So long, Shanny


As you’ve heard by now, Brendan Shanahan announced his retirement today. Here’s the story from which also has his career stats, etc.

Yesterday we were talking about Hall of Famers in the comments section. Well, here’s one that won’t be debated. Wonder if he’ll pull a Favre around the trade deadline, though. Why not? I’m sure he could make some money and help some team down the stretch and into the playoffs.


With this being Game 20, I will probably do a column about the quarter-pole of the season, and maybe do a report card tomorrow. I will update here pregame if there is anything newsworthy. Enjoy.


Ooops. Game 21. So the quarter-season mark is at 10:00 of the second period. No Knuble tonight. No Semin.


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  1. got CARP-ED!


    Chelsea is my team! i was so happy when they acquired Shevchenko! But then, it was so frustrating watching him fail in Premier league… he just couldn’t adjust to the English style of play… English Premier League is indeed the best in the World!

    EPL and Bundesliga

    Italian soccer is slow…

  2. Noone responded to him yesterday, he posted once in the comments. You people give him attention, and he responds 47 times.

    Dont complain about him if you are going to continue to respond to him.

    This really isnt hard to figure out.

  3. Good luck Shanny, great, great career !
    My favorite Shanny moment was him dropping the gloves with Brash – stand up guy. We could use some of that character now

  4. Name a pre-game time. I need to experience the full warren-ness before game time.

    CCCP, I used be a livpul fan. (I liked to called it that cause of the way the team’s letters on the screen made in sound). I assume you get my drift

  5. If anything I think Shanny was the start of an era rather than the end of one. He was one of the original power forwards that could use his hands to score goals or punch faces. His generation that includes Cam Neely, Keith Tkachuk, Kevin Stevens, John LeClair, Graves, etc. defined the 90’s and spawned players like Iginla, Doan, Getzlaf, even Ovechkin who’s kind of like a blend of Shanny and Hull.

    I always admired him in Detroit, the type of blood and guts player that helped push them over the top – the wings can thank Keenan for banishing him to Hartford. And for his brief time in NY, unlike a couple of other recent FAs, he took his leadership role seriously and was willing to stick up for teammates (who can forget when he took on Brashear?).

    I’m sure we’ll see him back in the game real soon.

  6. Gary Neville is a Red is a Red is a Red
    Gary Neville is a Red is a Red is a Red
    He hates scousers!

    Glory glory Man United!

  7. Good Luck Shanny. You were a Warrior. Great to see you start and finish your career in New Jersey. I guess its time for Lou to hire you as a special coach!

  8. Never felt compelled to comment on the fascinating contributions from Newark, but surely mentioning Gary Neville on here is an instantly bannable offence? I’m disgusted…

  9. “You came all this way and lost.”

    (against Manchester United)

    12 went up, 7 died, now Man U play 5-a-side1

    Chelsea!, Chelsea! :P

  10. Can’t get any better than the blogmother & blogfather. (Scratching under chin) never go
    against the family.

  11. Shanny !!!!

    Damn shame he had to retire as a Debbie. But he’s still the man, and my second fav hockey player ever. 1st being Jags !

    Good to see him end it now, instead of letting it drag on for half a season before FINALLY making a decision, like the other morons in the NHL do.

    So long Shanny. Or as Sam Rosen called you on many occasions, Brendan Shanaway.

  12. Shanny retired thats really to bad, the Rangers sure could use him. Shanny would add some much needed guts, then there would be three with seldom seen intestinal fortitude.

  13. Man United!!

    I watch every game. Not going to live and die with them like I do with the NY teams and the hatred of Boston teams though.

    That Champions League Final and the overrated John Terry missing the PK was unbelievable. I love articles in England similar to the one where it says Chelsea have gained some measure of revenge with their win last week for that CL final.

    In what world does winning one Premier League game make up for losing the final of one of the best competitions in the world?

  14. Man United are the Yankees of Europe!


    Eh…Madrid has more titles
    And Chelski has been outspending everyone since Roman bought them.

  15. CCCP
    Tom Henning Ovrebo :) And people found his secondary work address and home address and he had to be hidden while being escorted out of the country because of death threats after last year’s 2nd leg semi. And he got banned from future UEFA matches. Nice to see a referee/umpire suffer for his ineptitude and/or bias.

  16. CT


    Madrid are Yankees of Spain
    Man U are Yankees of England.

    But Man U are Yankees of Europe because of the winning, but also because they carry themselves with the same class and integrity as the Yankees and are despised by other football fans worldwide due to jealousy much like the Yankees.

  17. The Yankees do not outspend everyone.

    The Yankees are forced to pay a “Yankee tax” to get players. Due to the living conditions, taxes, cost of living of New York, the Yankees are forced to overpay for players.

    So, in essence, the Yankees are taxed higher by the players than other teams.

  18. Jive

    yeah, i think it was… my bad (was such a long time ago)


    that miss by Terry ripped my heart out! literally!!

  19. My head is officially spinning off my neck…..enjoy the game Staal and all, I may pop in, or not, you never know with me, but enjoy. Carp, I give you your heads. LGR!

  20. is it normal to have that burning sensation in my stomach before games? especially tonight i have cramps and gas starting to build. i got a chimicchanga deluxe talkin back at me, and between ovies return, staal . girardi playin like r squared, and the game being on versus, im gonna carp all over wickys garage. woof.
    on a lighter and fluffier note, happy shanny retired,. he was a relic and if he wouldve kept goin it wouldve just been dissappointing for him. he did win some cups, so its not like he needed to really play anymore at his age. was very happy with him as a ranger and hope he becomes a coach or stays in hockey in some capacity. great player and good luck shanny!!

  21. Enjoy the game Laurel. If I could ever figure out how to get my phone or camera to the computer, I’ll email pics of my 2 pups.

    Right now, my husky Tiki (I know, poor choice of name, though a career Giant, turned out to be bitter and classless) has an infection on her front paw. She has it wrapped in pink, my little princess!

    Shoryuken, LOL @ Viva Terry. Sure, I never support violence, but a little harassment for incompetent, biased referees should not be a bad thing. There needs to be repercussions for American referees/umpires. Maybe sports would be more fair if there were.

  22. CR9 I think the problem is more incompetence than anything else. Every league knows if some bias were uncovered they’d be ruined. Look at how hard the NBA is trying to fight the Donaghy thing. They know the fans are gone if it’s proven that refs are dirty.

  23. CR9 – nothing personal, but “they carry themselves with…class and integrity”? That’s news to me and a few million other English fans.

  24. Shanahan was first rate, I was really happy when he became a Ranger. Even though he was well past his prime he was well worth the money he was paid. He always came to play, and was a class act all the way. It would be great if he could work in the Ranger organization, but I think the snubbing he got by the Rangers, when he finally signed with the devils did him in for Sather. You never know though, he’s a great hockey man “Hall of famer” right Carp. He would be an asset to any team, I doubt he would be looking for work long.

  25. *With this being Game 20, I will probably do a column about the quarter-pole of the season, and maybe do a report card tomorrow.*


    Captain Clutch’s Report Card Predictions!

    Clutchness: A+!
    Intangibles: A+!
    Winnerability: A+!
    Mouthpiece Chewability: A+!
    Post-Loss Holiday Celebrations: A+!
    Heart (the intangible, not the organ!): A+!
    Clutchmobile Polishing/Cleanliness: A+!
    Clutch Dump-Ins: A+!
    Lending Carp The Clutchmobile That One Time: A+!
    One-Sided Joe Micheletti Bromance: A+!
    Full No-Movement Clause: A+!

    There you go Carp! Captain Clutch just saved you some time! Ha-Ha!

    And Carp, when you do the Captain Clutch report card, don’t worry about silly “numbers” like goals, assists, points, plus/minus rating or faceoff win percentage! Also, make sure you ignore irrelevant “facts” like how Captain Clutch wanders around the defensive zone like a mindless zombie, or how every winger that plays with Captain Clutch becomes worthless! No one who KNOWS hockey or PLAYED hockey cares about those things! It’s all about being a WINNER!

    /peels out in Clutchmobile

  26. Grabby – Nope. Not a blogette. And I have a mancrush on Cristiano and Jaromir, for their beauty and athletics skills. But… not gay, not that there’s anything wrong with that!

    LW3H – Aside from Fergie and his antics (which I wish the NY managers would pull), I never read a story that puts any of the players in negative light, other than when Cristiano was with them. And with having gotten rid of him, it shows that no 1 player is bigger than the team. Though I would love to still have him, the team is still successful without him.

    Shoryuken – I’m sure incompetence is the main culprit. But having watched every game of the Rangers, Giants, Jets, Yankees, and Knicks (Knicks not recently) for so long, it’s clear that some or many umpires have an anti-NY bias. It’s not like it can ever be proven, though.

  27. Shanny was always one of my favourite players…He was funny at times and he had always good interviews with the media..

    What a pity, I have never seen him playing live for Rangers at the Garden..

    So all the best to you Shanny and hope to see you in any role either with NHLPA or GM of a team….

  28. Semin out tonight…that’s good at least right? Should be interesting if Beninati (sp?) and Micheletti are the commentators…oh wait nevermind, Micheletti will just praise all the Caps players about how strong and good-looking they are

  29. Koala, I have. Including that Brashear fight. He looked good in blue. I couldn’t see him wearing these ugly red-and-white scrubs though…

  30. For the new readers to this post, I’ll repeat my message from the last post about tonight’s game —

    For those of us who have DirecTV: Hey Betman, try to fix this problem with Versus NOW. You have such a small audience watching NHL games on TV and then you block out the NYC market every time you put the Rangers on Versus. Great marketing!!!!

  31. I mean Game 21. Thanks.
    So, actually, the quarter-mark of the season is at the 10:00 mark of the second period.

    Laurel, good thing you didn’t have a typo that time.

  32. ORR, are you still watching the clip that ranger909 posted?
    It’s taking suspiciously too long..

  33. Football talk?

    I have a few British teachers from high school who won’t grade your paper if you write it in red, they hate Manchester United THAT much.

    European football fans put crazy hockey fans to shame in the fanatics department. It’s EPIC.

    Gametime in 2–LGR!

  34. cr9- no idea who cristiano is. dont follow soccer. i think its very boring. im sry soccer fans. its almost like watching the 90’s devils teams on grass and much bigger playing field. i used to play though when i was 9. it was until i tackled the other teams best player and started punching him in the head while he was turtling on the ground. then my dad thought i would be good at ootball, but i hated that too. then one day i found my calling. street hockey with cardboard pads and newspaper stuffed in my pants to protect teh junk and that was it for me. fell in liove. like a scorned lover, i threw away my basketball, my football, that stupid little size 4 soccer ball and got me some sticks,orange balls, and a wooden net made with 2 by 4’s and chicken wire and me n my buddies were in hog heaven!!
    laurel- u make me smile too. if im a good boy, will u give me some beggin strips?? “its baaaacon”

  35. Leine


    Probably an exaggeration, and I can say this because I’m not in that position, but if I were a teacher or professor, the highest grade I’d give to a Boston fan student would be a C. I’d mark down from a C if things were wrong or not to my liking.

  36. AAAHHHH My night is made. Chris Drury & his cameo comment.

    Mr. Excellent are you ok to drive your Clutchmobile? Do you still have headaches.

    Sad to see such a great player like Shanny hang them up. He was a stand out player for soooooo many years and a true class act for the game. Im sure he’ll have a job in the NHL really soon and Im proud that he was a Ranger when he was. Unfortunately, he didnt have much left in the tank his second year… But when he was on, he was great. Good Luck Shanny. The game will miss you!

  37. Leine,

    Maybe those British teachers didn’t want students using red ink because that’s what teachers normally use when grading student papers? I would get an automatic “F” if I ever wrote a paper with red ink; and my teachers didn’t even know about Man U.

  38. Farewell and Good Luck Shanny, my 2nd favorite player of all time! Great career, easy first ballot HOF’er, power forward, great teammate, hotness! Loved him on the Whale, wished he was a Ranger for a long time, and was ecstatic when he finally was, even though it was in the twilight of his career. Wish we had a few like him on the team now!

    Next stop for Shanny…. NHL COMMISSIONER!!!!!!

  39. >> cr9- no idea who cristiano is. dont follow soccer. i think its very boring. im sry soccer fans.

    Actually, Grabachev in IA, we , football fans, are sorry for YOU. Just like not everyone is capable of following a chess match, not every sport fan is capable of appreciating “The Beautiful Game”.

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