playoffs let alone maybe not being the worst team in the east.

  46. It seems to me last year in the playoffs Washington played their backup against the Rangers. I’m sure everyone remembers how that turned out.

  47. awww, thanks ilb.

    stop all this trade Hank talk! No, no, no, no. There. I’ve stated my position.

    he was obviously so bummed out last night after the game.

  48. Did anyone catch this?:

    Last night I was watching the Pittsburgh broadcast of the Ranger game on Directv because it was in HD.

    About midway through the 3rd period, one of the Pittsburgh commentators (I’m not sure which one – they both sound whiney) said “this Ranger team is just crap!”

    Lots of class, eh?

    Say what you want about Sam and Joe – you will never hear them make a remark like that.

    The fact that he may be right doesn’t justify the remark.

  49. BANJ
    It’s a funny story. The Hawaiian guy is in the Navy. He couldn’t speak at all. He was crying on his wife’s shoulder after the game was over. Literally. Then he gave me a hug, said he loved me. I’ll tell you I felt bad for him. I think it was 3 or 4 beers. He wouldn’t last a 30 min in any Russian place on Brighton.

  50. Sometimes with Sam and Joe its hard to tell whose side their on. They are not homers for sure. They do give credit to the other team when its do. I really hate homers. The guys that just rant about their team playing so well, and this was a penalty and that was a missed call. The thing that bugs me about Sam and Joe is they might just start talking about something unrelated to hockey at all while the game is going on, and there is no play by play just a couple of guy chatting about nothing.

  51. Carp I agree with you 100%. But Rosy, Staal, and Girardi haven’t gotten fully accustomed to Torts’ system and I think that has left them a bit confused at times. They want to do what Torts is preaching, but their lack of certain physical gifts (speed mostly) prevents them from doing it effectively. And the issue I think is that if they haven’t picked it up fully now, will they ever? I don’t believe they will.

    I just think Torts needs to lay off trying to get Rozy, Staal, and Girardi to be players that they are not and alter the system so they can play their game. Trying to make Staal a more offensive d-man was a terrible idea and after the first 2 games (both of which he gave up the puck on the GWG), Torts should’ve put and axe to it and told him “either you pass the puck up when you move up ice or just stay back” instead of trying to force the kid out of his comfort zone.

  52. Also I should say if this was poker, Torts would be trying to convince himself he could win with a pair of 2s or 3s instead of just playing conservative. I’m not saying kill the offensive system, but have a little more focus on team defense, especially with a group of lazy forwards that we have.

    Chris – Corey Locke is not an NHL player at this stage in his career and I’m afraid he has Jason Krog written all over him. Give him a shot, sure, but theres a reason he’s barely played in the NHL since he’s come up. Plus he’d need to be on the top lines in order to be effective.

    Chad looks like a potential backup for Henke in the future, but let these guys develop in the minors so that when we let guys go over the next 2 years, they will be ready to make an impact when we need them to instead of rushing them.

  53. Can’t trade Lundy, that’d be silly. Torts system doesn’t work with the team we have, and it never will. Can’t expect the goalie to kill himself when 5 minutes later he’ll be facing another break away. If I were him, i’d laugh it off and just try to have fun. Pressure and goaltending can go both ways. It’s starting to kill the King. I think the difference (among many) between Henrik and Mike Richter is that you could tell Richter he had to win the game for you – and he would look comfortable doing it. Henrik doesn’t seem to do well in high pressure situations in which he’s told he has to be the difference maker. And that’s ok in general, he’s a great goalie, but our system is going to crush his soul.. or maybe swallow his soul, not sure. But we need to make major philosophical changes if we intend to keep the King on his throne.

  54. IMO Torts has not followed up with accountability. Proof is seeing Rozi on ice night after night after night.
    Rozi should be headed to Hartford. nuff said.

  55. zappbrannigan – what are you talking about? Henke loves pressure situations. There is a huge difference in his play when we need points late in the season. Plus in that Washington series, he kept us in it and stole 3 of the 1st 4 games. He plays well in high pressure situations.

    His issue is he has the Brodeur attitude at times. Sometimes instead of saying “yeah, that was my fault” he comes up with excuses or blames other people when he is the one that makes mistakes.

    I’ll agree that his system won’t work with this team though just because of the lazy forwards. He needs guys who skate hard every shift of every night. We don’t really have that.

  56. Another point…When the Rangers stop hitting its over.
    First period they came out guns blazing, banging bodies…good stuff. Then Crosby scored and they stopped hitting…game over.

  57. who is mark staal. he is a 22 yr old mega stud. yea he does not hit like scott stevens or move the puck like mike green…..

    os what he is 22 yrs old……he has played 2 full seasons and 25 games into his 3rd season… he will put on 15 more pounds over the next few yrs. he is very good player who night in and noght out defends the other teams best player….

    worse case sceanrio they have rob langway for about 10 yrs….can he improve in all facets of his game?? absolutely and he will…………

    the genius fans here have zero patience and allow there heart to overtake there mind…..the rangers are offensively challenged except for the best player offenzively they have had in forever and this is easier to solve then to get a great goalie..

    think if they just could have added kessell, they would have 2 elite scorers and then can sprinkle in the other 12 to 15 goal guys, they did not get kessel because of cap space and the desire not to give up 4 high picks….if they had cap space i would have done the move.

    again cherapanov dieing really hurt there top tier scoring talent and dubi and cally and anisimov all show signs of being nice players but absolutely need to take the next step. grachev at 19 being kovalchuk sounds like a stretch so they need Grachev to continue to develop and see where he goes…

    the world is not coming to an end, i just do not understand why the rangers keep around the likes of voros and boyle, they add nothing…………….

  58. I have never thought hank was an elite goaltender. I always have rated him better than average but not great. He has to many basic fundamental flaws to be great, but he is better than average. The average guys are the backups, Henrick is shade better than the backups. He is also better than most in a breakaway or shootout situation where he can stay back in his net and wait the guy out. He will never be elite until he addresses his fundamental problems.

  59. I have liked Mark Staal from Day one. He has had his ups and downs this season, but even his lows were better than the majority of this team. He will be a great defenceman, he might suprise a lot of people with his offence in the future.

  60. I’m sure everyone by now has seen Vokoun getting hit in the head last night.
    Maybe we should try this with Hank. Every time he gives up a goal Rozi can club him on the helmet

  61. ya henrik is not elite goalie. slightly better then avg..

    sure…henrik is top 5 goalies in the NHL and the guy is 27 yrs old..Dream on……ask philly or chicago what a difference real goal tending would make…………..

  62. stuart
    again cherapanov dieing really hurt there top tier scoring talent and dubi and cally and anisimov all show signs of being nice players but absolutely need to take the next step. grachev at 19 being kovalchuk sounds like a stretch so they need Grachev to continue to develop and see where he goes…

    Hey Stuart, could you imagine if Chere was still around, the first line would be Cherepanov-Prospal-Gaborik( I could just imagine the total points all three would produce) R.I.P. Cherepanov :(

  63. Let it go, guys. Hank is staying, even Sather can understand that. Btw, besides secondary scoring, one of the the reasons Pittsburg won the Cup was because they had better goaltending. Fleury wasn’t ready a year before.

  64. I wish I kept track of all of the Renney detractors. It seems strange that this many people are now busting on Torts. . . . Scream for Renney’s head, get the polar opposite in Torts, the team is still mediocre, and it’s the coach’s fault?. Maybe, it’s the PLAYERS that suck. They were gutless under Renney, and they are gutless under Torts. Even Brashear is a pu**y now!!!

    I dunno. This team needs a MAJOR overhaul. That is why I suggested trading Henke would be a start. Let’s get a whole new culture under the new coach.

  65. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    It’s no secret that this team is firing on just one cylinder right now (Gabby)…

    You can win playing poorly in one aspect but this squad has no defense, no offense (Gabby aside), no grit, no PP and the penalty kill is struggling.

    All this and we haven’t even mentioned the injuries, which like it or not take consistency away from the lines and force young players into roles they may not be ready to assume.

    Hank may not be having a Vezina year but he stopped a clear shorthanded breakaway (amongst other tough shots) last night… he’s not the main problem.

    They couldn’t beat a bantam squad with all these issues.

  66. Folks, you are killing me!!!Greatest offencive hockey player of all time gretz, traded!!!! Greatest goalie of all time roy, traded!!! So all of you calling people stupid for saying hank should be traded might want to back off. That being said,I would not trade hank unless the return package included an nhl caliber starter and a tough physical d man or at least a number one center (unless we already have a nhl caliber goalie as backup…i.e no valli, then some serious nhl talent should be coming back our way). But to get on people for saying he should be traded to improve the team is pretty stupid in my opinion!

  67. teams can win the cup with an above avg, but not elite goalie (see wings 2 years ago), as long as you have a couple of hitting good physical d men (see kronwall/stuart or orpik/gill) and play tough stifiling defencive hockey.

    We have one out of three, so don’t lose hope folks!!!

  68. anyone else bothered by the fact that savard was just signed for 7 years by the bruins at..get this…4.2 mill cap hit per season

    really puts the rangers contracts in perspective doesn’t it? savard, one of of the best first line setup centers in the league, making 3m less than drury

  69. Mama- Tony’s hat is getting too small on him:)

    MAKO, Staal- they shoulders get sore after first intermission. Effing pu…

    Wicky- Gretz was traded for financial reasons and after he won many Cups, Roy didn’t get along with the coach. Boy, was this coach a schmuck! And which package would you suggets at present moment?

  70. The coach left Roy in after goal after goal. He was torched by the Wings for 9 goals. Gave the crowd the finger – went to the bench, leaned over to the president said “it’s either tremblay or me” so there went Roy to COL and to win a cup :)

  71. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    The rangers are saving themselves for the CUP run ,just you wait and see!!

  72. Sather/Dolan aren’t going to trade Lundqvist, he’s the de facto face of the franchise and he puts fans in the seats and dollars in their pockets.

    I still think he’s getting overexposed in the new system but it doesn’t mean I don’t think he’s capable of working on some areas that need to improve. I think like any goalie he’s a hard worker but it’s hard to break long time habits (like going down in the butterfly or staying deep in the net). He might not be having a banner year but trading him away would probably create a deeper whole than they’re trying to fill.

  73. MAKO- exactly. A schmuck coach. He would’ve won it for Habs. Elite goalies don’t come along often. Btw, I forgot which coach Brashear had a peeing contest with? In French.

  74. Wicky – I wouldn’t suggest anyone is ever untradeable (ignoring the no-trade/no-movement issue) in that sense, but tough to say the Oilers and Canadiens got the better of the Gretzky and Roy deals respectively.

  75. Onecup
    That is exactly my worry. They will barely sneak into the playoffs and will start dangling the youth at the deadline.
    Will trade Sanguinetti for Tkachuk and Grachev for Chelios(he will be signed by someone by then). And out by May. There is always next year…

  76. I wasn’t trying to get into specific reasons, just saying anyone could be traded and it isn’t stupid to suggest trading hank if (IF) it nets a return that would improve the team!


    honestly not sure that I would really trade him (I’m more on the do not trade him side than the other), but if I were to trade him it would be to a team with an avg to above avg goalie and the big time physical d man or first line center we need! At work, so can’t do a lot of research right now!

  77. Winning a gold medal on a large ice surface wich is condusive to his game does NOT make the queen an elite goaltender in this league. the guy has two huge holes in his game (top shelf and short side). Yes, he has the best legs in the league but how about the other 70% of the net. He gave up NINE short side goals aganst the caps last year…NINE and got outplayed in 5 of the 7 games by an unknown rookie. Let’s not forget aboout the bitch slap that the devils laid on him in year one (oh thats the migraine excuse year), the series that they should have won against sabres in year 2, being outplayed badly by yet unproven Fluery in year 3. An ELITE goatender my ass.

  78. You tend not to get equal value in return when you trade some of the greatest to ever play the game.

    Oilers still had one more Cup after they traded Gretzky. And Gretzky only played in the finals once after that trade.

    Habs were in a big bind with Roy. He wanted to be gone immediately and they didn’t want to risk trading him within the division or the conference. Thibault was considered one of the better goalie prospects at the time and being a francophone is always important when factoring in with Montreal. Everyone knew the Habs needed to sell and sell fast and no one was going to offer as much as they would have otherwise.

  79. Rob F. – The Savard signing is nice color but it’s far from similar to the Drury/Gomez contracts. Savard is signing mid-season for a hometown discount to stay with the organization, he’s not a free agent yet. It sounds like he’s making a trade off between salary and years. Also, they’re in a declining salary cap environment. Three big differences. Plus given his age, I would bet it is front end loaded like the Hossa/Franzen contracts so that he can retire without costing the team.

    We all know Drury and Gomez were overpaid but I would think that Savard would garner a $5mn+ offer had he waited till next summer.

  80. Rozy is going to be at the Toys for Tots tomorrow at Bryant Park. I think Cally, Gilroy, Higgins, Del Zotto will be there with 1 other Ranger (cant remember)

  81. Well he did have 10 shut outs a couple of years back, backstopped a top 10 defense for every year since the lockout and has generally had a good W-L record despite having some of the worst goal support in the league.

    He outplayed Brodeur in their rematch two years ago and the total number of goals that separated them in the series against the Penguins? 6, 5 if you want to exclude an empty net goal, so only one more goal than the lowest possible goal difference in a series.

  82. lw3h

    I agree, that is why I am saying IF it was a deal that would improve the club, then I might trade him. That is a big if, but none the less a possibility somehow so we shouldn’t crucify those people that say trade him when we do not know what we are trading him for (hypothetically)!

  83. Trade Lundqvist? For who? I would LOVE to see a viable trade scenario. Take in consideration his cap hit alone. It’s simple, its a combination of 2 things that are wrong.

    #1 torts has made it obvious that he is content with having Gabi as the #1 threat. Shut down Gabi, and win. He hasn’t made any fruitful threatening lines.

    #2 Torts hasn’t been crafty at all. He looks like he lost hope in his team more and more. He’s not getting through to them. Probably already looking on craigslist for another job. The talent is there. He’s just not getting through to them (Devils are playing with 8 AHL guys and still kept the ship together)

    Torts needs to look at what Paul Maurice did in the playoffs. Out coached everyone up until he was out of ammunition. He would be the best coach the rangers could get. He’s crafty, and you give him a goalie like lundq, and watch things turn around. He did great with Cam Ward.

  84. The Hockey News pegged this in their season preview, Rangers 13th in the conference, and they said the Rangers are rebuilding but refuse to say or admit it.

  85. RUPP with a HAT TRICK? DISGRACEFUL – you treat a 2 on 2 as a 1 on 1 – which means you HIT the idiot coming down the ice – that is what we teach D men from mites on up – What a disgrace.

    GABBY gets PUNCHED? YOU HAD BETTER send a message quick on THAT – and not with Avery – with someone who can battle. What was the NYR response? NOTHING ….
    HANK is fine – needs a better D core in front of him – Staal screens him on the 2nd Rupp shot because MR cant skate, hit, shoot, ANYTHING! This team better pull there heads out of their ASS and get it in gear – at least TRY for 60 minutes – not 40!

    Torts has to share some of the blame here – he needs to put in place a system that he and the team can do well with – with the players he HAS NOW. They cant keep up this system if no-one can score other than Gabby AND Hank is getting no help up front.

    I find it interesting that I am already seeing the fire Torts posts – last year I was defending Renny because he at least was implementing a system that he could at least win with. Here we have the opposite effect – and now, the team is struggling. Torts is a very good coach – but if he were truly great, he would understand that these players CANT run his system – so he needs to CHANGE it!

  86. I agree that you can win without an allstar goaltender, but your average goalie has to get on a hot streak. That said it takes good goaltending to get there. The way this team is playing including henrik this team is not going to make the playoffs, unless they decide to play a more defensive style. They would be hard pressed to score less, but at least they could cut down on the good quality shots on Hank. That might help him get soms confidence back. I doubt he thinks he’s very good right now. Plus they would win more. They really go nothing to loose. Except Torts does not like a defensive system.

  87. Agree with Staal Wart, Torts needs to get these guys hitting and hustling for 60 minutes and not 20 or 40. They completely switched off after they went ahead 1-0 and it got worse from there. And then our fearless leader was all happy because we didn’t get blown out! Yay!

  88. JJP – still 5m+…would he get 7.5m from any team, or the 7.5m equivalent in a declining cap situation? doubt it, given this contract

  89. So everyone will have a chance to over to Bryant Park and tell Rozy how really bad he is…..nice. I want to see this.

  90. Why not let Sanguinetti stay and play and send Rosival to Hartford. Even better send him to the moon……. He is a one man comedy show. Not only is he terrible defensively did you see him fall flat on his face as he he was wide open and in a great scoring position.

  91. Coach Sean
    December 1st, 2009 at 4:18 pm
    RUPP with a HAT TRICK? DISGRACEFUL – you treat a 2 on 2 as a 1 on 1 – which means you HIT the idiot coming down the ice – that is what we teach D men from mites on up – What a disgrace.

    GABBY gets PUNCHED? YOU HAD BETTER send a message quick on THAT – and not with Avery – with someone who can battle. What was the NYR response? NOTHING ….
    HANK is fine – needs a better D core in front of him – Staal screens him on the 2nd Rupp shot because MR cant skate, hit, shoot, ANYTHING! This team better pull there heads out of their ASS and get it in gear – at least TRY for 60 minutes – not 40!

    Torts has to share some of the blame here – he needs to put in place a system that he and the team can do well with – with the players he HAS NOW. They cant keep up this system if no-one can score other than Gabby AND Hank is getting no help up front.

    I find it interesting that I am already seeing the fire Torts posts – last year I was defending Renny because he at least was implementing a system that he could at least win with. Here we have the opposite effect – and now, the team is struggling. Torts is a very good coach – but if he were truly great, he would understand that these players CANT run his system – so he needs to CHANGE it!

    I was at the game last night and when I seen the trainer help Rupp off the ice I was shouting give him an OSCAR for best acting. Next, the S.O.B. comes back to the game and scores the game winner.

  92. Ilb

    exactly!!! Like you said elite goalie ( franchise goalie ) don’t come around too often is right. Folks just remember the days of Mike Dunham ugh !!!! So having LQ between the pipes is not so bad. He will find his game, he’s too hard on himself not to. I just think the entire team is out of synch & might be some friction between players…. That’s just the feeling I get.

  93. i dont really want to join this lundy discussion because i have had a problem with people not being able to disconnect their feelings when it comes to a ranger player like lundy (“home grown”).

    if you trade a “franchise” goalie to fill a need (a sniper/crease clearing dman) chances are you dont pull the trigger unless the needs are met.

    so who needs a goalie? detroit? tampa bay? atlanta? and who do you want in return from the team?

  94. John- good morning!

    Rozi should be rolling the crepes at Mandelbaum’s bakery when Izzy is out with bad back…

  95. tr

    roy or hasek

    Again, I am not saying trade the guy, but if I could get a package that really helped our franchise for him I would do it. I agree with TR completely!

  96. Why doesn’t Rosival get sent to Hartford? Why don’t any of our underachieving veterans ever get sent to Hartford? Is that part of hockey’s unwritten “code”?

  97. i love lundqvist to death. also playing in torts system it is imperative you have a goalie like hank.

    but lets say you did trade hank who would you get in return? remember it has to work w/ the cap (hank gets 6.875 mil a yr)

  98. What seems to be the common denominator is SATHER… Every coach who comes to town seems to have their hands tied. Torts is a cup winning coach. When he came over, it looked like he did what he wanted and squeezed in to the playoffs. Then this year “plop”

    The longer ranger fans allow sather to hide behind big empty fan pleasing off season splashes and blaming coaches, just to keep his job, the longer this stays. When I say EMPTY splashes, I mean, he gets Gabi, and Prospal but nobody to off set their threat. One scoring line wont work in todays nhl. NO SHOT

    Torts knows what to do, but it looks like he has parameters to coach in.

  99. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    I dont know why any criticism has been put upon anyone really other than the players themselves. This team is very obviously capable of being a scoring machine with defensive prowess. We’ve shown flashes of brilliance and the problem all along has been consistency.

    I just really think Lundqvist is the person that is the center of this debacle. He just gets owned high, glove side or blocker side, Allaire cant seem to teach him to cut the angles and come out of his crease. Callahan has scored 20, he did last year. Drury has scored 20, he did last year. Dubinsky has scored decently, so have all the other supporting cast members of the Gaborik’s. They all forgot that they’re important, because Tortorella wont give them the time of day if they f/ck up one time, and it’s bad. Kotalik a 4th liner? No. Lisin riding the pine? No. Maybe they arent working? But where is Drury’s benching? I dont see the numbers? Why is Kots sitting 4th line when Captain i dont do sh/t ever is sitting high up on the 2nd line? For what? Scoring?

    This team is a hypocritical joke.

  100. Mama- it already has been avery long time.

    Btw, someone mentioned Savard’s contract. I wouldn’t get too excited. He’ll be 39 at the end. In two years, when the new CBA is in place it may come back to bite them. It may allow for buy out. They will have to pay him $23.75 mln. Will Boston have that money? Or it may have to be on the books until the end. If the cap goes down, they might be in trouble. Ditto, btw with some long term deals in Detroit.
    Now, tell me how many contracts, and most importantly, at what age of a player we have beyond 2011-2012?

  101. Hank is NOT fine. I think he has the talent and ability to be great but he just hasn’t been. I can only listen to people blame lack of defense for so long. Eventually great goaltenders step up and dominate a game, carry their team to victory at least a few times. He hasn’t been awful but he sure hasn’t been anywhere near good enough. He seems to have the same problem he always did, only now its worse and its that he loses focus and concentration for chunks of the game. All goalies could benefit from more defensive help but if Hank isn’t going to get it then he needs to step up. This just is not the same KING, and all of the blame CANNOT fall on the defense. Its player accountability, everyone jumps on Drury and deservingly so but Hank needs to take some heat too.

  102. stuart,
    are you serious? at worst Staal is Rod Langaway. Do you even know who Rod Langway is?
    If Staal turns into Rod Langway consider the Rangers really lucky. Rod Langway, very funny.

  103. Remember how much it would suck when the teacher made the whole class stay late after school because one kid was being a dumbass?

    I am getting really sick of Tortorella punishing the entire team to teach one player a lesson. Last night he nails Kotalik to the bench all game long, despite the fact that he’s the ONLY guy on the team who’s one-timer from the circle on the PP can consistently beat a goalie.

    Two nights ago, he plays with 11 forwards on the second of back-to-back nights, when the team had gotten into town at 3 am.

    There was a game last year in Atlanta where he benched Zherdev in the third period and OT, and then refused to use him in the shootout. Four Rangers were stopped, and Atlanta won the game.

    Sargeant Torts had better have some brilliant psychological instincts. We’d better see Kotalik, Lisin, and whoever else gets his Scarlet Letter play out of their minds for the rest of the year once they get back to regular shifts. Otherwise he’s just hurting his team’s chances of winning on any given night.

    Say what you will about Renney, he would never make such rash, counter-productive decisions.

  104. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    Lets package Gabby, Drury, LundQ and Prospal for 3rd round draft picks and the teams entire third and fourth lines.

    I call this the WE GIVE UP package. It’s a steal. This team as it is will turn it around. they will be better than .500. Yes we are all very frustrated. Yes so are the players. you can read it on their faces and hear it in their interviews. I dont believe for a second that they dont want to win and they dont try. I think they are still a little lost and out of sync with each other in this system. Mistakes will continue to be made. Mistakes are made even in the SC final game by the champs… relax, its a game, love them or hate them, they are the 09-10 NYR! Give up if you like or need to but some of you sound like debbies and fishsticks fans..
    Their work will pay off soon enough. I think they play very hard for 40-50 minutes. That was a very good game last night. For whatever reason, the team stopped playing with a combined effort somewhere in the third period. Might have been sooner, but i was already finished with my second bottle of wine. like i said I enjoyed the game last night. Gabby is unstoppable force when he feels it. I havent seen him take a game or period off yet. maybe a shift here or there, but i will give him that. I see this team differently i guess. Sure there are weak links that should be stronger and yes there are glaring areas that will need to be addressed. No matter what though, I/we win and lose with them. If I werent watching hockey for 82+ games a season, what else would i do? What else would you do? think back to the lockout year…

  105. 4gen,
    I think you hit on the problem with Lundquist, and that is he is staying to far back in his net. He has always played deep in his net, but i think the league has adjusted to that. He needs to come out a little further, on top of the crease more.

  106. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    bull dog line, do you have drunk-glasses on when you watch the guy in 18 (on the rangers) play hockey? I was just recently at a game and he’s our steadiest defenseman when redden isnt there.

    you need to get the hell off of staal and focus on the guy in the net who let a hilarious backhand goal in 11 seconds after a faceoff and then collapses in confidence after.

  107. detroit won without an elite goalie but with onlu about 6 HOFamers on the team. Of course you can win the cup without a mega stuf gaolie if your team is totally loaded….

    that team is not the rangers. on the rebuild front or not rebuilding this year. who cares. no one thinks this team is winning the cup this year even if they were playing better..

    they have some talent in the system, years ago they had no talent in the system. they have so many good young d men over the next 3 years they will have to trade some of this excess talent…….that is a startling comment.

    cherapanov was not a minor prospect but ther 1st pick, he would have been 20 this yr. he died and the rangers got what the 32nd pick as compentsation…..a scoring starved team lost there best young prospect, you think it may have some negative affect???????

    my only problem with Trots is not the system etc. he is smarter then me but how he is using the likes of; lisin, kotalik, voros, boyle, byers etc……they cannot score so why tie up 3 spots with stiffs!!!!!!!!

    voros is $1 mill a yr. bury him in hartford already.. the guy has 9 shots on goal for the year………………….
    the rangers only try young guys when they have absolutely no other option.

    btw some good news; gilroy, DZ, and anisimov look pretty good and should continue to improve for years…………

  108. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    and i said it very, very explicitly in my post.

    “I just really think Lundqvist is the person that is the center of this debacle. He just gets owned high, glove side or blocker side, Allaire cant seem to teach him to cut the angles and come out of his crease.”

    Is that not explicit?

  109. bulldog line.. mark staal is real good and young. I know who rod langway is I watched him play with the canadiens and the caps….I have been watching hockey for about 30 years or more………

    the staal goal 2 nights ago, that was a move that most cannot make. if you want 20 goals a year, staal is not your man but he also is not 2 goals a year, and he can play a ton of minutes and shutdown good offensive players.

  110. 4gen,
    I ask you, what is it you think Staal is now, and what do you think he is going to turn into. I’m sorry, I just do not see a super star Dman, I see an average player.

  111. Yep. I really don’t see any accountability to players with the name Drury, Rozsival or Higgins held accountable. Only Lisin, Kotalik or Avery are the subjects of accountability. You want a tough as nails team then you send a serious message. Bench the captain, bench the underachieving Dmen. I just don know why thus doesn’t happen here. Other teams do it – why can’t the Rangers? Is it in Drurys contract not to be benched? It just seems they have their whipping boys that they like to pick on & that’s it.

  112. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    i dont see a superstar, i see a good defenseman in the making.

    get the picture dude.

  113. Jlone- love the spirits! I’m with you. You forgot to mention the kids. We’ve been saying, bring on the kids for years. Here they are. This team to me is much more enjoyable to watch than last’s year. I’ve said it many times. And I’ll be at as many games this year as my schedule permits. Geez, I’m getting into the bad habits of writing my posts longer than Mike’s. Must be viral…
    GTG teach the students. Later.

  114. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    It’s okay MAKO, Im just glad other people see the retardation of what’s going on here. People are struggling, sit them. Higgins struggles………

    …………..power play time?

    What the f*ck?

  115. stuart, and 4 gen,
    Are you ready to give Staal the big contract that is coming his way?
    I hope you are both right, because Staal is proud to wear the Ranger blue, and that is important.

  116. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    bull dog line, like, i dont get it. What is it that you do not see? He’s 22? He’s pretty damn good at that age? Do you want to trade him away, or let him walk, like the isles did with Chara? Do you really want to make a mistake like that? Do you really want to see Marc Staal in another jersey producing points? Maybe giving the guy a chance and not hog tying him and throwing him under a fast moving train would be a good start dude.

    I know you have high expectations but the fact is that he’s 22! I’m 21 years old, i think i know how good a guy that’s a year older than me, playing for the New York Rangers in MSG every night. Get your finger off the trigger with this guy, he hasnt even had somebody to teach him the smoothness, the calmness of the game from the back end as a mentor

    but still, he’s 22, and on our top defensive line, and he’s garbage.

    Yes. fully prepared to sign Staal up for a long time. And buy Drury and Rozsival out.

  117. This team will never be good or having a chance to be good until the three big dead weight contracts are gone and the rangers have cap space to bring in better talent.

  118. 4gen,
    A couple of things, I do not think Staal is garbage, he is a nice player nothing special.
    I do not want to trade him for the sake of trading him. The Rangers need an awful lot of help, and putting Staal in a trade may bring back a substantial package. The same with Lundquist. I do not want to give him away, but if you can change the look of this team, I would do it. OK Dude.

  119. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    i may be nit-picking, but dont you think for somebody who’s on your favorite team, you could spell his last name right, Lundqvist? I mean, if youre really so OD with going off on staal as not being special then why bastardize who we do have that does seemingly have something special, in lundqvist?

    Do you call Staal ‘Stall’ or ‘Stahl?’

    I just kind of think the level of caring about the team in general seems to lack when you spell the starting goaltenders name incorrectly every time it’s said. Just saying.

  120. 4gen

    I understand in wanting to kick start a player & give them quality ice time & Higgins has been playing better – getting chance etc. But sometimes coaches need to instill that feeling of uncertainty of “s*** if I don’t step it up, I’m gonna sit” NO PLAYER should ever get a free pass. I’m sure if AO played like garbage for a few games straight BB would bench him.

    Kotalik is 3rd in scoring on the team, has a bomb from the blue line, his +/- should have no effect on if he sits or not. He’s been bounced all over the place, played on the 4th line a bunch of times… So what do they expect?!?! Higgins is a -10 & Drury is a -7.

    I’m giving Dru a pass since he came back from being concussed but after the next couple of games, sorry pal…. You better start eating your pay check & act like a captain. I never see him argue calls. Prospal does…. ?!

  121. Whatsup Guys i Dont really post stuff i just mostly read but i was wondering if you fans could answer a couple of questions i have.

    1) Is there anyway the rangers could get Brayden Shenn because hes not even signed by LA so it seems there not that intrested in him and this guy was the 5th overall pick in the draft is their anyway the rangers could trade for this guy.

    2) if you got to and go to rumors under nhl section it says goalie changing in new york if the rangers are stupid enough to trade lundqvist who might they be able to get for him.

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