Moment of the week…and a holiday gift idea


Good afternoon Staal and all! Laurel here with a non-game night clean slate. Why? Oh gee, I can’t think of any reason other than I haven’t been able to lead a post for a while and it gives me such joy!
So, has P.A.’s shootout goal as the moment of the week. Agree, disagree?

Also, the site tells me, the new Rangers Yearbook will be available at MSG soon, but you can pre-order it now. Why did that little tidbit catch my eye? Duh….


See, this is what you get when there’s no game, no news and me in charge :)

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  1. Babs, I’m surprised this one didn’t go on sisterblog too. I’m sure you’d find some text to accompany..

  2. Ok I don’t know if anyon has said this before but if so, it needs repeating anyway. We have been “rebuilding” since the year jagr left. He had this team on his shoulders which everyone could agree. Sather has been getting rookies and playing greater and greater numbers as the years have gone. We now hav gaborik to lean on and he’s got termites in his crutches. We are in a bad way right now with the three hefty contracts. If one god blessed day we get rid of one eveything will turn around. We just need that other scorer. I’m not gunna lie….I miss Big Baby Z and Orr. Anyone knownwhat happend them?

  3. Well we know if CCCP isn’t that there’s less likely a chance of the crazies being there…ordering drinks in ALL CAPS :P

  4. We had some technical issues. They’ve been resolved. Guys, here’s all I have to say for today. I’m off tomorrow so won’t be here at all. I don’t know Carp’s schedule, but he obviously can’t be chained to his laptop all day.

    It may find a way back. I don’t know. But believe me, we’re working to try and get this taken care of. We here at RR central appreciate your patience, understanding and dedication to all things Rangers and sister blog :)

    In the meantime, maybe you go back to hitting the ignore button instead of response.

    As for me, much as I love cats, I hope the Panthers get whacked :)

  5. And with that, I bid you adieu…..Phew! Now you know why management is so fargin exhausted!!! Goodnight Staal and all!

    and special thanks and shout outs today to ilb and MAKO….they know why :)

  6. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    I would rather go to Brighton beach drink vodka , eat well , meet Russian blonde lady ,than go to the garden and give dolan my money

  7. onecup

    you make it sound as if going to Brighton, eating and drinking well and meeting Russian blonde lady is some kind of a punishment! lol

  8. Speaking of Dolan and his money

    im looking to buy 5 tickets for the December 6th game vs Red Wings. Does any one have a good offer for me? i need 5 tickets.

  9. Mike – he was saying thing aboot you and IA! bad things!! dark things!! things that no man shall repeat again! but it was mostly aboot you!

  10. Un mensaje de Jesus Gómez:

    “¿Alguién aquí habla español? ¡Claro que sí! Aunque vivo en Montréal hoy en día, me acuerdo siempre los años en Nueva York. Tanto dinero…”

  11. ilb- i took 2 spanish classes in school 10 years ago!!! how can i remember it all?? and the dominican guys i used to work with taught me there own wierd words. dota i think its spelled that way means pooty tang. lol

  12. Anyone speak Spanish? Of course I do. Although I live in Montreal today I’ll always remember the years in NY, lots of $$$

  13. cccp- say it aint so!! iowas the greatest pile o’ dirt this side of the mississippi and the east side of the missouri river!! there wouldnt be cornflakes without iowa!!! no sir!. ohh, and we have the worlds fattest pig at the iowa state fair! cant beat that. where else in the country canu take a big gulp of fresh a$$…err i mean air in the summertime breeze. the sweet smell of miracle grow and hot steaming maneur baby! and did i mention corn?? ohh, and did i mention fresh air? they also sell liquor in every store here!! walmart,the drug store,the gas station!! keep on rockin in the free world!!!!

  14. “Soy el jugador mexicano único de la LNH. Pero LW3H ni es español ni mexicano ni dominicano ni…¿Dónde está Al Trautwig?”

  15. LW3H
    Estoy impresionado con tu español a continuación. Soy de Rusia, pero mi esposa es colombiana

    CCCP- ne volnuysa, druzhok. Ya tebe pomogu s Ispanskim.

  16. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on


    What brooks article? He and I share notes at times!!


    I am absolutely crestfallen taht you think this ” have a hard hitting…..what greg says, day” is ZZZZZ (no offense ZZZ) All those posts i signed out as have a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day (which i have now changed to an anti-rozy d man day, it’s shorter) and the credit goes elsewhere! ouch baby, ouch!!!!


    What happened on the blog today and drury status??


    rest easy bro!!


    Congrats on the last a few posts ago!


    Have an anti rozy d man day !!!

  17. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    So, you finally pulled the flush handle on the fecal fan. Good! He was starting to smell like a like a port-a-potty on a hot day in Juarez.

  18. I know a few people mentioned this article. I dont know if anyone posted it.

    But LB is spot on. Im wondering if the players like one another, but that shouldnt make a difference though….
    Brashear isnt doing his job at all and the best thing they can do is get rid of him. I DONT understand why every other team will make ballsy moves to get players going, calling players out, taking letters away. I know they still have to be professional about it. But if a player isnt doing their job, then, they should be “fired”. He’s 37, soft, slow doesnt seem like he gives a squirt either.

  19. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    “how’s life?”

    It’s treating me like I slept with his sister…

    “soft and hand rolled”

    It’s what puts the Magic in Magic Pan. Com to think of it, it also puts the wanna in marijuana…

  20. im getting more and more convinced that Izzy Mandlebaum isnt Izzy Mandlebaum at all! i bet Izzy knows where kaspar is :)

  21. Oh my lord wicky!!!!! I am so sorry! Hey, if you’d been here earlier, you’d know what kind of day I’ve had…..OY! (that’s for you CCCP…shout out!) But a newspaper on my nose! Will never happen again.

    Guys, might I suggest we move on from it and not discuss it. Why incite it and give it more reason to make mine and Carp’s lives a drag….Please!!!!! e-mail amongst yourselves, but let’s move on.

    I see RR has gone totally international now. Hey, readers who are not regular posters….a game in two days….keep coming back! We work hard here for your enjoyment…

  22. Yeah, speaking of regulars. Has anyone seen Orr? Ever since that picture of Megan Fox in the NYT Magazine appeared, he hasn’t been around much.

  23. MAKO….I don’t know if that’s case either (Im wondering if the players like one another, but that shouldnt make a difference though…)…..but I think it does. This sport requires something extra than just skill to build a team in the team sense of the word….feel free to correct me, as I’m sure those who disagree will, but I think cohesiveness off ice matters just as much as on.

    I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again….there are lots of examples of good d-men (wicky!) who went after those who needed a lesson, but my favorite example remains from the brothers Maloney days…(lord save me from mixing them up here) but as I recall, it was Dave who…anytime anybody did anything to Dan, he’d fly from wherever he was on the ice to kill that guy.

    P.S. It’s funny how often people still refer to Dan as Don, who as we know, is not a brother Maloney. Herewith end my Maloney lovefest.

  24. Laurel

    Im sorry if I was unclear – I meant it shouldnt make a difference if they dont like each other….. that they are all “TEAMMATES”, they should ALL have each others backs (especially their franchise goaltender).
    Whichever team you are on, even if a player was an “enemy” of another player on another team & one guy gets traded to that same team. They are supposed to be “teammates” “brothers”. Maybe they think someone else is more deserving of the “C”, maybe they dont like Drury or Brashear or Avery. Who knows. I just wish they would figure it out and kick start themselves again.

    I really hate seeing players like LQ, Prospal, Gaborik and a few others work very hard and not getting help from the other guys around them.

  25. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    MAKO- this lack of teamwork is what you get when you turn over roughly half the team every year. To be a TEAM and have each others backs comes with being familiar with and trusting of your fellow players. This takes time. Sather’s slice and dice method of slamming free agents and draft picks together each season almost assures that there is no long term bond among teammates.

    Thanks, Glen.

  26. MAKO

    I’m sure it’s an unwritten rule- he is your teammate, you have to have his back. But I always wondered how much them liking each other off the ice impacts that rule. Humans, remember. Someone makes more than the other, someone looked wrong on somebody’s girlfriend… Who is responsible for all that not to be an issue once they are on the ice?

  27. Izzy- it goes both ways. Sometimes, if they stay together too long, some other issues may surface.

  28. MAKO,, I agree, and much as I hate to give that crepe roller credit :) Izzy is too. There’s lots of things that go into making a team click as a team….I don’t know what it is this year….maybe they have it all and are as frustrated as we are….At any rate, blogmama is too tired to think about it anymore :)…..good night, good luck, have fun, if there’s an issue, alert Carp or I….

    last call: if you can make it to warren Saturday – during or post-game – I’ll be there with TR….If you can’t, I shall report Sunday (probably around 2 p.m.:) about the experience!

    Bye heads! (and wicky, you crease clearing dude you, by that I mean bye!)

  29. Aw shoot….wicky gets the last laugh…sorry Sally, just saw your post…nah, mama’s good, thanks. I figured Linda and, maybe, Olga would like it too :)

    You all missed a day! Keep Carp company tomorrow :)….

    Izzy, I had to laugh at that. And I’m the one who alerted him to the cover :)

    Gee, I’m awfully smiley tonight. Punchy methinks…..TA!

  30. the 3 of you make excellent points. They are just a head-scratcher. I guess we’ll never know. But you have to wonder the point that LB makes. Tough talking coach, but there no consequences for players not sticking up for one another.

    And at least Avery is showing some signs of life the last 2 games.

    Get some rest Laurel and thank you again for today; showcasing the little man, he says thank you too. LOL

  31. Carp –

    in response to your scheduling observation.

    I would ( and do) watch any good game I can get either on TV or internet feed.

    Calgary vs. Chicago tonight is likely to be a great game. As for the locals, it is always good to pull for any Devil or Islander opponent. Leafs vs. Carolina – just want to see what it looks like; two bottom teams.

  32. do you guy think Sather wakes up in the morning the day each season starts and thinks to himself…”is this the year?”

    i honestly think that’s what he does… he smacks together a “whatever” team each year and thinks he can win it all! then…he wakes up again and thinks to himself “is this the year?”

  33. He does seem like he is “that” far removed from reality.

    The last few seasons have also shown that he refuses to admit he has made mistakes in prior seasons.

  34. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    I’ll bet Sather thinks “As long as I make the playoffs, and do better than the Knicks, I have a job for life.”

  35. CCCP

    I think he gets up looks at himself in the mirror, chomps on the cigar from the night before and shadow boxes himself saying in the mirror “IM DA BOSS, IM DA BOSS, IM DA BOSS” LOL

    Yeah Glenn, one time you WERE a contender.

  36. Jay/Izzy…hmmm. I will ponder those thoughts.

    ilb, bag…purses are for ladies over 80….and I still don’t know what that comment about me forgetting the bag/purse means.

    Carp! Hey buddy! You get actual hockey to talk about soon!

    ZZZZ. sorry greg, stealing you….goodnight staal and all. Wicky, you win…

  37. eeeeesh so much to catch up on….but in response to the photo Laurel so generously posted…..WOW DELICIOUS!

  38. Mako, PLEASE tell me you copied whatever shim did and emailed it to me so I could partake of the activities! Damn I hate work, it interfers with bonehead time!!

  39. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on


    just read the post from brooksie (thanks for the link mako) and yep he used my notes!


    It’s ok, I forgive you! How many times have you “laureled” today btw??

    Someone posted earlier about roster turnover being the problem with not sticking up with each other and I repectfully and totally disagree. I think it is a character issue and some guys just have it and some don’t. Some guys are “team” players and some are not.

  40. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win baby , just win !!!"... says Greg L. on

    HAHAHA Wicky ,I laugh my head off when I saw Laurel say Im the crease clearing guy…thats too funny ,cuz ya said it a bazillion times and if anyone said it was me ..thats just too dam silly.

    HALLILUJA HAAAAAAA LLLILLUJAAAAAA!!! ( my ceromonial chant that the beast is gone!!!!!)

    My /Our NEEDS list again :

    #1 Need better ice for Gaborik on msg ,spoil yer players all ya want but its no good if yer skating on mud every gameday.

    #2 A Center , someone people will pay $$$ to see ,kinda like a sidekick for..Gaborik.

    #3 A Crease clearing hard hitting kinda Defenceman wicky likes , hem hem LAUREL!! (BTW come back!!!)

    Guys sinor taco bell, el pasoo burritooo sisi amigos.

  41. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win baby , just win !!!"... says Greg L. on

    Honestly , the only thing that makes it bad for a lady to like sports ,in perticular our Rangers. Linda , by you “slurping” over the Avery and Hank G Q shots …umm …I see these guys as hockey players and sexual though NEVER EVER come to mind but as I see yers and Laurel…ummm That girls ..OPENS it up for everyone. I never wanna picture Avery in a thong or something ,,makes me wanna puke. Pictures of Hank and Avery all slutted out for the ladies is just flat out wrong. Sorry Laurel..but it really makes some guys sick.

  42. Greg, I dont wanna see ANYONE in a thong, but the fact that you thought of Avery in one, and put it in writing disturbs me quite a bit!! :-) If its ok for you guys to talk about Fox and the tatas on that other chick and whatnot, has opened up the dudes for us! And they are in suits, not slutted out, so its a big difference my friend!! I love you guys, funniest people in the world!

  43. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Greg thinks about men in thongs, its not gay if its only thinking about touching it, and not really touching it…


    Fire Drury! hahaha

  44. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on


    I know, I thought it was frakking hilarious!!! Laurel has such a man harem, she gets us all confused!! She should just assign us all numbers!

  45. lmao @ Fire Drury

    I think i have slatipus asshat all figured out! (that was for you specifically Rick!!!)

    He actually thinks this is fantasy hockey, and his fantasy leaves a lot to be desired.

  46. Mako, thanks for one of the most hilarious emails i’ve ever received! I thought I sent you a pretty hilarious one yesterday, but for some reason, it kinda disappeared! I’ll put it together again and send it over the weekend!

  47. i’d like to see Dolan in a thong… and maybe Slats, too
    would be cool to see Dolan and Slats wrestle in a huge bathtub filled with oil…that’s not too gay…is it?

    P.S. not that there’s anything wrong with that :)

  48. CCCP, sounds like ya got a lil greco roman/gladiator thing going on eh???

    So, I am to believe today is a glorious day for the Festivus/Bonehead/knucklehead/ awesome blog!! We shall forever celebrate the anniversary, and toast this day in May at Warren!!

  49. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    wicky, its not gay if you’re holding a guy buy the buttocks and making his meat swing all around- it just isnt.

  50. Mako, trust me, it’ll crack you up!! I have this one dr. i used to work for who thinks like we do, so he sends me the craziest stuff!!! Ya gotta laugh!!

  51. we were talking about Cindy running with the torch …. so…

    November 19th, 2009 at 10:27 am
    Cindy + Flame = is it’s own punchline

    For Linda:
    hotdog lips on open flames lol

  52. lmao…hotdog lips..sooooooo true! Ya know he got his first tattoo, it’s on the lips, the top one says Sabrette and the lower says Inflate to 30 pounds

  53. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    speaking of the thing we are not supposed to talk about here that some of us participate in, I’m actually winning so far this week (and yes, leading in PIMs).

    Gotta love calgary/chicago with a fight on a powerplay, that’s what i’m talking about!!!!

  54. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Avery in a thong is just plain wrong !!!"... says Greg L. on

    Linda , I don’t wanna see anyone in a thong either ,except for maybe CCCP,wicky ,grabchev,laurel,you and Beth. Sorry Carp ,ummm your a great reporter type-hockey talking radio guy but nope …im not gonna picture it.

  55. You’re killing me Linda HHAHAHAHAHAHAHA my abs & sides hurt!!!!!!!

    Thank you for those great emails!!!!

  56. Greg

    im speechless! you put my name first as a person you want to see in a thong! im touched… check you email in 2 minutes Greg…

    {went to make few snapshots for Greg}

  57. Greg, the only place for floss is between the teeth, not in the butt! You’re a wild man! Crackin me up over here! Hey wait, you forgot Sally!!!

  58. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Avery in a thong is just plain wrong !!!"... says Greg L. on

    Mako , wasn’t it you who started all this fantasy draft stuff and then Carp Banned it? Or was it Doggie doodie?

  59. wait a sec… greg, you’re the one who imagined Avery in the thong, you wrote it out, and NOW ITS PART OF YOUR NAME??!?! you’re out of control!~

  60. Nah Rick didnt ban it. He just said to keep the talk at a minimum. But there were some people who didnt want the talk at all LOL

    yeah its my league though “Carps Boneheads”

  61. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Avery in a thong is just plain wrong !!!"... says Greg L. on

    Linda ;
    Oh ,I never forgot Sally ,….um she just didn’t cut it. The bearded lady she is. I like my thong wearers hairless.
    CCCP being from way out in the boonies , they shave thier legs for swimming and such.

    CCCP with your manly growling snarl…turn yer back to me a growl like the russian beast you are, all thonged up and all!!


    “CCCP with your manly growling snarl…turn yer back to me a growl like the russian beast you are, all thonged up and all!!”

  63. Ok Ok…. bearded ladies, hairless thong wearers, snarling – shaved – growling CCCP in a thong, Russian beasts…

    You cant get this anywhere else….

  64. Rick (No, not that one) on

    Congrats to all.
    This is the single weirdest thread I’ve ever read here.

    But, very entertaining.
    Carry on.

  65. nite gang! Hope yous all have a great friday!!! Not much longer to wait for a game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO and its pay day to boot!!

  66. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Avery in a thong is just plain wrong !!!"... says Greg L. on

    oh comment is/was waiting moderation.

  67. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Avery in a thong is just plain wrong !!!"... says Greg L. on

    HAHA Mako ,it does seem a little wackey now that I reread that shtuff . It’s all Avery’s fault ,Laurels too , and throw Linda in there too.

  68. Hartford Whalerpack on

    Maybe this team isn’t gelling. Maybe they don’t all get along or just have different cliques? Anyone follow Sean Avery’s blog on his website? He posted Larry Brooks’ praising from the other night. So players DO read the papers in NY…

  69. Hmm… I missed it… I wonder what got Local Fan banned?

    Too bad that Massachusetts cannot be banned from the U.S. or at the very least, Boston and New England banned from sports :(

  70. CCCP

    Sather wakes up the morning of the beginning of the season each year and says “Who cares what the Rangers do!! I’m never going to get fired! Yippee!”

    I will give the guy props for his Jagr trade, since that is the only good thing I can remember him doing off the top of my head.

    for every other team i look closely at, this rangers team is just a bunch of pussies…Damn this is gettin cold

  72. I’m going Sat, probably not to W77 b4 unless they have super beer deals. Off the Wagon does it for me.

    And yes Caspar, the Rangers are a bunch of pussies, letting their players get stomped without any paybacks.

  73. Good morning. Yesterday was an interesting day, indeed. I see we lost a few good men last night. And women. Let me rephrase it, a few men and women lost it last night. Happens often after midnight. The good news, they all come back next day.

  74. chicago also had the benefit of sucking hard for few years and getting real good draft picks, just like the pissberg pansies, and the piles, lightning and kings. i really think if we are not makin the playoffs this year, we should tank and get a top 3 or 5 pick. preferably a big power fwd who can hit, score, fight, pass, block shots with his sphincter muscle, then crush the puck into jello from tight sphincter muscle(like odd job did to the golf ball from goldfinger). then he also has to be funny like gomez, he has to be ultra clutch, has to be able to score into an empty net, but most importantly, he has to be clutch. theres just no need for any of those attributes if he cant even perform a simple clutch dump in. then, we’ll be able to win the cup!!! oh, but first izzy must be our gm. and cccp our head coach with mako as asst coach. TR will be team dentist, and the team massage therapist job will be handled by greg z, linda, ilb,onecup,nasty,laurel,sally,and chuck woolery. me n wicky will be rozy and reddens replacements. now thats a team to contend with!!!

  75. Mike- thanks for something to cheer me up this AM. Loved it! I’d also bartend. Can you find a job for ORR on that dream team?

    CCCP- retarded doesn’t do a justice! It’s yebnutoye.

  76. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Wow I miss one day of blogging and so much happens.

    Blogomama and Captain Carp at there best!!


    I dont even want to know what was said
    only thing running through my mind right now is:

    Na na na na, na na na na, Hey hey hey,,GOODBYE!!

  77. Those idiots who called Stamkos a bust last year, lol

    14 goals in 19 games, half of our overpaid team dont have 14 goals combined!

  78. Anyone else feel like Florida is going to kick start us into a win streak?
    We are due for at least a couple good games… with a favorable outcome.

  79. It’s good to only have like 4 games in 13 days when you’re cold. Hopefully we’ll be hot when we have like 10 games in the next 13. It’s all about timing.

  80. What in holy hell was going on here yesterday? I need to make some more time in my schedule for you boneheads.

    ZZZ, it’s okay. I don’t want to see you in a thong either.

  81. ZZZZ

    I usually go commando, Not sure if I feel comfortable adding to the situation if you know what I mean!!

    Have an anti-rozy d man day to all!!

  82. Olga- it’s Caramba. And the Spanish was pretty decent, I thought.

    MAKO- Was a bad move on your part. We will not see Orr for the next week or so. And I doubt anyone in his household will be able to get in the bathroom any time soon

    Waht bothers me is that there are too many 3 point games in the East. May come back to bite us.

  83. at work, so sucky for the most part! Do have a computer right now though, which is a rarity for me at work! How bout you girl?

  84. Morning crew!

    good take on the dime store spanish soft core! was almost waiting for don francisco! lmao @ wicky going commando!

  85. Ilb

    lmao! Not necessarily a bad thing, he’ll be busy for a while lol

    I hope there’s more than one bathroom in that house lol

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