Game day, at Tampa


The Rangers had their Thanksgiving dinner in Tampa. Tonight some of them go for a little revenge for desert. I’m not sure there’s really any motivation for coaches and players returning to play their old teams. But in this case, John Tortorella was fired by the Lightning after winning a Stanley Cup there, I don’t know the situation surrounding Mike Sullivan, but I do know the minute his contract expired he joined Tortorella here, and Vinny Prospal was bought out with three years left on a four-year contract. Told to get out, basically.

Here’s Andrew Gross’s story on their return. Tortorella, as expected, gave the “it’s not about me” answer to most questions.

Bobby Sanguinetti goes into the lineup in place of Wade Redden, who is expected to be out 5-7 days with what appeared to be a shoulder injury. Ales Kotalik could return.


In case you missed it, the NHL celebrated its actual 92nd birthday yesterday.


Here are tonight’s pregame notes.

I’m driving up to Syracuse for three state championship football games this weekend. Hope to get up there in time to A) give you all a clean slate for the game tonight and B) watch the game. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do either. Maybe the Blogmama will jump in this evening. Behave.

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  1. Good morning all! Sorry I missed yesterday but I actually took a full day off the computer. And don’t yell, but I was so tired Wednesday I fell asleep during the game and missed about half. Argh!

    Thanks for all the lovely thoughts yesterday. I’m practically crying in my coffee.

    I’m going to be in Boston this weekend too so probably won’t catch up with yas all til Monday, so LGR!!!!


  2. Defensemen: The two defensemen try to stop incoming play before any chance of scoring is possible. They block shots, clear the puck from their own net area and entertain the opposing team’s forwards with body shots and ridicule. Offensively, they move the puck up the ice and pass to the forwards, then follow play into the attack zone.

  3. Izzy- I don’t know how official those ratings are….

    Nice to see I’m not the only one working today. I think.

    Carp- it’s not about him. But between Torts, Sullivan and Vinny there is something personal. Aways is.

  4. As far as the last ranger that intimidated opposing players goes…kaspar with his hitting and simon overall just intimidated the hell out of a lot of guys!

  5. Hey, Tikkanen. I was under impression that you were going to return with your shinebox… Anyway, since your English is probably as good as Russian, I’ll say this: “Poshel na huy”. Apparently, it can be googled.

  6. Not really sure what you’re looking to get out of your disparaging comments Tikk.

    Are you looking for the beat reporters take on the team? Carp has never advertised that you’d be able to find that info here full time. There’s only a handful of reporters that are budgeted to do that anyway and the realities of the print media industry don’t afford the staff at LoHud the ability to follow the team to every practice and game. Even Gross and Zipay have to miss some of these things as well.

    So if you don’t like what’s being offered here, feel free to skip it next time.

  7. CTBlueshirt- he’s been chiming in here and there for a few days now. He knows. Isn’t worth your time.

  8. That’s the 2nd time in 4 days I’ve been Carp’d. Bad timing yet again haha.


    vogs – thank you for pointing out that was a pass by Drury to Gaborik. He didn’t shoot wide. He put that exactly where he wanted to. As little as Drury has done this year, he looked much more comfortable with the puck the other night. Plus that pass/shot to Gabby was stuff he used to do in Buffalo on the PP.

    Also we haven’t had anyone who made you skate with your head up since Kasparaitis. Orr could fight but couldn’t hit worth anything and Hollweg would just hit guys from behind. Kaspar used to make it look like he was skating backwards, pivot, and destroy people at the blue line when they thought they had room. Then he tore his ACL trying to throw one of his “thigh on thigh” hits, and we never gave him a chance to come back (which we should’ve the 2nd time around because his knee had finally healed).

  9. Hey blogfather, I’m gonna set up a clean slate in advance for later in case you can’t do it, cause I may not be at a computer either. Feel free to Carp me!

  10. I like him, but I would have rather seen williams or heikkenen up to see if we had some sort of physical/hitting guy in the system (i honestly do not think we do or he would have been up by now). That being said, it would not shock me at all to see sangs traded by the deadline for D or scoring help! Course, once redden comes back if this gets rozy off the ice then I’m all for it. What are you thinking?

  11. I’m interested to see how Sangs plays defensively at the NHL level. He’s gotten away with being bad in the defensive end in Hartford, but now in this run and gun system, he’s going to have to be especially careful back there. I always said he should move to forward, but if he shows improvement with his positioning, then I might change my opinion about trading him. I hope he does well tonight and can’t wait to see him get tested against Pittsburgh.

  12. He’s got the size, but from what I understand isn’t awfully physical. But he does hit. But he is #1 in AHL in points as a d-man and #4 overall. He may go from a trade bait to untouchable. We don’t have anyone physical except Henley. But his 0-60 us about 2.5 hours.

  13. New York Rangers Thanksgiving in Tampa, Florida = Turkey, Apple Pie, then a visit to Vinny P’s favorite Tanning Salon.

    Go Rangers !! This should be a good one. I expect Vinny to have a big game. He really needs to show them, they made a huge mistake, and Torts needs to return with a win.

    Should be a good one.

  14. Sangs and Lisin and a B level prospect in NHL10 got me Vinny LeCav in return.

    Anyway, getting back to reality. Could there be an issue of having a little bit of redundancy on the blueline with DZ, Gilroy and Sangs? I’m all for stockpiling good young D, but at some point they’ll need to get a Phaneuf type banger back there.

    If you could package one of the younger D’s with a bad contract would you rather that bring back a heavy hitter/a 25-30 goal winger/a legit playmaking center?

  15. Gotta love those NHL10 trades. I miss those. I haven’t played in the dynasty mode yet. I just play online.

    I destroyed someone last night, and he said he was gonna “pray for my lost soul”

    I wonder what that means. Fuggin PSN freaks ! I wonder if you X-Hoax folks have to deal with those kinds of weirdos.

  16. Orr, I don’t think you can talk to the opposition in nhl if you’re not friends with them on xbox

  17. CT

    The hitter or the center for sure. Kinda depends on the deal i guess. Any center worth a crap is gonna be up there in salary. We could have witt and volchenkov (just examples) for about 500k more than what rozy makes!


    None of those freaks on 360. How was leno??

  18. First thing I do in NHL10 is start dumping salaries. Drury gone, Redden gone, Rozi gone. They always accept a Redden for Barrett Jackman trade, thanks computer JD!

    Brodie Dupoint usually brings back Frolov from LA. A top line of Frolov-Vinny LeCav-Gaborik…unstoppable. My team’s kind of like the real Rangers, my top line does a disproportionate amount of my scoring.

  19. CT

    You should lower everyones salary before you start the season. That’s what i do. I change everyones salary to the league minimum. And then i wait until FA begins the next season, and sign the best players, and trade them for 1st round draft picks.

    Buahahahah, diabolical !!!

  20. CTB- good offensive dman is very difficult to find. Having too many is a good problem to have. You can get a good return from someone who is in need.

  21. ilb – He does hit, but he’s not going to untouchable anytime soon. He has the size and skills, but he doesn’t have the vision that MDZ has. MDZ is someone who should be untouchable though.

    And we do have bigger guys that can hit. Williams was a top prospect with the Avs but they wanted him to be more offensive when its not really his style of game. Paveltenko guy we got from Montreal is a big guy and kind of physical, but I don’t know if hes ever coming back from Russia. McDonagh is an all around solid player who takes the body and can join the rush too. We have them in the system, they just aren’t as ready to come up as the offensive guys.

    Baranka was a physical guy too who we still technically own the rights to (he played 2 years ago when we were in Tampa which is pretty funny, and he did really well too…which I why I currently own his jersey).

  22. I didn’t know you could lower the salaries for dynasty mode. I figure doing some of the trades like the one for Vinny LeCav is suspending reality enough. They didn’t get Dubi’s salary right but they also charge Avery’s salary at a full cap hit so I guess that sort of balances out.

  23. Also I can’t play NHL 10 with those stupid trades. Its awful. Even 2k10 has some dumb trades as well, just not as stupid. The part I hate in both games is how many times people get traded. Each team is brand new by the end of the year. 2k10 I have a better time playing though just because of the sim sliders people created for it. Really is a solid hockey game when you get that down.

  24. Per Gross:

    rookie D-man Bobby Sanguinetti, in for Wade Redden (right shoulder/arm) is paired with fellow rookie Matt Gilroy.

    This ought to be an interesting D-pair. Of course just because they skated together at this mornings practice doesn’t mean anything.

    I love it the hockey games are spread out today. It’s good thing that Boston-NJ game is first, I can still sleep during the snoozefest.

  25. Alrighty all, blogmama is taking off….clean slate goes up right before game at 7:25, unless I get Carp’d…….be good boys! have a great weekend and I see youse Monday.

  26. CT

    I haven’t checked for this game, but in the other games you can do that.


    That’s why i don’t play season mode anymore. You know it’s a problem when teams are trading away young players that are supposed to be untouchable, and 5 or 6 seasons into the game, Sidney Crosby is on the FA list untouched, and nobody can sign him cause of the salary cap.

    EA is so fake. I wish they would fix all this crap, but it doesn’t look like they will.

  27. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    A nice dinner in downtown Tampa then to the game. It should be a fun one, Rangers have been playing lately. So has Tampa.

  28. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    I always thought Sanguinetti would get his shot when either Rozy or Redden would get traded/waived/injured/ or just plain “Malik-ed” out of here.
    Well the time is here. It should be quite interesting. For all of you that think he is too offensive and that with DZ and Gilroy we have too much of that and not enough “bangers”, I say that Staal and Rozy and Girardi should be the bangers and if they don’t then they could get “Malik-ed” as well.

  29. ORR – not even that, they don’t even have RFAs, which is another reason why I play 2k10. The trade logic is a bit smarter and takes that into account. Plus you can sign guys in the middle of the season. 2k8 was by far the best franchise mode of all time as they had bonuses and all that stuff in there as well. I just hope they make 2k11 how the NBA series is because that is the most in-depth franchise mode of any sport I’ve ever seen.

  30. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    If Local Fan is still around,

    Lets go Devils!!!!!!!!

  31. Lifetime – but then you are asking those 3 guys to play styles they’ve never played before. Staal isn’t that physical, Girardi hits, but not anything bonejarring, and Rozsival is probably the softest d-man we have (until he gets mad like in Florida). The only guy we have that steps up real early to make a hit is DZ, and he’s still learning when and when not to do it. For a guy who is not even 200 pounds, his hits are pretty effective though.

  32. lifetime

    should be, but only because we really lack a banger. On other rosters, none of those guys would be a “banger” because they have true bangers on the roster. If staal or girardi has to be our “banger” we are in trouble (no offence to those two)!

    I am always amazed at our organization and how physical banging d men seem to be available and always go to our division rivals, yet we never make an attempt to acquire one…witt, volchenkov, pronger, tollefsen, gill, sutton, markov, coburn, and we go out and get malik, rozy, rachunek, morris, ozo, (kaspar is the exception to me), poti…frakking ridiculous!!

  33. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    Wow. These Devils scumbag commentators are licking the Bruins clean for a game tying goal in the 3rd period, caused by the puck hitting a stansion.

    Why do no commentators ever stinksniff the NY teams like they do Boston.

  34. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    For god’s sake, we have Joe M. who stinksniffs the other team rather than the team he is employed by.

  35. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    These Devils losers are stinksniffing Bryon Bitz of all people. I mean, Bergeron, sure, Blake Wheeler, maybe. But Byron Bitz.

    This is sickening.

    I cant wait to hear these perverted carpin scumbags talk about Gaborik.

  36. ORR – graphics I’ll give you for EA. 2k’s have improve, but still aren’t at the same level as EA (except for arenas where 2k has stunning arena models, graphics, and LCD boards). Gameplay I think actually goes to 2k, the problem is you need to do a lot of work to get it that way.

    If you want a pickup and play game, then EA’s is for you. But if you want a true sim, 2k with custom sliders is where it is at. Plus you need to edit controller settings so the passing assist is at 0%, which nobody at 2k tells you even though I’ve mentioned it to some of the gameplay designers there.

    If they did a better job of marketing all those things, their game would sell better, but instead they focus on stupid stuff and nobody tries it out. I’d say give it a rent and ask me for some custom sliders. it’s an adjustment since players move more realistically (they take into account momentum) so they don’t just stop on a dime or float like in EAs game, but once you get the hang of it, its a ton of fun and pretty realistic, especially the goalies and the shooting. Just check out some videos at and you’ll see what I’m talking about. I have a couple posted there from the shootout under j0nnyd7, which is my Xbox Live name, that are pretty sweet.

  37. CR9 – you want bad announcers, listen to the guys from FSN Pittsburgh or Altitude. They even make Chico sound good.

  38. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    I’m not talking about bad announcing.

    Sam Rosen and Joe M. are bad announcers for that matter.

    I’m talking the difference in the way Chico and Doc are anti-NYR but when they are doing the Bruins game, they are practically bathing the Bruins.

    And our own commentator, Joe Mich. cleans and licks the other teams every game.

    It’s sickening, when no NY team can get some pro-NY biased commentary.

    I was watching a Celts, Knicks game the other day with Boston’s Tommy Heinsohn doing the game. Tommy was complaining for the whole 10 minutes I watched about referees screwing the Celts. And he forgot that his Celts were handed an NBA championship only 2 years ago.

  39. Welcome to central NY, Carp! Ditch those football games and come watch some Elmira hockey with me tonight! Go Korchinski!

    Hope you boneheads had a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving!

  40. orr, just played nhl on live. The lightning beat me 3-2 in OT. i was the hartford wolfpack. lol.

  41. They have all the right horns except for Vancouver because they just changed theirs this year. Plus their custom music feature allows you to put the songs in the game. They had it in 2k8 too, which EA copied off of, but theirs is much easier to use and doesn’t take forever to setup like EAs.

  42. BANJ
    November 27th, 2009 at 3:10 pm
    Zip’s in the UK. To Arthur!


    Oh, yeah.. To Arthur!

  43. Hockey games always have garbage music. Especially EA. They’ve only had like two good bands the last couple of games.

    I usually just listen to my Zune while i play games.

    And the Islandorks just beat the Pens 3-2 in regulation. That would be funny if all 5 Atlantic teams make the playoffs.

  44. I’ll be at the game tonight… Maybe my only chance to see the boys in person this season. Please play well!!! Go Rangers!!!

  45. I hope Sanguinetti has a good game. I have been watching Hartford play every so often, and I have to say he really has not been that impressive. It’s time he got his chance though. They said he was ready last year. He certainly has the talent. He had a good training camp, if memory serves me, but I think size was a issue, he really not that big. I was suprised Potter wasn’t called up.

  46. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Saskatchewan is in the Grey Cup!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Go Rangers , Gameday is today!!!!

    Ranger909 , On vs , all you need is a headset and you can talk to the person your playing or scream loud and they will here you on thier tv set. Use party chat when you play OTP cuz in that , all you hear is your own team.

    VHS of Spaceballs?? I have the DVD!!!

  47. ilb2001
    With all due respect to you,can you do me a PERSONAL favor and stop using dirty stuff in Russian.It doesn’t take a genius to understand that it could be read by Russian speaking teenagers like my little daughter(avid hockey and Rangers fan,still understands Russian and unfortunately bad stuff),whom I innocently recommended this blog as the best.
    I, myself am not a stranger to strong,”warm” epithets, but it is the same strong standard for written expression in this blog, regardless of language,isn’t it. I don’t want to blush in front of her and listening like…”only Russians could do that” type of sentiments. You better than that, aren’t you?
    However, I have to admit – it is hilarious sometimes the way you try to teach Shuor. and others. As they say:”Thank you for expected cooperation” and LGR today and forever.

  48. russian just doesn’t look right without the cyrillic lettering. When I called someone “kowka” the other day, it just looked weird!

  49. 4ever- in order to avoid summoning a deep, philosophical rant from you I’ll just tell you that I’m not great at personal favors. And am I better than what exactly?

    Chicago couldn’t buy a goal today against the Ducks.
    Hossa looks hungry, though. Great team

  50. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    I’m stuck watching tonight’s game on Sunshine or whatever channel the Lightning are on.

    Which means The Chief and his whining about referees.

    For the rest of you that get to see it on MSG, enjoy Joe Mich. spongebath of the Lightning.

  51. ilb2001
    Too bad it seems too deep for you. I will simplify for you -perestan’ systematicheski materitsja v bloge, ne pozor’ drugih russkogovoryaschih. Nelovko pered det’mi.Gives them wrong message. Is it too much to ask? So,don’t take it as an offence. By better I meant – you seemed like intelligent person, able to understand. Sorry, if my assumption was wrong,( based on your reaction.) Oh,and I love you too, bro…

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