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Good news. Bad news. Worse news.

The Rangers finally have a game tonight. It’s on Versus. Alex Ovechkin is expected to return from his “upper body strain.”

Could be worse than Versus. You could be in Edmonton where some games are on pay-per-view. Egads.


Did you see that Markus Naslund un-retired to join his buddy Peter Forsberg playing for Modo? Maybe he’ll do some recruiting for Glen Sather.


Here are tonight’s pregame notes. I’m headed to the Garden later on.

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  1. For those looking for an online stream for tonights game, look up a site called ATDHE. it usually has most games streaming online.

  2. Thank you mam.

    I got fooggin Carped before. Why !!!!!

    Go Rangers !

    My prediction tonight, Rangers win 3-2, Callahan, Gaborik, Prospal score, Semin scores two, Brash*t hugs somebody, and Voros falls down only once, and it was because he was thinking while skating. Which is a no no for him.

  3. carp maybe i will see you later… dont know if im goin yet.

    i did see naslund come out of retirement. forsbergs last name translates into favre. he will be back by the trade deadline “if” he is healthy. naslund apparently has been dying to play w/ forsberg.

    also big big news. filatov is unhappy in columbus. what does everyone think of trying to get him? how could the rangers trade for him?

    FLASHBACK – the rangers traded tyutin and backman for fritche and zherdev. so even if it did or didnt work out for the rangers we were all happy to get this elite talent w/ untapped potential who was inconsistent at times in columbus.

    i for one would love to see a grachev/anisimov/filatov line

  4. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Hopefully we come out forechecking liek crazy tonight

    Im gonna be watching Artie, Cally and Higgins and hope they all have a great game.

    No Threeor more tongiht, he stayed in WAshington for family reasons. So Varlamov starts, and Ovechkin back in the lineup

    And again, makes it so much sweeter that not only did the DEbbies lose last night, but lost becasue Fatso overhandling the puck


  5. Carps going to the game! Enjoy the game, my man. A while back you mentioned how in your line of work you tend to lose rooting interest pretty quickly. Surely that doesn’t mean that tonight will be all work and no play, right? Right?!

  6. I sure wish Comcast and DirecTv would settle their differences. This sucks not being able to see this game; even if VS has dibilitating coverage.

  7. Crease, it’s all work …but there are a lot worse forms of work than writing and blogging about a hockey game. Plus I enjoy seeing a lot of people I know at the Garden.

  8. It may be worth finding tickets on craigslist to the game just so I don’t have to listen to Joe B and the rest of the VS idiots. Thank god I bought a 12 of Sammy A and a 12 of Bass last night. Is there an audio equivalent of “drink til she’s cute”? Drink til VS sounds tolerable?

  9. Johnny –
    My in-laws have directv and i’m staying with them tonight, so thanks for posting that link. BUT – it does not list Versus on the site?

  10. I can’t see the site from work so I don’t know if it’s up, but go to the Live Sports section. It doesn’t have Versus listed as a channel, but it’ll have something like “7:00 PM Washington Capitals @ New York Rangers”. So it should be there. I watched the Rangers/Devils game on versus there since it was at The Rock and I only get Versus on my kitchen TV (the only one w/o Directv).

    Also Carp, I’ll be there too. Lets hope its not as quiet as last game. It was like a ghost town.

  11. I dont feel that the Caps are as deep with Ov in the line up. I think they are softer with him carrying the puck. Whatever line he is on tends to force the puck to him a majority of the time. Plus he stays on the ice forever.. just lurking. Their main detriment is OV’s inability to play as a part of a line instead of playing most of the game solo with 2 other forwards on the ice. that being said, Backstrom and Semin are no joke.. aside from the semin slap-fest. If That line is successful tonight it will be largely because of those 2 pulling more weight than a healthy OV would normally allow. LGR! Destroy the Caps!

  12. Also Naslund and Forsberg said they are willing to play for free. They just want to play together for MODO, where they started their youth careers.
    This means neither can come back to the NHL this year without clearing waivers after their season are up, which means they aren’t coming back.

  13. Hockeyman Rangers on

    I have a bad feeling about tonights game. It’s coming from my gut which is not a good thing. I hope my gut is wrong, but we’ll see.

  14. For all you Seinfeld lovers. I just saw Kramer in Chelsea Market. Just something fun I thought you may like.

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  15. ATDHE streams pretty decent quality as well so for those who need to watch it on there, you won’t be disappointed. It’s not HD, but it’s not terrible.

  16. Hysterical…..there is a ton of stuff on the web about how groats disease is not really a disease. I thought this one was funny:

    There’s not a lot of solid medical information available online about Groat’s Syndrome. And for good reason. It’s a fictional disease mentioned in Season Two of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. (In the episode in which it appears, Rob Reiner is raising funds for research into Groat’s, which causes hyperactivity and nervous behaviour.)

    So what to make of this Web forum post, appearing here?

    “As a sufferer of Groats syndrome it hard for me to keep me concentration long enough to write this message however leaving a band isn’t like cancelling cable, these people have helped you, you got to go in there. That being said it’s hard to recap the skills you can offer a band, I remember the recap for me is like 6 months and that’s just the crib.”

    Is it a joke? Possible, but not likely, since there’s nothing jokey about the rest of the page (I’ve seen a MySpacer write that she has Groat’s, but she was clearly kidding).

    Is the writer looking for sympathy? Or using the old victimization tactic to be heard more clearly? (I suffer from this, so you should pay more attention to my views on this completely unrelated issue.)

    Or did this person see the episode and say, “Hey! That must be what I’ve got!” Kind of scary, if that’s the case. Internet-and-TV-based self-diagnosis techniques clearly have their drawbacks.
    Share on Facebook


    Anonymous said…
    “As a sufferer of Groats syndrome it hard for me to keep me concentration long enough to write this message however leaving a band isn’t like cancelling cable, these people have helped you, you got to go in there. That being said it’s hard to recap the skills you can offer a band, I remember the recap for me is like 6 months and that’s just the crib.”

    This is a complete joke, im an avid curb your enthusiasm watcher and this is basically 3 quotes from the show put together. Groats, not like cancelling cable, and the recap and crib comments are all from the show.

    6:18 PM
    Anonymous said…
    “using the old victimization tactic to be heard more clearly?” YAWN
    what a clear headed thinker you are.
    it’s a joke!

    11:22 PM
    Philip Moscovitch said…
    I’ve obviously figured that out at this point. Irony detectors must have been turned off.

    11:11 AM
    Anonymous said…
    As we speak…Oxford Chumps is “Walking Across America” for the benefit of Groats Syndrome. You can look him up on Facebook. He started in Ohio and is in Kansas right now.

    1:35 AM
    Anonymous said…
    Groats is NOT a false disease. I have it and that guy “walking across America” is raising money for us!

    2:50 PM
    Wayne Twitchell said…
    I saw that guy this summer on TV (CNN?) when he was in Arizona. About 250 people were following him…kind of like the Forest Gump scene.

    I gave $25 and I will be looking for him when the second walk starts in November.

    “Walk Across America For Groat’s Syndrome.” How can you go wrong? I’m afflicted with the disease and I’m hoping the money raised will find a cure.

    11:21 AM
    Bill Johnston said…
    Our daughter has the disease although it is under control. It seems to affect her most when she is playing her flute. Obviously, during school concerts, we are always watching to make sure she does have an attack while during a performance.

    We appreciate all of the help that these “Walks” provide.

    10:58 AM
    Pepper said…
    Our son has Groats but is a drummer in a rock band. The condition actually seems to have helped his pursuit of percussion. We are very proud of him. He used to play piano but after an embarrassing incident involving at a recital, we bought him a drum set.

    9:42 PM
    Barbara Phillips said…
    Groats Syndrome. Groats disease. Is there a difference? Our insurance company said we were covered for the disease but not the syndrome.

    I don’t know why.

  17. Another injured superstar returning against the Rangers? Shocker! These guys must really love seeing that Rangers shield.

    Don’t look now, boys and girls, but the Uniondale Islanders are tied in points with NYR. Yikes!

  18. Carp, I will stop by tonight with the family. You can meet Mrs. Nasty and my little nasty daughter, who isn’t nasty at all.

  19. Jersey Boy,

    What do you always need to mention the Devils on your posts!!! This is a rangers blog..you are OBSESSED with the Devils. How Envious are you loser? It’s ok the Devils lost. You cant win them all. 9-1 On the Road! Highest winning percentage in the Entire NHL!!!! Decimated with Injuries..no madden..no Gionta..but yet how are we so damn good??



    1994 FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND EVER AND EVER!!!


  21. MIkeyNJ

    PLease I’m begging you… Lol Any mention of the team across the Hudson is like a invitation to “it” to make comments in here. It was so nice in here yesterday :)




  24. here is another link for the game. not sure if this site will stream the tonight’s game but they usually stream it. right now it doesnt show Rangers game but maybe closer to game time they will post a stream link…this is a great website where you can watch all sorts of sports live! most of the streams are working great…check it out.


  25. Jersey Boy Mikey,

    Check out the Fatty’s all time Records:

    Martin Brodeur – NHL All Time Records Held

    Minutes Played in a Single Season – 4,697 – 2006-07
    Most Wins in a Single Season- 48 – 2006-07
    Most Consecutive 30 Win Seasons – 12 – 1995-96 through 2007-08
    Most consecutive 35-win seasons (11)
    Most 40 Win Seasons – 7 – 1997-98, 1999-00, 2000-01, 2002-03, 2005-06, 2006-07, 2007-08
    Most Consecutive 40 Win Seasons – 3 – 2005-06 through 2007-08
    Most All-Time OT Wins – 52
    Most All-Time Shootout Wins – 26
    Most Shootout Shots Against in a Single Seasons – 60 – 2006-07
    Most All-Time Shootout Shots Against – 141
    Most Consecutive Post-Season Starts – 158
    Best Post-Season Goals-Against Average All-Time – 1.96
    Most Shutouts in a Post-Season Series – 3 (tie), 2003 Stanley Cup Finals vs. Anaheim
    Most shutouts in a Post Season (7, in 2002-03)
    Most Combined Shutouts (Regular & Post-Season) – 96, 22
    Only NHL goaltender to score a game-winning goal
    One of only two NHL goalies to score a goal in both the regular season and the playoffs
    First goaltender in history to have 3 shutouts in 2 different playoff series. (1995 against Boston Bruins, 2003 against Anaheim Ducks )

    Most consecutive opening night starts with one team (15)

    Most Wins All Time – 569

    Possibly Set soon
    Most Regular Season Shutouts – 102, current; T. Sawchuk, 103
    Most Games Played All Time by a Goaltender -1,016, current; P. Roy, 1,029
    Most 30 Win Seasons – 12, current; P. Roy, 12
    Most Minutes All Time – 60,050 current; P. Roy, 60,225
    Most Post-Season Shutouts – 23, current ; P. Roy, 23

    First Game/First Win – March 26, 1992, Bos. 2 @ NJ 4 (24 saves)
    100th Win – January 14, 1997, Bos. 2 @ NJ 4 (21 saves)
    200th Win – April 14, 1999, NJ 2 @ Buf. 1 (29 saves)
    300th Win – December 15, 2001, NJ 2 @ Ott. 0 (39 saves)
    400th Win – March 23, 2004, NJ 4 @ Fla. 3 (OT) (21 saves)
    500th Win – November 17, 2007, NJ 6 @ Phi. 2 (26 saves)
    First Shutout – October 20, 1993, Ana. 0 @ NJ 4 (18 saves)
    Most Shots Against – 47, April 10, 1994, NJ 2 @ Fla. 2
    Most Saves – 45, April 10, 1994, NJ 2 @ Fla. 2
    First Goal – April 17, 1997, Montreal 2 @ NJ 5
    First Assist – January 31, 1995, Buf. 1 @ NJ 2

  26. Jersey Boy,

    Check out Fattys Awards,

    1990: QMJHL Rookie All-Star Team
    1992: QMJHL Second All-Star Team
    1994: Calder Trophy as Rookie of the Year
    1994: NHL Rookie All-Star Team
    2003, 2004 and 2007: Three times NHL All-Star Team
    1997, 1998, 2006 and 2008: Four times NHL Second All-Star Team
    1995, 2000 and 2003: Three times Stanley Cup winner
    2002: Won the Olympic Games Gold Medal
    1996: Won the Silver Medal at the World Cup; 2004: Won the Gold Medal.
    1996: Won the Silver Medal at the World Hockey Championship: 2005: Won the Silver Medal World Hockey Championship
    1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2007 and 2008: Ten times participated in the NHL All-Star Game
    1997, 1998,2003 and 2004: Awarded the Williams M. Jennings Trophy as the goalkeeper with the least number of goals scored against during the regular season
    2003, 2004, 2007 and 2008: Has won the Vezina Trophy as the best goalkeeper in the NHL

  27. How can a fatty have all of these awards Jersey Boy? If our goalie is a fatty and has better numbers then your goalie what does that make your goalie?


  28. CCCP,


  29. Regarding the Isles place in the standings, similar to the Rangers, last year it seems that the current points system should have been brought to the attention at the recent GM meetings, revamping the point system for wins.

    Now in a way that appeals to the traditionalist fanbase as well as maintaining the fans of the shoot out, I’ve become a big proponent of the European soccer style of points. The NYTimes does a re-calculated standings based on this. I’m fairly certain the points work like this:

    3 points for a regulation win
    2 points for an OT/skills comp win
    1 point for an OT/skills comp loss
    0 points for a regulation loss

    That creates more of an incentive for winning in regulation and still eliminates the tie.

  30. *- It should be noted that the soccer games do end in ties and each team is awarded only 1 point.



  32. blyad zaebal v konec!!!

    why r some people so f’cking dumb? why do they have a need to bring crap up to stir to pot again? since someone we know (the blogfather) refuses to ban someone we would like to forget lets try again to ignore “it” and this time for real… (of course, it is way too easy to ban one jackass than for bunch of people just to ignore “it”…but Carp doesnt see it that way unfortunately)

  33. Or harass them just because they’re Sawks fans…and I’m a Mets fan that gets annoyed by “The Nation”. Plus the Bruins have one of the longest current Cup droughts going on along with Toronto, Philly and Chicago.

  34. CTBlueshirt
    November 17th, 2009 at 1:50 pm
    Or harass them just because they’re Sawks fans…and I’m a Mets fan that gets annoyed by “The Nation”. Plus the Bruins have one of the longest current Cup droughts going on along with Toronto, Philly and Chicago.

    For you, I’m hoping the Mets succeed in the NL next year, except for 6 interleauge games. :)

    What annoys me more than anything are the Mets fans who despise the Yankees. NY teams should be like brothers, happy for one another.

    Even NJ teams like the Devs could be like step brothers.

  35. Modified standings based on the “soccer style” points system (see above):

    NYR 10 W 1 OTW 7 L 1 OTL = 33
    NYI 4 W 4 OTW 6 L 7 OTL = 27
    NJD 11 W 3 OTW 5 L 0 OTL = 39

    Now under the current point format, the Devils 5 point lead in standings over the Rangers is equivalent to a W-L-OTL record of 2-0-1. With the revised standings, the 6 point difference could be made up by either winning 2 more regulation games or 1-1-0-1. Given the 2 games in hand the Devils have, it would behoove the Rangers to win in regulation. The Isles get penalized, as they should, for winning less in regulation (a point differential worth 4 wins).

  36. CCCP,



  37. For you, I’m hoping the Mets succeed in the NL next year, except for 6 interleauge games. :)
    What annoys me more than anything are the Mets fans who despise the Yankees. NY teams should be like brothers, happy for one another.
    Even NJ teams like the Devs could be like step brothers.


    It’s certainly mostly the Mets side of the rivalry that keeps it going. It’s really a sports fandom representation of the little brother complex. I know the Yankees true rivalry is with Boston. Interleague games are fun for weekend bragging rights.

    However there are also more than a fair share of Yankees fans that rub it in the faces of Mets fans about the WS titles, even before this year. I have no problem with fans of any team that stick with the team no matter what, I just can’t stand fans that bring up championships many years after they’ve been won. I always ask the Yankees fans that taunted with 26 (now 27) rings what other teams in the other sports they’re fans of. If their reasoning for liking a team was based on them having the most # of championships then they should be a Steelers fan in the NFL, a Celtics fan in the NBA and a Canaidens fan in the NHL.

  38. CTBlueshirt

    Ah, there are some Yankees fans who will taunt. But every franchise has some fans like that.

    I can only think of one franchise who does not even have any fans to taunt ;)

    As a Knicks fan, right now I am behind the Lakers, as I need them to overtake the Celtics for championships. Luckily, the Canadiens have too big a margin on the Bruins, and the Steelers have a sizable lead on the Patriots.

  39. I don’t mind the other Boston teams per se, I don’t really have a strong affinity toward either NY football team but I did like it when the Giants beat the Pats because of a particular friend from college that was acting all pompous about the Pats after they beat the Giants to clinch a perfect REGULAR season.

    My most hated rivalry city is by far and away Philly. I also wouldn’t mind if Atlanta and Dallas suddenly couldn’t afford teams anymore.

  40. A local fan,

    I’m sorry if people have been trolling on your favorite blog. I’m sorry if people have been rude to you.

    But…I would really appreciate if if you’d please keep it polite. I know it’s probably very hard on you, being in an “enemy camp” where people bash Marty, but it would be nice.

    We all worship the same religion. Just in different churches. I’d appreciate if you wouldn’t antagonize my fellow rangerman, and keep the blog going in a happy civil manner.

    Thanks a lot.

    Otherwise, guys–what’s with our luck? Do people just magically get healthy SPECIFICALLY to play the Rangers?

  41. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Mako: No worries. It won’t be me getting responding to the douche

    NAsty: Have fun at the game with the wife and daughter, wish I could have scored those tickets

    LEt’s get a ncie win tonight


  42. CCCP



    They just care more about facing the Rangers than any other team.

    If it’s a Boston team, they are just exaggerating an injury or faking one altogether so they do not have to play.

    Case in point, with the same injury in Week 3 against the NYJ that Tomlinson had in an AFC Championship Game against the Pats, he chose to sit on the bench vs the Pats and played versus the NYJ because a Week 3 game was more important to him than a chance to beat the Pats and play in a Super Bowl.

  43. CCCP,




  44. ::YAWNS::

    Ugh… i get tired of reading the same old nonsense from you know who.

    The Devils lose and he comes here to see if anyone was happy about it? THAT is pathetic.
    Don’t rank on my poor team…. WAAAAAAAAAA.

    Is there a new Babies’R’us in town?
    Now that i got that out of my system…

    All those who resort to vulgar name calling are not better than the one you are aiming it at.
    Let us TRY to be adults about this… we’ve discussed ad nauseum ignoring certain bloggers, yet continue to digress to the mental capacity of 8 year olds when the troll comes through.

    Let him post all he wants.
    Let him insult whomever he wants.
    Let him enjoy reading his own comments and high fiving his Brodeur fathead decal he has hanging above his bed.
    But please…. STOP being children about it. Engage in intellegent convo…. or don’t engage at all.

  45. I was in Boston for 5 years for school and I have to say, Sox fans (the Nation ones) hate you if you are from the NY area, even if you are a Mets fan. So my hatred for the Yankees subsided a bit and I was happy to see them win the World Series.

    A lot of the issue is older Yanks fans treat the Mets like the Dodgers when they were in Brooklyn, but there isn’t the borough divide anymore and the Mets aren’t unique to Queens. So to me, I don’t really care anymore and I want New York to win. I’m not saying I like the Yanks, but I don’t hate them as much as I did.

    Also note on Forsberg, they’ve played half a game so far (MODO that is), and he has 3 assists already. He got his 1st one 11 minutes in.

  46. CCCP:
    On one hand, it’s kind of cool. I mean, people who go to the game get to see one of the, arguably, best players in the GAME perform. Live.
    On the other… WHY US! It’s so unfair.

    Any word on lines tonight?

  47. LOCAL,

    in regards to your stats… you’re comparing a 14+ year career to a goalie in his 5th…. so stop it.

    Compare them head to head… wait you won’t want to do that because of Hank’s superior record…

    Compare stats over the past 4 years and i think you will find them pretty similar.

    I’ve given Marty his credit… give Hank his. It’s what a true HOCKEY fan would do.

  48. Other teams..
    My family was raised, since the beginning of time, staunchly Mets, Jets, Rangers.

    I’m not a huge fan of football or baseball, but I cheer out of obligation and hand.

    I refuse to cheer for the Knicks. Aside from disliking basketball, being a Knicks fan is sort of like being in an abusive relationship. You know it’s bad, but they call you and tell you they’ve changed and are all better. So you take them back and find they haven’t changed at all–they’re still putting the housekeys in the wrong place or leaving stuff all over and not picking it up.

  49. Vinny,

    Go ahead. Compare the real stats. not just the head to head. And look who is superior in ALL categories.

    Also i belive Marty won 2 vezinas (best goalie in the entire NHL) since Hank has been a Ranger..

    Did hank win any?

    if you truly look at the numbers and see that martys are better then how could a fatty be better then your king?

  50. I really don’t understand why people just don’t ignore “it” the more fuel to add the longer it will be here annoying us.

  51. This is only ridiculous because “we” have let it get ridiculous. Carp is doing the right thing, we are not.

    Sam *rarely* governed this section, I don’t think he even read most of the comments. The point is, this is nothing new, and it’s not up to Carp to handle this situation.

    I think everyone knows what needs to happen. It’s tired, It’s desperate, It’s almost over.

    We’re here in support of a team, but we are a team of our own. The victory comes with *silence*. You talk, you even hint at something, you already lost.

    Only a *few more of us* need to catch on to the team concept here and we’ll be fine.

  52. Tim Thomas, aka Superman, won a Vezina. It pretty much goes to show that the Vezina is a joke.

    Just like the MVP. They screwed Jaromir out of it. Had Jagr gotten it, he would have been with us last year because a clause in his contract would have kicked in.

    These awards are a joke. They purposely screwed Jagr to keep him out of NY an extra year.

  53. ok i’ll look at real stats since the lockout…

    Wins- Lundqvist 142/Brodeur 154
    Shutouts- Lund-20/Brod-26

    Save%- equal

    GAA- Lund. 2.32/Brodeur 2.33

    So the stats look pretty close dude…. and yes Marty did get 2 Vezinas, Lundqvist was a finalist all those times.

    So if Marty is THAT GOOD in your eyes, Hank has to be right there with him, and i got the stats to back it. So now what?

    November 17th, 2009 at 2:56 pm




  55. Vinny,

    I agree the Hank is a very good goalie. But all you guys sit there and call marty a fatty. look at what marty has done compared to what hank has done..
    hank has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.
    and martys stats are better..but he is a fatty so its ok to you guys..
    this is why i feel the need to back marty up..because he is better then your goalie.
    this guy has 3 stanley cups..and is the most winningist goalie in NHL history. what are then chances henry finishes with that type of career? the answer?

    0 chance.

  56. Kusok gavna, yeb tvoyu mat’

    Gametime in 4 hours. Please, please, no Joe Ebannati

    Salty- totally agree, if we were on the same page, it would’ve been over with.

  57. If you want to put Marty’s whole career against Lundqvist’s much shorter one, than you open yourself up to history.

    4 in 100 is not a good average.
    3 in 25 is a much better average,
    however 4 is still more than 3….err 2 and a half.

    we can do this all day.

  58. Anyone else think Staal has an opportunity tonight to turn his game up a notch? Seems like he always gets “up” against AO… could be good for him to face his old buddy. I feel like he was the Golden Boy until DZ showed him up, but I don’t think DZ can handle AO like Staal.

  59. Local,

    nobody knows how Hank’s career will end up, so i won’t speculate on what ‘could’ happen. Is there a chance he does great? Yes. Is there a chance he has an ‘average’ career? sure.

    Time will tell. And when he is in the league 14 or 15 years god willing, then we can accurately compare the two.

    For now, it’s fan’s opinion, and spirited banter.
    It’s natural to have disdain for your rivals, and loathe the ones that have beaten you… so you should not be surprised about some of those who call Marty names. That’s sports man.

    So give Hank his due, he’s got a record Marty doesn’t ( 4 straight 30+ win seasons to start a career ) and let’s move on.

  60. CR9

    Really ? I thought Jags had to get a certain amount of points, and/or goals for that extra year to kick in. I don’t really remember, but i think that was the case.

    I wish he was still here. I was hard on him in his final year. He half assed it a bit, but the fact is, when the playoffs came around, there was NO better player on that fuggin team. And when Blowmez, and Dreary, and the rest of the losers went to sleep, it was Jags doing everything he could to beat the Pens. Straka was pretty good too.

    But i miss Jags the most. Unlike some fogies in the league. He can still play this game at this level. He shouldn’t be in a pathetic league like the KHL.

    Damn it all to hell !!! Get your stinkin paws off me you damn dirty ape !!!

  61. To elaborate on Vinny V’s stats:

    Counting only seasons completed:

    Lundqvist: 142 W 83 L 34 OTL 604 GA 2.31 GAA
    Average: 36 W 21 L 9 OTL 151 GA 2.31 GAA

    Brodeur: 154 W 82 L 23 OTL 599 GA 2.31 GAA
    Average: 39 W 21 L 6 OTL 150 GA 2.31 GAA

    Team Results
    NYR (total): 171 W 113 L 44 OTL
    Playoff results: Lost in Rd 1 (NJD), Lost in Rd 2 (Buf), Lost in Rd 2 (Pit), Lost in Rd 1 (Wsh)

    NJD (total): 192 W 107 L 29 OTL
    Playoff results: Lost in Rd 2 (Car), Lost in Rd 2 (Ott), Lost in Rd 1 (NYR), Lost in Rd 1 (Car)

  62. ORR !! What Is It Good For ?!?! – What you said is true. But also, it was in his contract that if he won the MVP in any year during his contract, his contract would have been extended another year.

    And that would have meant no Redden!

    “Jaromir Jagr is among the league leaders in scoring, currently 2nd with 44 points. If he manages to win the scoring title, he will trigger a clause in his contract with the New York Rangers that will add another year to his current contract, at $8.6M for the 2007/08 season. If he wins the Art Ross, Conn Symthe or Hart trophies this season, then that clause will also go into affect. However, if he combines to score 80 or more goals, or 180 or more points over the current season and next combined, and the Rangers win 2 playoff rounds over that span, then another 1 year extension will go into affect on his contract for the 2008/09 season. Also, if Yagr scored 40 or more goals, and 90 or more points in the 2007/08 season, along with the Rangers winning at least one round in the playoffs, then his 1 year contract extension for the 2008/09 season goes into affect. He also has an “escape” clause, that if none of these extension clauses are trigger, he is able to earn $1M as a parting gift. It’s unclear if the Washington Capitals will be on the hook for their part of these extensions.”



    there is NO absolutely NO reasoning with him/her. The more to address it, he longer it will take for the festivus blog to go on & be peaceful.

  64. Guys, PLEASE.

    First of all–whoever wrote the crack about women’s panties. As a women, I am offended that you think somebody’s choice of underthings determines how intelligent, athletically gifted, or otherwise good at life they are, and that you’d choose to use “women’s” to emphasize your derisiveness.

    I am a nationally ranked archer. Don’t make me go robin hood on you.

    Second–can we STOP. ALL OF YOU. Honestly. Every single one of you, from Mako to A Local Fan to anybody being immature enough to imitate somebody else on this blog and think they can get away with it? GROW UP. I like this blog and I am getting sick and tired of the childish male posturing.

    It’s a GAME. And an INTERNET BLOG. For Carp’s sake, can’t you PLEASE give it up?

    I’m not defending or accusing any single one of you. You’re all acting like children who need to be sent to bed BEFORE THE GAME STARTS and think about what you’re behaving like. If you have kids–is this really how you want them to learn about handling people with different opinions? Petty name calling and sexual taunts?

    A Local Fan, you’re doing a bad job representing your team on an opposition’s blog. And everybody else who participates in this farce? I am ASHAMED to consider myself a Rangers Fan among your number when you behave this way.

    Please. Stop it.

  65. Jeebus, who writes a contract structured like that. I have to imagine a lot of that would not be allowed with the current CBA.

  66. Bring back Prucha on


    Good attempt a civility but I assure you, “it” has none. There is no rhyme or reason to it. It thrives off of negativity and it will never stop, no matter how nice you ask, or how logical you are.

  67. ORR

    your NHL10 league sucks, man! people are never online to play and the guy who took the Rangers never shows up! You should lay some rules out…say…those who didnt complete at least 30 games by a certain day will be thrown outta the league… thats how i used to do when i had the league in NHL 09…

  68. I don’t get why nobody skips his posts. This guy isn’t Megan Fox, or some other hot babe you’re into. It’s not like it’s physically impossible to ignore him.

    I haven’t read one of his posts in ages. I wouldn’t have even knew he was still here if it weren’t for reading everyone else’s responses to him.

    Ignore him already. Remember the last troll that was here back when Sam was here ? Everybody ignored him, and he eventually went away.

  69. …This is probably a question I could find elsewhere but:

    When does the game start? I need to know if I have to move my tutoring hours.

  70. It’s ironic that perhaps the youngest person on the blog talks the most sense and practices what he preaches…then again if there was ever a ban on words that ended with -egan, Orr would certainly go crazy. Him and the practicing vegans on the blog.

  71. Bring back Prucha on

    And as far as everyone else that keeps preaching ignoring as a solution, stop it please. It doesn’t work. This is not a solution. The only way “it” stops is if Carp bans “it” and that won’t happen, and it shouldn’t happen. He has no real reason to do so because the only thing “it” is guilty of is being EXTREMELY annoying but that’s no crime. So stop telling people to ignore “it” and take your own advice and just ignore “it” and everyone whose enabling.

  72. Before the restructuring of his contract, Jagr was scheduled to earn $11 million a year in each of the next four seasons beyond this one. There is a club option for a fifth year, also at $11 million, but there are ways the fifth year could become guaranteed to Jagr in the event of the following:

    If he scores 40 goals or 90 points and his team wins the first round of the playoffs in the final year of the contract.
    If he scores 80 goals or 180 points in the final two years of the contract and his team wins two rounds of the playoffs.
    If he wins a major award in the final three seasons of the deal or his team wins two Stanley Cups in that time.

    If I am not mistaken, the date of this article is in the midst of the 2003-04 season. When it speaks of the next 4 years being guaranteed, the lockout season counts (whether or not players got paid for existing contracts during that time, I do not know), so the fifth season would have been 2008-09.

    Jaromir is one of my 2 man crushes. Because of his beauty and athletic skill.

  73. Orr-
    Thanks muchly! Tutoring is at 9… I guess I could miss the last period… why is getting paid so much more important than Hockey?

  74. Leine

    because if you dont get paid you wont be able to afford cable… and if you wont be able to afford cable you wont be able to watch the rangers games! :)

  75. Leine
    First off, I don’t know why you mentioned me by name.  All I have tried to do is keep the peace like Rick wants, I abide by him telling us to “ignore” so I don’t know where you get this “male posturing” BS from.  Second, since you actually directed a statement to Local Fan to elicit a response, you are part of the problem.

  76. wicky229(CCCP is in the open) on


    OMFGs girl, “don’t make me go robin hood on you” is absolutely priceless and quote of the month for sure!

  77. I apologize to everyone on here that I have offended. I will not insult the Rangers anymore. They do have more Stanley Cups than the Devils. I will give respect where respect is due.

  78. THE REAL MikeyNJ on


    “TEAM CONCEPT” I like that.

    And I feel Staal does get up for games against Ovechkin, so maybe wihtout the PP time, he just concntrates tongihts on shutting him down.

    Players I want to see stepping up tonight

    Avery, Artie, & Higgins

    Nasty, Have fun at the game

    3 hours to game time


  79. People, I know it’s ridiculous that the blog boss won’t ban ‘The Loser” so do what I’ve done since the first time I read “The Loser’s” posts. When you see “The Loser’s” name just skip over it. What you don’t read won’t bother you. When he realizes nobody is reading his garbage than he will eventually
    get bored and find something else to do.

  80. Shanahan retired. I’m sure there will be a few interesting articles over the next couple of days. But what a classy person! I think we were privileged to have him here and score his #600 with us. I wonder if his retirement has anything connected to a big hole in the NHLPA leadership.

  81. wicky229(CCCP is in the open) on

    2 questions for everyone, first what brought up the jagr subject and second and more importantly…anyone know if the France vs Irealnd footy game is on anywhere/any channel????


  82. I don’t see what the big deal is about Local Fan. He comes on here, posts his opinions (at least the times that it isn’t someone trying to get him kicked out, which if anyone was smart would realize Carp checks the IPs, not the names), and thats it. I admit his style isn’t necessarily the best, but he doesn’t like the Rangers and likes to discuss things about the team that some here don’t necessarily agree with. Some of which are true, some of which are opinion, but either way I don’t think its anything over the top.

    In regards to Henke vs. Marty, Marty is probably the best ever if not one of the top 2 or 3. Us Rangers fans know that. We call him Fatso because its our way at getting back at him for all the years he killed our terrible Rangers teams. Him and Richter would’ve had great battles if Mike had a real team in front of him, but we can’t knock the Devils then because they were too good.

    After all the smack he talked during those years, now that we’ve had a ton of success against him post lockout, it’s our turn to return the favor. I don’t see a problem with it since it went the other way for almost a decade.

  83. tomg-I’ve been doing it for a few weeks now. I also ignore any other post that has any reference to it. Working for me.

  84. wicky229(CCCP is in the open) on


    excellent point about janney and shanny, I had forgotten about that little st louis incident

  85. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on


    Nope, it is a WC qualifier against ireland, started at 1500hrs today, just trying to find it, Thanks though!

  86. Jonny D, I agree with you 100%.

    It’s not him that I find annoying, I find him kinda cute in a way.

    *What annoys me is how easily our own people here get suckered. It clutters the blog with and it’s embarrassing to have the blog represented by such childish behavior.*

    I have always loved the NY/NJ rivalry and I will be sad when fatso retires because it will NEVER be the same rivalry once he’s gone. Beating NJ never feels quite as good when it’s against anyone other than Marty.

  87. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    CCCP and shor

    Thanks fellas, i found that link!! You guys rock!!

  88. Troll local fan: your offensive comments were deleted. I’m sorry two posters’ comments chastising you got taken down, too, but I wanted the comment gone entirely. You’re neither funny nor helping matters so please stop.

    The rest of you, please listen to your blogmates who are beeseching you and just past the real local fan by.

    Local fan. I’ve had a really crappy day today and I swear, if you don’t settle down, if I have to miss the game I will sit at my computer and delete you just for tonight just because I can. Even you’re going beyond your normal limits. Why must you take something fun and ruin it for everyone. And now I’m in a worse mood because I had to address you and your troll.

  89. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    If The Shanny retirement news is true, then my ahts off to him.

    One hell of a career, hell of a player and even a better person.

    He’ll either end up running the NHLPA or be an asst coach and in turn a head coach in the coming years.

  90. Salty- I’d suggest that even talking about people talking about him is a waste of time. Any indirect notice of his existence will keep bringing him back.

    Laurel, for some reason I don’t think I’m going to like what you will find during your investigation….

  91. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    And who else LOVES Laurel? C’mon, Because I sure do.

    Laurel, hope you have a better night and the Rangers win!

    Your the best blog babe the blog has ever seen


  92. Wicky

    My father is a HUGE united fan, AC Milan & one other I forgot which other. He’s jazzed over that site. Also check channelsurfing.com

  93. Sadly TR, my fandom is not shared by my friends (I need new ones, I know), but I’ll be there. Should I just ask for TR-808 or the tat man? :)

    blogmama is liking mikey best right now :)

    and ilb is right.

  94. I personally dont even understand what Local Fan is comparing. Marty has been in NHL forever, tough to compare stats to Hank’s. However lets set the record straight, between Hank and Marty, Marty has a loosing record as Hank was always on top of him!
    The only way you can say who is better is at the end of both of their careers.

  95. Chelsea is my team! i was so happy when they acquired Shevchenko! But then, it was so frustrating watching him fail in Premier league… he just couldn’t adjust to the English style of play… English Premier League is indeed the best in the World!

    EPL and Bundesliga

    Italian soccer is slow…

  96. Noone responded to him yesterday, he posted once in the comments. You people give him attention, and he responds 47 times.

    Dont complain about him if you are going to continue to respond to him.

    This really isnt hard to figure out.

  97. I think La Liga holds it own pretty well. Not as good as earlier in the decade (where it was the best league in the world) but it’s still a good league.

  98. For those of us who have DirecTV: Hey Betman, try to fix this problem with Versus NOW. You have such a small audience watching NHL games on TV and then you block out the NYC market every time you put the Rangers on Versus. Great marketing!!!!

  99. This was a actually incredibly superior submit. In theory I’d prefer to write like this also – getting time and actual effort to make a great piece of writing… but what can I say… I procrastinate alot and by no means seem to obtain something done.

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