Another debacle


Good afternoon from the Carrier Dome. Nice game last night, huh?

Nice road trip. Nice 3-in-4. Nice back-to-backs. Are these guys not in the kind of condition they claimed to have been in when the season began? Or were they just outclassed? No doubt, the Rangers do not have the skill to match teams like Pittsburgh, not to mention teams like Tampa. They will have to outwork them, out-goalie them, out-special-teams them (not likely). They will have to play well defensively (ahem, that’s 18 goals against in the last four games, and that includes the really good game in Florida).

So don’t hold your breath. I don’t think the Rangers are this bad, but they sure aren’t nearly as good as the team that started 7-1 with special teams and defense and conditioning and goaltending.

That all said, I think you have to live with it. I really do.  I understand your frustration and anger. But this is what you signed up for. You wanted to see the young kids? You have to accept it when they take their lumps. You want to complain about the veterans who’ve been stinking it up? That’s fine. But the results are what they are, and that’s at least in part due to the youth on the roster  — and I wonder how much of that youth would even be here if it weren’t for the salary cap situation.

You live with Michael Del Zotto’s -5, which is hard to do in a game in which your team allowed six even-strength goals. You live with it. 

I don’t think you live with the fourth line being on the ice when Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin are feasting on your rookie defensemen and backup goalie. I don’t think you live with the fact that this team has no checking presence at all, no defense-minded forwards or shut-down defensemen to deal with top-shelf opposition talent. That’s another matter, though.

Here are the official game summary and event summary from the carnage.

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  1. I heard Avery went after Fedotenko because he felt that he tried to slew foot him. Hockey night in Canada showed the incident and discussed it last night.

  2. I can’t believe I got carped, I can’t believe Ricci is married, I can’t believe it’s not booted !


    That’s not the point. It’s all aboot sticking up for your teammate, and knowing your role. Orr knew his role, he stood up for his teammates, he fought when he should fight. Brashit does none of this, instead of sticking up for his teammates, Gilroy, Callahan, and everybody else has to do his job when they shouldn’t have to.
    He’s a useless scumbag, and I wish someone would injure him so I don’t have to see him. He’s a pussy, and it’s rubbing off on the rest of the team.


    I wasnt referring to you. But yeah, Fox was hot on that ep. In sure all the guys were pitching tents, and the chicks had to deal with a little niagra falls downstairs.

  3. I GOT CARPPED!! (is it carPPed or carPed?)

    in any case… this is my first time getting carpped! i feel like im “in crowd” now lol

  4. I thought Lisin played well last night. He didn’t make any mistakes and was probably the only one with even +/-. And his conditioning looked great. He didn’t break any sweat.
    Did someone ask Torts about that bright decision of dressing someone and not letting him play? With short bench and back-to-back?

  5. oh and i just realized that the word “carp” has an actual meaning! it mean “complain” or “moan” lol i had no idea before!

  6. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    I signed up for this?

    I must’ve been drunk or insane… either way I can’t be held responisble for decisions made when not of sound mind and body.

  7. Ilb2001, Torts said if he had someone else on the bench he woulda played him over Lisin. Sounds like he’s still injured and what not.

  8. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    Please pull the shorts off mr. Torts. or sign Jean Claude Van Damme as our backup goalie.

  9. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Personally, I was directly in view of the Rangers runway onto the Tampa ice when i was in florida, and Lundqvist smacked his stick against the wall when he got back there. He is not happy.

    This team is just, hilariously weak. There is nothing strong or strong willed about them at all.

    I’d say sign Tom Preissing for a 7th defenseman and sit Rozsival. I watched Rozsival very closely in the game i could see him very easily playin defense, and he was absolutely out of position, out of breath and weak with his chances.

  10. THN had a great article last week about how the current day Capitals are built on the foundation of the Jagr deal. It makes a lot of sense. The Caps, realizing that the Jagr experiment had failed, decided to cut their losses and deal him for whatever they could to clear the cap space. Obviously, the deal worked out well for the Rangers, but it also cleared the kind of space necessary to build and sustain a team like they have now. Very impressive. The present day Rangers need to take a play from that book and take a long hard look at the roster. Overpaid vets need to be dumped to complete the full rebuild, which includes Drury, Rozsival and Redden if at all possible. Championship teams have no dead weight. In fact, it’s been the opposite in recent history, with stellar performances by Johan Franzen, Chris Osgood, Max Talbot and Rob Scuderi which have put the icing on the cake and allowed a team to go to the top. The Rangers are a poorly constructed team, which falls solely on the shoulders of Sather.

    Torts will have trouble being successful with this roster. He doesn’t have to tools to play his system, and the results of trying are horrific, as witnessed last night. However, I’ll still take him over Renney. The reason? Renney’s system of safe stifled offense to the point that even with a championship caliber roster, a Cup would have been nearly impossible. I’m a firm believer that any season that falls short of having your name engraved on the Cup is a failure, and though Renney may have been able to get into the playoffs or a few rounds in, sealing the deal would have been impossible. Torts on the other hand can win a Cup given the proper personnel, but without it, the results are disaster. It’s all or nothing, and I’m OK with that.

    MDZ was a -5, which is more attributable to atrocious defensive support by the forwards. Drury leaves his man alone in the slot, MDZ has his covered. He passes to the undefended forward and it’s in the net.

    How many goals against will we surrender before Torts and Sather realize that Brash and Voros are not NHL caliber players? Colton Orr was NEVER the defensive liability those 2 are. This is the tangible result of having to cut costs on the 4th line because you’re so cap choked, many goals against. I’m not just talking about last night.

    Drury has 2 goals and is a -2, in ATOI of ~16 minutes, in 21 games. Korpikoski has 2 in 17 games (E), Prucha has 2 in 21 (also -2), Dawes has 7 (E) and Dupuis has 7 as well. These are all players that were decidedly not good enough to be Rangers, making 1/7th of Drury’s salary.

  11. what i dont get is why they couldnt call someone up if torts had a plan to bench lisin? and about the 4th line being on the ice during a goal. they iced the puck so they couldnt go off the ice and bylesma put malkin and crosby out their to take advnatge and they did…

  12. I’ll be at the game tomorrow. I don’t know what to expect. Fireworks? I doubt Cooke will be playing, the NHL will likely suspend him for that hit. Maybe just to avoid the fireworks. Brashear might get one too, but I’m not sure the NHL has enough to do that…

  13. Signing another soft Dman is not going to solve the problem. Either deal with the growing pains of the youth, or change the team in midstream, and trade Staal for a good package. I would trade the overrated Staal.

  14. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on


    ok, didn’t think it was me, but I sure as hell didn’t want to make megan’s PR guy pissed at me. Dude, niagra falls made me spit coffee everywhere, LMFAO!!!!!

    No way we trade prospal…

    You guys realize to islanders have like 18 million in available cap space

    MEMO to slatipuss..rutherford is looking to unload contracts…GET RUUTU NOW….he would be second on our team on hits and tied for second with goals. Think of a bigger version of cally with more of an edge (i think he weighs about 15lbs more)

    I’ve been saying all along we need to get hedberg as a back-up and dump valli.

    If anyone thinks we are moving drury, the only hope we have in my opinion is to LA (where he lives I believe) and hopefully we could get salary back in the form of smyth.

    I think avery should be a player/GM, I remember when he came here with dallas and he said valli was a minor leaguer and something about dubi being a spoiled kid or something…man, how right he was (i think that was what he said about dubi anyhow, i know that was what he said about valli).

    we need a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man (2 of them) badly!!!

  15. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    There have been a ton of injuries this year… I’m sure that plays into it… the consitency aspect.

    But there’s no excuse to play as bad as they have for two games in a row like that.

    Pathetic to the point of being humorous.

  16. Pretty soon you guys are going to be comparing Colton Orr to Wayne Gretzky. He was not a defensive liability? He was a liability at all times. I understand the fondness fans have for there enforcer, but that all he was, stop trying to make him sound like he was a player.

  17. Lev-They can’t callup anyone because with Sangs up, they’re right at the cap max.

    In an ideal world Voros and Brashear would be in Hartford and Weisse and Byers would be the 4th line. Those two make less than Brashear.

    I’d rather have 05-06 Steve Ruccin on this team than Drury.

    And Carp, I’m willing to live with a rebuilding year but how do we know it is one? Are they gonna scape goat Torts and can him and blame this on him? Will they blindly give the team to Messier and hope his aura leads to success?

  18. I don’ think they’ll bail on Tortorella, but the point is a good one. How do we know this is rebuilding? How do we know it won’t be more of the same at the trade deadline and over the summer? We don’t.

  19. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    Another guy we should have signed, but sather didn’t…lapierrier loses 7 chiclets from a puck last night and comes back into the game for the flyers…of course that is what it means to be a flyer..toughness. On the other hand being a ranger means if you are tough, expect to be waived or traded for someone that plays a “positionally sound” game.

    we need guys like either lappy (mtl or flyers), t ruutu, doan, smyth, witt, neil, carkner, volchenkov, regher, prust, burrows, orpik, kronwall, coburn, laich,…nevermind I could do this all frakking day!

  20. Laperreire should have never been traded back in 1997 but that’s so long ago and we can’t harp on that.

    The problem with the Rangers has always been toughness. You play in the Patrick/Atlantic Division with rough teams like the Flyers and Devils and you have mediocre ice in your home building. You have to have a dump and chase team that can out muscle and stand up to the other goons.

    Is is any coincidence that the two times the Rangers had tough teams (80-81, 93-94) they went pretty far in the playoffs and won?

  21. No team has 20 perfect players or a perfect salary cap situation. But that’s no reason why a veteran like Drury can’t remember to cover his man. Or why every Ranger stares at the puck instead of positioning themself properly in their own zone. They all know how to do that, but they’re not. Why?

  22. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Let’s go over what to re-tool and what you’d re-do if you were somebody in charge.. Here’s our roster.

    Artem Anisimov – Keep him, a Center that will be good in the future

    Sean Avery – We need sandpaper, he’s coming into his game and we need this guy bad to add some scrap to our game

    Brian Boyle – Jesus christ, what a waste of a 3rd round pick. As a big fellow myself, (6’6″) its embarrassing to see this huge guy be such a puss. Grow some cojones and play in the corners. You can go.

    Donald Brashear – We can thank sather for signing the most expensive guy, and the biggest liability. He’s fantastic when he isnt on the ice or anywhere near the Rangers.

    Ryan Callahan – How much more invisible could you be after having such a good season? The fact is, this guy brings energy and you will get hit if he’s going to take a run at you. Seeing his efforts first hand against Tampa was quite impressive. Never doesnt finish his check. We need this guy to produce BAD.

    Michael Del Zotto – The future.

    Chris Drury – Oh god. Do i need to say more? Cut this guy from the team, pay him his 3 million dollars a year not to play for us and he can play wherever he wants. He’s impotent like all the men on the Viagra commercials.

    Marian Gaborik – There isnt a need to talk about this man. The fact he has such little support makes me feel bad for him.

    Matt Gilroy – So young and getting pushed so hard with absolutely no veteran leadership on the D corps for help. We need a vet to help these kids BAD.

    Dan Girardi – Seems lost this year, it would have been nice to have traded him and a pick for Phil Kessel. It seems like it would have been quite a good idea. But if hes gonna turn his game up, he has to add muscle and learn how to play the checking game as well as start shooting again.

    Christopher Higgins – :(. Get out of New York. You cant take the heat get out of the sun. Go play for a no-name sun belt team and maybe youll find yourself.

    Ales Kotalik – A great point man who has regressed into his ways of last season and seasons prior. Could potentially be a nice piece to a cup winning puzzle if he actually played the way he should every game.

    Enver Lisin – Speed like the gods but absolutely NO!!!!!!!!! defensive skills. Does this kid realize that you have to skate backwards when you let the puck off your stick? Go to the A and learn some back checking from Ken Gernander. Good guy. Good place.

    Henrik Lundqvist – Needs to be a hell of a lot better under a go-go-go team or is going to run out of smiles in new york. This guy has been a sieve, just the worst under pressure. Tortorella came in here expecting world class goaltending to make up for mistakes, he hasnt made those world class saves that would change a lot of the games we played. I cite the Matt Bradley goal when we were playing the capitals and it was 2-2. Weak goal. Weak play.

    P.A. Parenteau – The future. Give this friggin kid a chance. Finally he spends time up in the big leagues.

    Vinny Prospal – Deserves the C. We should trade him for picks or prospects at the deadline and cash out this year. His value is sky high and contending teams would love to have a guy just like him on their team. Re-sign him this summer and give him the C.

    Wade Redden – Has been so much better this year, and still gets it rough. 6.5 million a year. Rough. Buy him out and pay him 3 million a year to spend his time on the bench.

    Michal Rozsival – Pay him not to play. Trade him. Send him to Guam. This guy cannot play. He’s been with us since day 1 post lockout. IT NEEDS TO END.

    Bobby Sanguinetti – Makes good plays, the future, try to keep him for more than a season before we trade him for nobody whatsoever.

    Marc Staal – Has played on and off this season but from what i personally saw he has his game getting back on track, still a young defenseman

    Stephen Valiquette – A sieve too. Not quite an NHL caliber backup..

    Aaron Voros – Absolutely one of the best players on this team. I’d say that voros, gaborik and prospal are the guys that give it their all every single night. Voros goes out there banging, fighting, doing whatever he can to keep his roster spot. He knows that his position is not secure

    Ex: Dubinsky – Jesus christ what a disappointment. Imagine if we moved Dubinsky and Girardi and had Heatley and Kessel? A first line of Heatley Kessel Gaborik? Ha. Oh well, TOO IMPORTANT TO DEVELOP! I said dont trade him, i will admit i was wrong. This kid has emotional issues that he needs to work out. He needs to be able to play with pressure, and fire. I wish he were the player i was thinking he would be.

  23. MikeA,
    The 86 team was tough as well, and made it to the conference finals. I think the toughness has to start on the back end, and go from there. There is not one tough defencemen on the team. The number 1 Dman is probably the softest player on the team.

  24. out0fyourelement on

    Long time reader, not a poster often

    I’m sure this post will fly under the radar with most of you regulars, but since this blog is the place I feel some of the most intelligent (and boneheaded haha) Ranger fans post, I felt compelled to share.

    It’s not news to most of you but Sather needs to go. This summer will be 10 years of his reign and he has accomplished this:

    6 Different Coaches (Torts twice, Sather himself)
    2 Playoff Round Wins
    Numerous roster overhauls that include the current 18 million dollar group of Drury, Rosival & Redden not to mention such great large contract signings of Holik, Gomez, Lindros etc.

    We have achieved mediocrity (and below) for 10 years now and I’m personally sick of it.

    We, as fans, need to start DEMANDING changes!!!


    If you want change, if you want to see this team SUCCEED we need to right the ship NOW.

  25. Losses in last two games: 2

    Goals against in last two games: 13

    Record without Wade Redden: 0-2

    I’m just saying…

  26. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Fire Sather 100% needs to become a chant at the garden. He’s the poison and we all know it. We’re all hopeless until that point.

  27. PA Parenteau I hope is not the future. He tries real hard, but he is just a good minor leaguer. They will have to do better than him. I agree with 4gen on most everything else, except I am not as down on Dubi, or as up on Staal.

  28. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Believing that a chant is going to work- and getting your point across- are two totally different things. If fans openly show hate for Slats, its just a known thing that we don’t want it. If its silent, theres just a discord that we do nothing about

  29. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    bull dog line, i just want to know like, how you know that? How do you know a think about PA Parenteau? We can both talk about professional players all day, because they have an opinion to be had. Are you really about to not give a chance to a guy that leads the league in the A, and frankly dominates? We’ve given him what, 3 games? 4 games? He’s scored for us and he’s won 2 games for us in the shootout. Is Drury doing that? How have you formulated a negative opinion on an extremely successful player in the minor league affiliate and has become someone who’s actually good in the clutch for us?

  30. The problem with Firing Sather is who is gonna replace him? This is the Dolans we’re talking about. They’re gonna give the team blindly to Messier because of his name when it should go to Gordie Clark, Jim Schoenfeld, or heck, even Anders Hedberg.

    I think Cally is injured. He’s been missing a lot of practices as per Gross/Zipay. He’s playing through pain.

  31. out0fyourelement on

    ilb2001 –

    Will it work? I hope so. But what I do know is that if we don’t try, if we sit back and just complain about this team’s problems on a messageboard instead of at the Garden, in front of management, in front of thousands watching at home, then nothing will get done and Sather will continue to run this team into the ground year after year.

    10 years. We pay our hard earned money and spend our free time watching this team, going through the ups and downs and have hardly anything to show for it. Do you want that to continue?

    Yes, we have a few bright spots on this team but does anyone really believe the youth we have, both on the roster and in the minors, combined with the supporting cast Sather has built, really is a cup contender now, or anytime in the NEXT 5 years?

  32. 4gen,
    I don’t no that, and would love to be wrong, but he is a 26 year old journeymen. Chances are that is all he is going to be, a journeymen.

  33. out0fyourelement on

    MikeA –

    I completely understand your view on the Dolans. They are a money hungry family who knows nothing about hockey. And yes, Messier very well could be their choice (though IMO, I don’t think he would take it after seeing what the spotlight can do to the likes of Gretzky in PHO and his own lack of experience) but even so, do we really want SATHER to be the one teaching Messier the ropes of GMing?

    All I’m saying is that we need a CHANGE. Not behind the bench, not on the ice (right now), but IN THE OFFICE.

    They say you build from your goaltender out…but we need the right architect and Sather is not the one.

  34. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Who is Johan Franzen? Who is Rich Peverley? Who is Matt Gilroy? I dont get why its not obvious the he simply isnt a journeyman. He has injury problems when he was trying to gain experience in the A, and had constant setbacks. He’s got extremely strong stats in the A for the past few years. I dont know why people cant just give somebody a chance.

    It happens to a lot of players.

  35. Sather, Messier, anyone else, doesn’t matter. I’ll tell you, it could be worse. When do you think was the last time Dolan watched the game? He is in the business of making money. So until and if the amount of tickets sold is less than 18,200, as they report, nothing needs to change in his book. That’s where the real problem is. Corporate ticket buyers, people waiting for years for seson tickets. Until the city stops paying, chanting will do as good as telling my Yorkie to stop hamping every toy in the house.

  36. I would love to see what the Orr lovers would be saying right now if Sather gave him that 4 year contract. The team would still be losing and we would be ripping Sather for signing another no talent. Brashear vs Orr is a total non issue. This team has a major lack of talent. Let’s face it, if the Islanders had a goaltender they would be a far better team than us. They may be even now. A sad state of affairs.

  37. Two comments:

    I think Valli was sending the team a message: If you are willing to put out only a half-a** effort, why the hell should I be different?

    Remember the Ratelle, Gilbert, Hadfield line? They were so successful because they played together for YEARS, and weren’t switched around every game! (And had guts, pride, talent and determination) Are you paying attention Torts?

  38. Sather must go, he has no plan. it changes every few years.
    Fire Sather, clap, clap, clap!!!
    Fire Sather, clap, clap, clap!!!
    Fire Sather, clap, clap, clap!!!

  39. out0fyourelement on

    ilb2001 –

    Ideally, yes, not going to games, not continuing to put money in the Dolans pocket is probably the best way to go about this.

    But think about it logically. How to honestly expect to convince millions of Ranger fans NOT to go to games? We’re all just dollar signs in the eyes of the Dolans and if you me and a hundred more fans don’t go, our spots will be taken by other fans who are are apathetic to the situation or corporate suits who care more about their blackberry than the sport.

    Having 18,000 strong chanting for the head of your GM though, night after night, in front of people at home and other investors and team officials, now that JUST might open some eyes and ears.

    You have to start small & cheap. A two word chant solves both of those problems and also can speak volumes.

  40. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    Tom is right, orr vs brash is pretty ridiculous to even be debating, if we had orr we would be saying the same things. He would be getting the same amount of ice time, playing under the torts rules just like brash is, being on the ice only when torts lets him, trying not to take the wrong penalty and lose ice time just like brash is. Suffering through his 4 minutes of ice a night (on most nights anyhow). $400k/yr difference, 2 years less…an absolute wash! Brash’ record 13-12-1 with 6 fights, orr 6-11-7 with 8 fights…definite wash!!!!

  41. How lovely, Ryan Callahan, who is playing through pain had to fight Cooke. Where was Brashit ???

    Ugh, each passing hour I find myself with a new excuse to hate this guy. He needs to hop in Heatleys car, and forget to pop on his seatbelt !

  42. 4 Del Zotto aka Staal Wart on

    bull dog line,
    are you flipping serious? Not as down on Dubi, and not as up on Staal? Seriously go back to your drawing board.
    Staal, Always on ice against the other top lines.
    Is very very young and playing a position that takes the longest to grow into. Trade him? I’m thrilled you are just a fane and not a GM.
    Dubi, loved the guy, wanted him here. But he is not a first line center. He is a third line center at best. Still young, but should definitely be progressing. And why trade him now, he has little value until he proves something.

    I signed up for this…yup. I am all about youth, I don’t mind the mistakes the youth make unless they don’t learn from them. However I doubt whether Sather knows how to rebuild an organization. I don’t know how you can be a GM and sign so many average players.
    I watch to see DZ, Gilroy, Staal, Cally, etc play
    And I don’t know how anyone can make a call on Parenteau when he hasn’t even played 10 games in the league…talk about knee jerk…WTF?

  43. 4 Del Zotto aka Staal Wart on

    Oh and like the broken record for what seems like forever…
    *Fire Sather!*
    I would love to hear that on Monday night and every night until he is gone…
    Then we could immortalize the chant like “potvin sucks”
    and chant it at games for the next 50 years.

  44. I think it’s too late to trade Dubi. We could have potentially had Heatley or Kessel, but Slats blew it. Now all we can get is half way decent players, cause now GM’s realize they don’t have to offer as much now.

    This carp always happens.

  45. out0fyourelement on

    Please please please, if you are behind the notion of firing Sather, please do NOT fall victim to the thought that a win streak or a good effort in a few games means the problem is solved.

    We have all seen this year after year, FOR A DECADE.

    This has to stop. We need to break these mirrors and clear this smoke and expose this team’s weakness for what it truly is: GLEN SATHER.

    Winning, losing, intermission, commerical break, WE NEED TO START CHANTING TO FIRE SATHER.

    We need to show other fans and management that we are SICK of this same mediocrity year after year. I plan on purchasing a few tickets for various games in the next few months and when I get a few dates set, if anyone would like to meet up and help me in this fight, let me know.


  46. Parenteau has not been a star but he has played well enough to stay up with the rangers. He certainly has been better than a lot of the vets for the most part. Anisimov has been very good also. He is going to be a real good NHLer.

  47. great post by Joe in DE at 1:35…and here’s my repost from last night


    the most depressing thing is that NOTHING will change for the foreseeable future…because of the GM For Life and the cap-killers (Drury, Redden, Rozsival) this team will be spinning it’s wheels in mediocrity for YEARS to come…no rebuilding, no contending, just mediocrity…2 years from now, during the 2011-2012 season, Drury/Rozsival/Redden will still be eating up $18.5 million of cap space! and in 2013-2014, 4 years from now, a 36 year-old Wade Redden will still be a $6.5 million cap hit! unreal

    in a salary cap world, what is the one advantage that the 2nd most valuable team in the entire NHL still has? money to burn

    WAIVE REDDEN AND/OR ROZSIVAL…become sellers at the deadline…bring up more youth, just for the experience, and use this as a rebuilding/cap-clearing year

    the Rangers will never contend for anything with the 3 toxic contracts (Redden, Drury, Rozsival) still on the books…it’s impossible to construct a legit NHL roster when you have 5 players taking up $33 million of a $56 million cap, 3 of which are complete dead weight

    as we’ve seen with this years team, you end up with rookies/young developing players being heaped with too much responsibility, role players being asked to play over their heads, 3rd line-types masquerading as Top 6 forwards, 2 rookies on defense and a 7th defenseman who’s also a rookie, etc.


  48. I actually find much of the repeated doom-mongering after every defeat (or as soon as the Rangers go 1-0 down in a game for some people) a bit redundant, but since we’re in anti-Sather venting mode…

    Nine NHL GMs have been in their current job for as long as Sather. These are – along with the number of coaching appointments they have made (including any interims that coached more than a few games, plus themselves) – as follows:

    Lamoriello (Devils) 13
    Rutherford (Hurricanes) 3
    Regier (Sabres) 1
    McPhee (Capitals) 4
    Poile (Predators) 1
    Pleau (Blues) 3
    Holland (Red Wings) 2
    Waddell (Thrashers) 4
    Sather (Rangers) 5

    The only ones not to lead their team to a Conference Final appearance are Poile, Waddell and Sather (the rest except Pleau – arguably not even running the Blues anymore, and due to step down soon anyway – have made a Cup Final appearance), two of whom can be excused to some degree by running expansion teams. And I doubt many people would suggest Poile has done anything approaching a bad job in Nashville in the circumstances, or that he has made a mistake with his only coaching appointment.

    Even Waddell, with a litany of bad trades and drafts of his own under his belt, has been working under an unstable ownership situation at times during his tenure. What is Sather’s excuse?

  49. i might be going to the game on the 12th against Buffalo and if this kind of effort continues, i might just be ticked to the point to start a “We Want Renney” chant. i honestly do believe that we are built to play more of a defensive rather than an offensive style. similar to Devils nowadays. it might be 25 times more boring but at least its effective. would you rather have fun hockey and lose every other game or play a fundamental, sound hockey game where the D stays back and the offense pushes in. i dont know, im not giving up on Torts…yet. but can i switch back to renney please? what didnt u guys like about him? that he was boring in his interviews? that he used big words some of you couldnt understand? its called a dictionary.

  50. out0fyourelement on


    Good work on bringing out those GM stats. It just reiterates the horrendous job Sather has done year after year at his “attempts” at building a contender.

    And yes, the doom-mongering after defeats has become redundant, but redundancy has been the Rangers M.O. for nearly 10 years now. We should all be used to it.

    Again though, we need to take these complaints to another level with a FIRE SATHER chant. Things will never change until SOMEONE fixes the 3 big contract mistakes that Sather has made and takes this team in another direction.

    Food for thought: BLEEDTRUEBLUE from the message boards posted this interesting stat:

    “In NY, $11.5M buys you Redden and Roszival. In Pittsburgh, $11.5M buys you Gonchar, Letang, McKee, Goligoski and Orpik. Enough said.”

  51. wicky, the ill-injured Huggybear has the same stats as Orr who plays on the terrible Leafs and has probably been in and won more fights this year. Who cares if Huggy’s a better skater with his whole minute of icetime.

  52. Staal Wart,
    Please stop with the excuses for Staal. He on against the other teams best players, that is why he is struggling. He has gone backwards since the middle of last year, he is as soft a defencemen that there is in this league. Do you ever see any team try to get there top line away from him? Never, you know why, because they all like the matchup. Staal is no physical threat, they skate up and down his side, with no fear. Dubi is probably going to be a 3rd line center, I agree, but I am not as down on him as the rest of you. Staal is 22 now, in 10 years he has a chance to 32.

  53. LEV

    I don’t know. I don’t think Gabby would be doing as good as he is if we were playing Renney’s system. Or maybe im wrong, and he’d be doing similar, who knows.

    We just don’t have the right players for this system. This team is heartless, gutless, penisless, and any other less you can think of.

    We’re getting flat out ass raped 8-3, and we allow one of their guys to get away with a cheap shot. THEM, NOT US ! We should have been throwing cheap shots, but no, it was the team that was doing the raping. Not only that, their geek of a coach, who looks like he hasn’t gotten laid since his last kid was conceived, completely out of disrespect, plays Crybaby, and Milkman to the final second of the game. He’s pretty much telling us, “you’re all pussies, and you wont do a single fuggin thing aboot this, and we’re gonna walk all over you now, and on monday night”.

    This team makes me sick. I wish we had someone with balls to pull a Bertuzzi, and dummy one of these douche bags. But nooo, we allow them to destroy us every way possible, cause they have Rupp, and Godard. Hahaha, embarrassing.

    I give Cally a lot of credit for stepping up, since nobody else had the balls to do it, but for the love of fugg, somebody take it a step further.

    Brashit obviously is too retarded to do it. He gives Stamkos a little bump and starts throwing hugs all around, and does the same last night.

    Im telling you, NYR is like an ex gf you’re in love with, and you cant let go. They trash you almost every game, but you still come back for more.

    I need therapy, and a Megan Fox nip slip, or upskirt. That will calm me down.

  54. Staal is struggling he needs to focus more on his D. If he’s going to be a stay-at-home defender until he gets the offensive skills and confidence, so be it. Keep him or trade him.

  55. Orr, how do you think Prospal, MDZ, Kotalik, PA, and especially Gabby would be doing in the Renney system?

  56. “But this is what you signed up for. You wanted to see the young kids? You have to accept it when they take their lumps.”


    Carp I have to take issue with this…I’m pretty sure almost everyone here wants to see the youth develop…we all have accepted that they will take their lumps…no one here has called for benchings/scratches when Del Zotto, Gilroy, Anisimov, etc. have made mistakes or have gone through the expected growing pains…or to use another example, we’re not ripping a still-developing Callahan, we’re actually frustrated for Cally…at this point in Callahan’s development/career, he has been placed with an unfair burden to be a major goal-producer on this team, while someone like Chris “$35 Million” Drury gets treated by the coaches/media as if it’s ok for him to produce like a glorified Blair Betts

    in order for the youth to develop, you HAVE to put them in a position to succeed…or at least put them in a position when they can grow as players…IT’S NOT ABOUT THE GAME RESULTS…if they were losing and the youth was developing, that’s one thing…but every young player (Cally, Dubi, Staal, Girardi) has regressed to some level this season, and the rookies (Del Zotto, Gilroy, Anisimov, Sangs) are being thrown to the wolves with heavy burdens and no regard for their development

    why is that? because Sather has tied up $18 million of cap space in dead weight (Drury, Rozsival, Redden) and close to another $10 million in underachievers (Higgins, Kotalik, Voros, Boyle, Brashear, Vally)

    any Rangers fan who is deluding themselves into believing this is a “rebuilding” year just because they’re playing some youth is insane…Sather’s goal going into this season was to get a few home playoff gates for Dolan, as it is every year, not to “rebuild”

    Sather was FORCED to play the youth because of the toxic Redden/Drury/Rozsival contracts and his own atrocious cap management…and now because of that, our youth is either regressing, or not being developed properly

    like I said, you can’t rebuild OR contend with $18.5 mill of a $56 mill cap in dead weight…you can only be mediocre…thanks to the GM For Life/toxic contracts, whether the youth develops or not, we’re a “battle for the 8th spot” team for at least the next few years

  57. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on


    that’s kinda my point, a minute or four of ice tiem it really does not make a difference. So orr plays on a team with a worse record, no big deal his ice time just like brashear’s would be limited no matter what on this team. I’d rather have chris neil or lappy than either one of them.

    I love the fact that everyone complains about he lack of toughness this team has, but if we gave our tougher guys (and this would apply to orr if he were still on the team) more ice time (like skating semenko on a line with gretz) people would be saying why is he on a line with gabby, put someone on there that can score, this guy shouldn’t be getting this much ice time. Everyone wants an enforcer that can put 20 or 30 goals in a season that can skate like the wind and last time I checked those guys don’t exist (closest player to that was simon ans dumbazz slats traded him away).

  58. Noonan…Gaborik would be doing the same thing in the Renney system…he excelled in LeMaire’s system…

    I’m not saying it’s the right system to use, but as much as Torts likes to press the offense, you still need to play defense. Something’s up with this club and I can’t put my finger on it, something is just off

  59. wicky,
    Those guys do exist. Lucic(when healthy) is that kind of player. I can name you a bunch of guys from the 70’s 80’s and 90’s that were that kind of player. Dave Schultz, the biggest goon of all time scored 20 one year. The problem with Orr , is that he cannot be on the ice to be intimidating. Yes he will fight the other teams tough guy, but that has no effect on any one else on the opposing team. Today’s Brashere is the same way, he could play a little back in his day so he was an intimidating guy, but now he can’t keep up to intimidate anyone.

  60. Another major problem with the toughness is that $2.4 million is tied up to two guys Voros and Brashear who play 5 minutes a night. That’s too much money for too little value.

    That’s like buying a PS3 and playing it once a month for 10 minutes.

    In an ideal world those two should be sent to Harford, callup Byers and Weisse, and try and find some way to get Garnett Exelby by trading Higins and a pick.

  61. I agree Bulldog….guys like Burrows in VAN and McLeod in COL…all tough guys that can play the game

  62. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    NYR and bulldog

    Ok, I forgot about lucic and burrows i mentioned in a previous post (consider him more of the avery weight class and I was talking heavyweights). Also not talking about past decades, I was meaning more like the past 5 or so years. Thanks for the input though!

  63. It’s too late to send those guys to Hartford. They’ve already played 10 games on the NHL club. Cuts like that need to be done at the end of the season

  64. Right on, Carp.

    And, yeah, I’d be willing to settle for a rebuilding year if I thought most of this youth had the kind of upside that other teams get. We’re rebuilding a bunch of Drearys. Callahan and Dubinksy, and probably Girardi, are definitely never going to be forces in the NHL. We fans keep lying to ourselves. Staal’s brothers don’t make him a savior, either.

    Even Hank has yet to have a season without huge holes and mental lapses. His frustration is tangible and, seemingly, cancerous to his game.

    I, too, feel bad for Gabby. Guy’s a great player. But everyone saying we need to trade Prospal needs to rethink the reality of that. He’s having an up year playing with a truly elite player. He’s also a guy who was released one year into a four year contract. No one is taking him off the Rangers’ hands simply because he can play alongside Gaborik and show a little heart (and stand out on a team with zero heart).

    It’s a crap team that wasn’t built to win, and certainly wasn’t built to play freewheeling gutsy hockey.

    Ya gotta sort of hope they lose the rest of the season 8-3 and manage to draft a great player.

    But…the Dolans sure know their hockey and basketball, right? Can’t believe they don’t own the Nets.

  65. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on


    I agree it is too much money and I think i would rather see soryal up. Carkner only makes like 500k for the sens and yep, I wouldn’t mind exelby, not my first choice, but we could certainly use him!

  66. “Noonan…Gaborik would be doing the same thing in the Renney system…he excelled in LeMaire’s system…”

    I doubt it. Renney’s play for the skillz competition system produced little scoring a lot of the time courtesy to his quasi-trap.

  67. Wicky I agree with what you’re saying though…when Voros played on Gabby’s line in MINN he played well…Voris is not bad at cycling the puck around along the boards and behind the net…put him with Gabby and Prospal and it may balance out the lines a bit…it’s not like anything else is working

  68. Noonan…LeMaire’s system is ALOT more defensive than Renney’s. Wild played the most boring hockey in the league with him.

  69. DiDimonte is also a heavyweight too if I’m not mistaken. I don’t get why we have to pay so much money for someone to play 5 minutes a night and fight when we have guys willing to do it just as well for the league minimum…thanks Glen.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I blame all problems on Sather and ONLY Sather…I better hear the Fire Sather chants Monday night…CARP you gonna start em?? lol

  70. What about DuPont? Leads Hartford in PIM and can actually score. I need to go, just thinking about this makes me angry

  71. I’m posting through my phone. I can’t wait to get home & great points people made in this thread.

    What is happening here is the “vets” on this team are NOT leaders & don’t have the capability to take the kids under their wings & teach them. Like Jagr (sorry wicky) did with Dubi. Same goes with the defense. However, MDZ is a born D stud. But the likes of Staal, Girardi, Gilroy DO NOT have any leadership or teacher back there for them – to mold them. I mean really would YOU want Rozi or Redden back there teaching you? Even though Redden is the ONLY player to improve from last season. Drury is not a leader here for the kids & excuse after excuse is made for him. Prospal is great & will be able to fill that role in some
    way. But, I think he’s fitting in himself & hopefully will be around for another few years.

    They aren’t putting forward the effort like they did at the beginning of the season. They were ferocious on the forecheck & dominated the play. Kotalik & Lisin are lost in the shuffle and don’t FIT style wise with their linemates.

    And yes it does start with Sather just throwing money blindly to underachievers. Btw what would have happened of another player on Buffalo scored the 7.7 sec goal? Do you think
    Sather would have tried to get him?

  72. My argument was many of the players would not be flourishing as offensively if they were playing under a Renney system. This includes their forechecking style and how the defense plays and gets down low in the zone and pinches.

  73. Noonan there is no question we wouldn’t even be close to 2nd in points for our defenseman for Renney’s system. Also, I think it’s a moot point b/c no way Gaborik would’ve signed here to keep playing a defensive game.

  74. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    ok so let me shift gears before I get some work done at the house. As far as “tradeable” players since we are talking about it..

    DO NOT trade no matter what..Gilroy, MDZ, avery, gabby, prospal, AA

    It would have to be one hell of a sweet return before I would trade them …cally, grachev, hank, staal

    If you get the chance…GONE…Drury, redden

    DUH…rozy, valli

    Tradeable (to some degree atleast) and should go….higgy, dubi, girardi, lisin, PAP, sangs (got to give to get on sangs, I wouldn’t mind if he was still here though)

    I could care less either way if they stay or go…..kots, brash, boyle

    No way I get rid of this guy unless we get a guy back with as much heart….voros

  75. MAKO, you make a good point. It is for the same reason that I thought it would have been a great move to sign Chris Chelios to a 1 year deal. The guy would play for virtually nothing, could fill in at a 6th or 7th spot no problem. But most importantly, he could mentor Staal, Girardi, MDZ and Gilroy and really show them the ropes, like a player/coach. His game obviously isn’t what it used to be, but it’s not because he sucks, he’s just crazy old. He would have a lot to give to a team that could use experience at D, and I doubt anybody could argue that he’d be much worse than Rozsival

  76. Wicky, according to ESPN Insider, Prospal is the Rangers only trading-chip. He can always re-sign in the off-season

  77. MAKO

    Bwahaha, you need training, my padawan. Ive mastered the Jedi Arts of the Ipod Touch keyboard. The only problem i get is the automatic spellcheck. Every time i try to say “aboot”, it fixes it and replaces it with “about”. Maybe i should have gotten the Canadian Ipod Touch.

    When i think of Tom Renney, the first thing that comes to mind is Hollweg, Betts, and somebody else on the ice in the final minute of a one goal game. Haha, couldn’t get any worse than that.

    I don’t miss that guy at all. Torts has his flaws, but he’s still a good coach. Cant blame him for having a team with no heart, and a GM that most likely forces him not to make an example out of those players so it doesn’t make him look bad.

    Im losing serious hope in this team, mainly because i almost lost all of my confidence in Hank. Once that goes, it’s tough to expect this team to make it to the playoffs, let alone actually winning a series.

  78. Joe, I’ve been sayin the same thing for months…I really don’t get why Chelios is not a Ranger right now…it makes perfect sense to have him and it’s not like were holding anyone back by having a 7th defenseman

  79. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on


    It’s ok, I know I am in the minority here on that issue!


    good point, he may not have signed here if it was still a renney system!

  80. Renney was a terrible coach. He rode Drury and Blowmez into the ground and would play struggling players like Rozsival and the aforementioned no matter what. Had no concept of responsibility. Players that are held accountable tend to do their job better. Tortorella understands this.

    Renney’s formula: Past Achievements + Experience + Salary = Ice Time

  81. Noonan…as bad as it ended up with Renney…there is no question about the role he had in making the Rangers a team that mattered again….we can say what we want about Jagr/Hank but in the end, Renney allowed them to be successful…his time ran out and he had to go, but I don’t think there should be any ill-will towards him at all.

  82. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on


    I still wouldn’t do it. I think to this point vinny has earned the right to not be traded and then resigned later!

    Good call on chelios guys. He would be a great mentor. I think witt would be as well, but not as good as chelly!

  83. Chelios has 9 points and is +9 in 14 games for the AHL Wolves….tell me how this guy wouldn’t be the perfect 7th D-MAN??? ARGGHHH

  84. And we’re not even talking about to contribute now…we’re talking about to mentor these guys for the future!!! I’m starting to hate Sather more and more by the minute…CARP we need you to calm us down before something bad happens to Sather lol

    This is what happens after a day of drinking and watching football

  85. Well after researching it appears Sather offered Chelios a shot to play for Hartford but he said no b/c of the direction we were going in…but I’m sure if he offered him a deal to be a 7th d-man for the NYR he would say yes

  86. Joe

    yeah that would have been a smart move. But smart isn’t in Sather’s vocabulary. And you can thank Sather’s supporting cast to make signing Gaborik a deal he would be crazy to turn down. To us Italians ” an offer he can’t refuse” lol but his life wasn’t on the line lol

  87. Sorry for all the posts in a row, but Chelios said if the Rangers need veteran help, Chicago is not too far for them to come take a look…wtf are they waiting for…3 rookies on the blue-line and you won’t sign one of the best defenseman in history that can still play?

  88. Haha, funny pic.

    As for Vinny. If we’re out of a playoff spot, i think we should trade him. This guy hasn’t won a Cup, trade him to a contender, and get us a good return, and he can re-sign with us, and get right back at it next season.

  89. I respect Renney and how he helped develop the team but he relaly only solidified the D with a good goaltender. He never figured out his lines until the playoffs and it took him until Dubinsky to find a center for Jagr. Some of the blame is on Sather as well. No disrespect to Renney he just didn’t change the team all that much. Jagr had a bigger impact than him IMO.

  90. after the dark years, the playoff appearances were a step in the right direction, but as Sather said, “if nothing changes, nothing changes.”

  91. ORR I completely agree..we were saying the same stuff about Cali/Dubi and not trading them for a Heatley…

    If we can get a good return for Prospal at the deadline, we’d be crazy not to take it, especially with him being a UFA after the year

  92. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    For those of you still here, who would you trade and to get what/who back???

  93. If they trade Prospal, who will fill the GAPING hole on the first line to play with Gaborik? AND Prospal is making a little over a million. They are at the cap limit as it is. What return would they see, they would have to send another play with him. There is NO WAY they trade VP.

  94. Wicky, if we are out of it at the deadline and there is a high-demand for Prospal, we’d be foolish to not trade him for whatever we can get if we can just re-sign him after the season. Although, if it’s a draft pick I’d rather just keep it so Sather doesn’t trade it for Andrew Peters

  95. MAKO…if they are out of it at the deadline, what’s the point in keeping him if they can get a return for him and re-sign him for next year?

  96. Bravo guys!! You’ve said it all. Excellent points and many well thought out posts. I’ve been wanting Sather gone since the day he was announced as our GM. Couldnt stand him then, despise him beyong comprehension now. If i did my job as poorly, I’d be fired. How can this ‘hockey genius’ have NO IDEA what this team needs? We have owners and upper management that don’t give a rats ass about the product on the ice. As long as they get their 2 home playoff dates, they consider the season as a success. And here we are, the long suffering fans. The only way we can fight back is to NOT give our dollars to the dolans, but honestly, that is easier said than done. They’ve screwed us over a barrell, and again, dont give a rats ass.

    On a lighter note, Sam’s doing the Titans Cards game, and he’s wearing his Hockey Fights Cancer tie!!!

  97. wicky,
    There is only one guy I would not trade, and that is Gaborik. The rest are all on the table.
    Needs, a number 1 and 2 center, a physical Dman, and a legitimate power forward.

  98. Trade Prospal? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard all year. Yea Higgins will totally fill that role and the role he didn’t fill on his line.

  99. Noonan…I’m not saying trade him if we are in the hunt…but if WE ARE OUT OF IT…why would we not trade him if he’s a FA after the year and can re-sign with us??

  100. why would Vinny resign here next summer if traded at the deadline to a contender? if he helped said contender, i’d assume they might want to resign him too. and wouldn’t he want to sign or stay with a contender next summer? its not like he’s married to Torts. I’m not saying don’t trade him if we can get value back, but don’t expect him to return next summer if we do.

  101. Dubiii…I think he will come back even if we have a bad year…it’s not like we are a terrible team that sucks with no future…we have pieces in place, just takes time to grow. I would think Torts would lean on Prospal to help move that growth along.

  102. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    I see the point from a “business” standpoint of trading him if we are out of it by the deadline, however unless he specifically asked to be traded, I just wouldn’t do it out of respect for him.

  103. Again Sather loves holding on to the underachievers and trades away some pretty decent players. There isn’t much wiggle room of they package VP with someone else. Who? Higgins? Cally? Kotalik? And what players would you want back in return?

    VP has a great thing going with Gabby, I don’t see him going anywhere until the season is over.

    I don’t know why Sather keeps holding on to Rozi. That really doesn’t make ANY sense to me. He had one great season & has gone downhill since then.

  104. Wicky, I agree, I think if it were to happen we would have to go to him and ask his thoughts on it first. The more I think about it the more Sather would just screw it up anyway…man I hate him…so much…I’m really surprised there is not as much backlash against him at Ranger games

  105. MAKO…he needs a trading partner to get rid of Rozi…and no GM wants to take Sather’s place as dummy of the league

  106. Btw

    If you were VP & were treated like garbage by TB, had an amazingly redeeming year with Gaborik & were traded away for spare parts, would YOU want to resign with the same team who tossed you away? I understand business is business but players still have emotions. Who’s to say he would resign with the Rangers. Another team could outbid Sather for him
    next year. Ummm say the Islanders who have $16mm in cap space. Sick isn’t it? Islanders are a perfect example of growing their kids. They have a couple of great vets to teach the kids. Look at how well they are doing now… Witt, Weight, Hunter… AND right now they are doing it all without DeePee. But hey if Biron is cut loose they Rangers shout drop Vally like a bad habit & snatch him

  107. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    realistically, I only see a few possible trading partners for rozy and all of which would include a big salary coming back and a lot of assets (sangs, dubi) going the other way…LA for smyth (I wouldn’t if I was LA, but I would love that), Dal in a richards deal TB for the other vinny, Pho for jovo…..! Of course I never thought slatipuss would find a partner for gomer either!

  108. Biron would be a great backup for Hank…and yeah, it’s great to wonder what it would be like with an actual GM wouldn’t it? You know, one that cares, makes appearances, actually comments on his team, and oh, doesn’t give out contracts worth 7 mil/yr to 3rd line centers and 3rd pair defenseman

  109. Though contender teams would be clamoring for Prospal’s services should we look to shop him, it would do us no good whatsoever. The guy is a bargain at 1.1/per and would be an ideal rental to good teams already up around the cap, but who could replace him for the same amount of money to avoid the Rangers going over the cap? The Rangers would need to be compensated in a HIGH draft pick for it to be worth it

  110. The same way the fans cracked down on Renney, is the same way we have to crack down on Slats. As for his replacement, im sure anybody at this point would be better. NY fans have this power in their hands, they just need to do be proactive, FIRE SATHER chants will get it done.

  111. Can we all stop bashiong Brash signing. I also dislike the signing, but do you reaqlly think it would have made a true difference, whether we kept Orr?

    Do you think we would have one or more wins if Orr was here?

    The problem with this team is Sather, Drury (his salary), Rozi, Redden (his salary) and the bunch of 3rd/4th liners we have in the lineup.

    Drury and Redden at half their salary would be beneficial for this team. We should have traded for Heatley, but refuse to give up Dubi. I would have traded Dubi in a heart beat for a proven goal scorer. You cannot have a team with one legit scorer playing for you. You need a few lines that can put the puck in the net, in order to be successful. Plus, they are both still young and in their prime, so it would make sense to have them both and build around them. How do you beat the Rangers? Simple, keep Gaborik from scoring.

    This is not merely about giving the young guys a chance, I have seen teams younger that play with more grit.

    As I have said before, this team needs an overhaul and it should start with the GM position. Please no Messier, can we stop living off of ’94. I love Mark, he was a great player. However, we need someone with experience to right this ship.

  112. NYRguy i see what you mean but that is basically throwing in the towel. Trade him for what a pick? Tank the season?

  113. I love the Garden and the Garden Faithful…but there are way too many corporate people and empty seats on the weeknights…the fans have to come up big to get these Fire Sather chants going

  114. Noonan, it’s not gonna happen now…but if the deadline in March comes and we’re not even close to a playoff spot, it’s not really tanking.

  115. Fire Sather chants didn’t get it done before the lockout, what makes you think it will get it done now? The man has to either retire, die, or be involved in a sexual harassment lawsuit.

  116. OMF a 2 game vacation for cooke, PATHETIC NHL, PATHETIC, could you imagine if Crosby got hit the same way, the player would be suspended for half the season.

  117. What happens to the refs? A guy gets suspended for a hit where no penalty was called. There has to be something done to the refs also correct?

  118. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    another guy taht gets to hide because of the stupid instigator rule!!!

  119. I guess Brashear gets the night off tomorrow w/ Cooke out..he must be relieved he doesn’t have to stick up for anyone

  120. Were there is a will there is a way tom foolery, and btw, it has to be the same level as knicks fans toward Isiah Thomas too get the job done.

  121. you just admitted to doing that in the scenario to throwing in the towel, see? that’s what i meant mang.

  122. I think fans are too disgusted at this point. They know Sather is not going anywhere no matter what. Don’t forget that all the negative media attention helped get Isiah fired. NY media does not pay attention to hockey anymore.

  123. grachev is a 74. hes pretty good though. i’m playing the sabres with the hartford wolfpack. winning 1-0 after 1 period

  124. Um there is almost always an article in the paper about the Rangers during a game. If a NY Ranger fan showed a sign behind the bend fire sather, im sure the news would be all over it just like they were on Avery last year for hiring a prostitute.

  125. I dunno Mazio…I guess it really depends on Brooks and Gross if they decide to write anything about it

  126. Media loves controversy, NY Ranger fans just have to keep at it. If you don’t believe its making a difference, then Sather wins that simple.

  127. That is true Mazio…it’s early enough in the season where a chant that lasts for a long period of time could garner some attention

  128. It doesn’t matter that Cooke’s out, someone has to send a message, even if it means killing off a penalty.

    As far as trading partners, I’d target a Stillman (who is injured) or Frolov from LA.

    Higgins has to go the other way, and I really like Sauer, but if Torts is going to be here, he has no future with the Rangers as Torts doesn’t care for his game.

    Someone like Exelby is a must because he’s a banger.

    Hypothetically, if the Rangers could trade their 1st rounder in 2011 to get rid of either Rozi or Drury, would you all be down for that?

  129. MikeA…yeah I would be down for that…clearing that salary would make a huge difference in the quality of this roster…if Sather’s not GM of course

  130. NYRGuy

    I agree on the suspensions. I made the same point after the Drury/Glencross hit. I’m really not as anti-ref as most, but if the officials call no penalty on a play that subsequently results in a suspension, unless there was a justified reason for missing it, the officials should also be suspended.

    Brashear/Betts, Glencross/Drury and Cooke/Anisimov are all instances of this.

  131. Noonan – do you happen to recall who was coaching when the team’s season goal scoring record by a player was broken?

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