You know what? The traffic’s pretty heavy here on the Festivus Blog today, so let’s just start with a clean thread for the game. Happy Festivus everyone!


Repost from earlier: No Knuble tonight. No Semin, either. Behave yourselves. See yas in the comments.


Oh, yeah. New poll on the right side of the blog.

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  1. Lobster, try

    That may work, A few ppl I know use it for different things…I don’t know if I’m lucky to get Versus here or not…thanks Dolan (I think)

  2. Hey Beth!!!

    Its been a long time! Welcome back!

    Izzy welcome back as well

    LETS GO RANGERS TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. CR9
    November 17th, 2009 at 7:03 pm


    Probably an exaggeration, and I can say this because I’m not in that position, but if I were a teacher or professor, the highest grade I’d give to a Boston fan student would be a C. I’d mark down from a C if things were wrong or not to my liking.

  4. damn the feed on is horrible, any other options? for some reason i cant get it on channel surfing tonight.

  5. I think we should have a Beninati drinking game… anytime he says some stupid made up term drink… wait actually I have to work tomorrow nevermind


  7. Hi Mako!!!! Beth, if we played that game, we’d all be drunk after the first 3 minutes!!!!!!!!!! Imagin the posting that’d be going on!!!!!

  8. horrid day, week, 2months at work….maybe i should just drink a bottle of port every night!


  9. too bad its michelobetti’s voice! :-)

    sorry NYRguy, thought you might have been watching online, sometimes that’s just brutal!
    is old pillowhands in the lineup tonight?

  10. MAKO the closeups are perfectly clear…I mean Versus is usually poor quality but nothing like this. I didn’t even know Gabbo’s shot went in lol

  11. the footsteps of tom poti, is that supposed to be intimidating? PPPPPPoti, I still say his name with disgust

  12. Yep Linda…they are all in, I don’t think they have anyone up to be a healthy scratch. Whether he plays remains to be seen lol

  13. when was the last time a Ranger had 14 goals 21 games into the season? ( duh it was probably jagr)

  14. i just realized that my previous comment did go through… so then ill say it AGAIN!!


  15. NYRGuy

    Exactly. Yeah they really need to work on their quality, its been a while now. You would think this would have been fixed by now. Since, you know, its a national tv station =/

  16. something is definitely amiss with the Versus broadcast… commercials show up just fine… eh what else is new Versus is the devil and sucks

  17. wtf who cares about seau?? this is a freakin hockey game damnit, who cares about dumb versus shows while we should be seeing the game… THIS IS BUSH LEAGUE

  18. “Poti’s footsteps” are second on the scale of intimidation, right between “Semin’s fists” and “Drury’s anger”.

  19. I would hope so Mako.. i dont toss his saying around much, but I think he’d be proud! It seemed the perfect time!

    LMAO LW3H! classic!!! Drury’s anger….does that qualify as an oxymoron?

  20. VOROS FIRST WIN AS A RANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doncha freakin love it. He threw one punch that if he connected, the guy woulda been out cold!

  21. I am loving this game right now! Being able to see it at school on Versus. The announcers from both teams. The Avery factor. Voros exploding some guy’s face. Gaborik scoring early.

    When was the last time Joe worked for Versus?

  22. Voros gets HUGE bonus points for that!!! I can’t believe how excited I am over that freakin fight!!!

  23. MAKO, I think it’s the same…you’re eyes just might be confused since it just saw Voros win a fight.

  24. They should be absolutely juiced right now.

    How does Green jumping away from Avery count as a penalty?

  25. Caps are coming on here, rangers need another penalty kill. This is where they miss Drury and Dubinsky.

  26. Grabby, if Aves is gonna play the way we all want him to, we gotta take the penalties. I like him with a chip on his shoulder much better than neutered!

  27. shootout hero……..who missed an immensely wide open net earlier in the game

    grabby, even at even strength there was noone gonna stop that blast

  28. Redden shoulders a beagle!!!!!!! omg, if i was a hockeyplayer and my last name was beagle, i’d freakin change it

  29. Damn, is it me or is the HD feed totally fouled up?

    I’ve cablevision in central NJ channel 719, and it’s like someone is playing with a DVR. Speed up, slow down, choppy video.

    I hate having to watch in low def on 408!

  30. we’d have to purposely tank a few seasons in a row and hope the drafts were strong so we’d get that kinda guy.

  31. i dont care if he agitates, but stop the penalties!! against the top team in our conference. he hasnt scored, he hasnt done much of anything except play a good game the other day. thats it. one good game. now he started out fine. but i just hate all the penalties. it kills us everytime

  32. I can’t even see the puck on any shots lol…it’s like when they put the Rangers on MSG2 to show that D-League team on MSG

  33. LMAO Tom

    He’ll probably do that cryo-life thing where his head will be in a jar on Messier’s desk LOL

  34. I’m fortunate, I get Versus, picture is clear. It almost seems like a ranger broadcast with Joe Micheletti as the analyst.

  35. carp, i can’t imagine sather being gm for another 15 years,that’d just be too cruel

    but VOROS won a fight!!!!!!!!! This day will be remembered forever!

  36. bad period. 15-5 shots?? unacceptable. and its not from missing dru and duby. they just dont pas well, recieve passes well, and are still takin way too many penalties. sather better get this team a center who can make plays.

    linda- i know hank wasnt stoppin that shot at even strength, but it sure helps when youre players arent in the box.

  37. i agree on that shot differential. what the hell? gotta be more crisp and precise with the passing. they kinda died after 6 minutes in

  38. TOMG…it’s clear? What service do you have? Maybe just Cablevision is just F’d up…how ironic considering who owns it

  39. My humble opinion is after watching the islanders, devs and flyers the rangers are not a good team. I can understand why the hockey analyst pick the rangers to finish 10th. The rangers defense is soft, so is there wingers. The only bright spot on the rangers is The king, gabby and prospal. This could be a long season. I still will watch this team to the end. I bleed ranger blue since I’ve been 11.

  40. NYRGuy,
    you got it, I have cablevision. One thing I must say is I never had a problem getting local teams on cable here on eastern long island.

  41. Holy hell….missed a lovely paid-for dinner cause of work, hoofed to a local pub to chill and see start of game, and guess what i belatedly learned….versus and direct tv have divorced. So I missed all the good stuff! argh!

    LGR. sigh. seems everyone’s day was fargin war (name that flick)…..

    Thank goodness for home. And thanks for the monopoly Dolans.

  42. just a quick comment or two.

    glad we got the first goal.
    too bad that they tied it.
    iffy calls on Rozy….just looked as if he fell because he got tripped up by the net…….whatever happened to home field advantage……oh yeah, we’ve got Aves.
    roller coaster of a time with us looking pretty damn good one moment and fairly incompetent the next.

  43. tomg- agree. at least we’ll get a good pick this year. i cant see us makin the playoffs at this rate. but if a good pick comes out of it, then maybe we can be a good contending team in a year or 2.

  44. it is spider, and to think, it’s not even THANKSGIVING yet and they’ve been playing it for about 2 weeks now!!

  45. Laurel, she’s kinda got the pasty Mary Kay face going on, her profile is scary, she’s aqua netted Motley Crue style, and the false eyelashes are awesome!!!

  46. Grabachev in IA,
    I hear ya, unfortunately I don’t have allot of confidence that the Sather regime can actually pick a winner in the draft.

  47. I saw a new Gap holiday commercial last night which was pretty good, singing and dancing about trees. I doubt that’s gonna show up on the hockey broadcast. It can truly be called a holiday commercial, since they mention Christmas, Hannukah, and Kwanzaa.

  48. In the begining of the season second or third line players for the Ranger scored but these days it all of Prospal and Gaborik, so Rangers went downhill and playing inconsistent..As I said before the season, the Rangers lacking another guy to score regularly .

  49. I am here at the game. My daughter is soooooo pumped up. Thank you Ag for the tix. Let’s go boys. 5 shots on goal is not going to get it done.

  50. Torts said before the game that key is they need to have more puck possesion but that exactly changed second part of the period..offense just stopped…

  51. spider, after seeing that commercial 5 times in an hour span, i can do without it also! Whats up with rushin Christmas?? My friend actually put her tree up on Friday!!!

  52. mako- how dare you!! u know with drury theyd have 2!! count em, 2!!1 more faceoff wins and a goal added to their total stats!! come on, its called INTANGIBLES AND “LITTLE THINGS” just like the capn said himself!!!

  53. Olga Folkyerself on

    At least we don’t have to see the Radio City Christmas Special commercial every five minutes on MSG.

    I already hate Xmas. Who wrote the song “Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow”?

    I’d like to kill that f**ker…

  54. Weird…more reason to just hate Versus. We gotta come out in the 2nd like they did in the 1st…can’t be on pace to give up 45 shots to the Caps and expect to win…Hank or no Hank

  55. that’s awesome Nasty! I hope someone buys her a lil trinket! When i took my daughter to her very first game, a guy in the row ahead of us went and got her a little Rangers toy! I thought that was amazing!

  56. Hello to all the Nastys!
    Linda, she needs to be told it’s not 1982 anymore.

    from last post (catching up): MikeV, I’m so with you. Discussed that with my very nice barkeep tonight, who sadly is a fishstick fan. I undertipped, of course :)

    Carp, next time you’re in the office, I’m so gonna typo you!

    back to the tube….

  57. yeah linda i understand..over there, no Rangersfan in chat nothing is going on there, but its easier and quicker to chat as to post…focus on game

  58. Somebody posted on this blog how PAP is “nothing more than a AHL player”. I couldn’t agree more. If this is what Sather has as a backup the rangers are in trouble.

  59. LMAO That’s just wrong! hopefully MDZ is not getting friskly acquainted with a caps player ‘in your living rooms’

  60. I see joe M. is using Sam Rosen’s line “Skating very well”, jeez. I think the lead announcer is getting frisky with Joe M.

  61. Linda.. VOROS WON A FIGHT!!! on

    nothing says romance like chicken tenders~ i loved that commercial! the best was when he said ‘i’d like it 100 percent off’!!!

  62. took too long to set up powerplay only last 25 seconds..
    Man, we need someone to put the puck in net other than gabby

  63. Linda, that was a joke. I actually take after my dad and am a ridiculous overtipper most times.

    morg, thanks!

    the rest of you, I’ve love to stay and play, but I am wiped. gonna go watch then probably collapse. besides, I gotta be fresh for my warren debut! Hey TR, e-mail me at work and we’ll work out the details. LGR and all that other stuff you’ve all been saying.

    Carp, really looking forward to tomorrow’s column

  64. I can only wish one day before I go I can watch the rangers pass the puck like the caps are doing on the power play.

  65. Linda.. VOROS WON A FIGHT!!! on

    laurel,i knew you were kidding!! sometimes when the man and i go out, the staff fights over who gets to serve us because i’m a huge overtipper ( the man is ah ah ‘thrifty’)

  66. Linda.. VOROS WON A FIGHT!!! on

    maybe Voros can show Charmin how to throw a punch… lmao, my own joke made me laugh

  67. “Every time he says “latches on”, I think of breastfeeding..”

    Very interesting ilb, do go on….

  68. of course Avery gets mugged in front of the net and all the other rangers stand around and watch. What a bunch of wusses.

  69. Linda.. VOROS WON A FIGHT!!! on

    sheesh just realized its Joe2 in the booth J2 and R2, the apocalypse is upon us~

  70. Grabachev in IA November 17th, 2009 at 8:22 pm

    tomg- are u really tomb?

    Sorry, no, I’m not tomb.
    Somebody else made a comment about that, maybe I should change my name if people are getting me confused with tomb.

  71. how can a team be so mentally unprepared that it keeps taking penalties again and again and again?!?!?!?!?

  72. Linda.. VOROS WON A FIGHT!!! on

    hey jpg, my bad, didnt notice ya til now

    this parade to the penalty box, on versus… brought to you by professional bull riding and the lame nhl under gary vampman

  73. tomg- never. now i know youre tomg and not tomb. i just thought u mightve pressed the g on your keyboard by accident. it is very similar though. maybe put a space in there

  74. Linda.. VOROS WON A FIGHT!!! on

    holy crap mako, they never mentioned!


  75. Linda
    i like your new name
    still kind of shocked by it all. Voros wins fight?!?!?

    sheesh! caps score again. pathetic!

  76. The islanders are better than the rangers. The reality for me is until Dolan sells the rangers to a new owner, Dolan will keep this fossil named Sather forever and we as ranger fans will suffer forever.

  77. Linda.. VOROS WON A FIGHT!!! on

    FIRE SATHER!!!!!!!!!!!

    yea jpg, even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then!!!

  78. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    “im done. night guys”

    Grabachev- one goal and you fall apart? Tough it out, stringbean…

  79. oooh man, goal comes out of nothing , caps didnt put too much pressure on the powerplay, just simply stupid..

  80. Seriously if they are going to waste bench space on Puddin’ then scratch him and play Grachev!!!!!!!

  81. Linda.. VOROS WON A FIGHT!!! on

    been saying that for years tomg. i’ll love this team forever, but have resigned myself to the fact that we are in purgatory as long as the asshat known as dolan owns the team

  82. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    “The islanders are better than the rangers.”

    What in Holy Hell? You lost me there daffodil…

  83. my view (and hope) is that sather is setting himself up for the good ol’ retirement day. with Messier around, i would think that he’s planning on smoking his last cigar at MSG.
    hopefully, it’s sooner rather than later but then again
    be careful of what you ask for….

  84. Torts tie looks better tonight. Good move, Torts, keep it simple. If it doesn’t go with black shoes, don’t wear it.

  85. Linda.. VOROS WON A FIGHT!!! on

    exactly jpg… just cuz one was a great player does NOT necessarily mean they’ll be great in the front office

  86. Other than MDZ & Gilroy. Redden is their best errr non rookie D. Man, I never thought I’d say that LOL Good for him.

  87. this team is like one of those ED commercials. gabby is the viagra of the team. the rest are just limp richards. man we were better last year with a washed up naslund and a sissy zherdev leading the team

  88. So why is it that since Voros opened up Bradley’s face have we been the clearly worse team in this game? It doesn’t make sense.

    tomg, always so quick to bring the strong negative, the whole season is over talk

  89. Linda.. VOROS WON A FIGHT!!! on

    here we are 21 games in, and Redden has not sucked. I’m with you, good for him, better for us. He’s almost dependable!

  90. They look terrible…they really don’t know how to clear out the front of the net…They really need that punch you in the mouth, knock you on your behind defenseman

  91. But folks, only 11 shots after two periods, that says everything and when luck is not on your side after hitting three posts..come on now

  92. Just for the record. If anybody follows this blog. I’ve been posting on here for a few years now. Last year and this year there is a poster who waits until the game is over, his name is “STUART”. He is from California. His deal is he will post a negative personal belligerent comment against anybody who speaks negative towards the rangers. I have only one thing to say to Stuart, maybe it’s the air in California but if you think this team is on the right track than you don’t know much about building a team. Sather rebuilds this team every year instead of building the team for the future to be good for years, also dishes out terrible contracts and with a salary cap in place is a death wish in building a winning team, it’s the same M.O. Sather has been doing since he got here. If you don’t see that Stuart than you are not to smart. Yes, the rangers have a few good young players. The word is few and the players are nothing to get extremely excited about.

  93. Callahan doesn’t seem as noticeable this year…something’s going on with this team, they just don’t seem…right…can’t really explain it lol

  94. u make your own luck. higgins,avery,cally,duby,lisin,boyle(offensively),drury(all over),staal,girardi,rozy,and brash are all having horrible seasons. when 2-3 guys are the only ones scoringyoure never gonna be successful. imagine where wed be w/out gabby. its effin pathetic for the ny rangers. wed be the worst team in the league without gabby and hank. 2 players doesnt make a team

  95. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    “izzy- the isles are better than us sadly. they will pass us in the standings soon too. were 4th in the conference now. tied with the isles.”

    (Hands over ears) I can’t hear you! La la la la la la la la la la la…

  96. Grabachev, I agree, at least in this situation. Sometimes posts are hit because the goalie is in perfect position.

  97. Really? The Avalanche are picked by none of the clowns as the biggest turnaround? OK. Kings aren’t as improved as them.

    Wanted to comment on the Shanahan retirement. It’s too bad he had to go out so quietly like this, but he had a good career and can hopefully contribute the game of hockey in his post-playing career, whether it is with coaching or working for the NHL as a whole.

    Four fights through only half of the Sens-Leafs game.

  98. i doubt we can even tie this game. caps will get the next one, and we’ll get 1 late. too late. have we seen this scenario before? torts isnt lookin too good right now. i have to say im not at all impressed with him. i thought hed be great here. and yes its still early, but in an offensive forechecking style, you gotta score. there scoring as much or less than when renny was here!!! and giving up way more goals. when does torts become accountable for this? he got a huge star in gabby. hes got hank. hes had better players than when renny was here besides jagr.

  99. Olga Folkyerself ,
    dude, I’ve been saying that on this blog for a few years now, that’s obvious.

  100. olga should have fired him long time ago..

    never understand the fact that you guys from the media dont put that kind of pressure on him to produce how it would be the case over here in Europe :)

  101. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Gaborik Vs Ovechkin!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Too busy watching to post on here ..but I’ll be back!!!


    Come on Higgins , geeeeeze!!!!

  102. I still have hope based on the Rangers being able to apply pressure at certain points during this game. They have had a lot of shots blocked and good chances miss down low.

  103. Its still really early in the season guys. Have faith that they will turn it around. We were all slobbering over them on their 7-1 streak…. Its the same team. They’ll work their way out of it. If LQ wasnt playing well or Gabby….then I would be really worried.

  104. Mako,
    this current team will not make the playoffs. Sather will make changes to this roster. This roster will look different after the trading deadline so anything is possible.

  105. NYRGuy

    yeah I know… mostly all new players. New coach. Avery isnt playing the same… well not on that last play LOL But there are some guys who arent playing to their full potential and they really need to get back to the basics of hockey. They hockey that they started the season with. Their forecheck was something fierce. Dont know where it disappeared to?

  106. Linda.. VOROS WON A FIGHT!!! on

    there are 4 guys in the lineup tonight that if they were traded tomorrow, i wouldnt miss

  107. MAKO…I don’t know where any of their toughness disappeared…even Callahan doesn’t seem to be as noticeable much lately…no scrums, no sticking up for players, poor forecheck…something’s gotta be up

  108. but you know LINDA
    in response to Mess probably ascending to GM
    and that it may not mean positive results…
    i hate to bring up the snakebit idea but sheesh
    since ’94 does much of anything go right in Blueshirt Land?
    Savard was viewed as a selfish player who wouldn’t amount to much. look at him Boston.
    yes, we had a good surprising year with Jagr after the lockout but it just seems like moments and nothing sustained. you look at someone like Yzerman in Detroit or how we didn’t get Hitchcock who seems to finally have enough around Nash to be making a difference.

    at least Avery got us a power play……..

  109. Linda.. VOROS WON A FIGHT!!! on

    i wasnt even thinking of voros and redden!!!! But yes to higgins, pap, brashear and rozsi!

  110. Linda.. VOROS WON A FIGHT!!! on


  111. Gaborik could probably spin a diamond from string. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but this player is legit awesome! It’s a power play goal!

  112. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Gaborik Vs Ovechkin!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Told ya guys , nothing to worry about!!!!!! WOHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  113. I have to give Sather credit where credit is due. Signing Gaborik was a steal. Doesn’t change the fact how Sather has run this team but that was a good signing.

  114. Linda.. VOROS WON A FIGHT!!! on

    voros gets a pass for that great fight FOR ONE NIGHT!! Honestly, there are more, but i wanted to be nice in the spirit of the upcoming season!

  115. gee, from the way that he plays versus his teammates
    maybe we should go after Kovalchuk.
    apparently, having just 2 offensive players on our team could lead to the nhl goden road!!

  116. This is why the NHL makes me want to go crazy. How the hell does Callahan get a penalty when he gets sucker punched in the head for no reason.

  117. Linda.. VOROS WON A FIGHT!!! on

    boyle doesnt disgust me. he has his moments, needs to get meaner. higgins has been a total disappointment up to now. brashear is just a waste of space.

  118. Brashear with 3:47 of ice time. Ugh… WASTE OF SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dump him in the minors and bring up Grachev!!!!!!!!!

  119. Linda.. VOROS WON A FIGHT!!! on

    he’s actually been on the ice that much?????????? i am shocked, i saw him like twice

  120. i thought it was blatantly obvious. i thought joe would say something but he was probly focusing on beninati’s forearms

  121. Linda.. VOROS WON A FIGHT!!! on

    lmao grabby, he should have a shock collar and when he passes the blue line it goes off

  122. That ain’t right. Busted face people aren’t allowed to score in the same game. Redden back to the bad version. I guess we need the hat trick to hang on.

  123. freakin glove side. Redden just doesnt have the speed. I feel like gilroy maybe should have hit him instead of swinging his stick.

  124. No….Gilroy was too weak on him. That would have been a good penalty to take if he would have taken one.

  125. and how many times do we watch redden (or rozy or staal) be unable to keep the puck in the zone???!!?!?

    i have watched many many other games and i have NOT seen ANY team have these type of problems on such a consistent basis!

  126. im out for real this time. bye guys. hope they score 1 but you know they wont. what a downer this team has become. thanks redden you freakin doofus. he needs to be shot to. put him, higgins, cally, and everybody not named gabby. hank cant get it doen either

  127. Mako gilroy does anything there he will gete a penalty and probably a penalty shot against

    thank bettman and his nhl

  128. So does that Voros “one game pass” go out the window now since the guy actually may end up scoring the GWG?

  129. Olga Folkyerself on

    Don’t hit me with those negative waves, man. Think beautiful thoughts… They’re gonna score.

  130. Speaking of Gilroy. WTF has this guy done, nothing. He stinks defensively and hasn’t shown any great offensive skills. I can understand why he wasn’t drafted.

  131. actually i think Henrik should have a shock collar that goes off when he refuses to move past the paint and take out some additional room from the goal
    it should go off when he leaves the net to “handle” the puck
    (and i put handle in quotes not as some double entendre but because rarely do good things happen when he touches the puck)

  132. If it wasn’t for Hank this team would have lost ALOT more games than it’s won the last few years

  133. Chris

    Even so if there was, I dont think it would have been a penalty shot. It would average better if LQ stopped it and the score was still 2 – 2.

  134. Linda,,,damn skippy on

    if he would’ve landed that bomb, the guy woulda been out for the game cuz he would’ve caught him squarely on the chin. damnit voros!!!

    i know you said earlier this is the same team mako, but damn, the fundamentals have disappeared. it’s almost like watching the Mets!

  135. Why cant Torts change up the D pair for the first line? I mean never any outlet passes from the D to Prospal or Gabby.

  136. As much as I love that we have Gaborik, I’m really getting sick of not seeing anybody else score.

  137. Olga Folkyerself on

    “Game over folks, not surprised, didn’t think the rangers were going to win this game anyway.”

    You’re probably one of those people that leave the rink with 5 minutes left so you can get home ahead of the traffic.

  138. Ranger fans, the rangers are a one man team, Gaborik. This team will not win consistently when you only have one guy who can score. Three bad contracts, one guy who can score, soft team on the defense and offense, one good goaltender. This is a team that is what it is. This team is a .500 team at best, not making the playoffs but it’s a long season, you never know.

  139. Linda

    Yep, that’s what I said. They need to go back to the basics and Staal needs to get his head out of his @$$. They really need to practice passing….

    WTF IS GABORIK ON THE BLUE LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  140. Son of a…shoot the damn puck…this team is gonna start to believe that they really do suck…now they gotta dwell on this until Saturday for Florida

  141. I would like to be mad because Del Zotto didnt shoot but hes friggining 19

    not the reason they lost

  142. CARP

    I know you just changed the poll question, but I think you need to make it “If Gaborik is out…how is the Rangers offense compared to last year…Better…Same…Worse…Oy Vey??”

  143. Linda,,,damn skippy on

    my fiancee is a bengals fans and he just called beninati a choad! damnit all!!!!!!!! It’s disgusting that a flagship franchise like this is so poor on fundamentals like passing! oy vey, something’s gotta give

  144. you guys can say what you want about PA being a career ahler but i see more out of him than i see out of the rest of the lineup besides people named gaborik or prospal

  145. Olga Folkyerself , if that was directed towards me, no, wrong. I live on eastern LI so I would have to take the train that leaves after 10;00pm so no, I wouldn’t have left, sorry, wrong.

  146. Linda,,,damn skippy on

    ok, what the hell is up with boys with girlie haircuts? Do girls actually, truly, honestly like boys that look like girls??? SCARY

  147. Linda,,,damn skippy on

    that was the icing on a totally crappy day!! but i gotta remember, i still have a job and a roof over my head.

  148. good night Rangers, good night to everybody..

    with only one player able to score you wont win many games in NHL…

  149. Linda,,,damn skippy on

    oh there are plenty of difference makers, the problem is, the difference is for the benefit of the opposition!

  150. I blame Voros for this loss. If he dint win a fight then NYR would have gotten a point out of this game.

    What the fugg is with Dredden ??? Where’s his god damn cocaine strength ? Unbelievable.

    This team has been really pathetic. If Seaman played tonight, the score would have been 5-2 or 6-2.

  151. Linda,,,damn skippy on

    ;-) izzy

    these flippy bangs on boys, with their lil highlights and what not…very scary. Dont like pretty boys

  152. Linda,,,damn skippy on

    anything of interest on versiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis? i had to turn it off before the remote nestled in the middle of the screen

  153. torts is an idiot. renny was better. im serious. i dont care who bashes me for this. but when you have a guy like gabby. a goalie like hank, and 2 offensive d men to play the pp, as well as kotalik who is a pp guy, thers just no excuse for this crap. hes an idiot. he started his idiocy in washington for game 5. hes a loudmouth a hole who thinks hes a tuff guy by yelling at giannone and brooks. we went from dorky nerd who got superwedgies and hung from his locker in school tom renny, to the big dumbass bully who picked on tom in high school for coaches. and in between we have slatipuss. they guy has the biggest payroll in the nhl, he can buy out rozy, redden whoever. and he never can put a team together. hes burnt. get him outta here. get torts ouuta here too. get keenan back for carps sake. and when did hank become average? maybe i get too emotional but why cant we ever have a good team??? what is it about ny? wheres cally been? hes a 2.5 million dollar ortmeyer

  154. Amen Linda!

    It would have been sweeter if they won. But hey, the lost against a great team and matched them really well in the 3rd… They need to work on their D coverage. Man do they need a really tough as nails Dman. Doesnt have to be flashy or score a ton (They have Gilroy & MDZ). But coverage in front of LQ is bad. He’s been screened so much and given up those screened goals. And on the offensive side… gosh someone has to stay PUT in front of that net!!!!!!!!

    Seriously they owe Lundqvist a better job.

  155. we made the playoffs last year and this years team is better than last years team. IF we had Gabi last year we would have finished off washington.

  156. this team freakin’ blows. The coaching style sucks – it does not fit this team at all. Outside of Prospal and Gabby there no players at all. That was my last game of the season, I am not watching this crap anymore, just like last season was the last Ranger game I went to. Broadway Punch Muffins, with idiot coach in the lead. I wonder how long is it going to take for people to start doubting the coaching style… Torts coaching style would fit only certain teams in NHL, like Caps, Pens, Hawks and maybe Flyers. No matter who signs with Rangers in off season this team will blow!

  157. Another loss all right. This time they deserved to lose. They stunk. They lost almost every faceoff, man are they missing Drury and Dubi. The penalty kill is not very good anymore. it’s amazing how bad they are without these two guys, I mean all Drury did was stand around and make big bucks, you wouldn’t think they would miss him at all. I wonder when Callihan is going to break out a score a goal. This team right now is a one trick pony.

  158. Sigh. I adore you all, but I can’t even comment. A perfect ending to a perfect day. OY! Time to go…maybe I can find another re-run of the Wizard :)

    Heads, lots of down time til next game. Let’s all remember what we’ve agreed to here over the past couple days. It’s fun when that works!

    A demain mes amis (that’s just busting my Russian friends) Ta!

  159. Grabachev in IA,
    I actually blame Sather, why, because sather (biggest dope in hockey) hires a coach with a system where the Rangers don’t have the personnel to run Tort’s system. The coach’s system won’t work with this group of players. That’s why stall has declined, just naming a few.

  160. linda- i hear that. i got a job. i got a good family. i have heartburn. and i have th rangers. hey. if youre gonna suck, suck it up all year. get us a 1st overall. tank slats. tank. if it will get you fired, tank. if it will get torts fired, do it.,tank. tank just for the sake of tanking. you have no rep anymore and you are a joke. olga, i have turned to the light side of the shwarz!!! i have been enlightened. safe is death!!!! lmfao!!! somewhere, sathers smelly belly button lint is stuck in one of the lockerroom showers. thank god im not the janitor at msg

  161. Linda,,,damn skippy on

    siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh! glen DO SOMETHING BESIDES taking care of your oral fixation with that cigar! put on your freakin big boy pants and GET A HARD HITTING CREASE CLEARING defenseman and a number one center, or someone who can win a faceoff!!!

  162. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Ilb- I agree. There’s a lot of sissy Mary’s posting after the game. They played a good team and lost in the third period with an EN goal.

    Suck it up. Move on.

  163. Linda,,,damn skippy on

    somewhere, sathers smelly belly button lint is stuck in one of the lockerroom showers. thank god im not the janitor at msg


    roflmfaopimp! thats one sick mental image!

  164. P.S. maybe not the funniest, but darn good for a quote of the week:

    Linda: oh there are plenty of difference makers, the problem is, the difference is for the benefit of the opposition!

    oh yeah, I’m leaving. really, wick, greg and all.

    And fyi, new posters, sorry you’re sick of team (don’t believe it!) welcome to our crazy world and enjoyed the posts.

  165. Linda,,,damn skippy on

    we’ve known we needed that type of d man for years, and I know they dont grow on trees, but there’s gotta be SOMEONE out there somewhere who can fill that role.

  166. HAHAHAHAH ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww belly lint. Probably smells like cigars & Jameson LOL

    RIGHT ON IZZY!!! You tell em!

  167. The Sens scored two on the powerplay, that would not have happened if Drury and Dubi were playing. They are playing without their two best centers. They are losing most of the faceoffs that is a big reason they are losing the games. Plus the fact that they are not getting many shots, and the only guy who can score is Gaborik.

  168. Olga Folkyerself on

    Well, yeah. Fire Sather. It sounds good but it won’t happen. I don’t think I can wait for him to drop dead.

    Keep smoking those stogys Glen, They’re good for you.

  169. Linda, I’m with you….I missed something too apparently, but it’s been a looooong day. Can’t…keep…up…must…go…amuse yourselves. See ya tomorrow for post game notes.

  170. Olga – Thanks! I think my comments make too much sense! As far as knitting goes I don’t think it is wise to think that everyone around shares your hobbies…

  171. Worst. Game. Ever. on

    The only thing that will save this season is:

    1. Shut Drury down for the year, recoup his capspace.

    2. Bury Rozsival. Now.

    3. Trade for Vincent Lecavalier. He wants out of Tampa and we’ll give them what they want for him.

    If this doesn’t happen, may as well tank the season.

  172. Izzy… we might as well suck it up and move on, because we are going to see a lot more of the same.

  173. Linda, Dubi is our # 1 center according to Glen. Glen, probly has a lint cave. lint statues of himself, lint clothes, lint throne, lint cigar. icky stuff like that.

  174. Linda,,,damn skippy on

    cigars and Jameson!!! history channel just did a thing on whiskey/bourbon the other night, thats funny.

    they gotta snap outta this funk. they played so well to start the season, we know its in there, its just hibernating now. someones gotta bring it back out!

  175. gilroy has been poor. hes not really that good offensively. idk does he really deserve his salary from what weve seen? no. hes done jack. all hype. dz has been great, not really recently, but hes a 19 yr old and playing better than staal and girardi. so, torts needs to get these guys to be more reserved. they cant score, so by cutting down on penalties and neutral zone turnovers and bad plays (staal), we will have a better chance to win. i really dont care if we score 1 goal a game anymore as long as we get wins. safe is death. yea, his slogan should be stupid is death.

  176. Linda,,,damn skippy on

    Glen LINTMAN YETI Sather…he’s more of an albatross then the bad contracts because at least those contracts will expire!!! Glen’s like a roach, the only thing that’ll still survive on this planet after nukes! What they don’t tell ya about December 2012 is that the next picture, for January 2013 is a huge picture of slatipuss rex and his stogie

  177. Yes DZ is a good draft pick. I can see why Gilroy wasn’t drafted, he is not a good defensemen and I haven’t seen anything that tells me he is good offensively.

  178. Tough loss – we didn’t do much on the PP except for the last goal by Gaborik.

    Lisin is doing nothing on the first line. Non-first line players need to start scoring or this season is OVER.

    I know the last goal was a great shot, but I kind of feel like Hank is having a down year – he’s not really standing on his head – I guess I’m spoiled from his superb play in years past.

    Also, would someone please hit Ovechkin? He plays hard and likes to throw the body. Other than Staal, I don’t see our guys plastering him / laying him out.

  179. Ah, what a frustrating night. Lotta problems for Torts to solve.

    btw, did you know that Sather is the final boss in the new Call of Duty and he can’t be killed? They didn’t even program in a credits sequence, your Xbox blows up if you kill him.

    Captain Clutch, where are you?

  180. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    The funny thing is the world will end on my birthday according to the bible, dec 21, 2012.

    Who are you? Nostradumbass?

  181. EWW, the lint stuff is gonna give me bad dreams.

    Here’s the truth, and I’ll repeat this in the spring to prove me right. This is all part of being “a Ranger”….Why I love this blog/sport/team…you’re all done! season’s over! well, I’ll see you tomorrow and the next day and the next….through summer, just like this year and last season.

    Sorry all, but you you know, once a Ranger always a Ranger, and therefore maybe doomed!

    Stanley is clawing at me. Pissed at loss. Now I bid you farewell.

  182. hey Rick
    you don’t cover hockey all that much so just go for it
    and ask Torts or the players themselves
    why they play with no heart?

    why they can’t check an opponent rather than give a halfhearted stick check?

    why Gabby is the only player who can put the puck in the net?

    why can’t Henrik move past the paint in order to take out more room from the shooter?

    just a few that have been on my mind.

    and at the very least, get video of this stuff because if you ask Torts some of these questions it’ll look like my dad and uncles arguing during a bocce game.

  183. Linda,,,damn skippy on

    grabby, that pimp i mentioned meant pissin in my pants lmao!!!!!

    do ya think lisin is still feeling the effects of the instep injury? you’re totally right in saying non first line players need to start scoring. oh to have some balanced scoring along with the dman!

  184. Izzy Mandlebaum ,
    OK, take it easy there dude, no need to get personnel. I know the rangers lost but don’t take it out on me and no need to bring my mother in this conversation.

  185. Boudreau really out coached Torts tonight. The Sens simple bottled the Rangers up they had very little room to do much. The Rangers took to many penaltys, and they lost to many faceoffs. Torts is complaining about taking to many penaltys every game, but they continue to do it every game. Another thing Torts is allways on about is having and holding on to the puck. I wonder when they are going to start the puck possion thing, soon I hope.

  186. Linda,,,damn skippy on

    YES YES a MILLION TIMES YES jpg. i HATE HATE HATE the constant stick checking when a good old fashioned plastering of the body against the boards is warranted.

    Hank should absolutely NEVER handle the puck, and keep working on the high glove side. I hope when dubi comes back, he can add some scoring, we really need it, and need him to come through, he’s got that bigass contract to live up to now. Cally leads the league in hits, and i respect the hell outta that, but we need him to pick up the scoring a bit. Gabby needs someone to help him shoulder the load.

    and watching rick and torts kibbitz would be astounding!

  187. Linda,,,damn skippy on

    hmmm i thought izzy was joking with that line about the shorts and the name sewing. i didnt think it was a personal thing, just a joke

  188. Henrik is so good playing goal on the goal line. He would be unbeatable if someone would teach him how to come out a bit and cut off some of the angle. He gets beat easy up high because he playes so far in his net. He has to be driving the goaltending coach nuts.

  189. Im sick and tired of Avery and his antics…I just dont want to see him taking shots at goalie’s…he is a bum…no one sticks up for him…he is a cancer…

  190. Sorry…. Im half in the bag too LOL All Im doing is laughing….



  191. We got murdered on faceoffs tonight. Man, they couldn’t even pull out a point for my daughter. Nothing worse than the ride home on the train after a loss.

  192. Lets all get drunk. Together. I’ll bartend. I’m Russian, I know my alcohol. Then wake up in the morning and start rooting for a new team. Suggestions?

    C’mon folks, we will be here tomorrow, all saying that it’s just 21 games, and they could’ve sucked at the end of the season as opposed to now and blah, blah, blah. And rightfully so.

  193. Linda,,,damn skippy on

    nasty, despite the loss, did your lil girl enjoy being there

    yea, its time for some wine…

  194. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    WoW! ok, after having to watch the online feed on some fuzzy assed link, I’ve come to a few conclusions (they are not new conclusions, I just get to repeat them now)!

    Hank is gun shy, PERIOD!!! When guys get close to him he let’s goals in (twice tonight)! He looks like the slap shot goalie!!!

    Cally, offencively speaking, is overrated! Avery has way better puck skills than cally does and should be getting more minutes on the PP and even strength.

    Until we get a couple of hard hitting physical crease clearing d men on this team (there are NONE in the system, so please don’t say call up a d man), we will get nowhere in the playoffs and hank will still have problems with opposing players scoring in close.

    Get over the voros crap, that guy is the least of our problems. He always shows heart! which is more than most of our players do!

    Lastly, players that need to go…rozy, higgy, girardi (you have to give to get), lisin, pap, valli, and dubi (see girardi…unless he gets his EDGE back to his game, then keep him).

  195. Linda,,,damn skippy on

    hockeymon, theres seems to be money in building a team of idiots ;-) And dont everyone get all pissy, i’m just jokin!

  196. Linda,,,damn skippy on

    boys!! girls!!! shims!!! everyone settle down, have a drink and some chocolate and a deep breathe!

  197. “we will get nowhere in the playoffs”

    playoffs, playoffs, are you kidding me, you’re talking about playoffs

  198. Yeah, she had a blast, and anyone who came across her path tonight had an immediate smile on their face, because she is absolutely the cutest and most adorable thing on the planet. She was bummed that they lost. She knows hockey, pretty damn well for a 4 year old. Having her with me took the sting out of the loss a bit, but man, they couldn’t even hold out for a point. Bummer.

  199. Linda,,,damn skippy on

    i swear, sometimes when i watch south park i think i am gonna burn in hell, then i think about some of the things i’ve said and…….. oy vey!

  200. Linda,,,damn skippy on

    i’m glad she had a blast! its always fun to watch the kids faces at games, how they just beam! miss those days! did ya have someone take a pic of the two of ya?

    good one mora!

  201. Linda,,,damn skippy on

    thats great nasty! family outing, too bad they couldnt pull off the win for ya!

    mako, you have mail!

  202. Night, heads. Tomorrow will be better. And day after. Will love them again by the afternoon. And so on til Saturday. So how’s Florida doing this days?

  203. You guys are all hilarious after losses. Just wanted to point that out.

    Linda, your last few comments you left out my favorite term for the GM.

    Nasty, sorry I missed you and Mrs. Nasty and little Nasty.

  204. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    I’ve said it before, I think hank looked the best his first season. He challenged shooters, always cut off angles out of the net and always would put rebounds in the corners instead of out in front of the net!


    Hope the family enjoyed the game for what it is worth!

    Announcers kept saying how erskine was neutralizing avery after the whistle, so why didn’t torts put brash out there for a few shifts with avery to neutralize erskine? Worst case brash and erskine go off for 5 each and avery gets some shifts while erskine sits in the box!

  205. thats awesome nasty!! my daughter is almost 4 and she watches games with me online all teh time. whenevr we win, she yells loud and sometimes nwhen we score she gets scared cuz i yell like a maniac. but if we lose, she says” daddy, are u gonna be ok?” you look sad” but when we win, she says” yay daddy you won”!! lol. like its me who determines the game. isnt it awesome being a dad and having a girl who likes hockey like her dad? its so cute and she tries to impress me by saying that she will be a hockey player when she grows up. shes so influenced by me and she is soo like me. shes nothing like her mom,
    (that really pisses her mom off too). anyway, glad you and ya daughter had agood time tonight.

  206. Nasty

    Hope you all had a great time. AO is just amazing and its always a treat to see him play, especially now they have Gabby … watching them go head to head was great, even though they lost. Plenty more games left in the season :)

    Get home safe.

  207. Linda, now we know, if Voros wins the fight, we are dead! The good news, he doesn’t do it very often.

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