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From the NYR:
November 28, 2009 – New York Rangers 3, Pittsburgh Penguins 8 (Game #26, Road #14)

* The Blueshirts were defeated by the Pittsburgh Penguins, 8-3, tonight at Mellon Arena to drop to 13-12-1 overall, including a 6-7-1 mark on the road.

* Each of the Rangers three goals were tallied by a defenseman, marking the second time this season the New York defense corps registered three goals in a game (Oct. 12 vs. Toronto, 7-2); entering tonight’s contest, the Blueshirts’ defensemen combined for 15 goals on the season, tying Chicago for fourth in the NHL.

* Marc Staal opened the game’s scoring at 8:50 of the first period and blocked two shots in 22:22 of icetime; Staal has now recorded a point in back-to-back contests (one goal and two points).

* Marian Gaborik led the team with two assists/points; he currently leads the NHL with 19 goals and ranks second in scoring with 35 points.

* Following three straight Pittsburgh goals, rookie defenseman Matt Gilroy responded to cut the Rangers deficit to one goal with 5:27 remaining in the second period.

* Michal Rozsival answered a Penguins goal in the closing second of the middle frame with an even strength tally 33 seconds into the third, and finished with a game-high four blocked shots and a team-high 23:05 of icetime.

* Four Rangers skaters – Ales Kotalik, Sean Avery, Vinny Prospal, and Chris Drury – recorded one assist apiece in the contest.

* Michael Del Zotto and Dan Girardi tied for the game-high with five hits.

* Christopher Higgins led all skaters with six shots on net, and led all New York forwards with 22:40 of icetime.

* The Rangers return to action on Monday, November 30, when they will face-off against the Pittsburgh Penguins at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m.), to close out their home-and-home set; the game will be televised live on MSG Network and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio.

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  1. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    I wonder if Matt Cooke will be suspended for his illegal hit.

  2. they’ll give Cooke a couple games suspension so he does not face the Rangers Mon and have more vengeance fights. I love it but the league frowns on it. too bad.

  3. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    Nice headline from ESPN: Showing their anti-NY bias per the usual.

    Crosby hat trick helps Pens embarrass Rangers

  4. The Rangers return to action on Monday, November 30, when they will face-off against the Pittsburgh Penguins at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m.), to close out their home-and-home set;

    Return to action???

  5. How bad can the night get??

    Denny “Dirty” Potvin is providing commentary on the game on the NHL Network.


  6. Was waiting for this so I could repost my epic:

    I would not be disappointed if the Rangers missed the playoffs this season. I still think Tortorella is a good coach, but it comes down to the Rangers’ inexperience on defense. This is a clear developmental year with the two rookies on the back end, and the playoffs would just be a bonus, especially in Dolan’s pocket. This also comes down to Sather’s long-term planning which is crap. He would have to assume that one of our defensive prospects would come up aces. Most of his moves are just to look good at the present time with little regard for the future. Of course, the early winning streak got me excited, just like last season, but the team is built on Gaborik and Lundqvist being able to bail out the rest when the whole team has a bad night together. There is enough offensive talent if they would be able to put it together and outscore their mistakes, and I’m still hoping for a playoff berth (since we all know that they would screw up a high pick anyway), but just like last season I will not feel too strongly towards the negative if we finish worse than eighth.

    And what exactly happened with Lisin? WOW

  7. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    I want to get to the playoffs.

    Anything can happen.

    Any goalie can carry a team to the Cup.

    Maybe if Sweden gets knocked out early, Hank can get a nice rest and if we’re still in it at the time, lead us to bigger things.

  8. I still laugh at all the Ranger fans who were behind Brashit, and said how better he was compared to Orr. I don’t want to mention names, but i still think that’s hilarious. How many times this season has someone stuck up for a teammate that shouldn’t be in the box and doing that ? This guy does NOTHING !! He doesn’t fight, and when he does, he hugs. humps, and sniffs like the animal he is. He doesn’t score, he isn’t defensively responsible, he is USELESS !!

    I miss Orr more and more.

  9. CR9-Thanks for the reminder- how Hank will be used up in Feb. I’m glad Sather looked into all of the goalies available in FA to take the load off…..Oh wait, he signed Valley to a 2 year deal b4 FA. Nice move.

  10. Reposting it

    Chad Johnson Hartford Wolf Pack
    10-6-1 2.10 GAA 6th best AHL Goalie

    Corey Locke Hartford Wolfpack
    12G 21A Top AHL scorer

    can we please try

  11. Dubi or not Dubi on

    It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, clearly I should just change my name to simply “Not Dubi”. Anyway, games like this should make some of us go a little easier on Lundqvist. See what happens when he’s out? A goalie can’t make up for wide open players within 15 feet of the goal. No depth at center hurts that (Thanks Sather), and then benching one of your three healthy centers doesn’t help either (Thanks Torts).

    This game marked the first time I am actually frustrated with Torts. Why dress Lisin to bench him and not a center who you might need? Meanwhile Voros and Brashear still play? I’m sorry, that’s garbage.

    I’d also like to point out that I said 4 months ago that the Isles will finish with more points than the Rangers and I was bashed… Anyone else starting to think that?

  12. Sather's WrapUp on

    Hi Ranger Fans!

    How did you like tonight’s game?
    We got three goals tonight. After last night the scoring is really picking up.

    I’m gonna make an offer for that Crosby kid though. I’ll give them Redden and Drury and a second rounder, if I have to.

    That reminds me, I need to cancel Hat Night at the Garden. Fans don’t like hats. They threw them all on the ice in the middle of the game.

    Valiquette wasn’t as sharp as he can be. Maybe he needs a few more starts, I’ll talk to Torts about it.

    My boy Brashear was out there again giving it his Ranger All. Where is Brash? Hey Brash! Here’s a couple of bucks. Run down to the concession stand and gets us a big bunch of Nachos. No jalapenos though, they burn my sphincter.

    Well it’s back to the Garden. I can’t wait to get home and build on this successful road trip. Funny thing though, I know all the tickets are sold, but the place looks half empty during the game. Must be all that good food in the Garden. Fans just can’t stay in their seats.

    See you Monday, and have a wonderful Rangers night!

  13. I missed the game tonight, but heard the very end of the post game on radio with Don LaGreca and Pete Stemkowski. They wondered if Torts is pissed and will make a issue that Crosby and Malkin were out in the last minute of the game up 5 goals.

  14. i don’t bother with pens games. the immense frustration of how our team plays just isn’t worth it anymore
    and i must admit……….sorry knuckleheads but
    i’m already feeling the doldrums of a season lost
    and this is long before the olympic break.
    could go into each area but i just don’t feel up to it.
    losing my enthusiasm for this team.
    a bad bounce here or there can be frustrating but to see
    the same bad coverages and casual efforts on so many occasions……well, at least the youth is getting experience. hopefully, it’ll help at some point in the future. just don’t see much this year.
    for being such a downer right now.
    just unbelievable how other teams and other players seem
    to act as if they belong in the league and the Blueshirts, not all, act like they have forgotten the basics….again.

  15. oh yeah. i know i didn’t watch the game so maybe someone can illuminate me
    but, other than the “great in the locker room”
    description of Valley
    isn’t it about time he starts winning a game or two?
    isn’t that what the backup is supposed to do?
    then again,
    isn’t Henrik supposed to be stopping pucks as one of the
    “elite” goalies?
    just sick of all the lack of effort and preparation

  16. Hank plays too deep and Valliquette should be in the AHL. I never, ever, want to see Boyle or Lisin in the lineup.

  17. Where’s Linda? I need to get one of those dual-sided brown bags with the Rangers on one side and the Mets on the other.

    As much as I’d hate to watch miserable hockey for at least a year, I’d be fine if the Rangers went into full rebuild mode which it appears they need to. Their feeble attempt to do so last year was a disaster. I think they still had a chance to field a competitive team last year had they possibly retained Jagr another season. At the very least it would have precluded them from signing Redden and maybe Rozi.

    Moving on to the past couple of games. In TB they played a team with two former first overall picks (LeCav, Stamkos), 1 former MVP (Marty StL) and last year’s 2nd overall pick. Tonight they played against a team with two former first overall picks (Fleury, Crosby) and two second overall picks (Malkin, Staal).

    While top to bottom the Rangers biggest problem is talent. I definitely have issues with Torts has handled the team so far. Goalie decisions and sitting players to prove a point hasn’t really provided the spark to get the individual players to play better or the team to refocus during games.

    Now getting back to the issue of talent. They’d have more room to work with if they bit the bullet and ate at least one if not two of the killer contracts (Drury, Rozi, Redden). As it is, they’ll have to decide if they want to re-up Staal this off-season (and the precedent of giving Dubi and Cally contracts they clearly don’t deserve will not help with the negotiations). As much as I like how Prospal has meshed with Gaborik, I would be wary of keeping him beyond this year. Higgins, Boyle and LIsin are only around for this year (I hope) and Girardi’s deal I think is also up and perhaps they let him go to make room for Sangs. So assuming no one gets bought out or trade next year’s line up looks like:

    C: Drury/Dubi/Anisimov/?
    RW: Gaborik/Callahan/Kotalik/Grachev
    LW: Avery/Brashear/Voros/?
    D: Redden/Rozi/DZ/Gilroy/Staal/Sangs
    G: Lundqvist/?

    Up front we’ve seen only Gaborik is a top line player. Dubi and Anisimov should be 2nd/3rd line centers but they’d still lack a top line pivot. The big drain will still be on the wings, especially on the LW. The D will still lack a crease clearer and based on his performances this year and last year Valli can’t be counted on to do any more than mop up duty and start about 5-6 games, I just can’t see them improving their situation by any significant amount next year either.

  18. Is this blog for the retarded rangers fans who can’t check the rangers and other websites themselves?
    Carp, you are the most pathetic rangers bit writer of all times, you have nothing to add to the discussion about the rangers.

  19. I think this thread should be called “Postmortem Notes” lol

    C’mon people… Vally lost us the game… he was/is horrible! We played well after the first period but Vally was/is just flat out B A D! The best backup in the league my tuhes! (tuhes = @ss…for less educated on the blog)

    Lisin dressed but benched for the entire game? Wtf was that all aboot? Don’t know what else to say…

  20. Torts appears to be a very, stuborn, inflexiable coach who holds grudges. We’ve played many games is a short period of time and he sits Lisen just to teach him a lesson. Like he was going to play any poorer than this pathetic team tonite. Screw his aggressive offensive approach, he better teach this team how to play positional hockey: hitting checking, both fore & back before it’s too late. They play better defense in the AHL. This is the worst hockey I’ve seen in quite some time. Vally not the answer. He looked petrified out there. Why not bring up Johnson. Are we really this bad a team or are they not buying into Tort’s system.??? Probably a combination of both.

  21. like CTBlueshirt touched on, the most depressing thing is that NOTHING will change for the foreseeable future…because of the GM For Life and the cap-killers (Drury, Redden, Rozsival) this team will be spinning it’s wheels in mediocrity for YEARS to come…no rebuilding, no contending, just mediocrity…2 years from now, during the 2011-2012 season, Drury/Rozsival/Redden will still be eating up $18.5 million of cap space! and in 2013-2014, 4 years from now, a 36 year-old Wade Redden will still be a $6.5 million cap hit! unreal

    in a salary cap world, what is the one advantage that the 2nd most valuable team in the entire NHL still has? money to burn

    WAIVE REDDEN AND/OR ROZSIVAL…become sellers at the deadline…bring up more youth, just for the experience, and use this as a rebuilding/cap-clearing year

    the Rangers will never contend for anything with the 3 toxic contracts (Redden, Drury, Rozsival) still on the books…it’s impossible to construct a legit NHL roster when you have 5 players taking up $33 million of a $56 million cap, 3 of which are complete dead weight

    as we’ve seen with this years team, you end up with rookies/young developing players being heaped with too much responsibility, role players being asked to play over their heads, 3rd line-types masquerading as Top 6 forwards, 2 rookies on defense and a 7th defenseman who’s also a rookie, etc.


  22. They should have pulled Vally and piled the hats up in the crease…

    Rangers system is flawed. Torts wants to run an up tempo game plan with a team that doesnt have the dynamic skill set to execute.

    Guys like Higgins, Kotalik, Lisin, Drury and even Callahan are not playmakers. They are 3rd line type of players.

    Putting Drury on the PP and Vally in net vs the Penguins is not a winning combo

  23. Regarding the latest poll results

    The fans have spoken- Up to this point, the season has been disappointing which what , apparently, was expected.

  24. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on


    not sure if you were referring to me, but I do think brashear is a better hockey player than orr. That being said, I do not think brashear “runs” enough players on the other team, but I didn’t think orr did it enough either when he was here. These guys can not run someone if they are not on the ice when the perp is. Cally fought cooke after the OFFICIALS would not let brash pound him. Good for cally, he has the A that is what he should do. Brash tried, like him or not, he went after cooke. He also tried to fight goddard and goddard wouldn’t (smart decision by goddard, he had no reason to go then). Brashear does not run enough guys for my liking, but I do not have a say when he is on the ice and when he isn’t.

    I am not trying to say brash is the greatest ever (I think chris simon was the best enforcer we’ve had since kocur), but he is a little better of an all around hockey player than orr and no more or less effective than orr was when he was here. All in all he is about 400k more per season for two less seasons…’s a wash!!!

  25. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on


    on to more important things, loved the outfit (especially those heels) that megan was wearing on leno!

  26. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    night all and here’s hoping nasty is right and there is blood in the water on monday!!

  27. Rich you are my man…

    Nobody is saying it better than you…!!!

    There is nothing more to say about it..

  28. I hate the Penguins. you suck four 6 straight years and you get draft picks. that takes no skill,

    it takes a lot of skill to pick first in the draft. you will get smoked,

  29. the Rangers will never contend for anything with the 3 toxic contracts (Redden, Drury, Rozsival) still on the books…it’s impossible to construct a legit NHL roster when you have 5 players taking up $33 million of a $56 million cap, 3 of which are complete dead weight…………

    Mr. Sather you have killed the Rangers with those contracts, there is no cap space available to improve the team out of its mediocrity…

    Nobody can take this frenchise serious other markets of the world, this guy would have been fired five years ago…

  30. WOW…ug-leee.
    Fedotenko with the ol slew foot.
    Brash with the to little to late BS.
    Rozival with a good game,whaa?

    Wade Belak is being prucha’ed in Tenn,he is top 3 HW material,plus he isnt to far from being over the hill so you know Sather likes it now,get a real enforcer in here,ive had my fill of this washed up bum,looking to get one or two last years out of his(i must admit)impressive carrer(until this year).

  31. It’s not that he plays too deep in the net that is his biggest problem. This guy along with LQ should stop thinking that they are clones of DiPietro or Brodeur. Neither of them knows how to handle the puck with that stick. When are these goalies going to stop trying to make passing plays with attacking forwards ( especially Penquins) in on him. That flurry of GAGs against him were the product of his dopiness. He made that bad pass ( with a Penguin right in line with it,)and it turned the whole game to mush. And THAT was because he did what we’ve seen him do in other games when he lets in a goal or two on the “tainted” side. He freaks out and loses it completely. Once that happens he can’t stop a bushel basket.

    I believe what lone ranger mentioend about Torts…I think there is a streak of block headedness in him. But that isn’t the reason for the non performance of the forwards. And you must hand it to Cally – he has more grit in his modest form than half the team combined. ( And I still believe that Orr was their most indispensable player
    last season…not most valuable…most indispensable. And yes Brashear can (marginally ) outplay him hockey wise, but that question is moot.

  32. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    I haven’t watched a whole ranger game this season, its the first time in decades.
    They are awful to watch, the lose ugly and win ugly.
    The only bright side is watching Del zotto and asiminov, gaborik and prospal.
    Drury is totally like a fish out of water in NY.
    They’re a lousy product, look at the knicks, dreadful.

    Dolan is a loser.

  33. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    so to recap,

    Young Weak Defense
    Slumping inept secondary scoring
    subpar goaltending
    new system with a different style of coaching

    I know if i were on this team in that locker room, I would be pissed off. Someone would be getting crushed on ice the second i got the oppertunity. playing the puck would be secondary to laying a shoulder into someones chest.
    Would it be wrong to let your hardest slapshot take out defenders instead of putting it on net? I guess you could do both at the same time. That would require someone shooting into traffic though. We all know that isnt ging to happen. As frustrated as i am, and angry as it makes me, I will watch. Because i am a Rangers fan. good or bad, I will watch. BUT that doesn’t mean i have to be sober while doing it! LGR

  34. wicky
    No way in hell Brashear was better than Orr! Whatever your smoking please pass that my way.
    Let me guess…he’s a better skater…BullCARP!
    He flat out sucks…I’d take Orr back in a heartbeat. Orr at least could win a fight. B-hole just hugs!

    Ridiculous hit on Anisimov…I hate head hunting its wrong and can end a career…
    A new rule is needed…the Booth Rule…you hit someone in the head, your out for as many games as the player you took out…You end a career, your career is over. Its carping pathetic.
    On a positive note…the Rangers are sticking up for each other. Oh, other than Brashear, he tried to hug his opponent.
    I thought it was funny how the announcers were raving about how well Vally was seeing the puck and two seconds later Crosby buried one high over the blocker…then it was lights out and Vally forgot he was even playing hockey.

    Outside of Drury’s pass to Staal…he was horrible! Pee Wee mistake leaving the man.

    Why was Lisin benched?

    Where have the Rangers been, especially the last two games?
    Go Yankees!

  35. That’s why I stopped watching, this team will drive you to drink. There is no future for this team. I’ve said it many times on this blog. The big three bad contracts will hold down this team from doing anything good.

  36. Carp,youve been around this team in the past,is it panic time in the front office? because we all know the coach goes cant trade the whole team.

    the last 2 games have been a disgrace.

  37. Must we blame every coach and player every season? How many top players have failed in New York in the last 10 years? How many former Rangers have succeeded elsewhere? Sather is the continual problem. The Rangers’ lack of success is directly linked to his tenure as GM. It doesn’t matter who he signs or what the contracts are or who the coach is — Sather is not capable of being a GM. With the exception of Jagr, no one has succeeded here under Sather’s reign. Sather didn’t even understand that Jagr was responsible for the team’s success! Sather has no plan or system, he merely reacts and blames everyone else. He is a continual disgrace, and yet has served longer as GM here than other teams’ GMs who have won Cups. Fire Sather.

  38. I have never been fond of torts as a coach, or his stupid system. That said, I doubt Scotty Bowman could do much with this bunch right now. They can’t pass , they can’t accept a pass, and they don’t now how to back check. They turn over the puck ,and constantly leave guys open. The goal tending has not been great but the shots they are getting on them are good quality for the most part.

  39. Sather brought these guys in, and overpaid some of them. That is a major problem. Torts on the other hand is the hands on guy. he is dealing with the players, and it’s his system, and coaching habits the team deals with, he has to share the blame.

  40. I love reading this blog but you guys are crazy!

    the NYR lose and the season is over?

    There is a long way to go kids…

  41. Darth

    I watch every game, religiously.

    I’ve seen enough to know that this team is not dead.

    Say they win in convincing fashion at the garden on monday night… what will the blog faithful have to say then?

    Or maybe you’re right, they will lose 50 out of the next 55…

  42. Season is over because... on

    $18.5m in cap space committed to garbage players, rest of the team playing to their example, We have 2 rookie defensemen with good offensive skills, Marian Gaborik, Prospal (his Nylander) and The King. Team is a joke.

  43. Orr sucks and got a ridiculous 4 year contract. Enough already. Brashear and Orr are both useless on this team.

  44. reactionaries
    We call it the day after postmortem. Happens all the time. Added on by a couple of trolls, it’s fun to read.

  45. lets not get carried away. Who said anything about them losing
    50 out of 55 games. How is this prediction. This team will not make the playoffs. Normally that could be a good thing since the rangers would get a high draft pick but with sather making the decisions it means nothing.

  46. How about this predictions: the Rangers will be a streaky team the rest of the way. They will make the playoffs with a 7 or 8 seed and probably lose in the first round.

    They lost a lopsided game, I’m not ready to stop following the rangers. maybe some fairweather fans were expecting the NYR to keep up the early season pace but every real fan knows that they arent as bad as they’ve been the last 2 games and they arent as good as they were at the start of the season. They are a middle of the pack team with some great potential and some glaring weaknesses. it’s a very long season.

  47. Speaking of trolls.. I fully expect mr. lowell to appear right about now. And to have a little conversation with darth sather. They sound similar, if not like the same person. Both have the same smell that was stinking up the air here a couple a weeks ago. Is it only me or does anyone else smell it?

  48. whoa easy with ethnic slurs stranger. now go back to the devils or penguins blog you frequent and let us suffer in peace

  49. Yeah, I was wrong about mr. lowell showing up. Instead stranger appeared. La misma mie…..Stranger, for what you said last night, I think CCCP was unnecessary nice to you.

  50. I think we haven’t heard from Carp because he’s embarrassed he represents a Rangers Blog after last night lol

  51. Does anybody have ESPN Insider?? There are 2 things that I can’t read that are headlined:

    Prospal a trade chip? The Rangers may have just one trade asset


    Rangers seeking goalie? The Rangers may be looking for a new backstop

  52. The Rangers are looking for a new goaltender who can stop everything. Then they would a good bit of the games with shootouts.

  53. hey stranger…

    do you do anything else besides complaining? Don’t like it? Then follow my suggestion…


    maybe this time you’ll get it.

  54. I am hearing the reason Avery was so upset and went after Fedotenko was that he tried to slew foot Aves. Hockey night in Canada talked about it last night and showed video.

  55. Reeshay (or Riche') on


    But I guess you can take the ice and embarrass the franchise night in and night out.

    Good job NYR!

    You’ve made me embarassed to be a fan of this franchise.

    I’m going to find a place to hide my head in the sand.

  56. i thought they played well after the first period… Vally carpped it up for us…

    Vally is always one great save away from letting in 5 straight goals!

  57. TOM

    That’s not the point. It’s all aboot sticking up for your teammate, and knowing your role. Orr knew his role, he stood up for his teammates, he fought when he should fight. Brashit does none of this, instead of sticking up for his teammates, Gilroy, Callahan, and everybody else has to do his job when they shouldn’t have to.

    He’s a useless scumbag, and I wish someone would injure him so I don’t have to see him. He’s a pussy, and it’s rubbing off on the rest of the team.


    I wasnt referring to you. But yeah, Fox was hot on that ep. In sure all the guys were pitching tents, and the chicks had to deal with a little niagra falls downstairs.

  58. CCCP you are right vally stunk, and in the second period the Rangers played pretty good, but the third was full of glaring defensive mistakes, they just wern’t picking up their guys. The Pens got really good shots. I also think that Vally quit after he screwed up, at least it looked like he did.

  59. it’s a wash my arse. huggy is a pathetic joke, a total waste of cap space, and a negative on this team.

    get rid of his ugly puss now. Orr is right.

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