Sid and the Pens, Round 2


Well, at least they won’t be giving away Penguins hats tonight (although they probably would if somebody offered them enough money).

To review: The Rangers have one regulation victory and two skills competition victories in their last nine games, and in that one regulation victory they scored seven goals and allowed four. They went 2-3 in that stretch of five games in eight nights (tonight makes six in 10). They allowed 13 goals in their last two.

To say tonight is an important test of character, let alone ability, is an understatement.

Larry Brooks wrote today that it’s time for Tortorella to show us something, too, and I agree.

Will it get ugly? With Matt Cooke suspended, that’s doubtful … unless the score gets lopsided again.

Here are the pregame notes. 

I’m getting in the car to drive through the rain from Syracuse. Wooohoooo!

See youse.

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  1. Carp, Boneheads, just a yes or no, with no reasons behind it, will the Rangers make the playoffs this year?

    I will start.

    No they will not.

    Sorry to be a downer, but I just don’t see us being consistent long enough this year to really gain any momentum.

    I know, way to start off on a high note, but I am just really embarrassed to be a fan of this team lately.

  2. Nasty 1
    I also say no.
    I’m going to add that if I remember correctly, the draft this year does’t look as good as last years so…just figures is all I’m sayin.

  3. Carped again-repost:

    November 30th, 2009 at 10:28 am

    Gotta miss tonight cause of work, but when I get home, I want to hear about how the Rangers really gave it to em. To me, the score doesn’t matter, I want this team to show that they’re not going to be run over by everybody. How can you be successful when you stand by and watch your goalie get wrecked and players go down with head injuries? I don’t want any smiles on the Pitt bench tonight. Old time hockey tonight.

  4. THE REAL MikeyNJ on


    I don’t want to admit it, but unless they get there sheet together and play inspired hockey for the entire month of December, it’s goign to be an uphill battle trying to get into the playoffs.

    And make no mistake, Dec is a tough month for us, Blackhawks, Philly, Isles twice, and more so tongiht start the true test of where this team wants to be

    Funny thing is, all the guys we thought weren’t goign to be good this year (Gabby, Prospal) have been playing great, its everyone else whose been sucking.

    I can accept all the rookie Dman mistakes, I’ve been pining for us to get some of our young guys onto the big club, so I have no problem with it.

    But again if Dec turns into an under 500 month, I just dont see us being able to catch the rest of the conference.

    So let s hope tongiht is the start of a winning stretch


    But as it stands right now, one more bad month and Sather will start making whatever moves he can.

  5. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    What difference does it make how they play tonight… if they come out and gut out a win they’ll revert back to their same old ways in the coming games…

    I’ve lost so much faith in this team that even a 5-0 blowout wouldn’t convince me that things are fine in Rangerland.

  6. I agree with what others have said. no they will not make the playoffs.

    the biggest reason, they are not tough enough. tough teams make the POs. teams that are down, but just keep coming in waves, clawing, scratching, fighting their way back into games.

    this team needs an overhaul. we need to dump the wussier players and bring up guys who
    1.) desperately want to play in the NHL and WANT to wear the NYR sweater
    2.) aren’t paid absolutely insane contracts and have no fear of being benched after a bad night on the ice
    3.) will stick up for one another. fighters fight, i know but when anisimov was cheapshotted by cooke, all remaining skaters should have come after cooke. not the next shift, not after cooke got out of the box, but IMMEDIATELY
    4.) players that will hit/bang on every shift. not starting the game hitting and then forgetting about it, hitting every shift.

    imagine how insane MSG would be if they had a team like this. if the dolans are solely interested in $$ (they most likely are) they should ice a team like this and they would be swimming in it. NY wants a tough, blue collar, SOB team that no one wants to play against. i am sure hank would appreciate it too!

  7. My 6 year old daughter predicted a 8-2 rangers loss the other night BEFORE the game started…BUT she said Rangers Win tonight 2-1.

    We’ll see…..

  8. Jlone/Bubblehead on

    A day in which the rangers play is better than any day in July or August. Cept the 4th and my bday.

  9. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    So per Gross:


    Lisin healthy scratch

    Wow, Im already getting that uneasy feeling in my stomach

    I like Avery on the top line, as he’s been playing well, but why Brashear on the 3rd line? To give cally and drury room to hide behind him?

    Un related note: but how do you guys and gals think Duby coming back will be? Think he’ll start lighting the lamp or jsut be average as he has been so far this season?

    I think he’s def gonna help, but has to get his ass in super high gear the second he returns

  10. THE REAL MikeyNJ

    Good question. I’m hoping we see the Dubi we saw in the first two or three games. When does he return anyway?

  11. Most people won’t agree with me, but the lack of toughness comes from our “star” players. Outside of Prospal, name one veteran leader that works his ass off every game…and you can’t. Drury has been better since he’s been back, especially offensively, but his defense has taken a hit. Callahan is a young assistant captain and he tries to go out there and hit, but he doesn’t do much else. Then guys like Kotalik and Gaborik barely play any defense. I love Gaborik’s offensive skills, but outside of his patented slash/stick check, he does next to nothing on defense. I know he’s a star and we pay him to score, but his effort on the defensive end is not good at all.

    Also I’m more concerned about their mental toughness rather than the physical toughness because they seem to have lost their way and forgot how to play the system correctly. I think a team that is mentally tough but maybe a bit weaker in regards to physicality can still be successful if they work hard. These guys worked hard for 2 weeks then died out.

    Plus the problem with this team isn’t the defenseman. It’s the forwards. I’ve said it since day 1, for this team to win they need to skate and skate hard for 60 minutes. The 1st 2 weeks of the year, thats what they did and they beat up on teams that were weaker and some of which that were good. Now without putting forth any real effort for more than 10 minutes a game, they are finding out (if they haven’t already), that they can’t win with just the talent they have.

    The players are skilled, but starting from Gaborik on down, 90% of the players on this team are weak mentally and very lazy. That is the biggest problem with this team and one that you can’t fix with good coaching.

  12. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    This team will be limp tonight if they arent the full team they were when they played against CBJ after the T.O.

    Team defense, Team toughness, Forecheck and winning small battles.

    That’s it. Simple as pie, yet harder than nanomechanics.

  13. Mikey – Dubi will help just because he’s one of the only guys we have that can hold onto the puck and keep it to add to the puck possession down low. Plus with his speed, he is a solid forechecker.

    However as I mentioned in my last post, his problem is his inconsistency to play the same game for more than a period. Sometimes he’s physical, other times not so much. Sometimes he skates hard all around the ice, other times he just kind of glides around for extended period of times. I know the kid gets tired, but there’s a difference between being tired and lazy and just like the rest of the team, he seems to have had more lazy moments than tired ones the last few games he played.

  14. In response to Nasty’s question, my head says no they won’t make the playoffs but my gut says they can scrape it together. I don’t think they’re a very good team by any stretch, but I’d still rather have the playoffs than no playoffs.

    Would a failure to make the playoffs prompt big changes in the front office and maybe on the ice? I don’t know. There are too many illiquid assets on the roster right now unless they consider the buy out option. Even if you bought out Drury/Redden/Rozi here’s the annual savings:

    10/11 5.28
    11/12 9.28
    12/13 6.66
    13/14 6.66
    But you’d have Redden taking up 1.91 until 2017/18.

    The saving grace for them right now is that the teams that are tightly packed with the Rangers in the standings aren’t setting the world on fire either with the exception of Atlanta (7-1-2 in their last 10). Even with 3 games in hand, Philly still has only 27 points and they were a team with Stanley Cup aspirations.

    I’m not expecting another 7-1-0 run, but I’d like to see a team that somewhat resembles that. Even a modest 3-0-2 stretch, or some streak where they pick up 70-75% of the points available puts them right back in the thick of things.

  15. So out of curiosity I looked at the league leaders this year in assists, particularly centers and then thought about who was available that could have fit in under the cap.

    Antropov, 23 GP, 2 G, 19 A.

    Ignore the Drury-like goal total, would you take Antropov over Kotalik+Boyle (appx equal cap hit)?

  16. beth

    how ya doin?


    I agree! I will never forget the rangers playing the wings in the mid 90’s and slava fetisov hit mess low in the knees behind the play along the boards and adam graves turned around at center ice and made a beeline for fetisov…ahh the good ol days when you stood up for a teammate no matter the game or the score (of course it was gravy as well, dude waa stud).

    Just thought of something, what if we could get eric staal from the canes???

    I hope we go medievil on the pens tonight, I don’t care if we win or not, just play nasty!

    OOPS, morning carp, sally, bubblehead, laurel, etc. have an anti-rozy d man day to all!!

  17. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Kotalik is our pointman, and antropov is playing with a team that has depth 3 lines deep. 2 goals and rangers fans would be calling for his head. No, i’d rather have Kotalik and big blowle.

  18. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    I always forget about Philly

    Sure they have two games in hand, but everyone and there mother in the press were touting them as a Stanley Cup caliber team

    And there tied with us and 3 other teams in points and the same exact record over the last 10 games

    That at least gives me some hope

    We still do have 57 games left in the season, long way to go

    I justlooked at this month and Jan’s schedule

    Dec we have 13 games
    Jan we have 16 games

    Feb is sparse cause of the Olympics

    So If we can get two SOLID months, and make no mistake, the schedule gets rougher from now until new years, I think we will be fine

    But the next 30 games will decide our entire season.

    Put up or shut up

    Start tonight boys, LETS GO RANGERS!!

  19. I liked Antro here too, but the guy has only 2 goals, and i think he plays with Kovy, or used to. Slats actually made a good decision passing on him. Although i still think he should have kept Z, and played him with Gabby.

    I love the relationship with NYR fans, and Brash*t. Every time he fights at home, he starts hugging, and then everyone boo’s and he tries to actually fight, but cant do it. It’s like kids in 3rd or 4th grade all surrounding two other kids who are fighting each other but really don’t want to, but the peer pressure gets to them. Hilarious.

    Go Godard, kick Brash*t’s ass tonight.

    But NYR needs a win. Step it up !

  20. yes they will make the playoffs. Sather will make the right deals, and dump the right players. come march it will be a different looking team.

  21. They’ll make the playoffs but forget once again how to play 60 minutes…That is if they ever figure out how to play a complete game!

  22. MIKEY

    I think he’ll be the same 3rd line center as he always is. He’ll do nothing. He’ll get into fights, and get bullied.

    Ill go on record, and say Dubi will have his least productive year, and Murray will laugh at us, and try to convince everyone that he never wanted Dubi for the Heatley deal, and that it’s just a dirty rumor.

    You gotta think Murray knows he dodged a bullet there. Cheech is a bust, but Michalek has been pretty good for them.

  23. I’ll say they will make it. It’ll be a dogfight until the last week, but they’ll get in.

    Let me ask you this: would you rather they got in during the last week of the season, or secure the spot by the end of February and still play golf come Mid-may. Cause either way, they will not go too far, not this year.

    MAKO- I’ve said a few things, which one are you referring to?

  24. Tony, I meant to ask. I love the hat you’re wearing on your website. I bet they only sell ’em in AZ. Any chance of getting it on Ebay?

  25. mikeynj- at this point- every team is hard to play against for us. we have had trouble with every team so far except for a few games against teams in a rut or teams with bad goaltending. but yea, every team we face is gonna be tough for us. were gonna either break out of this soon and stay consistent and maybe win or get points in 60-65% of the games left, or we’ll just be a 500 team win one lose 2, type of team and not make the playoffs. i agree with staal and nasty. we wont make it, but it doesnt bother me so much as if we had more than 1 top 3 forward on the team and yes we have hank, but hes been more like henrietta the queen lately. not the king like saved our butts every season. its just a mix of a leaderless team(dru,redden,cally, even gabby who just seems to score and thats it, nothing at all wrong with that, but hes a hired gun. thats all. prospal seems the most like a leader to me. and even avery in a way. we got our wish. we have a very young team that will go through these types of slumps all year but we all knew this. we just lost alot of toughness on the team, and the system is too much for these kids and even the vets. its torts fault in a way, but you cant have your cake and eat it too. we wanted a young team who will struggle but it will help in the long run. instead of just making the PO, and bustin out early. hopefully, sather wont be a buyer this year. keep cally,duby. let them be 3rd liners like they truly are. get grachev and locke up here next sason,and just keep goin from there. 1 player on the isles(ok 2) tavares and moulson have changed that team alot. they are better than us and if we had just 1 big tough d man, and another top 6 fwd, we could be up with the pens and devs right now. it’ll work out just not this season.

  26. Olga Folkyerself on

    “Sather will make the right deals, and dump the right players. ”

    Thank you for posting, Mrs. Sather. Your boy is doing a bang-up job as GM.

  27. Yeah, Mike, 6 pack my … A bucket of Absolut!

    Isles are clicking for now, true. But I heard that DP might be back soon, so don’t worry..

  28. Olga Folkyerself on

    Hope for the Rangers to win the Cup? Certainly. Hope that Sather will be the GM that does it? Sheep have a better chance in killing the butcher…

    I think the Rangers miss the playoffs- somewhere around 10th place- just high enough to not get a decent first round pick. (As if Sather knew how to use it anyway)

  29. I was just thinking about this today, but it’s funny how we went from a hard working grind it out team with less skill right after the lockout to a bunch of lazy uninspired players for the last year and a half or so. They’ve both boasted the same results, but which would you rather have?

    A) a team that isn’t that talented but works hard every night and gives you the hope that they can beat anyone (See Rangers 06-07)


    B) a team with a ton of talent but a bunch of leaders and top players that don’t play/skate hard every night (See Rangers 09-10)?

    The 06-07 team gave us hope we could actually beat the Sabres (who were much better but just didn’t show up for our series). I’ll admit that was the most fun I had watching the team because guys like Ortmeyer, Hollweg, Cullen, Mara, Rachunek, and most other guys on the team worked their tails off even if they weren’t as talented as some of the other teams. They ended up in the same spot we’ve been in the last few years, but it seemed like they could pull it off just because of their work ethic.

  30. Anyone interested in going to the game tonight. I have 2 tickets in section 410. I will accept face value. I got stuck having to be on-call for work and cannot attend the game.

    $75.00 for both seats.

  31. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Gilroy-Bobby Sangs
    Del Z-Girardi

    Tonights D-pairings

    Lisin scratched

    Every month starts anew

    I’m just hoping we finish off this horrible month on a good note with a win tonight.

    And honestly, Im not even thinking playoffs right now with only 25 games into the season.

    I said it before, after dec & jan we will know where we stand.

    But for now, LETS GO RANGERS!!
    Beat the pansy ass Crybaby tongiht, and hurt someone on Shittsburgh and get the win!!

    And I know most will laugh at this, but Im EXPECTING a good if not great game by Drury tonight.

    Lets see if he can be the CAPTIAN for one game and show up when his team needs him most.

    “Hope, is a good thing, maybe the best of all things. And no good thing ever dies” – Andy Dufrain

  32. ilb2001 – i bought that hat at MSG about 10 years ago. It’s my favorite Ranger hat ( i have 19 different hats) & I wear it a lot to cover my thinning hair.

  33. Tony- if you didn’t get your tickets yet for when the Rangers are in town, order them today. $25 select lower level seats.

  34. I’ll try to get there at 6. Carp carped himself out of the game, so I’ll give you some pregame stuff.

  35. Anyone want to take a stab at a potential score for tonights game……….

    I really hate to say this, but 4-2 Pens.

  36. Pens fans are commenting on ESPN’s story of Cooke’s suspension by saying that Avery should be suspended for his missed cross-check of Crosby after he shot the puck.

    Man tonight better be good

  37. I have not been reading the blogs – full of negative stuff – but I just thought that Sangs has played well. Torts is a fool for cutting down on Gilroy’s time when guys like Rozi play hot potato with the puck – goal notwithstanding – where has that been in three years. When Dubi comes back, there will be an additional top 9 foward added to the roster. Right now, there are 7 top nine fowards (PAP not yet but doing well and insert left winger oin Drury and Callahan here as the two misfits). Unfortunately, we only have 2 top six forwards and 1 star, which means we have 6 third liners – Avery, Callahan, Drury, Dubinski, Anisimov (potential top 6 not yet) and Higgins.

    Will say I am happy to see the youth. They will learn so long as they get direction from the coach.

  38. I don’t have a problem Paul with cutting down on Gilroy’s time; he’s never played such a long season before I don’t think and may want to ease him along. Although at this point who knows what is in his little brain lol

  39. Also Gilroy was starting to act like he had to do too much with the puck since he wasn’t with Wade. He wanted him to keep it simple.

    Sanguinetti looks good, not great. You can tell his positioning in the defensive end isn’t great, which is what just about every scout has said about him since day one. But with the puck, man does he have some poise. He really surprised me with that part of his game. I just wish he didn’t look so lost defensively all the time (in Hartford too).

    Also, why exactly is Lisin scratched? Am I missing something here because he didn’t play that bad against Tampa. What part about his game does Torts not like?

  40. My last post is under moderation and it shouldn’t be, it is just some SNL clips to cheer us up a bit. They make me smile when I have the “Ranger Angries.”

  41. Who am I making excuses for, Gilroy or Lisin? haha I didn’t think I was making excuses for either of them, just stating my opinion on what I saw.

  42. noonan…You sound like Kevin Bacon in Animal Hosue. “All is well!!”

    I do agree that we will make the playoffs though.

    5-2 Rangers tonight. Hat trick for Gabby and Avery will get 30 minutes in penalties.

  43. I’ll be there tonight, I’m waiting for Gaborik’s first hat trick as a Ranger. The hat I’d throw onto the ice wouldn’t be free but I’d do my best to toss it in Cindy’s general direction.

  44. noonan…You sound like Kevin Bacon in Animal Hosue. “All is well!!”


    Get Niedermayer on him, he’s a sneaky SOB.

    Remember the the blurb about Niedermayer during the end credits, “killed by his own troops in Vietnam”.

  45. I’ve already stated on one of the other post that this team isn’t going to make the playoffs and even if they did, who cares, they would lose in the first round. There is no sight in the future that this team is heading towards winning a Stanely Cup. If the Rangers do make the playoffs, who cares, they would lose in the first round. All ranger Fans want Dolan to sell the Rangers/knicks including myself. The only way to have this happen is to stop buying tickets. When Dolan isn’t making money he will sell. We all know that won’t happen so this crap will just keep going on. Well, at least I got to see the rangers win a cup in my life time.

  46. No reason to scratch Lisin. Sure the guy is a defensive liability, but Kotalik’s +/- is atrocious as well and he’s still in the lineup. Not to mention the Rangers sorely miss his speed. Scratching him in place of Voros is cutting off your nose to spite your face

  47. tomg,

    I was 13, but at least i got to see it in mine as well. With this team, who knows when the next one will come.

    But as all of us here will do, I too will follow this team day in and day out, year after year, and die a little bit everytime another team drinks from the cup.

    This is the life of a Ranger fan……….

  48. patrick

    could you please ask your daughter when we will be getting a couple of crease clearing hard hitting physical d men!?!?!


  49. is the shootout really that bad? i think it’s great.

    i dont think we need to re-define shootout wins as “skills competition wins” but i’m not a pro journalist so what do i know?

    i was just wondering what your gripe was with the shootout Carp. no disrespect, just curiousity. are you just an old time hockey guy?

  50. I also think we will make the playoffs…IF Gaborik stays healthy. Ever since I saw Edmonton reach the Finals as an 8 seed, I think anything is possible.

  51. Fireose…I think Ranger fans are spoiled by the shootout…We have Hank so we’re usually successful at it, but if Vali was our #1 goalie, I think we would be on the edge of our seats in OT hoping that we would score and not go to a SO.

  52. Unless there is a DRAMATIC change in the way the Rangers play, they won’t stand a chance of making the playoffs. At least they will have a higher draft position, which Sather can use to draft Hugh Jessiman’s younger, smaller kid brother. (LOL)

    They are too soft, and lack the grit and determination necessary to win games. Most of them don’t seem willing or able to pay the price, and do what is necessary to win.

    How many players do they have that you would call hard-nosed? Think aboot it.

  53. Anybody see those PETA Calenders, or what ever they are ?

    Got some nice nudies in there, including one of my all time fav Brit babes, Keeley Hazel. Has has big real gonzagas.

    These are the things i need just encase NYR cant pick up a fuggin win.

    But Go Rangers ! Someone injure Crybaby, and Milkman for the rest of the year !

  54. For those questioning the Lisin scratch – remember that he has a bum foot, and we haven’t had many off days during this stretch. I bet it’s just to give his foot a rest, not an indictment of his play.

  55. Man, most of you guys are ready to jump off a building. Is the season over already? Did the NYR get mathematically eliminated over weekend?

    Next thing you know they win 6 in a row and everybody will be back on the bandwagon

  56. I haven’t been this negative since the pre-lockout. I don’t like what I see from this team. I could bare the softness but this team has a bunch of 3rd and fourth liners bad defence and one legit goal scorer. To me that is not a formula for success to make the playoffs, never mind have a chance to get to the finals.

  57. Orr – it’s been a long day. I shoulda picked up on that one haha.

    SCX – Torts ripped him after the Pittsburgh game and said if he had someone else to play he would’ve. He pretty much said that there is a certain way that guys need to play and if they don’t, they won’t touch the ice. Which is what confused the hell out of me because Lisin has been trying hard to be more physical and play a style that he isn’t necessarily used to while still using his offensive skills.

    Also to me it looked like he was skating harder than most of the guys out there, so thats why I’m wondering if he said something about playing with the 4th line that set Torts off, but I don’t know because based on his play, I don’t see why he’s benched. There are plenty of other clowns that could/should be benched before Lisin.

  58. tomg – I partially agree with that. To me the only legit top 6 guys right now are Higgins (if he would stop hitting the post it would be nice), Gaborik, Prospal, Drury (he’s at best a 2nd line center though) and maybe Kotalik. Lisin and Anisimov are future top 6 guys but not right now. Dubi, Callahan, Avery, Parenteau, Boyle, Voros, and Brashear are all 3rd or 4th liners.

    The thing is, if the team would just work hard, they would be up near the top of the league. They proved that early on. They are either tired out or just plain lazy and don’t seem to know how to get back to playing the style they played in the 1st few weeks.

    It’s not the personnel, its the effort. These guys can get it done when they outskate the opponents, but they seem to only do it in bunches for some reason.

  59. fIREHOSE, you must be new here. I’ve defined my feelings on the shootout many times over. I HATE IT! Simply, I don’t think a major-league sport (allegedly) should have its games decided by a skills competition. It ain’t hockey. I go right back to the skills competition in Florida. The Rangers played a terrific game. If they had lost the skills competition they would have felt they lost. In the pre-shootout days, there were such things as “good” ties … playing well, or coming from behind, or tying a good team, or a tough road game. I don’t like that teams go home feeling they lost because somebody scored or a goalie made a lucky save in a skills competition. I won’t go on any longer.

    On the other hand, I agree with your later post, 100 percent. Although I think this Rangers team lacks skill and front-line talent (and shutdown defense and a checking line and toughness) I don’t think it’s a lot worse than most of the teams in the East. I think it will rebound, I think it will be in the playoff hunt the last week of the season, just like last year, and I think the next two-game winning streak will have almost everybody snapping ankles jumping back on the bandwagon.

  60. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Seriously everyone, there are 57 GAMES LEFT!!!

    Take it easy

    And why is ANYONE even talking about the playoffs

    Detroit has one less point than us right now, you think there gonna be golfing in April?

    One game, one win at a time

    LETS GO RANGERS and get a win tonight

    And PATRICK: i hope your daughter is a psychic!

  61. I’m beginning to lose a little faith in Tortorella. Brashear on the third line, where he has even more opportunities to commit stupid turnovers? Valiquette against PIT and not TB? What is he thinking lately?

  62. I’m not usually one to see only the negative. Right now, thats all I see. Hopefully it is only temporary. But it seems there are several problems that need resolution. ALL have been mentioned here today and in the last few days.

    – Odd coaching decisions – start Valli over Hank vs. Pitt? Bench Lisin? The ONLY logic to that is the foot injury
    – Brashear not Brashearing anyone (new verb?)
    – Brashear on the third line
    – Continual line juggling
    – Lundqvist decent into mediocrity
    – Soft Defense
    – Valli not playing particularly well
    – Lack of secondary scoring
    – Lack of team identity

    Anyone of these can cost you a game on any given night. Let two or more into the equation on a repeat basis, and the trend continues. Now with a tougher and more condensed schedule coming up, you can see the urgency to fix it now.

  63. MAMA

    Don’t do it !! Im begging you, not unless there’s a pic of him with Elisha Cuthbert, and she has a nip slip !


    Click on my name, and you can see the Keeley pics. Il try to find a link to the thing, like i said im not sure if it’s a calender or just a mag. What ever it is, i don’t think it’s out just yet.


    Ive been here every day, lol must have missed each other. But thanks for reminding me, i haven’t had a chance to see it yet, but i found this site where i can download it on my ipod touch, so im gonna do that during the NYR game, and ill be able to check it out tonight. So if they lose, it wont be that bad.

  64. >> Lisin played his way back on the injury list.

    Lisin is the new Prucha. I doubt a player will want to play hard for a coach who mistreats him. But hey, I’m sure Mr. Tortorella knows what he’s doing.

  65. ORR,

    This is NOT a movie to watch on a ipod screen with the body shots of Ms Fox!!!!
    If you know how to DL torrents you can DL the movie from

    All I can say is WOW!!!!!

  66. thanks for the reply Carp. I can see where you’re coming from.

    Let’s go RANGERS. I think Hank will shine tonight. 3-1 NYR. Back to business.

  67. Hartford Whalerpack on

    God, the commenters on here are so doom and gloom. The season can still be turned around.

  68. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on


    nice, thanks!!!

    as far as the playoffs do or don’t go…..I agree it is too early to be overly concerned record wise. With that in mind, I think the personnel moves (trades) made between now and the deadline will be huge. Tough and rugged d men should be the #1 priority with a number one center and physical forwards coming next. Remember in the playoffs the game is more likely to end 2 to 1 than 6 to 5 with the slow down physical nature of the playoffs, so focus on players to help with that first, if not, we don’t make it!

  69. Orr

    Bro you still haven’t seen Jennifer’s Body?! Omg!! I got a good bootleg copy. OMG! WOW!! that’s all I can say here on the Festivus Blog. But you get the idea. I do however, have a link of her you may enjoy also. I’ll post it when I get home.

  70. Lol Patrick

    I know she isn’t the smartest woman out there. But from what I heard she’s funny, witty & really down to earth. Hey who doesn’t love a chick who plays video games At home in stead of getting themselves all wrapped up in Hollywood drama. She’s been with that d-bag tool for 5 years so she doesn’t sleep around. Don’t ya love that bedroom scene =P

  71. I have often wondered why Henrik is so good in the shoot out, and so average during the game. Could it be that shootouts happen when he’s on a good day, or does he just like the shootout situation? Shootouts allways favour the goalie.

  72. I hope Brash takes a run at Crosby and gets suspended for 20 games.

    I hope Voros takes a run at Malkin and gets suspended for 20 games.

    Call up Owens and Byers to replace.

  73. Hockeymon – it’s because in the shootout there are no real tricks to the shots. Sure a guy can deke the goalie out, but he knows where the puck is coming from. In games there are screens, weird bounces, and other obstacles the goalie has to face. That’s the #1 reason why Henke gets beat high in games and not in shootouts.

    The butterfly style makes you go down and kind of hope that the puck hits you. Since he goes down early, the puck usually goes in top corner. He doesn’t get beat like that in the shootout because he doesn’t drop down immediately. He instead waits for the shooter to make a move and stands tall. It’s actually much easier in the shootout for good goalies than in games because they can see things happen the whole time.

  74. MAKO

    I know, ive been putting it off for months, i don’t know what came over me. But im gonna do it tonight.

    For the record, my hands are gonna be attached to an IBC Root Beer, and some Pez. I just wanted to get that out there.

  75. Does anyone else realize that Wade Redden has been scratched for two games this season and we have given up 13 goals in those games?

    Its dissapointing but we lose 5-1 today.

    This will make it 18 goals since Reddens been gone. Free Redden!

  76. There is a guy next to MSG at 7th. Asking for change. Looks like he is either homeless or has been driving from Syracuse all day in the rain. Looks familiar.

    No “Fire Sather” signs. Yet…

  77. I’ve been away for a few days.

    Redden has been a scratch??

    Crosby scored a hat trick at the igloo on a hat give away night?

    are these things true?

    what else am I missing in a nutshell?

  78. ilb

    careful, sounds like the mysterious part time hockey full time blogiloticarpus!! Those things are dangerous, DO NOT FEED IT!!!!

  79. The guy next to me is wearing Crosby’s jersey. Too bad the last time I did a testcular resection was at medschool. Forgot the technique.

    Starving. Suggestions ?

  80. Staal,

    I agree. I hate the shootout.
    I think Avery should have 100% been suspended. He tried to injure Crosby. Atleast Cooke did not try to injure Artie.
    My score prediction:
    6-2 Penguins.
    Gabby with a goal. Random with a goal.

  81. And Avery jumped a pen from behind. Who does that???? Thats the type of player Avery is. Cheap and a Joke.

  82. ilb…you gonna be startin those chants tonight? I wanna hear them! I want to go to sleep in the the next 4 Ranger-less nights with the chants in my head

  83. Rangers will win tonight for Liam. He’s my friend, my Ranger watching buddy, my 12 year old tabby cat that I had to put to sleep this morning. Come on guys. LGR!

  84. Local Fan…MSG didn’t talk about it but I believe one of the networks in Canada did…Fedetenko tried to slew foot Avery right before that. Not sure if it’s true or not, but that’s what I heard

  85. Maloney said after the PITT game that when teams struggle defensively they just stay inside the dots. Why don’t they just try that??

  86. NYRGUY,

    What does slew foot mean? He tried to trip him? What about Avery going avery Crosbys head intentionally? It did not look like cooke went after arties head intentionally? Just does not make sense. Just because one got injured?

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