Rangers-BJs in review


You all know not to get too excited over those seven straight goals, right? You know that in the course of an 82-game season every team will have a couple of games like that, even your Rangers, right? You understand that the BJs goalies stunk, that everything went in. That this was a fluke, not the norm? That the next time it’s 1-1 late in the game, those guys who were Guy Lafleur last night will go back to being Blair Betts?

I don’t want to rain all over the parade, though. Some good things happened, for sure. Some thoughts:

1) John Tortorella should call timeout right after the national anthem from now on.

2) Staal and Girardi still chase pucks behind the net or off to the side of the net, and leave the front wide open. Why? No idea.

3) I know, there’s a lot of anger toward Chris Drury, but this team misses him, and is better when he gets back, which could be pretty soon.

4) Brashear and Voros can’t do what Columbus’ fourth-line guys did in the first period, create chances and convert. On the other hand, the Rangers did a pretty good job on the first, second and third lines of the BJs. Also, why is Voros retalliating for the hit that banged up Staal, while Brashear is on the ice counting his $1.4M?

4) Marian Gaborik is 18-14-32 in 21 games. Last year the Rangers’ leading scorers (Scott Gomez and Nik Zherdev) had 58 points. Last year their top goal scorer was Markus Naslund with 24.

5) You had to like the way Redden and Staal reacted to guys hitting their goalie.

6) Brian  Leetch  was fabulous in studio. As a player he was always a great analyst of the game, and always great talking about anything but himself. Don’t know if he wants to make a career out of this, but he’s already as good or better than a lot of analysts of the three area teams on the various MSG payrolls.

7) Four goals allowed was still too many.

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  1. if the rangers stop forgetting about the wide open guys in front of the net they would win more games. in the past 2 games we have given up 7 goals. id say at least 4 were because a player was wide open in the slot.

  2. I actually thought Leetch looked very uncomfortable Carp. He’s too reserved a guy to be an analyst. He had no life at all. His analysis was spot on but he needs to work on his delivery a bit.

  3. Great points Rick,

    I still say it makes no difference Drury in or out of the line up. Maybe they are a tad better defensively. But for whatever his “role” is now….I rather have Betts back or Ortmeyer, Moore or Sjostrom.

    You have to love the way Voros is playing. He landed some BOMBS on Boll. Charmi
    was squeezably soft as usual.

  4. Hopefully the good Rangers continue to show up on Wednesday, and hopefully they start to leave the bad habits behind. All we want is a consistent, smart, hard working effort every night. We can’t afford guys taking shifts, periods, or games off. Everyone needs to play to their full potential, and get better defensively.

    Cliche enough?

  5. I think Staal and Girardi tend to chase because Henrik really does nothing to help them out in that department. Not trying to absolve either of them, but you’ll see even average goalies move the puck from behind the net better than Lundqvist. It’s like football with field positioning, you make it harder on your team when they have to move the puck 200 feet to get a scoring chance.

  6. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Alrighty, let’s get this very very clear.

    Jay Bouwmeester is somebody that I consider extremely similar to Marc Staal, not only in size but in playing style, age, and time brought along.

    JayBo was picked 3rd overall in the 2002 entry draft and played a FULL 82 games that season recording 4 goals, 12 assists, and 14 penalty minutes. He was 18 in his first training camp, and turned 19 on Sep 27, 2002.

    After turning 20, he plaed in 61 games for the Panthers recording 2 goals and 18 assists, 30 penalty minutes and then subsequently was sent down to the San Antonio Rampage.

    During the lockout season, he played for Minor-League teams such as the Rampage and the Chicago wolves, in total, playing 82 games recording 10 goals and 16 assists with 62 penalty minutes.

    Both of these players had 4 years of Junior experience coming into their NHL careers and both of them played 80+ games their first year jumping from Junior hockey to NHL hockey. But JBo was able to play in the A when the lockout happened, obviously opening doors and building his confidence.

    Marc Staal debuted for the rangers as a bright-eyed 20 year old in 2007, and recorded 2 goals, 8 assists, 10 points with 42pims. In his second year, 08-09, he recorded 3 goals with 12 assists and 64 pims.

    As we stand, right now, Marc Staal has 2 goals 6 assists and 12 pims in 23 games. He is even in the +/- after playing with another young guy all season long on a top defensive pairing. He is on pace for 7 goals and 21 assists this years, quietly.

    My point is just this…these guys are so friggin young. How much better do you think a guy who has (potentially) the ability to record 7g21a on the blueline at 22 years old, in a position that is considered to be brought along at about 23, 24 or even 25 in Gilroy’s case.

    This guy WILL be a good player because he IS a good player. People make mistakes especially young defenseman and it can’t be on their shoulders to carry an entire team. If we dropped Rozsival for somebody that could guide these young guys for real, even somebody like Sean O’Donnell, it’s be fantastic.

    Face facts, good things come to those who wait. Marc Staal is no less offensive than anyone may or may not think. He’s still a piece of clay waiting for some good molding from a good instructor. He’ll find his way, and even if all of you scream trade him because of he last name on his back I say nay.

    PS. The reason that Staal and Girardi dont know to go to the net is because their pairing is wrong. They simply feel because Staal has NHL time that he can handle it all, same with Girardi. We need a veteran 7th defenseman.

  7. Rob, that’s what’s important … the analysis. You may not remember how uncomfortable JD looked the first few months of his analyst career. I know I was a nervous wreck the first few times I tried it.

  8. The first two Columbus goals were scored by players left all alone in front of the net. Inexcusable!!

    Despite the win, the Rangers are soft, soft and at times, even softer. There doesn’t appear to be much hope for them, unless they change dramatically, and there doesn’t seem to be much hope of that happening, either.

  9. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Who’s out for Drury’s spot? I know I have no desire to send PAPsmear down to the A after having a nice two-assist game and showing he has the moves in the big time. So, Voros? Voros has been one of the only players, along with Prospal and Gabbo who have actually given a crap about energy with this team. As many times as he got his a$$ handed to him, he STILL goes for more, no matter what. That’s team playing. He rode the pine ALL last year. That’s team playing. Cut Brashear in his stupid 1.4 million dollars a year for doing nothing.

  10. Gaborik is flat out scary good. At times i watch him dominate the ice like Jagr did. A joy to watch.

    LOVE the guys standing up for Hank, that’s what we like to see. Voros may not be a skilled player, but the guy has HEART, and will do whatever is needed to help the team, and i commend him for that. He’s willing to throw down anytime, and throw his body around.

    I miss Dubi.

  11. Carp…have you read “The Code” by Rick Bernstein? (btw hockey fans, if you haven’t read that book…you should. it’s entertaining and gives you a perspective on fighting in the game.)

    The reason Voros fought Boll (IMHO) is because Voros and Boll are considered of similar wegith but not super-heavyweight like Brash. So I think that Boll is a more even match versus Voros than versus Brash. While this never stopped George McPhee from going after people (Dave Brown, etc) most of the time you don’t fight smaller guys versus heavies.

    Later in the game, Boll was probably told to go fight again and that is why on the 2nd round, he fought Brash. But if you noticed, Boll was huggybear-ing Brash the whole fight to keep him close. If Brash had gotten arm’s length from Boll, it could have gotten ugly fast.

    But I agree that Brash needs to mete out more punishment to guys overall.

  12. Well, it looks as if Pierre Maguire has released most of you from being kidnapped.

    I guess there were too many Bruins jockstraps laying around that he had to latch onto.

  13. Torts, is that you using Linda’s screen name?

    Carp, I was thinking the exact same thing about Leech. Rob, yes he was a little uncomfortable, I agree, but it’s new to him and I think he’ll grow out of that (if you’ve never been on camera, it’s a lot different than sitting around a pint opining) . I loved listening to his analysis. It was fabulous and I’d rather listen to him than practically anybody else out there.
    Go Leechy!

  14. Joseph Nacinovich on

    Could somebody please clear something up for me. late in the first period when the Rangers went on a 2 man (about 55 seconds left) The face off after the penalty was out of the Columbus zone. I was at the game so I didn’t know what was going on but I thought the ensuing face off after any penalty was in the team that took the penalty’s zone. At the time I was mad because it cost them a goal. What gives

  15. Nobody seemed sure of what happened there, Joseph. Tortorella was arguing (presumably) about that with the officials at the end of the period.

  16. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Carp, how do you think Dubi and Drury are going to fit back in the lineup? Where do either of them fit? Drury obviously for the time-being and Dubi for later?

  17. Newman, I have not read that book. But I do know there are codes among these guys. However, when a tough guy hits and hurts a top guy on the other team, he knows he will have to face the music, and certainly if I were the coach or the GM or one of the Rangers’ players, I’d expect my heavyweight to take care of it … not my middleweight.

  18. Um that was supposed to be Charmin. Don’t know what happened there.

    Domi, Nilan – are great example of smaller bad@$$ fighters who took on everyone. Oh & Tootoo.

  19. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Last nights game showed me how soft a player Staal is, he plays too clean. I don’t believe he didn’t go after the guy(s) who cream him all the time. Does he really need Voros to protect his ass?
    He’s slowly losing any respect in the league, they will go after him until he toughens up.

  20. Amen 4Gens4Cups. Torts said last year that defense is that hardest position to learn in the league. Do I think Staal has played great this year? No. Do I think he’s got a lower ceiling to his upside than we originally anticipated? Perhaps, but as I said last thread, I don’t think he was drafted for his offensive abilities. Even in juniors he was not thought of as a two way-puck rushing-PP point man type D.

    And as far as him being overrated because of his name? I think that distinction goes to Jordan. He was the 2nd overall pick in his draft year and while a solid player, here’s a couple of other #2’s in the past 15 years:

    D. Sedin
    E. Staal
    J. Staal
    van Riemsdyk

    Pre-2000 there’s some pretty weak picks, but the draft classes at the end of the 90’s were overall very weak. With the exception of Lehtonen, I’d say the rest of the picks this decade have had better careers or have shown the potential to have better careers.

    And looking at Marc Staal’s draft class, you had Crosby as the cream of the crop, and then some legitimately good players before Staal such as Kopitar, but it’s relatively mixed reviews on the players chosen after Staal.

  21. 4Gen, I know what I’d do. I’d put Avery on the top line (for now, anyway) and put Dubinsky with Drury, assuming both are 100 percent. There are plenty of candidates to sit.
    I think Dubinsky is a while away though, and I don’t know how Drury is going to be after the concussion. I imagine that they’ll take the easy way out, as usual, and send Parenteau back to Hartford, instead of showing some guts and sitting out somebody who’s not trying nearly as hard.

  22. My brother’s undefeated record at New York games remains intact.

    I was worried down 2-0, but once we got the first so quickly, I knew the ship would be righted!!

    Laurel, are you Blogmama as well?

    Or am I estupido?

  23. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    I’m personally asking you, Carp, Who YOU would sit =D

    I think there arent really any candidates to sit on the bench, except Lisin who’s foot needs a friggin rest, that’s pretty much it. We played very complete hockey last night, at least in my opinion. The only thing i didnt like is that we didnt go for the throat harder when we had 7 goals. Good teams dont care what the score is, they score. Red Wings scored 9 in the one game against the CBJ. The 4 we let up were stupid and lapses in judgment we shouldnt have made. 7-2 is much better than 7-4

  24. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    P.S. The edit-your-post feature should not be available even to the King. I HAD ALREADY POSTED! Hahhaha.

    I got Carped.

  25. haha I got Carp’d.

    REPOST – The only thing I’d like to see Staal do better with is his gap control. I think him and Girardi drop back to far sometimes when its a 1 on 1 or 2 on 2 situation. I would like to see one step up for a hit, but I know they aren’t fast and don’t want to get beat.

    Like I said, as long as both of them stayin within themselves, they’ll be pretty solid defensive d-men, but they aren’t going to be a top notch shut down pair.

  26. As for #4, I have to disagree there. Brash wants to fight, its just that A) in a 7-2 game there is no reason to just go up to him and start trying to beat the crap out of him and B) he did try to get at Boll and some other guys at first but they wanted nothing to do with him.

    Also on that play, Brashear wasn’t deep and was covering the points so he was going after the puck trying to get a breakaway so since Voros was behind the play, he went after him. Notice Boll wanted nothing to do with Brash in that fight towards the end. He was trying to punch him but Boll was just hugging him the whole time.

    Also I love how after each Voros fight, Brash comes over and gives him a pound and talks to him about it for a bit. I think he’s trying to help Aaron become a better fighter (since we all know how terrible Voros was at it last year). He’s done some good work because Voros held his own against Boll when last year he would’ve gotten his ass kicked.

    Also while the goalies sucked for the Jackets, a lot of that had to do with the Rangers swarming forecheck causing the BJ’s defense to be out of whack and it opened up the slot for some quality chances. These guys can score, this isn’t last years team, they just need to work and forecheck hard or it gets ugly fast. It really is a hit or miss team depending on if they work hard or not.

  27. drury plays and either voros or brashear sits and that is good.

    they are better with drury in the lineup regardless of the nonsense of posters……..

  28. Joseph Nacinovich, do you sit in 416? Because I was talking to a dude next to me in my section about that (penalty, face-off in neutral zone) last night. It was odd.

  29. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Stuart, can you give me more than 5v3 penalty kills and the face-off circle that says Drury is more than a glorified, highly highly overpaid 4th line center?

  30. As great as that game was. It pisses me off, that Hank still lets in as many goals as he did.

    I don’t know, i just have a feeling he’s saving himself for the Olympics. Which pisses me the fugg off.

    He needs to get his sh*t together, and start stopping the puck. Last year he complained aboot not having guys put pucks in the net. Now guys are doing it, but he cant stop the puck. Gimme a break.

    Gabby has been a hell of a lot better than i ever expected him to be. The way he’s playing, is insane. If there was no Olympic break, i wonder if he could get to Jags 56 goal record. Obviously he has to stay healthy.

  31. Rick,

    good thinking. I’d love to see Avery on the top line, he certainly deserves a sniff after last nights game.

  32. CT

    I don’t know. If they choke, maybe he’ll be depressed, and suck the rest of the season.

    Im hoping everyone chokes, and USA wins.

    And im rooting for the Russian Curling team. Babe central over there. Those girls have great wrist action, with the way they sweep that ice. They probably would be dynamite during a boring movie, if ya know what i mean.

  33. Audioserf and Joseph Nacinovich

    If I recall the play, I think the Rangers iced the puck and on the ensuing touch-up the penalty was called. I guess there is a sub-rule where icing on a penalty call brings the face-off back to where it was last night in the neutral zone(?)

  34. Here you go; there are four exceptions identified to the face-off rule:

    Rule 76.2 Face-off Locations

    (iv) when the team not being penalized ices the puck – face-off in the neutral zone outside the blue line of the team icing the puck.

  35. Reeshay (or Riche') on


    Two things…

    A) After the month we’ve had to sit through… I’ll take last night and enjoy the Crosby out of it.

    B) I thought the same thing about Leetch… he seemed as posied in front of the camera as he did with the puck on his stick. Someone in the TV biz (hello MSG VP’s!!!) would do well to see if he’d want some type of position on air.

  36. If anyony is interested – some current Stats:
    9th place – projected for 89 points
    GFA 3.09 ranked 8th
    GAA 2.83 ranked 15th
    PP 22.1 ranked 13th
    PK 84.7 ranked 5th
    Goals per shot ranked 7th
    SOG average 29.2 ranked 19th
    SOGA average 29.4 ranked 14th
    SV% .904 ranked 20th

  37. Guys, do you ever work?

    Orr- you never fail to entertain, buddy. Dynamic wrists..hmmm. Be careful, the newspaper might be on the way…

    A bit concerned about the first two goals. It’s a very simple, common, set up play that was executed perfectly by a 4th line. Why should it take a TO to prevent that? In fact, they almost gave up a similar one right after TO.

  38. Henrik Rules – you got it right. I was actually going to mention that because many people in my section were confused and I had to explain it to them. It was the NHL’s answer to teams thinking about icing the puck just to get an offensive zone faceoff with a delayed penalty. Funny that actually happened to me in NHL 2k10 the other day and I was like “wait, but its a PP” and then remembered the rule.

  39. Does anyone else think that maybe the team should concentrate on developing Staal as a stay back d-man? And maybe try offensive-stay back pairs? It won’t hurt more than it’been hurting now.

  40. The 2nd goal was off a Staal turnover. He failed to get the puck deep and they took it the other way and setup in the zone. Also Henrik goes down WAYYYYY too early still. Not saying its his fault, but I’m getting sick of teams killing him with shots up high all the time. He’s got to stop one or two of those every now and then.

  41. Andrew Gross is reporting that Drury is playing tomorrow in FLA. Hm, do I smell a “I won’t let this ruin my Thanksgiving” quote?

  42. As much as I have railed on the Ortmeyers and Malhotras in the past those guys would be much better right now as 4th liners. As far as Voros goes he is as useful as a rusty paper clip.

    Tonight On Blueshirt Banter radio Joining myself and Jim Schmiedeberg

    Bernie Nicholls @ 8 PM


  43. Gross also reporting Kotalik is questionable and here were the lines from today:


  44. HMM…

    Phoenix is looking to trade C Peter Mueller, 21 (1.7 mil hit) and want scoring punch and to bolster their blueline. Come on Maloney, you know you want Rozsival!

    From TheFourthPeriod btw

  45. Reeshay (or Riche') on


    I’ve been saying the same thing for a while now… I think Staal needs to just be a shutdown d-man.

    However, someone else pointed out that you have to consider his career in all this, meaning that we know the Rangers won’t win a Cup in the regular season (probably not at all this year or even next) so now’s the time to see if Staal can “up the ante” by adding some O to his game.

  46. Any time the Rangers could get a player with two legs and less of a cap hit for Rozi, I’d say done deal.

  47. Does anyone else just want to discuss how inappropriate, and vial Pierre Maguire and the rest of NBC’s hockey broadcast team are?

    Child he has kidnapped: Why did you kidnap me, Pear?

    Pierre: My name is Pierre, not pear?

    Child: Sorry. Please do not hit me again.

    Pierre: I have to. It is what makes me feel good about myself. But to answer your question, I have no friends.

    Child: Why do you have no friends Pear, er, Pierre?

    Pierre: I thought that stinksniffing the Bruins and despising the Rangers would garner me friends, but people figured me out for the friendless child molester that I am.

    Child: I thought you were just a kidnapper. Please dont….

    Pierre: Heh, Heh, Heh…

    I’ll have to come up with better. Pathetic work.

  48. Laurel

    you need to figure out a way to be in the city monday night. next time im going to remember to get you an 8×10 glossy photograph (with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining what each one was……)

    great time last night. love it when they win. i wish theyd do that more often at home.

    we should all start planning the Dec. 12th trip now! so… whose comin with me?

  49. Forget Leetchie as being good or bad as an analyst … the man is simply GOOD LUCK … pay him just to be in the building …seriously.

    I’m not even superstitious.

  50. CTBlueshirt
    November 24th, 2009 at 1:20 pm
    Andrew Gross is reporting that Drury is playing tomorrow in FLA. Hm, do I smell a “I won’t let this ruin my Thanksgiving” quote?

    CTB- bite your tongue, please. And if you need some help, ORR may have a fewphone numbers…

  51. Did anyone see a few of Brash’s sweet moves with the puck. Mind you he didn’t score. But he did make some nice moves to hold onto the puck. Soft hands for a fighter…or someone who used to be a fighter. haha

  52. CTB- bite your tongue, please. And if you need some help, ORR may have a fewphone numbers


    Ok, then with the Rangers down 3-0 headed into the 3rd period, Drury rallies the team with such a riveting speech that Torts begins to cry. He then goes and scores from the opening face off, and twice more from each successive face off thereafter. The game goes into OT where with 7.7 seconds left, after a clutch chew of his mouth guard Drury bats a rebound out of the air (Trumbull LL style) to score the winner and then proclaim that the Rangers are going to win out the rest of the season and take no breaks off for the holidays.

  53. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Panthers again...geeeze!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Mako , was it when Gaborik wiggled his fingers to his teamate to “come here”? I think Gaborik’s double fist pump celebration is awsome.

    Gaborik style is becoming more clear.
    #1) Attack
    #2) Anticipate
    #3) Shot Release ( at all costs make sure you hit the net)

    This guy plays PP ,PK and basicly does it all.

    Gaborik for the Hart trophy .

  54. Greg
    Nice to see you back, bro. And seemingly sober. Did you take some English lessons too?
    Hey, don’t get upset, you know I like you.

  55. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Panthers again...geeeze!!!"... says Greg L. on


    Renney on Jagr
    Opening face off (not Jagr’s line)…sorry Jagr
    Let’s throw out the 4th line again (other team’s stars are out on the ice)…sorry Jagr .Short handed now..sorry Jagr.
    Its the shoot out …sorry Jagr.

    Torts on Gaborik
    Opening face off …get ready Gaborik! Other teams top line is on …get ’em Gaborik. Short handed now…get out there Gaborik!! Powerplaytime…Gaborik time ..wait , yer out there on the 3rd line too!!?? Gaborik says…yeah. Shoot out time….Gaborik are you ready? I’ll try it ..sure.

    Now only if Tort’s had Jagr when he was here.

  56. Greg…

    Yeah… Loved it. Jagr kinda did the same thing when he was with the Pens but his arms were out in front of him.

  57. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Panthers again...geeeze!!!"... says Greg L. on


    Yeah , me twook sam inglish lasons aned eye ded perity gewd.
    Nhow iye speel mush beater.

  58. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Panthers again...geeeze!!!"... says Greg L. on

    If Torts was coaching those guys , we would have won the Cup that one year. Jagr was under utilized by Renney. He would start other lines over Jagr’s at the start of the game and then would proceed to roll all 4 lines. Jagr strived on icetime ,Renney never put any demands on Jagr and let Jagr sit wayyy to much on the bench. Jagr loved to score with that awsome shot of his . Too bad he was in the wrong system at the wrong time with the wrong coach.

  59. Oh TR, tell me they didn’t show up, please!!! I’m definitely in for the 12th…..have to let you know about Monday. School nights are tough…..how was your weekend?!

  60. I used to be a regular on this blog, but to be honest, the reason I stopped reading is b/c of posts like today’s. I mean, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist, or even a seasoned hockey fanatic, to know and realize that this Ranges team has some serious issue. “Having said that,” who really wants to log into a blog every day and just read such uninsightful negativity.

    What’s the point of logging into a blog that just has someone’s opinion, especially if it’s going to always be negative? Shouldn’t there be a at least a pinch of newsworthy material?

    I know Carp doesn’t have the time or assets to be at the rink every day like Sam was picking brains for the next lead, but how about a little positivity and maybe a little bit of insight that isn’t gained from watching Rangers in 60?

    Larry Brooks looks seems like a rainbow and a ray of sunshine compared to this guy. Life isn’t so bad. Have a beer, talk to a lady, get your hair cut, go for a shoe shine, treat yourself to a new winter coat… live a little.

  61. Time to put Anisimov in between Gabby and Prospal and watch them fly. Anisimov is clearly the most talented center we have and his game will grow so much faster with those on either side.

  62. Greg – Gaborik doesn’t do shootouts. he can, but he’s terrible in his career. I think that mostly has to do with the fact that the goalie knows the shot is coming. He thrives off moving and shooting when goalies least expect it.

  63. No way they would’ve won the cup. With all the injuries they had and Jagr being nowhere near 100% of his full ability, especially after the Olympics. Jagr was out of shape that whole year. I don’t care if he had 54 goals and 126 points. The next year he was much more effective even though he had 96 points and the only reason he wasn’t scoring as much was due to the shoulder surgery, his first major upper body injury of his career. He doesn’t get hurt the year before from the Ruutu hit (and the punch on Gomez) and he would’ve probably netted nearly 50 again.

    The league was wide open the year after the lockout so he didn’t have to work to do anything. Plus he was resting from previous injuries to his hip flexor and groin. The 2nd year was the year he was at his best and he showed that in the playoffs. He dropped most of the fat, lost 15 pounds, and was ready to carry the team. Just a shame his shoulder didn’t get to 100% until halfway through the year.

  64. I wish they could put Drury on Long Term Injury and they could use the 7 million of his salary to get a 4rth line that can play

  65. Brandon isn’t a regular, he’s the same guy that posts here pretty much every week with a new name, with the same complaint.

    Boo hoo.

    I agree. I think if Torts was coaching, we could have had a shot at going to the Cup Finals in 07. That team looked really solid. Even Blowzy, and that big doofus Malik were playing greta hockey.

  66. Brandon

    I thought the whole point of a blog was opinion. Read the newspaper if you want facts. As for the “negativity,” if you really think all is well because of one game against a no-show defense and goalies, more power to you.

  67. 07 as in the year they lost to Buffalo or 07-08 when they lost to Pitt?

    I think the team that lost to Pitt had a better shot had they knocked out Pitt that round. Of course it may have been a bloodbath vs the Wings but you never know.

    I really think had they won game of that Pitt series it would have been an entirely different series. All the games were very close.

  68. Shoryuken

    uhmm, that doesn’t make too much sense, sorry…
    In terms of ya krasivy- vy polnye gavna!

  69. Eh, maybe I should stick to English.

    Am I the only one who thinks they (or Drury himself) are rushing back Drury too soon? It’s a CONCUSSION. This is about a guy’s health/career. Look at all the football players in addition to the hockey players who came back too soon and suffered more. We can live without his 1 point every 3 games. You don’t mess around with head injuries.

  70. I agree I am suprised that he is going to back so quickly. It’s not his first concussion, and the more you have the longer you should stay out. I actually wondered if he would return. I just really hope he is OK to go. I really like him as a player, dispite his lack of production lately.

  71. Didn’t expect much from Brian Leetch, but he was surprisingly good. It’s tough to give concise, complete and interesting insights — and he’s a better commentator than an interview, where he was boring and almost Drury-like. And he’s also an upgrade from Keenan who stumbles over his thoughts and his grammar. Are Gaborik and Prospal also available to give lessons on how to speak proper English?

  72. Shoryuken- you’re not the only one. I think it’s way too early for him to return. I’m they’re following the protocol and have an excellent medical team. But from a medical point of view, there is rarely a black and white.

  73. I watched a thing on concussions only yesterday. They cause lots of problems from slowing down reflexes, to depressions.

  74. Symptoms of concussions and post-concussion syndrome include:

    Poor balance
    Poor concentration
    Low mood
    Unexplained depression
    Having a vacant stare
    Difficulty performing everyday activities
    Loss of interest in favourite activities

    So, how do we tell if Drury has recovered or not?

  75. CT

    On 06-07. I thought we had a great team, and everyone was playing great. Including Shanny, who everyone said he never showed up for the playoffs. And Nylander was also playing the bets hockey of his career.

    Definitely the most depressing year.

  76. I could be way off base here, but i seem to remember renney being a players coach and giving the players the option in shoot outs and such. With that in mind, zzzz dialogue with jagr and renney should be reversed with jagr declining most of his offers because he was lazy as hell and only motivated occasionally. Even more reason to hope like hell gabby breaks his record!!

    Have an anti-rozy d man day!!

  77. 4Gen, if you want my opinion, I’d sit Brashear or Voros, and then maybe Lisin, to fit in Drury and Dubinsky. But my point was, they won’t sit Lisin or Brashear. So it’ll be Parenteau going back and Voros getting prucha’d.

    Brandon, thanks for the advice bud. You’re right. So much to be positive about since that 7-1 start.

    And I will live a little tomorrow. Major meeting with Mr. Titleist. I might not even bother posting (just kidding).

  78. LWH3, also … and I know this from LaFontaine, Beukeboom and Richter … lights cause a problem. And noise. I remember that they had trouble going to games while they were injured because of the headlights on the cars on the ride home, and the noise and light in the arena. Plus the flu-like symptoms.

    Don’t wish that on anybody, and hope that these sports teams start treating the symptoms a little more seriously.

  79. in case i have never mentioned i before, concussions and PCS suck!! I wouldn’t even wish that on jagr or rozy!!

  80. I really don’t see much differance in sitting Voros or Brashear, neither is a consistant help defensively, or offencively. They both are prone to taking really stupid penaltys. Maybe Voros skates a bit better, but basically neither one is very likely to score much. The first of last season Voros would plant himself in front of the net and a few bounced in off him, but he hasen’t got one of those lately. As far as Lisin goes, I think he will get better he has the skills.

  81. There is also a significant longterm effect that people don’t talk about. Way after the career is over. Higher risk of Parkinson’s, dementia. There is also a possible link to Alzheimer’s.

  82. This BJ-Montreal game is available on Center Ice in HD, btw. I’m afraid it’s in French, though.. Carp, can we do a game thread on this one? Some people may be helpful in French.

  83. Im sorry, maybe im a bit immature but,

    The Rangers BJ- in review. Doesnt that sound a bit weird to anyone. Maybe I just need to grow up, but when I heard that I started laughing.

    For anyone who doesn’t know, BJ is another way to say oral sex. And I hope that saying oral sex is not inappropriate because it is the appropriate term for the act.

    Anyways, Lets beat those Panthers tomorrow.

  84. Let me further help define “BJ” …

    It’s what Sather and Roszival engage in after every home game.

  85. thanks, What the HECK. I am probably less mature than you … but let’s end that portion of the discussion. I’m actually a bit surprised it took so long for someone to react that way. I worried about it when I wrote it.

  86. Garon, btw looked initially like he was still on a “hot streak” from last night, still adjusting his groin protector. Let in a softy. Then B…hmm Columbus exploded for two. It’s 2-2 now. Wide open.

  87. Btw, Izzy did make a little comment about how they blew it last night….

    Carp, I think it’s time for a new post, cause if this conversation continues for any longer, mama may pop in and we all will get newspapered.

    Columbus is up 3-2, second intermission. Montreal looks utterly lost without Laraque LOL

  88. Oh, btw, did you see that Briere got suspended for a high hit? 2 games. The dirty play must be transmitted via small droplets among the Flyers. But who did he knock out? I thought it was too cold for mosquitoes on the ice..

  89. Oh, so you think you’re more immature than us?

    Habs are now 4-3 up on Columbus. They really suck, no pun…

  90. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    Yeah, thought it was amusing myself, but I chose discretion as well. Who did briere hit?

  91. 5-3 Habs. Those last two games might be exactly what doctors ordered for Hitchcok. He already looks like he’s lost some weight…

  92. Linda brought the TORTS LINE GENERATOR on

    the header (teehee) has been up there since 11:18 am, and noone ‘said’ anything about it until about 20 after 8? LMAO you guys are the best!

    ORR, did you enjoy your BDay celebration?

  93. ilb

    HAHAHAHHA I know right. He gave a shout out to Rick too. DAADAAA

    I loved animal when I was a kid. He used to yell “WWOOOMAN…. WOOOOMAN” and chase women all over the place LOL

  94. Woah… what happened to you ZzZzzGreg????

    Nice posting… seriously… what happened

    Whatever it is, seems like you’re doing well, good show.

  95. Blueshirt in Paris on

    I know I am late to the party and these might have already been asked/answered but here are my questions…

    Why is MDZ not on the ice when Gaborik is? Like they used to do with Leetch, run a 5man unit.

    And why still is MDZ not paired with Staal? Give up on Staal becoming an offensive force. We need a defensive more as MDZ and Gilroy should be around for a while and will add enough backline offense.

    Why is Avery not on the top line as left wing? I know he might not be a 1st line player but as it really is the Prospal-Gabby show they need a winger that will do the dirty work…and Avery creates space.

    And why the hell is Voros our fighter? Props to him for his past two fights but it should be not be him but you know who.

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