Happy Thanksgiving!


It’s been a tough year on a lot of people, but still most of us should count our blessings. I know I’m thankful for something completely out of the blue. My friend Sam Weinman left for greener pastures in January, and I “temporarily” took over this blog. It was a lot of additional work and hours, and some aggravation.

But I never thought, back then, that I’d be thankful that I did it. I am. I feel as if I have a whole new flock of friends … crazies, fanatics, Boneheads … people who insult each other in a hilarious way, people who know how to laugh, people who take ownership in this little piece of cyber real estate. You guys rock. Or, as Sally once said, “You are the awesomest.”

So I am thankful for this, and for all of you (well, most of you). To you and your families, I wish a Happy Thanksgiving and great holidays to follow (including Festivus). Thank you. I mean it.

Some lesser things for which you might be thankful, out of Sunrise, Fla., last night:

1) Matt Gilroy. Good teams are team-tough. Good teams stick up for one another. Good teams have guys willing to sacrifice their facial features to come to the aid of a teammate. Good job, Matt. No. Great job.

2) Somebody said it best, in the earlier thread: He or she wanted a Wade Redden injury update because he was concerned. That’s how far No. 6 had come this year. The Rangers need him. Boy, I could have drawn some laughs with that line last year.

3) Chris Drury made his comeback and had maybe his best game of the season.

4) Dan Girardi had his best game of the season. Christopher Higgins had maybe his best game of the season. Henrik Lundqvist was stellar during the 65 minutes of hockey and the skills competition. Sean Avery keeps getting better. Ryan Callahan was strong. Marc Staal is getting better and better lately. Michal Rozsival (there, I said it) was solid.

5) This game proved what Tortorella says. A good forecheck and good defensive play go hand-in-hand. I think he says that.

6) That guy who ran over Redden and Prospal with legal hits is a monster!

7) The Knicks played, so no postgame. How does that work?

8) This is why I hate the skills competition. Yes, your Rangers got two points out of it. But that would have been a good  road tie, with all they endured. If they’d lost the skills competition they’d have felt they lost the game and a point. That would have been lousy after those 65 minutes.

Happy Thanksgiving.


LATE MORNING UPDATE, 10:34 a.m.: The AHL lists Bobby Sanguinetti as a callup by the Rangers today.


Here’s the official word:
New York, November 26, 2009 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that defenseman Bobby Sanguinetti has been recalled from the Hartford Wolf Pack of the American Hockey League (AHL).
Sanguinetti, 21, has registered six goals and 16 assists for 22 points, along with 10 penalty minutes in 21 games with Hartford this season.  Following a two assist performance last night at Lowell, Sanguinetti leads all AHL defensemen in scoring and ranks fourth in the league overall with 22 points.  He has registered six multi-point efforts on the season, including an AHL career-high four-point performance on October 31 against Providence (two goals and two assists).  Last season, Sanguinetti led Wolf Pack defensemen in points (42) and assists (36), and set a Hartford single-season rookie record for assists by a blueliner.  He also led all Wolf Pack skaters with five points (one goal and four assists) in six AHL playoff contests.
The Trenton, New Jersey native was originally the Rangers first round selection, 21st overall, in the 2006 NHL Entry Draft.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Extra turkey for Gilroy today. Finally a Ranger takes the skirt off! Who could they call up on defense if Redden is out? Sanguinetti?

  2. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    Ok so My wife was watching the game with me last night. We had to watch the Florida broadcast because we have Center Ice and it wasnt showing the MSG broadcast. Long story short, they showed Hank as the sexiest hockey player etc… he was at a photoshoot all layed out across a bed blah blah.. My wife looks up and says… He’s yummy! then she says.. I like Yummyqvist. you can’t make this stuff up. If it gets her more into watching the Rangers with me, I am all for it!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to all today!

    6. That guy who laid out Prospal and Redden with legal hits is a punk. He pissed himself when Brashear came out to make him answer for all the hits (they are roughly equal in size) but didn’t seem to mind dropping his gloves against the smaller Gilroy. If you wanna run around crushing guys (especially at that size) you better be prepared to answer for it.

  4. The best play of the game- Gilroy’s fight. That should bring the team together. It goes a long way, I hope.

    Carp- #8. Yes, but coulda went our way this time. Hence- Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Linda brought the TORTS LINE GENERATOR on

    Happy Thanksgiving Rick, Laurel, and all you crazyarsed boneheads! Hope all of you have a beautiful day with your families and friends!! You guys have no idea how much I appreciate you, your senses of humor, your split personalities during games ( just like me), and everything else that makes each of you the person you are! LOVE YAS

    And today, we get to be extra thankful that, as Reg said, a Ranger took off the skirt, that they seem to be getting back to playing the system, that Yumqvist is our goalie ( Jlone, tell your wife she gave him a nickname for the blog!)and that guys seem to be picking it up!! Drury’s Thanksgiving will be extra special, he played well. And Rick, that may have been me asking about Redden! Never thought I’d be worried about him missing some time, but he’s pretty much redeemed himself.

  6. Shor- dobroye utro! Yes, agree that the guy didn’t want to fight Brashear, and was happy to fight Gilroy. Pizda!

    This is the issue with Brash- he is expected to win every fight. And if he doesn’t, or it goes even- that may jump start the opposing team. Didn’t this time.
    But if you can’t take body shots anymore, maybe it’s time to play chess. I’ll give him a good challenge, used to be ranked, been playing since 4.

  7. Shoreyuken, why should he fight Brashear? Because he needs a hug? He laid out two guys with clean, great hits. By the way, when he hit Redden, Brashear was on the ice. That was the time to challenge him, as Gilroy did later.

  8. Good point, Carp. But the only reason Brashear is in those hugs so often is because guys need to get close to him or he’ll hammer them with his arms extended. You can see it’s frustrating for him when he starts a fight and the guy clings to him throwing short-arm body shots. That’s not really his fault so many of his fights are like that.

    Oreskovich is also the kind of guy the horrible instigator rule protects. You stick up for your teammate and get 17 minutes in penalties.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving everybody.

    Carp, I’m all for sticking up for your teammates but this growing need in the NHL to drop the gloves and defend a teammate anytime he is laid out by a clean hit is getting ridiculous. Rarely can a player lay a legal body check on without getting jumped right after. It’s pretty frustrating to watch.

    Count me among those who was not thrilled to see Gilroy do this. It left us extremely short on defense (Redden had been out since the 1st period) and Gilroy looked absolutely lost during the fight, not even getting his gloves off until it was pretty much over.

    Let Brashear earn his $1.4 million the hard way and fight if it has to be done but I really don’t think that situation called for it.

  10. Carp – without getting all sappy I am thankful for you and Laurel keeping the blog going and providing me with your insight. (Jane also wen she was here)
    I know I don’t say much but the usuals who post here are very entertaining and I enjoy reading their posts.

    I am also thankful that ALF or the troll has not been on as much. (at least when I have been able to read the blog)

    I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! Carp, I am thankful for this blog. First place I stop every morning and the last place I stop at night.

    Eat until your buttons pop. I know I will.

  12. Chopper- the last name shouldn’t be mentioned in the same post with the previous three. Well, it shouldn’t be mentioned, period. But happy T- day

  13. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    One of the many things that I am thankfull for is that I have a place to come and talk with Ranger fans… hockey in general is not a topic most Americans are prepared to talk about. IMHO The big 3 are boring by comparison. With better promotion and maybe a bring a friend along attitude, the NHL, even the AHL would explode! I always try to explain the games rules/tactics to novice fans. seems to work for me. I would imagine it would work for the advertising/promotion teams as well. I am a Ranger! LGR!
    P.S. My wife is pleased with her contribution. I have also come up with a way that i can feel good about calling him Yummyqvist or Yumqvist. I can call him that because he is SWEET at his position! I tried sweet between the pipes, but i was a little uncomfortable with that.

  14. Great Post Rick,

    Thank you for keeping the blog alive and giving us the best update possible. You, Laurel, Jane (when she was here) and Josh (26) Have done such a great job here. I think I can speak for almost everyone here and say you have all of our respect & admiration!!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families.

    Im thankful for my family and friends – Job, roof over my head and health. During these times, Im absolutely blessed to have all 3. Im VERY thankful for the men and women who sacrifice and serve our country with HONOR to keep us free from tyranny. I wish they could be with their families today like we are able to. God Bless Them & Keep them safe.

    I am truly thankful for this blog. I mean it. I used to post over at the NY Post Blog…but there were always problems with getting your posts through. I have followed Sam’s threads on here and lurked but Im so happy I started posting. I love this team, they are a HUGE passion of mine and Im sure all of yours too. Its like I was born with it. No matter how bad they play, I’ll always watch.

    Im thankful for meeting you all and having you all accept me in the Festivus Blog family. I hope to meet you all someday soon :) Love you guys & girls!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  15. jlone, when I try explaining it to some people, they go, “I just can’t really get into hockey.” Ever get that? I still think hockey’s biggest obstacle in America is that it isn’t very accessible. Ice fees cost a fortune and rinks are few and far between, so most haven’t had the chance to play like they can baseball or basketball or football and so they feel they can’t relate to what is going on.

  16. Agreed Rick about Brashear. The 4th line was on the ice when Redden was plastered. No one did anything about it.

    Shows you how soft he is (unless he is still ummm “sore”) he took two body shots that buckled his knees. Useless.

  17. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Brashear wears no body padding and fights heavyweights, im sorry everybody cant be impervious to bullets even if theyre huge, scary and known for doing that. Not everyone can take a kidney shot and get up smiling.

  18. sanguenetti callup, let’s see what he has. man there D corp is young really really young. btw for all the einsteins that is a good thing. also the moron sather made a couple of good moves namely; gilroy, girardi, DZ, and staal. I guess he is not a total moron. Also Brashear is a bad bad signing but at 2 yrs $1.4 it is not exactly drury or redden like….

  19. Torts the best . (Only Mike Babcock as good)These players will be tested,play up to his standards or won’t be around when the chips are down or for that matter ,next season.

  20. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    Yes I get that at first. but, I am more passionate about hockey than they are about ANY of their precious 3. ANd im not ONLY passionate about the Rangers. I love hockey. I guess some of it rubs off or something. its easier to explain when there is a lot going on in a game especially the exciting parts where there are 10 goals scored and 5 fights. the 1-0 games arent as good to get people started on. most people equate hockey to soccer. I definitely see the resemblence but not the action or the physicality. I enjoy watching soccer.. usually Italian seriea A or the english premier.. but its just not as good. All sport was meant to be enjoyed by playing it. it is hard to get into a sport you have never played but it helps that there is almost constant action. I would love to see the european form of spectating come to the US. It seems that they barely realize that there is a game happening. The stands are full of chants and songs and all kinds of merriment. I havent had the oppertunity to go to a game in europe yet but i will. cant wait. Wow i feel like im all over the place with this. better sign off..

  21. Happy Thannksgiving Carp, Laurel and all of the crew here! Thank you all!

    Hope everyone has a great holiday and a long, enjoyable holiday weekend.

  22. Best Ranger site around. Happy Thanksgiving Carp. I’m surprised you admitted that you had carped yourself yesterday. That could be embarrassing.

    Don’t overeat today because you have to get the aluminum pole out of the crawlspace tomorrow for the really BIG holiday.

  23. Happy Thanksgiving all! Went to the game last night, so I guess you could say I am thankful the Rangers pulled out a shootout win. Now if we can just keep the win streak rolling against Tampa tomorrow. Also, big game for the Giants tonight, so I am pumped for that. Have a good thanksgiving everyone. God bless.

  24. I wont let last nights loss ruin my…my…my….

    What’s today ? What happened yesterday ? Where am I ? Who are you ? Is that Brashear in the locker room ? What did you say, i have a concussion ?

    (*Fires up Clutch Mobile*)

    (*Crashes into a cab, then gets assaulted by the Kane cousins, while Brashear watches, and does nothing*)

  25. I’ll be in Boston the next few days so I’ll miss the next two unfortunately unless I can find some wireless internet.

    So everyone have a safe, happy, and healthy Thanksgiving Carp, Laurel, heads.

    Oh, and Josh Thomson. Enjoy your 4th straight 26th Thanksgiving man.

  26. Where's Pavelich? on

    Good post Carp, and Happy Turkey to you and yours…

    Yep, not only was the 4th line on the ice, but ~10 secs after the Redden hit, the big guy and Brash crossed paths in the neutral zone and Brash could have take a shot (cheap or otherwise).. the immediate retaliation would have been more effective than the Gilroy thing.. and it may have prevented Prospal getting smashed in the first place

    It is obvious the other teams are taking runs at the Dmen behind the net, dont know what the answer is, but if they dont find it soon, there will be more injuries…

    PS – if that was Drury’s best game (and I agree, that it was), wow! that is a bad contract!

  27. Linda brought the TORTS LINE GENERATOR on

    lmao @ drury and voros!!

    4Cups, i did not know that. Ok, ya made me stop and think for a second about Brashears fighting.

  28. Happy T-Day !!! Best day ever !!!

    Pretty cool to see Sangs is up with the team. I always hoped he would replace Blowzy, and not Dredden. Either way, im happy. It was a ncie win, and i gotta say, Pappy isn’t looking to bad. He can work on his skating easily. I mean Orr did it, lol, see im sure he can. Not that he’s a horrible skater.

    He’s showing skill which is great. I still wont get my hopes up, but he is looking better and better as games go by, and should be in the lineup.

    And honestly, i know there are very few here that accept Brash*t, but after last night. how can anyone like this guy. Instead of going after the guy who was running everyone, he goes after McIntyre or what ever his name is. This guy is a PUSS, he doesn’t stand up for the team, instead Gilly has to do it, and he gets ejected form the game, and we’re stuck with 4 d-men in the final 10 minutes, and half the OT. Not just that, he cant even win his fight !!! I never seen someone’s knees buckle after two body shots. Honestly, this guys embarrassing. I hope he broke his ribs, and he’s done for the year.

    Better yet, show some class like Nazzy did, and retire, instead of stealing money from the team to do nothing. But at least Nazzy can pop in an easy 20 goals, instead of this piece of garbage, who cant do anything right for this team.

    Forget having a goon, there’s no point. This guy completely turned me against having a goon, unless his name is Orr, and he’s not making 4 mil for 4 years.

    Anyway, im gonna eat until my knees buckle, like Brash*t. Should be fun.

  29. Great post Carp.

    I really hope Brashear doesn’t play when Kotalik is back in the lineup. Even his fights suck…he just hugs you and punches you in the clinch. I actually laughed when MacIntire started throwing body shots

  30. Good afternoon, Carp!

    I’m thankful for all the wonderful work Carp & Laurel have put into this blog, for all you boneheads and your great senses of humors, and, of course, Yumqvist.

    Enjoy your turkeys, families, and the turkeys that are part of your families.

  31. Wah wah wah about Brashear. He’s “supposed” to be one of the most “feared” fighters in the NHL. So, he fought his career with less protection & fought heavy weights. So all of a sudden he comes to NY – doesnt stick up for his teammates, doesnt do his job, is SOFT and now he cant handle body shots? Boohoo.

    And he DID NOT get punched in the kidney. He was punched in the ribs. Go on NHL.com and watch the fight again.


  32. I hope I’m wrong but the hit Redden took looked shoulder to shoulder which means Redden probably has a separated shoulder. There are different degrees on how bad the separation can be so I’m guessing Redden will probably be out 3-4 weeks.

  33. I’m not blaming Brashear for not fighting Oreskovich. No way that guy wanted to fight him. That’s what I’ve been saying all along, that having Brashear around won’t stop your guys from getting hit.

    That said, when the hit originally happened, it was Brashear’s duty to at least go over and hit the guy, or give him a facewash, or a stern warning. THAT is his job. When he went after the guy later in the game, it was easy for Oreskovich to decline the invitation to fight, and McIntyre did his job, all of which accomplished nothing.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Sally!

  34. Hi Linda!!!

    Yes I’ll be thankful for having PUDDIN’ later tonight LOL

    I dont use Charmin – its too soft on my posterior LMAO.

  35. Linda brought the TORTS LINE GENERATOR on

    LMAO!! You must be a ScotTissue fan, its like prison paper, not that I’d know about that mind you!!!
    Charmins kinda ‘linty’.

  36. Linda brought the TORTS LINE GENERATOR on

    Miami Pimp
    November 26th, 2009 at 12:23 am
    So I just installed a whistle tip on my car … I’m hoping the noise – it’s like an alarm clock- will draw the Alabama leprachaun from his lair … thereby leading the way to the pot of gold. What can I say? I’m suited up head-to-toe … and I WANT the gold.


    OMG PIMP!!! You literally made me laugh out loud! WHERE DA GOLD AT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Must be some kinda crackhead!!!!!!!!!


  37. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and a special Happy Thanksgiving to all of the men and women in the military sacrificing everything so we can do this (thanks to you bubblehead for Thanksgivings lost!!)

  38. Linda brought the TORTS LINE GENERATOR on

    Absolutely Wicky! Special thanks to our men and women in the military (and our allies), past, present and future, and their families. Their sacrifices have made it possible for us to live in the country we do, free from TYRANNY, with freedoms others would LOVE to have. I’m spending Thanksgiving with two former soldiers, geeks as they may be!

  39. HAHAHAHA OMG I remember that video, I love the “When you shine a light on it, it disappears” LOL My lord they have enough gold in their teeth LOL

    LOL Oh boy!!! The Gucciman came over to see what the hell was that bizarre screeching was. His eyes were big and his ears were back LOL The “Barbie Girl” performance should be up for an AMA LOL

  40. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    BTW, also thanks to you carp for doing this and taking the time and effort to make it the best place for us (and to you blogmama for all you do here and on the sister site)!

    On to hockey, total TOTAL props to gilroy. Had no business being in there throwing, but did it for his team! Those rib shots really did look like they took their toll on brash, course would have buckled anyone more than likely! Congrats to dru on a successful return. I guess dandenault is not going to be any help to the big club if sangs got the call up (might be a good thing if they finally put staal and MDZ together. I still think cally should not be on the first PP unit and it should be avery, other than gabby and vinny, no one on this roster has better puck handling skills than avery (expecially behind the net).

    On a side note, man brendan witt played one hell of a physical game last night for the isles, just saying!!!

  41. Happy Thanksgiving everyone here blogging as well as wishing a Happy 92nd Birthday to the National Hockey League today.

  42. wicky

    Hell yeah about Witt. I was watching some of the game and he can still throw them.
    Yes I forgot to praise Drury for a solid return. Good to see him have to ill effects from being concussed.

  43. Brash*t just exposed himself, so now he is more useless than ever. Now everyone knows, if Brash*t is gonna hug them like the puss, then they can just deliver body shots, and the fights over.

    Honestly, one of Slats’ worst signings of his life.

    Im dying to see someone destroy him in open ice, and end his season. That’s how much i hate Brash*t !!

    Im NOT thankful for him !!

    Anyway, anybody see Hossa score two goals in his first game back ? Hawks could go straight to the Cup finals this year, but they’re gonna lose a few good players to re-sign Toews, and Kane. Which is worth it, cause you cant lose those two.

  44. BTW

    Sam and Joe were so retarded last night with Dreary. The way they kept going on and on aboot him so ridiculous. I cant believe they actually thought that he deliberately passed the puck on Gabby’s goal. Gimme a break, he fired wide, and luckily Gabby was there.

    I cant stand the love affair MSG has with this guy. Still useless in my book. Just like Piggins.


    Happy Thanksgiving, Carp, Laurel, Josh (who is 26)and all fellow posters. I don’t post very often but I follow this blog every day. I feel like I know some of you so coming here is like keeping up with friends. Then there is the added kick that we’re all (well, most) huge Rangers fans. It doesn’t get much better than that.

    Special thanks to Carp for taking this blog on his back. We fully appreciate that it is a lot extra work and you sometimes have to defend yourself against those who come here only to criticize. Thank you. Thank you for providing a place for all of us to come together. It would leave a big hole in my day if this blog ceased to exist.


    BTW, I watched the game on Hockeystreams last night. The Florida announcers kept getting on Yumqvist for playing too far back in the net…. not coming out and challenging the shooters. They thought the FL goal was a prime example of Yummy being too far back. Any thoughts?

  47. Orr

    Hey bro Megan is on Leno tonight. He has a studio full of US Troops and who better to have guest than our lovely Megan.

    Anyway, yeah I posted last night that the Hawks pounded SJ last night. I was watching on line & Hossa is true to form (SOOOO glad he is on my roster =P) But SJ scored two late goals. Great game and now the Hawks are going to be MORE deadly than what they already are. They won 8 in a row. Scary good. But what’s interesting is Kane & Towes are RFA’s next year and they wont be able to afford them if they dont move someone. I think they have $1.1mm in cap space.

  48. wicky

    Thats for that link. It was a great read. I swear I dont know how Bettman hasnt been fired yet.

  49. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    for all the slurping you guys say they do about dru, they do just as much if not more about cally. It’s just as bad!

  50. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on


    I cannot believe why we have not tried to get witt yet, he is exactly what we need on the blueline!! And yep, bettman should have been canned the minute he did not resign the tv deal with ESPN!!!!

  51. Wicky

    Yeah but Witt’s +/- is atrocious, but who cares when you need a tough as nails Dman on the back line. I always liked him when he was with the Caps. Great team guy too.

    I know. Unbelievable. He’s so bad for the sport, he should go back to managing basketball.

  52. And I think we ALL forgot to give thanks to this….

    From NHL.com

    I am thankful for…

    … Marian Gaborik’s health. Over the previous four seasons, he was more injury-prone than a calcium-deficient elderly woman trying to make it in competitive log rolling. Gaborik missed 121 games over his final four seasons with the Wild before signing with the Rangers during the offseason. Now he’s lighting up New York in the early going with 18 goals in 21 games — and getting to see him display his immense speed and talent every night has been a treat. He’s also on pace to play 80 games, which puts him on pace to score nearly 70 goals.


    Please hockey Gods keep him this way!!!!

  53. Looking forward to seeing the Fox tonight.

    This summer, Slats needs to try and get Sharp. That would be awesome. The Hawks mightbhave to trade him.

    Or maybe we should trade Dredden for Campbell. We can never have too many of Dreary’s friends. Bwahaha

  54. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on


    Yeah, not sure what it would take (and no, not mdz, an untouchable for sure), but i would trade several different guys to them for him!!!

  55. Sorry, but the way to respond to a heavy hit which injures one of your players is not by dropping the gloves – it’s by driving one of the opponents skill players (think Cindy Crosby) through the plexiglass with a crushing hit. Unfortunately, the Rangers don’t seem to have anyone willing or capable of doing it.

    It’s a sad note when someone like Gilroy, who is a college player and thus has little experience with fighting, has to retaliate. I give him a lot of credit for trying!

    We sure miss Hollweg! His body checks alone were worth the price of admission!

  56. Just been reading some of the stuff you guys have had to say today…seems like we have a hateful bunch today. haha I don’t think Drury has been a huge asset to our team, but he is our Captain and the line with Cally DID look more productive and cycled the puck more then have without Drury. So give a few games, maybe they’ll get something going. They looked decent last night, when I was at the game. Also, I think they need to keep him on the point. He has a good shot, and he played point on the Buffalo powerplay when he was there and was reasonably productive. Keep him on the point.

    I could of sworn they were going to blow that game last night. Staal looked dead tired out there, stupid fight by Gilory, really. Look at the facts. He knows Redden is already out injured, now he gets in a fight and instigates it which puts his team down 2 defensemen during the most critical part of the game, mid way the thru the third period. What is he retarded? I know he is trying to stand up for his guys, but it was almost a costly mistake. They lucked out with the powerplay in overtime or they coulda been done. Their defense was dead tired. They had to rotate 4 guys in for half of the third period and most of overtime.

  57. Lev, he is lucky to have a leg. Or be alive for that matter. By the time some of them are diagnosed, the limb has to be amputated, or it’s spread to the lungs

  58. Rick Nash just hit the referee in his right knee. Didn’t look good. I don’t think he is returning. They will probably anounce the lower body injury..

  59. From director Eli Roth, Thanksgiving. You’ll come home for the holidays, in a body bag.

    I’d post the link to the trailer but it’s like NC-17 dunno if Carp would approve, happy thanksgiving all!

  60. …im stuffed!

    Asked to write a composition entitled, “What I’m thankful for on Thanksgiving,”
    little Timothy wrote, “I am thankful that I’m not a turkey.”

  61. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Anyone else having issues when trying to go to Andrew Gross’s blog? Benn over a week for me with the following error message.


    You don’t have permission to access /blogs/rangerrants/ on this server.

    Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

  62. from zip

    Sanguinetti didn’t arrive in Tampa in time to practice with the Rangers, but he’ll be here by tonight. And he’s playing tomorrow against the Lightning — John Tortorella said Wade Redden is out 5-to-7 days with an upper-body injury, believed to be a right shoulder injury suffered 4:50 into last night’s 2-1 shootout win over the Panthers.

    Ales Kotalik (strained ribcage muscle) practiced today and said he’d had a drastic improvement in two days. “I couldn’t lift my arm 36 hours ago,” he said, “so that’s good.” He’s a gameday decision tomorrow.

    Sanguinetti is a right-handed shot, so Tortorella will have to juggle with four right-handed D-men among his six. Tortorella suggested Matt Gilroy might be the top candidate to play some on the left side, but there will be mixing and matching based on game situations tomorrow night.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all the Blue Noters, and enjoy the day. We’ll be back at you tomorrow from the morning skate.

  63. Linda brought the TORTS LINE GENERATOR on

    whats this ‘other blog’ which you speak of cccp?

    hope you guys are enjoying your carb comas! time to see who won the football games today!~

  64. Ilb2001

    im having a ball, dude! the weather last few days was kind of carppy but i still managed to get pretty dicent tan! i like Florida (to visit, not to live) Every time i come here i feel like this place is one big “pansionat” pansion? sorry, not sure whats the English word for it. Went to a hockey game… won some cash in casino…got wasted a few times (including right now)…i’d say Florida has been treating me pretty good so far! Coming back home tomorrow…

    …there is no place like home!

  65. Nash would look great in blue… Dominant.
    Isn’t it strange that Hitchcok’s team is playing on Thanksgiving day? Schedule designed by Weight Watchers…

  66. Happy Thanksgiving everbody! Enjoying the Giants game on Slingbox thanks to no NFL Network on basic cable here at Okemo Mountain. And no (man-made) snow either for the first time I can remember. :'(

  67. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on


    What movie is it you were talking about?

    I’d sit kots another game for sure!

  68. Hey folks, let’s be a bit honest here.

    We got Girardi, Staal, Gilroy, MDZ and now Bobby S. in the lineup. This is what we wanted, eh? To watch our kids play.

    And that was a pass from Drury to Gabby…

  69. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on


    Not exactly what I wanted to see. Yes, I wanted mdz and gilroy, but I would have liked to have seen a couple rugged vet d men brought in as well. Oh well!

  70. ORR –

    To tell the truth I don’t remember games as you described them.

    However, I DO remember games where the Rangers (emphasis on the word Rangers) didn’t play well enough to win – it’s still a team game.

    The point is that intimidation is an important part of hockey. Question – when was the last time a team was intimidated by the Rangers?

    When Hollweg was on the ice, everyone keep their heads up. Do they keep their heads up now? Yes, but only to watch the replay screen to see their goal being scored.

  71. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Saskatchewan is in the Grey Cup!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Im Thankfull for Gaborik’s health. Alot of stars are getting injured this year and not seeing the so-called most fragile guy not be hurt….god bless!!!

    Thanks for the Blog peeps, RC,Lar,Josh and LUHUD.

    Thanks for other bloggers, I have a read alot of insight and come here to always find out the lastest news. Opinons matter ,lots of good opinions on here.


    or I’ll start calling Avery ,…sexy Avery ,or call dezotto , delhotto (took weeks to get it outta my brain,thanks alot person who said it first)

    Donald Brashear….is he the hugger or the huggied? It’s the first time I really ever hated a guy on the Ranger ,except seeing the back of hollowegs, what a turd. Brashear needs to be replaced or does he? In todays NHL the inforcer is useless.

  72. BALC

    You don’t remember him screwing his team out of game 3, and all the other times he took retarded penalties ? Remember a game against the Caps where he took a penalty in the last sexods if regulation and Green won it in OT ?

    There hasn’t been a time where teams have been
    intimidated by NYR in a long time. Hollweg didn’t scare them. He was a midget that couldn’t fight.

    The only good thing Hollweg ever did was take a piss on that chick when he was drunk.

  73. wicky229(and no, I don’t wear a visor!) November 26th, 2009 at 10:17 pm


    What movie is it you were talking about?

    I’d sit kots another game for sure!


    If you’ve seen Grindhouse there are trailers in between the two movies.

    One of them is a fake slasher trailer (that may be made into a movie) about a killer killing on thanksgiving instead of Halloween, or Valentines day, etc.

    Eli Roth directed it, it’s called Thanksgiving, it’s a good laugh. Here’s the link if you’re interested


    Carp if you like it, post it on the next blog hahaha

  74. evitage- i saw that”thanksgiving slasher” preview. the guy says it about 15 times, with weird 80’s porn/scary music- ‘what will u do on THANSGIVING”?? MAKE SURE YOU DONT INVITE THAT GUY ON THANKSGIVING” or some stupid crap like that. he’ll eat you and your leftovers on THANKSGIVING”LIKE 15 FREAKIN TIMES!!! its pretty creepy and scary, like it was an actual movie back from the mid 80’s. in fact, i thought it was a real movie till i saw eli in it. lol.

    Carp- you are definitely right on alot of things hockeywise. i do remember u saying all that stuff about brashear few months ago, and you also jut said few posts ago” dont be surprised if its a 1-1 game in the 3rd”. haha you were dead on man. it certainly couldve been 3-1 with the chances higgins had, but you were still right. u are a hockey nostradomus. or more like a seasoned vet when it comes to the trends of the game and other aspects of how the teams perform down to the pulse of the team.

  75. Good morning. Let me simplify to you, gang, what Mike was trying to tell us in his medium-long post.
    1. Screw the movie.
    2. You don’t have to pay $20/month to get the best Rangers coverge on the web.

  76. vogs – thank you for pointing out that was a pass by Drury to Gaborik. He didn’t shoot wide. He put that exactly where he wanted to. As little as Drury has done this year, he looked much more comfortable with the puck the other night. Plus that pass/shot to Gabby was stuff he used to do in Buffalo on the PP.

    Also we haven’t had anyone who made you skate with your head up since Kasparaitis. Orr could fight but couldn’t hit worth anything and Hollweg would just hit guys from behind. Kaspar used to make it look like he was skating backwards, pivot, and destroy people at the blue line when they thought they had room. Then he tore his ACL trying to throw one of his “thigh on thigh” hits, and we never gave him a chance to come back (which we should’ve the 2nd time around because his knee had finally healed).

  77. Defensemen: The two defensemen try to stop incoming play before any chance of scoring is possible. They block shots, clear the puck from their own net area and entertain the opposing team’s forwards with body shots and ridicule. Offensively, they move the puck up the ice and pass to the forwards, then follow play into the attack zone.

  78. I cant speak for everyone but i just want to know when we can expect that link to the pregame notes? Thanks ? oh and if you pick up something from the lockeroom we can’t read about anywhere else, that would be swell too. Thanks ?

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