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from the NYR:

November 25, 2009 – New York Rangers 2, Florida Panthers 1 (SO) (Game #24, Road #12)
* The Blueshirts defeated the Florida Panthers, 2-1, in the shootout tonight at BankAtlantic Center; it was the Rangers second straight shootout victory on the road.
* The Rangers improved to 13-10-1 overall, including a 6-5-1 mark on the road; New York are now 1-1-0 against Florida this season.
* New York finished with 33 faceoff wins in 58 attempts for a 57% success rate, led by Vinny Prospal’s 17 faceoff wins.
* After a scoreless first period, Marian Gaborik tallied the game’s opening goal with 25 seconds remaining in the second to give the Rangers the lead heading into the final frame; Gaborik’s goal was a power play tally, giving him eight goals with the man advantage on the season; he also registered a game-high six shots in 27:21 of icetime.
* Gaborik currently leads the league with 19 goals on the campaign, and has tallied 29 goals in his last 32 games dating back to last season; he is also tied for the league lead in scoring with 33 points.
* Henrik Lundqvist made 25 saves through regulation/overtime and turned aside all three shots faced in the shootout to record his second straight win and improve to 2-0 in the shootout this season.
* Rangers Captain Chris Drury recorded one assist, won 12 of 16 (75%) faceoffs and logged 22:20 of icetime in his return to the lineup after missing the previous five games to injury.
* Sean Avery also collected an assist on Gaborik’s power play goal, and has now registered four points (two goals and two assists) in the last four games.
* P.A. Parenteau notched the only goal in the shootout and finished with four shots in the contest; he is now two-for-two (100%) in shootouts this season, including two game-deciding goals.
* Marc Staal led the team with a Rangers season-high 30:24 of icetime; Ryan Callahan led all skaters with six hits.
* The Blueshirts practice schedule for tomorrow, November 26, is 12:30 p.m. at St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa Bay.
* The Rangers return to action on Friday, November 27, when they will face-off against the Tampa Bay Lightning at St. Pete Times Forum (7:30 p.m.), in the first game of a back-to-back road set; the game will be televised live on MSG Plus and can be heard on 970 WABC.

Here are the official game summary and event summary.

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  1. I was at the game and it was fun. I could not help but laugh at this guy chanting for a minute or two, “Let’s Go Panthers” and no one responded. It reminded me of the dudes dressed up as indians in the film Major Leagues and doing the wave.

  2. Hiii Boneheads! I went out in Ithaca to watch the game tonight and it was good times. Other people were cheering during the fight & the shootout. We’re on a streak! It’s great! I’m soooo thankful!!!

    Good night, Carp!

  3. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Gaborik nets 19th!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Great Game my fellow Ranger fans , nice to see alot of you out on game day on here!!!!


    ( All raise thier sticks in the air at center ice)

    tr-808,Dopplerbob ,Patrick ,Staal Wart , ilb2001 ,Shoryuken on WadeRedden ,CR9, NYRGuy,Grabashnoogies, JBytes, wicky229(and no, I don’t wear a visor!) ,OlgaFolkyerself , Linda brought the TORTS LINE GENERATOR , MAKO,ranger909 ,IzzyMandlebaum , lito ,anthonyf ,Kern,Rjam,Kris,Carp, morg ,,jay,paul,JohnnyLaRue, ZzZzNYRZzZz “, HockeymanRangers ,CTBlueshirt , Nasty1,LW3H ,evitageN ,SCX , Jpg, calad, ORR !! What Is It Good For ?!?! and Gravey.

    Thanks guys for taking in the gametime thread ,Rangers win!!!!

  4. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Gaborik nets 19th!!!!"... says Greg L. on


    Gametime thread supporters also were ;Chuck Woolery,Pavel, Rob F, Domi28, kc, screen, and Miami Pimp.
    Thanks guys !!! Rangers win!!!

  5. So I just installed a whistle tip on my car … I’m hoping the noise – it’s like an alarm clock- will draw the Alabama leprachaun from his lair … thereby leading the way to the pot of gold. What can I say? I’m suited up head-to-toe … and I WANT the gold.

  6. Good win tonight. We’re gonna have to play in tighter games and this is a step in the right direction.

    Miami, the whistle tips on the cars down the street make them go WOOO WOOO, which is annoying in the morning, but I guess I should be up cooking eggs or something. Who would do that to their car? Could be a crackhead that got hold of the wrong stuff

  7. Joe, would you happen to have a sketch – even if it’s amateur – of this crackhead who stole the gold?

    And, if you do, does he look anything like Redden?

  8. hey kids! just got back from the game!

    To my pleasant surprise there were sooooo many Rangers’ fans at the game. That felt good. The game was great, especially because we won! The place was pretty packed. I went with my girl, her mother and step-dad (Columbian [mafia] hehe). This was a first time that they (mom and dad) ever went to a sporting event in America. I couldn’t be more proud that it was a hockey game. They were cheering for Panthers as they are Floridians, but I had a blast watching them. They were screaming, yelling and booing all at the wrong time, of course. You had to be there, lol. At one point mom turned to me and said, “what if the BALL flies over here?” LOL I’m glad that they got to experience a full game: regular time, over time and shoot-out. The dad thought that shoot-out will be like in soccer from one spot, haha. The ice dancers were hot, but still cheesy. I guess NHL will do anything to reel the fans in. I hope that in-laws will become hockey fans, even if Panthers’.

    Some older lady (Panthers fan) came and sat next to me in the 2nd period. She was nice, but she wouldn’t shut up aboot how hot Radek Dvorak is!

    As for the game…Higgins had tons of chances, but as always couldn’t finish for carp. PA had a great game, won us second straight shoot-out game. It seems like the kid is getting more comfortable playing with big boys. Drury had a good game too… I was watching him all game and he looked good. And how aboot Gilroy?? Kid got fire in him… I still don’t know what happened; why he got into a fight…and why they gave him miscunduct…they didn’t really show the replay.

    Where would this team be w/o Gaborik? God bless him! Oh and…that was another soft goal by Hank… anyway…sorry for long rant…im off to bed…hopefully it wont rain tomorrow so I could get some tan!

  9. CR9 (Red Sox farm system = Hydra, except cut off one head and 6 more grow back) on

    Quite alright, CCCP.

    Any game in which Dominic “my crippled brother is better than me” Moore can score a goal from that spot deserves a rant.

    Too bad Bertuzzi crippled the wrong brother :(

    Just kidding on that last part, btw.

  10. To me it look like a leprechaun to me…Who else seen da leprechaun say YEEAH!

    You need the *Irish flute* that was passed down from generation to generation to ward off the spells.

  11. It’s painful but also uplifting to say this, but Rozsival really stepped it up defensively after Gilroy stood up for Prospal (god i loved seeing that)

  12. Biran Leetch is NOT a TV guy…great analysis but should be on radio. He never liked the spotlight…has ‘dark darting eyes’ and just is not comfortable and never has been …even as a captain…being in the spotlight

  13. OK, it was only two points picked up in the “skills competition”, but I thought it was a pretty decent performance in the circumstances – and as mentioned, some of the regular whipping boys had strong games.

    Fully expecting them to now stink it up against Tampa and struggle against Picksburgh, but good to have a couple of relatively positive nights at least.

  14. Best wishes to the Ranges and their families for thanksgiving!

    PS. I prefer not to remember Muckler, not a pleasant person, helped ruin Kovalev for us.

  15. happy thanksgiving puckheads

    i never thought i’d say this but can we get a Wade Reddden injury report? i want this guy back!

  16. gregm_section403 on

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

    I give thanks for my 2 wonderful children, my beautiful wife, health, family, friends and MARIAN GABORIK.

  17. gabby is unreal right now. its almost like he doesnt even try and he scores. meanwhile higgins works hard constantly, gets plenty of great chances, and either hits the post or misses wide. hes trying way too hard to score and its backfiring. i think hes doing the right things and thats a plus, but when he gets the oppurtunity he doesnt time his shots right. last night he had a good foot of space in the upper right corner but shot it way too early and couldnt even hit the net, he hits the outside of the post. then later on he just loses the puck right in front of vokoun which looked like the best chance we had to end it in reg. i like him on the first line but hes gotta relax a little and stop pressing so hard. rozy had his best game last night. the whole defense and especially the pk had an enormous impact last night. but against a better team, we give up at least 1 maybe 2 goals on the pk. i know we won a great hard fought battle, and we looked like a more reserved team and werent giving up too many chances, but we still cant just rely on gabby for everything. its gonna get more important down the stretch fo sather to get another sniper for this team to rely on. too many 3rd liners. or give grachev a shot. papsmear is golden right now. having a good strecth of games, but without the shootout hes got 1 goal. not good enough. if gabby gets hurt or burnt out from playin soooo damn much, were gonna need another goal scorer on the team. the sooner the better. maybe gabby wouldnt have to play in every situation. im happy for the 19 goals, but id be more happy if everyone was scoring so torts doesnt over-use him.

    ok, i ran outta time cuz i gotta go to work, but this is 3 days worth of not posting in one big post!! just for you ilb!! well i posted last night but it doesnt count cuz i got carped, bigtime!!hope everyone has a great day, i wont. i’ll be working. later everyone!

  18. Anyone see OV’s hit on that career criminal Patrick Kaleta?

    Borderline hit at WORST!!! Kaleta makes a stupid play!!! He set himself up for that hit. By the way, Kaleta would do the same thing to OV if the roles were reversed. Only OV actually has SKILL and would never put himself in a vulnerable position. Jesus Christ, Mike Richards’ hit keeps getting called,”A clean hit” yet this hit is a , “dirty Russian scumbag trying to injure a key Sabre”. I am getting sick of the NHL. Kaleta and OV shouldn’t even be in the same league.
    Stupid salary cap.

  19. almost forgot, but dru had one of his best games last night. won 75% of faceoffs(12 of 16!!!), had the good slashot/pass to gabbys deflection, yes it was deliberate, and played great in every zone. he looks hungry to start helpin the team. good for him. all my drury bashing aside, i liked what i saw from him last ight, so i hope this win wont ruin his pre-holiday loss!!

  20. Mike, totally agree. And I read the WHOLE post of yours, I did. Happy T-day, bro. What are you doing working today anyways?

  21. Puck support. All game long. Even before they lost 2 d-men. They outplayed Florida for 60 min and deserved to win.

    I had a feeling that they really starting to understand what Torts means by saying “safe is death”. Maybe he felt it too. That’s why he gave Avery a pat in the back. He’ll take on honest mistake, not a lazy one. Was a tough play, happens. Now lets go and win the game. We deserved it.

  22. 4 Del Zotto aka Staal Wart on

    All said, that was a good entertaining hockey game last night.
    Kudos to Gilroy! I like seeing a little fire!
    B-hole just plain sucks…all the good Sather did by signing Prospal was negated by his stupid signing of B-hole.
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
    I’m out!

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