Rangers-Senators in review


The Rangers tied Ottawa yesterday in Kanata, Ont., and then won a skills competition.

So technically, they won.

Anyway, some other thoughts.

1) I think P.A. Parenteau should get a shot to stick around for a while. I know, the Rangers are concerned about his skating. Yeah, he’s not one of those speed guys you want to play that puck-pursuit game. But, geez, the guy has done nothing but score in Hartford, and he’s scored a goal in his first two-game callup, and the skills competition winner yesterday. All I know is that, for two years now, the Rangers have often been starved for goals. Here’s a guy who might be able to give them some. Maybe he can play with Gaborik and Prospal. Or maybe he works on one of the power-play units. At the worst, keep him up for that, and let him take Aaron Voros’ spot on the fourth line at even strength. Give him a shot.

2) Whenever I see Alex Kovalev I wonder … what if? What if he had a fraction of the will to score, and the scoring instinct, that a guy like Gaborik has. Gaborik wants to score every shift, or set up a goal every shift. Obviously, if you score a goal every other game you’re a star. But Kovalev doesn’t have those things. In a pure skill sense, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Ranger with more, except maybe Jagr. He has more skill than Leetch, more than Messier, more than Gaborik. Shot, strong skating, hands, passing. And then you hear Joe Michelletti say that he doesn’t have many shots this year. What a shame.

3) I saw some signs of turnaround for Staal and Girardi yesterday. They really need to get it together. Maybe they will.

4) It was a 1-1 game, and yet there were stretches when both teams made each other look like the Penguins.

5) Did you see what the Penguins did to Boston and Tim Thomas? Tied it on a Guerin goal with 0.4 seconds left, won it in OT on a Thomas mistake behind the net.

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  1. Staal had a bad game with the exception of the PK shift in OT. I would break them up. Girardi with DZ and Staal with Rozsival.

    As a huge Kovy fan, right on. He could’ve been one of the greats.

  2. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers won!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    Hank sure played great!!

    Kovalev is from the old school players ,he’s worn down and will never have that Gaborik drive. Kovalev should retire and make more Vidddddeos on hockey teaching . Funny how Kovalev gave up on that one play in the playoffs with Montreal beacause his hand got wacked!!?? That play cemented Kovalev’s fate as a selfish big baby that only plays when he on a contract year,sorry to say.

  3. wicky229(take the "A" from cally and give it to sally!) on

    Couple of points here…..I wish all of our d men cleared the crease the way voros did on neil in the third…oh wait, voros isn’t even a d man (they should all take lessons from voros on crease clearing). We need a crease clearer or two back there. Staal still looks weak out there to me!

    On the staal note, If I am him on the PK in overtime I am cross checking neil so frakking hard he can’t see staight and I would keep doing it until he is down on the ice and get a couple more in for good measure. What are the officails going to do? less than two minutes left and we can not lose anymore manpower on the ice (already on a 3 on 4 PK)! The officials going to make me sit out of the stupid skills competition coming up? Perfect time to get some payback on someone without any repercussions on your own team’s situation!

    Avery looked like avery finally!

  4. 1-Keep P.A. here and let him grow with the system
    2-Kovalev always seemed to try to deke the same guy twice before shooting. Very frustrating.
    3-Staal has alot of talent and I think he got some bad advice during the offseason. He’s no Leetch but he might be a combo og Larry Robinson/Rod Langway.
    4-NYR got lucky to get 2 pts but build on it TORTS!
    5-F the Pens.

  5. For as frustrating a career as Alexei Kovalev has had, I can’t hate him because in the 94 Playoffs he was great and played some of the best hockey of his career. He was also great in the 95 series that booted Quebec out of Canada. If they had him in 97 he would’ve added a different dynamic to that Flyers series.

    He’s a B+ player with A+ skill and C+ work ethic.

  6. 1) P.A. Parenteau had a decent game. He’s not real fast, but I’d like to see him for a few more games before I cast judgment. Nice goal in the shootout.

    2) Kovalev? I don’t care anymore.

    3) I heard a lot of people bitching about Staal. I didn’t see it.

    4)It was the end of a road trip for the Rangers. They had some shaky moments, but pulled out a win. I’m happy

    5) I was watching that game. 0.4 seconds. My buddy is from Boston and he couldn’t believe what I was texting him. After the win he quit talking to me.

  7. Parrenteau is a,AAAA player. To slow, to small, and to soft to ever be anything more than a good AHL player. Stop wasting there time with him, and get somebody up who has a future.
    Staal is a soft as they come, most overrated prospect to ever come up through the Rangers system.

  8. Kovalev had all the skill in the world.
    What he was lacking and still lacks is sense which you can not teach. If they did a forensic study of his home back in Russia you would find large wall surfaces coated with lead base paint!!!

  9. The Coach- you have a very poor knowledge of signs and symptoms of lead poisoning.
    Big fan of Alex. But he is who he is. “What if” doesn’t matter. He’s done a lot of great things for NHL and won the Cup.

    PAP will stick for a bit, but will go up and down. Slow on his skates.

    I did like the way they kept grinding yesterday. Btw, don’t look now, but they have good record in afternoon games so far.

  10. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Renney would have been proud of yesterday’s game.
    Kovalev drives coaches crazy.
    Trade perenteau, maybe he’ll thrive elsewhere.

  11. In that clinching game for the Penguins over the Rangers in the playoffs 2 years ago, the Rangers were down I think 2 goals in the 3rd period. I think PAP scored one of the 2 goals as we tied it, only to get cheated on the GW goal in overtime being clearly offsides, with of course no mention from the commentators as they would if that noncall went in our favor.

  12. Nope, decided to look it up.

    It was the Korpedo who got us jumpstarted with the first goal in the 3rd period.

    But I am 100% sure about being cheated that game!

    The thing is, and I absolutely love Hank, we had all the momentum coming into that series, and we had a 3-0 lead in the first game, and their first goal I think originated from a shot from the blue line that got the crowd back in it. All those years with Jaro, we had the opportunity for Hank to put us on his back and ride us to the Cup. Now, if Sather does not or cannot unload these putred contracts, how are we going to get any better.

    The first thing that should happen is Redden down to the minors to save us his cap space. As a real General Manager, he should be willing to accept he made yet another mistake and eat the 30 million. It’s not like the Dolans know what’s going on anyways.

  13. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers won!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    If we start putting our High priced vets in the minors like Kasparitis , then no free agent vet will want to come to New York …maybe thats a good thing.

    Im not a morning guy but goodmorng all anyhoo. ~0)

  14. ZzZz NYR ZzZz ” Rangers won!!!!”… says Greg L.

    Good morning to you.

    I understand the sentiment that “nobody will want to come to play for us” if that is what we are going to do.

    But I pose the simple question Why?

    The Red Sox treat their players like garbage. They boot them out the door whenever it’s suitable to them. They stiff them on money. They penny pinch on their Stars. They bad mouth them through the media so they lose potential money on the FA market, and yet still, the players come back crawling to them.

    This year, their manager bad mouthed JD Drew to the media, saying that he is good, only “when he decides he is going to or wants to play.” He basically said that Drew does not give full effort all the time. You know how Drew responded, he hit 2 HRs in his next game. You would think getting sold out by your manager to the media might deter a player from giving maximum effort.

  15. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers won!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    CR9 , sounds like a plan then . Dump Redden to the minors and bring in a stay at home ,hard hitting crease clearing defensman. If he turns out to be a bust , drop him there too!!

  16. Greg L.


    And an even better idea. I’m not sure, but if I guy is injured for an extended period of time, or put on injured reserve, is their cap number not removed for as long as they are injured or on IR?

    That way, we can hire people a la Tanya Harding to take out the worthless Rozi’s, Brashear’s, Voros’s, Reddens, and possibly Drury’s of our team.

  17. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    ZzZz NYR ZzZz ” Rangers won!!!!”… says Greg L. November 15th, 2009 at 9:03 am

    If we start putting our High priced vets in the minors like Kasparitis , then no free agent vet will want to come to New York …maybe thats a good thing.

    It is a good thing, the last thing you need are free agents collecting a long term pay check under performing.
    Make it clear that if they sign in NY they will contribute and win! or sign elsewhere.

  18. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    this years bust list and growing
    on the brink of a bust
    the bright side are the rookies even if they a error prone, at least they can learn.

    Trade ables- cally, dubi, staal. gerardi they should bring something good in return BUT, sather can’t make a good trade he’ll bring in more garbage.

  19. Morning guys

    1. Might get me kicked off the blog, but I love that skills competition. I get worked up like any other fan during the game, but the skills competition drives me crazy. I mean, I understands that it’s not entirely indicative of how well your team plays, but I love it all the same.

    2. I asked this question last night–what do we do about our defensemen? I get the advantage of splitting up Useless and More Useless, but why drag down your other defensemen? Staal and Girardi are having serious chemistry problems, seeing as we KNOW they can be a good pairing. What about Staal with DZ, see if the younger guy’s offensive knack and general amazingness can de-funk Staal. Stick Girardi with Gilroy, and reunite our useless pair. Sure, we’ll have a defensive line that’s completely awful, but two lines that have solid potential, instead of three lines that are just ok.

    3. Off to an archery tournament (kind of like a skills competition). Wish me luck! I’ll check back later.

  20. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    Let’s not forget that Parenteau missed a wide open net to win the game with about 2 mins to go yesterday. Before we talk about keeping him up I think he’d need to learn how to bury those.

    The shootout is a joke, he can’t stay up just because he scored 1 on 1 against a bad team’s backup goalie.

  21. The shootout is fun to watch, but I would rather have 1 20 minute OT and then if there is no winner, the game ends in a tie. That’s just me though. The fresher team, the team that has a decent fourth line, the team with more go can likely win the game.

  22. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    Give him a shot while we’re banged up… sure. But he would’ve impressed more had he found the net on that glorious chance.

  23. Hartford Whalerpack on

    Keep P.A. Parenteau! I can’t believe Torts has the balls to say the kid can’t skate even though he’s got Brashear and Voros to work with on the fourth line. THOSE guys can’t skate. Jesus. P.A. has two goals…in the shootout and regular time.

  24. I don’t care what anyone else thinks, but I’m convinced that this is one stinkeroo passing team in general. Yeah there are a few guys out there who can dish and recieve passes , but most of them are terrible. They waste so much time defending in their own end, and so little in the opponents end. they look like high schoolers.

    WHY does he put those slew foots Voros and Roszival out in critical moments?

    WHEN are these people going to shuck the old Renney bar the door tactics which guarantees most of the game played in your own end?


    Of course Parenteau should be kept here…and so should about 2-3 of the other kids who are up in Hartford. They
    were bloody well lucky last night and make no mistake about it.

    And I’m gonna say it again….the Islanders look like a
    better overall team on the ice than they do, and if it weren’t for Lundqvist they’d be swamped

  25. 1cup in 609 years is just delusional. got a badlife so comes here to spout his insanity.

    staal is done after all he is 22, he will never be another langway!!!!!!!joke..

    the rangers are young and moving in the right direction. are they a cup team? obviously not. they are redoing there whole bleuline in front of our eyes and have finally got some forwards in the system with upside, but 1cupin69yrs. keep the whining up………..

  26. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Stuart why do you always try to get personal?
    Do my posts annoy you?
    Great, you seem to alone.

    Your reading comprehension must be way below average,
    what my post says is that these players are great trade bait, you ass.

  27. Carp, great post. I agree 100% with your 1st statement. now if only some how Torts could read it. We need all the scorers we can get

  28. Eveyone is allowed to have an opinion and voice it. But the last thing we need here is to start getting personal and calling names between ourselves. We have a few trolls who pop in ocasionally and do that. We don’t need that from regulars. Again, just an opinion.

  29. Carp, I really like these in review posts. It puts the whole game in perspective, and you speak your mind. Thanks. Keep up the great work.

  30. Hi Everyone
    I didn’t think the team played as well against Ottawa as they did Calgary, but over all it wasn’t that bad. There were times when both teams looked bad. The D made a few mistakes when they were under pressure, but nothing serious. The forwards had a hard time putting together a sustained attack at times, but it seemed to me that they didn’t turn over the puck as much as they have done. When they get healthy again they will be better. The win yesterday had haunting memorys of last season attached.

  31. I agree, Staal had a good PK shift in OT, but besides that, he was pure garbage, once again. It was pathetic when he looked back and saw Neil coming, and he pussied out, and tried to get rid of the puck as fast as he could so he can avoid the hit, and he missed the puck, and that nearly led to a scoring chance.

    I don’t know what’s going on with this guy, but he shouldn’t be leading the team in ice time, if he’s not using it to his advantage.

    Get Del Z more ice time. I agree, break up that top pair.

    And Thomas is garbage. If he keeps this up, he’s going from Team USA starting goaltender, to the 3rd goalie. Quick is outplaying him, and Miller has been nearly perfect. It doesn’t get more pathetic than last night. It’s different if the the Pens were in the B’s zone for a while, but they were there for literally 1-2 seconds, and scored. Terrible D, terrible goaltending.

    But can you imagine, if the B’s, and Leafs, continue this ? The B’s might have two top 5 picks. This is like the Flyers from a few seasons ago, bad for one year.

  32. wicky229(take the "A" from cally and give it to sally!) on


    I agree with trading PAP, send him (and someone else) to the sens (who want forwards with scoring potential) for volchenkov to add a bit of grit to the blueline. Of course to me any move the rangers make should be proceeded by the banishment of rozy to anywhere else!

    Have an anti-rozy dman sunday!

  33. the funny thing is – if parenteau missed his shot last night in the shootout and ottawa won, people would be bashing p.a. like there was no tomorrow because of the wide open net he missed in the 3rd, and his loafing backchecking on the ottawa goal

    but instead he’s getting all this praise because he scored 1 shootout goal

    it just don’t make sense people…get your heads on straight…the guy is AHL.

  34. wicky229(take the "A" from cally and give it to sally!) on


    that was supposed to be leine..good luck and the rest of the post for everyone! Man I am out of it! Need timmy’s coffee badly!

  35. Hockeymom.

    Good post. They played OK and good or bad, they missed the two centers who did not play.

    I still think the Torts system is very dangerous. NYR young D are good but they show their age when they get exposed. Girardi and Stall are still adjusting.

  36. Rick
    Good afternoon to you all!!!

    Great observations!!! They should leave PAP up with the big club. Every time that kid was out there he was hustling his butt off. Great line… I liked the look of him Higgy & Kotalik. I dont get the “needs to work on his skating” thing… Is it timing, power, stride length? Im sure that will all snap into place when he gets quality NHL time. Give him a break Torts!

    It was good to see AVERY back yesterday too. He had some great hits and did alot of great things on the ice. He really works well in the corners and especially behind the net. I love that back-hand pass that he 9 times out of 10 connects with from back there.

    I dont know what’s going on with Staal, he has been making very bad decisions and rushing the play isnt working for him. When he he going to get it. He isnt Leetch, he isnt Green, isnt Zubov. Staal cut it out, focus on your defense!!! He had one good shift like everyone said – that was the pk in OT. Hopefully that will have some effect on his play. Because he was outstanding on that kill.

    Ah Kovalev… Other than Messier & Leetch he was my absolutely favorite Ranger. His skill alone was dazzling to watch when he was on. He was/is an absolute horse on the puck when he didnt give it up. He really had the chance to be a dominant force in the NHL and showed signs when he was with the Pens with Jagr & Straka…but he didnt have the heart & desire. There are highly skilled players who have bits & pieces of that full package player. Gretzky had it, Lemieux had it (as much as a whiner he was), Selanne has it, Jagr was there 90%, Kovlachuk has it, Ovechkin has it in droves. Its a shame because he could have put up some amazing numbers during his career.

  37. Oh and another thing. Yesterday I mentioned that other than his first shift, Redden played a great game. He dumped the puck a few times and took the body behind the net. Says alot that Redden is out playing Staal right now. 5 points & +3 atta boy Wade :)

  38. wicky229(take the "A" from cally and give it to sally!) on

    With the canes playing soooo poorly, I can not believe that sather is not at jimmy’s door offering whatever to get tuomo ruutu from him!!

  39. We get it, you don’t like the shootout…stating that the team tied and “won the skills competition” every time a team wins in the shootout comes across as trying to get attention through semantecs (and a bit obnoxious). The NHL calls it a win, so that’s what it is. Whether you like it or not (I think we all have an idea where you stand on the shootut) is not relevant to the actual game and how we played.

  40. All it takes to get any player from Jim Rutherford is some washed-up ex-Cane in return, isn’t it? So if Sather signs Arturs Irbe, dangles him in front of Rutherford’s nose, Ruutu is a Ranger.

  41. Parenteau is certainly better than Voros/Brashear on the 4th line, but whether he can actually score consistently at this level remains to be seen.
    Don’t forget Pavel Bure was a scoring machine also, until Mike Danton took his knee out. But Gaborik has amazing vision on the ice. Although it’s interesting that he says he can’t score on shootouts either — some of the best scorers have issues with the shootout — maybe it’s too slow for them?

  42. Redden is playing well…it’s good to see. He’s never going to live up to his contract but I think there is less pressure on him now with Gilroy and MDZ supplying some offense. Redden and Gilroy could be a good pair for a few years.

    Now if only we can get Staal & Girardi going…

  43. Gaborik is 1-for-14 in shootouts in his career. I didn’t realise he struggled quite that much. If he isn’t confident in scoring, then don’t put him out there, even if it against convention. I thought Jagr took too much heat for his apparent dislike for going in the shootout.

    I’m kind of surprised by the quotes from yesterday, suggesting Torts asked PAP on the bench whether he was good in shootouts. Shouldn’t the coach at least have an idea going in that one of the leading scorers in the AHL might have some shootout experience to call on? Whatever your views on the shootout, it counts for real points in the standings, so it’s frustrating when coaches and players don’t seem to prepare for it.

  44. wicky229(take the "A" from cally and give it to sally!) on


    LMFAO!!! do we have any of cullen’s old equiptment laying around??? That might work!

  45. Greg, so if they lost the skills competition and lost the game you’d have been OK with that?

    It not only decides a point in the standings, but it is the difference sometimes in a losing streak or a winning streak. You win the skills competition, you come away happy and feeling confident. You lose the skills competiton, and you feel like you lost a game. It is what it is.

  46. Give Pa-Pa some time. You can’t step into the NHL from the AHL and not take a couple games to get it together.

    On Staal – I think he’s feeling second fiddle to MDZ – so he’s trying a bit too hard. Maybe pair them together? That might be a good thing.

  47. Carp, the only thing that makes me like the skills competition is that we have The King. Rangers fans are probably biased towards it because we’re always going to be favored going into it for that lone reason.

    With that said, I hate it. Play the freaking game to decide the winner. BS that it’s too much for the players to play an extra period. Football players do it, why cant NHL have 1 20 minute OT period and if it’s tied after that, it’s a tie. Same as NFL.

  48. Obviously I don’t feel as good when they win in the shootout, but it still counts as two points, and to constantly repeat the “skills competition” every time a shootout win occurs is overkill, in my opinion.

  49. You take the points where you can get them. If it’s skills competitions, in which Hank is supposed to be able to dominate, then good for us.

    RE: Pa-Pa

    Gotta give the kid some, even if he did not score the GW in SO. He missed an open net, so has everybody, and that puck was still bouncing, it was not so easy. The way I look at it is, Pa-Pa has to be better and provide something more than Voros, or any number of our current players.

  50. I’m not sure which is worse, referees or Voros.

    Here is my contention.

    Referees act as a 6th man for the other team, some or most of the time.

    Voros is like having 1 less man on the ice all the time. (So with 5 men on ice, with Voros, we only have 4).

    I am going to declare Voros worse, because at least sometimes, the referees decide to be fair towards the Rangers. I know, those games where referees are fair are few and far between, but, they do happen.

  51. That’s a good point CR9…so when Voros is on the ice it’s like a 2 man PP for the other team…hmm…

  52. wicky229(take the "A" from cally and give it to sally!) on

    cr and nyrguy

    so PAP and kotalik loaf back into our zone giving the sens their only goal, higgins really has not scored like he should, neither has cally or the injured dubi and drury, this team barely wins in the stupid skills competition, don’t get me started on half of our blueline corps (mdz, gilroy, redden get a pass from me at this point), and you two want to gripe about voros who was the only player who put neil on his butt in front of hank and is the only player (along with boyle) who has consistently stood up for his teammates the entire season?!?!?!?! GIVE IT A REST!!!! He is one hell of a teammate and the guys in the lockerroom know it, this team needs a lot more guys on it with his heart (skill set be damned)!!!

  53. wicky229(take the "A" from cally and give it to sally!) on

    You two probably didn’t like chris simon when he was here either, and all he did is stand up for his teammates at all times and scored more goals in his season than dubi ever has in one of his! Courage and heart in 4 minutes of ice time a game are an extremely important part of this team considering most of the other players on this team have none!

  54. Btw, on that goal: Kotalik was lazy and didn’t get on-time for backchecking, PAP couldn’t if his life depended on it. He has the scoring touch, but his footspeed will not allow him to stay in NHL. I really hope I’m wrong, we do need some extra scoring hands.

  55. wicky229(take the "A" from cally and give it to sally!) on

    Pisses me off the one guy that consistently shows heart and courage on this soft assed team always get ridiculed!! He is a 4th liner with limited fighting and overall skills, but constatnly puts himself in the situation to get his face pounded by someone for the sake of being a “good teammate” and wading into the fray regardless of who he may have to tangle with. What a joke that he is constatnly criticized here, If he was a first liner on our team with his skill set, yes we would be in trouble, the fact that he along with boyle, stand up all the time and no one else seems to also indicates we are in trouble. That is not however the fault of voros, the blame for that lies elsewhere. If you are going to “gripe” about a player, pick rozy who has been far worse than voros ever thought about being this season. Rozy shows no heart what so ever, sticks up for no one, and makes 5 times the amount of money that voros does and just as easily takes the spot of a young guy form hartford and brings less to the team tahn voros does on a nightly basis.

  56. wicky229(take the "A" from cally and give it to sally!) on

    I’m going to go watch the raiders try to get one of their few wins for the season, later!

  57. Wicky, chill lol, I’m a Raiders fan also…I don’t have a personal problem with Voros…but you can’t tell me he helps this team more than he hurts, not when he’s making a million dollars. He shouldn’t be praised because he sticks up for his teammates, EVERYONE SHOULD be doing that. He’s a 4th line player that takes stupid penalties, why can I not gripe about that if I want to?

  58. I’d rather have a guy like Byers on the 4th line who can contribute a bit offensively also (at least more than Voros) or a guy like Avery, Alex Burrows, even Derek Dorsett. Guys that get in people’s faces but actually contribute something. I have to agree with Carp that if a guy is not going to contribute offensively, defensively or on Special Teams, there is no place for him on the roster.

  59. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Carp, I’m not sure how much you go through these posts but if you saw this, I’d be pretty happy.

    I’ve been saying that PA Parenteau deserves a spot amongst these men over guys like Voros, Brashear and even someone like Avery who could have rode the pine for a few games for terrible play (regardless of being trapped in the damned if I do, damned if I dont box). Somebody that comes up to the NHL and scores in the first game they’re given a good chance deserves to STAY. The reason that this organization constantly has problems is that they dont know who to keep, who to let go, who to give more time and who NEEDS a shot.

    This man (25? 26?) deserves a true NHL shot. Just like Anisimov, this guy is underrated and needs to be watched carefully. If we had a team with HALF of the guys that have been Pack members I’d be ECSTATIC!

    The fact is, that there are so many guys that are trying to get time and the fact that we’ve spent money on this over past summers.

    I know that you post all the time, that nobody prepares harder or works harder for every game than Drury. That Drury is usually the first one on/last one off the ice. A hockey player like myself can truly appreciate that kind of effort but without any sort of point margain to be accounted for this man is a lost cause. Trading isn’t gonna help and it hasnt helped in the past.

    All I know is that down the middle, last night, We looked like a team that was formidable (when we were on the upswing, not when we were doing horrible) and especially at the centre ice position. Dubinsky either needs to ride the pine, or he needs a serious gut check in getting sent down to the minors, SOMETHING to wake this kid up.

    Drury and Dubinsky are the same story. A lot of potential, we hear a lot of things, we dont see those things. For this team to work we need a guy like Drury not to be just a good PK player, and a guy like Dubinsky not just rushing the puck and passing it, not just playing hard, we need these guys to make plays. To make good passes.

    Men like Drury and Dubinsky arent to be seen on the PP because THEY DONT DESERVE IT. Even HIGGINS who had 0 goals in 10 some odd games got power play time, because of the effort he showed on the ice.

    If guys like Drury and Dubi dont pick it up this team is screwed, because we need help making plays for finishers like Higgins, Kotalik, Callahan, Gaborik, and the likes. These guys arent in the business of making plays. They shoot the puck.

    We need playmakers. Bad.

  60. I find it disgusting that the same guys who bitch about not enough homegrown players then start ripping them and wanting them traded if they do not blow the doors off in their second or third year

    why bother drafting anyone if that is the reaction to a WIN, for cripe sake.

  61. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Also, we’re a CRAPPY! blue line team. We’re a team that you can walk right through when someone is trying to break into the zone, and it never ever seems like the Rangers have a capability to just, dump it and retrieve it easily. We need to not just be a better defensive or offensive team, its really winning all the smallest battles in the world. A bad reach for the puck turns up in our net. The blue line breach needs to be practiced and re-thought. I’ve never seen a team so inept at getting the puck into the zone and creating pressure.

  62. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Again: Rozsival needs to go. The one guy who’s been here since 05-06, he’s awful. He’s supposed to be covering up for young defenseman and hes just not qualified.

    Drop him to waivers and pick up a veteran.

  63. I cant wait until we sign Forsberg and he tries that spin-o-rama in the shootouts, like he tried with the Preds.

    He busted his ass before he even got the shot off, and lost the game for them. I laughed so hard i had to be hospitalized.

  64. what’s with the “skills comp” negative stuff, Carp. it is the current game, so get over it.

    some guys still long for the rover, or no helmets, no goalie mask, etc etc

    and hey, the 4-on-4 OT is just as much a contrivance as the shootout is.

    don’t live in the hockey past like Stan Fishsticks.

  65. I wouldn’t have a problem signing Forsberg..he’ll play 5 games, get 5 points and then go on IR for the rest of the year and his salary won’t count.

  66. pap-smear isnt fast enough and totally choked on a wide open net that wouldve made the stupid 15 minutes of stress filled skill comp irrelevant. hes an ahl’er 4 life!! the only reason hes up is because byers cant score, and he is more of a goal scorer. even still, he is 26 or 27 years old and should be back in hartford as soon as duby comes back. hes not a bad player, but hes not a top 6 player and id be ok if he was on the 4th line to add some scoring depth to, but hes what, 5’9″, 185 lbs? maybe less. i saw a couple times yesterday he couldnt keep up and if your that size, u gotta be quick like st louis. i was happy for him for redeeming himself in the SO, but for a guy who lights it up in the ahl, hes gotta score that wide open netter. sorry if im repeating anybody else said before me, i havent read all the posts.

  67. the shootout is ok, but i can see where carp is comin from. its way stressful to watch, and yea its great if your team wins, but to go through a game where you kick the other teams butts, and lose in a 15 round shootout just sucks. its a big downer. anybody watch how the lightning got screwed out a goal in ot last night? the goal was legit, and they ended up losing in the shootout. horrible way to end a game you shouldve won.

  68. posted it too soon. the lightning shouldve won and no shootout shouldve been neccessary. i mean, its good for casual fans and it beats ending a game in a tie, so i really cant say i wish it was out of the game but what they should do and it would cut down the SO’s by half probably, would be to have the 4 on 4 ot, then if nobody scores, have a 3 on 3. if they still cant score, then they deserve the freakin SO. but it seems so many teams can eek their way to ot, and get points through the SO. either that, or make it so whoever loses the SO or ot gets no points. that way, teams will try even harder to win in regulation so they wont just play for the point

  69. I could make the same argument against the field goal in football. a tough way to lose games

    or the free throw in BB. a tough way to lose. and a skills competition to boot.

  70. How is a FG or a FT anything like a shootout? Teams get in position by playing offense or defense better than the other team to have a chance at a FG. Players also commit fouls to get a player on the line.

  71. I agree with you that they should have a 3-on-3 before they go to a shootout. that would make the shootout rare, like they wanted it to be, and thus more interesting.

    they considered that in the rule changes coming out of the lockout, and I think if they knew that the shootout would happen so often, in 20% or more of the games, that they would have put the 3-on-3 in. I hope they still do change it eventually.

  72. Although I don’t understand how players can be such bad Free Throw shooters year after year. If you just practice you have to get better at least a little bit don’t you??

  73. They should just play 6 on 6 with no goalies and see which team can score more goals in 5 minutes.

  74. Good evening Staal and all! Ah, loving the blog this weekend!

    Leine, you can stay, but let me just say….SO or skills “competition,” whatever you want to call it, I hate it. I’m old school…no fancy 3 on 3 or 6 on 6….play the game til someone loses or wins. The SO just seems cheap to me.
    Yes, I’m thrilled we won and got the point, but the old school part of me says take the tie, or lose, if we must, in a real (though abbreviated) period.

    My rant for the day. Cute pics of Stanley soon on sister blog! Go say hi!

  75. I was somewhat joking with the 6 on 6 lol…I agree somewhat with playing till someone wins or loses…I say just have 1 20 minute period and if it’s tied, then it’s a tie. They do it in football, soccer, why not NHL?

  76. I never had any problem with ties, but am OK with the shootout. I don’t see how 3-on-3 would be any less “gimmicky”. How much 3-on-3 play do you ever see during games? Penalty shots are hardly any less frequent.

  77. NYR and me, right….rest of you, um, incorrect :) Night Staal and all…maybe I’ll do a “wicky” in a bit, or not. In the meantime heads, keep up your great blogging til Tuesday (hey good name for a band :)

    Tuesday is going to be insane! Let’s keep Monday cool….thoughts on the Caps welcome.

  78. wicky

    sorry for picking on Voros. I was only trying to be funny. This team has many significant holes, Voros being less than others.

    Rozi is the biggest worthless piece of… I guess considering the ice time he sees and the position he plays, and the contract he has, he is worse than Voros.

    I pick on Voros, because a crippled old man could skate down the ice quicker than him. Because of his lack of speed/quickness, he cannot play defense or penalty kill, and his zero offensive skills prevent him from, well, scoring.

  79. wicky229(take the "A" from cally and give it to sally!) on


    He doesn’t take penalties that are any more stupid than the ones that rozy takes at 5 mil per season. Again, I would not have such a problem with the anti voros thing, but on a team lacking toughness and stand up guys, saying we need to take one of the two guys out of the line up that does that for a player that does not provide it seems really silly to me. yes, byers was fine the canucks game, but was invisible after that (perhaps torts nutted him like he nutted avery).

  80. rob f- another good post. because he got the shootout goal he was praised. he is just up because of the injuries and hes the best option for scoring out of him and the other th liners

  81. 4Gerations, be happy! I saw it. I’m not saying Parenteau is anything more than a minor leaguer, and I don’t think the current coach thinks enough of him to even be considered a prospect. All I’m saying is, especially with two top-three-line players out injured, this team is often starved for goals, so why not let a kid who has a chance to score once in a while actually get some minutes?

    shootout, I’m not getting over it. It’s an asinine way to resolve a game in which guys killed themselves and each other for 65 minutes. I’m not saying bring back the 60 minutes/tied game (even though that would have been a “good tie” on the road Saturday). Let them play 10 minutes of OT. Then call it a tie. A tie feels a lot better to a team than a shootout loss, I guarantee you that.

  82. Why is the complaining about the “skills competition” so prevalent today. I mean, it’s been around for years, and we have benefited much more from it in the past than so far this year.

    Also, why would anyone complain if we benefit from it?

    If it helps our team to have Tanya Hardings who will enlist other people to put our Rozis and Brashears on IR intentionally and take them off our cap, then I’m all for it.

  83. wicky229(take the "A" from cally and give it to sally!) on


    I agree with your one overtime full period of 5 on 5 then a tie theory, much better than the skills competition!


    No biggie, it just the fact he plays limited minutes and has way more heart than guys that play way more minutes than him, to me he really seems to be the least of our problems.


    Becareful, if you “wicky” too much you will find yourself rooting for guys that show heart and stand up for teammates instead of those that score, then you will want d men that are physical and punish people around the net and in open ice, you will want the stupid instigator rule gone and let players police themselves, get rid of the skills competiton and let the “teams” decide game outcomes….well you get the idea, so becareful when you “wicky”!!!!

  84. wicky229(take the "A" from cally and give it to sally!) on

    I think bettman just made another mistake trying to bring more “fans” into the game by starting the shootout to resolve regulation ties. He would get more fans with scrums and fights (see UFC and MMA) than with a skills competition. Get rid of the shootout and the instigator rule and LET THEM PLAY!!!!!

  85. Laurel, scary, isn’t it?

    CR9, I’m the one who always complains because I don’t really care who benefits from it. I don’t think anybody should benefit from a non-hockey conclusion to a hockey game.

    I hate it.

  86. Of course, to us enlightened Euros at least, it’s mystifying why Americans can’t handle the concept of a tied game in any sport in the first place when the rest of the world seems to manage OK with it…

  87. Wicky I understand your point of Voros and adding toughness to the team, but toughness is only added from the 5 guys on the ice. If he’s riding the bench the whole time he can’t do anything. I’m starting to think this whole toughness thing is all thanks to Torts, which is odd considering his reputation as a no nonsense kinda guy

  88. LW3H…I have no problem with a tie if they are given more than 5 minutes to score…especially over such a long season. I say 20 minutes…no goal…it’s a tie. Simple

  89. the problem with the shoot out is this, shoot out games are worth 3 pts, and regulation games are worth 2 pts. in todays NHL you can get a point for losing. that is a joke.

  90. todays fans would get excited if you told them the way the NHL was going to break ties was with a backwards skating competition.Bettman has taking the league and turned into something unrecognizable to what the NHL used to be, A great pro sport. now it is just european soccer.

  91. 1 cup in 69 yrs all you do is whine and complain. pick a new team. you dislike the young guys, you dislike the old guys, you dislike everyone.

    you must just be a miserable person.. anisimov is 20 or so, grachev is 19, dz is 19, gilroy is 24, staal is 22, and on and on.

    the king is 27, they are not the old kamisnky reangers. who were soft, old, and overpaid………

  92. wicky229(take the "A" from cally and give it to sally!) on


    I agree about it being the 5 guys on the ice like you said, that is why I would rather see guys that are tough and physical and can score like a tuomo ruutu or shane doan type of player added to this team instead of “scoring only” type players that if they are not scoring they bring absolutely nothing to the ice. Same on D, adding a witt or volchenkov or someone of that ilk on D that if they do not score they are still hitting and protecting hank. This is also why I am a huge advocate of tough physical d men. D men are on the ice more frequently than most forwards so you have toughness out there more often!

    Not sure about dubi not being on IR!

    Raiders suck, can not believe DHB did not catch that ball!

  93. Another to point out is that the goal you score in the skills competition does not even count on your stats. How can you score a goal that wins the game, but it still does not count on your stat?

    I do not like it and wish they remove it from the game.

    You want more people to see the sport. Try getting a real sport network to show the games, perhaps ESPN.

    How about promoting more of the game and the special events on television.

    Gary Buttman needs to go, along with Sather and Dolan. The Three stooges of the NHL.

  94. “You want more people to see the sport. Try getting a real sport network to show the games, perhaps ESPN.”

    ESPN, a real sport network? I’ve never heard of that one. I know they are a real Boston home network. (Everything Sox and Patriots Network)

  95. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers won!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    I smell a FIGHT ,FIGHT FIGHT!! Stuart Vs One cup !!

    One cup ,does come across sometimes as bitchy and hating everyone.He and I even got into it one time with me saying his name was just patronizing our club. Today Stuart he seemed to be ok , maybe your holding past feeling because what I read today wasn’t too bad.

  96. I can’t even remember how many people I have gotten in to it with on here, but I don’t think I have any enemies now. Ha.

  97. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Rangers won!!!!"... says Greg L. on

    This isn’t football(soccer for all youse who don’t talk english jargan) Penalty kicks are lame .Two teams play for a couple hours without scoring (talk about Devils hockey)and then they desided the game on Penalty kicks!!?? If I ran around for 2 hours for nothing…just to end it all on penalty kicks? I’d go fricking bonkers!!The shoot out must go and as much as I like Don Cherry , he was an idiot for saying we should play for the extra point in overtime ,bahhhhhh!!! Make the game end in a tie .Play forever or just dont play any extra time(like the playoffs) So what if people can’t stick around on week days for the marathon to end but who cares? If ya have to stay longer during a season game because ot is taking too long….who cares!! Continuos OT during the season is a must!!

  98. If they wanna keep the shootout what should happen is, get rid of OTL/SHL and make it an OTW/SHW so if you win the skills comp you get a point, if you lose, well it’s a loss, and you get nothing.

  99. Sharks- Hawks, great game, pretty even. Hawks won in overtime. I’d say, 5 min 4 on 4, then 5 min 3 on 3, no score, each team gets a point. No SO.

    Manny Malhotra turned out to be exactly what John Mackler predicted- a solid third line center. I’d still call a better draft than Hugh.

    Campbell’s big contract, btw is working out as well as Redden’s. But the rest of Hawks defense is very solid. The team will be scary after Hossa comes back.

  100. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    ZzZz NYR ZzZz ” Rangers won!!!!”… says Greg L. November 15th, 2009 at 8:46 pm

    I smell a FIGHT ,FIGHT FIGHT!! Stuart Vs One cup !!

    One cup ,does come across sometimes as bitchy and hating everyone.He and I even got into it one time with me saying his name was just patronizing our club. Today Stuart he seemed to be ok , maybe your holding past feeling because what I read today wasn’t too bad.
    you’re another Doofus – 3rd man in, and an instigator
    go to sleep with stu boy

  101. Wicky, I can believe DHB…he sucks. I understand they didn’t want Crabtree but everyone knew Maclin was better than DHB too. Being a Raiders fan makes it hurt that much more when the Rangers don’t do so well!

  102. ILB….remember how badly Rangers fans wanted Campbell too?? He had way too much hype. Good thing we have MDZ…this kid is gonna be a star.

  103. My friend is a Raiders fan and his father flew him to Oakland for the game today as a B-day gift. Poor guy. Anybody catch Curb 2-nite? One of the funniest episodes. Larry David rules!

  104. I am so down that next week is the season finale of Curb. I also feel like I was ripped off, I was hoping for more Seinfeld this season.

    I as well would have told him to keep the pen!

  105. Skills competition…. you always complain about that.

    It’s better for the game, makes it more exciting. It’s only the regular season, it’s not direly serious. Get with the times. It’s not 1971 anymore.

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