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Little time for whining about last night, not with the defending champs awaiting in a home-and-home.

But …

1) You want positives. OK, the young guys are getting great experience. Del Zotto is even getting more physical every game. Sanguinetti didn’t look out of place. One of the goals was scored by his man in front, but Higgins made an ultra-soft play trying to fish the puck away with his stick before it was scored. …

2) Speaking of which … The Rangers are a soft team overall, but last night they were astonishingly soft, especially around their own net. Although they did continue to stick up for one another. 

3) If you counted the six most talented forwards in the game last night, it was Gaborik and five Lightnings.

4) Would you trade the Rangers entire group of forwards, right now, for the Islanders’ forwards?

5) Speaking of the Isles, they really ticked off the Penguins for you yesterday.

6) Torts didn’t really enjoy that video tribute, did he?

7) Avery was good again. Very good.

8) Rozsival, Girardi, Drury, Higgins all regressed. Lundqvist was bad, and many of you are right. I wouldn’t call him awful this season, or even mediocre, but he hasn’t been as good as we’re conditioned to seeing.

9) So does Lundqvist play back-to-backs? Does he sit out the third in four nights and play the Pens Monday at MSG? Could they possibly beat Pittsburgh with an average LQ or with Valiquette?

10) Maybe Wade Redden is underpaid.

11) Did Mike Smith make one memorable save?


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  1. Got home from work with 10 minutes left. Rangers won 1-0 from what I saw. Let’s make it two in a row boys!

  2. RabidNYR
    LMAO. Now, that’s a positive attitude.

    Carp- LQ is facing much more 2 on 1 and put-ins in front of the net than he’s ever faced. It’s a function of Torts system and young d-men. If he dosn’t start playing like an all-star, the playoffs are questionable. They weren’t going to go deep in May anyway, not with this roster. As long as they keep growing….

    #4- no. Firm. I’d keep Gaborik.

  3. I think Henrik’s problem is what he has in front of him. When Tom ran the team he was more concerned with the defensive side of the game. He did this because he knew we had and still have a soft team.

    Everyone bitched and moaned about Tom style, but he had to play with the cards he was dealt.

    Now, Henrik does not have that cushion and is dealing with more traffic in front and so many d lapses. How can you expect him to stay focus? Opposing teams run at him on a nightly basis, turn over galore, players constantly out of position. I am surprise he has been able to win a game.

    The style they are trying cannot work with this team’s roster. This team needs to be gutted or the philosphy of this team needs to change. There is no way this team can succeed the route it is going. Something needs to change, but with Slats dealing the cards, things will remain the same.

  4. Oh, I forgot. #6. I don’t know if he didn’t necessarly like it, but he looked uncomfortable. His tie choices, however, are getting significantly better, don’t ya think?

  5. kotalik is good on the PP that is it. many soft mistakes in his own zone and dumb penalties… a team like tampa, you need to pressure there porous D men else the rangers cannot generate any offfense unless gaborik is on.

    the rangers have about 3 forwards out of 12 that can hit the net ever………..

    lisin is back to being a career underachiever look good skating softie, kinda like zherdev…….

  6. repost- got carped for a halfhour and didnt realize it!!

    rcm- ui too turned the game off after the 2nd goal by Kurtis foster. weak azz goal by hank, it looked like a 20 minute pp for the lightning-ings. they did look mlike they partied too hard from that brutal butt whipping they gave the panthers. what they have, like 5 or 6 goals? damn it sure seemed like they came off a game where they had it to easy, but they didnt. they barely got a goal. barely got to the shootout. hank did play well but how many games can he get this team a win with just 1 goal against? the only way the team wins is if hank gives up no more than 2 goals. when he gave up 2 quickies last night, i knew it was over. but we all thought that this team would be like this. theyre younger than any other team basically. especially on d. only thing i am concerned with more than the inconsistency from game to game or even period to period is the lack of effort shown sometimes.

    ilb- gotta keep the tradition goin baby!

  7. No matter how weak and disorganized the Rangers defense has been, if Lundqvist is to be considered world-class he has to be on top of his game day-in and day-out. IMO, he hasn’t been the same goaltender since those blown leads in Montreal (5-0) and Pittsburgh (3-0 playoffs) a couple of years back. People often talk about how the team defense lets him down but how often have the Rangers allowed over 40 shots/game? The answer is, not once. In fact, the highest total shots Lundqvist has faced is 36 (twice). This team is not as bad defensively as many seem to think. Yea, we do lack toughness back there, but seriously, Hank has to be better, and he just hasn’t been. Frankly, I find it frustrating that he or Allaire have done nothing IMO to correct the biggest flaw of his game—the fact that he plays so deep in his net and leaves so much of the net open to the shooter. Fix that and then maybe we can talk about being world-class again. Ever wonder why Hank is so good in shootouts? It may have to do with the fact that he “comes out to challenge the shooter”, thereby leaving little room to score. It works quite well, he should try it during the game. Go figure!

  8. Oh yeah, and i watched Leno before. Boy oh boy, Fox was super hot.

    Every time i see her on one of these shows, i always wonder if she’s gonna fall to number 2 on my list, but it just seems physically, and mentally impossible.

    Hail to the Fox. When Nyr plays like garbage, one look at a Fox pic will keep me semi sane !

    Play Vally tonight !

  9. Henrik is Henrik, he’s not Patrick Roy. Patrick was great Henrik is good. Henrik has to many basic fundamental flaws in his game. He also is getting more good quality shots this year. This team won’t make the playoffs unless they tighten up, and get a lot harder to play against. last night was as bad as I’ve seen for soft play, and they couldn’t put together any offence. They are missing a couple of guys, but they have to be better than that.

  10. ott- piggins is ok but when he gets a chance to score, he just freezes up and shoots it wide,off the post, orgets a weak shot or sometimes cant even get a shot off. gilroy kinda had some chances to shoot and passed it off last night which ended up in the puck being stolen and sent down our zone for a scoring chance. they gotta stop having bad plays that lead to odd man rushes or breakaways. its killin us. hopefully tonight we play like a team who got embarrassed. especially torts,sully and prospal. oh crew it, everyone had a bad game. i watched the archive last night. ohhman it was a good thing i turned it off last night in the first.

  11. Yeah, Kotalgeek is starting to look like how i imagined him to be when we signed him.

    And i think it was Wicky who said no to Jagr last night. Kind of surprised you were that much against it.

    I wouldn’t be against it at all. Say what you want aboot his leadership skills, or how he plays, but when it came time to step up for the playoffs, he was always there, unlike Dreary, Blowmez, and even Hank.

    I just want to see the guy in the NHL.

  12. Mike, good morning! Perfect size, btw.

    I watched Chicago-Anaheim yesterday. The Hawks got taken apart by the Ducks, 3-0. With Hossa playing. In the same fashion as we took apart the Ducks. Same score, 3-0. I wonder if their fans threw the Hawks under the bus last night. Probably yes. It’s a long season and we have what we wanted to- a young team. Flawless it isn’t, but I’ll take it over the team of 2008-2009 any day of the week.

  13. bad vinny- lq faced like 50 shoyts in dallas few seasons back. but youre right, hank hasnt had a unbelievable game where he absolutely singlehandedly won us the game in a long time. i mean makin highlight reel saves one after the other. hes getting exposed now because of the system,the young mistake prone d and his lack of improvement with his weak glove and he still gets way down on himelf when he gives up a bad goal or loses a bad game. hes gotten better since he started playing, but it seems if he gives up a goal or 2 early in a game, he usually has a bad one. it happened alot last season too. we had numerous conversations about it when renny was coach still

  14. orr- i think we may have gotten spoiled with hank. he was a 7th or later round draft choice. now he was awesome when he first got here and rode the momentum wave for awhile, but it now seems like everybodys come down to earth with him. hes a good, above average goalie for the most part, but hes not as great as he seems. given the start to this season, it seems that the style torts has them playing, with the young d its kinda exposed hank a little. hes still the same player he always was, but now hes got a lot more on his plate. and with the change, either they play a more reserved style to cut down on all the giveaways and turnovers, or they are just asking too much from hank. in time, the d will get better. the young guys are already growing into solid players right before our eyes. i think hank could be adjusting with the whole thing just like everyone else. cally,duby,staal,girardi,are all having subpar seasons. it looks like hank is in the same boat. it will ultimately make them better in the long run, we just gotta be patient. but it does suck to watch us lose like last night in such a way. we have to hope it turns around soon

  15. Smith stopped Parentaeu on a 2 on 1 rush…. i don’t remember the score at the time, but the game was certainly not out of hand. If P.A. buries that one, the whole feel of the game would have changed.

    Brashear is a waste, this team misses Dubinsky, Callahan hasn’t produced, Higgins, Drury, Lisin…. nothing to speak of. Aside from Gabby and Kotalik on the PP…. this team is awful.

  16. Mike, well said. Fully agree. And I read the whole thing. Honestly. I need some Motrin now, but I did.

    Patience. A lot of us say it, but the day after we are ready to pull the flash handle on them. At least some of us. And, btw, Hank comes through… We know what he is capable of.

    Park just scored on Marty. That one made him look like Matt Zaba.

  17. VINNY

    I disagree. This team doesn’t miss Dubi. He’s a greedy 3rd liner, who should have been sent to Ottawa for Heatley, along with a few others, including Blowzy, which would have happened. If Murray wanted Dubi, McDonagh, and who ever so bad, then he would have accepted a bad contract in return, it’s only fair.

    Dubi is a huge disappointment, and i really don’t care that he’s out of the lineup, and i don’t miss him at all. The expectations were just too high, and now im realizing he’s not as good as we thought he can be.

    Can you imagine Heatley, and Gabby on this team. Oh baby.

    But obviously i agree with you aboot Brash*t. He’s a piece of sh*t who needs to get a headshot. Better yet, McSorley needs to come out of retirement and finish the fuggin job. Maybe ill give Dexter a phone call, and see if Brash*t’s history of abusing others is enough to get him chopped into pieces.

    It was so pathetic that he avoids Konopka all night long, and takes a run at Stamkos. Yeah, you’re a real tough guy., ya douche bag.

  18. ORR,

    Yea Dubi has been underachieving… but he plays with grit and passion. He’s an edgy player and not afraid to muck it up…. for that i respect him.

    This team has a few bright spots… but it’s overwhelmed by the glaring weaknesses and mistakes that are being made. It’s easy to preach a hard system when you’re winning…. guys may not be so eager to get chewed out now after a lot of losing. Add the injuries, and young D corps… i mean what did we really expect. The start was great… but a season isn’t decided in 7 games. Until the playoffs that is!

  19. GRAB

    You’re right, that could be the case. Everybody knows how to beat him. He gets beat by that same fuggin shot, almost every game. He makes guys like Foster look like Bobby Orr. It’s sad.

    I don’t know why Benoit Allaire cant help fix this guys flaws. And the fuggin puck handling, jeez, this is his fifth year in the league, and he gets worse every year. He should just stay in his crease, and not touch the puck at all.

  20. If Heatly were a Ranger, Gaborik would not be. The Rangers turned to Gaborik after the Heatly trade fell through. If at all possible, this is the softest Ranger team I have ever seen take the ice. Led by Mister soft, Marc Staal (start the excuses for him now). There is no physical presence anywhere on the team.

  21. Once again…….their PASSING GAME ( or what passes for it) Stinks out loud. It has all season. Proof that those coaches don’t see half of what is wrong out there. Hardly a single pass was received cleanly last night without deflecting off the so called receiver’s stick. Ya gotta let the stick accept the pass instead of holding it in a death grip when the pass comes. Hockey 101 guys.

    It is indeed Renney hockey remerging…perimeter play, long dopey passes in the general direction of anyone wearing their shirt..and so it goes.

  22. I guess you can paint it anyway you want, but it is what it is. This team is prone to lack luster performances. A team capable of a lot more. Young very talented guys for the most part, that for some reason likely not even known to themselves, come to play only once in a while. It’s really hard to fathem how they can be good one game and so bad the next game. I realise every team can have a bad game, and the competion is close, and injurys are a big factor, but it seems there is no in between when it comes to good and bad for these guys they go from top to bottom from one game to the next.

  23. This just in from the morning skate…. The Charmin Bears and Snuggie Bear skated with the team, but will most likely be scratched for tonights game.

    Brashear was seen doing ‘contact’ drills with the Snuggie bear.

  24. I was at the game last night. Couldn’t disagree with the thread starter more. Sanguinetti was horrid. The guy looked absolutely lost. He had a chance or two to hit people along the boards and he gave them a little Redden type push. He had no energy or enthusiasm., no ice presence whatsoever. Here a guy has a golden opportunity to carve a place for himself like Parenteau did and he just snoozes through his ice time. Just awful.

    Gilroy could be good because of his athletic ability and good heart but he belongs in Hartford despite his okay plus rating. He is not an NHL caliber defensman at this point. He loses way too many battles behind the net.

    Lisin is a total waste. Sjostrom was much much better.

    Higgins and Parenteau couldn’t dent butter with their shots. How Higgins ever had all those 20+ goal scoring seasons is hard to fathom.

    Anisimov always gives an honest effort especially on the back check.

    Kotalik? Please return for a full refund.

    Finally, how long b4 people realize Torts is a mediocre coach. Yeah, I know, da Cup but he has a lifetime 50% winning average. Endless turnovers and odd man rushes and way too many penalties. My guess in the Rangers will be getting a lottery pick this year probably a top fiver and maybe the very top. Can’t think of any reason they will improve during the remainder of the schedule and there are several why they can get worse. If Gaborik’s health goes south and Hank going to the Olympics are the two big ones. If you think I’m too pessimistic, look at the standings and notice how few teams are below them in total points and ask yourself if, based on the past 15 games, are the Rangers better than any of these teams? Even Toronto is playing better. My concern is that a desperate Sather will start trading prospects for Naslund, Sundin and Forsberg types.

  25. LOWELL

    Are you serious ? PAP is a fuggin forward, Sangs is a d-man, he can’t do what PAP does or else it will probably lead to an odd man rush. It was his first NHL game, give him a god damn break.

    Haha, yeah Lisin is a waste. I guess it doesn’t matter that he ha a broken bone in his foot. Freddy Shoes, just like Betts, is a waste. Who needs those two when we have Captain Clunk.

  26. Staple reports that Boyle is out. I’m sure it isn’t because he hurt his hands during two fights. Healthy scratch.Voros in.

  27. The reason I asked Lowell about the weather is because he sounded like he’s been under NJ sun for awhile. Has anyone else smelled it?

  28. Lowell I dont understand why you and everyone is so down on Gilroy.

    He needs a real defensemen by his side like Del Zotto does.

    Do Staal and Girardi even play physical anymore? I havent seen Girardi throw hits like he was 2yrs ago and I dont get why.

  29. Lowell,on a day full of downer posts,yours was the downerist.
    If you didnt jump out your window after hitting submit,cheer up,we are almost at rock bottom,then,nowhere to go but up!
    Lisin is a total waste?….oh………….Gilroy in hartford?

  30. You can worry about Lundqvist going to the Olympics, but it should be more worrying that Gaborik will be going to the Olympics.

  31. Lowell,
    I agree and it shocks me how my fellow ranger fans think other wise. Dolan and Sather keep giving the cool aide and ranger fans keep drinking it. Dolan is laughing all the way to the bank with Sather by his side.

  32. 10 years of sather and nothing has changed. Yea I know the Rangers made the playoffs the past couple of years and that was because other teams in the east were rebuilding while Sather built a team for the now, not future. Ok, Gaborik was a good signing and MDZ is a good pick, I guess if you keep trying Glen sooner or later you will get a few right.

  33. Chris said, “Do Staal and Girardi even play physical anymore? I haven’t seen Girardi throw hits like he was 2yrs ago and I dont get why.”

    Chris, don’t you think that maybe the coaches have something to do with it.Certain coaches have the faculty of getting their team to always play hard. The Rangers rarely do. Their energy level is consistently below that of other teams. They get outworked again and again. Guys like Redden and Gilroy consistently lose the battles on the boards because of lack of intensity. Callahan plays twice his size because of his energy and intensity. Dubinsky often rises to that level but who else? Anisimov give a good effort and should improve but outside of Prospal, MG and Avery I can’t think of anyone else.

  34. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    OK, on lunch break, so quickly…


    I am fine with jagr in the nhl again, I kinda assumed you meant in some leadership capacity with the rangers and that is what I was so against! I also agree with you 100% on dubi!

    Vinny V

    He played with grit and passion until he held out and got some bank, now he is as gritty and physical as rozy!

    I still say hank played his best season his first season….top of the blue, directing rebounds to the corners…not sure if benoit was there or not, just saying!

    If boyle sits, just a stupid decision IMHO! If he is injured, then ok, but if not STUPID! Just like sitting voros at all is stupid! Yes, boyle lost a couple of scraps, but atleast he scraps. How many fights has dubi had? higgy? staal? girardi? On a team that lacks toughness throughout, why bench guys that provide what little toughness the team has for the most part? Put envir fata, I mean daigle, I mean lisin in the pressbox, or higgy, or on again off again kots. Everyone talks about this team lacking grit, well like it or not on the current roster, boyle and voros supply most of the grit. They can’t supply it if they don’t play or get 4 min a night. You want gabby protected, well put brash on his opposite wing…..nooooooo don’t do that, everyone will complain about the ice time he gets. Didn’t sememko skate on the same line as gretz sometimes (before my time so I’m not sure)? I mean if you want toughness in the line up from the current roster, you actually have to put it on the ice regularly! We don’t like the toughness we have and want different players, ok let’s get some, but not marty st louis, not jagr, guys like ryan smyth, shane doan, tuomo ruutu..guys that play a tough team game, can get points as well and can skate a regular shift. Guys that will cost players people like to get!

    Man, thanks for getting me worked up for my whole lunch break and I didn’t even get to rant about our soft as a pillow d men!!

  35. well, the team as constituted wicky, is meant for fast,puck moving transition hockey like the red wings, except we dont have the talent they do. and they at least have guy like kronwall who hits. they got holmstrom who is what we thought higgins would be like. kotalik is useless except on the pp. and zshootout. and he hasnt been good lately at anything except penalties. taking them. the team is fully capable of playing a hard, physical, and smart 2 way game. they just lack the right leadership. cally? hes not really a leader. drury is a checking fwd and a role player that has about as much leadership qualities and personality as a piece of driftwood floating in the ocean. prospal is good, the best choice we have right now.

  36. Last night is what happens when the Rangers don’t skate. I’ve said it since day one, with Torts system, its all about a hard forecheck and skating hard. If they don’t skate hard, even one guy out of 5, they will lose.

    Also Carp, I’ve actually started calling him Wade “Underpaid” Redden instead of Wade “Overpaid” Redden. Mind you I’m kidding, but we actually did miss him on the backside last night. The other D except DZ and a few times Sanguinetti were shying away from getting hit and making the simple play, something Wade has done since day 1 this year.

    Hopefully they’ll rebound tonight, but I don’t have much faith because of the 2nd away game in 2 nights.

  37. Those Thick Forearms on

    Speaking about grit and toughness:
    Don’t you find it amusing that with the total lack of talent on offense (Gaborik excluded) and basically having 3 1/2 of our forward lines filled with 3-rd(at best), 4 and AHL level players we at the same time don’t have any grit and toughness whatsoever. Isn’t that what those ones should provide?. I would understand if we had 3 or at least 2 lines with some talented but essentially soft forwards, bu no! We have a bunch of guys who cannot score no matter what and at the same time soft as you know what…And this goes year after year after year…

  38. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    I am feeling 3 point nights for Higgins and Anisimov. No idea why, but there you have it. I always get pumped up for games vs Cindy & Co.
    Anyone notice the Pens record without malkin compared to their record without Crosby? Malkin carried the team and Crosby held them under the water.

  39. Unless we get a scorer on the 2nd line,that can get even half the points Gaborik has were doomed.4-6 game over 500 is the best we’ll do.

  40. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    I just think this team needs better puck movers, bangers, and a goaltender that isnt a sieve. Lundqvist hasnt been that go-to guy we needed this year, at all.

    I guess he kind of checked out when we started scoring goals and won 7 in a row, maybe it was too easy for too long.

  41. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    “Unless we get a scorer on the 2nd line,that can get even half the points Gaborik has were doomed.4-6 game over 500 is the best we’ll do.”

    So you suggest, yet again, perpetuating the cycle of going out and buying talent. How about letting the guys grow into their shoes and letting them play a few games without worrying theyre gonna get sent down. It’s ridiculous. TRADE TRADE TRADE!!!

    no. Patience. Thanks.

  42. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    “we are doomed!! 2012 is near! we are all gonna…

    can anyone give me one reason to watch the game tonight?”

    your girlfriend just dumped you for a fat guy in a jogging suit

  43. Redden is over paid, but the Rangers miss him big time. Drury is over paid, but missed big time. Henrik is over paid, Brashear is over paid, and on and on. Thats what Sather does.

  44. 4Generations and only 4Cups, what ACDAVIDDC said about getting another scorer for the second line really has nothing to do with being patient and “letting the guys grow into their shoes.” What he is saying is just a fact about the team. They do not have that scoring threat on the second line. I appreciate your optimism about the guys they have on the team and sticking with them but realistically I don’t see that secondary scoring threat coming from anyone on the team.

  45. this team is a disaster. i’m no longer willing to say callahan, dubinsky and staal aren’t tradable. the way they’ve been playing this year, they’re all overrated.
    if i were glen i’d be listening to offers for just about anyone on the current rangers roster.

    only untouchables: del zotto, gilroy, hank, artie and gabby. prospal has been great but he’s only on a one year deal and likely won’t be here next year anyway which is why he’s not on my list of keepers.

    its already time to start a fire sale but we know how glen works, it’s not going to happen. not even at the deadline. damn near the entire team is made up of 3rd and 4th line role players. there’s so much dead weight on this team its remarkable.

    boyle – sucks.
    brashear – a complete waste.
    callahan – has been forgettable.
    drury – a waste of a captain, salary, and roster spot. has there been a more disappointing ranger in the last 5 years? i challenge any of you to come up with some.
    dubinsky – was trash before he even got hurt. he’s a third line center at best.
    higgins – couldn’t score on soccer nets.
    kotalik – makes too much money and isn’t a top 6 guy.
    lisin – does he even play? does anyone notice when he’s on the ice?
    parenteau – a career ahler. no size, no speed, no guts.
    voros – where do i even start?
    girardi – has regressed and was always over hyped. he’s a last pair dman in the nhl.
    redden – its sad that he’s been one of our most steady dmen.
    rozsival – waste of salary and completely gutless and heartless.
    staal – could be the most frustrating player on the team considering what he has to offer versus what he gives night in a night out.

    we don’t even have a core to build around here. we have a goalie, a couple rookie defensemen, and a goal scoring machine in gaborik but absolutely no help or support anywhere else on the ice.

    how many top 6 forwards do you honestly think are on this team?

    my answer: 1. 2 if you count prospal who in reality, would be the ideal 3rd liner that see’s pp time.

    anyone else miss jagr? i’m disgusted.

  46. don’t get to excited fellow Ranger fans for tonight’s game because the rangers will lose tonight. This team plays bad on the back end of back to back games but it will seem normal.

  47. Those Thick Forearms on

    Great post, totally agree on all points except missing Jagr.
    Add to it our goalie who’s as overrated as they come.

  48. Very fair post, nyrcc…which leads to what everybody pretty much agrees on…That the team at its best is just a 6,7,8 seed that more than likely gets knocked out in the 1st round or if they are lucky win a round and get knocked out in the 2nd round. The only way I can see them getting past the second round and into the conference finals as currently constructed would be Lundqvist and Gaborik playing out of their minds.

  49. yeah. hank has been pedestrian this year. that’s a fact.

    @ adam – i don’t even see this team making the playoffs.. and honestly, do you even want them there? i sure don’t. making the playoffs just so the dolans collect money from an extra two home games is ridiculous. i know this much, finishing dead last would at least yield taylor hall. i can suck up a few terrible years if that means we actually start to draft well and develop a core of players that can contribute and not a core of players who are asked to play out of their skill sets on a nightly basis because that’s what we have now. again, we have 1 top six forward on this team and 5 other rotating role players that are supposed to play over their heads every night on the top two lines.. face the facts. we’re not a playoff team. the players we identified in the past are not core players and we have absolutely nothing in the system to make us think this could be an easy fix.

    grachev? so maybe next year we’ll have a second top 6 guy who happens to be a rookie…

    so what do you do? i look at what philly did at the deadline and in the offseason that they finished in the basement… they sold and sold high and as a result completely changed the complexion of their team which in turn opened up their window of opportunity to win a cup. i hate saying that but its damn true.

    when’s that window going to open for the rangers…? 3 years? 5 years? 7 years? are we already counting on werek, bourque, kreider and all the kids who are so far off from their debuts and even further away from their prime? 10 years?

    has sather done anything to make this team better year in and year out? for every one decent move he’s made, he makes another 3 that leave us all scratching our heads.

    bullocks. here’s a thought… maybe we wouldn’t be so critical of players like callahan, avery, hell, even dubinsky if they were put in a role that would allow them to succeed. but the bottom line is they aren’t in those roles.

    ive said this thousands of times.. sather has got to effing go. i can’t take this crap anymore.


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