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November 27, 2009 – New York Rangers 1, Tampa Bay 5 (Game #25, Road #13)

* The Blueshirts were defeated by the Tampa Bay Lightning, 5-1, tonight at St. Pete Times Forum.

* The Rangers dropped to 13-11-1 overall, including a 6-6-1 mark on the road.

* Rangers Alternate Captain Ryan Callahan notched a goal at 17:53 of the third period.

* Arten Anisimov recorded one assist in 16:40 of icetime; he currently ranks ninth in the NHL among rookies with 12 points (five goals and seven assists).

* Defenseman Marc Staal registered one assist and two blocked shots in 21:08 of icetime.

* Christopher Higgins led all skaters with six shots on net; Michal Rozsival led the team with 23:00 of icetime.

* Vinny Prospal led the team with eight faceoff wins, and finished with a 53% (8-15) success rate.

* The Rangers return to action tomorrow, November 28, when they will face-off against the Pittsburgh Penguins at Mellon Arena (7:30 p.m.), in the second game of a back-to-back road set; the game will be televised live on MSG Network and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio.

* Prior to the game, the team’s morning skate at Mellon Arena is TBA.

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  1. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on


    I was just exaggerating. I’m sure this was his most involved game, but for me, that’s not good enough, considering he took out a key piece of our team last year with no regard for Blair Betts’ life.


    Brash had no problem taking out our best PK Blair Betts. Brash would have no problem beating the living day lights out of a 3 year old child.

    His game aint Brashear like unless someone’s career has been ended or at the least, altered.

    I want Brash to start inspiring fear and inflicting severe injuries on opposing teams.

    That’s the only way to make other teams think twice about coming near Hank or coming in the slot.

    Tonight’s blowout was the perfect time for Brash to put the opposing goalie in the hospital, considering the beating Hank has taken all year.

    And people wonder why Hank is not performing. Why? Why else? Because he has to be concerned with getting pummeled and subsequently, cheated by the ratbag inhumane pieces of carping carp referees.

  2. Sather's WrapUp on

    Well, fans. Great Game! The boys got that one goal at the end. That, and 4 more and we would be going to overtime. I love OT!
    Brash was tough tonight. Glad I picked him up. Where is Brash? Oh, here he is. Brash, here’s a couple hundred, run out and get me a box of cubans… I’m running low.
    Damn Cap, I could be winning every game. I did in Edmonton you know… Me and Muck.
    Where’s Muckler, anyway… Get him on the phone. I’ll have him mentor Messier into the next Assistant GM.
    Say, nice weather down here in Mississippi. Got in 18 holes today. Shot a 69, didn’t I Torts? You were keeping score. I always win!
    Who’s next? Pittsburgh? I used to play for them. Taught Lemieux everything he knows about hockey.
    Well, got to go make some calls. Trying to trade Redden for Kovalchuk. I’ll get him, too. Just like I got Lindros. Lion for a day on that one.
    See you in Pittsburgh, Ranger fans…

  3. Those Thick Forearms on

    How pathetic is is search of the third guy on the top line? They could continue doing that till April when they are on the golf course. There is no one that can play there simply because there absolutely no talent on the offense on this team other then you know who. I honestly think that collectively we have the worst forward lineup in the league. Plus, nobody gives a so add one to another and you get NYR 2009. And notice how surprisingly similar they are to the NYR 2008!

  4. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on


    heave ho four (posts) in a row tdhat I got carped on!!!!

    I’ll just consolidate all the reposts into one!


    He may always be puclic enemy #1 for that, but he really did seem more involved tonight than any other game yet!

  5. For those wondering where Hank was, he was somewhere in the corners. Some arenas don’t have much room on the bench. I didn’t see him, but I saw Vally there before he came in. Don’t worry he wasn’t snorting up a storm with Wade “The Blade”

  6. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on


    no reason to apologize, someone has to get carped (but appreciated)!



    yes, lundmark is in calgary on the first line with iginla, no seriously he is!!!


    I respectfully disagree, two different ning players deliberately avoided going after the puck with brash barreling down on them on the forecheck (one time in the 1st period and one time in the 2nd). This was the most involved i have seen him between and after the whistle all season!

    btw, did anyone see macintyre hand orr his jock to him tonight, wow!!!


    my bad, you posted the orr beatdown farther up in the thread! sorry!

  7. i love these ridiculous comparisons to last year. ill admit i was a fan of Tom Renney. but it was clear a change needed to be made. so Torts came in and did what he could. ok new season. 2/3 of the roster is different and yet u say these guys still dont care. are you serious??? redden has played 49848975895757 times better than last year. shows that he does care. gaborik/prospal/hank/vally, MDZ have all showed up (some better than others). avery,higgins,cally,staal,girardi,gilroy have showed up just havent had the results they would like but its clear they’re giving their all every night. lisin has been hurt by that little fracture in his foot, otherwise he’s a similar version of Sjostrom. Kotalik, amazing shot, misses with it 7/10 times, takes lazy penalties. needs serious coaching, otherwise is probably strong leader in lockerroom. Boyle has been a surprise on the PK. really wasnt brought in for much more than that. Brashear. i didnt like that we let orr go, but i certainly didnt mind replacing him with brashear. what i am a bit upset about is brashear not playing with same attitude like he did tonight, every night. but then again, remember this is Torts and he’s not really a 4th line guy. Voros, guts and soul every night, and has improved. last years offense in the early part of season was just a gift. gained tons of respect for the guy yesterday from that article i read. biggest disappointments: drury, rozy and duby. never really liked duby as much as some of you do, and think that he thinks too much of himself too soon. rozy has his moments as a solid dman, but then makes malik look like god. if he would shoot more, id give him a pass. drury should not be captain. i want a captain that can shoot, score, pass, defend. i want a superstar as a captain. GABORIK.

  8. Hank hasn’t showed up. He’s having a bad year in my opinion. As dumb as Slats is, he’s trying to help Hank out and give him what he needs besides that fat contract of his. Hank wanted scoring, he got it, the d isn’t great but it’s can get the job done with his help, and he’s not fuggin helping. Blah blah blah, I need to stop giving up more than three goals, blah blah blah, just fuggin do it.

    I love the guy, but jeez, I’m starting to realize why people say he’s overrated. He rarely gets the job done. Maybe he’s not getting enough help, but still, it’s the same carp almost every game.

  9. ThisYearsModel on

    Glad I missed this debacle watching my kid play in a Pee Wee tournament. Sounds like his game was more entertaining than the Rangers.

  10. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on


    I kinda thought the fight was even until the last 10 or 15 seconds, looked like mac was really landing some that took their toll. Either way, orr is one of the best period and you certainly can’t expect him to win them all. And no (ABSOLUTELY NO) to jagr. That is the last person this team needs, someone who rarely is motivated and only plays one zone of the ice, horrible leader, no thanks!!!! Of course, might be right up slats alley!

    Night all and here’s hoping everyone on the rangers has a short memory!

  11. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    ok, I’ve laureled.


    agree about hank, his worst year so far by far!

  12. oh c’mon kids… tomorrow we will win the game and all of us will love the team again… just like bunch of little suckers that we are..

    good night all.

  13. oh gosh, this game was a stinker…
    What a luck I only saw the archives…but broke up after the fourth goal….

    Yeah Tortorella it is your job now, to turn this around..
    But tonight against the Penguins, it can get even more worse with all the firepower they have….

  14. i agree orr. hank has been having his worst season, but do u see the crazy ridiculous amount of good oppurtunities from opposing teams? night in, night out, he gets little help, and if u think we are scoring more, were not. weve scored 1goal/game on the road in 3 straight. the d is very young and mostly soft skill guys that half are not doin their job, and they just dont look confident on the road. they will win probably 75% of remaining home games, but lose many more road games and i cant get why they cannot sxcore more than 1a night. this is supposed to be a goal scorers dream to play in torts style, and the only one who is takin advantage ofit, is gabby. boyle,higgins,cally,duby,kots,papsmear,voros,aves DRURY have such a hard time genereating good chances anbd goals its sickening. look, im sure its a concern that the teams top goalie is playin lousy, and i think as good as he was, hes the least improved player from last year. him and duby share that honor, and has been inconsistent throughout the season so far,its really ther weak d and non scoring thats killing this team

    ilb- not to short for ya i hope.:)

  15. Can the rangers just forfeit the penguins game since they haven’t won there since 2005 and it promises to be another embarrassing game?

    Rangers suck….I think I’ll stick to watching Megan Fox and Christmas movies instead of this team!

    Megan Fox should do a xmas movie!!!! Best of both worlds!!!!

  16. I’m really getting tired of watching this team try to play this game with one of the most fundamental skills missing from their repertoire. THE PASSING GAME.It seems the practically none of these guys can make or receive an intelligent pass. Those long brain dead passes that go to no one but the opposition. And it’s the same thing over and over again.

    Just like last season they revert to their comfy technique of hugging the walls of the rink. They dump and glide, no legs pumping. Why when they and opposing players go for a puck along the side boards they GLIDE toward it, so that both arrive at the same time or they are beaten for it?

    This was Renney hockey. This team will not really compete until the last vestiges of that style are moved, or forcibly dissected from their systems. ( Sorry Lev…he was at best a prep school coach.)What do coaches for this team WORK ON. It’s so obvious what their main problem is. THEY CANNOT PASS properly. Avery tried his best, and so did Sanguinetti when he was out there, but you could see that the kid was obviously reserved about his movements, and not ready to
    really assert himself as I am sure that he would like to have done, but didn’t want to ruffle any feathers – so for the most part he played it safe.

    There are far too many games like this in their history, and it could be that a drastic move like putting those dead wooders up on waivers is enacted.( And Roszival is first in line. Did you see how many giveaways he had last night?)And how much ICE TIME he had?

  17. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    dog has me up with her paw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3 hours of sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What annoys me more than anything re: Brash is Brash was criminally sticked over the head by BOSTON BRUIN Marty McSorley.

    Yet I am sure this guy has hurt countless players, including Ranger Blair Betts.

    Why does Don not decide to pay back the scumbag Boston Bruins, the team that could have killed him with a stick to the head.

  18. Torts gotta feel like he brought his ugly new girlfriend to meet his hot ex.Flynn,your point on rangers passing ability is dead on,i blame it on the system,the forwards are way to far up when we are breaking out,so the d have to try and make those 40-50 foot passes that just beg to be picked off.
    Home and home with a real team tonight,hope the boys are ready to do the jobs they are paid well for.
    Brash looked pissed at the end,maybe that will carry over,you know Godard is in Pitt right now putting on the foil.
    Rangers need to make a statement tonight(one that isnt “we suck and are push-overs”)
    Lets go Rangers!

  19. Lundqvist needs to watch some Brodeur tape (as much as that kills me to say). It’s called a kick save man, you can’t do that when you are on your knees. How can you play butterfly when your head is below the crossbar? This guy is driving me nuts!

  20. Two things on this game:

    – little worried about Lundqvist – he hasn’t really looked better than average all season!

    – Boyle. Cut this guy. I would cut him just because he is 6 foot 8 and he fights…or, can’t fight like that. He got pummeled both fights. THink of anyone you know who 6 foot can you imagine kicking his butt at will? Can’t imagine it, can you? Well we have him on our team…a big man pus%$#*!

  21. The worst goal was the Downie PPG. That was pathetic. Maybe Roszival and Del Zotto can get him some coffee and cake, maybe a pillow for his feet next time? God forbid they stay with the guy 2 feet from the goalie.

  22. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    Gabby, Avery & PAP were/are the only forwards that seem to be able to handle any kind of pass without the puck bouncing off of their sticks 6 feet towards the defender. I really noticed PAP handling those kind of passes last night. I thought to myself.. well thats something different. Someone on the team actually improving on a weak area… I think this season will be riddled with Flashes of Brilliance. To expect more than that right now seems absurd. My expectations will raise significantly after the break, but untill then, I will watch for small improvements. The large drastic changes rarely pan out in the long term. I like that they are changing little things each game. the team is evolving and even if they dont appear to be, they are improving.
    1 getting more physical
    2 standing up for each other
    3 winning face offs
    4 playing inspired hockey, even if its a step behind
    5 turning the puck over less in their own zone. Rosy excluded..


  23. Nothing will change with this franchise until Sather is gone. The rangers didn’t make the playoffs from like 98-2004 which should have given them good draft picks but Sather is clueless when drafting. Sather thinks he can build a team by over spending and bringing in players instead of knowing how to draft talented players. I always will be a ranger fan but until either Dolan sells the rangers and/or Sather is gone we as fans will be watching the same garbage.

  24. rest of the league:Rangers did that surgery hurt?
    Rangers:what surgery?
    rest of the league:the one to remove your heart and work ethic.
    (thumpthump)is this thing on?
    (crickets chirp)

  25. Jlone
    Thanks, I was hoping someone would mention some positives from last night… That was a tough proposition, but you did it. I’d add one more- Sangs didn’t look utterly lost, he even attempted to throw an open ice hit.

  26. Love after loss postmortem….Carp tends to enjoy them too. That’s why he hasn’t carped us yet.. That and him still being in bed..

  27. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    I didnt mention Sangs because he hasnt proven anything after only one game and limited ice time. He didnt stand out to me on any single play. I guess thats a good thing in itself.

  28. i dont think hank is by any terms doing worse or anything i just think that teams have figured him out. he plays so far in his net. almost 80 percent of the goals scored on him are over his glove.
    this team just isnt consistent but lets be honest you gotta blame a bit of that on torts. when renney last year changed the lines every 6 seconds everyone had a fit. the only 2 people who have been playing on the same line since day one is the only 2 people scoring! green light torts! pick someone and leave them there. im not a huge fan of lets try to find offense because no of these guys will ever click and learn to play with one another when they have a new line mate every shift! seriously every shift!

    the team just isnt consistent. gonna be like that all year and to be honest none of them really seemed that excited to be playing. or playing together. so from the coaching right on down, inconsistent

  29. Oh, yeah, one more positive- we do have fighters better than Boyle. Not his thing, stay away. I think it’s time Avery threw a few..

  30. Typical Drury — one good game, followed by lousy game(s). And what is the point of Higgins? One good forecheck a week doesn’t qualify him to play in the NHL. And what did Tortorella mean by the players’ lack of preparation? Is that code for too much partying? Because too much partying the night before is what their play looked like. Either that or just incredible laziness — which excuse is worse?

  31. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    I agree with the Brodeur comment.

    While I will never insult Hank or any real NY Ranger (i.e. not Bobby Holik), his play of late looks like the play of someone who does not belong in the NHL.

    The worst goal last night was Kurtis Foster. Yes, there is a sick person out there who could not be normal and have his name be Curtis, it had to be Kurtis.

    Even when Hank dominated, he still gave up weakies (yes, Mike Richter gave up weakies too, i know). But, he also had the glove side high problem.

    I’m beginning to think that Benoit Allaire is nothing but a swine. What exactly is he doing? Painting the spiderman on Valiquette’s goalie’s mask?

  32. Spot on Mr. Walkway. Couldn’t agree with you more

    i dont think hank is by any terms doing worse or anything i just think that teams have figured him out. he plays so far in his net. almost 80 percent of the goals scored on him are over his glove.
    this team just isnt consistent but lets be honest you gotta blame a bit of that on torts. when renney last year changed the lines every 6 seconds everyone had a fit. the only 2 people who have been playing on the same line since day one is the only 2 people scoring! green light torts! pick someone and leave them there. im not a huge fan of lets try to find offense because no of these guys will ever click and learn to play with one another when they have a new line mate every shift! seriously every shift!

    the team just isnt consistent. gonna be like that all year and to be honest none of them really seemed that excited to be playing. or playing together. so from the coaching right on down, inconsistent

  33. as average as Henrik has been,im gonna go easy on him,for no other reason than the fact that this team is playing like dogcrosby in front of him.
    Gabby has been a machine prospal is our heart beat,after that its 7 3rd liners and 3 guys i would trade for a box of sticks that dont break.
    I didnt think we would be fighting it out at the end with the top dogs,but i didnt think we would be playing like a heartless bunch of fatcats,that clearly dont care enough for one and other to play hard,let alone stand up for each other.

  34. I got home to watch the 3rd and it was over by then. One thing that stood out for me is Boyle getting jumped after the hit from behind. When was the last time a NYR jumped a guy for a cheap shot? The surgery removed the heart and the balls. I’d feel better about tonight but Pitt lost also so I’m sure they’ll be more than ready.

  35. Mr Walkaway has hit the nail on the head as far as what’s wrong with the Rangers – Most of the problems mentioned on this blog have their origins in a lack of cohesiveness in the lines – they just don’t have any set lines. Each line plays like they are strangers, instead of Rangers.

    Torts should pick the lineups and STICK WITH Them for at least a month until they learn to work with each other effectively. This process should have started in pre-season
    and would be over by now.

    This constant juggling of lines brings nothing but indecision and chaos.

  36. The first period was enough for me. They could not keep the puck out of the defensive zone nor bring it out. I think Redden is not as bad as some think.

  37. Lets face it guys…we have 3 rookies on defense right now and no real secondary scoring. Until we develop our guys on D and get someone to compliment Gaborik, the team just doesn’t have the stuff to go far in the playoffs.

    It’s not Torts at all. He’s trying to implement the system to his players and whoever doesn’t fit will be gone. I think the real culprit here is Sather but we know nothing is ever going to be done about that

  38. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    I went to the game on Friday as a bi-partisan fan cause i wanted to enjoy my first ever away game. Needless to say the rangers and Michal Rozsival couldn’t have played any worse. For real? Rozsival leading the team in ice time? The guy couldnt do a god damn thing but keep his head down and mope, i watched the guy the entire game from really, really good seats about 15 rows away from the ice on the side. Is this team just, not a team, or what? Why isnt rozsival benched? He sucks. Its plain he sucks. But he gets the most time..?

  39. THE REAL Mikeynj on

    Im more interested to see hwo they respond tongiht rather than discecting a horrible game.

    Everyone sucked last night, period, and we got pummeled.

    Maybe it was the trichtofan from all the Turkey and carbs they ate, oh well its over.

    these next two games will really be a test for the entire team. If I were on this team, I would be looking at theses games as a mini conference final (jsut for the mindset) and see if they can beat them twice in a row.

    And remember, Hank hates playing in Shittsburgh and really doesnt do well there, so we shall see.

    Staal in his interviews last night looked pissed off too, which is a good thing. Now go Destroy Crosby and Malkin when they tr to make a play tonight
    Brings it tonight and get the job done


  40. rcm- ui too turned the game off after the 2nd goal by Kurtis foster. weak azz goal by hank, it looked like a 20 minute pp for the lightning-ings. they did look mlike they partied too hard from that brutal butt whipping they gave the panthers. what they have, like 5 or 6 goals? damn it sure seemed like they came off a game where they had it to easy, but they didnt. they barely got a goal. barely got to the shootout. hank did play well but how many games can he get this team a win with just 1 goal against? the only way the team wins is if hank gives up no more than 2 goals. when he gave up 2 quickies last night, i knew it was over. but we all thought that this team would be like this. theyre younger than any other team basically. especially on d. only thing i am concerned with more than the inconsistency from game to game or even period to period is the lack of effort shown sometimes.

  41. No matter how weak and disorganized the Rangers defense has been, if Lundqvist is to be considered world-class he has to be on top of his game day-in and day-out. IMO, he hasn’t been the same goaltender since those blown leads in Montreal (5-0) and Pittsburgh (3-0 playoffs) a couple of years back. People often talk about how the team defense lets him down but how often have the Rangers allowed over 40 shots/game? The answer is, not once. In fact, the highest total shots Lundqvist has faced is 36 (twice). This team is not as bad defensively as many seem to think. Yea, we do lack toughness back there, but seriously, Hank has to be better, and he just hasn’t been. Frankly, I find it frustrating that he or Allaire have done nothing IMO to correct the biggest flaw of his game — the fact that he plays so deep in his net and leaves so much of the net open to the shooter. Fix that and then maybe we can talk about being world-class again. Ever wonder why Hank is so good in shootouts? It may have to do with the fact that he “comes out to challenge the shooter”, thereby leaving little room to score. It works quite well, he should try it during the game. Go figure!

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