Sunrise follies


Does anybody else think about the “Leetch-wing lock” employed once upon a time by coach Muckler, when the Rangers play in Sunrise? I do. That is always my first thought when the Rangers play there (I have different memories of when the Panthers played at Miami Arena, in one of the scariest neighborhoods in America).

Imagine if John Tortorella told Marian Gaborik and Vinny Prospal that their only responsibility tonight is to stop one single player on the Panthers, and that they would have Michael Del Zotto on their wing, but Del Zotto would barely ever cross the offensive blue line, and that those guys would only go on the ice when that one Panther was on, and they would come right off whenever he came off, even though they don’t have the final player change as the visiting team, and they wouldn’t even practice this before trying it? Would you say there was a good chance the Rangers would get shut out in that game? Then imagine that Tortorella, after the shutout loss, gave the strategy a glowing thumbs-up, and yet when the teams meet again at MSG, he wouldn’t try the same thing, even with the last change and time to practice it?



Sounds like the captain is back tonight. Chris Drury missed only five games, and that’s pretty quick from a concussion that wasn’t his first. I don’t like it one bit, a guy coming back that soon because, as I’ve said, concussion history tells us: That there is a cumulative effect with concussions, that each ensuing concussion is more serious, that further concussions are likely to be caused by lesser collisions. I’d be very careful here.

That said, if Drury is healthy, he helps. I know a lot of you think he’s a detriment, and it’s true that he has been a zero for a lot of this season. But he’s a better player than whomever comes out of the lineup for him. And that might be Ales Kotalik, who was banged up Monday against the Blue Jackets.


Me, I’ve got another major meeting with Mr. Titleist, and each one now could be the last until 2010. So don’t bother me for, oh, about four hours or so. I’ll stop in later, pregame.

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  1. Sorry Gravey, you woulda had silver. A rare occurrence for me to be up this early. I’m usually up at closer to 11, but a job interview today has me up this early.

  2. Hey Carp, I do not think most of us are down with Drury to the point where we believe he is a detriment. But, for someone who is being paid a whole lot of money, he is a true waste of (Cap) space.

    Wife and I will be at the game tonight, we will be sitting center ice Section 101 Row 4 :)

  3. Why can’t we just get past the salary issues on the team and root them on. Encourage if they play poorly and come back to earth when they score 7. We all die the same death when they lose…too much negativity. They have 25 pts after 23 games, not great…but in a new system, not bad. And maybe fill up the garden once in a while. Have not seen a full house all year….

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  4. I remember those games, Carp. Pathetic. Muckler must’ve been a decent coach generations ago, but he was utterly lost in NY. I remember listening to him and couldn’t help but think: “The guy is severely constipated” Have fun today, I hope the weather holds up..

  5. This should be fun. I hope with the recent concussion, instead of seeing Dreary skate around the ice doing nothing, and wasting time, maybe he’ll speed skate around the ice, and break dance in center ice.

    Or he can go in the opposite direction, and pull a “Ned from Slapshot”, and skate naked around the ice.

    That would be clutch, cause he would blind the Cats, and it would be pretty easy to score a few goals since they wont be able to see.

    This should be a fun game !!!

  6. Carp, still a grudge after all these years? Muckler was horrible, so was the team back then. The one common factor today is Sather. Like I’ve said in the past, I wonder how long I’d last as Pres/GM of Cablevision if I outspent Verizon/DTV and still lost to them every year?

    Why rush Drury? Concussions are serious business. I suffered a brain contusion in 97 and it took 2+ months for everything to get back to normal. Well, normal for me:)

    Annual poker B4 Thanksgiving game tonight, another missed game.

  7. You know I don’t think Muckler was ever a great coach, but I wouldn’t tell him that to his face he was one tough nut, even as an old guy.

  8. The top two projected centers this season where Dubinsky and Drury. Both are injured and Rangers can’t win a game. They need one back. Drury will get it going.

  9. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    As long as the Doctors clear him, and remember the Rnagers have some of the best sports doc’s on the payroll, let him play.

    I don’t think Drury is detriment, he;s jsut not scoring goals that equate to his salary, and I agree we all should just not even bother talking about it anymore. It is what it is

    LEts hope this last knock to the skull has shaken some forgotten scoring technique out of his brain.

    He’s our captain sooooooo

    LETS GO RANGERS!! Two in a row, get a streak going

  10. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Game tonight!!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Nice to see Hank realizing he has sucked lately. He has a free pass to the Olympics luckily for him. He will get better and we’ll start climbing back atop the eastern standing. Teams like Azzlander ,Philthy Philly ,New Jersey sad sacks and the Buffalo lameazz sabres…all suck and their fans are all morons.

  11. Jlone/Bubblehead on

    Having no power to actually affect either. I equate the contract and cap equation discussions to the Blue Whale.

    The Blue Whale is the largest animal ever known to have lived. A Blue Whale’s tongue weighs around 2.7 metric tons (3.0 short tons) and, when fully expanded, its mouth is large enough to hold up to 90 metric tons (99 short tons) of food and water. Despite the size of its mouth, the dimensions of its throat are such that a Blue Whale cannot swallow an object wider than a beach ball.

    And do you know why the Blue Whales throat is only slightly larger than a Goalies mask?

    Thats just the way it is.

  12. It will be good to have Drury back. Despite everything, he increases the talent level among the forwards collectively and the team needs that. As for Henrik, he seems to have less than Henrik like spells when he is not at his best. Luckily for the Rangers, him being less than at his best is still pretty good. While he may not be coming up with every big save, he is not letting softies in. As in past years, he will turn it up. It is a long season.

  13. Drury was starting to play better before he got knocked out. Before that he couldn’t handle the puck worth anything, mostly because I think he was hurt. He’s not worth his contract either, but if he doesn’t take away from the offense, then I’m fine with him. Defensively on the PK he’s been solid, he just needs to get that going 5 on 5.

    We do need him for faceoffs. He’s overrated at them, but he does win crucial draws. As good as Prospal has been, that isn’t his best trait as a hockey player so Drury could help us win some of those big faceoffs. Also now that the team has been playing much better in the last two games, maybe they’ll get Chris going as well, especially since he saw them from the press box. I just hope he isn’t rushing back too soon because concussions are serious business.

  14. As much as I like to see Drury back. I wonder if its to soon. He will certainly help this team though. Henrik is the factor in a win lose situation. Flordia are a very quick team that get good quality shots. If Henrik is not great they get beat. We can only hope the scoreing holds up.

  15. Jlone/Bubblehead on

    I hope he has taken a few hits in practice to see if its going to affect him at all. I would hate for his first shift back to be his last shift because of an innocent check jarring his gray matter into submission.

  16. Jlone/Bubblehead on

    I have a totally off topic question. I live south of the mason dixon… I am very excited that we have a Tim Hortons being built. Personally i have never eaten there. What would you suggest as a first meal from Tim Hortons?

  17. Carp, no offense but Steve Zipay puts you to shame. All you ever do is reference a hockey story from the 90’s, post pregame notes from the Rangers Homepage, and then leave to play golf or watch a football game eeeeeesh.

  18. Rick (No, not that one) on

    Totally agree with you, Carp, on Drury.
    He’s now had two major concussions.
    We all know, after watching the whole Lindros and
    Lafontaine sagas, they come easier afterwards.
    This is not wise.

    Plus, will it change his game?
    (I know, I know, what game..ha)
    Will he avoid contact etc etc?

    my two cents, which is all it’s worth. And, Happy early Turkey day to all.

  19. Tikkanen, as always, you’re much better off not saying a word.. Usually, if people don’t understand, they don’t listen. It’s been fun for us while you’ve been at Zipay’s. Most of us would like to keep it that way…

  20. Franklin Kistner on

    Hey Carp. Let’s match cards today. I shot 84 yesterday as an 18. We watch the Rangers in 60. It’s actually better than Center Ice. We get Sam and living in CA the time diff doesnt bother us. We cancelled the package this year. Screw DirecTZ. GO Rangers!

  21. Carp,

    You love talking about that Leetch on the left wing in Florida almost as much as writing “Who cares…” when predicting who will win the Lady Byng…

    Do you and Muckler go out to dinner and reminisce about the dark days of the late 90’s Rangers…jk…

    I remember that game vividly…needless to say I had the same sentiments as Carp, the defense was terrible then and Muckler decided to take our No.1 D and put him on the wing…stupid Muckler with all his dandruff…

  22. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on


    6 more to 7 in a row!!!!!!!!!

  23. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on


    LMFAO w/ blue whale! Classic!

    Where are they building it? And timbits and coffee for sure!!!

  24. Wow, it’s like folks here are already experiencing their Thanksgiving hangovers :)

    Good afternoon all! I’ve been quite busy over at sister blog and other paid-for work today. If I’m not around later, a happy holiday to you all, stay safe and I’ll see you on the back 9 (that’s for you Carp!)

  25. Franklin – if you have/had directv, you could’ve just gotten Center Ice for free. So it wouldn’t have cost you anything.

  26. I cant wait till Thanksgiving. Christmas, and everything else blows compared to Thanksgiving.

    I just get a kick out of eating a bunch of stuff, and watching my gut grow, then when i wake up the next morning, it’s back to normal.

    The best !!!

    Don’t mess with Mr. Tit !!!


    Is that a telestrator in your pocket Joe Micheletti, or are you just happy to see Captain Clutch??? Ha-Ha!

    This is the moment ALL of you CLUTCHAMANIACS have been waiting for!!! Captain Clutch returns from a concussion after missing just 5 games! What a hero!

    Between you and me, Captain Clutch couldn’t care less about the team [Namath]strugg-aling[/Namath]…it was all about returning vs. Florida! Win or lose, party in South Beach tonight!!!

    You know what the best part is??? Now I can still pull my Captain Invisible act- not do anything offensively, lose a ton of faceoffs, mindlessly wander around the defensive zone, even be a minus player…but if we win tonight, Captain Clutch will still get the credit!!! Captain Clutch can see the headlines now: “Winner Drury Returns, Rangers Win”!

    /peels out in Clutchmobile with the top down in beautiful Sunrise, Florida

  28. Carp, apparently you were in a rush to go out and hit that silly little white ball, then go get it and hit it again, and hit it again and go get it again, anyway you get the idea. Golf is a bigger waste of time then reading the story you just wrote. Wow this was really bad who cares what happened in the 90’s with a bad team and a worse coach. anyway I have to go now it’s tiddly winks time!

  29. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    the great thing about a free country is certain people can come on this blog and spew negative verbage about it, bring nothing positive to the blog, and all because of the ultimate sacrifice people in our military have paid!!!

  30. Tim Hortons is everywhere. I am not fond of Tim Hortons because people throw their dam coffee cups all over the place. That is something I just don’t get people buy a coffee in paper cup then just drop it where ever they feel like it. You walk down the street and you see Tim Horton cups blowing around everywhere. Something should be done!

  31. Hello my children! missed me? yeah…thats what i thought!

    Enjoying my time in Florida…I won $700 bucks playing blackjack last night! No idea how i pulled it off… i was playing pretty wasted! It’s been raining all day here though…which kinda sucks…but, im going to the game tonight…and that doesn’t suck! Got great tickets for $50 bucks level 103 on the side where rangers shoot twice! This is my first time (not counting jersey or mausoleum) when i actually gonna see Rangers playing on the road!

    Good to hear the captain is back tonight… i hope he isnt coming back just because im going to the game! yeah right…


  32. Wicky
    I think those few guys are from the blog that requires $20 per month. Well, JOHNP, if you play tiddlywinks for a living, that’d your monthly salary.

    CCCP- nice to see you back. Sorry it’s raining in Florida. Vypey tam za menya stakanchick. Spasibo.

  33. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Carp, Happy Thanksgiving.

    Go play golf even on a damp day..just as long as you play.

    And happy Thanksgiving to all you MF er’s out there.
    Manic Fans

  34. Cccp,

    if you are looking for a road game Florida is not the place. There are just as many ranger fans as panther fans. Altogether it’s a great experience though. And I’m sure it will clear up, it always does.

    As for me, I’m gonna miss the hockey game because all of the flights back to ny/nj area are delayed. Thank goodness for rangers in 60

  35. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Game tonight!!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Today’s gonna be a game to remember …you heard it here first!!

  36. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Just want to wish Carp, Laurel, and all my other blueshirt brothers and sisters an early HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

    Won’t be around so see you all next week



  37. Just had my last meeting with Mr. Titleist for 2009 as well. Home for the holidays and then back up to Boston.

    My putting was atrocious.

  38. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    Does anyone think that Mike Milbury (Pierre Maguire also)will be able to smell his Thanksgiving feast or will his nose be so far stuck up the Bruins…

    that it will impair his ability to enjoy his feast.

    Will his nostrils be engulfed by the Bruins stink?

  39. Watching a weird horror flick called Jennifer’s Body

    Megan Fox is the main character……HOLY JESUS some of the body shots of her!!!


  40. Good Hockey Evening all & Thanksgiving eve!!!

    LOL Patrick Welcome to Megan Fox.

    OOOOHHH Im sure he has. I saw it a few times this weekend. A friend gave me a really good bootleg copy. It was goofy as hell… but damn she is absolutely stunning. She has a hell of a sense of humor too.

  41. Happy Thanksgiving all! Went to the game last night, so I guess you could say I am thankful the Rangers pulled out a shootout win. Now if we can just keep the win streak rolling against Tampa tomorrow. Also, big game for the Giants tonight, so I am pumped for that. Have a good thanksgiving everyone. God bless.

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