Good morning at 1 p.m.


Hi everybody. Sleep well? I did. Just got up, after getting home from Kingston at 2 a.m. and being all coffee-d up on the ride home. I know none of you ever go to bed after midnight, so you don’t know what I’m talking about.

So I saw some of Rangers in 60, heard a bit of the game on the radio, watched MSG’s Hockey Night — have you guys seen that Niedermayer clip where he gives the stick to the fans and starts a brawl? — and heard some of Tortorella’s post-game. I have an idea how the game went, but didn’t see the whole thing, so I’m not going in-depth with my analysis.

I will say this, and this caused some reaction when I said it last winter. A team like the Florida Panthers has more speed and skill, overall, on its roster than do the Rangers. I’m saying it again. They don’t have a Gaborik, or the name-brand stars, but the Panthers have a better roster top to bottom.  The Panthers — on the road for a third game in four nights — put it to the Rangers pressure-wise and the rested Rangers did not respond well. Again, they didn’t play horribly. But they didn’t play well enough to win.

Also, what I gathered:

1) On the third goal, I think it was, what the heck were Staal and Girardi thinking? That’s just plain awareness, or lack thereof. Girardi skates by the net when all he really needs to do is stop, and Staal goes to the front and doesn’t pick up an open man. It’s been that way all season.

2) It seemed as if Sean Avery had another Avery game — please tell me if I’m wrong. That’s got to be a little bit of a silver lining, if he’s coming around.

3) The elite goalie needs to make a big stop when the team struggles like this.

I don’t have much else to add. The plan is for me to go to the game at MSG tomorrow. See youse later.

Here’s a little goal celebration to cheer you up.

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  1. Carp you’re completely right in calling out Hank…has been just disappointing so far this season

  2. and also…Staal was PATHETIC last night. when trying to be “more offensive” like Torts wants him to be he simply gives the puck away or loses it off his stick. and on horton GWG, he was completely lost. him and rozy are really battling for the blueline basement.

  3. Sorry, Carp. I don’t have any exclamation points in me today. Oy va voy.

    A win against the BJs tomorrow might help me get it back together again…

  4. CARPED! Now I know how it feels!

    I just wanted to share this picture with everyone.

    What this picture represents, is two of the things I am most passionate about as a fan, colliding together and captured in a beautiful moment. Words just don’t express how happy this picture makes me.

    Sean Avery greets Trey Anastasio of the band Phish

    For those of you who don’t know, they have been playing a Phish song (Tweezer Reprise) over the PA at MSG right before the 3rd period for a few weeks now. Apparently, Avery requested the song be played once, and when the rest of the team heard it, they agreed it was a great song to come out to.

    (“Tweezer Reprise” can be heard by logging into

  5. Good afternoon Carpie!!! Hope you have a nice relaxing day!! Maybe if you’re at the game tomorrow,you’ll actually bring em luck! BLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH off to waste the rest of my day at the gym. SOOOO BORING!!

  6. Good morning, Carp! Earlier than I thought.

    CR9- LMAO at your last comment on the prvious post. I think it’s worth reposting.

    So who played 3 in 4, Florida or Rangers? Maloney said it well during the game, they can not play a speed game against Florida. Torts should’ve adjusted earlier.

  7. Good Afternoon All

    Rick Avery had a great game last night, he had a wide-open net & the Panther Dman swiped the puck away just as Avery’s stick was going to tap it in. You know….kinda like what our D should be doing.

    I dont know what’s going on with Staal & Girardi. Especially Staal. Im kinda worried about the kid.

    Rick the refs were brutal against the Rangers last night. The only got 1 call. 2 boardings against Cally should have been called, interference against Avery that Dave Maloney said “Another non-Avery call” it was horrible.

    Gaborik – 1 shot on net, 1 goal LOL

  8. Gaborik, btw played very poorly last night. Gave up the puck, looked indifferent at times. At least he scored. Prospal was the only one who looked like he cared.

  9. CR9
    November 22nd, 2009 at 1:08 pm

    Superstitions are killing me. And mine got worse and worse every year since the Yankees and Giants in 2001.

    Now, the day of postseason games, I do not go out anywhere. I try not to have any fun at all.

    I divorced my wife prior to the 2009 NYY season because we had not won since I had been married (and she despised the NYY, which put a strain on my marriage).

    All I’d ever hear is “You love the Yankees more than me.”

    It was all worth it! 27!!!


  10. Mako- they weren’t agressive enough last night to get more calls. Avery was the best player on the team along with Prospal

  11. aggressive? Cally should have had 2 boarding calls. But if you are talking about cycling down low for hooking or holding calls, then yes. But there should have been a interference call when Avery was interfered with… that was 3 obvious non calls that should have been called.

  12. MAKO- wasn’t bad at all, after all. Thanks for asking. I have a few more to go before the holidays are over. Every year. You get used to them.

  13. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    Man, did I ever get CARPED!!!!


    how’s it going? Doing any better?

    Break up staal and girardi, staal and mdz, girardi and rozy.

    Cally took playing lessons from hollweg!

    repost of my CARPED post:
    I am not promoting a trade for either one of these guys at all, but it would not shock me in the least to see richards or lecavalier here by the end of the season!

    Did anyone watch the caps leafs game on HNIC? Props to bobby baun for singing along to both Natl. anthems! Also, on the hot stove, lebrun talked about how the blackhawks are going to have to dump someone once they finalize the 3 big contracts and toronto was “willing to take a salary for them” along with a 2nd round pick probably. I wonder just how all this is going to play out and HNIC said more teams than just T O were knocking on the blackhawk’s door.


    I never use any ranger mugs or glasses and never wear anything rangers on the day of the game!

    I agree with whomever said leave ZZZZZ alone with the grammatical errors, they were right, if our team showed the heart he does, we would be way better off!

    Morning/afternoon to all and have an anti-rozy d man day to everyone!

  14. Wicky- I said that about Greg. And I add some more- the last thing we need is to start bickering amongst the regulars. Looked ugly.

  15. ilb

    That’s why I took off last night after the game… I wasnt about to argue with ppl about the team. It is what it is.

  16. Good afternoon Staal and all! In case you’re wondering, no, I’m not just getting up….:) Been going since 10:30 and I didn’t get to sleep til 3 either (thanks to Cup and my Mom for messing with my sleep in)

    anyhoo, just quickly popping in to tell you that warren is awesome! Everything I hoped for and more. Sadly, no players showed up, but we didn’t much expect that after the loss and with practice today before a game. Oh well, next time.

    TR is awesome as well. The man lives and breathes hockey, I swear…TR, hope your sneaker survived and that you had a great day ;)

    Later all….off to hopefully accomplish something today other than sitting on my butt and bemoaning the loss. It was such a frustrating heartbreaker..ta!

  17. These referees in the NYG game are sickening.

    One penalty on the Falcons all game, and it was a call that had to be made, too many men on the field….

    oh wait, when opposing teams have too many men on the ice versus the NYR, it doesnt have to be called.

    But that’s besides the point. There are no holding calls on the offense or defense of the Falcons.

    No decision penalties against them.

    Whereas we get drive halting holding penalties on offense, drive continuing penalties for the Falcons on our defense, personal fouls and plays that are not personal fouls.

    All I have to say is thankfully, the referees treated us fairly in the SB against the Pats.

  18. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on


    it actually means a whole helluva lot. I know this is a cliche, but trust me it is legit “that which doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger” !

    Keep your chin up and those boots ready!

  19. Just like the NYR game last night.

    Judgment calls usually never go in favor of the NY team.


    Because it is the judgment of the referees to screw NY.

  20. Wow!

    A defensive holding penalty to benefit the Giants and then a pass interference call in the endzone to help us get a TD.

    2 judgment calls actually went in our favor.

  21. MAMA

    Staal isn’t even here yet. We need to have a conversation about chopped liver.

    How is the alcohol at W77?

  22. And the refs answered right back on the Falcons drive with a drive altering holding on the Giants defense, automatic first down.

    And a personal foul on a hit on a guy who was still in bounds.

    And the commentators are doing the obvious thing, going against us.

  23. They call an offsides in which Matt Ryan flinches backwards, our guys cross, then the center snaps the ball, yet it’s offsides.

    And the loser commentators.

    Moose (Johnston), Goose (Siragusa), and the Deuce(Kenny Alberts) say it was the correct call and that Matt Ryan’s cadence is affecting our defense.

    NO!!!!!! His moving backwards illegally affected our defense. That’s called cheating.

    These sick referees.

  24. slow, men working on

    dave maloney implied that he doubts that the Rangers have the right personnel to play Torts forechecking system.

    Maloney basically implied that they will have to go back to Renney style trapping to keep scores down

    the game vs the Panthers showed the lack of skating speed on the Rangers. slow is the way I describe the rangers’ play. and that is Sather’s fault.

    the rangers are a barely middle of the pack, playoff bubble team that is basically a step slower than many teams . thanks sather

  25. I think it is fair to say that team sorely misses Dubinsky. At least Dubi could carry the puck into the zone and hold onto it, now we don’t have that element.

    I guess it is safe to say that the team misses Drury’s defensive game in playing against the other teams top lines, but Tort’s doesn’t match lines, so what’s that say about Drury’s ability to generate offense?

    Overall though, this team lacks emotion and toughness. It sure seems since Shanahan, Strudwick, Mara, Orr, etc have left, this team has nobody ready to set any kind of physical tone on a nightly basis. Dubinsky at least has that element to his game, which we are missing right now.

    Even at that though. The team lacks little offensive flow, their power play has disappeared and now they are rarely generating any power plays at all.

    I don’t see how there is anyone in Hartford who can help right now, so this team is going to have to ride it out till they get healthy, and even then, this team lacks so many elements necessary to be a successful team on a consistent basis.

    Girardi, Staal, Redden, Rozival give us the same game night in and night out. Girardi being the best of the lot. Very discouraging that Staal’s game has not improved and very discouraging to watch Rozival become invisible since signing a big contract.

  26. Wicky, I was. I think 2 a.m. is pretty darn early in the morning! (hey, I did have to come up all the way from Tribeca….I wasn’t “out” out til 3…

    ilb, couldn’t say, didn’t have those kinda cocktails

    CR9, you know we have a Giants blog, right?

  27. I know nobody cares about the Knicks, but they’re tied with the Celts, and the one minute I’ve had it on, I’ve already seen the Knicks get cheated twice by the refs.

    Maybe the Knicks can win this game and turn their season around.

  28. Vogs

    They do miss Drury and Dubinsky. For many different reasons. For whatever it’s worth, those are two top centers. Although, they didn’t too that bad on faceoffs last night. Dubinsky can also carry the puck. They both kill penalties etc.

  29. CR9- the Knicks were tied with Celts? Was that before the openning whistle? Dead team. They are not even rebuilding, but waiting for the free agents next year. Haven’t watched a single game. They are taking up the primetime on MSG.

  30. I forgot, my favorite, the holding on kick or punt returns.

    surprisingly, that was the first one that was called against us all game.

  31. ilb

    it’s going to Overtime now. Dead team or not, they get cheated with the best of NY teams.

    and refs have more of an effect on NBA than any other sport. they can literally give points to other teams.

    and listening to these sick Celtics losers Tommy Heinsohn, has complained the entire last 2 minutes of the game over every call.

  32. due to injuries they have crappy Higgins at center, useless garbage Bra-huggy as the 3rd line Lw last night, kotalik playing the off wing, Avery is not getting in goalies’ faces or mouthing off after whistles, Staal is regressing, Rosival is a waste of cap space, redden is regressing back to the bad Redden of last season lately, Hank is inconsistent, occasionally allowing the soft goal. and that is just some of the problems

  33. Olga- were that the case, Dolan would have a strongest character in tri-state area.

    not much hope- you got a name? We know the problems, do you have a solution?

  34. wicky, never doubt the blogmama.

    hmmm, seems I missed some issues here last night…oh, you kids.

    fyi, Sally’s babies are up on sister blog. Dubi, in kitty form at least, is doing fine.

  35. Olga- yay…. Now go and check Sally’s kitties on sisterblog, she needs some positive emotions.

  36. This sick loser Jim Nantz. He is the biggest Pats fan and apologist there is.

    He says to Phil “We’ve been covering the Patriots most of this season, do you get the feeling that…..”

    I hate to be vulgar, but I get the feeling that his breath smells an awful lot like the Pats rears.

    I am willing to bet that Jim doesnt know where his tongue ends and the Patriots rear begins.

  37. And Jim Nantz with the ultra emphatic call on the INT TD by the Pats.

    “Bodden takin’ it home!” says Jim Nantz

    when in reality, Nantz was hoping Tom Brady would be takin’ him home.

  38. Olga Folkyerself on

    Nice kitties, but I don’t think the sisterblog would want my name associated with it.

    Laurel, I’ll stay over here…

  39. Olga Folkyerself on

    Detroit Lions win!

    Whenever you think the Rangers couldn’t get any worse, think about Lions fans and say a silent prayer.

  40. It’s OK Olga…feel free to visit, just keep in mind that the rules of discussion are different on sister blog….we are a soft, warm, peaceful place over there where there are no newspaper’d noses….SO unlike the brother blog :)

    Good late afternoon all….blogmama is stepping away from the computer…..til tomorrow. A game!

  41. And there’s Jim Nantz sighing relief with the Moss TD. After of course, the cheap 3rd down defensive penalty to give the Pats a 1st down.

    Someone please laugh at my Jim Nantz jokes. I am so angry at this unprofessional sicko. He is the biggest pervert on the face of the planet. I hope his wife does not allow him near his kids.

  42. New rule in the NFL

    Of course, as long as its the Boston team against the NY team, and it goes in favor of the Boston team.

    Illegal contact is allowed in the secondary as long as the quarterback has left the pocket.

    Never heard it before and never will hear it again, unless it is in the Pats favor.

  43. we should make a list of the most common phrases heard during the rangers’ telecasts this season. such as:

    “kotalik…shot…wide of the net”
    “the puck was tangled in redden’s feet”
    “lisin, one move too many”

  44. Sometimes I wonder about Tort’s coaching skills, and his so called system. There is one good thing, and I really hope I’m right on this. He would never have his team play the trap. The rangers are looking bad at times and its not fun to watch, but the trap Oh how I hate the trap!

  45. common phrases heard during rangers telecasts…great idea chuck…

    ‘Brashear not in the lineup tonight due to soreness.’

    ‘The (insert team name here) are crashing Lundqvists net with no retaliation.’

    “Rangers slow to the puck”

  46. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    i got, i got it “rozy coughs up the puck because he was about to take a hit”

  47. overheard at the game last night in my section

    Q: “what happened on that play”
    A: “Gaborik didnt shoot the puck so it wasnt a goal”

    1 minute later Gaborik scores.

  48. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    I think hank is a very good fit for new york, that being said he DOES give up way too many soft goals. I honestly think he is a little “gun shy” to come out into the crease. He played way out in his first year (i think his best) at the top of the blue, but he had a relatively still effective kaspar on D for a bit of protection (something he has not had since). But trade the guy???? I can only think of a few players I would trade him for.

  49. CR9 – you do realise if you substitute Man Utd for the Patriots, you have also summarised the coverage of English football over here?

    Back to hockey…

    “And Redden can’t keep it in at the blueline. 2-on-1 the other way…”

    “A rare shift here for Aaron Voros…”

    “A penalty to the Rangers here. Rozsival…for hooking…”

  50. Oh, so we trading Hank? Bright idea. It’s a good thing Slats doesn’t listen to anyone, including WFAN. In fact, I do hope they don’t start panicking and trading everyone left and right.

  51. Sather won’t trade anybody for a while, he has to ride this out. He has no other better options. I’m sure he out there looking for a D man, but I can’t see him finding anybody any good. Maybe Kasper.

  52. LW3H

    That’s funny. I do not know if Setanta uses Sky1 coverage or what they use, but listening to matches on Fox Sports Soccer and Setanta of every Man Utd and Chelsea and Liverpool game, I get the idea that Man Utd is despised over there as the Yankees of baseball are over here.

    Now, it could be my bias, but I am a follower of Man Utd, not a true fan as I am of the Yanks, NYR, NYG, NYK. Man Utd got pummeled in the last CL Final mainly due to their weak midfield and the first goal given up by Sar was a weak one and changed the complexion of the match.

  53. The situation with oficiating and New York teams is this:

    Both NFL and NHL officials tend to be “homers”, particularly in small market cities. So the NY teams suffer. However, when they come to New York, the media capitol of the US, they go out of their way to show that they are not homers, and end up being biased against the New York teams. It’s easy to do – the rest of the country hates NY.

    Thus, New York teams get screwed both at home and on the road. This situation is not new, and has been going on for as long as I can remember. – and it’s not going to change.

  54. Nah, I couldn’t read it either. Who is this masked schmuck suggesting we put in the net instead again?

    I got an idea: we summon our blogbrother Orr for the job. You stick Megan Fox’s picture on every puck, he’ll be catching them all over the ice with every part of his body in alphabetical order. No, not alphabetical…

  55. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    OK, so I’m sitting here watching the raiders lose again and I’m looking at cap numbers and vinny lecavalier’s cap hit is actually 70k a season less than brad richards’. Just thought that was interesting.

  56. Lecavalier’s contract ends in 2020 (!) though, Richards’ in 2011 – it’s that which makes Lecavalier’s deal almost impossible to swallow.

  57. BalconyBob

    To make it simpler than that. A lot of these referees/umpires grew up sports fans. Many fans hate NY because they view New Yorkers as arrogant, pompous *****. They view the NY teams as expectant and arrogant as well.
    These refs/umps grew up with those views. They screw us because of their anti-NY bias.

    But the funny thing is, Bostonians are the sickest people in the world. They are the arrogant ones. They think they own everything, and they deserve everything. They think their violence and cheating are acceptable and justified. The worst part is, they think they’ve been mistreated by the media, the rest of the world. That’s how they convince themselves that they are the underdogs all the time. They convince themselves that nobody wants them to win.

    And get this, they convince themselves that ESPN is a New York network.

  58. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    Ok, nobody laugh here. Just tinkering with the cap and the ranger’s roster, but here is a full 23 man roster (under torts we will never carry that many) that is over the cap by less than one million and could easily be resolved by not carrying the extra forwards or extra d man or some combination of those moves. I went for a #1 center, secondary scoring and toughness, and toughness with a little hitting ability on D, and a little better back up goalie in my opinion. Just messing around so try not to tar and feather me!

    Vincent Lecavalier — $7,730,000
    Marian Gaborik — $7,500,000
    Chris Drury — $7,050,000
    Ales Kotalik — $3,000,000
    Ryan Callahan — $2,300,000
    Tomas Holmstrom — $2,250,000
    Sean Avery — $1,937,500
    Donald Brashear — $1,400,000
    Aaron Voros — $1,000,000
    Artem Anisimov — $821,666
    Dale Weise ($80,000) $700,000
    Brian Boyle — $525,000
    Justin Soryal — $508,333
    Dane Byers — $500,000
    Wade Redden — $6,500,000
    Matt Gilroy — $1,750,000
    Garnet Exelby — $1,390,000
    Michael Del Zotto ($212,500) $1,087,500
    Marc Staal — $826,000
    Boris Valabik — $760,000
    matt carkner — $500,000
    Henrik Lundqvist — $6,875,000
    johan hedberg — $1,090,000

    SALARY CAP $56,800,000
    PAYROLL $58,000,999
    BONUSES $292,500
    CAP SPACE $-908,499

  59. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    sorry that post was sooo long.


    I agree about the length, it is ridiculous. I just chose him for my little roster/cap tinkering because he plays more physical than richards. You make an excellent point though!

  60. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on


    thanks, and yep that next CBA should have a big impact on those long term huge deals!

  61. Hockeymon
    November 22nd, 2009 at 6:24 pm
    They score! on what looked like an innocent play.

    that’s been heard WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too often!!!

  62. “I got an idea: we summon our blogbrother Orr for the job. You stick Megan Fox’s picture on every puck, he’ll be catching them all over the ice with every part of his body in alphabetical order. No, not alphabetical…”

    Not the worst idea in the world. Im down with that.

    Im a bit depressed. Tonight is my final night as a teenager. NYR better fuggin win on my b-day !!

    With the way things are going, i wouldn’t get my hopes up. Oh well, maybe ill get lucky and Megan Fox will lose a lezzie sex tape. That would be a great b day present. I hate to say it, but id rather see that than Nyr win. Nyr has many chances at winning games, but sex tapes last forever, buahaha.

    But seriously, go Rangers tomorrow !!!

  63. I got a kick out of seeing Dirty Sanchez play like a tard. I don’t know why, he just reminds me of Scott Blowmez. Too bad Blowmer couldn’t stick around to be friends with him.

    Football has waaay too many commercials. Way too much.

  64. Guys, I have not completely given on up the season yet, but IMO the next two weeks of the schedule can really make or break our season. I really hope this team takes a long look in the mirror and digs deep. I just don’t understand what kind of team puts up half ass efforts game in and game out, realizes that they are doing it, yet do nothing different to improve it. I realize having two top(on this team) centers out hurts us, especially on faceoffs, but you have to make adjustments and make it work. Every other team in the league can do it, so why can’t we?

    Do I like Drury on this team as the captain and for his dollar amount? NOPE! But, I will say that they played better this season with him in the lineup. If Drury was a third line center making 3 million a year, I think we would all probably look at him a little differently. Either way, I truly believe that when one or both come back, we will play better. Dubi has not been great this year, but he still looks to play with a purpose when he is in the lineup.

    I don’t think a record of 7-3 is too much to ask of this team in the next 10 games. It probably is though :(

  65. I just took a square of rice crispy treats that Mrs. Nasty made, and then I put peanut butter all around it and topped it with some mini M&M’s, and put it in the freezer for 20 minutes. When I took it out and bit in to it, it was like an angel came down from a fluffy cloud and put a little piece of heaven in my mouth, haha. Give it a shot some time.

  66. Nasty, you’re killing me! I’m at a meeting for my research group and I’m starving! Can you send some of those fluffy clouds to the UB library???

  67. I wish I could send some to all of my bonehead buddies. This stuff is just what the Dr. ordered. What are you researching?

  68. Chris P. Treet on

    Nasty, I’ve heard of that before, but I’m diabetic so I left out the m&m’s. I’m allergic to peanut butter so I used an artificial Peanut substitute, and I didn’t have rice crispies so I used Corn Chex. The freezer is on the fritz so I just put it out on the front porch for awhile, even though it was about 40 degrees.

    I don’t think you know what your talking about, cause it tasted AWFUL…

  69. Voros (V) Torts (T)

    V: Coach…put me out there!
    T: Not yet…
    V: Coach…how aboot now?
    T: Not a good time…
    V: Coach..plz
    T: Shut up Aaron and pass the towel to Drury
    V: Is it time yet Coach?
    T: Yes..go now!
    Voros jumps over the boards onto the ice… game’s final buzzer goes off.

    Phrase we hear DON’T in Rangers broadcasts:

    Sam R (SR) Joe M (JM)

    JM: Sam?
    SR: yes Joe?
    JM: This team sucks!
    SR: Couldn’t agree with you more Joe
    JM: Together on 1, 2, 3?
    SR and JM: FIRE SATHER!!

  70. Sally
    Must be some exciting meeting since you keep posting on the blog. I have some late harvest Riesling that would go well with that stuff. Fedex?

  71. You know what I really want? IHOP. But all my friends here are vegan and they won’t go with me. I also want a swingle from Steve’s Key Lime Pie place in Red Hook. Have you ever had one of those??? Mini key lime pies dipped in chocolate and frozen. On a stick!!!

    We’re creating a needs assessment blah blah trauma blah literature review… or something? My group rules, but I’m hungry and losing my mind.

  72. I went to Fuddruckers today for the first time in years. It was so damn good. I wish I didn’t go, because now I am going to want to go all the time.

  73. Sally
    “a needs assessment blah blah trauma blah literature review…” should help your patients tremendously…

    What’s a swingle on a stick? Did you not run out of Jameson?

  74. I know, I definitely LOVE 5 Guys the most of any burger place, but I forgot how good Fudds is. 5 Guys, hands down, is the best.

  75. Sally

    Thanks, but the only key lime pie I know is:
    1 oz Licor 43 (Cuarenta y tres)
    1/2 oz White rum (good quality)
    1 oz Sweet and sour
    1/4 oz Rose’s sweetened lime juice
    1/2 oz Half-and-half

    Try it.

  76. Well, the way they’ve been playing lately I’m afraid we are going to start effing cooking classes on the blog soon..

  77. Whats going on guys?

    Can somebody tell me if its easy to get into the Warren? Do they ID heavily? Do they ID to get in? How expensive are drinks?

  78. Sally, I’d make a comment about a stick and key lime pie, but I’m afraid I’ll get newspapered…

  79. Rob, yes, I have been there. My friends Brian and Ed took me there when I was in college at Ramapo. Great stuff. I am partial to the Clark White Diamond. That is what I grew up on. Same thing though. White Manna, White Rose System, and White Diamond are all close to my heart……because all three have helped block some arteries, ha.

  80. LOL Rob! You’re an interesting guy…

    ilb, oy vey. Hey, maybe we can get together a boneheads cookbook. I’m sure that’d be a bestseller!

  81. I go by the Clark White Diamond at least once a week on my way to roller hockey. I’ll have to stop there and grab a burger.

  82. Well, definitely stop by the White Diamond, well worth the trip. It is right off the Parkway, exit 135, and it is open 24 hours. I can’t tell you how many times in my life that I ended up there at like 4-5 in the morning after a long night.

  83. yeah…where do you guys live?? i never heard of any places that you just mentioned!

    here in Brooklyn all we got is Bk and McD’s!

    oh and Roll-N-Roaster on Emmons and Nostrand avenue is the best place to eat roast beef sandwich with cheez, fries with cheez and chicken wings with ice cold lemonade! SIMPLY DELICIOUS!

  84. laurel

    i didnt get to read thru all the comments but the sneaker survived. ive got some stuff to take care of after the big party down here. ill check back in later.

    it was very nice hangin with you and i hopwe next time (dec 21st?) we can get more people down there.

  85. Party? Where? And why wasn’t the Nasty 1 extended an invite? Ha. Let me know the next time everyone is getting together.

  86. Sorry, but Five Guys is “very good” at best … it is far, far, far from being “excellent”

  87. Sally

    Cooking book it is! Everybody chips in with recipe, you’ll be responsible for drawings, ZZZZGregL will take care of grammar, Mama will do the editing. And after ORR takes care of cover pictures( he’s got enough on his website for a 100 books), this thing will fly off the shelves!

  88. I have a Five Guys Burgers And Fries around where I live in Queens. Almost near Queen Center Mall, I think. I might have to check it out cause in a huge Burger fan and I don’t like chomping on Mickey D’s and BK.

    You guys should check out this show “Man vs Food”. The show is pretty much aboot this semi fat guy going all over America to find the best food places, and he takes on these impossible challenged where he has to eat a huge amount of food. It’s something you shouldbonly watch during dinner, cause if you’re on some kind of diet, this show might fugg you up. It’s on the travel channel on Wednesdays.

  89. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Gonna be a game filled week !!!"... says Greg L. on

    MMMM FOOD!!!! Ty Orr , for agreeing with me , I say Higgins is a fricken waist. You were right about him and Kotalweak.
    Lunck-qvist has to start playing like he wants to win the gold me…oooh maybe not.

    Thank ILB2001 and wicky fer yer support guys!! Great Team players ,im touched.

  90. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Gonna be a game filled week !!!"... says Greg L. on

    Good plan wicky , if we can squeeeeze in VL , then where in bizness!!!

    Sally , I take that back …I would love to see you in a thong : ) wearing those “sassy slut” boots !!! You and CCCP have a dance off. yeah.

  91. in the panthers game i realiszed how sloppy Kotalik really is, dont know but hes just very good with the puck. It looks as he have 0 control, aswell as Redden ofc. Damn hes having a hard time controlling the puck, its always glued to his skates.
    Also Reddens style reminds me of, in the older NHL game series, when you could type a commando where the players bacame oversized and fat, short legs. its so funny!!

    When hes trying to chase the puck or accelerate, he looks like a cartoon. With his big butt, slow n clumpsy body and stomping in the ice when trying to accelerate, just standing still. jesus, he just so slow!?

  92. Hockeyman Rangers on

    I just signed in and saw the first post that Henrik has been dissapointing this season PPLLLEEEAASSSSEEEE. NOT EVEN CLOSE, Henrik has saved our _ss so many times this season it isn’t funny. Don’t be talking bad about Hank b/c he let a few (and mean a few) easy goals in. I really think that the D are still not playing Torts style very well at all. And with the 2 rookies it’s just they way it is. Just think how many times we have won games b/c of Hank, come on guys.

  93. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    Yeah… It’s definitely Henrik’s fault that we have no offense outside of the obvious two guys.

    This team is sooooo easy to play against. Keep Gabby to one goal and you win easily.

    This is the same team as last yr except that now we have one guy scoring once a game, whereas last yr. it was one of a bunch of guys scoring once a game.

  94. Hockeyman Rangers on

    You would think someone other than Gabby should be putting in some goals. If we can get some other players going, that would be nice. But still I think we are better off this year than we were last year. We will see, I am thinking Torts needs to crank EVERYONES responsibilty up a couple of notches. And start sitting people, you know as I write this, it’s not enough just to sit guys. To bad they can’t tap into players paychecks you don’t give 100% out on the ice you don’t get 100% of your paycheck.

  95. Just because Hank is a terrific goaltender doesn’t mean he is immune from criticism. The elite goaltenders are responsible for at least a few victories throughout the season when, by all accounts, the teams they play for should have lost. We’re going to need a few of those as the team tried to get back to healthy.

  96. If the Rangers continue struggling mightily to score after tonight’s game, serious thought needs to be given to putting Gaborik and Prospal on different lines. if it’s this hard to fine them a linemate, we should at least try spreading their wealth around.

  97. A good hockey morning to you all. Some great posts last night. Had anyone ever been to Chumley’s in west Village? It was an old speak easy back in the day. I live literally around the corner from there & passed it a few times because it looks like an old brownstone. They had the best burgers in there!

  98. LQ isnt getting any help. Poor defensive breakdowns & Girardi tripping him in the crease on that 3rd goal. LQ is the least of their problems.

  99. Jlone/Bubblehead on

    LQ has ALREADY stolen a few games for the team this year.

    I will say this again. there is absolutely no way that the secondary scoring does not start pitching in. Every team slumps/slides/streaks/rolls… Honestly, do you believe that this team has already peaked for the season?!?!?! I sure dont. This is the beginning of the season where for the most part… the outcomes dont matter. This type of abuse is usually saved for after Christmas. I agree it is much easier to point out the bad things in every player, especially when the team is struggling. However, from an entertainment stand point, I have not been disappointed. This is not the team that will aproach playoffs, if it is, there wont be a playoffs for this team. But for now, I see them growing, struggling and learning. Some regressing yes, but moving forward as well. just my two pennies.

  100. This team has to do something drastic, even if it’s simply to buy cap room. This financial situation is forcing the Blueshirts to skate a team that’s built to lose. That they can’t find anyone on their roster to play first line center — it ain’t Dubi or Dullsy — is pathetic. All so Rosi can keep earning the big bucks? Sad.

    Tear it, Glen, Tear it up.

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