Another long week


The Rangers play Washington tomorrow … the only game in six days, and the third in what will be a 13-day stretch. Just awful. Then, as we mentioned earlier, the Rangers get busy, with five games in eight days, and six in 10.

Hope to go to the game Tuesday or some practices this week. No idea yet if that will happen.


If you’re in the city Tuesday,Theo Fleury will be at Borders at 2 Penn Plaza at 6 p.m. to sign his book, Playing With Fire. I imagine you’d have to buy the book to get his autograph.


I was watching Seinfeld after that incredible Colts-Patriots game (don’t know if you saw it, but Bill Belichick coached like John Muckler at the end of the game).

Anyway, the Seinfeld was the Face Painter episode, and a couple of things bugged me about the hockey scenes.

1) Kramer tells Puddy, “There are still three games left in the series.” Well, there is never a situation in a playoff series when you know there are three games left. I mean there are times when there are at least three left, but you never know there will be exactly three to go.

2) They’re at the game at Madison Square Garden and Stephane Richer scores and the siren sounds. When would that ever happen for a visiting-team goal?

3) Kramer twice says the word hockey “Haw-ckey.”

I know. Get a life.

See youse later Monday.

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  1. wicky229(take the "A" from cally and give it to sally!) on

    umm, second!!


    yep, if the rangers are playing bad, it really does make being a raiders fan much worse! Should have taken maclin, but I like murphy, I think he will be a solid solid guy for a long time especially if he gets an NFL quality QB at some point!


    No, not gonna make it. You going?

  2. wicky229(take the "A" from cally and give it to sally!) on

    On another note, talk about a player with grit and a bit of a scoring touch for the 4th line, how about getting mayers from the leafs?

  3. What a day,

    First I find out that my best friend of 20 years has been doing the nasty with my girlfriend behind my back and then there was no hockey to look forward to. Well, lets just hope the Caps win tomorrow so I get in a good mood.

    Anyways, sorry for the rant,


  4. Some things impressed me on Saturday:
    1. Hank coming up big all game, and was lucky not to get a shutout (did you see the behind the net shot of their goal? two Sens criss-crossing in front of him and the puck somehow getting through?)
    2. The PK, specially the OT one – Cally was like a 2nd goaltender blocking those shots and him, Staal and Girardi were immense.
    3. Gabby creating that goal from nothing, nifty thinking to play it off the boards and use his speed to set up Vinny P.

    However, there were still too many penalties taken, although a couple were embarrassing calls from the refs – especially Aves for roughing when he was chasing the puck – the rest were lazy or stupid and we really have to work harder than the other team to make sure were not in a position where we have to make the stupid play.

    We need to start seeing these guys step up now – Anisimov, Pappy, Higgins – its time for them to take a bigger role with Dubi and Dru out, prove you are top players..

    Happy for the 2 points, but

  5. I am wondering why kotalik doesn’t join the top line with Prospal and Gabby.. I love his shot, and I think he has been one of Sathers best free agent signings. what do you guys think ?

  6. Also in that episode, there is no name on the Ranger player’s jersey when he gets checked into the boards. Supposedly it’s Messier because that’s who Puddy is yelling at.

    That’s OK though because when the gorillas accept you, you’ve got it made in the shade.

  7. Theo was an emotional and a great player. But honesty and class was never his forte. I hope he changes. I really do, because he is entering much tougher part of his life than he ever faced. But I’m not going to be there to buy his book.

  8. Good Morning to you all.

    That was a classic episode!!! LOL

    Im running out of the door but I had to say the NHL scheduling absolutely sucks and LQ is on his game. Yes he is giving up 3 goals a game. But there isnt much defensive help… Torts needs to have a sit down with Staal. I really dont want this kid to get any worse. They should break up the pairing, they had enough time to work out of their slump.

    Thank you for the morning post Rick. Its always a great way to start the morning! I’ll be reading from my phone LOL

  9. Wicky

    It would be amazing to see how this team wouldve done with Garcia…while he’s not a great QB, they could easily have 4wins right now.

  10. Yes, MAKO, just read the article too. So, according to Brooks, Torts isn’t holding Sean back. So what is it?

  11. The Sienfeld read through on Curb Your Enthusiasm was great. George investing with Bernie Madoff and inventing the Itoilet and of course NEWMAN ! Plus thequips between Kenny Bania andJjerry about Bania struggling in the bad economy was spot on. A must see Carp !

    Myself and My co-host Jim Schmiedeberg talk to beat reporter Andrew Gross tonight at 8 PM on Blueshirt Banter radio.

    Catch it live or archived here

  12. I broadly agreed with Brook’s Post article but what I found perplexing were the quotes from Tortorella. To me, it read as if he and the coaching staff have given Avery license to play his game but Sean isn’t executing. I thought he was throwing him under the bus.

    In general, Tortorella’s comments are baffling to me. The whole thing with PA Parenteau and the shootout, something along the lines of “I don’t really know anything about him”. He gave that same sort of answer back when he took over the team last season. Maybe it’s just his stock answer to reporter’s questions but as a fan, I feel like you should know and be able to talk about the team you’re paid to manage and the players in the system. My two cents.

  13. mightymatt – At first I was thinking it was because Kotalik would only be comfortable on the right side, but I saw him skating up ice on the “off wing” a couple times on Saturday, so maybe he could work on the first line.

    Belichick made my day a little better after losing Survivor with the Broncos and the Jets ripping my heart out again and then stabbing it. Sanchez needs to save his celebrations for when the game is actually over.

    What the HECK – Here’s hoping hockey can help get you through it! That sucks.

    Another one from Brooks:

  14. I don’t know guys, Torts doesn’t seem like a BS kinda guy. It says he’s giving him license to “play his game” the only thing that makes sense is the penalty factor. Or he’s worried that he won’t get much playing time if he gets a penalty. That should be the last of his worries though. Torts will know what’s a true call & what is BS.

  15. reminds me of the new wolverine movie where wolverine says to van wilder-” damn kid, dont you ever shut up”, “wilder-no, not when im awake”. that guy is funny as hell.

  16. wicky- i liked the idea of getting ruttu from the canes. hes a grit guy who hits and will put in 20+goals. even 15 or so would be fine if he adds that physical element weve been missing but i think the real problem is our d. and its not that hard to fix. very simple. tell rozy hes either gotta start scoring like he used to, contributing offensively to off set his horrible defense, or to start playin d and hitting guys like they just b’slapped his mommy. get him mad like that one guy…from that movie… uhhh yea. anyway.point is, give him an ultimatum. either that or he is demoted to laundry boy and hes gotta wash brashears shmeared draws!! and slatipuss’s week old daddy diapers!!

  17. i forgot who said it, but i 2nd it, they said” grabs posts in bunches” and i do. but its all pent up from the weekend, oh yea, greg and TR, and other canadians here, i met a guy from montreal few days ago in iowa!! at the walmart too. he saw my yankee hatand said “u a ranger fan too? i said yea im a ny’er. i said u are french speaking, u must like the habs. he said no the leafs..err leaves. i said wow thats wierd. then he proceeded to speak french and that was the end of our convo. i think. he mightve told me to stay away from his daughter(who was 1 foxy french fatale)

  18. Due to the piss poor NHL scheduling the beginning of last week & the week before that was dreadful for my team. I have Elias & Hossa finally Elias is back. Hossa should be back next week. I had a great weekend for the team :)

  19. NYR

    yep, someone that could run the offence and keep the d from having to play over half the game, we would have 5 wins I think!!


    Dude, you are cracking me up. I will try to peel away from work to chit chat occasionally today. Yep, we should of had ruutu by now, but slatipuss keeps blowing it!
    No creamers, got it! Man, my team sucks in the league, but I do think I am leading in PIM’s!

  20. since you guys are talking fantasy sports … how do you think fantasy geeks felt yesterday when that guy on Jacksonville fell down at the one on purpose because he knew the Jets were trying to let him score so they could get the ball back? Think a few geeks blew gaskets?

  21. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers will beat Washington , I garentee!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Ah international Delight ,I love Vanilla Toffee Carmel mmmmmm delicious!! Grabachez yer drinkin that?

    Thanks for using my word Carp , I just caught it . Ya did do the Youse cuz I did huh?

    One Cup ,Hey I was agreeing with you on that last thread.You got all pissy at Stuart and told him not to get all personal …then you call me a dufus ,you moron.

  22. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers will beat Washington , I garentee!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Im Here MIke!!!! IM HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Hate to say it but i owe this week’s win in the fantasy league mostly to Fatso & Vokoun (5w, .952 S%, 1.55 GAA, 1SO). My skaters are not up to it apart from Corey Perry and Pat Kane. Kunitz, Backes, Laich, Lupul, Jokinen and Wheeler are all playing shoite right now!

  24. Rick,

    sorry, most of the other guys in my office play baseball, football & hockey. I just play hockey. But I did hear about that play lol

  25. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers will beat Washington , I garentee!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Guys in Montreal seem foriegn to me . I’m in Canada but no where neeer any french speaking is. Im close to where Byers is from .Im closer to you mike in iowa then I am to guys in Montreal. I was talking to a frenchie online playing NHL10 and he was like ” zoohh..ahh do yeww speakka anyee ahhh umm Fronch?”
    I said ” Not really , just only from reading cereal boxes and watching semsame street as a kid.

  26. My best pick in one of my leagues was by far Kopitar.

    As far as Carp’s Jets/Jax question, fantasy-wise that probably hurt some people but was that a point spread killer? If so the guy is lucky he’s not “futbol” player like the player from Colombia in the 1994 World Cup that was killed after he returned home after Colombia’s elimination because he scored an own goal.

  27. Does Theo Fleury belong in the HOF? Nearly 1,100 points, point-a game scorer for his entire career (both regular season and playoffs), eight 30-goal seasons, Cup winner, Gold medal in 2002. Thoughts?

  28. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers will beat Washington , I garentee!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    I love Fluery , he has a Stanley Cup ,over 500 goals ,lots of playoff points ,helped lead Canada to gold and he was a true “all star” ….some reason him beating up a mascot might not look to good in the hall of fame though .

  29. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers will beat Washington , I garentee!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Yeah ,didn’t Dino chop some guys head off!!?/

  30. Im not really a fan of Curb Your Enthusiasm, but last nights episode was funny. It was the whole Seinfeld reunion thing, so a lot of old characters from the show were at the table read.

    And surprisingly, they had two scenes that were kind of a parody of the whole Kramer Laugh Factory incident.

    And the ending was hilarious. The whole “pussy rash” thing had me laughing all night. I literally couldn’t sleep cause of it.

  31. Bure-Fedorov-Mogilny? Should all 3 or any of them be voted in? Bure was the most exciting and won the Calder, but Mogilny had that 76 goal year. Fedorov played the best overall game, won a Hart, a couple of Selkes, 3 Cups and was usually a good playoff performer on the Wings teams. While they weren’t the first ex-Soviets to break into the NHL per se, they were the first generation of players that played essentially their entire professional careers in the league. I know Makarov, Larionov, Kasatonov, etc. were technically not pros but they certainly weren’t really in the Red Army either.

  32. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers beat Wash , I garentee the win!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    If a guy was to watch seinfeld , what season would be the best to see? When it first came out it seemed too fake and I didnt continue to watch it .The show is really popular now and im thinking the newer stuff is better than the older episodes.

    That HHOF list is wacked. All of the 20 should make it and guys like Wendel Clark and Bure dont even make it? How come Mike Liut or Roggy Vachon arnt in it already!!!??

  33. Pretty busy today (quaterly interest payments) but ill chime in soon.
    What would this team do without Gabby? If he doesnt get a point this team loses. Rags cant continue to get one or two goals and still win. Where is the secondary scoring?
    I can’t believe the regression of Marc Staal. He has been a border line AHL player this year…

    Love MDZ and Vinny…
    but the rest of the team besides Gabby and The Queen are absolutely pathetic.
    Sather is the worst GM in all of a LONG shot (since millen from the Lions is gone)


  34. i got kopitar too ct!! hes been great. and of course ovie, hejduk,,james neal is rockin it with 10 goals. i picked alot of young guys in their 2nd or 3rd years and they all doing great. chara,bouwmeester and neidermayyyyyyer arent a too shabby d corps either. ok, enough fantasy talk. once a week guys. dont wanna start dominating the blog with it. but mako and others in the league-go check out my messages i left there. we should talk there more oiften.

    greg- i bought the italian sweet creame one and the tiramasu. there new, and i always liked the cake, but they shouldnt be in my coffee. i never buy those things, but i wanted to se what it was like. i had used irish cream when makin my joe at the gas station, but yea, just milk n sugar for me bro.

    wick-ruttu would be great along with holmstrom, and maybe penner. on d i would like beauchemin,witt(has as many goals as drury and avery), or a bieksa type. no way we can get him so anyone who plays like him.

  35. Mike, I admit, I like your posts in bunches more than one or two, but both 2 pages long.

    Adam Z- Theo clearly has an HOF credentials, but his off ice stuff makes it less possible.

    CTB- Fedorov has a very strong shot at HOF.

  36. Think of those late 90’s Wings teams. 4 already members of the HOF (Yzerman, Larionov, Fetisov, Murphy) and 3 should be members (Fedorov, Lidstrom, Shanny). Best group of talent on one team since the Oilers?

  37. Orr

    the contest is hilarious!!


    I think we need tougher players that can score and ruutu fits the bill quite well in my opinion!!

  38. Hey all,

    Thanks for the good luck (can’t remember who told me, but I’ll check back and do a better job). Kicked serious archery butt (won my bracket, and, pointswise, beat the men’s equivalent bracket by about 35 points). Hurting like hell today.

    I have to admit, when I was growing up and watching the Rangers, Theo Fleury was one of my favorite players. He just seemed to have such a hard style of playing, and was always a great person to watch. I was really upset when he left (not understanding the drug abuse issue). If I was home, I’d go to the book signing. It’s too bad I’m not.

    As for Avery not playing with enough grit–he hasn’t been. Except for a few games in the past couple weeks. We need him to do his job. He’s an agitator, thus he should be agitating the OTHER team, not his fans.

  39. grabby

    love the way you think on players bro, I would take any of them. I think mayers from toronto would be a good 4th line guy for us!


    A lot of pissed fantasy football guys for sure!!!

  40. So many questions. Luckily, I have a lot of answers. I seem to be posting in bunches, too!

    Maurice Jones-Drew even said that he has himself in fantasy, so it was hard to kneel down at the goal line. Whether that is true or not, who knows. It did not affect the point spread in any way because the Jaguars were seven-point underdogs. It probably didn’t affect the over/under either; if they missed the field goal it could have.

    Greg L. – The last season of Seinfeld may appeal to people who have never seen the show because it sure didn’t appeal to longtime fans.

    UKRanger – I’m glad to see at least one other fantasy player from our league posting about it! Although, I guess those are some of your players from another league.I just dropped Backes in one league; I was shocked to see how badly he has been doing.

  41. I would think Dubi is the clear cut choice to go on IR since it’s a minimum 3 weeks before he can come back? Drury is not quite day to day and not quite long term. He’s a mix of both. Saving that extra cap money on Drury though could really be a boon to them at the trade deadline.

  42. don’t know if this was posted I have ESPN insider saw this recently:

    Rangers mulling trade for bros.

    The New York Rangers appear to be looking at a trade for brothers Sergei and Andrei Kostitsyn, according to the Ottawa Sun.

    It appears they’re looking into the trade because they’ll be without Chris Drury and Brandon Dubinsky because of injuries.

    The Sun also reports that the Oilers are also mulling over a trade with the Canadiens, but only for Sergei.

    Sergei was the subject of a lot of controversy earlier in the season because he was unhappy about being sent to the AHL. He was suspended after holding out nearly a week, then suspended again after he left the team.

    That said, Habs GM Bob Gainey would love to him.

  43. Fluery, definite HOFer, but it’s going to be a while because of the drugs thing.

    If he didn’t get into all that trouble, I think it’s a no brainer.

    *With all that said, I think anyone who nets 500 goals should get in by default, no questions asked.*

  44. great, more soft players. but at least kostitsyn are playmakers right? they can help gabby propsla and kots with the offense maybe. if they trade higgins back id be hapopy. but who would they give up if not higgins? lisin? some hartford kids like sauer or parenteau? noo. they want the ultimate in clutch!! michael rozsival!! hes even more clutch than dru. he without fail will screw up at least once a game. and who can boast about that???

  45. what’s good puckheads. i’m going to have to get Theo’s book. the guy has lived a crazy life and much respect.

  46. According to the Rangers roster on their website, Dubinsky is on IR, not Drury, but we know how wrong that roster can be. Apparently, they don’t want to put Dubinsky on LTIR because they think there is a chance that he comes back before ten games, which would be December 3, IIRC. I know I read that somewhere this morning, but can’t find the source now.

  47. Leading off the NHL Live interview, Valiquette will be honored by Ice Hockey in Harlem on Wednesday night at the MSG Play by Play. What a good guy!

  48. Fleury should definitely get in, but so should Cicarelli. I know Dino did some stupid stuff in his career both on and off the ice, but he’s a 600 goal scorer (which most people seem to forget) and was tough as nails on the ice. Wasn’t a role model, but there are plenty in the hall that aren’t/weren’t so let Dino have his day.

  49. Dubi is not on IR….He’s on my fantasy team and he is just sitting on my bench because I can’t do anything with him

  50. Also in regards to Avery, I’m telling you he’s hurt. It’s so blatently obvious from how he’s playing that he still is worried about the knee. He isn’t as strong on his skates, he shies away from throwing hits, he shies away from being hit, and he doesn’t put himself in situations where he can be tripped up or can re-aggrevate it (pretty much the slot/front of the net).

    He’s only pushing himself to play because he knows Dubi and Drury are out so he feels he needs to stay on the 4th line to at least bring some what of an edge. he isn’t skating as fast either, so his explosiveness isn’t there. If he rests up and comes back healthy, he’ll be back to being Sean.

  51. i thought about that too jonny d and think he just doesnt seem happy out there. he probably re hurt it and is takin it easy or torts is feeding us a big heaping helping of alpo. mmm alpo!!1 woof!!

  52. LTIR is only a minimum of 24 days and 10 games, whichever is longer because both have to be satisfied. It takes his salary off of the salary cap for the time that he is on LTIR.

  53. BIG FAT NO TO THE BROS! I agree with grabby no more soft players, we have plenty of those! Only player I would want from mtl is max lapierre!

    Laurel, we are putting grabby down? Please no, I like the guy! How about we keep him in the garage and put papers down, c’mon can we keep him PLEEEEEEEAAAASSSSEEE!!!

  54. i don’t vote, but yes. He’d be on my ballot. I think the whole Hall has been cheapened by some inductees, though. I think Clark Gillies and Bernie Federko were borderline at best and they’re in. I still don’t understand how Rick Middleton and Kevin Lowe are not in. But there’s a whole bunch of guys on that list you linked earlier who were better than Gillies and Federko, so I imagine the Hall will get quite crowded the next few years. That said, the last few classes have been fabulous.

  55. im good boy. i promise not to crap in the house. no garage for me. just feed me clams, oysters or pickled herring. there my favorites. dont tease me. especially clams. the bearded kind

  56. if we banished rozy and traded higgy, we would have enough cash to get 2 hitting/physical d men and another forward!

    Just insane!

  57. actually guys, just put a tv with msg network, a pc with internet, 50 tons of alpo and some doggy downers and a nice fluffy female canine to play with and sniff each other in laurels garage and u wont hear 1 woof from me

  58. “The last season of Seinfeld may appeal to people who have never seen the show because it sure didn’t appeal to longtime fans”

    Lol yeah, that’s true.

    It wouldn’t be that bad to get Andrei Tit. He is a pretty talented player, but why would we get the other Tit brother ? The guy seems like a whiner, and a garbage teammate.

  59. Mike, you’re asking for it bro. I’m expecting your picture on sisterblog within next two days, all dressed up in belly band, some chewed up wee-wee pads next to you, chewing on nylabone. Laurel will be all over it!

    No to Kostytsin brothers. We don’t need any more dysfunctional players with half effort at best.

    Carp-Low and Middleton is mind-boggling. In terms of other named borderline inductees- I’m afraid you’ve just summoned the troll.

  60. Speaking of borderline HOF’ers. My most hated rental player in Rangers history. Glenn Anderson. Didn’t get 500, road the coat tails of Gretzky, Messier, Kurri, et al. Traded for my favorite Ranger at the time, Gartner. Hogged the Cup during the victory lap.

  61. laurel

    he looks like he eats a lot, he is a bit plump! Not sure if we can afford to feed him, can’t I just tie him out?!?!

    Is graves eligible for the HOF yet?

  62. Cant wait till Jagr and Shanny are in the HOF. That should be good,

    I still think the Pens should retire Jags’ number.

    As much as i hate to say it, i kind of wished he returned for one last season to play with them. That would have made that Cup win last season, a lot more easier to take.

  63. Graves is not an HOF. He’s my favorite player of all-time, but the guy should not be in the hall. He got his number retired in NY, something that he didn’t necessarily have the numbers for, but had the heart and the impact both on and off the ice that he did deserve it. Despite all that, those things don’t get you into the hall.

  64. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    SO Per Gross and Zipay Lines today were

    Brashear-Boyle Voros

    Staal is losing his PP time to concentrate on getting back into form and be the shut down D-man who can chip in, but not be depended on to score

    Redden will see more PP time

    I say its already time to change the D-pairs and again put one Offensive Dman (Del Z & Gilroy) with one Defensive Dman

    Lisin Def has broken bone in his foot on the instep (wearing a protective boot for 3 more weeks)

    Druy not even ready to work out, he’s out for A WHILE

    Dubi swelling down, good news but def at least 10 games away from even MAYBE thinking about playing

    And as far as Avery goes, the game against Ottowa was the first game since he hurt his knee in the beginning of the season that he looked like the old Avery.

    Maybe he was just being careful cause he was playing hurt and his knee wasn’t 100%

    Def will be fun to see how he fairs against the Caps tomorrow


  65. CCCP never left. A little hangover. I’d be very surprised if he left because of that kusok gavna.

    CCCP-are you gonna let Shoryuken get away with this suka thing? Are you really?:)

  66. Carp-there are 3 games left if you’re team is down 3-1 in the series and your adamant they’ll still win the series

  67. Laurel, did you look it up too? You hang out around Russians a bit, not only you’ll learn the dirtiest words around, you also will not be able to tell the poodle from puddle LOL

  68. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers beat Wash , I garentee the win!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    AWWWWWW COME ON LAUREL!!!! , can we ? can we? huh?..hes been good!! If we keep him CCCP will bathe him once a week ….and wicky can do his anal glands.

    MikeyNJ , thanks for the info.

  69. Yeah Carp… when are you going to start going to practice? i bet if Seinfeld was at the MSG you would be first one the scene :P

    Staal Wart

    Thanks for worrying aboot me… much appreciated

  70. Dear ZzZz NYR ZzZz Greg L who says ” Rangers beat Wash , I garentee!!!!”

    Here, at the CCCP blog headquarters, we sincerely appreciate the time you spent worrying aboot me. Please, you can stop worrying now and you can get on with your life (if you have one) and your daily activities w/o worrying aboot me. Again, thanks so much for your enthusiastic participation in “worrying” aboot me. I have no doubt that it would not have been the success that it was without your presence.

    Very sincerely,


    * LOL

  71. Carp, you know there is 3 games left in a series if you’re the Bruins, up 1-0, on the Rangers in a playoff series. Especially if they’ve taken the 1st game at MSG.

    It does not matter if they’ve got a team full of Aaron Voros’s as forwards and Micheal Roszival’s as Defenseman. They get the benefit of the referees to begin with, and against the always cheated NYR, if you thought that Pitt series was bad a couple years ago (with them wiining in OT on what should have been an offsides), you aint seen nothin’ yet.

    NYR against Bruins in postseason: New rules would allow the Bruins to get credit for a goal as long as it passed anywhere along the entire goalline (red line). And Henrik would not be able to get any stoppages of play, and they could ram him all day long, but then again, they would not need to, as all they’d have to do to get a goal would be to ice the puck.

  72. Shoryuken

    Just like making Boston jokes. Though I would not be surprised to see any Boston team get handed any thing. Bostonians are mostly scumbags.

    There are a few good ones, but they are few and very far between.

  73. Shoryuken

    i hear you bro. tell them i said “sosat'” lol


    I see you have real problem with Boston. I’m not saying that i am a big fan of anything Boston… but you obviously having some personal Boston issues here.

  74. Yea I’ve watched a few Sox games in Quincy Market, and they mostly expect a win every game. But they still bought rounds of Sam Adams for me even though I told them I was a Mets fan. They just get a little too into the Sox-Yanks rivalry sometimes is all. Great seafood there too.

  75. True Boston fans are awesome. I went to school there for 5 years and loved it. Mind you I love NY more, but the true fans up there are passionate as hell and aboslutely hilarious. It’s the new fans/bandwagoners since 2004 (Red Sox Nation) that I hate. They pretend they know stuff and get into an argument with you and they really know nothing. I have 0 respect for those idiots.

  76. Red Sox fans have more in common with Rangers fans than Yankees fans do; knowledgeable, opinionated, crazy, intense, and both had to deal with “curses” or whatever.

    Yankees fans are like Canadians fans with the sense of entitlement and if they don’t win in like 5 years the world is going to end.

  77. Jonny D, agreed man. I’m up there every summer and the new breed of Sawx fans is annoying as hell. But the old loyalists tell good stories (about the Bruins too) and seem to genuinely savor every win. Plus they’re liberal with buying rounds so ha

  78. i’ll be watchin( and barking) at the devil-flyer game soon. as much as i want philly to stay below us in the standings, id love to see martina and the debbies get destroyed!!! wopo== it’ll be nice to…ya know. lets just say it will be sweter than a regular devil loss woof!!!!

  79. I have a personal reason for despising Bostonians (most).

    Staal Wart

    Does B’s stand for Bruins or Bandwagoners.

    I’ve said the same story before, but those losers were chanting “We Want it” during Game 7 last year. They could not even get the chant right of We want the Cup. I guess it’s because their “fans” only became fans in April 2009.

    I joke that they were chanting “We want it” with “it” meaning Red Sox or patriots tickets.

  80. Hey Carp… you watch Seinfeld and know the lines…. that’s all we need.

    go easy on yourself…besides, that scene bugs me too.

    Especially since the Rangers lose at home to the Devils.

    “Hey, Alec, it’s Jerry Seinfeld! You know you got a great John Houseman name. Have you turned in your homework, Mr. Berg?”

  81. crap, versus game tomorrow night, damn direct tv, any links for sucka’s like me for tomorrow night?

  82. Shoryuken

    LMAO! that line is one the lamest lines i have ever EVER heard! funny!!

    net bolshe schastya chem blizost s toboi.

  83. Trust me, i won’t. It not gona work with Russian girls or ANY girls for that matter. But good luck to you anyway. lol

  84. CR, I should have said “there are three games left in the series” when the Rangers went up 3-1 on the Capitals last spring.

  85. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers beat Wash , I garentee!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Yeah , we were worried sick and if you ever …ever ..EVER do that again ,were all going russian coat check on you man!!!

    TY Orr and spiderpig , ill check ’em out!!

    Grabachev new name should now be WOOFachev!!??

  86. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers over Wash , I garentee it!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    November 16th, 2009 at 12:19 pm
    Pretty busy today (quaterly interest payments) but ill chime in soon.

    Like anyone here would give a crap that yer pritty busy!??
    This is proof that psycotic people ARE on the internet. Funny how some guy rambles on to himself (ok ok so what if I do too) but its funny that he actually thinks we give a flying firetruck about him!! He then calls the Rangers “rags” then starts on how pathetic the Rangers are.
    This is definalty someone disturbed and is a border line pycopath.He probally runs in church during a sermon and yells I am a Devils fan!!! On the topic..for a team to name themselves the “Devils” HAS ..I mean HAS to be the most stuiped thing EVER by any franchise to do. Ticket sales you morons…You honestly think someone is not going to be offended and vow to never cheer on the name “Devil”!!?? That is satanic and if I were an owner , I would change that name back to the Scouts of something…geezeee whiz , Its not Marketing rocket science here. Saying this team is pathetic is really pathetic seeing yer on a Rangers blog!??
    What a waist!!Holey hell and all that jive.

  87. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers over Wash , I garentee it!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Sorry Carp , had to be said ..Cha Ching!!

  88. Are the Islandorks actually good ? I think they’re in 6th or 7th place. Imagine the make the playoffs ? That would be great. No number 1 overall pick for them !! I hope they miss by a point.

    Glad the Debs lost. Fugg Martina Brodiva to hell n back !

  89. wicky229(take the "A" from cally and give it to sally!) on

    I’m all about conspiracy theory here. I think the blogfather has turned himself into a mole!

  90. I just got home from my father’s bday dinner. Great time tonight. wow the Islanders are really playing well –


    WHY WHY WHY WHY man!!! GRRRRRRR Its like opening a gateway to BS. We ALL ignored it sooooooo well today, it would have brought a tear to Laurels eye.

  91. Greg L, if it comes back-my tebe otorvem yaytza(ask Shoreyken to translate, he’s hot on Russian today).

    Btw, two goals went in today because Marty mishandled the puck.

    Islanders went off on a winning roll after they beat the Rangers. Damn it, can someone start us on the same one?

  92. Wick, I am just getting to respond now, but yes, I am going to the game tomorrow night. Should be a good time. Looks like Ovie is going to be in the lineup huh?

  93. wicky229(take the "A" from cally and give it to sally!) on


    I still love ya, but why do I have to do the anal glands? That sounds more like a responsibility that nasty would be qualified for!

  94. wicky229(take the "A" from cally and give it to sally!) on


    yep, i feel like capt. jack sparrow “but why the rum” except it’s “but why the anal glands”?!?!

  95. Dorothy! Ha!

    Good thing you weren’t worrying like Dorothy was worried aboot Toto, Auntie Em!

    “Now you go feed those hogs before they worry themselves into anemia!”

  96. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers have to beat Washington!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Actually Wicky ,You don’t deserve that part …a guy like Mako would do just fine. The job isn’t all that bad , I just wanted to humour Laurel and see if she knew what I ment , haha. You seem hard nosed and dirty , so I thought ya would fit the job to a tee.

    I reread some of the Don’t feed the trolls ya wrote Carp and I’ll bite my tounge . Ya also say Youse alot I see , so again bad.

    BTW , Know one trust CCCP . He is here…lurking in the shadows!!!

  97. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers have to beat Washington!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Funny how I say Mako and he said something while was typing and then CCCP shows up!! DOH!!

  98. wicky229(take the "A" from cally and give it to sally!) on


    I was joking about you being a mole on your own blog posting as the “local fan” (oops, i just said what was supposed to be unspoken). I thought it was a funny “conspiracy” theory! Sorry, it’s just that bad french-canadian sense of humor of mine!

  99. wicky229(take the "A" from cally and give it to sally!) on


    What me hard nosed and dirty?? You’re right, probably is a job that would be right in my wheelhouse!!

  100. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers Must beat Washington!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Im blogging in bunches, Im blogging in bunches…

  101. wicky229(take the "A" from cally and give it to sally!) on

    I have tangos in the open repeat tangos in the open, requesting HE rounds on the following coordinates……..

  102. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers Must Shalack Washington!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Wicky ,That’s a crazy theory I might say. I never knew what ya ment but I do now…hmmmmm. Nawwww Carp aint classless like that.Funny though. You being French Canadian…umm , I never said anything Avery like on here have I…?

  103. wicky229(take the "A" from cally and give it to sally!) on

    apparently after those last two posts, I will be watching the meteor shower. Those posts are really CCCP’s fault by referring to himself as being in the open!

  104. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers Must Shalack Washington!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    CCCP , UM guarantee? ( btw I copies/pasted your spelling ,looked more acc-cur-rate!)

    I aint Mark Messier , Geeze!!

  105. ALF is right about Millen

    The worst part is, ESPN, actually hires these losers.

    Millen is one of the worst GMs in the history of the NFL. ESPN hires him.

    Steve Phillips was one of the worst GMs in baseball in the last 50 years, World Series appearance or not. And he is classless with his cheating on the wife.

    All ESPN needs is Millen to be caught cheating on his wife, if he has one. Here’s hoping!

    Funny story about Phillips. The Yankees signed Rey Sanchez one year, and Sanchez batted well for 2 weeks with us. Phillips, on ESPN, says “If Sanchez had done that with my Mets, I’d still have the job.” He actually place value on what a bench player did in 2 weeks time.

  106. wicky229(take the "A" from cally and give it to sally!) on


    no man, you haven’t (i have thick skin so it’s ok if you did) said anything that has offended me at all. My Mum is from amqui quebec, but my father is from the states so I have my french canadian days and my american days!

  107. I have a better conspiracy theory.

    I bet A Local Fan is Peter Abraham. He is probably trying to annoy Rangers fans, as he did Yankees fans when he ran the Yankees blog.

    He is a known Red Sox fan (since 2004) and Patriots fan (since 2001). Probably a Celts fan too (since 2008) and would be a Bruins fan if they ever did anything.

  108. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers ,Please beat Washington!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Its 10:24pm here CCCP ,so what time do I go out to watch that shower thing ? I kinda wanna see it!!

    Ok Wicky , great . I aint prejudice or anything it’s just I can’t stand people who arn’t my own race.

    * Just kidding!

  109. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers ,Please beat Washington!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Yeah but I’m not bending over!!!

    Seriously CCCP , what that time thingy ? Im out there , in the freezing Sask c-cold BUT the skys are clear , so I’ll see a good show!!

  110. taken from the link i posted aboot meteor shower:

    “With the highest number of meteors streaking across the skies around 4:45 p.m. ET, the Leonids peak will be effectively invisible for viewers in North America and Europe.
    In those regions, sky-watchers are advised to venture out away from bright city lights between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. on the 17th, when they should see 30 to 50 meteors an hour”

  111. Greg

    The best way to view the meteor shower is to find an open ground with minimal or no lighting… lay on the ground and just stare up into to sky… have fun

  112. Hey in case anybody out there remembers this; Ken Ober the host of MTV’s Remote Control passed away. That was a fun and whacky show and Ron Greschner was once on it if anyone remembers.

    Remote Control, Kelly Kisio as Capain, Tim Burton’s Batman, Kathy Ireland..those were the days.

  113. wicky229(take the "A" from cally and give it to sally!) on


    don’t forget your st bernard with his barrel of brandy and I would suggest a couple of canadian lovelies for warmth and viewing pleasure should clouds come into the picture!

  114. wicky, no worries. I’ve heard that theory before. It’s funny, but not true. I didn’t know you were French-Canadian. Love the province of Quebec. Love it.

    Are you a Normand Rochefort fan?

  115. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers can shut out Washington!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Wicky, No Saskatchewan Woman would ever want to go out and freeze just to go look at a couple of floating rocks at 4:30 in the morning. Sounds romantic but the only thing I’ll have is a Tims coffee and maybe my cat in her harness sitting on a cold lawn chair waiting for this dam thing to show up.

    A much as Laurel said she didn’t Carp…yeah she “typoed” today!

  116. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers Revenge on Washington!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Come on Carp “do it”!!! New post …i’m ready to be first!! MUHAAHAAHAAAA!!!

  117. wicky229(CCCP is in the open) on


    glad you love it there, it is really beautiful! I’m only half though (and I served in the american military, so I am an american citizen)! As far as normand goes, always loved the stache! Don’t give in to the new post temptation carp!!!!

  118. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    NAsty1: Didnt get thsoe tickets for tongihts game. Maybe next game we can meet up with the wives

    And how satisfying is it to not only see the Debbies lose, but to lose becasue Fatso tries to overplay the puck, and to have it put in the back of the net by an early round draft pick to come out of NEW JERSEY!

    HAHA, love it

    Lets go Rangers tonight!!!!!

  119. LMAO Greg… Lucky I passed out from too many Peroni’s last night reading the craziness on here lol

    no anal analysis for me thanks…

    And COMRADE CCCP was posting before me lol I need help with my Russian

  120. this is how stupid hockey big wigs are.

    i live in calif. from NY and I am a huge ranger fan. I have directvHD. I have the football, hockey, and baseball packages.

    the rangers play on versus tonight. so i cannot watch the game because versus and directv are fighting over something. when the rangers play on MSG I do not get the HD feed live because cablevision refuses to allow directv to show live games in hd. therefore the hd broadcast is the ranges in 60 or i must watch the opposing teams feed.

    really how much more bs does a hockey fan have to take… no wonder the finances of the nhl suck. they are all morons.

    you cannot make this crap up……

  121. I live in Virginia, I get every Capitals game on basic cable filled with their homer announcers woe-is-us away game rhetoric. Joy….

    I hate the Caps. I had to stop going to ranger games there because of their fans. Plus the ref’s kept the home team on a 5 vs 3 pp. Rangers would still win… it just wasnt worth the trouble and the Cap fan’s attitudes. The only time i am greatful for a VS game is when they play the Caps. If you want to talk about some strong bandwagoning… start with DC.. 2007 and later. Until last year the arena was filled with more visiting team fans than home. Nothing in hockey makes me happier than when the Caps get destroyed by the rangers. LGR!

  122. That “We Want It” chant was so loserish.

    Id be embarrassed if Nyr fans started chanting that during a game. Gotta be more specific. I wouldn’t chant “I want her”, id say “I want Fox”. Jeez !

    Go Rangers. Get a streak going.

  123. Good morning, gang! How are all feeling? A good, solid win would help.
    You, guys went a bit nuts last night. Carp including. No wonder he can’t get up til noon.

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