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November 21, 2009 – New York Rangers 2, Florida Panthers 3 (Game #22, Home #11)

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The Rangers were defeated by the Florida Panthers, 3-2, in front of a sold-out crowd (18,200) at Madison Square Garden.

New York have sold out 167 consecutive regular season games, dating back to Nov. 5, 2005 against New Jersey; the last regular season non-sellout was Oct. 31, 2005 vs. Montreal (17,697); including the playoffs, the Rangers sellout streak is now at 181 games.

The Rangers are now 11-10-1 (23 pts.) on the season and 6-5-0 at home; In their last 20 regular season games at MSG, New York are 14-6-0, and have out-scored their opponents, 67-43, during the stretch.

Vinny Prospal led all skaters with two points (one goal and one assist) and won 16 of 23 faceoffs (70%) in 20:22 of icetime; he now has 23 points (six goals and 17 assists) in 22 games on the season.

Marian Gaborik notched his 16th goal of the season at 6:01 of the third to extend his point streak to six games (five goals and nine points); nine of his 16 goals were tallied in the third period.

Michal Rozsival recorded an assist on Gaborik’s third period goal and logged 19:33 of icetime.

Rookie defenseman Michael Del Zotto registered a team-high five hits in 20:36 of icetime; he currently leads all NHL rookies with 46 hits on the season.

Sean Avery led all skaters with five shots and delivered four hits in 15:12 of icetime.

The Rangers practice schedule for tomorrow, November 22, is 12:00 p.m. at the MSG Training Center.

The Rangers return to action on Monday, Nov. 23, when they will face-off against the Columbus Blue Jackets at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m.), to close out their three-game homestand; the game will be televised live on MSG Network and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio.


John Tortorella on the team’s play… “You stay with it.  You just keep on trying to battle through this and stay with it.  You go to work tomorrow and keep on banging away on it.”

Vinny Prospal on tonight’s game… “There should have been more urgency because it wasn’t getting it done until that point – with five minutes left in the second period.  They scored kind of a fluky goal to go up 2-1.  Then all of a sudden it looked like, for some reason, we relaxed a little bit.  We got the puck in the zone, started to make more passes and really put a lot of pressure on them but once again we didn’t come out with the result.” 

Henrik Lundqvist on the team’s play… “It is not easy but you have to know you are not that far away from turning this around.  We definitely had chances to tie or win this game in the third.  We played well but the puck just didn’t bounce our way tonight.”


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  1. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Garden ice sucks more than Sather or Dolan !!!"... says Greg L. on

    Nice job IZZy ,glad to see yer good at something.

  2. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    You know, Greg- it’s too bad stupidity isn’t painful. I’d love watching you writhe in agony.

  3. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Hank sees this thing turning around !!!"... says Greg L. on

    Another close game but Zero points. That’s gotta suck. We are feeling the absence of our beloved leader Drury? Or the Leader to be Dubinsky? No Prospal can lead alone ,we are relying on a outta sink Higgins!!?? We are under maned , things need to be addresed.

  4. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Hank sees this thing turning around !!!"... says Greg L. on

    Stupidity is painfull , I hurt evertime I read your lame azz posts. With a name like Manle-Bum i’d be “first” all the time too.

  5. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Hank sees this thing turning around !!!"... says Greg L. on

    Sorry Linda , I guess me grammar gets a little funky at times. Glad ya kinda got the jist of it all.

  6. one line team…
    doesn’t sather know you need 3-4 lines to win?

    also, when is Tortorella going to show some emotion?

  7. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    I find it very hard to believe that our secondary scorers will be held scoreless very much longer. I mean, there were at least 5 times that i thought that someone should have scored. These odd bounces or fans of the puck NEVER go against you the entire season. We will start rolling. We will start scoring. I think we will drop below 500 first though. Say all you want about not missing our injured… Personally, I can notice their absence.. They are both missed out there. This team, as is, cannot afford to lose anyone in uniform that is willing to work hard. even if they are seldom rewarded for it. its late.. im tired

  8. Olga Folkyerself on

    Columbus Blue Jackets- one of the few teams with a worse playoff history than Sather’s Rangers.

    God, I hate Sather…

  9. (OF, this is for you…you probably have it memorized at this point, but it just feels right to post this after every loss haha)

    let’s face it guys- this team will NEVER be a real contender for ANYTHING when you have 2 players who are dead weight (Drury, Rozsival) and an average D-Man making elite money (Redden) taking up $18.5 million of a $56 million salary cap

    think about it: after you take out the cap space for those 3 clowns, it’s basically like we have a $37.5 million payroll…then take away the $14.5 million for Gaborik and Lundqvist (who are both worth it) and YOU ONLY HAVE $23 MILLION to put together the rest of a NHL roster

    $18.5 million = Drury, Rozsival, Redden
    $14.5 million = Gaborik, Lundqvist
    $23 million = TO BE SPENT ON THE REST OF THE TEAM (at least 15-17 players!)

    and we expect that roster to contend for something??

    as long as we have the Drury/Rozsival/Redden contracts killing our cap space, we will be stuck in an endless cycle of mediocrity…a more offensive and entertaining version under Torts, but still mediocre nontheless…we can debate the ins-and-outs of each loss, game after game, season after season, but we all know the root cause to EVERY problem in this organization, and it will never change until that root cause chokes to death on his cigar


  10. this was a great post by Chris F. in the gameday thread too


    “This is a really bad hockey club, consisting of yet another offensively incompetent group (save Gabby) whose journeyman skills aren’t even solid, merely pathetic and average—and yet we breed more of the same in Dubi and Cally and convince ourselves they will ever be more than 3rd liners; a defensive corps filled with regressing youngsters and awful, expensive veterans—all of whom are candy assed sissies; a “marquee” goalie who lets in a softie every fourth goal; and a coach who knows exactly what to say but who can’t actually get his team to perform or to live up to what he says he can do; and a management whose ability to recreate the same problems over and over is a shocking talent in and of itself. Really, really sad to watch.”

  11. Olga Folkyerself on

    Sadly, we can’t fire Sather. Only Dolan can. He won’t as long as Sather makes money. The only hopes left are that:

    The Rangers lose enough money to get Sather fired.
    Dolan sells the team.
    Dolan drops dead.
    Sather retires voluntarily.
    Sather drops dead.

    Only then may Ranger fans see some relief in their suffering.

  12. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    On the open net shot attempt by avery, that was just a great defencive play by the fla player to knock the puck away from avery at the last second. Speaking of avery, many of you have said it, he needs more ice time. He is a better puck handler than cally by far, has a better shot than cally and should be on the first PP unit instead of cally. Torts needs to get over whatever problem he has with avery’s actions from the past and play him more.

    The other problem is we have all of our scoring eggs (2 of them) in one basket/on a line. He needs one line of avery AA gabby, and another line of vinny kots cally as the roster is configured now. personally I think cally and kots are both 3rd line guys and when dru and dubi are both back one slides to a wing spot and the other centers the line with vinny. Leave higgy a center of the 3rd. MDZ needs to be with staal and girardi with rozy.

    Of course what the hell do I know, I think this team lacks courage, heart, and a couple of crease clearing hard hitting physical d men!

  13. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Olga, Isn’t Sather’s thinking a little “outta sink”? Ask Greg. I guess that means the Rangers are going down the drain…

  14. Olga Folkyerself on

    I suspect that the longest 5 years of Greg’s life were between the 3rd and 4th grade.

  15. Ok, now that I’ve had an entire bottle of absinthe, I’ve come to the conclusion that the one thing that’s wrong with the Rangers is that they’re …


  16. Rich you are more than hundred percent right !!!!

    Torts saying ” We keep pounding away, we need to go through this as a team….”””””

    I mean if this is the only alternative you have as a coach, then it is really poor. You need to find ways to make second or third line scoring even for looking in the minors or shed some salary and acquire some people who can score..

    But with the exception of Gabby and Prospal, who was not known as a big time scorer but build good chemistry together, the Rangers acquired Guys like Lisin, Kotalik, Higgins per example, who were not known to set the world on fire, and then you exspect those guys to end this scoring misery ?

    No way….

    Yesterday I was on the computer to set up a schedule for me for March to see the Rangers and some other live games in the New York and Chicago area for the first time since 2003 but as more as I think about it, I am not longer convinced that its worth the money to spent…

  17. I smiled when I read that remark that “we started making more passes”

    Like I’ve been saying since the start of this season…this is one of the lousiest passing teams in the league!

    It was fully on display last night. They continue to throw the puck away with those long slow two zone passes that NONE of them seem to know how to receive without it bouncing off their sticks.

    There are so many giveaways by this team that the net result of those Looooong passes are long range giveaways.

    It started right off the bat, when I noticed how long they were pinned in their own end. So typical. The end was predictable – I will give them credit for one thing – they stayed in the game a lot longer than I expected..but their basics are all screwed up. And it doesn’t seem to matter how good or how bad the other team is.

  18. GardenFaithfulinFLA on

    Hi Carp,Laurel and Boneheads,
    Haven’t really posted since last season but have been reading daily. One question: when did the Renneygades return and who invited them?

  19. Good morning, gang!

    Sometimes I wish my DVR was broken.

    I don’t think we’re getting a new post until 6pm-Carp was still up at 3am. He probably was too upset about the loss to fall asleep. Or may be he was enjoying CCCP-in-thong pics.

    Miami- it takes you that long to empty one pathetic bottle of absinthe? You wouldn’t last a month in Russia!

    And, yeah, you leave GregL alone! His grammar may be a bit shaky, but if the team could show some emotions the way he does, we’d have a much better record.

    I need coffee.

  20. I totally agree with theflynn, this team cannot take a pass, To many turnovers. They get outworked and outcoached every night. Its a wonder they keep the games as close as they have been.

  21. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    It’s always a matter of time when you see the level of talent this team has or doesn’t have rise to the top or sink to the bottom.

    Home grown is always nice but is a product of drafting ,complementary talent and most over looked and vital good coaching which brings out the best in the players.

    Tortorella didn’t get a fair chance when he was the ranger coach years ago. But I doubt he’s is the right choice now.

    I think he fits an experienced and more talented team .

    You can clearly who is thriving.
    The rookies seem to be doing great and are on a great pace,
    Sather signings are doing more than expected.
    Kudos to sather.

    But the blogs favorites are dying under torts.
    Drury, Callahan, Avery, gerardi, Stall and Dubinski are’nt growing.
    I think some are very over rated Stall, and drury sure seem to be stagnant. Staal has this pedigree that just because his surname is Staal he’s all world.
    He’s isn’t growing or he’s regressing. His offense is not what we expected and he definitely lacks the killer instinct to destruct the opponent , he doesn’t lack heart but killer he does. (he needs two weeks living in brownsville or east NY.Bklyn)

    Callahan and Dubi what you see is what your going to get. Drury was a huge $ mistake.
    Never mind over paying Rozsival and redden 2 huge boners.

    Maybe they over paid Hank.
    I always believed that you do not need the best NHL goalie to win Cup. Look at Osgood. All world?No. But a HOF because to the cups.

  22. great post one cup, I’m going to have to agree with pretty much all of that.

    My Torts love affair is just about over. He’s almost as bad as Renney in the sack…but his saving grace is that the pillow talk afterward is more soothing.

  23. Tortorella must be a good coachsome of the experts say he is. He is not doing anything in NewYork that a ten year old couldn’t do. Anyone can make up lines on the fly.

  24. I’m not impressed with him (Torts). It’s not about the losses, it’s that you can see players not living up to abilities, that’s te scary part because it doesn’t look like theyre on the verge of a breakthrough, it just looks like theyre trying to keep their heads above water. Same as it ever was, same as it ever was.

    This fcking guy Higgins needs to be fitted for a Wolfpack jersey, plain and simple. We need a COUPLE of goals out of this SCHMUCK.

    And Lundqvist is overrated. That is the truth.

  25. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    I don’t know why I could watch the rangers under renney whom I despised as a coach he’s another jim Fassel who gets accolades but no head coach job.

    Renney’s teams were very soft. i think soft players thrived in a soft system. Drury (nah) Callahan and dubi staal gerardi maybe they are home sick for their Daddy Renney.

    I wasn’t in favor of resigning Avery, not that he doesn’t have talent but he is flawed, and he gave up on NY why should Sather other than out of desperation resign him?

    I know it sounds nuts, but I really do think Avery is on prescribed meds which have softened him. either that or he has off ice distraction and doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the the team and his play. He is getting paid,period.

    But the MSG system is broken .. from the top to the bottom. The knicks are a joke and the ranger stagnant
    They don’t progress in a positive way.
    And if the Isles with all their #1 picks had a savy owner and GM they would be another dynasty..
    The devils under Lou are like roaches ,you can’t kill them, even with an old Broduer who closes just enough of the net to win.
    I also think that come olympic time Hank will be a standout, he’s got guaranteed US $$.
    I’m all in favor for trades. I don’t believe in being a ranger for life.

    Leetch, Richter, Messier graves became NY fat cats after ONE CUP. The hunger was lost.

    The NHL owners should change the guaranteed money and make it like the NFL. Signing bonuses are guaranteed the rest you can lose by being waived.

  26. i wouldn’t mind seeing a trade, but There is really nobody in this line up that would bring back equal talent. You know as soon as they are traded they will start lighting the lamp. Sather has not be great at trades.

  27. New players, new coach, same results as the prior 4 years. The team still can’t score. They still lack talent. Nothing will change until the bad contracts are gone and there is a new GM. In other words, nothing is changing anytime soon

  28. Onecup, right on in calling out Staal. Totally overrated due to his last name. I’m sick of the apologists. Right now he is the worst defenseman on the time besides Blowsival. This is his third year in the league, time to step up, instead he continues backwards.

  29. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    Jesus people… Torts isn’t gonna get fired… Avery getting more ice time isn’t the solution (he was invisible for a month until about 2 games ago)…


    “Kudos to Sather”

    Holy sheet(of ice) things are getting bad around here!

  30. morg

    It’s not a pregame ritual. It’s an all day, including during game, ritual.

    And it was not my fault. it was my dog’s fault.

    Just prior to the start of the 2nd period (when everything went wrong), Tiki started crying abnormally. Being a worry wart, I was concerned I wrapped her paw too tight and did not want her to lose circulation.

  31. CR9- it doesn’t matter, you’re going under the bus. Along with the team. Eveyone. Including the team masseuse. Love reading morning after loss comments.

  32. Hello, all. Have read the blog but never posted. Did no one else think that that at least they showed some signs of being a competitive team in the third period? They didn’t get all the bounces going their way, but I thought it was one of the first periods in a long time that were enjoyable to watch and thought they started working hard. If they can’t sustain that type of energy though they have no chance.

  33. ilb

    We’ll get em next game. I’ll help bring us back. I wont let one regular season game get me down.

    I have games and series of more importance still on my conscience.

    I shaved after Game 3 2004 ALCS (Yankees would never win another game)

    I got a speeding ticket after Game 3 2003 World Series (Yankees would never win another game)

    I was distracted all game with family problems Game 5 2nd round against Buffalo a few years ago (the Drury goal/ Rangers would never win another game).

  34. Higgins, Voros and Brashear need to go on waivers and/or down to Hartford. They are completely replaceable and are 4th liners at best. There are already plenty of contestants to play on the 4th line, but unfortunately very few good enough to play on even a second line. In fact, no one is even a good enough forechecker and playmaker to play on the first line with Prospal and Gaborik. Anisimov would be a good center with them, but needs to play on a second line since he is the only center on the roster, unless you count Boyle. This team has been plummeting since Jagr was not re-signed. Yet Sather still remains.

  35. Also,

    Someone said last night they hoped my Rangers season started off the same as the real Rangers season.

    Well, the Rangers did lose the first game, and I think 3-2 was the score.

    Now it’s time to reel off 7 in a row!


  36. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    speaking of superstitions. I drink from my Rangers Coffee cup each game day. I have an away -Avery- and a home -generic -KOHO- that i wear while watching on TV. I dont have any superstition about washing the jerseys during a season or anyting although i may start if it helps. Last year every time my dog brought a toy and wanted to play during a game, the Rangers would get scored upon. This year its the opposite. Hard as i try i cant get my dog to bring me a toy during games this year… bad dog!
    I have always loved hearing about fan superstitions. Anyone else?

  37. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    This is from Obernauer… sums it up:

    “…and the Rangers keep on wondering where – if – they’re ever going to get scoring from someone other than Marian Gaborik or, to a lesser extent, Vinny Prospal. It’s been more than three full games – 198:42 – since someone other than those two scored – quick, off the top of your head, can you even remember who it was? It was two Thursdays ago, Brian Boyle’s third-period goal in a loss to Atlanta. Since then, Prospal and Gaborik have combined for five goals and the rest of the team none.”


  38. There you go-better spirits! Jlone, you may want to call Cesar Millan for your dog, he’ll fix the issue real fast.

  39. After watching the latest debacle, I have come to the conclusion that the Rangers are just too soft of a team to be competitive. Each year they start out great, but after a month, the rest of the league has figured out that you can skate through them with impunity. It’s the same old sad story.

    Opposing players skate right through the Ranger’s check (when there is one) and get off quality shots, while the Rangers don’t (or can’t) power their way through a check to get a quality shot. As a result, the opposing teams shots on goal are mostly high percentage, while most of the Rangers shots (the few that get through) are low percentage ones. This makes our goalie look bad, and the other goalie look like a Vezina trophy winner. Thus, in many games the statistics show the Rangers as being competitive in shots on goal, which is highly misleading for the reasons given above.

    Somewhere there must be a few players with grit in the mold of Paul Holmgren or Clark Gillies that the Rangers desperately need. But management can’t seem to find them. Until they do, nothing will change.

  40. If you want a change in the way this team is built, the guy to trade is Staal. He still has value around the NHL, and is a player the Rangers could get a lot for. It is time to go knocking on TB’s door, and see if they are ready to trade Vinnie Lecav. Offer them Staal as a starter. Staal is the most overrated player in the league, so the longer you wait on trading, the more his value will decline. Trade Staal now!


    Sweden will win the gold. I think Hank is saving himself for the Olympics cause he cares more aboot Sweden than he does aboot NYR. That’s the sad truth.

    I semi agree aboot Torts. I just think that Slats isn’t letting him be entirely his self. That’s my opinion.

    But putting Brash on the 3rd line ? Cmon. I wish Nicky Z would have just accepted what he’s really worth, the. We would have some creativity on that top line with Vinny and Gabby there. Say what you want aboot the kid, but hebhad talent. I’m not saying he would save the team, butbid rather have him over Piggins, and Brashit.

    This team is a huge disappointment a d they’re not gonna win the Cup. Better to accept that now. I really miss the Jagr days, cause it were he only times i felt like we had a shot at winning the cup.

    But I agree with Greg, this team is really out of kitchen sink. At least they still have Bathroom Stall, bwahaha !!

  42. bull dog line,
    yea great, just what the rangers need, another inflated contract from a player who is past his prime, no thanks.

  43. BULL

    Weren’t you crying when I said to trade Bathroom Stall ?? Now you agree with me ??

    But I agree. As good as Vinny P has been, we need a true center. Vinny L s the way to go. His best years were with Torts, and he’ll be motivated since he’s playing for a team that can easily make the playoffs if they get their shit together.

    St Louis is good, but he’s not Gabby. Who knows, Vinny can have his best years centering this guy.

    Orrrrr we can just go after Brad Richards again **throws up**

  44. it doesn’t matter anyway because with Vinnie Lecavalier ridiculous contract and the rangers strapped with the cap the rangers can’t make any big trade. Until sather can somehow figure a way to dump the big three bad contracts the rangers will be not be able to improve and will be mediocre.

  45. What aboot Spezza ? It seems like he’s available every year, and he’s always on the rumor mill.

    Murray badly wanted McDonagh, and Dublowsky or Bathroom Stall.

    What if we make a package for him ? Not the worst option in the world. Maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll take Blowzy from us.


    Everyone can get traded. Except Dredden. But there are teams that would be willing to take Dreary, and Blowzy. If Slats was smart, he would consider moving the both of them.

    It’s so pathetic that this team needs some a big make over, nearly 2 fuggin months into the season. The D is garbage, and the forwards are embarrassing. The kids make me wanna self mutilate my self. Callahan is unreal, this guy looks retarded with the puck, Dubi thinks he’s Gretzky, and Staal thinks he’s Bobby Orr.

    I feel bad for Gabby. He probably thought when he signed here, that he’d actually get support, but now it’s Minny all over again. Only one or two guys helping him out.

    And Hank is another story. If he was truly committed to this team, and he actually cared, he wouldn’t consider playing for Sweden for a second. You already won the Gold, so what’s the point of risking your season, yet again to win another gold. Stay here, get your sh*t together, and stop letting in soft goals, and try to help this team win a fuggin Cup.

    Anyway, anybody excited aboot the Victoria’s Secret nude calender ?

  46. ORR,
    No, that was not me complaining about trading Staal. Felt this way all season.
    Vinnie is not past his prime, just has grown stale in Tampa.

  47. I am not one for making up trade proposals, but here goes.
    Staal, Dubinsky, Rozival, and Higgins, for
    Vinnie Lecav, and Ryan Malone.
    Tampa has been looking to get out of Malones contract for awhile, Higgins is free after this year, so that won’t hurt Tampa’s bottom line. Of course I don’t know how this works out cap wise, and i have traded 2 Dmen and did not get any back, but they can address that later.

  48. I just wanted to share this picture with everyone.

    What this picture represents, is two of the things I am most passionate about as a fan, colliding together and captured in a beautiful moment. Words just don’t express how happy this picture makes me.

    Sean Avery greets Trey Anastasio of the band Phish

    For those of you who don’t know, they have been playing a Phish song (Tweezer Reprise) over the PA at MSG right before the 3rd period for a few weeks now. Apparently, Avery requested the song be played once, and when the rest of the team heard it, they agreed it was a great song to come out to.

    (“Tweezer Reprise” can be heard by logging into

  49. Jlone

    Superstitions are killing me. And mine got worse and worse every year since the Yankees and Giants in 2001.

    Now, the day of postseason games, I do not go out anywhere. I try not to have any fun at all.

    I divorced my wife prior to the 2009 NYY season because we had not won since I had been married (and she despised the NYY, which put a strain on my marriage).

    All I’d ever hear is “You love the Yankees more than me.”

    It was all worth it! 27!!!

  50. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    I am not promoting a trade for either one of these guys at all, but it would not shock me in the least to see richards or lecavalier here by the end of the season!

    Did anyone watch the caps leafs game on HNIC? Props to bobby baun for singing along to both Natl. anthems! Also, on the hot stove, lebrun talked about how the blackhawks are going to have to dump someone once they finalize the 3 big contracts and toronto was “willing to take a salary for them” along with a 2nd round pick probably. I wonder just how all this is going to play out and HNIC said more teams than just T O were knocking on the blackhawk’s door.


    I never use any ranger mugs or glasses and never wear anything rangers on the day of the game!

    I agree with whomever said leave ZZZZZ alone with the grammatical errors, they were right, if our team showed the heart he does, we would be way better off!

    Morning/afternoon to all and have an anti-rozy d man day to everyone!

  51. Look

    This teaqm is timid and I don’t mean that they’re afraid to mixc it with the mitts, I mean they aare timid about scoring. Still way too many long range wrist shots and the passes go in the general direction of a blue skater, not to his stick like the real players do. They hesitate and this is Roszival’s forte, by the time he makes up his mind what he wants to do, three plays have takern place in around and thru him. Redden has been more composed, but he still hesitates.

    The guy I;m most worried about is Staal – he has definitely regressed this season, and he looks a bit confused out there. Why not keep Roziv away from DZ instead of always having Roz as hia daddy. If he gives the kid pointers he’s just going to louse him up being his “daddy”.

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