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I always remember Esa Tikkanen calling them “the Punters” with that Tikkanese accent of his.

Just wanted to give you this blank slate. I’m at the second of three football games and not freezing (yet). Not bad out.

Keep me posted with some score updates later, OK?

Here are the pregame notes.

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  1. Is it safe to assume with the captain speaking putting near sentences together again that the external hunt for another “quality” center is essentially over?

  2. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    looks like the boys schooled MAMA!!!

    Sorry mum, better luck next time grabby and wicky in da house (blog)!

  3. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on


    re last thread…you, not colton!


    ok, good!


    You have lots of redeeming qualities I’m sure!

    Mama (and tr)

    2300 and not a second later (and no funny stuff)!!

  4. Darn it. I took my dogs for a walk and here you go, a new post? Well, at least the boys enjoyed the walk.

    Laurel, you better be on the train, cause TR will have a nervous breakdown. And they’ll run out of beer.

  5. wicky

    Ugh… I did all of my “deeds” for the day here in PA. Its a brisk 34 degrees up here. So Rick, you arent alone in the cold weather ;)


    Yes I need SOME excitement ;)

  6. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    someone has to keep and eye on those keeping an eye on us….watching the watchers…….policing the police…..monitoring the monitors….you get the idea!

  7. MAKO, what are you doing in PA?

    Wicky, sorry I forgot your location

    Carp, I dunno if you noticed, but last post- you carped Laurel.

    Driving to an effing Black Tie function. Love those, especially if the Rangers are playing. I’ll have about 5 of them between now and the holidays.

  8. Sweet. I just found out my “friend” is Crosbying the last guy that broke my heart. Me and my bottle of jameson are gonna watch the game from the bathroom floor. Let me know if anyone finds a good link.

  9. Sally, Mike- you lost it. Before you even found it.
    Sally, you keep pushing that jameson, you’ll be watching that game tmr afternoon.

  10. prediction- grabashnoogies and shally get drunk and watch game from bathroom floor. and rangers win 3-2 shootout. goals gabby and gabby, assisted by gabby and gabby. shootout winner goes to gabby in the 18th round. 1 goal to none

  11. Ilb

    Folks have a vacation house out there. Its nice to re-charge the batteries once in a while.

    bah sorry that you’re in your penguin outfit. Would it be more fitting if the Rangers were playing Cindy & Co? ;)

  12. ilb

    right now…montana!


    sorry about the “friend”. I suggest wiser’s!! And just put those boots of yours on and go all dale purinton on her!!!

  13. Hello folks. I just came home from a a very turbulent day in many ways(wont get into that). this is very direct and impulsive words but i just wanna tell you, rangers fans over the world, Carp, this blog, all other ranger blogs etc that you guys ar like a family to me even though ive never seen you in person..Im a die hard rangers fan from sweden, 21 yrs old and have followed hockey since the days in the 90´s starting off witht he hockey cards and all that stuff..

    Since the 05-06 season ive been a die hard rangers fan and my love for the organization just grows bigger n bigger. Anyway, i just wanna tell you guys that Rangers Report is a place i visit to reflect opinions, laughs, happiness, and everything connected to rangers hockey.
    Ive read this blog for the last year religiously, and ive been writing a few comments here and there, but since im living in sweden, aka 6 hours after you guys its not to often i get to follow the action;( Anyway, it feels like ive gotten to know some of you old, frecentuely bloggers, in a weird way:P

    well, well i just had to write this down, since the day has been so fucked up, and the fact that the 1st thing i did just now, when i came home was to tune in to rangers report! A big shout out to all you rangers fans, devils haters; also to Zipey, Scotty Hockey, rangers Rants, Hockey Rodent and Blueshirt Banter…
    Peace out…and by the way, ill sacrifice tomorrow and will follow the game tonight:)
    Lets go Rangers

    Caspar EU

  14. One thing that I’ve been wondering about…they called them PENGUINS BECAUSE THEIR BARN WAS THE iGLOO.

    Overlook the caps, that Caps lock is too close to my great finger.

    Now that they are leaving the old place what’s their excuse for that silly name?


  15. Thanks wicky, I appreciate that suggestion.

    Prediction: I pass out sometime during the 1st period, Dubinsky’s hand magically heals and he comes back in the 3rd to get a hat trick, then gets traded to Buffalo, and he brings some happy meals over to my place and everything magically feels okay again. Also the Rangers win 5-0.

  16. CRUCIAL Q:

    Does anyone have / know a link to Gretzky’s 2nd period hat trick vs. Panthers in the 1997 playoffs …

    I’ve been trying to find it for years (literally)

  17. I really hope we can pull out a win tonight. I am going out after the game, and whenever I got out after they lose, I end up being in a bad mood a kind of “nasty” to everyone for the rest of the night.

    Programming alert: Pearl Jam at Austin City Limits @ Midnight on your local PBS station.

  18. Shmikey- you’re making me laugh at very inapproprite moments- I’m at the black tie. 6:30-7:30 cocktail hour. Cocktail my tuhes. Vodka on the rocks. Time to talk to a few of those pompous guys. When I walk away, if someone asks what language they spoke, I’d guess English, cause I won’t remember the word they said

  19. ahoy mateys! and welcome Caspar!!

    I’m actually seeing Adam Graves on hockeystreams right now and am ecstatic! This is the first time i’ve EVER seen Game Night on streams, so it’s a good omen for the rest of the night!

  20. thats another guy that just needs to disintergrate in front of our eyes…just spontaneously combust and make us all happy!!! ( in regards to Count Bettmanula)

  21. Listening to the Panthers radio..They say that Lundqvist is a quiet leader, but when he talks its big words and they listen… Geez, wonder if Hank make any comments about the Rozsivals n Reddens?

  22. I know i’ve been away from NY for a while, but since when, during a Rangers pregame show, does it matter to anyone what the devils or islanders or anyone else is doing? The fact that all 3teams are on the same network actually sucks! They should all have their own things, so we don’t have to see missing link goring and dwidaneyko!

  23. sorry my hello to SHASALLY AND SHMAKO did not post! Shabrastap on 3rd line will guarantee victory!!!

  24. ok, finishing at work, then home to the dve so I’m outta here to avoid spoilers! See you all later tonight! shilly sheople!!! Have an anti-rozy d man game! LGR!!!

  25. weak goal. we should be losing badly if it wasnt for hank. not happy with this game so far. they will not win playing like this. i hope torts starts kickin butt in the intermission

  26. casper- are u related to kaspar? hes a missing person on this blog. been gone since the summer. we miss him and blame the rangers failures on his absence. if u see him, tell him his family misses him

  27. Tender Situation on

    Can we please see Grachev sometime soon? There is no way Brash gives us more. I refuse to believe it

  28. HockeymanRangers on

    Hey all you Boneheads including my self, Rangers are not looking good at all. I think they are all boneheads also. And even that writer of this blog is a bonehead, at a football game instead of Rangers Hockey. LOL I know, I know we all have to make that pay check. Cheers hopefully we have a MUCH MUCH better second.

  29. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " It's almost time to put out the Cats !!!"... says Greg L. on

    Rangersssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!! Who assisted on Prospals goal?

  30. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " It's almost time to put out the Cats !!!"... says Greg L. on

    Rangers are fine…..geeezeee.

  31. lmao @ cajun!!! i’m an American-Italian from NY, yes I live in the land of the rednecks, but how am I cajun? What’re you drinkin tonight my friend???

  32. wow that was some real insightful commentary mr goring and mr daneyko. i could barely contain all that knowledge and information from u 2 hockey geniuses. please!!!! get us some actual former rangers on your msg ranger intermission report!!!

  33. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " It's almost time to put out the Cats !!!"... says Greg L. on

    Dam NY’ers. So is it unasssisted or giradi & Staal?

    Goring is a tool and he oozzes azzlander stench. Gorring didn’t make it to the hall I hope. He was just a cog in an already championship team. His mom named him after her girlfriend.

  34. LMAO @ his mom named him after her girlfriend! Greg, that just might be the funniest thing you’ve ever posted here! And Mike, i know you were kidding, you’re still my favorite cornpotato!

  35. you did NOT just type dangit did you?!! you need to get back to NY for a week or two.

    Thanks hockeystreams for sucking tonight!

  36. Sally, Rick’s gonna be upset that you were here and he’s out covering football all day. He thought you’d maybe deserted us with your love of the Sabres, sassy boots, and Jameson!

  37. i’m gonna go see Santa, and when he asks me what I want, I’ll say “PLEASE GIVE CALLY HIS SCORING TOUCH BACK”

  38. Prospal’s goal was clearly unassisted, but the way unwarranted assists are dished out, expect Crosby and Malkin to be credited with one each.

  39. or “amazing, he didn’t turn it over at the blue line for an odd-man break the other way”

  40. damn. ya know what i just realized. i have as many goals as voros and brash!!! i should get paid as much as they do!!! man, im gonna go have a BIG talk with my boss on monday. wish me luck heads!

  41. Linda, that makes me sad that he’d question my loyalty. I know I’ve slacked off in watching games, but I’ve gotten in sooo many fights with Sabres fans these past few months. I’m willing to like the Sabres, but everyone here knows I CROSBYING LOVE the Rangers.

    Holy moly I’ve had a lot of whiskey to drink tonight.

  42. New verb: “to drury”

    Def: “to fail in a situation in which failure is almost impossible”

    Ex: “he had the chick ready, naked in his bed, yet somehow two minutes later she was out there door … he drury’d it.”

  43. damn this feed tonight!!!!

    Sally, he just misses ya! We know you’re busy with school, and your new man… jameson

  44. I was about to say “next Panthers goal, I start drinking … so at least Ill have something to make me happy”…

    Wish granted?

  45. You know if they dont have a winning season in the next couple of years I wouldnt be surprised if LQ asked to be traded.

  46. Linda, this is why I like you so much. It’s not my fault though. He’s just not worthy. If he’d rather be with this flappy bellied milf who’s neglectful of her kids, then Crosby him.

    Oh man, I love whiskey.

  47. damn, another 4 freakin days off, and they seem to be sleepwalking again! what exactly do they practice in practice??? it’s not defense, its not shooting or passing…. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  48. Sally, i saw that earlier… i am soooooo sorry to hear that. And this was a friend of yours? How do you break the code? Ya just dont have any part of friends exes—EVER, its just wrong. You said it though, he’s not worthy! And don’t worry, in May, lil man will make it up to ya!

  49. The team has ALOT more to worry about than him letting in a few soft goals every so often. You cant help those wacky deflections.

  50. damn this friggin horrible feed tonight! i mean sheesh, i can understand having trouble now and then, but once or twice a week. seriously thinking of NOT upgrading to hd.

  51. those bouncing pucks always seem to fool goalies though. They are not ready for it like in baseball

  52. damn this dirty jobs guy is totally overexposed. i’ve been sick of him for 2 years now!

    COME ON! BRASTRAPS ON the 3rd line, that was the key to the game. Moving him up is supposed to make em better!

  53. oh, and whoever mentioned Higgins ‘i dont give a cluck’ appearance in one of the last 2 or 3 topics, that was excellent! Scooby Dooby Higgins back in action. He looks like a professional college student who’s forever burnt. I hope he doesnt drive!

  54. why do they wait until two and a half minutes left in the period to actually put some pressure on??? great shift, we just need more of them throughout the entire game!

  55. lmao @ unable to play a speed game with florida. what type of game can we actually play lately? They were hitting all the right notes to start the season… it’s disappeared

  56. linda- higgins,cally,avery(WITH AN OPEN NET),lisin,kotyalik, AA,etc… cannot score. they just flat out cant score. were a 1 trick pony. gabby doesnt score at least 1 goal, or assist on a goal, we lose.

  57. Well I wondered if the Rangers could score three goals tonight. It looks like they sure better. I don’t have a whole lot of optimism based on our performance so far, against a team playimg its THIRD GAME IN FOUR NIGHTS!!!!!

    Come on Rangers, WTF?

  58. yea, avery with the PAPfail opportunity… grrrrrrrr I hope he’s not waiting until January 7 to score again!!! I’d like him to get 5 or 6 between now and then, and then one that game so i can do my dance!

  59. im on atdhe linda. lol i gave up on piss-streams long ago. look for us to come out and tie it with gabby playing 19 of the final 20 minutes. then lose in ot. hey, at least it will make drury proud we get that point!

  60. “Rangers starting to get their offensive game going” said Sam with 3 minutes to go in the second period…

    really Sam? One would think that by that time of the game the “offense” should’ve being going for some time now, no?

  61. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " It's almost time to put out the Cats !!!"... says Greg L. on

    Thanks Mako . HAHAA ,yeah Linda I just thought of the name and the joke just came off the top of me head!!

    I was playing at a friends last night in NHL10 and I had the Rangers …well Lunqvist was sooo weak I had to pull him alot..I ended up yelling at the tv and calling him Bunkqvist ,Lunkqvist ,Clunkqvist and a few times Junk-qvist!!!

    Lisen can hit the net but cant hit ANY holes. Kotalik can’t even hit the net.


  62. tomb- for 70 bucks, i get a stream that works when it wants to, and for free i get a feed that is always dependable. idk how those guys still havent fixed all the problems there. everynight u see somebody complaining about buffer or lag. and the guys always say, hmmm, let me fix it, or its workin fine for the other people. they can never get it right. welost this game anyway. we lost it before it started. we need a team with the will to win. not to “start coming on when there losing”. hopefully, by the time this season ends, sather will have been fired.

  63. the only way sather is gonna be fired is if somali pirates commandeer a vessel with the dolans on it, and the only way they will free them is if the relinquish any and all ownership of the Garden, Rockefeller Center, the Knicks, the Rangers, the Network etc etc. Then, when I am installed as the supreme leader of the empire, my first act will be to fire Yeti Asshat.

  64. how many times over the years has Sam said ‘and the crowd comes alive with a lets go Rangers chant’. I love Sam.

    Prospal is gonna key the comeback, just watch

  65. damnit damnit damnit!!!!!! I want freakin directv and i want it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. wow what a bunch of pansies. i cant understand how emotionless the players are. they just dont care enough to make the tough play. theyre soft and not talented enough to win on talent. they need some new leadership in every aspect. gm,coach,and captain

  67. Olga Folkyerself on

    Prospal checks, scores, passes, and hustles. He doesn’t know what it means to be a Ranger yet.

  68. everytime i watch lately, i always feel like i lose 2 and a half hours of my life. yet i always come back and watch the next one. aaah. Taylor Hall anyone?

  69. Glad the UFC is tonight.

    I really dont know why Avery isnt seeing the ice more and more. He’s got tons of jump. Shoot Torts stick him on the first line!!!!!

  70. HockeymanRangers on

    Linda just get center ice all the hockey you will ever want to watch. 150.00 per year if you get the early package.

  71. That was beautiful.

    What did Micheletti just say about Avery? Good things or bad? There are a ton of people around and I can’t hear anything.

  72. someone please tell me whats going on… hs sucks donkey doo,and every time i go to atd, some spam attacks my computer

  73. You either know how to score (in or out of bed) or you don’t …

    To quote Colonel Jessep: “it’s just that simple”

  74. what happened to this teams balls???? what happened to all the smart play? if it wasnt for Gabby and Fankist, i’d be damaging what little furniture i do own!

  75. caspar, dave maloney does that too! whats with all the shrieking men on these telecasts? do they ALL wanna be Gus Johnson?

  76. KingLundqvist30 on

    they just pulled within one, but they infuriate the hell out of me…

    Hey Sean, no one is going to give a crap about your clothing line if you forget how to be a hockey player…

    Hey Cally…thanks for showing up tonight…now call the rest of your teammates and wake them up…

    Hey defense…you have something called “the opposition” out there your supposed to stop….don’t leave it up to the Swede between the pipes….

    Hey Vinny….clearly this team goes as you and Gabby go…now a little less time in the spray tan booth and a little more time at the practice facility.

    Hey Voros and Brashear…I’m pretty sure I can swap into your equipment and make the most of my two minutes per game…

    and finally, hey Higgins….although the price of a one way on the LIRR has risen, I’ll pick up the tab and send you back home to the Island because its clear that you serve no purpose out there…you’ll go down in Rangers infamy as “the compensation we got so that we can free up the proper cap space to sign Gaborik”….has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?

  77. ranger909- that 2nd goal and the defense on the 3rd goal are both screwin us, but really, it makes no difference. prospal got a fluke goal and the only other player who can score on the team did. thats all there is to this team. a 1 trick pony. were not winning

  78. lmao @ King! Please, with the way Fankist has been playing, he can spend all the time in the tanning booth as he needs!

    Aves needs more icetime. Higgins needs to stop being this teams Lindsay Lohan, but down the booze, put out the blunt, get a shave and a haircut.

  79. forecheck you friggin pansies. Third game in four nights? I better not EVER hear that excuse from the Rangers after we get our asses kicked here.

  80. I think this team has a good chance to battle Toronto for the
    worse team in the eastern conference. Does anybody think that Torts has already lost this team?

  81. Grabachev, your new name is too long for me to want to type. no offense lol. you’re 100% right. One thing i noticed about this team also is that if you look at every other team in the nhl, they’ve got legitimate 1st line homegrown drafted talent. where is our legitimate homegrown talent? fire sather

  82. Darth, i think that idea’s been bandied about in here on a few occassions. He certainly hasnt kept his word about accountability.

  83. another bad game. this team needs to change their style or coach. cuz with these players there shouldnt be such a struggle to nscore. and does anyone think dru or duby would have had any effect on the outcome? its pathetic

  84. Linda, true, but i think we all agree we need a top forward in a draft. hopefully kreider works out in 3 years. I dont know much about him though.

  85. what a joke.

    whoever that was that was at the side of the net, couldve thrown that to the middle of the crease. instead he passes it out to the point. and of course, the luck of a broken stick.

  86. the way this team is constituted right now, they cannot be successful with the system Torts wants to employ, so he needs to change the system to fit the players currently on the team. If not, its gonna get worse

  87. cant even root for this team right now. nothing good about it. the new york gaboriks. im sure hes hating himself for signing here. 1st or 2nd overall pick is up for grabs between us and TO. lets do the unthinkable and get the 1st pick!!! whattya say heads?? what sayeth you???

  88. The rangers don’t have the personnel to play tort’s system. Allot of ranger fans wanted Renney gone and a different style of play. Well, watch what you wish for because I feel like the rangers have gone backwards to the days before the last work stoppage.

  89. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Scratched by the cat !!!"... says Greg L. on

    Kotalik is such an idiot. He’d AGAIN rather shoot it hard then get a PROPER shot on net!!!!!! Breaks his stick!!!!!!!!????? Sudda got it to Gaborik in those last seconds you MEAT HEAD!!! Kotalik is a retard like half the idiots who can’t simplify things. Lisen the moron does 3 too many dekkes and is looking around for the puck!!?? Avery can’t hold the puck proper and lost sight of it Hank looses sight of it!!??? Knucleheads!!!

  90. This is a really bad hockey club, consisting of yet another offensively incompetent group (save Gabby) whose journeyman skills aren’t even solid, merely pathetic and average — and yet we breed more of the same in Dubi and Cally and convince ourselves they will ever be more than 3rd liners; a defensive corps filled with regressing youngsters and awful, expensive veterans — all of whom are candy assed sissies; a “marquee” goalie who lets in a softie every fourth goal; and a coach who knows exactly what to say but who can’t actually get his team to perform or to live up to what he says he can do; and a management whose ability to recreate the same problems over and over is a shocking talent in and of itself. Really, really sad to watch.


  91. i think it was cally.

    when the only players that can score are on the 1st line, problems ensue.

    i love sean avery, but how can one not score on that?

    I love henrik, and I know our defense is pathetic and our turnovers cost a lot of the breaks and goals, but his act is tiring. He had a great 1st period and then it goes to ****. I wish he could give up a less number of goals in a game than the number of women he bags in half a week.

  92. This Ranger team can make anyone look good. They got out worked again. They also lost to many face offs. Henrik was not great tonight. It’s really frustrating to watch turn the puck over time and time again. It’s plain to see that everyone knows that if you apply some pressure this team breaks down easy.

  93. Like I said, this team sucks. Total joke. It’s ridiculous that we get teased for two seasons in a row with a great start. This is typical Rangers hockey.

    When Brashit is your 3rd liner, you know your team must suck.

    You gotta love Sam. He says “Rozsival is playing a great game”, hahaha cause he made a simple pass on Gabby’s goal. My dead aunt could have made that pass.

    These losers make me sick.

  94. And with that, we are officially in 9th. P A T H E T I C

    “Hey Hank, if you play out of your mind good in the first period while we stink of the ice, I promise we will make sure that we only lose by one goal, ok?”

    “OK boys, I can do that.”

  95. Repost:
    And with that, we are officially in 9th. P A T H E T I C

    “Hey Hank, if you play out of your mind good in the first period while we stink up the ice, I promise we will make sure that we only lose by one goal, ok?”

    “OK boys, I can do that.”

  96. we cant even rely on hank to get us a win anymore. not sayin its his fault at all. hes a great goalie. but i see these gq players and their extra curicular activities and wonder is nyc such a distraction for them? every other team goes through slumps, but theres just nothing here the rangers can hang their hat on and say, we did this right, opr we were just unlucky tonight. its the same crap every game. against teams who are not as talented. someone has to get these guys to come together as a team and do what needs to be done. torts lost my respect when he threw certain players under the bus and yelled at the media like a tough guy, but does nothing to change the complexion of the team. who said lisin was more offensive than korpi? cuz the kid can barely handle a puck. can barely hit the net. phoenix will have a good 2 way player in korpi for years to come and we’ll be dumping lisin to the khl in a year. please slats retire!!! take torts,sullivan,and the dolan sisters with u!!! AND LET THE NY RANGERS BE A REAL FREAKIN TEAM AGAIN!!!!

  97. and a management whose ability to recreate the same problems over and over is a shocking talent in and of itself. Really, really sad to watch.

    Well said Chris!!

  98. Olga Folkyerself on

    I can’t wait to hear Torts polish up this turd. What excuse does he use tonight? Or does he just get mad at whoever asks a question?

    Gotta be better than the truth…

  99. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Scratched by the cat !!!"... says Greg L. on


    Kotlik the moron doesn’t get it…his stick breaking is NO excuse, he shot it too hard and I bet he wouldn’t even came close to the net. Ales Kotalik if you reading this… WAKE UP YOU MORON AND STOP MISSING THE SHOT/NET!!! Stop being a selfish A-hole and actually play like your suspose to !!!You making me wanna puke!!!!!!

  100. Unfortunately there isn’t a quick fix for this team. There way to soft on the front and back line. They have mostly 3rd line players. They are strapped because of the bad contracts. The young talent they have drafted or signed as a free agent (Gilroy) are nothing special. The future is grim at least till those three bad contracts and players, Redden, Rosival and drury are gone. If the rangers end up in the top 5 spots to draft next year I don’t have any faith that sather will draft anybody that will be good.

  101. well…Florida is on a hot streak

    and to be honest its sort of hard to win games with Voros, Brashear, PA and Boyle in the line up…cant expect much from them… plus two top centers are out…BUTl… that doesnt excuse a piss poor performance especially being the “fresher” team

    i hope with busier schedule we can get back in a groove

  102. Its like Torts says its all about puck possesion, we have to keep the puck longer. I guess its time Torts showed them how to keep the puck longer. I don’t think they have caught on yet.

  103. why dont we have owners and a gm who want to restore pride to this organEYEzation? why do they only care about money, and not the history. Do they not realize that the more successful the team is, the better off THEY will be? Why do I love teams who have the suckiest owners and worst gms??

  104. I am also sick of us not taking penalties at the right time.

    i.e. Tonight on the third goal against.

    The other night on the game winning goal by Bradley.

    Both of those goals could have been prevented if we take a penalty. Granted, maybe the ref calls a penalty shot, but either way, you have to do everything to take away the shot, and if it means taking a penalty, then that is what you do.

  105. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Scratched by the cat !!!"... says Greg L. on

    This team is a good team ,yeah half of you are pissed but not as pissed as I am!! The team doesn’t suck and we aint in no panick. We have 2 center injured, lines that arnt quite gelling and a all-star goalie who isn’t playing like an all-star. Thats it. So whine ,cry,moan,yell,scream,panick,call for players heads,have an anxiety attack or whatever…the team lost and only by 1 goal to a hot Panthers team. Our team needs a few things but really all we need is to stop playing at msg , THE ICE IS RETARDED THERE!!! how can anyone do anything with that puck bouncin all around!!!???? Our team is NOT as bad as half of youse say..It just the other things. I’ll be here for the long haul so please…try to make my stay a little more pleasent then bailing out on our team.

  106. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Scratched by the cat !!!"... says Greg L. on

    Yeahh CCCP ,the retard was on our first line…He lost us the game,hank and Lisen.


  108. greg, what hallucinogens are you on? or are u speedballin? wtf are u talkin about? haha, j/k buddy. ive always wantyed to say that. my life is complete. goodnight and goodluck. greg, me n you gotta go to a ranger game this spring. im comin to the north pole and im gettin ya and we are gonna get in some nyc nightlife like the ranger team does!!! u down buddy?? im plannin on goin this coming march.

  109. 200 PROOF!!!!!!!! holy carp!!

    I am sick of every year, either typing myself, or reading that the lines aren’t gelling! How many years are we going to be complaining about that. It falls on deaf ears/eyes! The lines arent gelling because we have the wrong people owning the team and in management positions. As someone mentioned earlier, the reason why the Wings and Devils (cough puke cough) are consistent year after year is because they have an organizational vision, and their AHL teams play the same system the big boys play, hence, when the younger dudes make the jump, they know what the hell to do. It seems as if we dont have that type of system wide plan. This is the freakin New York Rangers, one of the vaulted “Original Six” teams. How are mental midgets allowed to run an original six franchise into the depths of the cesspool?

  110. grabby, he’d probably tell him to piss off. at that point i’d expect you and ZZZzzz to piss on him!

  111. he’d probably tell US to piss off… damnit, brain and fingers not working together properly..holy sheep, just like the Rangers!

  112. He’s beloved in Canada, why doesnt he go back to the woods he was dragged out of, shaved, groomed and put in a suit to destroy the fabric of an original six franchise. I dont know who i despise more, him, bettman, dolan or… well we won’t discuss the 4th one.

  113. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Scratched by the cat !!!"... says Greg L. on

    Chris F , only think that sucks is you . Yeah , actually Im 7 years old ,pushing 8. Say something smart ,let’s see how old you look you pud.

    Try and kid yerselfs all ya want . Garden ice is sooooo bad , NO ONE can pass anything on that crap in the 3rd!! A couple dumb flippers in the net for the Panthers!!?? That’s just cheap goaltending.

    Hahah Mike , that would be a blast!!!

  114. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Garden ice sucks more than Sather or Dolan !!!"... says Greg L. on

    200 proof , Sather for Prime Minister,absinthe, pissing on Sather…ahhh what a country!!!!

  115. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Garden ice sucks more than Sather or Dolan !!!"... says Greg L. on

    That Garden ice is sooo crappy , ya can’t do anything on that chippy, soft ,slow , puddling piece of garbage it is.
    Maybe try firing the ice crew or stop having elephants on it the day before or better yet …stop sharing it with the Knicks or Nets or whatever. If we wanna bitch about Management then Im bitching about our ice. It should be scapped up and tossed out. Fire the crew, do something.
    That Rye practice facilty , why not play there and toss a bunch of bleachers around it? People come to games just to sit and moan ,and hardly ever chear “LET’s GO RANGERS!!”. So let’s just play in our practice facilty and watch our team actually play. When our team steps onto “real” ice as the visitor..were AMAZED!!! Giradi probally leans over to Staalsie…” wow , my feet feel gooood , what is it?” Staalsie says…” it’s good ice buddy , good ice”
    Our Ice is so bad , Voros is 20 mph slower!!!! Avery can cut into it ,his blade dig in so deep ,he is actually going slower!!! Clunkerqvist cant stop anything bouncing cuz of the crappy ice!!! If you wanna bitch about something , Let’s talk ice.

  116. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Greg- just reach over to your right, and push the little red button. When the nurse arrives, ask her to up your medication. Then take a long nap.

  117. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Garden ice sucks more than Sather or Dolan !!!"... says Greg L. on

    I used to drive a Zamboni..even gave my gal at the time a ride. Fire the Zamboni driver , he’s partly to blame.

  118. Greg, didn’t the Panthers, a visiting team, play on the same ice the Rangers did…ya know, the Rangers, the home team that SHOULD be used to the less than stellar ice conditions? Ya really can’t use the ice as an excuse, thats pretty lame.

  119. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Garden ice sucks more than Sather or Dolan !!!"... says Greg L. on

    Face facts IZZY , any aguement you have is probally due to our crappy, chippy ice. That sludge could n’t pass for real ice if it tried. Meds , shmeds , haha can’t handle a real rant. You should try it . Instead of trying to be “first” all the time…try to have some real thoughts instead of trying to get attention on being first mr Mandelbum. If you win though of the week , that would out do any “firsts” you ‘ve ever had.

  120. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Garden ice sucks more than Sather or Dolan !!!"... says Greg L. on

    Linda , Thats were dolan,sather ect have us all brain washed. We think, duhh , were on the same ice so whats the big deal? You ever try skating on ice yourself? Do you really know what Im saying here? The ice is really bad, like really really bad. Gaborik’s groin is takin a beating i bet. Ice is about as lame as the Sather and dolan complaints. It all adds up. Anyone who is used to “good ice” They like s OUR slow ice cuz its different.Try playing on that garbage and you tell me how ya feel.

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