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  1. i agree with wicky. get rid of the damned instigator, and guys with visors! (unless for injury purposes!)


    FIRE SATHER!!!!!!!!! someone buy out the dolans!!!! someone with an ounce of hockey knowledge please rescue this franchise from the REIGN OF ERROR (Sather & Dolan), from the stupid ownership (DOLAN), from apathy!

  2. Sounds just about right. They wanted to make sure he is out for tomorrow. I still expect some fireworks.

  3. Linda…I say as part of a deal…Lebron James signs with the Knicks only if Dolan agrees to give the Rangers to him LOL

  4. out0fyourelement on

    Will anyone here be at the game tomorrow night?

    Anyone willing to get these Fire Sather chants going?

    I will be there on Dec. 16th with sign and a rested voice and I plan on getting in another game or two this month as well.

    Who’s with me?

  5. When is Dec 16th? Weeknight games are hard for me to get too..I plan on being at the Isles game on the 26th…maybe Flyers on the 30th

  6. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    So Valiquette was not released?

    I dont know what made me think that our management wanted our team to win.

    Does Valiquette remind anyone else of Peter Krause?

  7. As terrible as Vali was in the 2nd and 3rd periods…the defense completely hung him out to dry…but giving Chad Johnson a shot wouldn’t hurt

  8. I think we should make some “FIRE SATHER” signs and go by the MSG. Go there before every home game no matter how good or bad the team plays… do it the American way…PICKETING!

    WHO’S WITH ME?! :)

  9. Well I missed last nights game. I had a video card go bad on me in the third period of Friday nights game. I just watched Torts press conference.

    He basically dumped on Lisin and Kotalik. How about that for sticking it to Sather? Lisin is gone next year but Kotalik for 3 years at $3 mil per? That should be enough to get Sather fired right there. I try not to think about Drury or R&R because that just makes me sick.

    Even before the season started I said we were two years away from being a contender. the rest of this season will be a challenge.

    Valiquette is only signed for a year too. If Torts can’t get Kotalik to clue-in to the game we are in deep trouble.

    Come on Dubinsky hurry back

  10. 2 game suspension is nhl comedy. yea 2 game suspensions will stop punks like cooke from doing what?????/

    give him 10 games….

  11. more clowns complaining about sather……..newsflash dolan is not firing him so save you fingers and ink……

    how about some constructive ideas like try grachev, move an excess young d men for some young upside forward.

    i have been hearing they should fire sather for about 6 years 100’s of times, newsflash Dolan is not listening………

  12. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Riders are ahead in the Grey Cup!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Great to see Cookie get his deserts.

    Im watching Saskatchewan in the Grey Cup!! Time to prove Sask is the best in Canada.

  13. Why not try some of our D-men up front….they seem to have all the scoring ability anyway. Chad Johnson needs to be brought up to light a fire under the King. He is supposed to be a world class goalie, but not making the routine saves….stop dropping to your knees on every shot….stand up and cover some net for a change….Richter was half his size and covered more net and challenged shooters by cutting down the angles….not sitting with his butt inside the net.

  14. I’ll be at the game tomorrow. Will let you know if anyone brings the sign, because they sure won’t show it on TV.

    CCCP- make sure your sign is in Russian. That might attract Dolan’s attention! Use a couple of juicy words too.

  15. How do we fix this mess?

    First off – this slide will probably end and we will be back to winning a few more games than not. That is really not the issue here … nor is it coaching (to a point – I still say with Renny, we were always in the game, always had a shot at winning) –

    The real reason is lack of effort and heart – and I dont care who you are – if you cant give 100% heart each and every game, you should be benched – period. It is an honor to wear that sweater – and if you have no respect for it – give it to someone else. torts needs to send a message here to everyone – play or sit. I would rather see us lose 8 – 3 if we played with heart, grit, and determination. We play with NOTHING. It is an embarrassment.

    As for Brashear – it is what it is from the day they signed him – A HUGE WASTE OF MONEY – but wait, this is NY, we are excellent at wasting money.

    As for the D – Since we are young, I get it that there will be nights that are BAD – but again, giving up the zone completely? Out of position on basic zone entry? Not reading the forechecking system and reacting? This is the NHL -not peewee hockey. For gods sack, grow a pair and step up!

    Thank god for Cally – and Vinny, Gabby. As for the rest – I say start spreading the word – the fire sale is on and it should be – we are one or two second line players from being much better – that includes D as well.

    Hang in – it will be a long season!

  16. Stuart…nobody here is stupid enough to believe that Dolan is going to ever fire Sather…but our voices still need to be heard regardless. It can’t hurt and it will definitely make us feel better watching the games and hearing “Fire Sather” all throughout the Garden. And you know, we aren’t the only ones that would hear it, the players would too

  17. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    CCCP, If I were in NY, I’d be with you.

    I take back my credit given to Slats for getting Jagr. Anybody can get or understand the value of a star. It’s how you build the team around the star(s) that counts. Slats couldn’t currently build a team to win the Stanley Cup if there were 2 teams in the league, and he general managed both of them.

  18. not sure, ilb. I’m driving home from Syracuse during the day and I have to write a column when I get home … so it’s questionable.
    But, I do think I’ll get to more games in December and through the rest of the season.

  19. Carp, I guess you’re not allowed to protest outside MSG huh? lol but you can write an article about how bad Sather has been for 10 years!!

  20. Calling up Johnson now is a little extreme; the guy has been a professional for all of two months!

    The problem with signs or anything at the Garden is there are too many corporate and “eh, waht are you gonna do?” boneheaded Rangers fans: I went to a game during the bad years and some guy on the way out of a loss was complaining about the team to which I screamed “they need to rebuild!” and he just said “Yeah, they gotta get you on the ice next year!”

    There are too many of those idiots to have a real boycott.

    Newsflash: December is a brutal month on the schedule with the Wings, Hawks, Flyers, Thrashers and three with the Islanders.

    If the Rangers don’t have their sugar honey and ice tea together, it’s gonna be an ugly month.

  21. out0fyourelement on

    stuart –

    I don’t mean to offend but your attitude is the single biggest problem fans have during these past 10 years: APATHY

    Though your ideas are good, who do you think makes those decisions? Sather. Do you honestly believe bringing up more youth is the answer? Or trading away more young assets is key? We most likely won’t even be in the Kovalchuk sweepstakes (let alone any other free agetns) due to the albatross contracts Sather has handcuffed us with over the past few years.

    We need to STOP sitting back and allowing this man to continue to run our team into the ground.



  22. Carp
    That seltzer is running out of bubles… Next time, I’m there often. I guess I’ll have to report from MSG tomorrow. The 3G there is atrocious, last time I had to switch to Edge.. And I’m a lousy reporter…

  23. Right on Coach. I’d rather see young guys who will give you effort every night, who learn from their mistakes and feel privileged to be a Ranger. We need a captain who leads by example and can fire up the team to perform…Torts should go to all Alternates until someone sticks their head up and earns the “C”.

    A quick poll…..who would you name Captain on this current squad?

  24. Tortorella…wow what a great coaching job. (I watched the post game again) Throwing a kid like Lisin under the bus but defending the veteran Valliquette. Yet he leaves him in for all 8 goals to protect Lundqvist’s stats. Lundqvist yanked after 4 but Valley stays for all 8. Amazing coaching.

  25. Whether Sather gets fired or not, it’s a story if the fans are chanting “Fire Sather”. And who knows, maybe it will encourage him to retire earlier. At least his feelings (if he has any) might be hurt a bit. And maybe a reporter will actually ask him about his tenure in NY, if he ever makes himself available to the media.

  26. Olga Folkyerself on

    Give the C to Gaborik. He’s signed long term, and he might as well start leading now. You’d have to pry it out of Drury’s dead cold hands, but come to think of it, there is not much downside there either.

    I thought about Prospal but he’s signed only for the season.

  27. If they can take the C away from Brian Leetch, it shouldn’t be a problem to take it from Drury, who has never accomplished anything here, not even a slightly interesting interview.

  28. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    look, for what it is worth if chanting fire sather will have zero impact on him or dolan (if it helps the fans in the building then great, chant away). If you really want to get to dolan, that arena needs to be empty for a home game (never happen with all the corporate ticket holders) and the lost concession money alone might convince him to fire sather!

  29. Izzy should come down 7th ave with his own sign:”Hey, Sather! So you think you’re better than me?” And hold it over his head. My back…..

  30. Leetch gave up the C to Messier when he came back voluntarily (kinda like how Rodimus gave back the Matrix to Optimus when he came back in Transformers for all you 80s kids).

    Drury’s not going to give up the C. The guy is pretty respected in that room.

    If it was up to me, I’d give it to Dubinsky because he takes wearing the Rangers jersey so seriously. Cally is fine with an A now.

  31. Yowza, I step away for a couple of days and what in holy hell? Read the results of last night’s game today while lunching in a Boston bistro….quite a sight for Red Sox Nation to hear the blogmama go off….I think I got overcharged for the scene I made :)

    So, onward I suppose. Carp, heck of a post earlier. Oy.

    All, the time to be out for the game is the 12th, when TR and I (and ilb, right?) intend to take over warren! Join us, and pray. Good to be back….I’ll catch up with the horror and everyone tomorrow…

    P.S. Carp, Boston was fab! Sports teams aside, I love that city!

  32. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on


  33. my apathy. i watch every damn game and live and die with the rangers. since i live in Calif. I get back to the garden once in a blue moon.

    the point is sather is not getting fired and even though i personally think he is a bad GM, he is better then many… they have made the playoffs every year since the lock out and have redone the roster and have much more talent i nthe system then 7 or 10 years ago. the death of cherapanov hurt them a ton. he was a offensiv difference maker and obviously young.. my 1 huge gripe is the lack of scoring thruout the roster and i am not aware of a stud scorer on the horizon in the system.

    objectively speaking the crop of good young d men is outstanding but how can they have so few 20 scorers in the system?????????

    sather is no lamiorello but he is nota buffoon. for every bad move there is a good move or a move that made sense when it was done ie.. zherdev for tyutin. gomez for higgins etc…

    yes redden and drury have terrible contracts and so does the d man in chicago and about 50 other terrible contracts…

    they need to add more forwards and reduce the glut of good young d men. BTW the gilroy signing in my opinion wasa good one, he is a good player with significant upside…….

  34. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on


    dubi takes wearing a ranger jersey soo seriously he held out and has since played with zippo edge after getting the new contract…definitely give him the C on whatever team we trade him to!!!

  35. I hope this team wins tomorrow. By doing so the people like us that give money to the Dolans this year, and maybe many years in the past, can see a good game.

  36. ya wicky. since you will refuse to ask your boss fora raise since you work for the love of it!!!!!!!!!!

    give me a break. these guys if they are very very lucky have a 10 yr career, and that is it. also if you are not aware it is a very dangerous line ofwork and long teerm physical issues may occur. Dubinsky may not be able to score but his effort should not be questioned….

  37. Valliquette is not a great goaltender. Johnson right now is a long way off being ready. Its hard for even the experts to say when he will be ready, but when he is ready they expect he will be very good. Henrick better hope its soon or he will be one burned out stopper. I would really be suprised to see Johnson up this season, we might see the other guy in Hartford up though.

  38. I just dont get one thing………. I love the guy as much as the next fan, i think he has done his job well in the past and has a nice resumee. But no matter how big a fan of the guy you are, and how BIG a Ranger fan you are, we have to start pointing fingers at the coach. Yes, we know our GM SUX!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, we have wasted money on a “few” players, yes we have to deal with what we have………..


    I know, I know, you are all thinking, typical Ranger fan blaming the coach. But step back for a second and think. If it was anyone else, this would be the topic of conversation, but because its Torts he gets a free pass?

    Yes, we are over .500………..but is that where you wanted to be after the start we had? Its not only Sather, not only Dolan, and not only the players, Torts plays a big part in this, and if he cant turn the season around, maybe its time for his back-up…………..

    I am tired of WASTING my $$$$$$$$ on season tickets!!!!!!!!!

    There, now I feel better.

  39. I think injurys have been a part of the poor play, but at the first of the season looking at the line up I really thought this team would be much better than last seasons. It really has not improved much, they are a lot more fun to watch, I really hated the trap style that Renny had them playing. I know the D is young and prone to making mistakes. Redden is at least ten times better. Rozi is about the same. The young guys are going to be real good for sure. As far as the forwards go there is the make up of three fairly good lines, the forth line is worse than last year by far. I wonder if the goaltending is getting worse, or there are just a lot more mistakes because of the system they are trying to play. I believe in the NHL today if every one does their job on and off the ice the team should thrive. From what I have seen so far there are no slackers in this line up. There are guys who don’t seem to know what to do at times, maybe they are thick headed and just haven’t got it yet, or maybe Torts has not gotten through to them. What ever it is they don’t know and he should realise that and do something about it. I know its not that easy, but Torts knows that if his team is not playing well he’s the one who pays the price.

  40. Good Hockey Morning ladies and gents.

    Tonight will be a TRUE test to see what this team is made out of. If they roll over and die tonight – well then I dont know what to say. If they come out with fire and SUSTAIN IT and have a great win…. well all hope is NOT lost on this season.

    They have to dig way down and give THEMSELVES the opportunity to redeem themselves back to respectability. Show the Pens they arent pushovers and ARE a contending team. I know you say they owe us as fans…. but really after the horror show Saturday night (I watched as many clips I could get my hands on) Vally was horrible, their coverage was atrocious and I think that 2nd goal by Cindy looked offsides. I couldnt see it close up.

    Anyway LETS GO RANGERS TONIGHT! I cant wait to see the game. UGH being away for the entire weekend and them losing doesnt sit well with me.

  41. Here’s the thing:

    If Brash is going to get 4 mins for roughing, why not just keep the glove on your hand and punch Cooke in the face? Worst case he gets a 5 minute match penalty but likely not. More like he’d get a double minor 4 min rough penalty which is what he got anyway.

    Is Colin Campbell the biggest weenie around or what? Either he doesn’t care about the head shots or he is OK with those shots against the Rangers (doubt it). But all he has to do is set a precedent. Glencross, Cooke, Mike Richards on Booth, etc……it all keeps getting worse til someone is done for their career.

    Going to the game tonight. If they don’t come out swinging and fighting for their lives, I’d assume they are already mailing it in.

    If they are not 110% embarrassed by their team effort over the last 2 games and don’t want to proove anything, they’ll roll over tonight and it will be an extremely long winter.

    And btw, anyone who thought Boyle could fight or was a tough guy just didn’t read his resume before he got here. 6’7″ and maybe 2 fights in his career before coming here, I don’t know who out there was expecting him to be a bruiser-type forward but those of you who were had majorly misplaced expectations.

    This team is soft.

  42. Good morning!
    Happy Bday, ACDAVIDDC.

    Anxious to see how they come out tonite. Are they going for two points, or are they going for Pens’ heads? Remember, Balsma sent Crosby and Malkin for the last shift. He was basically telling Torts:”So what are you going to do about it?” Smart move. It wasn’t about the last game. It was about today. He wants Torts to send them out and take penalties. Easy, boys, we need points! Take the body, hit their stars, but nothing dumb, please.

  43. Gotta miss tonight cause of work, but when I get home, I want to hear about how the Rangers really gave it to em. To me, the score doesn’t matter, I want this team to show that they’re not going to be run over by everybody. How can you be successful when you stand by and watch your goalie get wrecked and players go down with head injuries? I don’t want any smiles on the Pitt bench tonight. Old time hockey tonight.

  44. The best move right now on

    Would hands down be signing Chelios to mentor the young D and to sit Rozsival or delete him from the roster entirely. Him and Redden should NOT be the ones to set the example for our young D.

  45. Cooke receives a 2 game suspension and a 2 minute interference penalty is called on the ice? 2 refs and 2 linesmen didn’t see that as a major?

    What kind of discipline does the NHL hand out to their incompetent refs who seem to never miss a hook on the hands? How were O’Halloran, Pollock, Cameron and Wheler disciplined for missing the Glencross cheap shot on Drury?

    What does the NHL do? They tighten the instigator rule to prevent the players from policing themselves allowing cowards like Cooke to hind behind the rule book.

    How many phantom calls have we seem made against Avery this season?

    The NHL has long been considered a joke by outsiders…now it is considered a joke by it’s lifelong fans. This league is in trouble. I am moving to Russia and rooting for Avangard Omsk.

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