Can’t wait for next week


… because this week has been brutal. First of all, it lacks hockey. I never understood the NHL having three teams in the New York area and having them so often all play the same night, then having two, three, four nights in a week when none of them plays. I don’t get it. I mean, a lot of you wouldn’t watch the Islanders if your hair was on fire and that was the only way to get water. But a lot of you would watch a hockey game, any game, on a night when your team is off. Right?

So next week has to be better with all those games, starting Saturday, then Monday, then Wednesday, then Friday, then Saturday, then Monday! Hallelujah!

It has to be better for me, too, because this week was difficult on a personal level, and on a blog level. It really was. I cannot wait for it to be over.

So today I’m taking a day mostly away from the blog. I have another assignment this afternoon/evening, and I need some time away from everything else until then. See youse later.


PS, you should know that I talked to Jane McManus yesterday. She’s doing great, freelancing. And she misses you Boneheads. She really does. Maybe we’ll get her back on here for a guest post one day. Also I have invited the Great SamWeinman to stop by whenever — it’s open-ended. And somebody was asking a few weeks ago about Walt MacPeek, the former  long-time Rangers’ beat guy for the Newark Star Ledger who’s now retired. He visits here, and he said he’d be interested in sharing some views once in a while, too. He’s a guy with a great wit, with loads of stories and never short of opinion, so that should be interesting when it happens.


Meant to link to Tortorella’s post-game from Tuesday, since the game was on Versus. Here it is.

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  1. Great… right when we get to busy hockey week im gonna be away for the entire week visiting mother-in-law in Florida! Maybe on Wednesday im gonna go watch Rangers play Panthers in Florida. Hopefully the game in Florida wont be sold out! lol

    I know we have some rangers fans in Florida…do you guys think ill be able to buy tix at the arena or should i buy them in advance?

  2. Carp

    i did notice that you’ve been kinda different for the past few days.. i hope that whatever personal stuff you’re going through will end with the end of this week. It really was a weird week…

    hopefully we can restore the serenity here at the blog…

    {gives Carp a big bear hug}

  3. CCCP,

    I used to go to NYR games at Sunrise all the time … I usually bought them on craigslist a few days before … one time I met the dude at the arena, worked just fine. But if you take your chances and just go to the arena on game night, you should also be fine.

    As bush-league as Miami Arena was, moving the Panthers to west Ft. Lauderdale was a bonehead move if I’ve ever seen one …

  4. The powerplay has been way too stationary the past few games, not creating the chances we need to get some goals through. Gilroy letting that shot get off killed us big time, it was the same kind of goal Bradley scored last year in the playoffs that destroyed us

  5. Great to hear that Jane is doing well. Would love to hear from Walt MacPeek every once in a while. I used to love reading his articles in The Star Ledger.

  6. Carp seems like Tortorella has lots of excuses and reasons, likes to name names, but it’s never him. Especially his pinning that goal it on Gilroy. He may deserve part of the blame , but to basically give Redden & Lundqvist a free pass……. what’s Tortorella’s fault or responsibility?

  7. Carp- hang in there, buddy. We all have those ups and downs. Well, whatever it is, I truly hope it’s over. Would be nice to have Jane chime in evey now and then.

  8. Larry Brooks this am sounds like he’s been in touch with Wicky for awhile. Totally agree. Why doesn’t Torts demand that they protect one another?

  9. Great, one of the headlines in the paper was “Panthers continue turnaround” or something like that…just what we need! For some reason, all these team-wide brawls happen on Saturday nights..I remember a few years back in Columbus and last year Colorado got a bit chippy right? Maybe we could use that Saturday, especially with such a busy week ahead as Carp mentioned.

  10. NYRGuy- we could use anything at the moment.

    Does it not seem that every time we play someone, they are on the upswing? If not, we will jumpstart them. Can someone effing jumpstart us?

  11. it was ilroy who screwed up, but hank couldve made the save. imo gliroy shouldve done everything to stop him from getting the shot. its just all 3 players screwed up at the exact same time. redden couldnt get in out, or in, whatever,gilroy couldnt catch bradley and take a good penalty, and hank couldnt make the big save. its a team effort, and nobody did anything right. but of course it doesnt matter if the 17 other players besides gabby could score more. or score at all. i think torts did say somethin about hank not makin that save too. i dont think he was just blaming glroy. lets face it, hank hasnt been on top of his game this year,with exception for a couple great games, and nobody on the team is scoring. as bad as our d is, you cant really blame them for holding the caps to just 3 goals. especially with giving up so many penalties. maloney and someone else too said at the beginning of the season, that hank cannot be the story every night for the team to win. and its basically been nothing but that. but when hes good, he gets us those wins that couldve gone either way. hes not anymore. we need scoring.

    p.s. sorry ilb for writing a novel again. lol.
    p.s.s- carp- hope u feel better with whatever it is thats got ya down. take it easy uncle matteo!!

  12. ilb- its because we are such a young team and we all said wed deal with all this if it happened. now its harder to deal becaus ewe got teased a litte with that 7 game streak. its gonna be like this all year most likely. im not getting my hopes too high riht now but ya know what, if we truly have no chance come playoff time, then i wont be mad and will look forward to the draft. maybe we can snag us a real top 3 talent this year like the rest of the crap teams do. im not sayin i wanna miss the playoffs, cuz theres always a chance, especially with hank, but it wouldnt be all that bad if we did and got us a nice player for the top line to play with gabby next year. we prob wont though. slats will be a buyer and we’ll continue the cycle. not like i have any attachment to any of these guys right now besides gabby,hank,staal, del z, and AA.

  13. Mike- perfect size of the post. I am happy were we are. You can not fully rebuild in NY. No way that will be allowed. And that’s unfortunate. However, this year is probably as close to the rebuilding as we can get. Up and down year, what else is new. But at least it finally looks like we have a direction this team is moving in.

  14. Dzie? dobry, Pavel. $7m over ten games is a lot of money. Drury’s situation is much more complex than it looked initially. It’s a multiple concussions thing, and he looked frightened when it happened, even though the hit wasn’t awfully hard. He is afraid that one of them will end his career. It’ll be a long time until he’s back, and, hate to say it, if he is back at all.

  15. 4 Del Zotto aka Staal Wart on

    Thanks for all the hard work. Most of us realize you don’t have to do this!

  16. kuppuck

    thnx for the tip… I already spoke to Ira and most likely be meeting him in Florida for tix! thnx again

    Now, one down two to go…can we put Rozi on Forever reserve list? eh?

  17. Rick…
    Hope whatever is troubling you works itself out. You’re a great guy & we all have the utmost respect for you & you deserve to be happy & at peace. :)

    NHL schedule really sucks. And honestly, I don’t mind watching the Islanders. If the Rangers aren’t playing. But, if there is a west coast team playing on Versus, then I watch that.

    Re: Drury. A concussion should never be taken lightly, especially if it’s happended a few times in a players career. But, wow what would ole cigarpuss do with all that extra cash to spend if drury doesn’t come back?!?! Ugh I shudder to think…. SIGN PETR NEDVED!!! hahahahahah

  18. Will Crosby carry the torch and take a dive at the hand off in hopes of holding on just a moment longer? Im sure the press will be there to cover it and the Buttman press machine will make it look like Avery tripped him.

  19. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    I’ll watch ANY hokcey game that’s on, even if its a team I hate.

    If Drury is really on IR, and it takes him a month or two to even be able to get clearance to play, do you guys and gals think Uncle Glen will go shopping?

  20. Leave Sidney Alone!!!!!

    anyone remember that website? I laughed for hours.. Bookmarked it but it has long been gone. That thing was hysterical. If you moved your cursor anywhere near Crosby, the ref would blow his whistle and penalize you.

  21. …and he wasnt a good President! entire country got robbed to the last thread under his nose while he was busy getting drunk!

  22. Is Drury on injured reserve, I didn’t know that. He has had three or more concussions and this one must be a bad one. He has to be taking a long look at maybe not coming back. I sure Drury being himself, he will be back, but there comes a time. I really feel bad for the guy , he hasn’t been the player we all hoped as far as scoreing goes, but I say he has played with a lot of guts. I still think though he should pick his times to block shots, sometimes he gets hit hard when he doesn’t have to.

  23. Brashear for sloppy seconds

    btw Thank you So much Laurel for posting my little man on the sister blog!!!

  24. Laurel..
    Sadly,this is almost done here. Don’t know why. Yeah, I rather have a newspaper on my bitter nose…

  25. 4 Del Zotto aka Staal Wart on

    # CCCP November 19th, 2009 at 10:55 am

    “…and he wasnt a good President! entire country got robbed to the last thread under his nose while he was busy getting drunk!”

    Hey thats what this moron is doing!
    Oh wait he’s not a moron…he knows he’s killing us!

  26. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    Zipay is reporting from twitter that everyone is off the ice. He thinks there is a meeting going on. I wonder if something is brewing up in the front office??? But most likely it is just nothing but a pep talk to the team.

  27. The root cause of the Rangers’ current problems? A management that not only doesn’t utilize the assets they have (see Grachev beat Varlamov in pre-season with a superb shot, outplays Voros and other Ranger deadbeats in training camp, is unfairly demoted to Hartford where he is now reportedly “lacking confidence” in his game (I wonder why!!)) but routinely discards young assets of values.
    I watched the game against Washington from seats in Section 61, saw Callahan get plenty of power play time with the first unit and fail on numerous occasions to finish. Truth is ally is no more than an average passer and an ideal PP performer should be able to both pass ans shoot at a high skill level. Seeing Parenteau excel on the PP, I am reminded of my old pal Nigel Dawes who possessed great hand and shot, but was dismissed because of lack of foot speed (?) and defensive presence (?), two demerits P.A. also possesses. How long before Parenteau is unfairly dispatched?
    BTW though Dawes who was a good PP performer never got serious minutes with the extra man last year at a time when our PP was among the worst in the league. Dawes has had no trouble this season successfully setting up Iginla in Calgary on the Flames PP. His intelligence and passing skills would have made an interesting complement to Prospal and Gaborik, even with his average foot speed. Back in the World junior days, Canada won the championship with a number one line of Mike Richards at center, Ryan Getzlaf at right wing and Dawes at left wing. The leading scorer in the tournament? Dawes. His three assists against the Rangers last week are an indictment of the Rangers ongoing player evaluation process which unfortunately is as bad as our drafting history.

  28. Carp, your quarter pole analysis is spot on! I can’t tell you how much I’ve been enjoying Gaborik’s play this season. He’s only 27 and clearly a player we can build around. in 47 years as a Ranger fan, I’ve seen few wearing the RWB with the talent and grace that Gaborik displays. And he seems to be a mensch as well! Losing to Washigton, given the talent of their roster and their surprising strength on defense is no shame; however, Henrik’s goaltending particularly on washington’s second goal (Laich) was subpar. I love the Royal Swede but he has to find the puck more quickly on that occasion. (Dan Girardi, where were you on that play?)

  29. From Gross:

    Avery-Anisimov-Callahan B

    Drury has had a good number of days, is visiting a doctor.

  30. If Kotalik can play the LW…that looks good…can you see one of Prospal’s beautiful passes to Kotalik for a one-timer…oh boy

  31. One of the good things about getting old is that it’s no time all the frustration and rage over a incompetant, gutless, mindless loss, just goes away. I used to carry it around for days.

  32. I notice certain posts from a certain someone getting deleted. Bless you blog patrol, bless your hearts and souls.

  33. Every day I laugh here. It’s like a pot calling a kettle black. Or if you prefer.. a rat calling a opossum a long nosed mother-fornicator… I feel like the next post should read.. I’m rubber and you’re glue.. etc… hahaha man i need to go get my fingerpaints out of the grandkids toybox.

    thanks for the laugh.. cumbaya

  34. It is a condition of your use of the comment features associated with the blogs that you do not: Use the site to post or transmit any unlawful, threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, pornographic, profane or indecent information of any kind, including without limitation any transmissions constituting or encouraging conduct that would constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate any local, state, national or international law. You alone are responsible for the material you post or send. Refer to the Terms of Service.

    Yep I think you have met at least 3 of the conditions of your use of the comment features.. Looks like you lost your cool and took an offensive zone penalty. I think you’re about to get benched. Possibly sent to the Commissioner for review and a suspension. Don’t worry, I’m sure someone will pick you up off waivers. Have a nice day. thanks for the laughs.

  35. This is what i ahve been waiting for.

    Finaly we see what Jersey really produces!

    Case Closed

  36. Take a step back and think about this.

    You’re really asking a bunch of people that you annoyed to no end to actually care about the particulars as to why you’re getting blocked?

  37. Sally, where have you been, girl? Couldn’t dig your computer out of the firs snow in Bufallo? Or too much home work? Just kidding, nice to see you back. Carp was literally worried sick.

    And go check out MAKO’s baby on sisterblog, that’ll cheer you up.

  38. This whole “hot pile of Newark garbage” thing reminds me of something…

    There’s one psychedelic band that I like called “Infected Mushroom” …they have a fan forum… it’s a very active place with lots of people talking about the band, music and everything else that comes to mind. We had a dude there some time ago, his username was “Mystic Vibes”… that kid was just something else… he would flood the forum with mindless crap…and I mean mindless CRAP… like some sort of astrology/philosophy/acid-burnt-brain crap! It was BAD… there wasn’t a single day where that kid didn’t have some sort of a brake down or outburst… it was getting so bad that at one point he started making posts like he is going to end his life and we are all to blame!

    Let’s hope our little “situation” won’t get to that.

    Here is a little “Mystic Vibes” introduction lol

    this is what he used to write:


    sorry for a long post…i just had to!

  39. what is this sister blog of which you speak? I read about it here, but never see any links. Is it possible to get a link?

    P.S. you’ll catch more flies with sugar than salt.

  40. From Hacklund at

    “Chris Drury: Forget about his stats. I know the team USA heads don’t care about his 6 points in 18 games. If you pull the goalie and are looking for a guy to come in as your 6th man who you can be assured will score a clutch goal from an impossible angle Chris Drury is your guy. Tough to find the right comparison, but perhaps Drury is the Rolston of this group”

    Buahahaha. “Score from an impossible angle ??? Muahahaha. If he makes Team USA, that would be ridiculous.

  41. It’s Laurel’s blog.

    Hm, CCCP. Your Infected Mushroom type troll typed in all caps, ours does too. You do seem to attract these types.

  42. All……as you can see, management is attempting to address the issue, but sometimes management has to go to a meeting and work, or dare I say, even the ladies’ room. Thanks for your patience.

  43. CTBlueshirt

    hahaha you got a good point! but i didn’t attract the other troll he showed up by himself…just as this one did…plus over there you could ignore the troll by simply skipping the topics “it” makes… not so here… here its kind of in ur face type of troll.

  44. A little late MAKO, they took down all the fun stuff already.

    I’m looking to see if there are any stories of spontaneous combustions going on down on Wall St. or Newark.

  45. Guys, he’ll come back. He’ll use all available IP addresses and different names. As long as anyone of us acknowledges his existence, he’ll be back. JUST DON’T READ IT AND DON”T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL. It’s not that difficult. Until then, Carp and Laurel will have to keep deleting him.

  46. CT

    oh I read all of the insanity lol But by the time I typed that, all of shims posts were gone :) lol

  47. MAKO- he finally showed who he really is. I’d much prefer looking at the innocent(uhm) face of your cat.

    Jlone- where have you been all this time? Sisterblog is Laurel’s free time baby with plenty of useful info for animal lovers.

  48. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Prospal deserves his A !!!"... says Greg L. on

    Sure is hard to read the days events with all the deleting going on.

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