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From the NYR:

November 30, 2009 – New York Rangers 2, Pittsburgh Penguins 5 (Game #27, Home #13)
The Rangers were defeated by the Pittsburgh Penguins, 5-2, in front of a sold-out crowd (18,200) at Madison Square Garden.

  • New York have sold out 169 consecutive regular season games, dating back to Nov. 5, 2005 against New Jersey; the last regular season non-sellout was Oct. 31, 2005 vs. Montreal (17,697); including the playoffs, the Rangers sellout streak is now at 183 games.
    The Rangers are now 13-13-1 (27 pts.) on the season and 7-6-0 at home; in their last 22 regular season games at MSG, New York are 15-7-0, and have out-scored their opponents, 76-52, during the stretch.
    The Blueshirts notched one goal in three power play opportunities to improve to 14-48 (29.2%) at MSG with the man advantage.
    Marian Gaborik tallied two goals in the game, including one on the power play, to improve his league-leading goal total to 21 on the season; this marks his sixth career 20-plus goal season.  He also registered a game-high seven shots in 22:23 of icetime.
    Chris Drury collected a power play assist on Gaborik’s second goal of the game; the Rangers Captain has registered three assists/points in the last four games after missing the previous five to injury.
    Marc Staal recorded one assist to extend his point streak to three games (one goal and two assists); he finished with five hits and led all skaters with 25:58 of icetime.
    Rookie defenseman Michael Del Zotto tallied one power play assist and delivered a game-high six hits; entering tonight’s contest, he ranked third among NHL rookies in hits (56) and tied for fourth in points (five goals and 16 points).
    Vinny Prospal recorded an assist on Gaborik’s goal at 3:12 of the second period; he now has four points (one goal and three assists) in the last three games at MSG.
    The Rangers next practice is scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 2 (11:00 a.m.), at the MSG Training Center.
    The Rangers return to action on Saturday, Dec. 5, when they will face-off against the Buffalo Sabres at HSBC Arena (7:00 p.m.); the game will be televised live on MSG Network and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio.
    John Tortorella on tonight’s game…
    “I thought we played better defensively, first of all.  I thought we had the puck more.  We generated some offense.  It is discouraging.  I thought there were a lot of good things for a lot of minutes of that game.  Right now we are just not figuring out how to win it at key times.  We need another big play, another big defensive play, another big offensive play, another big save.  That is the fine line between winning and losing in this league and right now we are not getting it done.”
    Marian Gaborik on the positives of the game… “I don’t think we gave them much.  We gave them a couple of power plays.  I think we had a lot of chances, quality chances.  That is what we have to take out of this game.”
    Chris Drury on tonight’s game… “I thought we did a lot of good things throughout the game. It’s really a frustrating loss.  Hopefully we can take some good things from it, get a good week of practice and get ready for Buffalo.”

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  1. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    Stinky!!! I still am smelling this Hank performance.

  2. i got carped, and this repost is really of the utmost importance to my life:


    im getting my own xbox finally within the week (early xmas gift from wifey!) and i have my nhl 10 all lined up

    question – what’s mode or season mode?

    i really dont feel like setting my team’s salaries and crap, to be that what gm mode is all about?

    la kings for the cup in rob f’s nhl 10

  3. Linda absolutely LOVES Gaborik on

    CR they are starting to smell like the Mets,except with a more european flair

  4. Linda absolutely LOVES Gaborik on

    Chris Drury collected a power play assist on Gaborik’s second goal of the game; the Rangers Captain has registered three assists/points in the last four games after missing the previous five to injury.

    he’s on fiyaaaaaaaaah

  5. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    Has anyboyd realized this fact: if it is indeed fact and I’m not wrong:

    Mike Rupp, career loser, has more goals in this one game than Drury has all season.

  6. Carp you need to take the following:

    “I thought we did a lot of good things throughout the game. Hopefully we can take some good things from it, get a good week of practice and get ready for Buffalo.”

    and just multiply it by however many games they have left and just substitute the next opponent in for Buffalo

  7. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    Linda, in the Mets defense, they suffered injuries to every player. At least 25 players went down with injuries.

    This Rangers team suffers from Slatsitis.

  8. is GM mode like multiple seasons with trade dealines and drafting and free agency and stuff? i might try it anyway

  9. GM Mode is all that and more…you have tasks you have to do as GM…you have certain relationships with GMs that you need to improve, gotta make scouting assignments. I like that stuff so it’s pretty awesome for me.

    It’s not easy to pull of a joke trade anymore, if you do your reputation will take a huge hit and nobody will trade with you

  10. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    Slatsitis: When a man named Sather runs the team and is either senile or an idiot.

  11. thanks for the info nyrguy

    guys – it could be much worse – girardi could be two-hand-axe-slashing lundqvist in the face with his stick right?

  12. Hey Rob F: Be A Pro mode is where it’s at in NHL10. It pretty cool in the fact that you can take a kid from the prospect game, through the draft and into the AHL and hopefully the NHL.

    As for tonight’s game all I got to say is: Ranger’s got Rupp’d up. I hope that’s a headline on at least one hockey site or newspaper tomorrow.

    Thank you and good night.

  13. Sather's WrapUp on

    Hi Ranger Fans-

    Welcome to Madison Square Garden – the world’s most sold out arena! We did it again! We have a .500 record. That’s half way there!

    In just one game our boys cut their goals against almost in half! Lundqvist’s pads sure looked shiny tonight, didn’t they? Almost like they’ve never been used.

    And how about my enforcer, Brashear? 11+ minutes out there tonight. Where is Brash? Brash, here’s a few bucks. Run down to the 34th St. Entrance and get me some of those soft pretzels. And no mustard this time. It makes me poop.

    I wish that Gaborik wouldn’t hog all the goals out there! Pass to Higgins once in awhile. Same with that Rupp guy. What a scoring machine! Who can I trade for him? Prospal maybe? He’s a free agent next year.

    I gotta go give Dantoni a few pointers on dribbling. I bought him a dribble glass last year but he just hasn’t gotten the hang of it yet.

    Well, later, fans.
    Uncle Glen

  14. I like GM mode. The trades offered to you by other teams are very ridiculous though. Its cool cuz you have a prospects game and you could see who you like or if you sim it, your scouts tell you what players looked good and then you draft them. I started a new gm mode when the rosters got updated. had to get Grachev, DZ, Gilroy on the team.

  15. First of all, Torts needs to stop benching people. Everytime he does that, the team loses and it has no benefit. He risks losing players. Remember Avery game 5 versus Washington, Lisin the other night, Kotalik tonight, etc. It is getting stupid.

    Second, no one takes a run at Orpik tonight when he is hacking Gabby? Why is that?

    Third, Hank got beaten 2x over the glove side up high. Is it just me who sees this as his weakness? No it’s not. I think the rest of the league has this scouting report now.

    Fourth, Rosy was out of place on how many goals? 2 or more? Say what you want but we were more sound defensively with Redden back there.

    Fifth, they get chances to hit Crosby and Malkin but never do? I still cannot figure that out for the life of me.

    Sixth, at least Gretzky, Leetch, and Mess were on hand tonight. Hell if the team sucks and no one wants to see them, at least we can remember what it was like 15 yrs ago when we see those Hall of Famers around. Tell me that is not MSGs plan to have those guys (maybe not 99, but the other 2) show up more often? Ever wonder why Leetch is around more now? Sure it’s because they buried the hatchet ($$$$) with he and Sather and are paying him for appearances. Again, Dolan (and the fans I am sure) paying for Sather’s shortcomings.

    As long as Sather is at the helm, we will NEVER win a Cup. No f-ing way.


  16. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    Or it could be even worse.

    We could not have one single fan like the franchise known as the Bruins.

    Only reason people go to Bruins games is because they cant get Pats, Celts, or Red Sox tickets.

  17. Linda absolutely LOVES Gaborik on

    as if this loss ( and the past 6 weeks) havent been bad enough, I got a early meeting at work. Try and have a good one guys, we’ll be bitchin about this one for a while! Someone needs to be gone by the next game, preferably dolan AND sather!

  18. This might have been the most pathetic excuse for a Rangers team I have ever watched in person. With the exception of Gaborik, Avery, Del Zotto, Gilroy and to an extent Sanguinetti(because he cant be blamed in his 2nd NHL game) this team should be absolutely embarrassed to call them selves professionals.

    Lundqvist couldnt save a beach ball, Staal and Girardi havent hit somebody in 2 years, and Drury is a joke of a captain, Higgins is clearly being paraded as trade bait, Rosival is Poti x10 (atleast Poti never made 5.5 mill and dare I say I would rather have Malik right now than Rosival).

    A 19 year old Del Zotto is the only Ranger defensman who had the nuts to hit Malkin and Crosby? Not one person went after Guerin or Crosby for starting with Gaborik? They might as well start prepping for when someone takes a cheap shot at Gaborik and hes IR’d for the ret of the season.

    Should I even start with Torts? Forget about the goltending choices from Friday and Saturday… But really Brashit on the “2nd line” all night over Kotalik on the 4th line and a benched Lisin? Higgins getting more ice time than Gaborik practically? He is on his way to TSN’s booth again so fast he has no idea. For the record I wanted Renny gone, but I also wanted Peter Lavilioette.

  19. whatta mess!! how are we so lucky to be going this kinda crap again?
    not doing some woe are we thing here
    but seriously
    how pathetic is it for a professional team to have a group of players who play as if they’ve forgotten how to play, forgotten any sense of integrity and grit and just….
    i can’t even come up with the words.
    i didn’t expect this team to be Cup contenders but i didn’t expect this complete mess.
    goes to show the ol’ cliche of what looks goods on paper….

  20. Pretty simple, when the Rangers played hard in the 1st 40 minutes, Henrik gave up 2 weak goals (maybe 3 but it was hard to see the shot from my seat). Then in the last 20 Henrik made some saves but the team didn’t skate hard. Its pretty ridiculous.

    How the hell did Henke let that 1st one in? That was so terrible. Seriously, he stands up on the post and that shot never goes in. Crosby didn’t have much of an angle.

  21. Chris – I agree. Why was DZ the only one who tried to hit Malkin and Crosby. Even Avery was shying away. I mean come on, you take it to their best players, especially when they come after yours (which didn’t happen until the 3rd). It was so embarassing that the 19 year old rookie was the only one roughing up their stars.

  22. Ms October Queen Lundqvist coming up small once again. Yet another short side goal, back handed no less. Yet another knuckle ball beats him from the point. Why do we have a goalie coach if Allaire can’t adjust and get the queen to play her ass out on top of the crease like every other fn goalie in this league. This is not a European sheet of ice where you can play back on the goal line. You think the league hasn’t figured her out yet, top shelf and good night queen. Even if the make the playoffs by devne intervention, this goalie will get out played by some unknown and quietly exit for golf course or whatever the f they do in Sweden in the summer.

  23. seriously,
    has a reporter asked Henrik and/or Torts
    what is WRONG with Henrik and why aren’t some of the problems being addressed by the goalie coach?!?!?!?
    one wonders if the season continues in this manner
    if Allaire sticks around.

  24. These issues with Henke were always there, but Renney’s collapse defense with 5 guys all in front of the puck made him seem better than he was. When its run and gun like how they play now, it just proves how weak of a goalie he can be (something me and Salty have been saying for years now). Even his splits with Renney were pretty terrible for half a season and amazing for the other half.

    Also a funny thing about this game is the Chris Drury actually played really well. Some of the plays he made with the puck, I honestly had no idea it was him. Which leads me to believe he was hurt to start the year. I’m not saying he’s great, but hes actually handling the puck extremely well. Its a shame that when he plays well, the team sucks anyway.

  25. true that Renney’s collapsing defensive system helped Henrik and blocked a number of shots
    at the same time Henrik was putting in some MAJOR performances over the initial 2 or 3 years. he was unbeatable in shootouts and good on 2 on 1s and rarely let in a soft goal
    and IF HE DID he usually made up for it the rest of the game or in the next game.
    because of his past performances
    i can’t blame Torts for thinking that a Safe Is Death system would work because Henrik would remain a Wall
    he’s only played to his previous standard for a few games this year and looked very ordinary in the majority
    Valley played 2 good games and has been awful in the rest.
    that’s NO WAY for a back up goalie to be.
    what is the goalie coach doing and why haven’t flaws been corrected?

  26. I’m so disappointed in our team. What the hell is going on ?
    Have we seen the last of Lisen ? What wrong with Hank ? Where’s the defense ? First the Giants season goes down the toilet, now the Rangers follow .. What’s next, the Knicks win a game ?
    So many questions, not so many answers.

  27. young bloggers always get into the fighting and hitting crap. newsflash the wings have been the best team this decade with no mucleman in the lineup. the rangers were competitive but they have very few finishers and the pens made them pay for every mistake.

    the 1st crosby goal off the faceoff he got behind the D… why was roszival pinching or picking up the guy at center ice when staal attacked the guy on the boards???

    The 2nd ruup goal was the rangers being to soft and giving to much space to ruup.

    newsflash the geniuses on this blog have realized you beat goalies nowadays up high!!!!!!wow maybe you should pass around a memo that burterfly goalies like henrik are great low….man i did not realize that after watching henrik for 4 or 5 yrs. wonder if he knows that also………..

    they simply need more secondary scoring and torterella’s benching lisin and kotalik for the likes of voros, brashear, and the other big guy from the kinds is his stubborness.

    staal, dz, gilroy, even girardi, these guys can play and are the future we need 2 more forwards that can hit the net with a shot…dubinsky will help, he competes and can skate but shoots and has the offensive touch of most of these loser forwards…

    they need to long term figure out the forward situation.. why have so many good young d men, and have a shortage of forwards!!!!maybe they can make a change before gaborik turns 30. BTW Gaborik is so damn good it is crazy………

  28. In the post game interview it seems like the reporters are afraid to ask Torts questions. They stumble & stutter on simple questions. Why doesn’t anybody ask him where the hell is Lisen ? I mean really, Brash & Voros over Lisen ?

  29. Like someone mentioned, let Lisin play in the A, learn some defense from Kenny G, who is great with youngsters… Let him play first line minutes. Get Brashear off the second line, terrible message to send, what has he done to deserve those minutes? Avery Anisimov Parenteau have looked good chemistry wise despite the +/- stat tonight. Keep them together. Keep Drury with Kotalik and Callahan or something, and let Higgins play with the top line for now. Stop the juggling torts, you’re giving everyone a headache.

    Why did Renney always juggle lines and why does Torts have to as well… Once we get some chemistry in April, trade everyone away or just don’t resign them, bring in new guys and we’ll try to have them form chemistry, and they’ll click in April.

  30. I am the furthest thing from a blame the coach first kind of guy but it is pretty obvious that this team’s number one problem is Tortorella. He had a great deal of say as to what players would be on this team this year, especially as far as secondary scoring. Lisin, Higgins and Kotalik were all brought in here to score 50 goals at the very minimum. Its debatable if they will get up to half of that at this point. This doesn’t mention lesser moves like Brashear and Boyle. I will give him and Sather credit for getting Prospal and Gaborik (wait till he gets hurt), those have been great pick-ups so far. This safe-is-death, uptempo, puck possession style does not suit this team. They are way too small and woefully untalented to play the game this way. It stretches out their mostly young defense to the point where they are too often caught out of position. Don’t take that as an excuse for Rozsival!
    What this eventually does, is leave the backbone of this team extra vulnerable. Yes, Lundqvist is having a sub-par year but he and the rangers would be much better off playing a more conservative style. If you think that would stifle Gaborik look at the Jagr year post lockout. Not only does Tortorella install the wrong style for the wrong group of guys, he is classless. Lets face that incident in Washington was a disgrace last year. It might be funny when you curse during interviews and when youre curt with reporters, but when you throw a water bottle at opposing fans youre just a clown. I know this guy is not going to go anytime soon, but he is the main reason this ship is sinking this season. I saw a preview article about the Ranger in THN this year that said they are a rebuilding team that does not even know. They did not mean that in a good way. Thus far they are right.

  31. Tony, it’s because a lot of the reporters are inexperienced and know that they will be shouted down if they ask a bad question, and the veteran guys are just sick of him snapping when he doesn’t like a question. Plus he won’t answer it anyway.

  32. new post … carped myself again. but I fear I may sleep all morning, so I wanted to get this up before I pass out.

    Good night, Sally!

  33. RetireBradPark's#2 on

    I’ve fallen in love with “Rangers in 60”.

    I get to see them lose in high-def in less than half the time, then I can go back to life.

    Great game, Hank.

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