Pens 5, Rangers 2 in review


I don’t even know where to begin. Do you?

The company line is that the Rangers  played a lot better, that they did a lot of good things. You know what? They did. Much better than the two disasters that preceeded it. Of course, it would have been hard to match those two performances.

Defensively, until very late in the game, they were pretty good. Michal Rozsival had another nightmare game. He made a crazy, over-aggressive move off the center-ice faceoff after the first Gaborik goal, and when Marc Staal couldn’t out-battle Bill Guerin, Roszival was way out of position for … none other than Sid the Kid. 1-1.

Then Rozsival misplayed a simple 3-on-2 into the Rupp goal, the winner, and one that Henrik Lundqvist has to stop. I also think that Lundqvist is getting tired of answering the question: “Do you wish you had that one back?”

Bottom line: If the Rangers play the way they played the first two periods, most nights they’ll be OK. It remains fact that on most nights they will be out-skilled by the opponent, unless somehow guys like Drury and Higgins and Callahan suddenly figure out how to score goals. Defensively they are still messy, and part of that is the young guys, part of it is Rozsival having an awful season. But part of that, too, is the system they play.

Aggressive is great to watch, but you’d better have some horses, or what’s the point? This was my main defense of Renney last year. I don’t think he was Scotty Bowman or even Roger Neilson, and I think his shelf-life was up … but I defended the idea that he played a style he had to play with the hand he was dealt. Those Rangers didn’t have enough offense, so they played defense. These Rangers don’t have enough offense, but play Safe is Death. Well, sometimes safe is good. Sometimes, when you have Crosbys and Malkins on the other side, safe is necessary.

Here are the official game summary and event summary.


I know they showed it on MSG, but did you guys see this crazy injury to Florida goalie Tomas Vokoun?

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  1. Great recap carp. You definitely hit it on the head. Especially after the second goal, I couldn’t complain. I saw the Hartford Wolfpack on the screen when the goal was scored and thought, “Eh, I hope they learned their lesson!”

    And on the lundqvist thing….sooooooo…Sweden must have other goalies….would you start lundqvist in goal for your country? His bad play may be a gift in disguise. Just Saying!

  2. RetireBradPark's#2 on

    I’ve fallen in love with “Rangers in 60”.

    I get to see them lose in high-def in less than half the time, then I can go back to life.

    Great game, Hank.

  3. I think when you play teams like the Pens, you need to play a defensive first game. Especially if you score the 1st goal.

    I was truly annoyed at Joe Mich when he was going over that play where Crosby scored the Pens first goal. He mentions how Stall went over to Guerin and that left a lot of room for Crosby. Man, I cannot stand Joe Micheletti. Rozsival was at fault and he really needs to be scratched from this team. Why is Lisin being targeted? This team will never change, they never have a problem benching/scratching the young guys. But, let these overpaid vets make mistakes time and time again, with no repercussion.

  4. The Rangers’ schedule in December could really bring this team crashing down fast. The schedule is brutal with 2 games each against Buffalo, the Isles, and Flyers. Plus Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta and Florida. Ouch. If we can’t figure out a way to score some goals (other than #10), this might get really ugly.

  5. I was at the game so I haven’t reviewed the game thread but as much thrill as I got when Gabby put up the team 1-0 all that feelng was let out of the balloon after the Pens tied it. Even after the Rangers tied it 2-2 I had a feeling that it was a matter of time before the Pens struck again.

    I dunno what to say that even rhetorically makes sense but Mike Rupp and hat trick should never be uttered in the same sentence let alone the same box score. I’m sorry for being so rash but I have a nagging thought that Lundqvist = overexposed. He still makes bIg saves like the first 40 mins but he did the team no favors in the 3rd.

    Moving on, I was at Warren 77 afterwards, Avery/Voros and a youngster were there. Avery is a nice enough guy, a little rushed because of his fame. Voros is a chill guy, I actualy complimented him on being a trooper that was willing to drop the gloves when needed. I asked him if it hurt when you got into a fight or if it was all adrenaline. He said you don’t feel a bleeping thing. The youngster was less personable but was still willing to do a photo.

  6. Wayne Gretzky was at the Garden tonight, he got to see this mess first hand. So did NYC Mayor Mike Blomberg

  7. Someone previously mentioned that they hope the Rangers don’t waste Gaborik’s years and find better people to play around him ..

    Yeah, good luck with that … this is the same team that wasted years of Gretzky … who did he have on his wing again … Sundstrom?


  8. In two years when Drury’s off the books, we can get a real #1 center to play with Gaborik… Let’s hope!

  9. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    OK, here it goes…

    HA I didn’t laurel!

    Thanks for thinking of me, and yes poor me and my dvr’d game!

    Yes, we play this week!

    cool about aves and voros!

    I am not trying to be disrespectful at all here (and sorry for your loss and for yours as well rabid), but everyone’s dog dies ONCE!

    Wrong bourque, we still have ours!

    I love crepes

    The game assessment
    Sorry folks, but brash didn’t do a bad job at all with his increased ice time (playing hockey I mean)…I’ve said it since the lockout, Rozy sucks….Hey, henrik, how’s it going ya sieve… time to send girardi, higgins, and hank to detroit for franzen, kronwall, and osgood (hell is my dream holmstrom also), now would probably be a good time to try and trade for ballard from florida slatipuss!

  10. Reposting this

    This might have been the most pathetic excuse for a Rangers team I have ever watched in person. With the exception of Gaborik, Avery, Del Zotto, Gilroy and to an extent Sanguinetti(because he cant be blamed in his 2nd NHL game) this team should be absolutely embarrassed to call them selves professionals.

    Lundqvist couldnt save a beach ball, Staal and Girardi havent hit somebody in 2 years, and Drury is a joke of a captain, Higgins is clearly being paraded as trade bait, Rosival is Poti x10 (atleast Poti never made 5.5 mill and dare I say I would rather have Malik right now than Rosival).

    A 19 year old Del Zotto is the only Ranger defensman who had the nuts to hit Malkin and Crosby? Not one person went after Guerin or Crosby for starting with Gaborik? They might as well start prepping for when someone takes a cheap shot at Gaborik and hes IR’d for the ret of the season.

    Should I even start with Torts? Forget about the goltending choices from Friday and Saturday… But really Brashit on the “2nd line” all night over Kotalik on the 4th line and a benched Lisin? Higgins getting more ice time than Gaborik practically? He is on his way to TSN’s booth again so fast he has no idea. For the record I wanted Renny gone, but I also wanted Peter Lavilioette.

  11. WOW…

    can we please get a new goalie coach? i mean… 5th year in the league and Hank still has the same high glove problems! wtf?

    Mike flipping Rupp with a hat trick?? tell me i’m dreaming…

    im beginning to get annoyed with Torts and his stupid a$$ benching of players…accountability is good but i just dont see how benching of two offensive minded players is beneficial for the team that is struggling to score goals? besides…the benching dont seem to get any response from the team anyway…

    and please can someone give some fashion advise to Torts? lol he was killing me with that shirt and a tie! We have two “fashionista” on the team aka Hank and Sean… cant they donate some of their clothes to Torts? lol

  12. Very disappointed in the team thus far. Maybe we should start double shifting Marion? For whatever reason Henrik just doesn’t seem as focused as in seasons past…….

  13. Spot on Carp Agree with your post 100%
    “Aggressive is great to watch, but you’d better have some horses, or what’s the point? This was my main defense of Renney last year. I don’t think he was Scotty Bowman or even Roger Neilson, and I think his shelf-life was up … but I defended the idea that he played a style he had to play with the hand he was dealt. Those Rangers didn’t have enough offense, so they played defense. These Rangers don’t have enough offense, but play Safe is Death. Well, sometimes safe is good. Sometimes, when you have Crosbys and Malkins on the other side, safe is necessary”. Carp Larry Brooks said the following before last night’s game ” The Rangers aren’t good enough to withstand common play from their uncommonly excellent goaltender. If this is a slump, so be it, but if there are technical corrections to be made in his game, they need to be made immediately. Brooks further states ” Tortorella joined the Rangers preaching ” It’s not about defense, it’s not about the defensive zone,” before amending his mantra. The problem is his team has apparently taken him at his original word, for the blueshirts enter tonight’s match ranked 24th in the NHL in goal-against average. Brooks continues in saying ” The Rangers have no presense in front of their own net-how exactly do we know that Lundqvist isn’t feeling the effect of being smashed down repeatedly by marauding forwards?-and no clue in their own end, where they habitually chase both the puck and opponents. Tom Renney had his flaws as a coach, but beginning with 2005-06, the Blueshirts ranked fourth, ninth, fifth and sixth, respectively, in team team defense.” Sorry for these long quotes but they are important. I don’t think its a matter of the the team not buying into Torts system but their inability to play it. We just don’t have the team that Tortorells had when he won the Stanley Cup. Along with his other picadillos he may not be the long term coach the Rangers need; Simply the coach needs to employ a system suitable to the talent he has as opposed to forcing a system thay can’t play.

  14. The Rangers need a shake up, something has to happen to change this team before its to late, i know not much can be done but anything would be nice to see at this point…just very ugly. Also im sick of the same press conference quotes, enough already its like a broken record after every game it would be nice to see some fire from someone please.

  15. Sorry “picadillos” should be “peccadillos” in my earlier post. It is getting late. It’s a shame we don’t have the Lundqvist of (2) years ago. He would really give comfort to a very fragile young, leaderless, and directionless team.

  16. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Does anyone believe that Drury’s best days are behind him?
    I think when he leaves NY, he’ll play his ass off and win a cup.
    There’s seems to be a no urgency to win in NY.
    Maybe ts the money, maybe its playing in NY with all the distractions of being a pro athlete with all its perks, maybe its all the Ranger community service that is a distraction.

    Without naming names( we know who’s under performing)there’s a handful of players playing well .
    I don’t believe in the crap of the team being young and let’s all wait for the dynasty to begin in ? When the home grown talent suddenly become NHL greats.
    Where’s the veteran leadership?
    Where’s the leadership from the GM?
    Dolan may have a hands off policy and butt out of sather’s running the club, which if its true is the crux of the problem, there’s no pressure or fear of sather losing his job.
    There are times when the players are all out of position, slow and out muscled.
    What’s coach doing?
    But you can’t always blame the coach when the talent simply isn’t there.Wait all you want for the home grown kids to grow up.
    And when the team is bad the goal tending will be bad as well. Do you really expect Hank to hold the Pens to one goal while gaborik scores the only Ranger goals?

    And I have to blame Dolan.. just look at the Knicks.

    I hope the NHL and the panthers fine and suspend Ballard for his hissy fit that injured Vakoun, totally bush league.

  17. Disturbing new trend: Bullying Gaborik. Did you see Crosby go after Gabby late in the game? If anyone touches Gabby, one of the 4 slouches that skates with Gabby has to go apes**t. Avery or Prospal have to start throwing right away. Hank is crapping the bed before our eyes, the defense has collapsed, and now the only player worth a damn on this team is getting beat up by Crosby?!?!?!?

    No way.

  18. CW-you are dreaming. These pussies don’t care if Gabby or Lundqvist gets bullied. I saw the in 60. I guess Lundqvist didn’t do anything to work on his high glove side weakness. The word is out. Avg. goalie with only 1 guy to pop the net. I know it’s early and Pitt was in 10th place last February, but it looks like it’s going to be a long season.

    Real quick-who can name last years #1 draft choice?

  19. Torts has balls, he sits Lisin, Dubi, Higgins, etc. when he’s not happy with em. What happens when Redden comes back? How many more battles does Rozi have to lose before he sits? Awful last season, sucks again this year and still leads the team in minutes? Come on Torts, sit the bum.

  20. If Marc Staal is going to be the defencemen that your D is built around, he has to be tougher to play against. Teams fly down his side continually. What are they thinking, I won’t go down Staal side, he’s going to poke check me. The D problems all start with him, and right no he is awful. MDZ has added some physical play to his game, Staal needs to as well. This is his 3rd full year, and he is still as soft as a pillow. I know there lots of excuses for him. Crosby’s first goal, it was not his fault he was out of posistion,
    and on Rupp’s winning goal, it wasn’t his fault he was to slow to read the play. Fix Staal, to fix the D.

  21. True fans bleed RW&B on

    Lundqvist is in net for Sweden, some of you lack hockey sense or functioning melons. Hank could be better, should be, but who’s the best goalie in the nhl… Miller? Idk, anyone playing awesome. Put them in net for the rangers and do you expect a different outcome or record?! Maybe 1, 2 wins (and the games valli played). This team sucks, and you see that when you look at valli’s 3.75 GAA and 852 SV%!
    Please stop this ‘whoa is us, lundqvist sucks’ you’re just showing how inept you are.

  22. True fans bleed RW&B on

    A loss really sends some of you scatter-brains huh?
    Redden is one of the smallest problems on this team, actually, he’s been better than Rozi, staal and girardi. Those 3 plus ‘the captain’ Higgins, kotalik, a ridiculous goon (brashear) and 1million wasted on a guy like voros epitomizes this teams failures over the past decade. Over paid, under performing, vet’s who don’t seem to care. I hope Mrs. Drury backs the clutchmobile right over Mr. Drury’s foot putting him on the IR.

  23. I am alright with the Rangers losing games when the young guys are learning the pro game. It is what happens with young teams. I am willing to take those lumps because this team isn’t good enough to win the cup, so why not let the guys mature. What I am NOT happy with is the soft play and total lack of toughness!!! If you are going to die, die with your boots on!! This is where Torts needs to do something and earn that check!!

  24. Lundqvist is too worried about his next photo shoot. What a disgrace. I can accept a loss, but to lose without showing any heart or care, that is pathetic. Tortorella better be on his knees every night praying for his job.

    All he knows how to do is point fingers, yes, the players are at fault, but it is the coaches duty to try and bring the best out of his players and tweek the system to them. He is doing an awful job at that and this isnt going to last too long. Something has to give, and as we all know, it is usually the coach to go first.

    Hate to say it, but we might as well take a picture of Gabotiks face, put it on the front of our jerseys and change or name to the New York Gaboriks…………Because it looks like he is the only one on the ice trying.


  25. Too bad if Lundqvist is tired of being asked about the plethora of back breaking goals he lets in. Then don’t let them in! An elite goalie makes the important saves. Even when the Rangers scored 8 goals against Columbus, Lundqvist let in 4 goals.

  26. Whenever I read the comments here, I often wonder if anyone would have the nuts to say this to a Rangers face to face. Writers are out there and face these guys all the time. But I wonder if anyone would go up to Hank and tell him he was heartless? Maybe after you get their autograph…..

  27. is anybody happy with exciting, up tempo hockey?? yea!! when u win some of the games!!!! and not watching your d men loaf around the ice out of position to do anything but stand there and watch your “all county goalie” get beat with the same shot multiple times a game!! is it me, or does anybody here just only get excited about scoring a goal when gabby is on the ice? i can almost fall asleep until its his shift to start watching again, cuz not only will we not score, but we will not even get a good chance, unless its higgins ripping a 15 footer off the crossbar and both posts. not even any hitting!! or any real hard hits. only boyle layed out somebody last night. a good open ice hit, havent seen anybody do that in awhile.

    p.s. ilb- haha u thought i was gonna leave you hangin with that tiny post?? no way man. lets go rangers!!! fire sather!!

  28. I have taken a new approach to watching these games recently. I go in to in expecting to lose, and I don’t change my mind until the final buzzer sounds. So, even if we take a lead, I don’t get excited, or do a fist pump or anything. So if after 60, we actually win, I smile a little smile. go scoop out some some ice cream, and move on to the next thing. Much easier that way. Teams don’t even really have to “Shadow” Gabby. They know that if they play mediocre defense and keep the rest of our team moderately in check, that even if Gabby score, nobody else will.

    That is what is on the dry erase board of every team we play. Kind of watch Gabby, play mediocre D against the rest of the team, and shoot high glove on Hank=Win.

  29. Sweden better find another goaltender or they are not going to sniff the medal round. Hank has been down right brutal this year. He’s let in way too many softies. That shot by Sid the Kid should never have gone into the net.

  30. Nasty, I’d just go straight to the ice cream. Don’t even bother with scooping, get some soft serve. Lundqvist can get that for you, he’s become an expert at serving up softies.

  31. i’ve been waiting for the wrecking ball for a few weeks now…


    disgusting. at this point i could care less who they trade. I just want talent on this team and there is absolutely none.

    wake me up when slats gets the axe. i’ll see you all next year.

  32. It is going to be a long December. I was supposed to get half a season ticket plan, but it fell through. I am happy about it now. I was bummed for a while, but now it is the best thing that could have happened. I will just buy a watch with the money I had saved for that. Maybe a nice new TAG Carrera Day/Date.

  33. Sweden will not play such a weak d game in front of Henrik.

    The system is flawed,tighten it up,fast.
    We are stuck with this team,i just hope we are out of the playoff race far enough so that sather dosent think he can buy his way into the first round(followed by a quick exit).

  34. nyrcc
    December 1st, 2009 at 9:39 am

    I think thats what we should look forward to

  35. @domi only if we can manage to keep the bed on a nightly basis. you know if we even get close to the playoffs slats is going to try to buy his way into the 8th seed just so the dolans make money on an extra 2 home games.

    we need a fire sale.

    i dont care who we trade. as long as it isn’t gabby or mdz, i could care less. just pull the plug already.

    there’s no talent here, its a team filled with role players who are being asked by torts to play above their comfort and skill set on a nightly basis.

  36. As I said in the last post, Drury actually played really well with the puck. It’s a shame one of the few games he’s had where he’s played hard and looked good offensively went to waste.

    Also the 1st goal should’ve been stopped. Rozy did the right thing. He stepped up to Crosby in the neutral zone for a hit and pushed the puck back. Problem was Guerin fired it right back up and Rozy isn’t fast enough to get back. You can blame him all you want, but that is exactly what Torts wants his d-men to do. Only problem is that Crosby is 10x faster than Rozy. If that was DZ or Gilroy, he wouldn’t have had the semi breakaway.

    Which brings me to another point, I love Torts, but his #1 flaw is the fact that he sticks to his guns. Sometimes its great, but when you see you have a team that isn’t the best on the backline, you should know they need help from the forwards, especially when the forwards are a group of lazy players. I’m interested to see if he makes any tactical adjustments rather than just benching players, some of which whom don’t deserve it.

  37. There’s so little value on the players though that you’d want to sell. Eventually they’ll have to throw the baby out with the bath water and trade someone you don’t want to trade with someone that really needs to go.

    The problem then becomes whether you trust Sather to fill in the holes with the right player. They will potentially have some money coming off the books if they were to let virtually all of their FA walk (Higgins, Lisin, Giardi, Prospal, Valiquette). It’s offset by the amount they might have to give to lock up Staal. If they can clear up more space then I’d immediately get on the phone with Chicago. They have a huge cap crunch situation coming up and will likely have to sell some pretty good assets to retain some of their core players.

  38. The Rangers backed away from Rupp on his second goal like he had the plague!! Horrible play! Are they brain dead?

    The Rangers have declared the area in front of their net a NO-HIT zone, and the opposition has reacted accordingly.

  39. CT, nothing posted here has depressed me as much as what you told me about warren. You must have missed TR? He’s usually there Mondays. Sigh. And to top it all off, it’s December.

  40. i’d like to add this:

    lundqvist not only has to stop the second rupp goal

    but what about the first crosby goal? short side high on a backhand from that angle? that absolutely killed any momentum the rangers had, not to mention any confidence they had after that first goal

    that’s when i knew this was going to be a loss

    lundqvist just can’t come up with the big save anymore (other than the staal shorthanded breakaway, where staal shot it right into his feet)

  41. Jonny, there was a couple of plays where I shocked to see that it was Drury that made it. He had a nice dangle on a rush up ice and it was probably the first time I’ve seen him do anything of that sort.

    The positives from last night is that their passing looked a lot better than any of their other recent games. They still need finishers though. And I don’t know if any of the other guys getting top 6 minutes are magically going to find a scorer’s touch.

  42. Just kidding.

    “Lundqvist is in net for Sweden, some of you lack hockey sense or functioning melons”

    Didn’t Lundqvist get benched last summer while playing for Sweden ? Could happen again. Maybe the Monster will steal his spot.

    I think Benny does need to get fired. You couldn’t blame Renney for the way Hank played because we had no D, and no scoring. But we have scoring, the D is almost the same, but Hank cant make a save to save his future daughters virginity.

    It’s time to send a message to both Hank, and Vally.

  43. Call me crazy, but as I said last year about Dubinsky:


    With the current Rangers, I see a great opportunity to be a dominant team in two years. Rozi and Dreary will be off the books.

    I would trade Henke. Wait til the deadline (or shortly before) and if Hank hasn’t completely gone to s***, trade him for some serious youth. OR, look to ATL. Henke for Kovylchuck and Lethonin may not be a bad deal either. Mayba a Colby Armstrong thrown in. . . .

    I hate to say it, but Henke isn’t nearly as good as his reputation. And before that rep is tarnished, the NYR should move him.

  44. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    So my HOPE for ending the month on a high note is gone.

    Gaborik is elite, and wont surprise me if he leads the league in goals at the end of the year, it will jsut be a shame as NO ONE ELSE is scoring

    PS one highlight from als tnight, Gabby is the first player in the NHl this year to hit the 20 goal mark

    4 days off till Buffalo game

    Who do you think Sather gets rid of? Becasue you KNOW he’s nto goign to sit and do nothing

    Like or not, and right or wrong, someomes getting traded and or demoted.

    And I cant beleive Im actually saying this, but I miss Redden!

    Ive said it beofre too, I fI were Hank, Glove side high is THE ONLY THING I AM PRACTICING for the next 4 days.

    Dec & jan there are a total of 29 games

    I’d dya an honest assesment is we have to win at least 15 of those to even stay in the point race with the entire conference.

    what a long two months its gonna be

  45. Hank blows, but im not willing to trade him. Capable goaltenders are hard to find in the NHL. The last decent goalie NYR had was Richter. The team needs to send this guy a message, that’s all.

    No need to dump him though. Doesn’t he have a NTC anyway ?

  46. Gaborik gets hurt and this team goes down faster than a sailboat in the middle of a Cat-5 hurricane

  47. Right now they’re getting 50% of the points available after 27 games. 94-95 points will usually get you into the playoffs. To get 94 points, the Rangers will need to get about 61% of the remaining points (110) available.

  48. Unless you are getting Ovechkin in return, you don’t trade Hank. With more scoring and a couple more sets of “marbles” we win some of these games that we are losing. Not the drubbings, but you know what I mean. Hank has not been great this year, but neither has the team.

  49. cwgatti,
    In order change the team in a fast and big way they would have to trade one of there high value players. So I agree with you that hank is one player to consider trading. The others are Staal, Calli, and Dubi. In a package 2 or more of these guys could bring in quite a hall, and change the look of this awful team. Of course in any trade involving these guys, you would have to force Higgins, or Rozie on the other team.

  50. This team is going to stay in the hunt, because the teams that we are competing with for 7-8th place are not leaps and bounds better than us, although IMO they are better. My prediction is that we will continue to be a win 2, lose 3 kind of a team for the rest of the season.

  51. You guys are insane … Hank Landycakes can definitely win a Stanley Cup. Look at what Richter Scale did in ’94 … the rest of the time he wasn’t that special.

  52. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOWEEEEEEEEEEE what’s up with that, what’s up with that? WHOOOOOOOOOOOWEEEEEEEEEEE what’s up with that, what’s up with that?


  53. Yes, Rosy Cheeks has to go … he is the definition of weaksauce. WTF was he smoking on that second PITT goal last night? … When he goes to the john, does he even know where to find his …

  54. I definitely agree that Hank can win us a cup. And they are not going to trade him. No way do I see it happening.

  55. Based on my required winning percentage, and Mikey’s estimation of 15 wins, they need to go 15-9-5 or 15-8-6 over Dec and Jan to keep on pace for 94/95 points.

  56. I am down on Hank too this year, but we put any goalie in our net, and we give up the chances we are giving up, we are not going to win many games.

  57. You are kidding now Orr, but I got a fealing that if this keeps up much longer it will be fact. I don’t think Torts is in Sathers good book, like Renney was. I could be wrong, but I don’t think Sather will sit back and do nothing as long as he did with Renney.

  58. ORR !! What Is It Good For ?!?!
    December 1st, 2009 at 10:28 am

    The interesting thing about reading this post is that you could justify it. The reasoning would be the same as the circumstances that got him fired from Tampa.

  59. Hank could only win the cup if he didn’t get many shots, and thats not going to happen with this team. He has gotten steadly worse since Torts took over. I think its because he is getting more good quality shots with Torts system. Last night he let in at least two he should have had. Granted on one Rozi misplayed a little, but basically Rozi just gave him the shooter. Hank saw the shot all the way but he failed to stop it because it was up high and Hank is weak up high. I am sure he has all the goods to be great, but for some reason he doesn’t coach well, or he’s not coached well. I have no idea what the problem is , but he has been like this for a while now, and for this team to win he has to be better.

  60. You guys are crazy if you wanna trade LQ. His slow start is just on par with the rest of the team ( gabby & vinny not included ) again he has a mound of pressure on him AND the players in front of him are NOT doing their jobs. They will never trade LQ. Unless he has a down right awful few seasons in a row ( which won’t happen ) look at Price & Threeormore. They will find their way back to winning again.

  61. Mike Rupp 8 goals at $825,000 a yr …. Drury, Callahan, Higgins=7 COMBINED at $11,600,000 a yr combined

  62. We have missed Redden for sure. The guy has not and never will convince me that he is or ever was worth what he is getting paid now, but he has earned my respect for bouncing back this year and being pretty solid for us.

  63. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    I can’t understand how the mantra is “attack, attack attack” and “safe is death” but 3 on 3 the defense backs in ALL THE WAY. Hank should’ve stopped it but still… that one play epitomizes the season…

    These guys can’t handle that system.

  64. Marian Gaborik is literally the only thing keeping the New York Rangers from being a lottery pick team.

  65. tony from AZ….I thought it was Carol Vadnais that hit JD’s leg or achilles. I can’t find anything on the web aboot it. Sounds like a job for THE MOUTH.

  66. RUPP with a HAT TRICK? DISGRACEFUL – you treat a 2 on 2 as a 1 on 1 – which means you HIT the idiot coming down the ice – that is what we teach D men from mites on up – What a disgrace.

    GABBY gets PUNCHED? YOU HAD BETTER send a message quick on THAT – and not with Avery – with someone who can battle. What was the NYR response? NOTHING ….

    HANK is fine – needs a better D core in front of him – Staal screens him on the 2nd Rupp shot because MR cant skate, hit, shoot, ANYTHING!

    This team better pull there heads out of their ASS and get it in gear – at least TRY for 60 minutes – not 40!

  67. AND … some of the blame falls on Torts – he needs to put together a system that THIS team can win with – That is good coaching – not forcing players to do things that they are not able to do!

  68. I’d like to see the fans ask for refunds for their season tickets. Send a message to management that can’t be missed. What a waste of time this team is. Wow.

  69. RUPP with a HAT TRICK? DISGRACEFUL – you treat a 2 on 2 as a 1 on 1 – which means you HIT the idiot coming down the ice – that is what we teach D men from mites on up – What a disgrace.

    GABBY gets PUNCHED? YOU HAD BETTER send a message quick on THAT – and not with Avery – with someone who can battle. What was the NYR response? NOTHING ….
    HANK is fine – needs a better D core in front of him – Staal screens him on the 2nd Rupp shot because MR cant skate, hit, shoot, ANYTHING! This team better pull there heads out of their ASS and get it in gear – at least TRY for 60 minutes – not 40!

    Torts has to share some of the blame here – he needs to put in place a system that he and the team can do well with – with the players he HAS NOW. They cant keep up this system if no-one can score other than Gabby AND Hank is getting no help up front.

    I find it interesting that I am already seeing the fire Torts posts – last year I was defending Renny because he at least was implementing a system that he could at least win with. Here we have the opposite effect – and now, the team is struggling. Torts is a very good coach – but if he were truly great, he would understand that these players CANT run his system – so he needs to CHANGE it!

  70. Hank is NOT fine. I think he has the talent and ability to be great but he just hasn’t been. I can only listen to people blame lack of defense for so long. Eventually great goaltenders step up and dominate a game, carry their team to victory at least a few times. He hasn’t been awful but he sure hasn’t been anywhere near good enough. He seems to have the same problem he always did, only now its worse and its that he loses focus and concentration for chunks of the game. All goalies could benefit from more defensive help but if Hank isn’t going to get it then he needs to step up. This just is not the same KING, and all of the blame CANNOT fall on the defense. Its player accountability, everyone jumps on Drury and deservingly so but Hank needs to take some heat too.

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