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More from Tortorella and some players:

Tortorella said that Gilroy was at fault for the third goal, and I don’t disagree. Redden was trapped in a bad spot, and also I thought Lundqvist might have made the save.

“It’s a little bit of inexperience on Gilly,” Tortorella said. “With Reds (Redden) there, Gilly’s got to pull out. He does a good enough job getting back because he’s such a good skater, but he, in that situation — and it’s inexperience — even if he takes a penalty he can’t allow that shot to be taken. I thought he had an opportunity to stop it. But we’ve got a kid there that is still understanding some of those things. You can tell he doesn’t want to take a penalty, but at that point in time I’d soon kill a penalty because we can’t have that type of shot. The first part of it is he needs to realize that he needs to pull out with Reds stuck on the boards there a little bit. It’s inexperience. It’s a bump, and he’ll learn from it.”

Redden took some responsibility, too.

“There’s a battle along the board and they just try to flip it up and I had it. I kind of missed whacking it down with my hand. I knew there was a guy coming, and I kind of turned around and it took a bounce … and they end up getting a break off it. That time of the game, no matter what, you’ve got to be extra sure and not have those things happen, be caught on the wrong side of a guy. They made us pay.”

I doubt that Versus showed this, but when the buzzer sounded, Lundqvist swung his stick downward like an ax and broke it on the ice. 

“We did enough good things tonight to win this game,” Lundqvist said. “They scored a late goal there and it’s tough for us. We worked really well, I think, and made some great plays. … We don’t have to adjust a lot. We’re right there.”

“I think I could be more aggressive. I saw him going for the shot and I was a little bit more on my heels than on my toes there. As a goalie you want to come up with a big save there at a crucial time of the game. I didn’t.”

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  1. “even if he takes a penalty he can’t allow that shot to be taken. I thought he had an opportunity to stop it. But we’ve got a kid there that is still understanding some of those things. You can tell he doesn’t want to take a penalty, but at that point in time I’d soon kill a penalty because we can’t have that type of shot. ”

    Exactly what I said. That would have been a good penalty.

  2. what’s everyone’s take on hanks ‘outbursts’? also, and i know it sounds ‘selfish’ but does anyone else wish he would NOT go to the olympics?

  3. Linda, Hank is just frustrated, that’s all. If he lets in a bad goal the game is over. This team has zero secondary scoring. They need someone to step up.

  4. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Carp- can’t you delete Duker’s post for swearing? You would also have to remove my second post but I’m really OK with that. We can’t allow this kind of thing to continue. :)

  5. Rob, the sad thing is, he has those outbursts more frequently. Lots of pressure on him to be perfect every night. World class goalie with NO HELP in front, and it’s been that way for too long. Sather OWES it to him to put a defenseman or two in front of him to help shoulder the load, clear out the crease, open up more space for him. I wonder if the lack of help up front will have him sign elsewhere once his contract is up.

  6. Olga Folkyerself on

    Rob L.

    I’m not encouraged… That’s like falling off the Empire State Bldg. and after each floor saying “so far so good”.

  7. Carp’s posting tonight because we have 3 nights in a row now of nothing…hate it.

    Anyone plan on going Saturday night?

  8. sathers gotta bite the bullet on at least rozsi! ooooh free agents wont sign here if we buy guys out/send em to hartford. Would that be such a bad thing after what we’ve seen since he’s been gm???

    have a good night guys! hope wednesday’s good to yas

  9. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    I agree about dumping rozy any way possible to free up space to get a couple of physical guys we really need on the back end!

  10. Not sure if they showed it on TV but Redden tried to keep that puck in and when it hopped on him, he tried to hit it off the boards. Instead the linesman tried to get out of the way and actually kicked/deflected it past Redden. You can’t blame the linesman on it, but it sucked that he directly caused the breakaway. Gilroy should’ve just taken the penalty.

  11. If there is anyone out there that thinks we are losing because of Drury and Dubi being out, has not been paying attention to this team. They were on a downward spiral before it happened.

  12. wicky229(and no, I don't wear a visor!) on

    jonny I agree, gilroy should have taken the penalty!

    BTW, how much ice time did gabby lose for taking that penalty. I mean avery, dubi, voros and anyone else loses ice time when they take penalties, so gabby lost some too right….oh double standard torts, nevermind!

  13. Gravey, you are correct, and Dubi/Drury wouldn’t be helping our offensive problems. But there has been more defensive lapses since they have been out. But they still would’ve lost these games.

  14. linda, i’m posting like crazy because I was inspired by ass-hat. (is that the proper spelling?).

    Izzy, you may not be No. 1, but you’re the World’s Greatest.

  15. Just saw Colton Orr with a huge TKO over Matt Carkner tonight on the NHL Network. Wish he was back instead of Donald (body soreness) Brashear.

  16. It just baffles me that Torts allowed Sather to sign Brashear for the money he did when he knew he wasn’t going to play him more than 3 minutes a game…unbelievable…

    I know alot of times fans think they can be GM’s and they really can’t, but come on…

  17. *sorry guys, I’m posting this just one more time, it helps me vent lol, and that other Carp post was up for like 10 seconds before this one went up

    let’s face it guys- this team will NEVER be a real contender for ANYTHING when you have 2 players who are dead weight (Drury, Rozsival) and an average D-Man making elite money (Redden) taking up $18.5 million of a $56 million salary cap

    think about it: after you take out the cap space for those 3 clowns, it’s basically like we have a $37.5 million payroll…then take away the $14.5 million for Gaborik and Lundqvist (who are both worth it) and YOU ONLY HAVE $23 MILLION to put together the rest of a NHL roster

    $18.5 million = Drury, Rozsival, Redden
    $14.5 million = Gaborik, Lundqvist
    $23 million = TO BE SPENT ON THE REST OF THE TEAM (at least 15-17 players)

    and we expect that roster to contend for something?

    as long as we have the Drury/Rozsival/Redden contracts killing our cap space, we will be stuck in an endless cycle of mediocrity…a more offensive and entertaining version under Torts, but still mediocre nontheless


  18. so you want to tell me that Olga Folkyerself is a female? impossible! no, really…are you, Olga? :)

    as for the game… well, i thought the team played well against a much better opponent. Yes, Washington is a better team…

    the effort was there but if nobody else is scoring but Gaborik…then my friends we’re in deep poop. We also missing two core players that make this team better…

    Also, while Gaborik is a great sniper he is not a dominant player (see JJ 68) or at least he hasnt been YET for the Rangers…sure he scores goals but i have yet to see him take over the game… does he deke at all? and the way he handles the puck… i dont know…it seems like the puck always slides off his stick

    anyway… somebody need to step up and score some goals

  19. OF: if you don’t believe me, post “Fire Sather” a few more times tonight, it really does help, you’ll see lol

  20. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Gaborik beat OV ,but Rangers still lost!"... says Greg L. on

    Tough loss to take but the worlds not ending at all for the Rangers. Delzotto plays great defense .Nice to have him aboard with his new NY apartment. Gilroy will have a couple goofs …he is a rookie ya know. Avery is healing up quite fine .Gaborik is getting used to his new team. Our team is starting a new system with a new core of players ,things are going pritty good so far. Yes there are a few “busts” on the team but all in all …things are going as planed.

  21. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Gaborik beat OV ,but Rangers still lost!"... says Greg L. on

    CCCP , what are you drinking!!?? Gaborik takes over every game and when he not playing , no one scores. Gaborik made MSG all a buzz tonight ,thats pritty good. He out scored OV and did do a nice head fake . His quik release and fast hands…Jagr was flat most nights here at MSG compared to Gaborik. You saying what ya said about Gaborik is rediculas.
    This guy is new to playing this type of hockey…Jagr had all his peeps..Gaborik is the Main ticket, if only he had some help..if only.

  22. Olga Folkyerself on

    It’s a joke name. Like Biggus Dickus, or Silius Sodus.

    Bart Simpson calls Moe’s Bar:

    Bart: “Yes. Is Olga there? Her last name is Folkyerself.”
    Moe: “Olga! Olga Folkyerself! I wanna Olga Folkyerself!”
    Bart: “Hahahahaha!”
    Moe: “Why, if I ever get my hands on you…”

  23. im drinking tap water, Greg

    jagr was flat? jagr was a horse that would have the puck on his stick for half the game…drive to the net and make poop happen

    Gaborik scores goals and he is the main ticket..yes

    but most of the game he is just skating around waiting for that chance to shoot… i guess what im saying is that i’d like to see him more involved…like create some opportunities for himself instead of just waiting for that pass to come so he can shoot it… most of the time he scores off that pass lol but you know what i mean Greg

  24. well… even tough Olga Folkyerself is a joke name… it is still unknown whether Olga a boy or a girl…not that it matters but… :P

  25. I said this weekend. I meant Saturday and Monday…and then next week there is a full slate of games. Time to start getting their groove back. I understand that is difficult with, dare I say this, your top two centers out.

  26. Why are we so bush-league? Please, anyone answer for me …

    And with that I head to my slumber, thinking about the ways the NYRangers will make me suffer for the next 48 years …

  27. At the game tonite. Real depressing. IT’S GOING TO BE A VERY LONG SEASON. The Caps had three talented lines and we had 2/3’s of a line. We were never really in this games. Defensively, we can’t get out of our own zone. Kind of miss Malik & Betts & Renney’s defense. With the components we have we can’t play Go-go all out aggressive hockey. We just don’t have the talent; even more so now without Drury and Dubie. Tort’s is going to have to realize to play his style hockey we need more scoring. (1) Gaborik is not enough. We don’t, check, hit or play scrappy either. The Islanders may be passing us soon. They, also, only have only one effective line but they’re developing an identity, playing scrappy hockey and finding ways of winning. Somehow, we need to do the same or this could be torture. Lundqvist stopped at least 2 or 3 sure goals which is even more frightening.

  28. wicky – Please tell me you were joking about Torts having a double standard and not taking away ice time from Gaborik like he does from some of the other guys when they take penalties.

  29. Good morning all
    I just read that Sid the kid Crosby is going to carry the Olympic torch. He will run from Newfoundland to Nova Scotia with the torch.

  30. Please, please for all those comments that have filtered in about maybe we need Tom Renney’s defense first system back!! Please!!!! THey lost a game against a better opponent, period!!! Played some good spots but this team cannot maintain for 60 minutes and don’t have the talent to do so. So please, good riddance to Tom Renney, who mostly all of us boneheads wanted gone. Torts is here now, trying to make due with the players Sather has signed. It ain’t gonna get any better than this!!! We are probably a 500 team anyway so deal with it!!!

  31. Freddyhamptons on

    **WHO really cares if it was a sell out?? This team is going nowhere…. Besides Gaborik and Glove Side Lundquist this team sucks eggs!!! Print that Carp-Face!!

  32. rangerfan in md- ur right in that we do actually miss drurys pk and faceoff skills. hes not been great but he does win half of his faceoffs and getting possession of the puck killed us last night. an while he doesnt score, the plays duby makes are all good and are essential plays that have to happen to lead to goals. now finishing is another story. u can create a ton of chances every game, but if gaborik is the only one who can finish them, u have a problem. brooks laich has 9 goals for the caps. hes not even in the top 3 or 4 on that team. besides kots and prospal, nobody has more than 2 or 3 goals. avery used to have a pretty decent shot. cally used to drive the net, lisin is just friggin retarted. duby forechecks but cant finish, drury is a huge dissappointment and yea, he helps out defensively, but it is scoring that we need. higgins culdnt score on a breakaway on an empty net. hed hit both posts and the crossbar and then it would ricochet out and hit him in his fat face. brash can barely move anymore. get him a wheelchair with skates attached. boyle is the biggest slowest dork on the team, hes like baby huey. have i mentioned drurys worth to this team yet? im not gonna get into the weakest d in the league. but u combine the zero offense with the weak(lazy rozy, giveaway boy staal), and rookie mistake man boy gilroy, with one of the best goalies in the league that has actually regressed a little, not improving in his weak areas like puck handling and high shots to the glove side, and a coach who will bench all the young guys and rozy, but not drury. ever!! than ur gonna have what he have right now. from 7-1 to 4-8-1 in no time, and steadily dropping to last place in the division and dropping fast in the conference too. i just wanna see them win these next 2 home games. gotta get the crowd back in it. i heard maybe 2 lgr chants all night. torts, if youre guys cant score, then change the system a little. its not working. u cant run n gun with 5 minutes left with the caps. i dont care if we just play reserved to get the point in ot. at least wed be getting points.

  33. “We did enough good things tonight to win this game,” Lundqvist said. “They scored a late goal there and it’s tough for us. We worked really well, I think, and made some great plays. … We don’t have to adjust a lot. We’re right there.”

    SERIOUSLY??? I couldn’t DISAGREE MORE!!!
    Did enough good things? When? Where? It sure as hell wasn’t on the ice!!!
    Worked really well…PFFFTTT..Yeah what, at dinner???
    Great plays? NOT!
    This is going to be a LONG season!!!

  34. Of course Gilroy should have taken the penalty, and wouldn’t secondary scoring be nice. But just as true,
    Lundqvist was right — he needs to make the big save at the end. That’s what an elite goalie is supposed to do. That’s what he did in the Olympics to win Sweden the gold medal. That’s what he needs to do here.

  35. cccp- gabby is not built like jagr and has an injury history so bad, that id rather him just get open and have the grunts do the dirty work. hes been awesome so far. scoring goal left and right. he needs to bigger skilled players on his line. papsmear? lisin? child please!! lol

  36. Just a little adjustment needs to be made, the mental errors
    are simple and easy to understand, but difficult to correct in the heat of battle. In my opionion this is were coaching comes in;so a great coach doesn’t just teach, he makes sure
    the lesson is learned. Is Torts just a good coach? or is he a great coach?

    They need guys to stay infront of the net!

  37. yea pat. they didnt play well at all. 20 shots??? ok. that in itself is really bad and most of the shots were easy saves. higgins is trying. u can see him getting in front, workin hard, ut he has stone hands. theres no other skill players besides maybe anisimov(who is big, but soft) and lisin who is fast but dumb. no hockey sense. the skill guys arent producing and the checkers and grinders arent doing enough. yes, we did hit and plyed more physical, especially ave,cally, and higgy. voros was good too in his 2 minutes icetime. least he won a fight and protects his teammates.

  38. taries- we had guys in front last night but they never bury the shot. they(higgins,avery,cally, are smaller scrappy players. we need a bulldozer like boyle to stand there cuz he can take the abuse(he probably would like it), the rest just get checked out of the way before they get a good shot off, they fan on it, they miss(hit the post higgins hit the post), or the guy passin it makes a blind pass to nobody and gives it right back to the other team. not enough talent(playmakers) to get guys good chances and not enough finshers to bury them. thats it. without gabby we are the maple leafs with a slightly better record cuz of hank.

  39. No matter how bad Redden and Gilroy looked on that 3rd caps goal, Hank, you GOTTA make the save! what a brutal goal!

  40. That was the Matt Bradley Hat Trick…

    1 fight, 6 stitches, and a huge goal that completely burns the entire city of New York…..

  41. I love the morning after loss postmortem comments. I’m sure Carp gets a kick out of ’em too.

  42. Henrik looked bad on that goal, just as he does most everytime someone shoots high on him. He can’t play a good high shot playing that far back in the net. He has to come out to take room from the shooter. that is basic goaltending.

  43. Against Matt Bleepin Bradley no less. The same guy that torched them for a couple of goals in game 5 if I’m not mistaken.

    Another game where only the top notch skill of Gaborik (quick hands on his 1st goal, unbelievable angle on the 2nd) kept the Rangers from getting shut out. I had to this to say after the Vancouver game a couple of weeks ago:

    – They take penalties at the worst possible times and slacken up after goals.
    – The team got away with the individual brilliance of Gaborik and his line for a long time but their ability to score hard working goals hasn’t been there in a while. At this point is there anyone outside of Gaborik and Prospal that look like they’re capable of putting up 25+ goals or 60+ points?

    As a whole they’ve played marginally better the past two games (compared to the ATL game and the Western Canada trip) but there’s very little to be optimistic about until they get either an upgrade in talent or decide to abandon a system they don’t have to correct personnel to play.

  44. 1. We have a very, very young team
    2. We have a team learning a totally new system.
    3. We have a very, very young team learning a very new system
    4. Did anyone out there really think this team was going to contend? New coach, new roster, lots of youth?
    I am enjoying watching this team play. Even the hard fought losses are good. I am enjoying watching Del Zotto grow…this guy if he stays on track is going to be a game changing D man. I am totally amazed at his aggressiveness, ability to recover, and how he doesn’t panic, ever.
    For those of you who think 2 seasons makes a defenseman…please. Staal is also young and still learning…cut the guy some slack already.
    Who needs B-hole when we have V-hole?

  45. coulda shoulda woulda…enough monday am QB, if gilroy takes a penalty and that very talented PP takes the ice they have a very good chance of scoring…and IF they score we are bashing gilroy for taking a penalty with 5 minutes to go in a tie game….bottom lineRedden has to win a battle at the blue line or atleast not lose it cleanly the results into a partial breakaway at the minimum he must slow Bradley down there…..its back to the renney years-we lose a great majority of all the 50-50 battles game in and game out….we have a lil forecheck here and a lil forecheck there but right now we need to pick up the intensity and battle level…..

  46. Voros actually wins a fight….but the guy he beat ended up beating us. Classic!

    Watch Blowszival in isolation. The guy is lost out there. Even on the shifts where he doesn’t cause a goal, he is just lost and clueless. I think he makes 1 good play for every 10 he sucks up. It’s unbelievable.

    Undisciplined penalties cost us last night. We couldn’t play the PK and our PP was pretty so-so at best.

    Another thing that is just grating the hell out of me is our lack of grit and sandpaper. Sure we are hitting some here and there. But Hank is still being bowled over with impunity. Guys are taking shots at Rangers and no one is standing up for each other. It drives me up a wall.

    5 on 5 I thought we outplayed them. But sadly, we gave up 2 PP goals and Redden blew the defensive play on the last goal. Gilroy should have taken Bradley down. I think we all agree on that. But Rosy and Redden are our worst D-men. No doubt.

    Gonna be a grind for the whole season. Like 8 points separate the first from the 12th place team in the conference.

  47. Witt plays with passion certainly the Rangers could use a good doze of passion. I don’t think there has been much by anyone wearing Blue lately. Torts bred the passion out of Avery, don’t know what happened to Cally’s passion?

  48. At least once a game, if not once a period Rozi throws the puck around the boards with absolutely no attention to whether it’s going to exit the zone or whether it’s going to the correct team.

    I thought Redden was playing ok up until he got burned for the Bradley goal. I agree with Torts assessment that he’s not been that great, not been terrible. Another player that will never live up to the contract but I’ve leveled off on the irrational disdain I have for him.

    I liked the idea of putting Staal back into an even strength shutdown/PK role. With emergence of DZ and giving Gilroy some freedom out there at least half the D can be productive or are put in position where they can succeed.

  49. Good morning Staal and all….wow, everyone sure was fired up here last night…hey one cup, make sure you read Carp’s column today when he posts….you got a little shout out!

  50. Age by position:

    Anisimov 21
    Boyle 24
    Drury 33
    Dubi 23
    Prospal 34

    Avery 29
    Brashear 37
    Higgins 26
    PAP 26
    Voros 28

    Callahan 24
    Gaborik 27
    Kotalik 30
    Lisin 23

    MDZ 19
    Gilroy 25
    Girardi 25
    Redden 32
    Rozsival 31
    Staal 22

    Lundqvist 27
    Valli 32

    Considering the oldest player gets probably the least amount of ice time, when he plays, it’s a relatively youthful team.

  51. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Secondary scoring:

    Right now that is the problem

    Gabby gets two goals and we still lose the game, not acceptable. HE is amazing but he and Prospal can not be the only ones getting goals every game.

    Rosi, I saw at least three times, being soft in the corners not fighting for the puck so he wouldnt get hit, and then throwing it blindly around the boards. If Im Torts, he sits next game and we bring Heikinen, Potter, Bobby Sangs up. ACCOUNTABILITY!!

    And Hank needs to practice high glove side shots every day. Don’t know what the hell happened to him on the last goal but that was not a super hard shot and he absolutely should have had it. He had a good game and made some great saves, but that one he should have had

    Avery had another good game and is starting to look like himself again, thank god.

    But Cally, Higgins, Lisin, Kotalik, and Artie need to start putting some pucks in the net. PA had more shots on goal and scoring chances than most of them.

    the rest of the month we play:
    Panthers Twice
    Pens Twice
    Columbus and Tampa once

    Time to get consistent
    Time to Sit Rosi
    Time to Change the D-PAirings up
    Time for our 2nd & 3rd liens to start scoring


  52. if you guys look at the replay… before the 3rd goal got scored Callahan had the puck in Caps zone… he gets hit real hard from behind right into the boards and of course loses the puck.. you can even see him getting up and looking back at the referee and saying something to him… whoever knocked Cally into the boards clears the puck over Reddens stick and… well, you know the rest of it…Gilroy should’ve pulled the guy down or something…but…anyway…

    btw, did you see how mad Redden was after the goal? slamming the stick and looking really upset! Good to see that he cares.

  53. Forget blaming Gilroy or Redden for the third goal……. We have an “elite” goaltender who needs to sit down in the offseason with Rey Ordonez and learn how to use that glove. The only thing on the team that is softer than Hank’s glove is Voros’ punching hand.
    However……. that still is not why we lost last night. The reason we lost that game is 20 shots on net, Varlamov was able to walk away from the net to get a snack during most of the game!! This team in this offense first system should have 35 or more shots on goal EVERY night….. END OF STORY. They have enough talent to win, they need to play like they want to win and not like they are looking for the perfect play. We need Chadwick back to yell out “Shoot the puck Barry” on the broadcasts!!!!!!!!

  54. The trolls and impostors on this blog are making it’s quality go down faster than the Titanic and no one, who can, doing anything about the root of it either doesn’t care or loves it for the traffic it creates.

  55. Ah Rey Ordonez.

    The Rangers offense after Gaborik and Prospal are playing like Rey Ordonez at the plate.

    I still think Henrik needed to be more aggressive and move out on Bradley and forced a shot or made him try to bring the puck wide. I trust Lundqvist’s lateral movement more than his glovehand any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

  56. Jason agreed!
    I want to discuss Rangers hockey and don’t give two turds if the lame debbies went 82-0. It wouldn’t make me appreciate or respect them any more or hate them any less

  57. I Was DuGuay's Top Button on

    I haven’t posted in quite some time due to various reasons, but last night’s game was such a kick in guts, that it’s brought me out of the woodwork. Hank has got to stop Matt Bradley (Matt Bradley?) and what happened to the team that was in on the forecheck hard in the first three minutes? What we scored one goal and decided to back off? Obviously the Caps made adjustments to their break out, but there was an almost two period stretch where there was no pressure on the Caps D.


  58. Good morning all!!

    What taries says makes sense. Lots of mental errors & they need to put it all out on the line. Buffalo isn’t filled with superstars, yet they are getting it done.

    I wonder when they show players video, dothey also show them video of how other teams play? Because Buffalos ferocious forechecking is something with watching. They USED to play at way during that 7-1 stretch.

  59. CCCP

    yep I saw that non-call on Cally, it was boarding / cross-checking. And yeah I was please to see Redden giving a damn.

  60. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Hey Laurel

    Are you be super blog momma again?

    Certain Posts getting Carped?

    You have the power and you are using it

    LOVE IT!!

  61. CTBlueshirt with the age breakdown of this team should keep everybody off of the suicide hotline. We wanted a young team and we’ve got one. Gilroy and the rest are learning on the job. Anybody here who thought the cup was marching down Broadway this year is crazy. I’m happy with a young team. The plan looks to be a year or 2 from showing great results. Relax.

    And for those who say we should go for it now cause we have an elite goaltender, although it’s a good point, we’ve all seen the results of this organization going for it now. If Lundqvist is a great goalie, he still will be in 2 years when everything should start jelling. Let’s hope Sather doesn’t let senility take over and trade away the youth for more washed up former all stars.

  62. Hartford Whalerpack on

    “It’s a little bit of inexperience on Gilly,” Tortorella said. “With Reds (Redden) there…”

    UGH. Way to through Gilroy under the bus and let the slow, overpaid, ex-captain take NO heat for such a dumb move to lead to that goal.

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