Rangers-Senators matinee


Doesn’t it seem like forever ago that the Rangers beat the Senators and began a seven-game winning streak?

Well, now they’ve lost five of their last six road games and are coming off that woeful home performance against Atlanta (which, by the way, then went home and spanked the L.A. Kings 7-0).

I think we all agree that we hate afternoon games. I know I do. Especially when I can’t even watch it because I’m standing outside in a cold rain at another assignment upstate. Grrrrrrr.

After today the Rangers play once in the next five days (Washington at home Tuesday). Then they get busy — five games in eight days, six in 10.

Here are the pregame notes from the Rangers. Here is Jim Cerny’s preview from the Rangers site. And here’s a preview from NHL.com.

Enjoy the game. Behave yourselves.

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  1. Those of us in Europe don’t hate afternoon games quite so much…

    (I’ll admit to hating the fact that the Rangers hardly ever show up for them.)

  2. Dang not last anymore. It was a futile endeavor anyway.
    Hmm Futile Endeavor.. I could use that to describe a few hockey players. Rest and Relaxation for starters.. R&R, with their defensive prowess, constantly force me to involuntarily scream at the television. Then, I remember that it’s only November. It is still early in the entertainment portion of the season. I agree with staal in that the team is still having trouble playing the new system for 60 minutes without some players reverting into the more restful system of old. No worries though, their push for the playoffs doesn’t really start until January right? It could start in December if they don’t win again in November. Win or lose, I enjoy watching this team. Of course, it is always more fun when they win!

  3. I’ve been real busy getting the new business going so I’ve missed alot. After reading Carp’s previous post about the Callahan hit, I’ve got to agree that this team won’t get anywhere if they stand around watching other players take liberties with their teammates. Where is the brotherhood? Even when I played, if somebody does something to your player, you do it back 2X harder. I don’t get it. Was Cally looking for a call from the refs or waiting for one of his teammates to do something? Still fresh in my mind is the Wild game a couple of years ago when Gabby got 5 vs us. It wasn’t that, it was the big hit on Prucha by Brent Burns. Nothing was done then and even with a completely new roster, nothing is done now. This team is a bunch of pussies and won’t win anything watching the hits instead of inflicting them.

  4. I wonder which Rangers team will show up today?
    Fire – Playing with passion, intensity and execution. Hard hitting and physical play. Winning battles along the boards. Crashing the OPPOSITION’S net. Dominate power play time and capitalize on the man advantage.
    Ice – Playing passively, reacting instead of forcing the play. Dump and change. Allowing the referees to dictate play. Commit lazy and or offensive zone penalties. Spend entirely too much time on the wrong end of 5 on 3 play. Crash OWN NET trying to make up for a blown assignment.

  5. Good morning Staal and all! I hate afternoon games. Hey Orr, if you’re not a New York Times reader, I highly suggest to get it tomorrow for the Sunday magazine. Trust me, you’ll love the cover story :)


  6. The last one I sould re-post.
    Honestly, I would never believe to see it – how one pathetic, openly manipulative, with a clear proclaimed destructive goal, moron, whose name we are not even allowed to mentioned,(much less to give so deserved epithets) can so easily and effectively achieve it to his pleasure. CARP, first amendment protects ALL sides, not just a black sheep. You definitely are loosing loyal blogers. I’m personally absolutely disgusted and kind of humiliated by way it was handled (or should I say mishandled) and stopped posted in a while just b/c of that. The moment of this waste appeared, I had a bad feeling about further escalation and try to confront it. A false sense of political correctness prevailed. All the appeals to ignore are just appeasement – you can’t do that without changing very essence and definition of blogging… Too much of a dense trash is populated comments part now – hard to follow and not a fun, like it use to be.
    Very sad. I definitely will miss wonderful bunch of RR people.

  7. hang in there 4ever, don’t let it win!!

    with all the smart, techologically inclined people out there, it’d be great if they could come up with an ignore feature like they used to have on old msn chat.

  8. we need this win today.. im predicting 4-3 rangers with a late goal by the sens that is meaningless in the last minute. if we dont win this game, troubles brewing ahead

  9. Thanks for this post Carp. I had no idea this was an afternoon game.

    We gotta get things turned around today. It all starts on defense. Maybe via magic, Redden and Rozi and Staal will turn things around defensively.

  10. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Carp- As ALF is so insistent on his constitutional right of free speech, then let us introduce to him another form of Democracy- the right to vote. Let all the members of the blog decide whether his disruptive influence is affecting this blogs ability to function as a forum for News and Insight About the New York Rangers.

    Put it to a vote. Let the majority rule. Can we vote him off the island? You can review the ballots so as to insure there is no multiple voting, or other shenanigans.

  11. Izzy

    Who cares what ALF says, even if its negative towards the Rangers.

    As long as he is not some scumbag Bostonian, then just pass by his comments.

    He’s just a Devils fan, not a slimy, dirtbag Bostonian.

  12. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    CR9- so if he was a “slimy, dirtbag Bostonian” then you would think differently? I just view him as a slimy dirtbag, regardless of where he’s from.

  13. CR9,please tell us how you really feel..lmao

    game points:
    1,finish checks
    2,back check real freakin hard
    3,win more than 50% of or FOs.
    Alfredson is a Ranger killer,lets knock him around a bit.

  14. Hey Carp,you see them RIGHTS the other day?,Brash is gonna throw some lefts and rights(90/10)@Carkner today!

  15. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Carp, I promise not to throw anything at my Tv this afternoon, you break those old Tube TV’s anyway.

    But is there any coincidence that the NY knicks 1-9 and the fruitless rangers are languishing?
    The Dolan connection.
    He’s no judge of executive talent for sure with 2 crappy has been GM’s.

    There’s no light at the end of the tunnel for fans of the Knicks and rangers.

  16. About team toughness-remember during the Raucous Rangers when they showed the 1981 team beat the pummel out of the Kings? That might have been the toughest Rangers team ever and they went to the Conference Finals. They really oughta take a note from history and start mimicking those guys or get some 4th liners and a DMan who will fight and hit and ask questions later.

  17. my bad,Spezza and Fisherare gonna kill us on FOs all day,thus Sens have the puck all day.
    Mike id settle for a team that at least finishes all checks,watch howmany they turn away from,disgraceful.

  18. everyone over to fire and ice for a game..lol.300 posts under the headline Langenbrunner injured or some shiite,lol,the site would implode.
    Nah,good idea Izzy,I cant understand him(Carp) being such a lame-ass here
    Your family is talking Carp,sack up.

  19. what also bothers me is that…remember when the blog was flooded with people posting as other posters or as some celebrities few month back, Carp banned all those imposters even though they were *RANGERS FANS!*

    But no, let’s be politically correct with “it”

    Whatever…thanks for listening. .. I’m done.

  20. hey Carp im calling you out,you a Drury style leader?
    suppose youll ban me instead right?,get this POS ALF out,make your family proud

  21. I have to admit…. I’m puzzled.

    Why do these guys show such timidity about firing hard slap shots from distance on the net?
    EVERY other team seems to do so. Staal driving me crazy with his wristers ( ala Girardi and all the other Renneymen.

    There’s a kid on the Islanders to watch and his name is Matt Moulson, and you can always find him lurking in the opponent’s crease. And he bangs away.

    Take a tip Ranger D men. And you forwards who love to scramble along the boards.

    I wouldn’t give up on Higgins so soon…he has shown some confidence in his most recent games…let him be.

    But Roszival out there in critical moments…just asking for a giveaway, and he seldom disappoints.

  22. I lurked here for a while,i got comfy enough to post because of posters like CCCP wicky TR etc.,now these dudes are gonna leave cause Carp is to much of a lame duck leader,that sucks.
    i will ignore him rather than leave,but some of YOUR FAMILY dont seem comfy with that.
    you hear Carp!WTF…..now…..

  23. Hopefully Higgins going to center gets him going…doesn’t bode well for Boyle, he’s probably going to go back to 10 minutes a game where he deserves after that pitiful faceoff performance

  24. it is truly sad what has happened to the comments section here. not that nobody knows who i am, as i was never a strong “personality” on this blog like many of the regulars, i never even at the height of my posting days really posted all that much, but this will be not only my last post, this will be the last time i even visit the comments section because it has turned into a circus. i understand that this is a free country, with freedom of speech. but it’s also a democracy, with Carp, for all intents and purposes, as President here at Rangers Report. Why not deal with the problem (and whether you believe it or not, it is a problem) democratically and put it to a vote. Either way, I hope I’m not the only one protesting this infiltration of our blog. It would be one thing if they were respectful, but they clearly just wait for one of us to say something, to then respond back in such a way, knowingly, that it is going to stir up emotions. Granted it takes two to tango, but this person is clearly motivated to get us all worked up. and it’s working. I for one have had enough of it and there are plenty of other blogs without such problems that I can go to for actual Ranger related FAN banter. It is truly sad what has happened here, I feel bad for Sam as he is the one who built up this loyal blog fan base, and it is truly unfortunate that a certain few instigators are successfully destroying everything he had built. Let’s go rangers.

  25. that samsung ad with sound is VERY ABRASIVE and INTRUSIVE —

    to the powers that be – I don’t like

  26. Good hockey afternoon all!!!

    I cant stand afternoon games, they never get up for them.
    As the “it” saga continues, I think we all tried to ignore last week and it didnt work (meaning they kept on posting). “Someone” proclaimed they arent going anywhere. Who’s to say if we did ignore for weeks on end that they will “go away”. The sole mission is to stick it in our collective faces and piss us off…. No matter what happens. I know Ive engaged into some light back & forth, even complimented one of the former players…but whoever it is, is a dirtbag, crap-stirrer. No matter what we say, he/she reads EVERYTHING. Even if the team from across the Hudson is mentioned – its like a summoning inviting them to show up and stir the pot.

    So I really dont know what we can do if Rick doesnt do something with this person.

  27. I’m hoping Parenteau finally breaks out from desperation…this is really his last chance, if he doesn’t do anything now I don’t know if he’s ever going to get a chance in the NHL again

  28. A question about Sean Avery’s ability to play in the pivot – something Avery said he did in both Detroit and Los Angeles – brought this exchange:
    Tortorella: “Sean’s not playing center. I don’t know where you guys came up with that.”
    Me: “Sean told us he played in Detroit and with the Kings.”
    Tortorella: “Yeah, that’s great.” from gross,whata tool Torts is.

  29. MORG

    Hahaha, you and Bull Dog should get together for some wine coolies at Warren77. Im sure Brash*t will hurt himself trying to think of ways to win over the fans. I can see it now, turning on Rangers game night, and hearing Troutwig saying “Donald Brashear to miss his 4th consecutive game due to severe headaches”

    hope Neil gives nails him to the boards. For once why can the guy do something good.

  30. Me and Bull at Warrens with our hot ass girlfriends,you @ home with your Fox poster,lol,i kid,noone was a bigger Orr fan than me now hes a leaf so as you say FUGG em.

  31. CCCP,

    Why are you still here? I thought you left and were not coming back?




    Your the man! I promise I will only talk Rangers..and not nearly as negative as all the other posters here…BUT I will laugh and defend the Devils when people feel the need to post about the Devils on a Rangers blog… when all they can say is marty is fat…marty is a scumbag…and the rangers have more fans then the rangers…i mean why bring these things up if nobody cares about the Devils? It has to be jealousy no??

  32. Orr,i was gonna get on my soap box about wishing rangers ill,but im really praying for Voros to be walked off the ice by Rammer.

  33. Afternoon all–

    Gonna get a hockey game in before grading. Could use a win to pull me out of a post-midterm slump. Mostly, I could use an active hockey team with productive passion in more players than Gaborik, DZ and Hank. Higgins, Cally, Kotalik need to find their scoring touch. Admittedly, I missed the game this week, but from what I’ve heard that can’t be a bad thing. Avery’s invisible, nobody sticking up for anybody (and we thought they turned that around during the mob-fest a few games back…), our defense carting around some dead weight.

    I don’t want to do this either, but I think I’ll put my two cents in from the recent lurking. Might be a cynical youth thing, but three years at my school has taught me that irritating brats exist in all parts of the world. Work, school, family. It’s more pervasive over the internet because irritating brats can hide safely behind an anonymous IP and wreck havoc of old-avery-like proportions with the morale and good nature of a blog. And sometimes you need to deal with it.

    I’m not defending the irritating brats of the universe–I think it’s childish that he needs to get his kicks pissing off a bunch of people who just want to talk about something they love. But our mudslinging, the arguments between people who want Carp to step up and defend his team and the guys/girls who demand we ignore him, and the people who make this blog great leaving because it’s not fun when somebody’s being a pest is sad.

    I LIKE this blog–first place I’ve found where people engage in a lively, interesting discussion about a team without a ton of in-fighting and personal attacks (with some exceptions). I think the blogparents have done a good job policing, and I can respect their decision to have us deal with the problems and irritations like adults. You don’t go beating the hell out of the obnoxious twit in class, or the jerk one cubicle over, even if you WANT to. Do I want them to wave the banhammer and solve the problem? Yeah, because I think the unproductive mudslinging and interactions between bloggers is WORSE than the instigating itself. But they want us to step up and do the grownup thing, deal with the problems and annoyances that happen everywhere, like it or not.

    Ok…sorry. That was…preachy. I don’t mean to.

    I honestly care less about if we win, and more about if we play with some heart, with some power and passion, and with the tools that BRING wins most of the time. Watching this team play WELL, win or lose, is far better than watching them play with as much energy as a limp noodle.

    See you guys in 20, Let’s go Rangers!

  34. Morning carp, laurel, sally, and all!

    I actually found the pre lockout team of 03-04 to be very entertaining (more so for me because they stood up for one another) and the dark years teams with ulfie on them for the same reason, to be more enjoyable to watch than the post lockout years teams! Just an opinion though, I would rather watch a team fight a lose together than win spinelessly as individuals!!

    have an anti rozy d man day and LGR!!!

  35. anyone have a link yet? damn hockeystreams has the game for a 7 pm est start, uh, yea thanks a lot dudes!

  36. Leine- good post, a touch long, but a good one.
    The more we talk about “it”, the longer “it” will exist. Any type of response, or even slight hint that we are irritated will keep “it” alive. That is as much as I want to spend on that topic.

    Leine- btw, I’m pretty sure you do care about the win.

    Shoreyuken- don’t worry, bro, Russians are not going away anytime soon!

    10 min. LGR!

  37. thanks mako..but all i get there is a color coded bunch of lines. channelsurfing screen shows mapleleafs.com. grrr.. i guess i’ll have to wait until 7 damnit! i’ll keep tryin though!

    thanks leine, and good post. i’m kinda on the fence with it because i can see both sides of the argument, but when its one person causing the havoc, i’m of the mind to remove the one person instead of asking the group to ignore. we tried the ignore thing, it doesnt work, and now we have some regular contributors leaving, and that does not bode well. I’d rather see them stay and the problem deleted.

  38. Morg,

    Have not conversed with you yet…why the bitterness Friend? we are all hockey fans here.

  39. …Sorry for length.

    And…Who doesn’t WANT a win? We win, I’ll be WAY happier than if we lose. But a “good” loss, where we’re playing hard, shooting, but can’t pull it off is better than the heartless, gutless losses of recent weeks.

    atdhe.net sometimes does that line thing. No idea how to fix it.

  40. I love this afternoon start. What a day for some Hockey…Predictions:

    Devils win 3-1
    Islanders win 5-2
    Rangers loose 4-1

  41. so, i see the troll is really affecting everyone. i have no problem in ignoring him. i havent posted as much because he is ruining this blog, and the convos are almost exclusively about marty and the devils. so, if carp isnt gonna “carp” him, then either skip over hisz posts, or stop posting. sooner or later, he’ll have nobody to talk to, just like in his personal life. but arguing back n forth is not gonna make him go away.

  42. a local fan
    November 14th, 2009 at 1:56 pm
    Watching this pregame really makes me miss JD.. I had michelletti

    he gets around i guess

  43. im having a hard time commenting right now cause i dont want to word something wrong. a lot gets lost in text translation. that being said if kottke or cuban wouldnt do it, no blogger should do it.


    on a side note im tryin to help my friends @ w77 get “out there” so they started a Facebook fan page – http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/pages/Manhattan-NY/Warren-77/176518173068?ref=nf

    not a lot of content up but im sure there will be some cool stuff up soon. help em out, spread the word to other ranger fans.


    game time kids! LETS GO RANGERS!

  44. Woe Joe…The rangers have to play better defensivly to lower Hanks GAA? Really?? I thought by playing worse it would lower…

  45. Grabby,

    hahah.. i guess you know me personally? I have lots of very close friends. In fact it was by birthday yesterday and we all went Saki bombing. 34 People came out for my birthday!


    Ooops. I hate Michelletti

  46. Yes, this team needs to get much better on faceoffs, but you guys coming down on Boyle have your head up your rear. The kid is young, improving, kills penalties, and chips in the occassional goal.. all for $525K! He has as many goals as Drury, who makes over 13 times his salary! For as little as he makes, you can deal with a poor faceoff percentage.

    The Rangers should do exactly what Detroit is doing, and just stay the course. Yes, we are hurt, as are Detroit, but there is no panic. No hair-brain trades, UFA acquisitions or other shenanigans. Just round out the roster with what we have, Voros, Brashear, Parenteau, Byers, take our lumps while getting young guys key minutes they otherwise wouldn’t get, and come back stronger when everyone is healthy.

    No excuse for the lack of team toughness and heart. Torts has been upset over the lack of discipline in the team, and I don’t blame him. PIMs have been a huge issue. However, I think the team in an effort to curtail the PIMs have played sissified hockey. There is a difference between good penalties and bad. Lazy stick penalties (ie Rozsival) are bad because they come as a result of being slow or out of position (or both). Good penalties are beating the snot out of someone that runs Hank or anyone else on the team, especially your captains. This team needs to grow a pair

  47. Doppler,

    Ill stick with my Devils and Rangers predictions..but you may be right about the Icelanders prediction…
    who here is ready for some hockey and no more banter???

  48. Shoryuken on Wade Redden,

    Agreed about Jarko. Can Brash please put that scumbag in his place. No matter what i say about Avery Jarko is a joke and somebody really needs to make him pay.

  49. off topic:

    I was checking out NHL.com and they were talking about the Czech Olympic team Prospal & Kotalik CONGRATZ! It will great to see Jagr play again too.

    Sorry if someone mentioned this already.

  50. OH FREAKIN NO!!!!!!! HNIC, we all know what that means! here comes another 2 1/2 hours of being pissed off at horrible officiating.

  51. One thing… Avery isnt a cheap shot artist like Ruutu is. But, I would take Jarko over Brashear in the blink of an eye.

    WOW what HORRIBLE transmission !!!!

  52. welcome to the club spider! HNIC AND a freakin afternoon game…holy crap this is gonna kill the entire day!

  53. A defensive question, guys:

    So, who are our defensemen?
    DelZotto–AMAZING. Just amazing. Hate to jump on the bandwagon, but the guy can PLAY
    Staal–we know he’s solid. but where’s he been?
    Girardi–Has fallen depressingly short this season
    Gilroy–young. Nothing wrong with him. Just young. Learning the ropes, handling the curve.
    And the Albatross twins
    Redden and Rozi. Honestly, Redden hasn’t been TERRIBLE, especially compared to Rozi.

    So, what are our parings:
    Staal Girardi–BAD, this season
    Gilroy Redden–unproductive, kind of crap.
    DelZotto, Rozival–Delzotto carries this line (I may have mixed up where the twins are…)

    Why do we have three mediocre lines? Why not stick DZ with Staal, see if our young hotshot can pull Staal out of his slump, and reunite the albatross twins? One line that sucks, one line that could be good if girardi pulls his head out of his back end, and one line that has some seriously strong potential?

  54. good call doppler! now i’ll watch that later! i was gonna save it for Thanksgiving, with March of the Wooden Soldiers, but now I’m in the mood for it!

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. No offence to PAP, but i wish we would have called up soryal (i know, then why send down byers as they play similar styles) to see what he could do, and if it’s because torts wants more offence, then for the love of the gods put avery on the PP in front of the net! Back to work so no more posting until I can watch the DVR’d game tonight!!

  56. Doodie machetto on

    Redden hearing the boos when he touches the puck. He might get confused and think it’s a home game.

    Alfredssen looks fanastic today.

  57. TR, welcome to my world.

    Leine, love that line about the twins!

    Doppler/Linda….the Wizard of Oz is one of the best movies of all time. If you have a chance you MUST see it in a theater on big screen. But I do enjoy seeing it at home so I can sing and dance along :)

  58. Why do the rangers always get to play other teams backup goalies? And they still cant win! Shows the respect other coaches have for the Rangers Boot lineup

  59. Absolutely HAVE to keep #38 up for good. He has enormous skill. I would miss him in Hartford, but believe me, he would be MUCH better than Voros Or Byers and a few others (to remain nameless)

  60. Redden is doing some great stickwork today, not so great with the puck though. We were better since that last TV timeout. Parenteau, Kotalik, Avery, and the first line are looking good.

  61. Brassiere is pure garbage. he is too stupid to even get on the ice when his man comes off. then, he gets out there and gives the puck away twice almost handing the Sens a goal. thus, the team is playing a man short whether he is out there or not.

    give me Orr anyday over dumbkopf huggy bear

  62. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Cheechoo’s declining production is a magnet for Sather’s annual Scratch and Dent acquisitions.

    I bet he’s already been sniffing around.

  63. Linda, how’s your connection? we’re still not losing!

    does anyone think that when Sam’s not on camera, his eyes roll to the back of head everytime Joe opens his mouth? Does he call JD and cry after each game?

  64. Unbelievable, Redden just swung the puck around the boards right to the Sens. Does he even look to see who could be on the receiving end of his passes?

  65. i’m watching on atdhe laurel, the boys at hockeystreams are having huge trouble with their servers today…aw crap my link just froze up lmao! there we go…

  66. Looks like two teams who are identical with one line and the rest 3rd and 4th line players. Avery is playing a Avery game.

  67. thanks Linda. It is definitely better than any other stream except maybe yahoo when they do it.

    Rangers look Ok today. That penalty and the call were so weak. I’m starting to hate the new NHL.

    Those HNIC guys sure must miss REdden. maybe they’ll take him back.

  68. The rangers defensemen pass the puck really bad out of there zone. I haven’t figured out why but it seems this so called Tort’s system has them all screwed up, just a observation.

  69. What a boring period, i could have swore it was the second period, but there was 2 mins left in the first.

    Can you believe how bad Cheech is ? This guy was almost a 60 goal scorer one year, and now he looks like he’s drunk when he’s on breakaways.

    I wont lie, i wanted him at one point. Good thing that didn’t happen.

    Although, im not giving up on Tootoo just yet. He’d be a great addition to the 4th line, replacing Brash*t.

    And did anybody notice during the anthems, that Brash*t was resting his head on the back of Voros’ shoulder ? I don’t know if i was seeing things, but it looked like it.

  70. I still think the rangers don’t have the proper personnel to run tort’s system the way it should run. This is why sather should be fired. it seems to me Sather has no real plan when I see this stuff and most of the problems are the stupid contracts Sather dishes out.

  71. anyone who has played hockey knows that the coach tells the next line, the 3 guys, who is going on next. that is why Joe had it right and ripped Brassiere, and Sam, who never played, tried to make phony excuses.

  72. SHOR

    Exactly. Learn to box and skate, and you’re automatically making 2 mil. Unless being ugly has something to do with it. That could be a problem. I would just keep smashing my face against a wall every time NYR does something stupid, which is pretty much 15 times a game, so ill be a cross between Brash*t, Mike Ricci, and Mike Grier.

    Then ill be rich.

  73. Shor, that may be true…but he’s OUR awful hockey player to this and next season.. (please note sarcasm!!!)

  74. I agree semi agree with Brash*t’s butt buddy. It’s half, on the coach, and half on the players. The player swapping had a little to do with it, but still, like dlb said, the coach always tells the next line to get on the ice, and somebody was being a retard.

  75. I think stall is suffering from learning Tort’s system. Stall seems confused between playing defense and offense.

  76. I thought that was a pretty good period for Avery. I noticed him a lot more than I have in a while. I would like to see him pick up a goal or an assist in this game. I think Avery should be able to play like Avery. He just can’t take penalties like he took at the end of that game in Washington in the playoffs. I want scum bag, Johnny Cash, walking the friggin line Sean Avery. And I want him right now.

  77. Laurel

    If the call was hooking… Kotalik applied pressure with his stick onto the stick of the Ottawa player. He didnt impede his forward movement making the player twist or yank away at his hands. its like the opposite of lifting a players stick. Didnt know that became a penalty.

  78. LMAO! Touche ORR, but dont forget, he is aka “ROD THE BOD”

    Nasty, I want the same thing. That edge that AVES brought in the past has been held down too long by Torts. Let’em loose and get some grit back. He talks about this guy and that guy adding “jam” to their game, but the one guy who has it is not allowed to bring it. How does that make any sense?

  79. that’s the one reason why i wish we had the msg feed on hockeystreams, I am missing the canonization of Drury, aren’t I???

  80. Linda & Nasty

    Yup!!! I want the old Avery back too!! Damn, give Anna Wintour a stick and a pair of skates LOL She’s probably be tougher than Brashear.

  81. They never take the body along the boards when the other players are coming into the offensive zone. Higgins could have checked up, making him give up the puck. *shaking head*

  82. mako, that was supposed to say HELL NO, it’s not like we havent been ‘talking’ for the past hour

  83. Edmonton I think is where they last scored first.

    Whoever said they’re making 50′ passes is right, they try to go from their zone to the Sens zone in one pass. It’s baffling that they haven’t figured out that those passes are hard to connect on.

    Watching the Rangers try to break out of their end is comically bad the past few weeks.

  84. omg, the last time i saw a tie like that was back in the 70’s! who dressed Torts this morning, stevie wonder?

  85. they all praise Drury. they do a lot of charity work. the pay way past their prime free agents way too much money ( a good thing for said past their prime fa)

  86. Something is wrong here. it’s either the rangers aren’t a good team or the coach isn’t getting through. I’m starting to get the feeling this is going to be a long season. It looks like the hockey analyst were correct in predicting the rangers to finish 10th. The good news is the draft is supposedly deep this year.

  87. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    I’d be more interested having Prucha back as a Ranger in Drury’s spot than have that pitiful waste of a player be in a Rangers uniform.

    Drury has done nothing for this team, and seemingly is doing less and less. There you go. a Prospal goal. Is that surprising?

  88. MAKO, I’m a rational person (despite what some may say) and you raise a good point. Maybe hooking was the wrong call…I wouldn’t say it was a slash, but on the replay it sure looked like he took his hand….maybe it’s semantics. What do I know? I’d rather be poor and fabulous (which I am) than rich and ugly :)

    and oh yeah, GABBY!!!!!

  89. 4Generations

    I would rather neither back. Hell Dubinsky is on his way to be prucha v2

    Linda can we clone them MDZ and Amnisimov for an entire team

  90. Sens Fan: Don’t play cards with Jonathon ’cause he’ll Cheechoo.

    Devs Fan: I play cards with Johnny all the time.

    Sens Fan: Oduya?

    Devs Fan: Yep- every Friday.

    Sens Fan: Cheechoo?

    Devs Fan: Never

  91. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Dubinsky is a guy that i really, really wish we packaged with sangs and a pick this offseason for Heatley.

    Dubinsky/Callahan are the guys theyre interested in keeping for no reason at all. Callahan had a good season last season- is completely invisible now. Dubinsky was good in stretches always, and now he sucks.

  92. i’d be happy with that Chris. When is the “holiday freeze” where no player movement happens? Is it the week of Christmas?

  93. how was that not too many men? he came off the bench and got the puck before the other player got off

  94. Is Redden a moron!?!?! Leave your stick there and go to the front of the net? WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU!?!?

  95. this league is going down the crapper with the pixies they have running it!

    I miss CCCP also Laurel. I seriously hope he has not given up on the blog, that would be a huge loss!

  96. 4Generations

    Im not worried about callahan he usually doesnt start putting pucks in the net until january-febuary anyway. As long as he plays hard every game im ok with it

  97. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Thank goodness for gaborik and prospal, I hope drury and Dubinsky are watching and not playing soldier of fortune or other vid-iot game



    thank GOD we have and SEC college football game to spell that out for us… i had NO IDEA that’s what it took

  99. Chris, teams from Canada do NOT slash! Matter of fact, it is impossible for a team from Canada to commit an infraction

  100. How many times do you see the Rangers D give up the puck when there’s even slight pressure on? How many times do you see the Rangers cause turnovers from the other team?

  101. Laurel

    Every Rangers fan ought to feel bad for the guy.

    He has the personal misfortune of wearing a Rangers jersey.

    If he wore a Bruins jersey, he’d be an NHL God.

    Some people on this blog say how Avery is not a top 2 line guy. Look at the lines of the Bruins last year, and look who scored and produced for them. Losers. Up and down, nothing but losers. Krejci and Kobasew. If you stuck those bums on our team, paired with Jaromir Jagr in his 54 goal season, they would have been Prucha’d for their loserness. Avery is a really good passer, has great speed, and can score a little. He is simply a product of playing for us.

  102. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    morg I never said that we should have packaged DZ but we could have made a nice offer with Sangs amongst other prospects involved and gotten Heatley.

    Then we’d have a first line that would absolutely tear it all up with Heater-Prospal-Gaborik and secondary scoring from Kotalik and Anisimov. Every American on our team completely blows at this moment. I suppose we can give Gilroy an acception

    Dreary, Callahan, Dubinsky, Higgins, where are these guys? This is supposed to be our secondary scoring here…and we dont miss Dubi or Dreary one bit..

  103. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Shoryuken im thinking the same thing…Staal has had his head far, FAR up his ass for a LONG time.

  104. this is how bad it is for avery… even my daughter ( the brainwashed islanders fan…..grrrrrrrrrrrr) said the other night she feels bad for him because he’s targeted for having said something about a ho and not because he killed someone or ended someones career. And my kid HATES Avery! So when ya got other teams fans or people who hate him mentioning it, you KNOW it’s becoming beyond ridiculous.

  105. I love the Avery for being Avery calls….ahh it is quite nice to watch him get a penalty for nothing…thats why torts can’t play him.. the refs might be putting an end to his career..ahhh what goes around comes around!!!

  106. gotta agree, staal seems to have taken a step or two in reverse. They really just need to tell him to concentrate on D and leave him alone. He’s not a goal scorer, never has been never will be.

  107. 4Gen,Drury,Dubi? no doubt,Cally leads the league in Hits,gotta give him a pass,as for Heats, i thought it was Dubi Sangs Artie and a pick,but whatever,in hindsight shoulda done it.

  108. CR9, you bring tears to my eyes :)

    Linda, despite the fact that your daughter is brainwashed, I like her!

    Hey, I hated what Aves said and I think he got a little too crazed for a while with all the celebutant stuff, but he has dialed it down in that sense in the right way. But I miss what ultimately made Aves and Aves and I am TIRED of the full on penalty all the time. There, that’s my rant for the day.

  109. What was with redden leaving his position during a penalty??? who does that? left a guy right in front of the net..stick or no stick you cant do that..i learned that in squirt hockey..

    and what the hell has happend to marc staal? i used to think this guy was going to be awesome..be he looks absolutely dreadfull…redden and rozi are doing wonders for staals career let me tell you… he knows he can be mediocre and still get 5 million from the rags..haha

    that must be all your biggest disapointment..staals regression!!

    where is my JERSEY BOY mikey??

    where is CCCP? hahaha
    cccp is the cause of me..i was playing nice in the beginning and he just wouldnt give up…so I’m a little sad to see poor ccccp gone! hahhaha

  110. Rangers have a great chance to Pounce on the Sens in the third. The crowd is very much out of the game (maybe they don’t like Sat. afternoon games either)
    I have NOT heard one “Lets go Sens” chant yet
    Has to be a first for me

  111. I am really let down by Staal too this year. Man, not looking good at all. Also, and I know some of you will disagree, and that is fine, but this team plays much better with Drury and Dubi in the lineup. And I mean that in the pure sense of them being bodies on the ice, whether they are contributing offensively or not. The team plays better with them there, like it or not. We have played some bad hockey this year, but the two games we have played with them not in the lineup, there have been stretches of us looking absolutely abysmal and lost.

  112. Mako,

    Me too. I like when the devils play other teams with their full lineups..proves how good they really are…

    Thanks Mako for Feeding ME!!!!

    Devils are first in the east!!!


  113. the people who wanted heatley. How do you think they were going to afford him after they signed Gabby? The Sens would have needed to take Redden back or Drury…

  114. laurel

    amen to that, lol
    did you see my comment from the last post?
    either night is fine. i have an hr+ drive into jersey the night of the 21st so i may end up leaving a little earlier than normal. that buffalo game is fine as well. im sure ill be there that night as well, lol.

  115. Mikey “jersey boy”…4EVER….CCCP

    where you my FRIENDS???



    1994 FOREVER


  116. Shoryuken

    The NHL, NFL, and MLB are poorly officiated, but the NBA is the worst.

    The NBA leaves the most to the subjectiveness of the referees. The referees can singlehandedly take control of a game, gifting other teams free points from the FT line.

    How do you think the Celts won number 17 so easily. Every important offensive possession they had, the referees were there to bail them out.

  117. lmao @ the Mr. Sub commercial!!!

    This game HAS been on the boring side, in relation to the crowd, the announcers…just very bland. Hopefully the Rangers come out, seize the day, win the period AND the game, and make us all happy!


  118. I was not talking of the Knicks, though I am Knicks fan. They are not relevant right now.

    I am talking of basketball in general.

  119. MAKO,


    Im so hoping AO comes back tonight :)

    that is the headline on NHL.com???

    why are you hoping that? ovie stayed on the ice for extra work today..he is not playing tonight..he is coming back to play on tuesday…to burn you guys..just like kovalchuk!!!!

    lets go devils!!!

  120. holy crap a penalty on the sens, let me look out my window to make sure the sun isnt on a deathspiral towards the earth

  121. morg,

    thats friend. you are one clever little guy!!!

    9-0 ON THE ROAD!!!



  122. Actually, the Knicks take the referees out of the equation. They shoot the ball within 7 seconds, fire up 3s, not allowing referees to get involved, and they play no defense to get cheated!

  123. I hate shootouts. LGR, LGR, LGR!

    Linda, I have CCCP’s e-mail. maybe he’s just busy. I’m gonna reel him back in!

    TR, yes, sorry, got your response. No reason we can’t do both….I wish it wasn’t taking so long, but sadly, it’s really best for me to do this on a Saturday so I can enjoy myself and not have to worry about work the next day. Being stuck in the burbs and, while I’m fabulous, not so young anymore, a Monday night bar game in the city means bad things for Laurel at work on Tuesday :)

  124. peppermint chocolate chip shakes at Chik-fil-A!! Gonna have to try that, if it’s half as good as their strawberry shakes, it’ll be awesome!

    How many minutes have voros and brastrap played?

  125. CR,

    it is true. If we win in Philly on Monday we will tie the NHL all time record to start a season…

  126. laurel
    the same goes for me on mondays. i come into work on tuesday like a zombie. but yeah anyone else thinkin of comin out next weekend? if so ill try to reserve something for all of us.

  127. Beninati: Here in the first stanza on Versus…Ovechkin with the bid against the Ranger twine-minder…lock and load…BULLSEYE!

    Micheletti: He’s a BIG strong boy, Joe…

  128. TR, I’m planning on being up in NY in MAY, definitely get the crew together for that!!

    i’m wondering if CCCP is loaded down with HW and is taking care of all that.

  129. TR, definitely count me in. I am so excited! Linda, we’ll have a banner outside for you in May :)

    please score, please score, please score….and I mean Rangers.

  130. Forearms will be covered by Jones and Engblom in the “Three players who have forearms, just like Crosby has forearms” segment.

  131. maybe staal has swine flu? sheesh what happened to this kid?

    LMAO @ just like hotdog lips has forearms segment. well played lw3h!

  132. I think that was too many men. I was trying to figure out how there was 2 men back when it looked like 4 were in the rangers zone

  133. WOW. The refs are treating us fairly for once.

    Come on, guys. We have to take advantage of a rarely fairly called game by the refs.

    Wait, I better wait until they come back from commercial to see if they called a diving too.

  134. Im speechless after PAP missed the open net.

    and that JO Ruutu slid down the ice to take Averys legs out. Did anyone catch that?

  135. i guess there’s a reason why he doesnt stay up when he has the chance. prime chance and boooooooooom

  136. can someone explain why with 7 seconds left, we do not send extra men on the ice to play defense. Who cares if we get a too many men on the ice penalty.

    Why are they not hitting people with sticks and taking penalties with 7 seconds left, when essentially it does not matter.

  137. Ottawa has the worst record in the league in shootouts all-time. Fully expecting a Sens win then…

    Who is the 3rd Ranger shooter? Gaborik and Kotalik must be two of them?

  138. Grabs

    Sam said “And there it is” when Fischer had the puck and LQ made the save. He thought he was gonna score.

  139. I hate to hate on Henrik, also with him having a great game, but when you get two 1 goal leads in a shootout, you have to close the door on one of them.

  140. ok, gotta go make the mans food since he’ll be home soon…its taco, quesadilla, nacho night! catch you gangstas later

  141. that was absolutely nerve-wracking!!! They havent had a SO since last season… ugh I forgot about the anxiety that comes with it LOL

  142. more shootouts. that’s the answer. they were 10-6 last year in SO, and now 1-0 this year.

    PAP comes through

  143. Agreed tom b, they were outplayed for long stretches and then couldn’t put the puck in the ocean. You just hope some things start to turn around but if they’re fighting tooth and nail with the Sens then there’s not a lot to be happy about other than the result.

  144. Im not tough. I love Henrik. With a better defense over the years and not wimps like Rozi and Malik, Hank might be more than just an Olympic Champion.

    My only prob. with Hank is, he used to be and is supposed to be a SO specialist. He struggled last year I think in SO. He got 2 onegoal leads and gave them both up. And he had such a great game today too.

  145. hahah good one TR. he definitely made up for that wide open miss earlier. good for the kid. good idea to bring him up and send byers home. he was unimpressive lately.

  146. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Definitely girlfriend. If it’s a hot young girl in the crowd watching its MOST likely their girlfriend.

  147. I think Stall is not comfortable in Tort’s system. Stall looks lost at times and has stretches of bad play.

  148. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Staal just needs to learn the difference between the outlet pass and leading the rush. MOST times you need to pass it up after some rushing. He seems to be doing way too much of what torts wants, without being him as well. He’s always caught deep making an end-to-end move.

    He will be a great player, in time.

  149. 4

    Not really so… MSG has plenty of hot women who go to the game. Saw SOOOOO many during the season opener….

  150. My wife has been away for two days, sorry, ha. I am in love with Olivia Munn though. She is my absolute favorite.

  151. LMAO at sending extra men to play defense at the end. That is actually funny, imagine the whole bench charging into our zone like a cavalry charge. Nice, CR.

    Did Parenteau’s family all have the same leather jacket in different colors?

  152. Im gonna watch the shootout again. Heck my girfriend won’t be here for a couple of hours anyway. I think I’ll bet on it this time.

  153. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    your wife’s been away and my girl goes to school in tampa i havent seen her in a month. imagine how I FEEL NASTY!


  154. I hate shootouts. This game’s last 15 minutes killed me…but so happy for the win. Hank gets the key to the city. Grabby, little quick on the draw were ya :)
    There’s my thoughts for the day…Carp, sorry you had to be upstate in the rain for your assignment.

    And RR fans, good job! And you know what I mean. This was a fun afternoon…Carp will likely post post-game notes later. Keep it up!

  155. BTW, the taking the extra penalty after you’re down to 3 men strategy was made famous by Roger Nielsen (RIP).

  156. My wife has been away all afternoon and during that time I get to yell as loud as I want when the computer scores cheap goals in NHL10 and watch this game instead of doing housework.

  157. Nice 2 points to have. I was not nervous during the game. Hoping for the best, and got it. As a Yankees fan, I still have a week or two before I start pouring my heart and soul into the Rangers. I needed some emotional time off after Nov. 4. I am getting old rather quickly.

    LMAO at whoever lost a year off their life during this game. I’ll be lucky making it to 35 without a heart attack. My only stress in life comes from my darn NY teams.

    Oh, and of course, the referees and the leagues that cheat them.

  158. ORR, is Olivia Munn the new Fox? and who is she anyway? Here’s my thoughts….yada, yada, yada….Great day. See youse later as Carp would say, who I’m sure will post post-game notes.
    Bye Staal and all!

  159. CR9 – I did an analysis on “clutch” SO attempts (from the point of view of shooters and goalies) last year. Lundqvist’s stats were surprisingly average in that area.

    A bit spurious, since all that matters really is who wins, but if you like SO stats (and er, who doesn’t?), link is below. (Done midway through last year, so things will look a bit different if I ever get round to updating it.)


  160. “Nasty I thought you were taken by Olivia Munn?”

    Yum, i always look forward to Olivia Munn’s Comic Con costumes. She’s babish. Needs to do Playboy before the mag goes out of business

    Pretty good win. Good for PAP to own up to that 3rd period missed goal.

    Even so, that’s why he’s in the AHL. Shootouts aren’t gonna keep you up here. The team still blows, but they managed to beat a garbage team. The next game will be a lot tougher, so lets see if they have what it takes.

    And as for the whole cap crap. I still think that, if we got Heatley, i think we could have gotten Gabby for one year, which, at the time we should have done, instead of handing him a big multi year deal. Who knows, maybe it would have happened. Then Slats would have to try and move Blowzy.

    Im sure it could have happened, and i wish it did, cause Dubi, and Staal are embarrassing themselves this year.

  161. That was hilarious, two or three season over, when that idiot Keenan pulled Kiprusoff, and what ever team they were versing scored another two quick goals, and the game was completely over.

    Im surprised he didn’t get fired right after that.

    Might have been the Sharks they were versing. I remember JR stepping up in game 7, so that might be it.

  162. Spider, never rejected!! Thanks for the request!! and TR, thanks for all the Warren info!!

    LW3H gets the $10 word of the week award for spurious!

    Shor, I got that book many many years ago for Christmas! Gotta reread it, but I remember thinking the same thing about Keenan as you do!!

  163. You guys gotta quit picking on my boy Dubi. He’s not doing that badly. He sets up some sweet goals, he’s made a few sweet goals, He forechecks better than anyone else on this team and he throws some checks.

    I did expect more from him this year, but he’s still a top 6 forward on this team and is still the Rangers #5 top scorer, for now anyway. We’ll see where AA is in 6 weeks.

  164. Obscure shootout fact (possibly a spurious one) that almost certainly is of interest to me alone:

    Out of the 670 shootouts that have taken place in the NHL, today’s was the very first where the sequence of the first six shooters was miss-miss-score-score-score-score.

  165. Still wouldn’t rule out Sather trying to sign Bobby Orr. He’s just about old and injured enough, and Sather probably hasn’t received word of his retirement quite yet.

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