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Nov. 23, 2009 – New York Rangers 7, Columbus Blue Jackets 4 (Game #23, Home #12)
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The Rangers defeated the Columbus Blue Jackets, 7-4, in front of a sold-out crowd (18,200) at Madison Square Garden; New York had five players register multiple points in the contest (M. Gaborik, A. Anisimov, S. Avery, C. Higgins, and P. Parenteau).
After allowing the game’s first two goals, New York tallied seven straight from 11:29 of the first period to 12:47 of the second, marking the first time the Rangers tallied seven unanswered goals since a 7-0 victory against Boston on Mar. 7, 2009; the Blueshirts tallied three goals in a 71-second span in the second period.
New York have sold out 168 consecutive regular season games, dating back to Nov. 5, 2005 against New Jersey; the last regular season non-sellout was Oct. 31, 2005 vs. Montreal (17,697); including the playoffs, the Rangers sellout streak is now at 182 games.
The Rangers are now 12-10-1 (25 pts.) on the season and 7-5-0 at home; in their last 21 regular season games at MSG, New York are 15-6-0, and have out-scored their opponents, 74-47, during the stretch; the Blueshirts also improved to a league-best 10-0-0 when leading after the second period.
Marian Gaborik led all skaters with four points (two goals and two assists) to extend his point streak to seven games (seven goals and 13 points); he also tied for the game-high with a plus-three rating.
Sean Avery notched two goals in 51 seconds, including one power play tally and the game-winning goal; it was his second multi-goal effort on the season and 10th of his career.
Rookie Artem Anisimov notched one goal, added two assists, and finished with a plus-three rating; his three points and plus-three rating were both career-highs.
Rangers defensemen Michael Del Zotto and Matt Gilroy recorded one goal apiece, giving the New York defense corps a combined 15 goals on the season.
Christopher Higgins and P.A. Parenteau each collected two assists in the contest; Parenteau’s two assists marks his first NHL multi-point game.
Henrik Lundqvist made 26 saves to record his 10th win of the season; Enver Lisin skated in his 100th NHL game.
The Rangers practice schedule for tomorrow, Nov. 24, is 11:00 a.m. at the MSG Training Center.
The Rangers return to action on Wednesday, Nov. 25, when they will face-off against the Florida Panthers at BankAtlantic Center (7:30 p.m.), to begin a three-game road trip; the game will be televised live on MSG Network and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio.
John Tortorella on the timeout…“I just told them to take a deep breath because we weren’t playing that badly.  We just made a couple of mistakes and it ends up in the net.  I just told them to take a deep breath (because) there is a lot of hockey left.  They deserve a little bit of the credit of staying within themselves.”
Marian Gaborik on the team’s play… “We had a good forecheck and we kept playing in their zone which was important. Our defensive side of the game was good. We’re talking about having the third guy coming back and being responsible defensively and I think we did that.  It has to carry over on the road. We haven’t had a long trip in a while so we have to build on this and just go from here.”
Henrik Lundqvist on Coach Tortorella’s early timeout… “It was good to have a break, that is for sure.  I think the first goal was huge.  To get that in the first period and not go in here trailing 3-0.  We needed some positive energy and we got that from #10 (Marian Gaborik).  After that, you could see how we got confidence.”
Sean Avery on tonight’s game… “The biggest thing was coming back from a two goal deficit. I think regardless of what the score was, coming back and winning a game after you’re losing 2-0 is big for a team that has been struggling. I hope it puts everybody around here in a good mood and the guys can go to Florida just feeling good and be able to not clench the stick as hard and just make some plays.”

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  1. Pierre Maguire: Why are you looking at me funny?

    Child he has kidnapped: Because you’re face sort of looks like an a**

    … More to come if it sounds blog-appropriate.

  2. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Wow! There’s some great old film on MSG showing the GAG line in 1972. Announcers Marv Albert and Bill Chadwick.


  3. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Where is everybody? They all scattered like flies at a picnic after you finally found the fly-swatter…

  4. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    As they say in French, Au contraire bas tairds…

    I have no interest in Columbus, and I’m not from Ohio- not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  5. KingLundqvist30 on

    So they score seven and get that out their system. Now its off on the road where they are guaranteed to score seven total in three games! Watch my prediction become a reality…

  6. ilb

    You missed the news that most of the people have been kidnapped by Pierre Maguire!

    Izzy is not a Rangers fan?

  7. Feel bad for Garon- he was still adjusting his groin protector when the second one went in. I guess there are priorities…

  8. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just won baby , Just won!!!"... says Greg L. on


    * Mike in IA (Grabachev)

    Grab : ” bloggs been perty straining lately”
    Wifey: “Take some days OFF…? ”
    Grab : “Naw ,I can’t ..cccp will get all the first and izzy will too.I need to win it a few times.”
    Wifey: ” Look here need a break and Im forbidding you to go on for a few days! ”
    Grabby :” Your right but zgreg aint gonna like it..”
    Wifey : “Who cares about this stuiped Z guy , and stop saying Holey Hell all the time!!!”

  9. After game Post toasties.

    MDZ is a rock star. That was a great pick there. He shows more hockey intelligence every day. He already has skill. A few more pounds, and he is definitely an All-Star.

    Avery is getting his game back. Nice to see him pot a few tonight.

    Gaborik is sick. 50 goals easy. 100 points easy.

    I’ve played a lot of hockey. Games like this that give your confidence a boost, can launch you. Hockey is such a self confidence game. Tonight’s game sure makes yesterday’s misery a fading memory. that’s the beauty of sport.

    I’m watching the game for a second time. It’s even better this time.

    Anisimov is learning to play the body and use his body. That’s what I noticed from the beginning. It was just a matter of time.

    Of course I thought next year would be the year. MDZ and AA are amazing so far.

    We still miss Dubinsky. He’s still the #6 scorer on the team and second in +/-.

    So who is gonna sit when Drury comes back? It better not be PAP! I hope it’s Brashear. Voros has been a better player lately.

  10. anyone notice a subtle downward cross check to the top of the pants area that parenteau uses when forechecking a opposing D-man one on one? he used it at least twice tonight that i saw…effective and almost impossible for the refs to pick up

  11. I got back from the game aboot an hour ago, and it was sweet. Looked ugly early on, but that timeout really helped.

    Gabby rules. This guy is awesome. And the goals by Del Z and Gilly were super sweet.

    Great win. Gotta get a streak going.

  12. yea Izzy. I was noticing that about Redden too. He doesn’t look so disinterested lately. The guy sure has hiss short comings, but he is taking a little pride in his team and his play this year. I can’t bitch too much about that.

    Staal does a lot of good things. People take him for granted and expect him to be perfect at his age. I’m not as down on him as some people seem to be this year. Give him time and a steady system and coach. He will be fine.

  13. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Well, satisfying as tonight was, Rangers are still in 9th place and tied with the fish-sticks. Maybe this is the start of something, but the Rangers need points.

  14. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    Ok, didn’t read all the comments due to the fact just got done watching the game off the dvr, so my observations…..I still think it is ridiculous that people want to get rid of voros here, he did one heck of a job against a very good fighter. That being said, boll just did not want to let go against brash, i thought it was funny you could see brash looking at the official going “seriously?”.

    wade redden is our best crease clearer on d (we need help there). Avery was good again. I like the fact that in every scrum when he is on the ice boyle goes for the biggest guy from the other team. Boyle is another guy that is well worth every cent he gets, skates pretty well for a big guy also. Brash did a good job on some back checks!

    Good game for the boys!


    why do you want to retire chris tamer’s number?

  15. Finally they scored a few goals for a change. The power play didn’t look any better unfortunately… maybe even worse. I have to wonder if the stretch passes aren’t a result of some video work. It really seemed like they were trying for a home run more then they were worried about getting the puck in the zone and set up. And of all Slats bonehead signings over the last few years, Brash sure ranks right up there as a huge huge waste of money. Could he the most overpaid player on the Rangers roster ever when you compare average ice time vs. pay per game?

  16. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    They should put Ratelle’s name up there too. (#19) Look at the Ranger individual records. 862 games 336 goals 817 points

    chris tamer? What sport did he play?

  17. Izzy Mandlebaum
    November 23rd, 2009 at 11:32 pm
    Nyet, comrade.


    i dont believe you Izzy! It was so easy for Izzy to blend in with the crowd when you first showed up… you MUST be one of the old ones!

  18. I hate to agree with Stan Fishface but the Rangers got a break facing a horrible goalie in the midst of a sophomore jinx in CBJ’s Steve Mason. But a job well done by the boys getting the shots on net. A win is a win is a win.

    Glen Sather Signing Day Assesment of Redden and Roszival

    Sather’s Bizzaro World Audio Comments :

  19. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Who was the freaking dumbass that traded Sergei Zubov?

    Pittsburgh Penguins traded Ulf Samuelsson and Luc Robitaille to the New York Rangers for Petr Nedved and Sergei Zubov.

    Was it Neil Smith? Awful, awful decision. Almost as bad as Trading Ricky Middleton.

  20. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Another sellout, I see. Dolan must be so proud of Stogypuss. We’re never going to get his wrinkled old azz out of MSG.


  21. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Well, that went quick. Out of beer.

    Wow, do you realize it’s later now than its ever been before?

    Must be bedtime. Gotta be up at the crack of ten.

  22. Finally…they did something right. The kjids played well and so did Redden…which is saying something.

    But by gar they still don’t know how to receive a pass, and they still make far too many of those long long passes, Finally when they dumped the puck they went in FAST after it.

    But I won’t relax until they start showing some smarts in their own end and learn to control passes.

  23. I still support the Brashear signing, but I hope people realize that Colton Orr may be the heavyweight champion of the NHL right now. He can’t play a lick of hockey, but he annihilated Carkner in Ottawa the other night.

  24. The funniest thing I have heard in a while:

    “So as most of you may know, this is shortened week for most Americans so we can all solemnly commemorate the death of turkeys and indigenous people at the hands of white men wearing buckles on their hats. . . . .”

    Ha ha ha!!!! Have a good week everybody.

  25. So I don’t post during the game and they break out for 7? Last time they did that against the Leaves I was at the game and didn’t post either. Hm, might be time to exit stage left?

    So Mason goes from the next Tom Barrasso to maybe the next Felix Potvin or Jim Carey? Either way it’s good to break the scoring slump and get some guys that have had a lot of “oh so close” chances to actually netting a couple. Of course Gaborik helps them get out of the scoring rut. Based on his games played and scoring pace he’s on pace for 59.

    Somewhat underrated performance of the night goes to Higgins. He played really well on the forecheck and didn’t look that out of place. The 3rd man back on D, usually should be the center, is still an issue as is bunching up too low in the zone on both offense and defense.

  26. Good morning to you all!!

    I have pep in my step from the win last night. I’m hoping our team picks up steam heading into this road trip.

    Avery was a beast last night & he definitely has his swagger back. That’s what they need.

    MDZ, Gilroy & Gabby wow wow wow wow.

    I really think MDZ should back the top line. What a gem that kid is. Who ever said it… Definite ROCK STAR!!!

  27. You guys may not like it..but I really like what Redden is doing this year. He isn’t afraid to take a hit at all, always gets in there to get people away from Hank and is playing real solid defense. Him and Gilroy have had their lapses here and there, but they have potential of being a pretty good pair with Gilroy’s improvement.

  28. NYRGuy

    Hey I’ll be te first to say Redden has been playing really well. Great surprise, out of all the players from last year (LQ excluded) has is the only player who play has greatly improved. I’m very happy for him.

  29. MAKO – NYRGuy.
    I agree. And I was REALLY critical of him early on in this season. Must give credit where it is due. Certainly no flash but solid on D and is taking some big shots from the point.

  30. Even Rozi has been solid for a 3rd pair defensman…it’s really been all Staal/Girardi that have looked weak. I still think we need that punch you in the mouth defenseman. We’re gonna have to get a 7th one eventually, someone’s going to get hurt sooner or later

  31. Give some props to Torts. That was a different type of TO. I was expecting to see the red face and “f….” on continues basis. But he looked calm and firm. Apparently, he told them to stay the course. And everyone responded. Everyone, not only Gabby.
    Shell I mention that even his tie looked better? I mean, still, stripes on stripes, but one step at a time, I guess…

  32. Sorry for typos, I can’t spell s… this morning. GregL, were are you, bro? I need your help…

  33. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    I’ll be in Tampa for the game Friday and I really hope I see more of what we had last night (post timeout that is).

  34. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Well not much mroe to say, agree with pretty much everything above.

    Redden does deserve credit, had a solid game last ngiht and looks like he gives a sh@t again.

    One thing I did notice was they showed Drury sitting in on eof the sky boxes after the 4th or 5th goal, and looked absolutely miserable. MAYBE this sparks him when he returns

    Two sickest goals of the night though were Del Z and Gilroy

    Brian Leetch was smiling behind the glass like it was his son who jsut made that play. Awesome game, lets carry it to florida


  35. Speaking of Leetch. Does anybody have the feeling that he may have a few things to offer as a coach. And he might be willing to?

  36. Hey I’ll be te first to say Redden has been playing really well. Great surprise, out of all the players from last year (LQ excluded) has is the only player who play has greatly improved. I’m very happy for him.


    Yes, Redden has looked like he’s not only got a pulse but is interested in the game.

    LQ I wouldn’t necessarily say has improved from last year either. At all.

    Leetch as a coaching contributor? I don’t think so. Great player, not a great leader. We all know Brian, he’s not a big talker. So much of coaching, in whatever capacity, is the ability to communicate and get your points through. The guy obviously knows the game, I don’t see it happening ever though.

    It’s just too bad Mess is being groomed as the next GM (which strikes me as marketing in and of itself)… I think Mess should have been gearing up for a coaching job. That makes so much sense to me.

  37. Yeah the Gilroy & MDZ goals were dirty!!! But you have to love Gaborik’s 7th goal celebration. As LB calls him “the Elegant Assassin” gotta love it.

  38. Leetch definitely explained things in a very coach-like method last night, but I’m always wary of having the high end skilled players as coaches since so much of the game came naturally to them. Look at Gretzky in PHX, a lot of players complained that there wasn’t any system in place for them to learn or practice.

    MDZ’s play looks like it’s a lot of natural instinct, I think you could have Rozi on the ice with Leetch for an hour every day and he’d still never be able to do what #2 or #4 can do on the ice.

  39. Salty

    it was more for the players than the goalie himself. I wish allaire would work on his glove hand & his puck movement.

  40. As I told most of the people I know and my brother, don’t panic yet. That Florida game I thought they played very well, just they had a few defensive lapses and the puck wouldn’t go in the net. They absolutely destroyed Columbus. The Jackets played pretty good D early on and it kept the Rangers off the scoreboard, then when they got 2 the Rangers just kept taking it to them.

    The 1st line I think has a new winger. Higgins played a great game. He compliments that line so well because he does the little things like throwing the body when hes the 1st one in and still getting back into the play. Plus he’s got good moves and similar hockey sense to Gaborik and Prospal because they all know when to turn the jets on and when to slow it down. Plus I think Lisin played well with Cally and Kotalik and looks like his foot is good to go now.

    The only player that still didn’t do much to impress is Callahan, and thats why his ice time is starting to go down. He’s a solid 3rd liner (which is what I’ve said since day 1) and I honestly think his success last year was due to the fact that we didn’t have many bright spots as the season went on and him and Gomez kind of clicked, but he’s not a top winger. We need him for his energy, but don’t look for 20+ goals again.

    Also Wade Redden is doing work right now. He’s doing the little things and making some pretty awesome breakout passes. Plus he’s skating…which I can’t believe.

  41. I agree with Salty, but I think Leetch would be a great assistant coach. He can explain in detail certain things, but he’s not a vocal guy and kind of always kept to himself.

    And I hate the fact that Messier is going to be the next GM. He’s not the right guy for the job. He’d be a much better coach where he can just focus on the game instead of all that behind the scenes stuff and business aspects of it.

  42. A couple things:

    1) MDZ, Gilroy, Girardi, Staal….Talk about a stellar blueline corps for the next handful of years. How great is that? 2 home grown draft picks, 1 sneaky pickup last season, and a free agent signing. Say what you want, but that is good work.

    2) Roszival still sucks butt. Watch that guy in isolation. He is really BAAAAD. Redden played alright and finally shot the puck and a good thing happened. Still being paid like 3x too much.

    3) PA Parenteau is finally starting to play like he belongs. He didn’t show that much in pre-season. But now he’s playing like he wants to stay.

    4) I think Voros got some lessons from Brash. In his last 2 fights he’s looked improved. He still likes to hurt the other guy’s hands with his face, but he is getting in some good shots.

    5) Prospal and Gabby…I mean what more do you need to say? They are sick.

    6) Higgy looked good on that line. And actually played with some jump in his legs. I would like to see Higgy on that line at least one more game.

    7) One game does not get us in the playoffs….like Mr. Wolf said, “Let’s not s**k each other’s Ds just yet.”

  43. New, i agree with you 100% but not to be nitpicky but what do u mean by “sneaky pickup” MDZ and Staal were the draftpicks, Girardi and Gilroy were both undrafted free agents.

  44. Newman – don’t agree with point #1. Girardi and Staal haven’t been great and personally I think they are immensely overrated. They aren’t terrible, but they aren’t anything to get excited about. DZ on the other hand is the real deal. Gilroy will be a solid d-man for us for awhile.

    Also Rozsival has played the best I’ve seen him in a long time in the last 2 games. His decision making has been quicker and while he might not be fast, he’s moving faster around the ice instead of looking like he’s confused. He also threw the body around the last two games when he had to and is getting involved in the rush a lot more. Not saying he’s been great, but he hasn’t looked confused and hasn’t made as many mistakes like he was in previous games.

    Redden will never be worth his contract, we know that, but he’s playing much better and is actually looking like an NHLer, which is fine by me for now (plus it boosts his trade value).

  45. Higgins is a lot better than his #’s show.
    Girardi is worse than his #’s show.
    Cally is playing like the smallish 3rd liner he really is.
    Redden, just like he always has, plays better with a better supporting cast.
    Staal is having an off year (conditioning?)
    “Elegant Assassin” is a great nickname.
    Hank is above average.
    Rozi is below average.
    MDZ & Gilroy are very good.
    Why not roll the dice with Grachev?

  46. What I meant about “sneaky” pickup was getting Gilroy to come to the Rangers over other teams. Some stories go around that Drury and Leetch were influential. Other stories go around that Slats (I cannot believe I am saying this) actually did some maneuvering.

    So far Staal and Girardi played better last season. No doubt. But I think these kinds of kids take 3 steps forward and really have great moments and then regress a little and take a step or two back. It’s natural progression I think. Remember Staal isn’t even 23 yrs old and Girardi is just 25.

    And Jonny D you are telling me you don’t have confidence in a Staal brother? Come on man, you are going against the odds. From what you wrote earlier, it sounds like you would take Gilroy over Staal right now. I don’t think that’s accurate at all.

    We are nitpicking though. Building a set of D-men around the 4 kids we have is a great core group. Rosy will be gone by next season. And Redden has shown some more life this season but I am not convinced just yet. They all him giveaWade for a reason.

  47. No no no. Don’t get me wrong, I like Staal. I’m just saying he is extremely overrated because of his name. I like Gilroy, but the fact is he’s 2 or 3 years older already so Staal has more room to progress than he does.

    Staal is a solid stay at home defenseman, but nothing more. The way he’s hyped up by the media and some fans is like he’s this amazing defenseman that is one of the tops in the league when its just not accurate. He’s got a long reach so he can keep people to the outside, but he doesn’t do much else. He’s pretty bad at making decisions with the puck (he’s lost us 4 games this year on that alone) and isn’t necessarily the strongest guy.

    I’m not saying I don’t want him or don’t like him, I just think he’s overrated. Girardi I feel the same way about because he hits and thats pretty much it. They aren’t even effective hits and 95% of the time he takes himself way out of position. I think Torts has worked with him on that though because this year he’s starting to gradually improve while last year he got a ton worse during the season due to trying to change his game and do too much. He’s another one with subpar decision making on the puck, but as long as he stays within his skill set then he’s fine.

    My point is that neither Staal or Girardi show anything to be really excited about. They will be your average 2nd line d-pair and are playing 1st right now because our young kids aren’t ready (including McDonagh in this group).

  48. Is it just me or does Staal seem to step it up when he’s marking a big name player like Ovechkin or Crosby? It’s when he doesn’t have a name brand opponent to guard that he commits most of his defensive gaffes.

    He’s not going to be Chara nor is he going to be Mike Green, but he showed the smarts the past two years to play well enough in his own end and enough support going the other way. With the likes of MDZ and Gilroy and maybe at some point Bobby Sangs, there should be no need for Staal to be a PP QB or even the guy that jump starts the transition game.

  49. CCCP – heh, I’m heading to FL and making that game as well. Hope they decide to show up for that one.

  50. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Hey Riche’, you gonna be at Fridays game in Tampa? Same here, my girlfriend bought me tickets for the vacation :D

    I’ve never been to an away Ranger game, should be fun. Although im a HUGE lightning fan, so if the Rangers start to get squatted on then I’ll just join the crowd’s raucous. haha.

  51. The only thing I’d like to see Staal do better with is his gap control. I think him and Girardi drop back to far sometimes when its a 1 on 1 or 2 on 2 situation. I would like to see one step up for a hit, but I know they aren’t fast and don’t want to get beat.

    Like I said, as long as both of them stayin within themselves, they’ll be pretty solid defensive d-men, but they aren’t going to be a top notch shut down pair.

  52. I agree Staal has been hyped up a lot and has not flourished into what they have projected him to be.

    That said, I think it would be extremely foolish to let him go anytime soon unless the return was monumental. He might not be the #1 he was expected to be…but he’s a child still and obviously has shown that there is something there.

    I still contend that MDZ and Gilroy taking the “spotlight” from him has not helped him, for whatever reason.

  53. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Alrighty, let’s get this very very clear.

    Jay Bouwmeester is somebody that I consider extremely similar to Marc Staal, not only in size but in playing style, age, and time brought along.

    JayBo was picked 3rd overall in the 2002 entry draft and played a FULL 82 games that season recording 4 goals, 12 assists, and 14 penalty minutes. He was 18 in his first training camp, and turned 19 on Sep 27, 2002.

    After turning 20, he plaed in 61 games for the Panthers recording 2 goals and 18 assists, 30 penalty minutes and then subsequently was sent down to the San Antonio Rampage.

    During the lockout season, he played for Minor-League teams such as the Rampage and the Chicago wolves, in total, playing 82 games recording 10 goals and 16 assists with 62 penalty minutes.

    Both of these players had 4 years of Junior experience coming into their NHL careers and both of them played 80+ games their first year jumping from Junior hockey to NHL hockey. But JBo was able to play in the A when the lockout happened, obviously opening doors and building his confidence.

    Marc Staal debuted for the rangers as a bright-eyed 20 year old in 2007, and recorded 2 goals, 8 assists, 10 points with 42pims. In his second year, 08-09, he recorded 3 goals with 12 assists and 64 pims.

    As we stand, right now, Marc Staal has 2 goals 6 assists and 12 pims in 23 games. He is even in the +/- after playing with another young guy all season long on a top defensive pairing. He is on pace for 7 goals and 21 assists this years, quietly.

    My point is just this…these guys are so friggin young. How much better do you think a guy who has (potentially) the ability to record 7g21a on the blueline at 22 years old, in a position that is considered to be brought along at about 23, 24 or even 25 in Gilroy’s case.

    This guy WILL be a good player because he IS a good player. People make mistakes especially young defenseman and it can’t be on their shoulders to carry an entire team. If we dropped Rozsival for somebody that could guide these young guys for real, even somebody like Sean O’Donnell, it’s be fantastic.

    Face facts, good things come to those who wait. Marc Staal is no less offensive than anyone may or may not think. He’s still a piece of clay waiting for some good molding from a good instructor. He’ll find his way, and even if all of you scream trade him because of he last name on his back I say nay.

  54. Willie Huber lives forever on

    As stated above, I like the idea of promoting Grachev for some additional spark. And I hope we see Sanguinetti up during the season– he’s rocking in Hartford…

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