Time for some games, and some change


This might be a good time for the Rangers to, you know, get their stuff together. Yeah, they’re a little bit banged up, and yeah, they’ve had some decent performances lately, mixed in with some average to below-average to awful ones.

But they sure shouldn’t be tired, and with all the practice time afforded by a schedule of three games in the past 13 days, they should surely be prepared.

Because now, tonight, starts a busy stretch, and there will be more of these coming in this condensed Olympic-year schedule. Tonight against Florida, they begin a period of five games in eight days, six in 10, including a three-game road trip and a Turkey Day in Florida.

It starts with the Panthers, who have won four of their last five games (the only loss was to L.A. in a shootout), including wins in Boston, in Buffalo and Friday night in Detroit. Then Columbus comes in Monday. The Jackets have won three in a row and are six over .500.

The Rangers hit the road for a rematch with the Panthers in Sunrise Wednesday, John Tortorella and assistant Mike Sullivan return to Tampa on Friday, and then comes a whopper of a home-and-home with the Penguins, next Saturday (third road game in four nights) in Pitt and the following Monday at the Garden. Whew!


My friend John Dellapina of the NHL (formerly of the Daily News) always said, “when in doubt, write the schedule.” So, Dell, the above post is for you. I also wanted to thank the Blogmamma (did I spell that right?) for stepping up this week, helping out, cheering me up, and pretty much doing as much as one can do via e-mail.


I’ve got a football (state semifinals) triple-header today in Kingston. So I’ll attempt to put up a pregame post from there. Enjoy the game, behave yourselves as always, and I’ll check in later.

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  1. Jlone2

    Which Jlone are you? We get very suspicious here, esp if someone changes their names so often. How many dogs do you have? (security question)

  2. Speaking of dogs. Carp, I love your new nephews. Couldn’t your sister come up with some more traditional Italian names?

  3. Carp
    Two more things- you carp me again and I’ll send you pictures of CCCP in thong, that will affect your appetite for a few months.

    And second- if you have a few minutes, take a look at Brett Cyrgalys’ article in NY Post. I know, you won’t say anything bad about your colleague. But I’ll tell you what: some people go to the practice and every game, and still have no clue. I especially like that one:”It is doubtful Drury will play tomorrow night against the Panthers at the Garden.” Duh.. It is doubtful he’ll play before Christmas.
    Brett would get more info just reading this blog.

  4. Good morning everyone! I’ll be spending most of the day cleaning and prettying up the homestead for our Thanksgiving guest, but sooooooooooooo looking forward to a game tonight! Been too long. Hopefully they pull their heads outta the butts and play a FULL 60 minutes!!!

    I think I will commission a painting AND sculpture of CCCP in his thong, and that will be the official way we can prove we’re members of the RR Society. Ok, its early and I’m not fully awake, forgive, forgive!

  5. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    What about a tattoo of CCCP in a thong instead.. much easier to post a rough drawing of what it looks like and take that to your local artist than to try to reproduce the same painting and sculpture for the millions of members in the RR Society. I was thinking of something on the cheek or forehead. Someplace where other members will recognize it immediately. hmmm needs more thought.

  6. Shoryuken- I came to US in 1989. There was no food then…
    And for your Russian training- tatuirovka rosovogo zvetochka u nego na huye!

  7. I think I’ll make business type cards out of the painting, this way we can all be ‘card carrying members’ of the RR Society.

    Wow Shor, if you just tossed up something you ate in 1989, you have worse stomach problems than i do!

  8. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    That way we can all be Card Carrying members of the Society Of Boneheads.. SOB’s

    Hail SOB’s

  9. ilb

    You crack me up!!


    Love the call sign bro!!!


    Morning carp and all, man could I use some timmy’s coffee right now! We ran out last night and now I have to wait for another shipment…frakking sucks!!! Hope you all have an anti-rozy d man day! LGR!!!!

  10. Umm, no chuck! Not the first time you post during the day the first post overall!! It’s ok buddy, honest mistake!

  11. sally

    You ok aftrer the boston thing last night? Did the boots lose a little sass?


    Your earlier comment cracked me up, made me think of monty python and the holy grail where they have to answer 3 questions to cross the bridge! Gotta love the brits’ humor! Have you picked up any coupling dvds yet?

  12. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    nah havent left the house but to ride my motorcycle a bit. possibly today but doubtful. weekends for me are when i get things done.. not really a restful time mostly.

    Blue! NO Yellow! AAAAHHHHHHH


  14. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    stock.. i am one of those odd fellas that understands the benefits of LOUD pipes, but doesnt really care for their LOUDNESS.

  15. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    yup and if i ever get the urge the stock pipes are just 5-7 1/4″ holes away from extreme loudness

  16. laurel

    i emailed you but got a response right back. wanted to know what time you were going there cause my reservation doesnt have a time.

  17. Jlone, Wicky- there are benefits of loud pipes? Sorry for being a shmuck in bikes, but I’d like to learn. My bike is 7500 road TREK, if you know what I mean. It’s a titanium fork, but no baggs and the saddle that makes butfloss look comfortable.

  18. Both panther goalies have been playing well, Vokoun has 3 SO’s in the past 5 games and Clemmenson made 40 saves against Detroit last night. Rangers cant afford to play a 25 minute game.

    Who was the last Ranger to wear # 1 before Giacomin’s number was retired ? This video shows You !


  19. ilb

    on that trek i would suggest that you eat several more servings of beans to increase the audible nature of the pipes on your bike!

  20. Wicky- got it, bro. Thanks. Would changing a saddle make any difference?
    It’s actually a great road bike.

  21. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    ilb there is no substitute for a comfortable saddle. My stock saddle was ok for about an hour. any more than that and i would have to take a long break. I tried a few others, spent a small fortune on mistakes before i found the mustang. As for the pipes, the louder they are, the more visible you are to motorists. They can hear you long before they see you. Making it less likely that they will try to share the lane with you… as you know… most bikes are invisible to cars. Especially the ones with cellphones attached.

  22. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    Lets play the IF game…

    I’ll Start!

    IF we play with energy and puck suppport, we will win.

  23. for the Man United fans here, I have a similar idea to having extra players on the ice with about 7-10 seconds left in a game, penalties be damned.

    Man U have these identical twins Rafael and Fabio da Silva. They can only be told apart by Sir Alex, their coach, because Fabio is married and has a wedding ring.

    So, in essence, Man U could have 4 substitutions a game, substituting one of the twin at halftime for the other twin.
    I think they both play opposite wings defensively, but I would try to find a way to make it work.

  24. Now that I’m back and fully invested in the Rangers, IF i perform my superstitions correctly, we will win in regulation.

  25. Sam’s doin the NO/TB game tomorrow so Gianone gets to commentate…awesome! I’m actually going to the game, but still gotta watch afterwards

  26. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Carp. Downtown Kingston ? man you find anything there from lifesavers to cough drops, don’t over do it!

  27. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    The rangers use the schedule for an excuse ad nauseum, they can’t play day games(the night life interferes), they can’t play back to back ,they can’t play after long lay offs which is the biggest excuse. They can’t play well on long road trips.
    Yet the lose to teams which play similar schedules.

    And about drury, after your elected to the little league Hall of fame what else is there to play for?

    Has anyone waited a week for dates which resulted in home runs? A week lay off always made things better!

  28. My previous post, btw, was #69. Just making sure that Orr’s spirits are still with us. He’s been too busy to post with that Fox’s picture lately…

  29. If we acquire a hard hitting crease clearing physical d man before the game and he plays, we’ll win!!!

  30. Hardly anyone lives in Iowa , it’s like a poor mans Ohio , I guess? Idiaho potatoes are famous but is that neer Iowa?
    Is it like the Mutual of Omaha? Is that in Iowa or Ohio? Is there really a difference? I think dorthy and the wizard of Oz was in Iowa huh? Im sooo confooosed . Mike please expain

    greggy-doo, i’ll give ya a scooby snack if you can guess where corns from. IOWA!!! also, i just watched the new star trek, and kirk is from iowa too!!. also, its a great place to get a date with a farm animal. over here we dont say”theres a lot of fish in teh sea”, we say” theres no place like home, where the buffalo groan!!!

  31. plus, theres the iowa caucases where if u wanna be the prez, u gotyta win iowa! lol/ ok, now guys, im not a fan of iowa, i moved here from the greatest state in the union, but i live here now, so no more jokes about iowa. its where i met my new wife. shes a big gal, a little messy, but she makes such sweet pillow talk when she moo’s

  32. Now Im going to throw something out there that might sound rediculous at first, but you gotta realize why Im saying it.

    Brian Leetch and the 94 defense was the worst thing to happen to the NYR fans.

    My motive behind saying that…we will never be happy with our defense and will always be looking for something more. We had Beuks to clear the crease, we had Leetch flying up scoring goals left and right, we had Kevin Lowe, we had Sergei the slapshot Zubov, and I dont remember who the last defensemen was off the top of my head.

    Point being, we expect better every year because we had the best. We will never get the best again.

  33. Good afternoon, Carp!

    Wicky, I went to a bar to watch the game but couldn’t see most of it from where I was sitting. This should go without saying, but god do I hate Boston.

  34. heck- we had lidster,beuk,leetch,wells,zubov and lowe. forgot if lidster was the 7th. cuz we had another d man play alot of the playoffs and i think lidster came in for some of teh games. cant really remember.

  35. I’m surprised we haven’t played the Flyers yet…

    Heatley handled them last night with a hat trick. That trick would’ve look good in Rangers uniform.

  36. Grabby, yeah that was from the beard contest. Hehe. The Nosens are slumping and it stinks!

    ilb, I have no clue but I hope not. I like Goose.

  37. Sally
    Darn, the Rangers would like him too. One of my former students used to date Regier’s son. Should’ve told her to push for him then, instead we got Drury. She was rooting for Sabres.

  38. Reeshay (or Riche') on


    People always say “there will NEVER be anyone better than…”

    They said that no one would be a better golfer than Jack Nicklaus too.

    You can always do better… it may not happen in our lifetimes but you can.

  39. “The other one (in Feb 2007 by Ottawa’s Chris Neil) was a harder hit. I was knocked out on my feet, my head hit the ice with no helmet, it was a lot worse. This one, I knew right away, you just know right away. I played in Calgary, but they changed the visiting training room from the last time we were there. That’s immediately where I went, and I said ‘This isn’t the right room’…it was like the other side of a dream almost. That’s how I knew, two minutes, five minutes later, I thought, ‘No, this is the right room.’

    -Drury, per Zipay’s


    What the FCK does that even mean? Please do not get up from your next hit.

  40. Salty- I’ll tell you what that means: If this is his quote from today, he won’t be ready until late March.

  41. Lol, giv Dreary a break, the guy is so concussed he probably thinks he cheating on his wife with his wife. With that interview, we know for sure that Dreary is gonna be out for a while. Yay !!

    Go Rangers ! The Cats have been dangerous lately

  42. If this is his quote from today, he won’t be ready until late March.


    this was my first thought, but then I thought about the rest of what Drury has been quoted saying and this is par for course, he’s back to his dim witted self.

  43. nordstrom was on that team but only played in 9 games that year so i stand corrected, although not realy a factor in cup year

  44. Geez, it’s still 3 hours to go.
    Carp, how is football going in Kingston? Tell us something, the news are tough to come by today.

  45. Lidster did not play until game 6 of the devil series in 94. Jay Wells was a regular Dman on that team, and Beukaboom was suspended for game 6 of the Devil series and replaced by Lidster. Lidster played so well that he was kept in the lineup the rest of the way in place of Karpotsev.

  46. sally

    ok, just realized that sounded really bad, it was supposed to be a joke about the beard contest pic, bad wicky, bad wicky!!! Sorry about the way it sounded, french canadian humor gone bad!!

  47. Found some news. Yay!
    Marv Albert had some scuffle with 50 Cent. Or his crue at some function. Didn’t look into details. Did he bite his back?

  48. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    The people in Iowa are getting so fat walmat is replacing the entry doors with garage doors ,MOOOOO

  49. Salty

    I dont get it either.
    Oh and did you see that he was in the lockeroom with the team and they told him about what happened. My question goes back to if they knew and they told him was it during or after the game. Because if it was during the game then SOMEONE should have went after Glencross.

    Again, I dont wish ill on ANY player… well maybe Cindy… but at any case – it would be a gift if he really took it easy and decided not to come back the rest of the season. $8mm to play with (if only they would waive Rozi that would be $13mm). And it would be wise for Cigarpuss to get 2 players and NOT 1 (maybe even 3 if the get rid of Rozi). Rozi isnt going to get ANY better, only worse.

  50. Good afternoon Staal and all!

    Carp, thanks buddy….I’m so looking forward to next week.

    ilb, newspaper on nose for you!

    Jlone, I love how you crack yourself up.

    wicky, excellent self correction:)

    I am very excited about my warren debut. I guarantee I will be home way before 5 a.m.

    WordPress is completely screwing with me today so I’m back as boring old me, but the blogmama will rise again!

  51. Technical issues even messed up the sister blog today. I am not happy….but, am getting my sassy Sally boots on and getting ready to hit the rails so I can catch the game and my future husband at warren :)….

    sally, got the pics. will post later.

    ilb, all forgiven :)

    Bye Staal and all! No time to laurel so this is my farewell til much later.

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